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  • Morning Bell: Obama Whispers Away America's Security

    It is hard to overstate the dangerous implications of what happened this week when President Obama was caught by an open mic sending a message to Russia’s dictator-in-waiting to wait quietly till after the November elections, after which Mr. Obama could make concessions on America’s national defense. The White House is trying to explain this incident away as par for the course in an electoral year. It is not.

    Here, in essence, is what it appears to be: this was our commander in chief in league with an anti-American autocrat to dupe the American public until after it’s too late. What makes it even worse is that the issue at hand–missile defense–has to do with protecting the American people against the likes of Russia.

    We don’t need to exaggerate what happened. All we need is to review what Obama, our President, was caught telling Russia’s current president, Dmitri Medvedev, while the two met at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Neither man knew the microphones were live and picked up their exchange. Here it is:

    President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.

    President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…

    President Obama: (reaching over and putting his hand on Mr. Medvedev’s knee): This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

    President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

    The Vladimir in question is none other than Vladimir Putin, who just won elections in Russia this month under a cloud of suspicion, to replace Mr. Medvedev, who has been a fig leaf president for the past four years while Mr. Putin has wielded power from his post as prime minister.

    Mr. Putin, who has been open and public in his disdain for both the United States and President Obama in particular, opposes American foreign policy from Syria to Asia to Latin America. He is the poster child for a new breed of authoritarian world leaders who openly want to thwart America’s intentions. Most recently, Putin used hostile rhetoric toward the United States as a tool in his re-election campaign, labeling opposition leaders puppets of the CIA. That followed Russia’s decision at the United Nations Security Council to veto a U.S.-backed resolution calling for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad to step aside.

    The President’s surreptitious hat-tip to Putin comes at a dangerous time for the American people and U.S. allies. North Korea is preparing to launch yet another long-range missile, and Iran is in desperate pursuit of a nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, the United States and its allies remain unprotected from the threat of nuclear missiles, and now it appears that Obama wants to cede even more ground to Russia on vital national security issues.

    The President, probably sensing the potential gravity of the situation, quickly addressed the incident. He tried to defend himself yesterday by saying:

    Frankly, the current environment is not conducive to those kinds of thoughtful consultations. The stories you guys have been writing over the last 24 hours is probably pretty good evidence of that. I think we’ll do better in 2013.

    But this is not how democracy works. In asking Mr. Medvedev to tell Mr. Putin to “give me space” until he can be more flexible next year if he gets re-elected this November, Mr. Obama was clearly telegraphing the willingness to give Mr. Putin at least part of what he wants on missile defense. This President has already given too much. In the New START strategic nuclear arms control treaty with Russia, President Obama agreed that U.S. missile defense capabilities must be reduced along with strategic nuclear weapons — essentially laying down America’s arms and its shield, as well.

    Now it appears that President Obama wishes to go even a step farther in order to appease Mr. Putin. Where that step leads, we truly don’t know. All we can see is the direction the President is already headed.

    The exchange with Mr. Medvedev, lastly, only deepens and validates two already extant and related narratives about our President: one is that he harbors views that are inimical to the American people and only come out in unguarded moments. An example of that is when he said in San Francisco four years ago that Americans cling to their religion and guns bitterly when they’re afraid of the future. The other narrative is that the President will be unshackled once (and if) he is re-elected, and will put in place a plan far more radical than he is letting on in public at the moment.

    If concessions to Russia on missile defense are what Mr. Obama wants, he can make his case to the American people and ask them to endorse his policies. To hide them until it is too late and he is safely ensconced in office is unseemly.

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    113 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Whispers Away America's Security

    1. Mike says:

      I've wondered about obama's loyalty to this country. Now, I know.
      Vote him out!

      • Elizabeth says:

        he needs to be impeached and all the cronies with him, actually he needs to be in jail for treason

      • penny says:

        I truly hope people see Obama for what he is TWO FACED. This is our country and we have to defend it against Obama. Jusr pray we can make it to Nov. 2012 and get him the heck out .

      • Stuart A Clarke says:

        I agree!!! Wish we could impeach him. I am scared on what I am leaving to my children, by leaving him in office.

        How do we get the media to release more details info on his conversations — particularly in a way that the public see what he is doing??

      • Susan Bishop says:

        I agree, vote him out! We all have the power to not elect him. This shows once again that he is not loyal to the very country he is supposed to be leading. If many people see this on the internet, it will be well known throughout the nation.

