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  • House Investigators Probe FEC Dismissal of Union Corruption Case

    Congressional investigators are probing a decision by the Federal Elections Commission to drop a case against a major teachers’ union that allegedly violated federal law by forcing union members to donate to its political action committee.

    Claire Waites, an eighth grade science teacher and member of the National Education Association, testified at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in February that she was told by union leadership that a donation to the NEA’s “Children’s Fund” PAC was “non-negotiable.”

    Compulsory political contributions by workers to a union’s PAC is illegal. Waites filed a complaint with the FEC in 2009, but was told later that year that the Commission would be dropping the case due to the relatively small amount of money involved (her contribution to the Children’s Fund was $100).

    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who chairs the Oversight Committee, is asking for more information on that decision.

    “The Committee understands that due to limited resources, the Commission must exercise prosocutorial discretion in determining whether to proceed in a matter,” explained Issa in an April 3 letter to Caroline Hunter, who chairs the FEC. But the decision, he added, “ignores the possibility that such violations, aggregated across a large organization, can result in substantial sums.”

    Issa went on to note that the Children’s Fund has spent just under $9 million supporting political candidates.

    The Oversight Committee is looking for specific documents pertaining to the FEC’s legal approach to the case, and information on similar cases that the Commission may have pursued, despite comparably small sums involved.

    The committee’s efforts are part of an ongoing campaign by Issa and other Republicans to protect workers’ rights against encroachments by their unions. The FEC letter was announced on Oversight’s new website, ProtectingOurWorkers.com, which claims, “forced political contributions and secret special interest spending have a corrupting effect on our democracy.”

    Here is the full text of Issa’s letter:

    Issa FEC Letter

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    3 Responses to House Investigators Probe FEC Dismissal of Union Corruption Case

    1. Joe Stickney says:

      more union exemptiom from guilt by progressives

    2. Where have these regulatory bodies been??? This is far from a new practice. If probes were done of every large union, you'd soon find that people are forced to contribute to causes in which they do not believe, but are told they cannot keep their jobs unless they pay up. It's extortion IMO, & believe me that the unions have the thugs to enforce it. I'm a teacher AND a nurse. I only subbed once in a while, but I know my FT teaching colleagues were hassled if they were not liberal Democrats, often they were ostracized until they left, & if that didn't work, aspersions were cast on their personal character & integrity such that even if they left, they'd be unable to get another job. Fortunately, not all nurses are unionized, but at one time I did work in a closed union shop. They used a portion of our union dues in their lobbying efforts, which included support of radical left candidates in many cases. I also grew up in a union town, & I can tell you nobody dared question the Steelworkers' Union, the Teamsters, etc., about what the dues money was spent on, or why only their lazy, spying darlings were protected from bad bosses while good workers were left to fend for themselves – in fact, bosses sympathetic to the union (or paid off?) were helped to get rid of members who questioned anything about the union, & the union blacklisted you when you left if you were any trouble to them.
      I understand how unions came into being – lousy worker safety, long hours, low pay, were norms in an industrial era where people weren't important, only production was important. Now, we have unions, but instead of helping the workers who really need it, they're all in bed with management & only their toadies have a decent life.
      Since organized labor has put every liberal Democrat & some liberal Republicans into office, you're not going to hear too many senators or representatives complaining about union excesses. That these people have the courage to do so gives me some hope for our country. Right now, Obama has put the unions in charge of the big 3 automakers, & the products have gone downhill, throwing more & more people who'd have liked buying American right back into the foreign made car market. These companies do have factories on US soil – & they are NOT unionized, & the workers seem content. Maybe we need to start taking a page from foreign carmaker's manuals & apply it to our own country. Unions & management have let companies die as they live high on the hog, not caring what happens to the workers (unless it's to punish someone who speaks out against what they are doing).
      More investigations are long overdue. But until we have more senators & representatives like Rand & Ron Paul, who won't sell out, we won't have many who dare to move against the unions – not of they want to win the next election! So, I applaud the courage of these who are investigating anew. I'll also be praying for them – they'll NEED it!

    3. I Have just 1 Question..After This So Called "Probe"..What actions do you take to End It all?ASAP

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