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  • Morning Bell: Obama Slams Supreme Court over Obamacare

    The highest elected official in the United States dished out an extra helping of irony yesterday when, in speaking at a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Barack Obama slammed the Supreme Court as an “unelected group of people” who will have turned to “judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint” if they strike down Obamacare.

    The President’s remarks imply that the Court, were it to rule the individual mandate unconstitutional, would be acting recklessly in undertaking judicial review of Congress’ unprecedented use of the Commerce Clause to force Americans to buy health care or pay a penalty. The irony in all this is that this President has presided over an Administration that is the epitome of recklessly abusing power, at times in flagrant violation of the Constitution, and has empowered unelected bureaucrats to write scads of new regulations impacting nearly every corner of American life.

    Obamacare, of course, is a prime example of that unchecked and multiplying web of the President’s boundless dictates. The law’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (otherwise known as “IPAB”) is packed with unelected bureaucrats who have the power to limit seniors’ treatment options and access to care, essentially ending Medicare as we know it.

    On top of IPAB, Obamacare is rife with new regulations, all courtesy of unelected bureaucrats. Professor of law Gary Lawson writes that the implementation of Obamcare “will require many years and literally thousands of administrative regulations, and those regulations will ultimately determine the substantive content and coverage of the law.” In other words, the future of health care in America will not be determined by the people’s elected representatives, but by administrative rulemakings handed down by unelected and largely unknown agency officials. How’s that for a “democratically elected government”?

    Obamacare, though, isn’t the only example of the Obama Administration imposing its will via executive fiat. In a new study, Heritage’s James Gattuso and Diane Katz detail 106 new major federal regulations that added more than $46 billion per year in new costs for Americans. And those are regulations enacted not by elected officials who are accountable to voters, but by Washington bureaucrats who can wield their power without having to answer to the people.

    While the President is throwing stones at the court, he’s living in a glass house from which he has exercised his tyrannical abuse of power. In January, the President cast aside the Constitution when he illegally appointed Richard Cordray to serve as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with three appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, all without Senate approval, as the Constitution requires. Former attorney general Ed Meese described the President’s actions as ”a constitutional abuse of a high order,” and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said it was ”a brazen attempt to undercut the role of the Senate to advise and consent the executive branch on appointments.”

    And this is the President who said in December, “What I’m not gonna do is wait for Congress. So wherever we have an opportunity and I have the executive authority to go ahead and get some things done, we’re just gonna go ahead and do ‘em,” irrespective of whether the people’s duly elected representatives have a say in the matter.

    Now that the President is seeing the potential for his signature legislation to go down in flames because of its unconstitutional individual mandate, he is lashing out at the Supreme Court. To date, President Obama has enjoyed ruling with impunity and has attempted to carry out his agenda without so much as a hat tip to the Constitution. But come June when the Court rules on Obamacare, the President might finally see part of his agenda stopped in its tracks.

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    156 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Slams Supreme Court over Obamacare

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      This POTUS needs close watching, he believes he is the answer to all our problems not the cause. It would not be beneath him to appoint himself Pres. for Life, after all we know whom he admires in So. amer. The truth abouthim needs to come out, he's not wat he says he is.

      • Navy Mom says:

        That wouldn't surprise me one bit. I hope we all keep a close eye on this election. Wouldn't be surprised to see some slight of hand, if you get my drift.

    2. Gary says:

      Maybe Obama should pack the court!

      • KC-NM says:

        He already has with two very liberal justices!

        • Rico says:

          Hopefully some of the more extreme righties will die and he can swing the court back to the side of the people.

          • Todd House says:

            The Constitution IS the side of the people.
            The people grant limited power to the government.
            And, we can withdraw that grant at any time.
            Upholding the Constitution upholds the people…

          • recce1 says:

            You mean you want conservative justices dead so socialist Mr. Obama can pack it with socialist justices who believe in an eisegesist interpretation of the Constitution rather than an exegesist one? I take it you have little understanding of the purpose of the supreme Court. Or maybe like Mr. Obama you do understand but disagree.

            The main functions of the Supreme Court are to: 1. Settle disputes between states. 2. Hear appeals from state and federal courts. 3. Determine the constitutionality of federal laws.

            With regards to the latter, the purpose of the Court is not to determine whether or not a law is good policy, or whether or not it is good for the people. Its sole role is to decide if a particular law conforms to the Constitution as written, particularly Article 1, Section 8 and the 10th Amendment. It isn't supposed to get creative in interpreting the Constitution. Furthermore, it has the writings of the Founders, the Federalist Papers, and subsequent Amendments to make such determinations. Previous precedents that violate the Constitution aren't sacrosanct despite the concept of stare decisis.

            However, I do understand your murderous thoughts about "righties," after all you're a progressive socialist Jacobin.

            So Sieg Heil, Comrade.

      • dodger says:

        That's exactly what he will do if re-elected and one of the biggest reason he must be defeated in November.

    3. Mike says:

      Every day I get a report from Heritage and quite often it goes to great lengths about how Obama is doing this, that, and the other thing illegally and against the constraints of the Constitution. Well, enough already!! If he really is committing all these illegal acts, then why doesn't congress act?? This is why I am worn out with both parties. Isn't it the duty of our other elected officials to stop these acts and hold the President accountable? Why do you continue to daily preach about these abuses of power, yet nothing happens? This is exactly why I will not be voting for any Republicans this time around. I am seeking out new parties with BOLD new members.

      • Jim Buzzell says:

        The reason congress does not act on Obama's dictates and over reach is the majority still sitting are complicit in everything he does, and he, and his handlers have so much dirt on these lifetime congressional people they do not want to be exposed in retailiation for going after him; that is why is extremely important that this election become a reforendum on all including Obama. And remember all these complicit people can be arrested, indited, and prosecuted after then leave office they are not immune except by the Statutes of Limintation.

        • Leon The Electrician says:

          Jim, The Agents of the Federal Government are not protected from their own Criminal Acts. The Judge in the Appellate Court used the word Totalitarian to describe this Administration's efforts. It is NOT lawful to establish Unconstitutional Forms Of Government. They Must Be Impeached! I doubt they were elected, rather selected by Demoliton Plutocrats! "Duly elected Congress" my foot!

        • My Opinion says:

          Well yea! you are on the right track; could it be he isn't going against the constitution? It isn't of late that we have had a President for the people rather than for killing our sons so they, the corporations can keep making more money. It isn't that complciated. It is obvious to me that the writter of the article, could give a hoot for the commoner or even lower middle class; everyday working people.
          Wait on congress, well yea, Why wait for a light to change on the corner; all the traffic is going against you and if you look closer there isn't even a light in the socket. Now you just wait here and I will return to get you………. someday.