    2. PTTA says:

      Write your congress repersentitive and senator. No matter what party. Ask them why this president isn't being impeached. There re so many resons for impeachment, not only the birth certificate issue. And why is Obama so positive he is going to be re-elected? Is the election already decided?

      • Brenda says:

        Yes the election is already decided. Look at all he has done that is unconstitutional. Look at the executive orders he has passed. The government can now hold a person indefinitely without a trial, and they can take whatever they deem necessary. Food, water, gas, farm equipment, live stock, transportation, even gardens in your back yard. Look at all the strange buildings that have popped up all over the country. We woke up to late.

    3. Turner says:

      Obama's Etch-a-Sketch moment.

    4. Staneve says:


    5. RG Schmidt says:

      "Unseemly," you say? How about "treasonous."

    6. Black Helicopters says:

      I am well past considering any explanations from Obama. I know what his intentions are and they are in the favor of this country. To know that some fellow citiznes still believe every word his says is frightening. I thought back of the Democrat presidents in my lifetime and realize they were not the most pro American either. But this guy has them beat.

    7. Jim Uberti says:

      I, personally, feel that this incident was very "telling". Yet, Obama's mouth pieces were quick to spin the details, and a very compliant media is burying the importance of what took place.
      My local paper had a headline over the article(Page 7) that read,"Obama talks missiles with Medvedev".
      No mention of the conversation inadvertently captured. No speculation as to what Obama meant.
      The huge problem facing Republicans this year, as it was in '08, will be to get their message across while a hostile media twists every meaning and does the reverse for Obama.
      Somewhere, Edward R. Murrow and his contemporaries are spinnung in their graves.

      • Pat says:

        Wow. You hit THAT nail on the head. What's with the media anyway ! Things sure have changed.

    8. Of all his evil deeds this is the worst . http://www.catharticnotes.com

    9. Karen says:

      And should this surprise anyone?

    10. Mary......WI says:

      CLEARLY, Obama does NOT know or does NOT care how the Constitution of the United States work and who and what the Constitution represents. I have said this repeatedly, Obama should be tried for treason. He has ridiculed this country and Americans enough the past 3.5 years. Can anyone hear me screaming!? Does anyone feel the same frustration I'm feeling?! Leader, NO…dictator, YES. God help us if he's re-elected in November.

      • irishgal says:

        Mary, I feel your frustration, fear, and fury, too. I cannot envision what will be left of America if he is reelected. I fear for my children and am praying daily that our we be protected from Obama and his evil cohorts.

      • John - Denver says:

        How did the American People get duped into electing a guy who has never done anything other sponge off of other people and spent only one term as a U.S. Senator before running for President? When are we going to be represented by our elected Represenatives and the Press? Will they ever wake up and realize that he is the enemy? A Socialist/Communist. Didn't anyone pay attention when they were in School????
        John…… Denver

    11. perfectlyaged says:

      Not only is Obama giving two different oil rich sites of land to Russia…but, now (and I have read this before) he is giving our secrets to Russia while weakening the United States. This man is stripping the United States of our power, our resources and giving away our secrets.
      For those of you who are lollygagging all over Obama and think he is working for you by giving you welfare, food stamps, free medical care, etc., (and I am not including those who have been without work and can't find a job) have you ever thought the further he drags the United States into a third world country…the less you are going to have.
      Here is a list of the inflation on five different necessities for the normal family….
      Here are the inflation facts Obama is hiding:
      •Gas at the pump has risen 112% since Obama took office
      •Cotton is up 140%
      •Agricultural Raw Materials are up 81%
      •Food Prices are up 49%
      •Energy Prices are up 81%
      America…think about what Obama is doing to America! Do your research and vote your conscience.

      • Bill says:

        Everybody needs to read "The Road to Serfdom" by freidrich Hayek., written in 1944. He lays out exactly how our country is moving from Liberalism, to Socialisim, to totalitarianism. I asure u Obama has read it. He has a plan for this country that is moving us along exactly how Hayek says it could happen.

        Study History of Germany from World War I to beginning of WW II. The american people are moving in the same steps as the German people moved in the 20s and 30s. They, including the most intelligent, slowly gave all powere to the National Socialists, more commonly know as Nazis. It's downright spookey to see America following the same path and agreeing to give up their freedoms to an all powerful government.

        Remeber, the more power we hand over to the Feds, the faster we move along the road to Serfdom, a slightly better sounding word than Slavery.

