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  • Quiz: How Thick Is Your Bubble?

    Bestselling author Charles Murray visits Heritage next week to discuss his latest work, “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010.” The book explores cultural trends, particularly the new upper class and new lower class in the United States. Murray believes these changes — including the increasing divergence between the top and bottom of white America — threaten the very success of the American project.

    Murray, a libertarian political scientist and W.H. Brady Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, will explore these topics at noon Tuesday during his Heritage speech. (Click here to RSVP to attend.)

    Included in Murray’s book is a 25-question quiz that has become a popular online test to gauge whether you live in a social and cultural bubble. First published by PBS NewsHour to “help readers determine how thick their own bubble may be,” we’re embedding it below in advance of Murray’s speech at Heritage.

    After you’ve taken the quiz, read Murray’s thoughts about what your score might mean.

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    5 Responses to Quiz: How Thick Is Your Bubble?

    1. Del Curtis of 1776 says:

      I find the phrase "White America" to be offensive. I would like to see "hyphenated" America become a thing of the past, where it belongs. If I were to use the term on myself, it would result in: English, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Dutch – American. Does that mean I am a "mongrel" ?
      I realize it is the interest of some to keep racism alive in America, as that is where they make their living and draw their power over others. Let's work harder to realize the dream for America that was established in our Declaration of Independence – "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM, undiluted by 235+ years of abuse by venal politicians that pushed the statesmen out of our government.

      • Vert says:

        Del, I am not white, but I would say be careful for what you wish for. I like white people. I prefer Western Civilization, which was built and preserved mostly by white people. However, I know that other nations did not build, preserve, nor give a rip about Western civilization. Some of these other nations are white, but most are not. You can stick your fingers in your ears and scream LALALALA CREATED EQUAL LALALA all you want, but race and culture are not going away. Immigration needs to be controlled, slow, and assimilating. We cannot open the flood gates. So in short, after hearing your views, I hope you support stronger immigration control, and I hope you understand/empathize why some people talk about "White America." There are places in America wihch I as a non-white citizen would never take my family to, and they mostly happen to be non-white. I fully support such personal discrimination and judgment based on little more than appearances, and would say you're a fool if you pretend you don't (everybody does it just like I do.)

    2. Tyson Mendel says:

      Mr Murray my question to you is if morality is the key defining thing, then why is it that the reason that we are in the economic crisis we are in now is that CEO's, President's and Board or Director's of our major corporation's are selling out the middle class to China or Mexico to make and extra million. The "morality flaw" is in the upper class or rich, not the working middle class as you suggest. It is so simple, if jobs don't pay enough for the middle class or poor to buy the goods that the rich or wealthy company owners are asking them, then both are hurt. That's why things are turning around for Obama,. It has to get better or we all are doomed. Morality is important because it is what causes us to treat each other as we would want to be treated. To me that is morality, treat others as you would want to be treated. Carhart clothes were made in the U.S.A. and now are made in Mexico but the price is still the same. You tell me where's the morality in that? You don't have a clue or your just stupid. I'm not at all worried about your book or influence because as I said the economy will find its own way, and the rich will soon know that if the middle class doesn't make it neither will they.

    3. Tyson Mendel says:

      My comment is simple, whats the morality in cutting jobs in order to raise the revenue for the Owner's, CEO's, Board of Directors, etc. That is the soul reason the economy is in, or was in the toilet. I believe things are on the rise in the economy because the wealthy, rich, successful, must have the middle class to buy their widgets (support) their businesses. Things will turn around because they have to but to blame the middle class and their divorce rate is retarded. Morality involves much more than marriage it involves treating others as you would want to be treated and you have no clue as to what that is —– the most important moral act is taking care of your fellow man and sending your jobs to another country for your financial benefit is not moral. GET A CLUE

    4. Mandy says:

      I challenge the idea that with a score of 41, I am either "11–80: A first-generation upper-middle-class person with middle-class parents" or "0–43: A second-generation (or more) upper-middle-class person who has made a point of getting out a lot." What's actually happening is that I am the well-educated and low-income daughter of high-school educated middle-class parents and wealthy grandparents. This downward economic trajectory is common among my friends. My intelligence, diplomas, secular views, liberal politics, literacy, taste in art, interest in organic food, disinterest in television, etc. do not change the fact that I have never made more than $20k /yr in my life, at the age of 32. What the working class looks like is changing dramatically. We are not, as Murray seems to suggest, getting more and more sheltered from poverty just because we are less sheltered culturally.

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