      • My sentiments exactly. The HEritage Foundation, though, is only a think tank. I doubt that any RINOS in Congress take these things seriously. They (RINOS) are like a teenager who has heard "Clean up your room!" so many times that he doesn't even take note of it anymore.

        Term limits NOW!

      • Nick says:

        umm aren't you aware that the courts are deciding the constitutionality of Obamacare. Isn't that one example.

      • Todd House says:


        Citizens have a duty also as the grantors of limited power to the federal government.
        We are the ultimate check and balance of a government rapidly spinning out of control (ALL of the branches: judiciary, executive and legislative) usurping power and fettering the true owners of the power in our country–us.

        Heritage, CATO, TownHall, Rush, Savage, Levin and a growing number of other (yes, even us) are merely defining, shaping and lending credence with facts and history, to the cacophony to blend it into one sonorous voice.

        And, you are certainly correct: If our representatives won't listen, and they clearly are not, they have earned the citizen boot.

      • Emory says:

        Mike, good for you. Well thought out! Throw your votes in the toilet and let Obama and the Democrats continue with the "flexibility" they seek for the continued destruction of your country. No vote for any Republican is a vote for the Democrats. New paries with BOLD new members will be of no use to you or to our country as they watch the action from the sidelines and complain in a vacuum. Just sayin'….

      • Eileen says:

        I don't believe this is called preaching but educating. You should stick with those that have something intelligent to say that will lead us out of these problems. If you want action, why don't WE THE PEOPLE impeach Obama? It's like nobody can do anything!

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          The reason he isn't impeached is, Harry Reid, even if articles of Impeachment are filed it would not get pass the Senate for a trial.

          • Roy S. Mallmann says:

            Excuses are just excuses. Impeachment is a start and you cannot tell me that all members of THE Democrat Party are morally bankrupt. Some will come around. I would give anything to see just how many of these people have been threatened by these criminals. Impeaching Holder is a start and you have about 2000 smoking guns to do it. If you let these loud mouthed liberals intimidate you, then you have become part of the problem. We regular American citizens outnumber these lowlifes by about five to one and public opinion is the most powerful force in nature. It is time to act.

          • libba says:

            sad but so true.

      • BOOGALIE says:

        Mike, I understand your frustration. Keep in mind the power of the Office of the President. It would take extraordinary resources of time and energy to officially challnege his authority. Further, whoever would do so would be put in th public spotlight immediately as a nut case and would be personally attacked and demeaned. The smart play is to get out and vote in November. Further, I would suggest that generalizing, that is: Everyone in Congress is a goofball is like being a racist, it is unfair. Judge on the quality of actions and character. Many in Congress are good people, many are not…be discerning, read about your representatives votes and do your homework. Not voting is an abdication, please reconsider. Semper Fi.

      • Max says:

        I agree that congress is not taking the action necessasry to combat these illegal acts of Obama. The reason this not happening is not "both parties", it is the Democrat Party and the Establishment Republicans. We must continue what we started in 2010 and elect Conservative Republicans in both hosues so that we can regain control of the Republican party, as well as save our country. A vote for anyone other than a Republican, and let's pray that they will be a true Tea Party Conservative, will be a vote for continuing what we have now.

      • Deborah says:

        if we don't vote for the GOP nominee, then Obama wins. If we can defeat Baracka and take the house and the senate we might have a fighting chance. I have never be so afraid!

      • Liz says:

        they don't act because they are threatened by the o administration, to there families etc. hopefully we will get to control the senate and the house then hopefully a new pres. , but if by some act of threat or illegal means he becomes pres for another term, (God forbid) at least we will have control of the senate and house and all his nonsensicle laws, infringes on the constitution, and the people will stop

    4. MJF in CT says:

      Mr. Obama is supposed to be a "scholar of the Constitution" (or so his past states). The man is totally clueless as to how the government is supposed to work. He also insults the American Public by making these comments while in the presence of foreign leaders. Mr. Obama needs to be removed in the next election.

      • cboyd says:

        You are absolutely right. I'm no Constitutional scholar but with a little research I managed to learn that the Supreme Court has overturned laws on the local, state and federal levels a total of 1,539 times by ruling such laws unconstitutional. How is it that this great constitutional scholar is ignorant of that? We are being manipulated by this petty dictator-wannabe. Time for this country to wake up and shake off the web of tyranny that has been laid so gradually and lightly on us that we were unaware…..until now!

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          Don't forget, we really do not know anything about tis man, more and more it shows a lot was faricated, remember how he said his mother died trying to get Insurance to cover her Cancer?? Now we know it MAY HAVR BeEN, disability payment and that she had good Insurance, even Michelle stated her MIL had bad Ins. Liars, so how do we believe all the written yet un substansiated, things he was suppose to have done??

    5. Michael Cady says:

      The reason Obama is doing this is because Kagan tipped him off as to the vote of the Supreme Court. He knows he is going to lose.

    6. Ken Jarvis says:

      Drudge Report – "Did he get a Leak?"
      Do you think Obama KNOWS they will NOT overturn his HCare Bill.
      HOPE SO.
      We NEED HCare for ALL.

      Why does the GOP Not Want HCare for All?
      Everybody needs HCare at least twice – At Birth and Death.

      • MJF in CT says:

        First of all, it is not the job of the Federal government to provide anything to it's citizens, other than protection from threats foreign or domestic. Second, the Federal government cannot mandate that Citizens buy anything. Please try reading and actually comprehending the US Constitution for what it is, not for excerpts that suit Liberal movements.

      • STEVE says:

        Yeah, we also need free cable, internet, cell phones, food, water (especially water..my water bill was over $80 last month). I am paying several hundred dollars for these things and it;s just not fair. I should be getting these essentials for free along with at least a case of Budweiser every month.

      • BOOGALIE says:

        Ken, you are right. Everybody does, and they are priviledged to buy it if they need it rigtht now. I refuse to be relegated to begging some bureaucrat for a favor to save my grandmother. Healthcare should be addressed, but not by the 'board' of unelected (just as the Supreme's are unelected by the way) bureaucrats appointed to the IPAB where 'math' says since I am too old, I have to accept a dibilitating condition to my. Sorry, this is NOT the healthcare program we need, so let it be struck down, we can do better. Semper Fi.

      • Mike says:

        Everyone has access to health care, what they don't have and what the affordable care act looks to provide is health insurance coverage. It will be managed by the government, paid for by the workers and earners and enjoyed by all. In other words in will give the government more power, over patients, Doctors, drug companies and facilities. Control and Command.