    12. Blake says:

      Seems the first comment & my comment was not accepted……must have been sent to Mr. duck for approval! A thousand pardons if Mr. duck let my comment make it to "comments"

    13. sue says:

      Oh- well, if someone appoints leaders in our country and names them Czars- what else would you expect from him…….more bad stuff…just goes from bad to worse to indescribably frightening.

    14. Dave says:

      This raises serious issues about our president. What is his true strategy and plan for america? the coming campaign must focus on "trust" and "suspect". Our president has not been truthful with the american people and what will he do next.

    15. haroldson says:

      If this fails show what we have at the helm of this country, and in bold letters then every one is blind, No this is not the way any other presidents have done it., if it were we would right now be seeing the Russian troops on our streets now., If congress and our leaders don't wake up, This fake in the white house will give this country away, Or will the people of this country have to take matters in to their own hands, This is a sad day for America. Get Obama out of office

    16. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      I wonder what Obama whispered to Boehner when they were playing golf. The lifers in Congress are just as complicit as Obama – They become lobby kings on retirement…after they drain the federal pay rolls for a life-long job…I wonder if Dole is whispering to China in his new job?

      When you have lunch with the lifers, perhaps you should ask…Don't worry…I know this will not be published.

    17. Victor Barney says:

      Not for nothing and certainly NOT from the Morning Bell, but I did i just learn that Barak Obama was raised in William Ayer's parent's household! You know, William Ayers of the 60's marxist terrorist outfit called the "weathermen?" Remember, Bernardine Dohrn, etc. Surely, you must remember that this was the terrorist group that Charlie Manson took off on in California, right? And you say that our CIA actually does NOT run this country? Yeah, right!

      • Tammy says:

        Victor, where did you get this i information? I'd definitely be interested in knowing about this.

    18. Johncdavidson says:

      This should not be surprising to anyone able to think rationally. Socialists enjoy each others company. The political war isn't between liberalism and Capitalism, it is about freedom of choice.

    19. Robeert A Hirschmann says:

      If this isn't TREASON I don't know what is!

    20. Charles S. Wertalik says:

      What Obama said to Medvedev smacks of treason, and we shouldn't beat around the bush on this.

    21. Ricky says:

      Sounds to me like he may be planning on suspending all future elections?

    22. Mr. Gonzalez, maybe I'm a simple minded old American with outdated values but doesn't this entire incident equate to treason.

      I do not want to be an alarmist, but this kind of talk to a past and probably present and future enemy of the United States ain't what I'd call 'America First Patriotism'.

    23. Linda says:

      Indiana folks…..check out this link: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1110/45616.h

      Our Sen. Lugar is featured in this Politico article. Is it time to retire Lugar….you betta!

    24. colorado art says:

      We can NOT affort to have this imposter traitor in office another day. Where is the outrage. Where are the responsible legislators who can proceed with prompt removal NOW !

    25. Arnie of Newtown says:

      So where is it that I return my Bronze Star and other decorations for service to what was then the USA before taken over by this administration that appears to do whatever it takes to remain in power?


      • Bobbie says:

        Sir, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have this opportunity now! as tears fill my eyes, thank you so very much for your service and know you and all of America's truest, are greatly appreciated. We will do all we can to bring back our freedoms and liberties stolen, that you fought for America's leadership to keep safe and protected now showing themselves treasonous! God Bless you! Thank you!

    26. A Vietnam vet says:

      I never thought I would be fearful of my own government…

    27. john adams says:

      Private deals with the enemy, at the expense of our national security is not "unseemly," it's treason.

    28. Pete Houston says:

      The guy three years into his job is still making rookie mistakes. Time to put him on the bench for good. I did not vote for this unmatured and untested individual for president. The majority of the american people that vote put a guy that has no business being the president into the job. We need to do a better job with the next selection.

      • colorado art says:

        You are very naive. These "mistakes" are purposful with pretense. Look at the big picture and count all the freedoms you hae lost these past 3 years. All to the benefit of BO's purpose.

    29. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why is this a surprise to anyone? Do we not yet realize who and what is Obama? We had all better wake up and understand Obama's final agenda for this nation. From day one Obama told us that he would "transform" this nation. He is using everyone and everything to do just that. The question is do the American people want to share Obama's agenda?

    30. D Bulls/TN says:

      Thank G~d for unguarded moments. They reveal what would otherwise remain undercover of darkness. It is rather presumptious of him to assume he will be elected for another term; once was more than enough.
      President Obama has made it clear what he intends for this nation and has exercised those intentions for the last three years plus. The answer to our problems will not be easily fixed and I do not envy the next President or Congress. I pray that our government will become less intrusive and more attentive to protecting us from those whose objective is our destruction both foreign and domestic.

