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  • House Committee Subpoenas Interior Department on Gulf Coast Report

    A House committee issued a subpoena on Wednesday, demanding documents related to the administration’s Gulf Coast drilling permatorium. Republicans on the panel say the administration’s refusal to turn over documents made the action necessary.

    At issue is a controversial report issued by the Interior Department to justify its 2010 ban on new drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico. Interior, at which the subpoena is directed, edited language in a report on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill to give the impression that a team of engineers had approved of the permatorium, when they had not.

    In fact, those engineers found that the permatorium “will have a lasting impact on the nation’s economy which may be greater than that of the oil spill.”

    The Washington Times reports:

    The report accompanying the moratorium appeared to imply that a panel of engineers the administration consulted had agreed with the drilling ban — though the engineers later said they opposed the moratorium and had concluded that drilling generally was safe enough to continue.

    “The report falsely stated the professional views of independent engineers and the moratorium directly caused thousands of lost jobs, economic pain throughout the Gulf region and a decline in American energy production. It’s important to clearly understand exactly how this happened,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, Washington Republican, who is Natural Resources Committee chairman.

    Adam Fetcher, a spokesman for the Interior Department, said they have made efforts to comply with the committee but said some of the requests would impinge on the executive branch’s ability to deliberate and make decisions.

    The Heritage Foundation has extensively documented the damage done to Gulf-area businesses by the administration’s hostility to oil exploration there. Here is a video we produced to document some of the personal consequences of the policy:

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    7 Responses to House Committee Subpoenas Interior Department on Gulf Coast Report

    1. Joe Stickney says:

      chu worked for bp and the platform was supposedly inspected nunder obama

    2. Laura says:

      These things need to be more widely known. We are getting a bunch of "red herrings" from the administration to distract from the "crap" they are doing. Then, they refuse to turn other information! When is this guy going to be impeached for being an uncaring maurder of our country and all the not upholding the laws of the country. If anyone, in our history desrved to be impeached, It is him! He lied before he was elected and he lies now. Get him out!!!!!!

    3. Sally says:

      Maybe if Obama thought of work as a method of weight reduction, he would be more supportive of independent economic growth. Own your own business, you get irritible bowel and nausea. You work at the school, you eat government food and gain wieght. Look at the data.

    4. Lachlan,

      As you have noted, the permatorium has had a lasting impact on our economy. It has also hampered our ability to secure the energy we will need in the future. However, the moratorium on Gulf drilling and subsequent delays in permitting are just a small part of an “off-oil” energy strategy that has stalled our economic recovery and contributed to fuel price increases. We recently produced an infographic that shows how the administration’s oil strategy has contributed to rising fuel costs. Take a look when you have a chance: http://energytomorrow.org/blog/the-presidents-act

      Mark, EnergyTomorrow.org

    5. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How many more committees before we admit this Obama adminisration will not and does not tell the truth. Not only do the witnesses not answer questions with honestly, but some of the committee members themselvies are there to deflect from the facts being exposed. The purpose of these committees are to
      again fool the American people into thing Congress actually has there best interest at heart. It's all smoke and mirrors.

    6. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Boy does this bring back some memories. I believe this same edited industry/engineering report was submitted in federal district court seeking the DOI's drilling moratorium after the first one was struck down. Regardless of how the court ruled, shouldn't we the people, this federal court and this House committee be righteously indignant that falsified evidence was submitted in federal court? What if the average citizen submitted a falsified report even in state court to obtain a favorable ruling? The average citizen faces serious fines or jail time for falsifying information on a juror questionnaire for goodness sakes.

      The private sector will be used to undo the private sector, and unpunished lawlessness begets lawlessness.

    7. FedUpMan says:

      The administration lied and falsified docs and did a cover up and nothing happened.
      If John Q citizen had done that the feds would have thrown them in jail ASAP.
      'O' will stall till after the election. The subpoena's should have been issues 1 month after the "R's" took the house.
      Funding should have been stopped to get the data, now its to late.
      The D's broke every rule and law in the books and ignored fed court orders and still the R's did nothing. As a R I am so fed up with NICE that my faith in R's to actually fix this NOW has been shaken to its core. I don't think the R's can fight their way out of a paper bag even if you give them a knife. Tea party here I come. I did not leave the R's they left me. At least the Tea party FIGHTS.

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