      • Liz says:

        there is more then one reason not to want the obamacare, number one it will break the country, number two, the death squad will rule for older folks , number three all the illegals will get health care which we can not afford, sure he put the best parts into play so people on the left would love it like no pre-existing conditions, have your kids on you healthcare untill the age of 26, what the heck is the matter with someone 26 that can't provide there own health care for heavens sake. I could go on but there is so many laws and garbage written into this it would take days to tell you all of it. Do you really want someone to tell you what to eat when to go to the bathroom, I don't give me liberty or give me death

      • D, J. Lee in KS says:

        What HC are you expecting? If you a college student or maybe about 30 he drawn you in to believing that he is doing the country a big favor. #1 Where are we going to find Doctors to take care of the 11/13 million more people who by the way will not have to pay for their care but you will. #2 My Doctor like many Doctors is planning to retire than let Obama decide what his income will be. #3 Hope you are in good health because if not, your medical care will be rationed or you'll be ineligible and heaven forbid that you live to 55/65 your life is no longer important, any care available goes to the young and productive (by goverment standards). #4 There's more but you probably don't believe this so I won't continue to bore you but you've just lost your freedom and our Country. May God have mercy on our soles.

    7. Jayne Frank says:

      What you didn't say is that Obama's arrogance in slamming, for the 2nd time, a separate, BUT EQUAL branch of goverment, is unprecedented. Problem is that Obama does not see anyone as his equal. This Supreme Court needs to take him down a peg and do the right thing for the American people

      • Todd House says:

        "Unbelievable" is a word like "awesome"; used way too often.

        But, "unbelievable" enjoys its purest meaning when the sitting President of the United States of America broadcasts a warning to the Supreme Court not to overturn one of his laws!

        And then questions how an "unelected people" could overturn a law passed by the majority in a democratically elected Congress.  (This alone has its own well-articulated argument;  I believe it is number 10 of the Federalist Papers penned by none other than the architect of the US Constitution himself, James Madison.)

        Remember Obama says that he used to teach Constitutional law.  Well if I take him at his word, why does he feign ignorance of Article III, Section 2: "The judicial power [of the Supreme Court] shall extend to all…the Laws of the United States."  This is the concept of judicial review–one of the three most important fundamental concepts designed into our Constitution by the Framers.

        It didn't take long for the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice, John Marshall, in Marbury v Madison (1803) to decidedly imbed the concept of judicial review (Yes, review of Congress and the President even) into the bedrock of our legal jurisprudence.  (I went to law school but for one semester and studied this case as all freshman do.)

        "Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803) is a landmark case in United States lawand in the history of law worldwide. It formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States under Article III of the Constitution. It was also the first time in Western history a court invalidated a law by declaring it "unconstitutional".[1][2] The landmark decision helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches of the American form of government."

        For Obama to say it would be "unprecedented" and to demean the importance of the Supreme Court by referring to it as "unelected judges" is the height of sinister arrogance.  And wrong, as Marbury v Madison clearly demonstrates the earliest Court's overturning a law passed by Congress as unconstitutional in 1803!

        First he tried to intimidate the Supreme Court in his first state of the union address by berating the Court for overturning a campaign finance law.
        Now he is clearly warning the justices to do his bidding (or else?)

        Makes you wonder what he is capable of doing if the Supreme Court defies him and his signature achievement, the healthcare law–ObamaCare– is overturned.

        The dark clouds of tyranny continue to gather…

      • Skipper says:

        The American voters need to remove him from the White House. Obama's equal is the democrat donkey.

    8. Mary......WI says:

      This latest insult, once again bashing the Supreme Court Justices, on the Unites States of America by Obama is even more proof he despises this country and the constitution. He REALLY, REALLY cannot be re-elected! He disgusts me!

    9. Greg Cassewlla says:

      And yet this guy still looks like a boyscout compared to George W. Bush

      • Go USA 37922 says:

        No he doesn't. He looks like a man who is desperately trying to prove that he isn't in over his head.

      • Emory says:

        This guy does not meet any of the ethical and moral qualifications required of the Boy Scouts. You insult all of us who were Boy Scouts with such a comment. How about explaining what makes him so much better than George Bush from your perspective. I hear the accusations from all of the liberals, but no substantive facts. Enlighten us!

      • David says:

        George Bush had dignity and didn't try to circumvent our Constitution at every turn. Come on, stop the liberal bashing of Bush. Only idiots truely believe the crap they are fed by other liberals about GW.

      • Jamiec says:

        I am so sick of people blaming Bush, LET IT GO. That was in the past, what are you going to do about the future? We can't change the past and there is no reason to keep bringing it up. Can we Let this abuse of the American people continue? Well I AM NOT. I didn't vote for Obama the fist time around and I certainly WILL NOT VOTE for him this time around either.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        My son is an Eagle scout nd has more selfrespect and respect for this country and its laws than BHO has in his little toe, Please don't insult those who are scouts now and those among us who are eagle scouts. My son works for NASA and is currently in the Pacific with an eye on NO. Korea, while BHO is costing us millions everyday flying all over in AF one

    10. bentonmarder says:

      The President seems not to know anything that occurred before his birth. He declares that it would be unprecedented of the Supreme Court to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional. Perhaps he should read some history. The Supreme Court ruled a goodly amount of Fanklin Roosevelt's New Deal legislation unconstitutional during the '30s. This eventually led to FDR's 'court-packing' attempt. An understanding was reached about all this. But, this is all pre-histoy that Obama never learned in school.

    11. Mustang says:

      "Checks and balance" doesn't work to well when you have an apathetic majority.

      Wake up America!!

      Kick the bum out (and the Czars too) in November!

    12. flajim says:

      All very well and good for our elected leaders to harrumph about the usurper's abuse, misuse, and usurpation of power. Exactly what have they done about it to date? Nothing.

    13. Tedde says:

      Will the real POTUS please stand up.What a hypocrite! He needs to go.

    14. James Reisenbuechler says:

      Mr. Obama needs to do some research as to what Judicial Activism truly is. All he needs to do is look back to the '60's when the then not-so-supreme court DICTATED that public schools must be integrated no matter how it is accomplished. That Mr. Obama is judicial activism. Striking down an unconstitutional law is judicial responsibility, unlike the supreme courts of the Hoover/FDR era.

    15. Obama is admitting that he is seriously worried; therefore he decides to issue a “warning” to the Supreme Court, because, through his rhetoric, he can command the desired outcome to become the actual outcome. (Yes, he is that Great.)
      His lashing out at the Supreme Court (he has no respect for the separation-of-powers part of the Constitution) is very typical of what a community organizer or radical college student feels compelled to do. He must protest, in public, because it is in his blood.
      But look at what the man is actually saying, and what, in his mind, he really thinks happens in the world that he inhabits. He thinks that, through his intellect and utterances, he can decide what will happen tomorrow. This is not just a man, not just a President, this is a God. We are NOT worthy.