    31. h20gal says:

      This president scares the bejeebers out of me. He operates in secret much too much. This is the least transparent administration that I have ever witnessed and I am truely frightened by his actions.

    32. Pay attention folks PLEASE!

    33. steve costa says:

      If a anyone conspires with hostile foreign enemy's they're supposed to be arrested and charged with treason.

    34. Louise Kane says:

      Finally the transparency that Obama promised us in '08. Read his "private" conversation with the Russian dictator-in-waiting….thank heavens for the "hot" mic.

    35. What do you all make of this?

    36. Stephen Keen says:

      Excellent analysis, Mr. Gonzalez. I would argue with only one word, your last one. Obama's intent as revealed by this exchange is far beyond "unseemly". In my opinion only one word adequately describes it, and that is traitorous.

    37. Carol,AZ says:

      "We must get the pigs out of the creek to clean the water."

      Excellent article Mike. Thank you.

    38. Jeff Rust says:

      I wonder how Senator McCain feels about our President about now ? ? ? ????? ?? ??

    39. Dale says:

      First, we're dealing with Chicago politcs, of the nth degree.. so, yes, the election is in the bag. OR he won't allow it to happen. Before you say.. "Oh, he can't do that"… please review all that he HAS done, and consider upon what rock you stand when you say he can't.
      Second, he's buying all the votes he needs (in his mind) with our money, amnesty is only one of the many ways.
      Third, the border war, currently popularly viewed as the futile attempt to close the border to people coming across, INTO.. the country, will very quickly turn to be a CLOSED border, to any attempting to LEAVE!
      Fourth, How do we win? Well.. they say, history repeats itself. UNTIL folks learn the lesson.
      Have you learned it yet?

    40. Curt Krehbiel says:

      This information requires wide distribution. Copy and paste this morning's Bell to an email to others who may not be aware. This is serious!

    41. Dale says:

      The periennial politicians are a major portion of the problem, and from them comes the additional issues of slanted education, viewing the entire world through "The OVerton Window" concept, of sliding off to one side, slowly.. no one notices. We all recognize the "forefront issues" as portrayed in the "news". I long for the days gone by, that when the news included information that portrayed what was being decided behind the forefront. How do we take back our country? Without a major revolution? Slide the window back into place? Stand not only on the rock of legitimate logic, backed and re-enforced by repeatable fact, but each bringing along others, all willing, able and committed to reclaiming our country, for us, and our children.

    42. Let’s put this in perspective. The U.S. and its allies in Europe (the Western democracies) want to build a missile-defense system in Europe to protect the Western democracies from what threat? Well, who is objecting to this idea? RUSSIA!
      And here you have the President of the U.S. (yes, I said OUR President) giving advice to Russia to wait until AFTER his election to a second term so that he (Obama) will be in a better position to appease the Russians on this issue. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

    43. Hugo says:

      I was at first outraged, as many were, at this. But when I turned to place this new item on the proverbial pile of the "another thing" that this Administration has done, I felt again dejected. It's just one more thing. Not that different than the last egregious and offending thing, but still orders of magnitude from that first one. Since day 1, the things that confirmed our fears of a President Obama have come fast. So much and at such speed that, frankly, it's hard to keep track of. …. I think that regarding the upcoming election, team Obama will not likely pick up any more votes than the first time around. The key to defeating him will be persuading the ambivalent and/ or uninformed to vote against him. Perfectlyaged has good stats above that cover a facet of the argument.

      Does anyone know of any well-organized lists of the President's failures, offenses, and anti-american statements? I keep thinking I need to be a better persuader but I get flustered sometimes and don't think I'm making the best case to vote against this president.

    44. Ruth says:

      Two liars connecting – to be expected.

    45. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Make that stage whispers.

    46. k0white says:

      If the people of our country don't vote Obama out in November, we will not have a country four years from now or a defence system. If the IDIOTS that voted him in for the hopy-change thing or to be part of history and voted for the first almost black president don't wake up and see what Obama stands for and where he is takeing our country we a doomed.

    47. Richard M says:

      The reason Obama is telling Medvedev basically wait until I get re-elected is because Obama knows ahead of time that our election process in America has been compromised. Go to http://www.governmentgonewild.org to see how the unions have been totally corrupted. The majority of unions in America are lapdogs of Obama and/or any leftist goon that runs for office. They are employing Stalin's tactics: 'it's not who gets the vote, it's who counts the votes.' We have rigged elections. Obama knows this, that's why he's telling Medvedev wait until after Obama gets re-elected.

