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  • In Pictures: Conservatives Rally Against Obamacare at the Court

    Heritage was on the scene at the Supreme Court today as the justices began the second day of hearings on Obamacare (as we were yesterday). Protesters gathered in front of the Court, expressing their opposition to Obamacare and the individual mandate. Here are some pictures from the Court.

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    12 Responses to In Pictures: Conservatives Rally Against Obamacare at the Court

    1. Neal Tapio says:

      Love all those tight, close ups, Mike! Cuz, ya know – had you zoomed out at all, we'd see nothing but ObamaCare supporters around these folks. Your side was dominated today. You know. I know it. Just be honest with your readership about it.

      • Because you leeches don't have jobs and want more free stuff on our labor.

      • Ron says:

        You and the Liberal Media will no longer get away with these lies.

      • Slick says:

        I suppose Mike thought that YOUR side had the whole liberal media taking pictures of your side right along with all the disparaging remarks they always make about those who don't agree with you . . . . and quite frankly I am getting tired of conservatives having to be "fair and balanced" when the progressives are NOT!!! So thanks Mike for sharing with us the view of conservatives who were willing and able to go to Washington to stand up for the "silent majority!"

        BTW, I always wonder why progressives make a point of invading the websites of the conservatives . . . guess it has something to do with superior intellect or more interesting conversation! You have a great day now . . . . I'm confident that the Supreme Court will "do the right thing" and uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law which is a HUGE WIN for the country. . . how is YOUR confidence level?

    2. Chris says:

      Which side had more people in front of the court has nothing to do with the Constitutionality of the law….

    3. Dan says:

      If there was more its just because the critics were working and the unions and Soros bused in the so called supporters.

    4. Kevin says:

      I live in The Netherlands where we are forced to take health insurance. I pay about €120,- per month for the most basic insurance you can get. Our employee pays another part from about €150,- (depends on what you earn each month). We pay 42% till 52% on taxes.

      Yes, it sure costs a lot. But because of this we have the best healthcare in the world. Your "obamacare" plan is discussed a lot here on the news and we really don't understand where you people are against it. There are only positive aspects on this plan. Healthcare for everyone!

      • Bobbie says:

        how do you know you have the best health care in the world? because you pay so much? America had the best health care in the world before government invaded the business through private insurance regulations mandated by government authority. businesses have much more sincerity/integrity when they aren't under mandates of government rule.

        Freedom isn't controlled by government and ones health is a part of ones freedom to maintain ones livelihood and the business is ones own to conduct within self governing. ones personal health is a responsibility within ones self control. Why would anybody trust that to government to control and to control the insurance of?

        The problem in America was induced by government involvement and is making it worse through the abuse of authority when the only problem from the start was not holding people accountable to their own expenses or helping find resources that would aid in the expense instead of obligating the expense to everyone uninvolved. Unless it's a pandemic personal health should be kept personal with the help of the free market (by "free"- free to run) and none of the government's business.

    5. Jim says:

      Of course there was a crowd begging for ObamaCare! Their free candy is about to go up in smoke!

    6. JW Culbertson says:

      Notice the type of people who are against Obama care, not the number. I would dare say there will be no human feces deposited in front of the court at least not by anti Obama care types.

    7. Charie says:

      If you're handing out 60 bucks a pop you can collect just about as big a crowd as you want. They don't care why they're there. They're just waiting for the next protest and rubbing their hands together. lol

    8. Don Etheredge says:

      Just one more reason to rule against Obamacare is that any bill that requires us to vote for it so we can find out what is in it is too vague and ambiguous. I trivializes the constition. It is rediculous on it's face and should be totally ignored until the ruling. Has anyone actually presented the lack of clarity as a fatal flaw in this legislation?

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