    16. Gary Rodgers says:

      We have an out of control President who leads an out of control Senate. Can we afford another four years of self willed appointments to so called friends of his in order to lead this country down the road to destruction? Here is a man who speaks out both sides of his mouth. He puts on this pretense of loving this country while all the while leading us into a debt that will never get repaid. He says that he has our best interest at heart yet he undermines our constitution and has little if any regard for our flag and the security of our nation. I wonder who he is really talking to. Somehow I find it hard to believe that he is talking to the masses of people that believe in a free America. A nation that has shed its blood for our freedoms and has always held our flag to its high honor that it deserves. We don’t need socialism in our country. And we don’t need someone who shakes hands with our enemies who are secretly building nuclear weapons and gives his so called off camera support for their efforts. We need someone who is a true American with the guts and determination to stand for the people and not for themselves or a system of personal beliefs that threaten our homeland. We need a real President!

    17. Pete Houston says:

      The guy is worthless as a leader of the once free world. He is pushing the price of energy to the point that only the rich can afford it. What is next, subsidized gas coupons so that the few people left working can go to work. I guess we will put everyone below middle class in housing projects by the few remaining industry's and they can live like ants in the mound. The guy complains about the waste on the GSA meetings and then goes on vacation and spends even more on himself and family. Leadership by example and he is setting a very poor example. Only 217 days until we can vote the bum out and then watch what happens between the election loss and the swearing in of his replacement. We should have no more problems with prison overcrowding when he pardon's the population that can afford a donation to the Obama retirement fund.

    18. FriendForLife says:

      Yeah, too bad the President has the right to voice his opinion, even about the unelected…

    19. L.E. Liesner says:

      Over three years of on the job trainning and he still doesn't know what he is doing. More proof to the theory that liberalism is a mental disease.

      • Black Helicopters says:

        He knows exactly what he is doing and is performing it well. He told us what he was for but many ignored his words.

    20. Dam Calabria says:

      Clearly Mr. Obama has donned his Community Organizer uniform in order to employ his usually failed tactic of intimidation. Hopefully he will fail in this sorry attempt to intimidate the Court.

    21. Frank says:

      Even if ObamaCare goes down by a 5-4 margin, it shows how far from the ideals of the Founding Fathers America has drifted. It should never have been passed & should go down 9-0.

    22. Pedro says:

      It's about time.

      Congress, specifically the Senate, need to stand up to his bullying ways.

    23. Barrie says:

      Obama must have been talking about the 2 women liberals that he put on the court – Sonja Sotamayer and Elena Kagan. Kagan helped with Obamacare and Sotamayer loves illegal aliens. He was also talking about Ginsberg and the other liberal guy on the left that the Dems can always count on to vote for the liberals' agenda, rather than follow the U.S. Constitution.

    24. Don39 says:

      Obama constitutes the most serious internal threat, perhaps the most serious threat, this nation has ever faced! Republicans and conservatives must play up this blatant disregard for our Constituional Republic to the hilt! This fraud is a disgrace to the nation!

    25. Steve Burns says:

      Interesting…when over 65% of Americans were against this from the beginning, combined with the vote-buying tactics of the Dems…they would make a comment about the Supreme Court being activists.
      What a sham!

    26. Daver says:

      The timing on this attack against the Supremes is particularly telling–and I think very good news for those of us who think Obamacare is unconstitutional.

      Procedurally after oral arguments, a straw poll is taken and those results lead to decisions on who will write the majority and any dissenting opinions, after that the wordings are shared and revised as requested/required.

      But it's my contention that the straw vote shows Obama losing and once again, he can't contain his petulance, just like after McCain Feingold when he felt the need to lash out.

      A great sign for America!! Obama's failure, gives us hope!!

    27. Susan Haines says:

      This is his last ditch effort to keep the abomination called "Affordable Health Care Act" when it is anything but affordable, and is clearly unconstitutional. He doesn't care, though, as he just considers the constitution to be tying his hands. He is the first president we've ever had that has so blatantly disregarded what our founding fathers worked so hard to put in place to guard us against presidents such as this one. This is a test for this country – to see if we can make it past this, or cave and lose everything that makes this country better than any other. Freedom. He is acting like a spoiled brat not getting his way so he gets louder and louder in his discourse against a decision he KNOWS the supreme court will hand down.

    28. John C. Davidson says:

      Probably the biggest mistake a sitting president has ever made. He's questioning the authority of both of the other branches of government. How utterly stupid!

    29. Les says:

      What about all of President Obamas, Czars? An unelected group of people!

    30. Gramma says:

      Let us pray that Obama will be stopped by this Supreme Court ruling according to our precious Constitution and not be intimidated by the threats we have heard as he exposed his pearly whites yesterday.
      This arrogant narcissist is not doing the work of America and her people; he is on the puppet strings of George Soros, who has destroyed other countries' economies and goodness.

    31. Mary Laforet says:

      It sounds to me also that his comments are so divisive that he is following the tactics of his Democratic party leader (Debbie Wasserman who is leading into complete oblivion of constitution)

    32. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why would anyone be surprised that Obama is attacking the Supreme Court. Haven't we all recognized Obama's tactics? He simply follows one of his memtors, Saul Alinsky, and his radical attack tactics set down in his "Rules for Radicals. In the past three and a half years, Obama has shown that he will not toleratre any decent. He wants not discussion, not conservation, no debate. He wants only to complete his socialist aganda. He will and has attacked anyone that dares to disagree. This is what Obama is, nothing more.

    33. toledofan says:

      It just is amazing and sad at the same time, rather than lead, Obama always seems to pass the buck and make someone the problem other than himself. The left mantra is really simple; blame others, belitte your opponents and lie, cheat and steal at every opportunity and we wonder where American exceptionism has gone or why it's hard to find in Washington. Another great article that pinpoints why the left can't be trusted with managing the government, the economy or the military.

    34. American Miles says:

      Gotta love this guy. He forgets that HE appointed two of the 9 justices to the court! After admonishing them in front of the world during that state of the union address. On top of all his impeachable offenses to date, constantly saying if Congress doesn't do what HE wants, he'll just do it himself. And now that capitalism doesn't work!! All those golf courses he likes to play on were not built by the government. The NBA was not developed by the government. All the Hollywood celebrities he likes to pal around with did not get their fame and fortune from the government. What a hypocrite!

    35. marie says:

      Personally, I hope to see the whole book burned. This man has gotten away with much and yet no one …no one has stepped foreward to do anything, except sherriff Joe. If we the people did what he has been doing, we would be hauled into court.

    36. David says:

      Obama is not a nice man even though it is politicaly correct to say he is. He has proven that he has no understanding of the Constitution, what it says or how it guides our nation. How can he say the Supreme Court is practicing judicial activism if they strike down his pet project designed to ruin our natio ( Obama's ultimate goal). We must get rid of this 'dufus' president and vote him out if we must wait until November. If he thinks his Obamacare law is constitutional, this shows his ignorance or disregard of our nation's Constitution. The President of Questionmarks must go!!!!