      The only way we can stop Obama is to protest and guard our election process. The American people know what's going on, but can we stop the election fraud that is so pervasive in our elections? You don't need to be a conspiracy theory nut to understand that the radical leftists has taken over our govt. Just look at our AG Eric Holder. Do you trust him to administer fairly? Of course not. Obama and Holder can pretty much give their middle finger when ordered by subpoenas, and, in Obama's case, he wins, and in Holder's case, well, we're still waiting for Issa to hold Holder in contempt of court (I'm not holding my breath).

      So, the really bad news is that we have an illegal POTUS and administration. They've hijacked our Constitution and Rule of Law. When you see words like Socialist actually being said about Obama on the MSM news outlets, that should pretty much tell you they are now comfortable with 'outing' Obama and they dare anybody to actually do anything about Obama and his agenda for America.

      My only hope at this point is Sheirff Joe Arpaio. An actual law enforcement officer. He says he has a lot more incredible information concerning Obama. I do remember the good sheriff once stating that (paraphrasing) 'even if we do find something, whose going to do anything about it?' This is code for telling the America people that the system has been totally compromised. We cannot trust our govt to do what is right, because all the crooks are in place. Basically, the foxes are guarding the hen houses. Obama and his henchman are a direct threat to the national security of our country. Obama is working behind the scenes to 'fundamentally transform' America into a socialist state. You can tell just by listening to his rhetoric. Remember when Obama told Joe the plumber about sharing the wealth? A socialist/communist concept. Obama and his administration is the greatest danger ever put upon our country. The military or law enforcement are going to have to arrest and hold Obama over for trial. No judge in the country will do what is right. Nobody is going to hold Obama accountable and force him to show his records in a court of law. We've been hijacked and we're in big, big trouble!

    48. eva says:

      "unseemly"???? how about treasonous?

    49. toledofan says:

      The entirety of our foriegn policy is, simply put, a joke. I think the other really big joke is our Congress; stop and think what if this was George Bush or Ronald Regan doing this. Do you think there wouldn't be impeachment procedings in place already, absolutely. The Founding Fathers wanted the Peoples House to be the strength of America yet, we just can't come to grips with what has to happen and to that end the Republicans are failing. In a time when we need leadership, we have to depend on a bunch of whimps to fend for what is right and Constitutional. When you paste the entirety of all the debacles over the past three years, Obama should be already out of there.

    50. Stacy says:

      Wow! If this was a fully factual based article, I could see the problems it presents. Unfortunately, it is one more I will disregard as it seems to be riddled with so much personal opinion and fortune telling……I don't even know where to begin. Before you assume I'm just some Obama supporter….I didn't vote for him. I just want to hear something a little less, okay, A LOT less biased. I actually laughed at the author's writing here. More Americans need to be able to read this article for what it really is and see through the JUNK. The Obama comments could have stood as damaging on their own. Too bad this poorly written article defeated its purpose.

      • cahj67 says:

        Wow is right. I have a hard time understanding why people who cover for this president always have to qualify themselves by saying " I didn't vote for him", and then attack the messenger. I didn't vote for him either, and I'm black. I'm surely not going to vote for him in November. I love this country and I don't want to see it destroyed. I find it very strange that your major concern is how poorly the story was written, and not what the president said and the implications of what he said. WOW again!

    51. Don DeHoff says:

      Hold on!. Something is greatly amiss here. Our President, in the words of "Batman", is "diabolically clever". After his other "open-mike" episode he surely has set up "safe-guards" to prevent it happening again. Why an "intentional" slip, I do not know and I have to leave that up to those who are closer to the issues.

    52. Terry Smith says:

      turn against God and this nation will suffer..Mr Obama is heading this nation down a dangerous road…read the Bible !!! don't believe it ,then wait and see what happens…this nation will be destroyed if we let him have his way…

    53. bentonmarder says:

      This suggestion about not taking decisions or actions until after November applies to other issues, too. Contemplate a wholesale amnesty for illegal immigrants, a revokation of the Defence of Marriage Act, and many other issues he refuses to resolve in timely fashion. He is quite correct. If he is re-elected, there are few, if any, restraints upon his exercise of arbitrary power. Essentially, he will be uncontrolled and uncontrollable. A President for Life?

    54. edree says:

      Obama?????? Make his case to the American people???? Surely you jest. All the kool-aide drinkers that voted for him but have not yet wised up may actually get the message that he is out to make the US subservient to the rest of the world, as he professed in his pre-presidential writings.