    37. Don Beck says:

      Is not the Supreme Court one-third (1/3) of the co-equal branches of OUR government which is designed to provide Checks and Balances to prevent ABUSED of power thereby protecting our system of government?? I don't want to start rumors, but it seems to me that the Supreme Court MIGHT be the ONLY branch of our government doing their job!!

    38. Robeert A Hirschmann says:

      If a Republican president did what Obama is doing he (or she) would be tried for treason and hung. How can we let this anti-American get away with what he is doing? What happened to our American heroes? Isn't there anyone out there who will stand up for the American people? What happened to the American ethic? Are us older people the only ones who remember the freedom we had without the government looking over our shoulder telling what we can and can't do? We lived by what the founders intended when they drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now, it seems, those documents are passe. This country was founded on Christianity and was guided by God and the ten commandments. Everywhere you look in Washington D.C. there are buildings with "In God We Trust", bible verses, and other religious signs and sayings posted prominently on them. Of course, the ACLU and atheist movement want them taken down. Even our Muslim-in-chief sides with them. We do not allow prayer in schools anymore for fear of offending someone. I ask, "How can bowing our heads in silent prayer offend anyone?" It used to be that every time congress met it was opened by a prayer. Even the Navy chaplains are forbidden to mention Jesus Christ anymore. We do not allow prayer in any public place, yet the Muslims can take up whole blocks of our cities praying to Allah publicly.

      America is surely going to Hell in a hand basket. If Obama is reelected we will be another satellite of Russia, as Poland and the Chechs were after WWII. Can we just sit by and let this happen? Isn't there another John Wayne, Dwight Eisenhower, Audie Murphy out there to stand up against this traitor we have in the White House? America NEEDS another hero! Let us get our country back!

      Well, those are my thoughts. If you agree please pass this on. If not just hit delete. Thanks for listening, Robert A Hirschmann

    39. Ken Murray says:

      Thank God for the wisdom of the founders in giving us a Constitution with a system of check and balances that can control the abuse of power we are seeing in this president's administration.

    40. Ed Seggerson says:

      Perhaps the President should re-take his Constitutional law course to remind himself of the roles of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court…

    41. jmhoffman says:

      Thank God for checks and balances. The Court will have to clean up the mess that Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the rest of their ilk tried to ram down our throats. As I recall, Obama is a constitutional law lecturer. I wonder how he could have forgotten that there are three equal branches of government. I greatly look forward to the Supreme's decision to overturn and to the electorate's overturning of the Bully-in-chief in November. Kagan obviously alerted Obama that the vote didn't go his way so this small despicable man chose to cry and whine to his media.

    42. JDH says:

      Here is one more example of a very hate filled "president" who thinks he is "god, " and every one is beneath him. Whatever happened the separation of powers, and respect for the Constitution of this country. Oops, I forget he does not like the Constitution of this country. That is why he violates it all the time. Is in not?

    43. KJinAZ says:

      He sounded like a two year old demanding he get his way. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

      Your going to loose big Obama!

    44. Chris says:

      Interesting. Especially since the Supreme Court Justices have set precedence in their 2005 ruling of Kelo v. City of London on Eminent Domain (government's right to take private property for public use). In short, this panel upheld the decision in favor of the large pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer in forcing property owners out (78 homeowners I think was the total number) under this law, to enable GOVERNMENT to do "what's best" for it's community – increasing property value, creating jobs — etc. sound familiar? This venture was begun in 1998. Today, all "condemned" property has been demolished and the only job creations were those jobs created for demolishing homes and private structures/landmarks.

      If you ARE NOT afraid of big government and you feel that government should decide what's best for us, then you should visit upon a few websites. And especially this case.

      The ruling was a 5-4 decision by OUR Supreme Court. Remember: The Fifth Amendment pertains to government securing property for the benefit of the PUBLIC. Pfizer is a monstrous private company!

      It seems the only ally we have is Justice Sandra Day O'Connor who wrote in her dissent: "the beneficiaries are likely to be those citizens with disproportionate influence and power in the political process….."

      This sounds to me like another Obama blow hard warning for his people to stay strong in working his agenda.

    45. West Texan says:

      Mike wrote "The irony in all this is … [Obama] … is the epitome of recklessly abusing power, at times in flagrant violation of the Constitution, and has empowered unelected bureaucrats to write scads of new regulations impacting nearly every corner of American life.".

      Couldn't have said it better myself. Obama's statement about judicial activism undermining his misnomered "affordable care act" is blatant projection. Enough already! I'm not one for secession, but given another four years of this socialist wannabe tyrant may change my mind. This narcissistic president has got to go this November before he causes additional subversive damage to our country's fundamental federalism.

    46. Charles S. Wertalik says:

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Obama has the highest degree of chutzpah I've ever experienced!

    47. Todd House says:

      But, the real issues are:

      Obama threatens the Supreme Court

      "Unbelievable" is a word like "awesome"; used way too often.

      But, "unbelievable" enjoys its purest meaning when the sitting President of the United States of America broadcasts a warning to the Supreme Court not to overturn one of his laws!

      And then questions how an "unelected people" could overturn a law passed by the majority in a democratically elected Congress.  (This alone has its own well-articulated argument;  I believe it is number 10 of the Federalist Papers penned by none other than the architect of the US Constitution himself, James Madison.)

      Remember Obama says that he used to teach Constitutional law.  Well if I take him at his word, why does he feign ignorance of Article III, Section 2: "The judicial power [of the Supreme Court] shall extend to all…the Laws of the United States."  This is the concept of judicial review–one of the three most important fundamental concepts designed into our Constitution by the Framers.

      It didn't take long for the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice, John Marshall, in Marbury v Madison (1803) to decidedly imbed the concept of judicial review (Yes, review of Congress and the President even) into the bedrock of our legal jurisprudence.  (I went to law school but for one semester and studied this case as all freshman do.)

      "Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803) is a landmark case in United States lawand in the history of law worldwide. It formed the basis for the exercise of judicial review in the United States under Article III of the Constitution. It was also the first time in Western history a court invalidated a law by declaring it "unconstitutional".[1][2] The landmark decision helped define the boundary between the constitutionally separate executive and judicial branches of the American form of government."

      For Obama to say it would be "unprecedented" and to demean the importance of the Supreme Court by referring to it as "unelected judges" is the height of sinister arrogance.  And wrong, as Marbury v Madison clearly demonstrates the earliest Court's overturning a law passed by Congress as unconstitutional in 1803!

      First he tried to intimidate the Supreme Court in his first state of the union address by berating the Court for overturning a campaign finance law.
      Now he is clearly warning the justices to do his bidding (or else?)

      Makes you wonder what he is capable of doing if the Supreme Court defies him and his signature achievement, the healthcare law–ObamaCare– is overturned.

      The dark clouds of tyranny continue to gather…


    48. sue says:

      Is he a baby having a tantrum or a dictator making himself more obvious once again! I would like to know what leaders of Europe think of him.

    49. C D Rossini Jr says:

      Obama Augustus? Wait, he at least pretended to listen to the Senate.

    50. glynnda says:

      This is who we have elected to office. But worse, we have been asleep at the wheel for years, we have been systematically allowing this problem to grow. That is why we have a federal court system full of judicial activists. Obama is just angry because things aren't going his way, however he has been a party to the building of judicial activism. Liberals don't realize something…..the further socialist we go, the more THEY will be shut up and shut down…..since they are the "squeakiest" wheels in our society, they will be the first ones jailed, lined up against walls and shot…….have we forgotten our Cuban history, our Mao history, our Leninist history……..I think we have.

    51. L. Harrison says:

      Such a statement from the POTUS is a testament he does not understand the very Constitution he has sworn to protect, preserve and defend

    52. arnie says:

      What a sore loser. This guy has no class. First he berates SCOTUS at the state of the union, then this.

    53. June says:

      Congress, get off your duffs and impeach Obama. If we know things he has done, how many more criminal acts has he pulled off that we don't know about. If you think you will get rid of him with the election, guess again. He will have so many illegal votes they will outnumber living people on this earth. For one thing, at least pass voter ID laws across the country. How stupid to say they are illegal. That is the worst of this conspririsy. I want congress to get a backbone and quit hiding out. You are not doing your job.

    54. Sandy Caruso says:

      Mr. Obama….for you are not qualified or deserving to be addressed as Mr President…..may I remind you of the constitution of the US which by the way you have sworn an oath to uphold. There is a process by which unconstituional 'laws' like Obamacare are done away with. Instead of watching basketball why not READ it!

    55. salvatore LaBarbera says:

      the Russians said they would destroy this country from the inside out a little at a time .like the frog in a boiling pot if you put it in cold water it gets used to it.the democrats have done this since 1964 when they passed welfare.so if you want to complete the job reelect all of these treasonous democrats.If you want to return the greatness of this country elect conservatives ,pass a national right to work law and term limits ,with no pensions,for this limited time in office.bring our military home and if you deploy our troops do not thy their hand let them do their job and get out.

    56. Actually, I think this is this man's way of having a tantrum. He honestly cannot BELIEVE why EVERYONE does not fall to their knees and EMBRACE his utopian plan to create his make believe Willy Wonka Wonder World where everyone is equal and loves one another! How DARE the majority of us uneducated, backward, gun toting common folk not see his vision? All of those years studying critical race theory, all the lectures from Rev Wright, his "A More Perfect Union" Speech, the classes studying Saul Alinsky during his years as a community organizer in Chicago, an experience Obama recalled as "the best education he ever had"……..ALL of his life experiences, training and education has crafted and molded an individual who TRULY believes with every fiber of his being that this is the only direction our once great country should go in. The AUDACITY of the mere thought that these UNELECTED judges could squash his dreams? BAH!! Let them eat CAKE!!!!!

    57. CPB says:

      Not only that he slams the SC in front other country leaders, thus slamming the court on the world stage. This man is a menace

    58. STEVE says:


    59. Theseus says:

      Obama actually believes that he is right. When you put the label "constitutional scholar" on a man that received much "affirmative action" in school, then one cannot expect him to actually understand what American is all about. One particular minority group is an albatross around this society's neck and Obama wants more free stuff for them regardless of the cost to the nation at large.

    60. Larry W says:

      What is the Obama Administration doing while we are blogging???
      His Bureaucracies – EPA, HHS, CFPB, IRS and Lord knows what others – are growing unchecked.
      He has acted outside the Rule of Law with no legal response from ANY FEDERAL AUTHORITY, elected or not!
      Heritage, how many Special Prosecutors have brought against Republican Presidents and Republican Administrations? ….Democratic?
      Our Republic is at risk here and I, for one, am Strongly concerned for our Survival until the next inauguration.

    61. From my limited perspective I see at least one of the points mentioned must be an impeachable offense. Who can initiate it?

    62. Roy Southard says:

      Isn't this simply some typical Chicago politics in action?

    63. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "But come June when the Court rules on Obamacare, the President might finally see part of his agenda stopped in its tracks." But, on the other hand, the "stacked" court may give him Omamacare and November may give him four more years to further demolish America and the American way.

    64. RG Schmidt says:

      >> The irony in all this is that this President has presided over an Administration that is the epitome of recklessly abusing power, at times in flagrant violation of the Constitution, and has empowered unelected bureaucrats to write scads of new regulations impacting nearly every corner of American life. <<

      It's all well and good to point this out, and Brownfield isn't the first. But shouldn't the question we're asking be "Why?"? Shouldn't we be deluging our alleged representatives in Congress with demands that they enforce the separation of powers our founders so carefully crafted into the Constitution? What the hell are they doing about it?

    65. sonlight says:

      The Emperor is wearing no clothes………who dares speak it?

    66. Mike says:

      Is there a touch of irony in the President's complaint that unelected people in the Supreme Court might strike down Obamacare, which grants unelected bureaucrats limitless authority to tell citizens what health care to buy and what healtch care procedures they can have?

    67. @hilf32 says:

      Can Harvard Law School really be that incompetent?

    68. @cmpokc says:

      If Obama thinks the court shouldn't overturn a law passed by a democratically elected body, then I suppose he thinks the court was wrong to overturn the law in Brown v. Board of Education. Perhaps Obama thinks the court was wrong to say that a law passed by a democratically elected boy which mandated separation of races in schools was unconstitutional.

      Perhaps Obama thinks the court was wrong to overturn laws passed by democratically elected bodies that said abortion was illegal.

      Perhaps Obama already knows the centerpiece of his domestic achievement is about to go down in flames.

    69. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

      If Obamacare is found to be constitutional and/or Obama is re-elected in November, I think it just might be time to sell the house, pack-up, and leave the U.S. Obama has nearly completed siezing dictatorial powers and you ain't seen nothin' yet. If he remains in office beyond January 2013, his government will become more oppressive than you would believe possible in this country. We are on the verge of losing our freedom to dictatorship.

    70. This ego maniac has put himself above the law and now trying to intimidate the supreme court of this country! Obama calling them activists, well in at least the cases he's correct. Ginsburg, Kagan and Sotomayor ,these three are blatant leftist activist judges. Ginsburg stated, our constitution should be replaced by a south african one, and that kiddies is A BIG FAT FACT!
      The constitution means NOTHING TO THESE THREE!

      The other leftist liberals, keep a low profile but they all should be wearing, a big red soviet socialist star!

    71. John Lumpkins says:

      Stunning how shameless Obama is. Let's pray that Obama and the Dems overreached. But for those of us who cherish liberty, let's not take our eye off of the ball. "In other words, the future of health care in America will not be determined by the people's elected representatives, but by administrative rulemakings handed down by unelected and largely unknown agency officials. How's that for a "democratically elected government"?" I offer that the future of health care in America be in the hands of individuals, their families, and their health care providers.

    72. Steven says:

      The biggest abuser of authority in the history of the US saying that the Supreme Court is abusing their authority. What's wrong with this picture?

    73. Alohasue says:

      Obama has said that he sees our Constitution as a negative document. I am sure he sees our Supreme Court the same way, when it all goes bad for him. When you really listen to what his words say, this guy does not and has never liked this country. He's been around radicals his whole life and his view on this county is a negative one.

    74. KC-NM says:

      I guess the president just wants us to burn up the Constitution and Bill of Rights and then replace them with his ideology of socialism and overall dictatorship. I wonder if he has heard of the "balance of power" among the administration, Congress, and the Supreme Court?
      Has Congress and the Supreme Court hear of "impeachment"? Now is the time. OMG – then we would be stuck with VP Biden!
      Intelligent America – get ready to vote correctly in November – get rid of these democrats before they destroy this great country!

    75. Theo Kuster says:

      You continue to say what BHO does is illegal. What would happen if you or I would do something illegal? What's that "good for the goose, good for the gander" thingy?

    76. For a President and Congress that has not passed a budget in three years, for a President that has done nothing but put forth legislation that is damaging, destructive and unaffordable for this country, for a President that can do nothing but apologize to the world for America, for a President that cannot speak to the public without a teleprompter whose material is written by his Socialist and Communist associates and for a President that has used the color of his skin to gain support for his people while continuing to enslave them behind the walls of government entitlement programs I would have to give him an (F). Someone back several months ago gave him a very appropriate name, (PRESIDENT 0)

    77. RepealThe16thA says:

      You're probably never going to hear anti-Constitution Obama mention that the states have never granted Congress the specific power via the Constitution to address public healthcare issues. In fact, you're likely also never going to hear Obama mention that Congress wrongly ignored Article V of the Constitution which requires Congress to first successfully petition the states to ratify a constitutional amendment which would have granted Congress the specific power to address healthcare issues before establishing Obamacare.

      And if there is any question that the states have never granted Congress the specific power to tax and spend for healthcare purposes, note that regardless that Obama is harrassing the USSC to find Obamcare constitutional, previous generations of justices have already clarified that federal healthcare programs are unconstitutional. This is evidenced by the terms "health laws" and "medical practice" in the following excerpts from case opinions.

      "State inspection laws, health laws, and laws for regulating the internal commerce of a State, and those which respect turnpike roads, ferries, &c. are not within the power granted to Congress." –Justice John Marshall, Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824.
      Note that Justice Barbour referenced the above excerpt in New York v. Miln, expanding it as follows.
      "Inspection laws, quarantine laws, health laws of every description, as well as laws for regulating the internal commerce of a state and those which respect turnpike roads, ferries, &c., are component parts of this mass." –Justice Barbour, New York v. Miln, 1837.
      And before Constitution-ignoring socialist FDR nuked the Supreme Court with activist justices, Constitution-respecting justices had reflected on the excerpts above by clarifying in Linder v. United States that the states have never granted Congress the constitutional authority to stick its big nose into intrastate medical practice.
      “Direct control of medical practice in the states is obviously beyond the power of Congress.” –Linder v. United States, 1925. (But evidenly not obvious to Obama, Reid and Pelosi.)

    78. Black Helicopters says:

      Why is Cordray still in office? Why hasn't the Republicans raise mortal hell about this? My congressman told me to my face that they quake in their shoes at the thought of opposing Obama. What leaders!

    79. Elaine says:

      I don't understand why the President is being allowed to get away with all the things he is
      getting away with. I don't know why he can't be stopped. Someone is not doing their job
      right! I am disgusted.

    80. Belleboy says:

      I have been led to believe by the mostly untruthful media that Barack Hussein Obama taught Constitutional Law. With his statements in the Rose Garden yesterday he proved how shallow the depth of understanding he has.
      Since I and a majority of others have never seen his curriculam vitae, I suspect his alleged bona fides.

    81. draeh2020 says:

      Any justice that votes against the Constitution should be removed from the court.

    82. RennyG says:

      We know about all these things he does, we talk about them but we are too weak to challange him. Or maybe I should say , "too weak" to stand up to him. The next thing comming is the election and we will continue in our submissive mode and allow him to have another for years to wrap up his dictatorship and take over of our nation. I thought we had elected people who would stand up to him, but I guess I thought wrong. "We were wrong" in electing him but our "elected people are enableing him!"
      I pray to our Lord above that he will intervine for us. I see it as our only salvation!

    83. Victor Barney says:

      I will not be surprised to see the two-witnesses described in Revelation, chapter 11 first appear on this September 16, 2012. Just saying….Watch!

    84. Debra Smith says:

      re: "President Barack Obama slammed the Supreme Court as an “unelected group of people” who will have turned to “judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint” if they strike down Obamacare." — I see this as Obama's attempt at damage control, in case the court does strike Obama Care down. I believe that this is what he will say of any ruling that harms his baby, Obama Care from going full speed ahead. — Of course the Supreme Court is within its rightful authority to judge if a law is constitutional or not. And he knows that. But he is hoping that the majority of his voters won't know that. And they probably don't and won't. …Debra – Informing Christians writer

    85. Penny says:

      When Obama said he will go around Congress the word ANARCHY came to my mind. The thought of Obama if he won the election in Nov. is so frightening. I want to know what flexibility means to the Russians. There is NOTHING we have to be flexible on with the Russians. What is Obama planning giving away all our security like missile defence ? Hope and pray our country can make it to Nov.he Obama is frightening.

    86. Mike says:

      barry is used to getting what he wants, even when it's discriminatory. Vote him out!

    87. Roger says:

      Why is it taking so long for us to accept the fact that Obama wants to be a dictator, and is willing to slam anyone who gets in his way?

    88. Joseph McKennan says:

      Nothing he ever does or says will make me change my mind because I have a brain and am capable of reason.

    89. David Hicok says:

      I don't why anyone would vote for a loser. The American people need to take back their country. I hope the majority of the ones that voted for Obama have had enough CHANGE. I know I have and I didn't vote for him. I've been getting a new e-mail telling about the birth of a child born in 1776 and died in 2012. The child is the United States of America. Please, let's get rid of the politicians that only want to pad their own wallets and are not truly interested in the growth of our nation. We either vote ourselves a new government or we vote ourselves out of a nation.

    90. Rose says:

      I don't understand why this president isn't facing impeachment proceedings. He's flagrantly abused the Constitution which he's to uphold. He should be impeached.

    91. Robert Phillips says:

      Why should congressional leaders complain? They don't have the guts to take Obama on. They're more concerned with their own positions than they are the country. As I'm fond of saying, "When all is said and done, more will have been said than done." They all had better wake up!

    92. William Duffy says:

      Just how many people do you imagine have actually read all of obamacare? Has the president? And will all the justices read it before making any decisions? How do we find out? And how can we make sure all/everyone that had anything to do with these approvals or court decisions read the WHOLE document. Maybe Heritage can put out some info on how we may be able to contact all concerned said individuals asking them to read and review the document. Just remember how this was passed and how Speaker Pelosi announced "we have to pass it to find out what in it". Is this how our Government is supposed to work. That statement alone is enough for me to throw the whole thing out and statr over. We need your help Heritage.

    93. Deborah says:

      Baracka does and says something almost everyday that is an assault on our Constitution and for that matter an assault on every American.
      He lies almost continually. Saying under his administration that oil production has increased is an outright lie. It has increased in spite of him. Saying that Obamacare will not fund abortions, another outright lie.
      There are so many lies it is hard to keep track of them all, but isn't that what Alinsky taught, to overwhelm the system so we don't know if we are coming or going.
      In my 70 years as an American, I have never been so afraid, not so much for myself because I will be gone soon, but for my children and grandchildren.
      If we do not get this person out of our house I am afraid America will not be the same country that my grandparents immigrated to to flee the Nazis in the 30s.
      Some say they do not like his policies but they like the man, I say that Barack Obama is an evil man who is hellbent on destroying our country,

    94. Arnie of Newtown says:

      Can't believe this man ever attended law school much less taught Constitutional Law. His comments are some of the most idiotic I've ever heard from a lawyer concerning the Supreme Court's power. Never read or studied Marbury v Madison. Shameful conduct.

    95. Harold Kempen says:

      "You can get the man out of Cook County, IL, but not Cook County out of the man"!

    96. somaval says:

      Not judicial activism, AMERICAN ACTIVISM! It's been a long time since you've made the distinction huh mr. president? Perhaps you could run this by mr. holder at the DOJ? imagine that.

    97. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      A man goes to the doctor. The doctor says the man has cancer and needs to have his leg amputated. He's admitted to the hospital and has his leg amputated. A year later, the doctor calls him and they made a mistake.
      They amputated the wrong leg and had to return to the hospital. He's readmitted and this time they amputate the
      right leg. The man sues the doctor and the hospital. The judge throws out the case because he doesn't have a leg to stand on. That's a bad joke. Seriously? It describes Obamacare and its lame defense.

    98. USA says:

      My suggestion is we should take all the rules and laws implemented by the czars to Congress and wipe them out, by not funding them. But of course the old Republicans want to play nice. Let's get them out of there so we elect ones that have the guts to stand up to a pres. that doesn't follow the constitution as he swore to do. This should make him impeachable.

    99. dodger says:

      When is Congress going to develop some "testicular fortitude" and stand up to this disgrace in the White House?

    100. Harold Kempen says:

      "You can get the man out of Cook County, IL, but not Cook County out of the man"

    101. What's Obama going to do take the SCOTUS to court? That will go over well.

    102. Cecilia Ruhnke says:

      Cecilia Ruhnke says, pray for Obama that he will learn that his care will give the tax payers worse health care as he gives those who pay no taxes better care. You know that that isn't fair. We already give people that don't work free housing, meals, medical help, and now help them sin by killing their unborn children? We have a duty to help them to get to heaven. Pray, pray, pray! Too, you know we can't afford your kind of care.

    103. annie/lakewood says:

      The president is neither stupid nor naive….he is very DANGEROUS! I have been saying since day one that he wants to be president/dictator for life and he is going out of his way to accomplish this.

    104. GRACE E. PRATTI says:


    105. Ed Pantaloni says:

      Tampering with a jury is a felony.
      Why would this not be an impeachable offeses?
      Where is Chie Justice Roberts?

    106. Jose Luis Lira says:

      Pres. Obama is said to be a "Constitutional Law" attorney, and hemay well be … but an incompetent one. He also likes to talk big about the importance of education (Math & Science), but I've never heard him talk about the importance of learning about our own U.S. History. Perhaps Obama need a refreshing course in the said subject .. where he will also learn that, the founding fathers gave us a constitutional democratic republic with a powerful judicial branch in order to protect individual rights …. as in the right to choose.

    107. recce1 says:

      Call me a politically incorrect conservative constitutional Bible and gun owning Neanderthal but I don't understand why people are so reticent about connecting the dots about "Professor" Obama?

      Mr. Obama has already shown a propensity for disregarding the Constitution. He's claimed the right to declare war on a country that wasn't a threat to the US (Libya); has said that he'll confer with other nations and then tell Congress if he plans to take military action in Syria; has made appointments without Senate confirmation while Congress was in session; has ordered the smuggling of guns to criminals in Mexico who want to overthrow that nation; has instituted lawsuits against states trying to protect their borders and thus ignored Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 4 and the 10th Amendment of the Constitution; has refused to provide adequate proof of his eligibility to hold office; has said he has the authority to arrest, detain, and execute American citizens without trial; wants the authority to shut down the internet; has claimed that he can order religious institutions to violate their beliefs, and has claimed he and the government have the authority to order citizens to buy government approved products from government approved companies at government approved prices.

      Now he claims the supreme Court hasn't the right of judicial review in order to overturn a law he has staked his political future and agenda on. Furthermore, he's claiming that he and the Congress have the right to impose anything they want on Americans thru the misuse of the Establishment, Proper and Necessary, Commerce, and Supremacy Clauses because it's "good" for the country. Do we have a Constitution with Enumerated Powers or not? Do we even have an intact Bill of Rights?

      What more does it take to wake up conservatives and libertarians who cherish the Constitution? These aren't the actions of a man who’s ignorant of the Constitution, rather they’re the actions of a potential fascist/socialist dictator who knows exactly what he's doing. He's an acolyte of Saul Alinsky with a clear knowledge of Cloward and Pivens.

      We're risking the very continuation of a democratic Republic under the rule of constitutional law if we underestimate this Fabian socialist's hostility to and disdain for the Constitution. It's imperative that he be removed from the presidency by any means, whether it is the ballot box (not bullets) or impeachment.

      Where are the Paul Reveres, Patrick Henrys, Sam Adams, and Thomas Paines when we need them?

    108. gaetano says:

      Do you really think that a group of so called attorneys such as the supreme court will really settle this matter? You must know that all judges only try to satisfy both sides. In this case, look to see that they will only allow obamacare if it is re- written. Both sides will be satified,and the bullsh&& continues.

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