    55. Julia says:

      Never been an Obama fan, but aren't we being a little ridiculous? Russia hasn't been a threat since the Cold War.

    56. Velvetbrick 70 says:

      I only have one vote…each of you only have one vote. So remember back…look at the damage Slick Willie did to us, giving China all of our technology. Now we have this guy in the White House giving away the entire country. We need to each do our part to get this charlatan out of the White House. Another four years of him…and the United Nations will be running this 3rd world country called Ameritopia.

    57. Steve says:

      It's even worse than " . . .if he gets re-elected in November," Mike. The Marxist-in-Chief said "after my election," meaning not IF he gets re-elected, but WHEN he's re-elected. The arrogance of this incompetent jerk never ceases to amaze me.

      Thanks again to all Americans (legitimate voters, illegal immigrants, the dead, Mickey Mouse, et al.) who stupidly voted this thug into office; do it again and we're all finished. Even if you have to hold your nose to do it, vote for the Republican nominee in November if you want to have a country you will still recognize in 2016 when the next elections roll around.

    58. nhpollack says:

      Between this and the comment he made to Sarah Brady last year on gun control, "I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar," is there any question about his intentions?

    59. This has to make you wonder what surprises he has in mind in his second term. Remember the hope and change he promised? What he has done is not the type of hope and change that he led people to believe he would bring about. Transparency, doing what's right for America and not the special interests, prosperity for all, fix the economy, health care for all, out of Iraq (48,000 troops left) and Afganistan, energy plan, work across the aisles (Democrats and Republicans together), One America, reduce the debt, One million new jobs, etc… What happenned? All broken promises. I simply cannot trust what this man says anymore. I hope, for the sake of this country, that his plans for his second term are all for naught.

    60. I'd think this is a good example of where Obama stands with the USA. He isn't pro-America, and will hand us over to Russia, China, and Iran if he wins the election. I'd think this is a good place to add to impeachment articles. I realize it isn't 'proof' of anything, but if anybody were heard saying thinks like this, we'd be put in custody and never see light again.
      Obama is NOT an American, he is NOT a Constitutionalist, and is NOT going to do anything to help OUR country do anything but fail. He's well on the way now.

    61. HEY, FOLKS!!!! LOOK WHAT BARRY IS UP TO NOW! What is he going to do with Vladimir Putin after the elections? If Barry wins again, he has four more years or more to undo. Barry h what the people of the USA have fought for over the centuries as given us clues that he might just be a radical Muslim: (1) He gives a speech in a rook where a crucifix is facing him; he insists on the cross being covered before he speaks; (2) He and Michelle visit Queen Elizabeth II, but don't follow the palace protocol for bowing, etc., but puts his arm around her waist while they are walking into the royal reception room. However, on a trip to Saudi Arabia, he genuflects before the Arabian king and kisses the monarch's ring or hand; (3) On a trip abroad, Barry announces that the USA is no longer a Christian nation. Neither does he talk about his "Christian" faith, but reflects on how he remembers the beautiful calls to prayer coming from the neighborhood mosque when living in Indonesia with his step-father

    62. alcon says:

      We continue to report issues and actions this president has taken or is taking that are detrimental to our society and our way of life, but we fail to publicize these events to the american public and choose to spend our time attacking the morality and personal actions of our candidates to run against him. There appears to be a reluctance within the GOP to address the issues head on and work on educating the independents and "fence setters" so we have a chance to suc ceed in the upcoming elections. What a shame!

    63. Hugo says:

      I was at first outraged, as many were, at this. But when I turned to place this new item on the proverbial pile of the "another thing" that this Administration has done, I felt again dejected. It's just one more thing. Not that different than the last egregious and offending thing, but still orders of magnitude from the first one. Since day 1, the things that confirmed our fears of a President Obama have come fast. So much and at such speed that, frankly, it's hard to keep track of. …. Does anyone have a list? Seriously. A long chronological list since inauguration. I started an Excel table based on the Drudge Report headlines each day but found it too time consuming.

    64. I was always taught that to win a war or keep a war from happening you must have a strong offense and a strong defense. If you tell your enemy you're in the process of cutting back on your defense and are going to stop funding a strong offense what kind of message do you think that sends to your enemy? It doesn't take a nuclear physicist or a moron to figure that one out.

    65. I heard something very disturbing this morning from Obama's press secretary. In discussing the supreme Court's review of Obamacare he said that Obama had the support of the doctors, he named a couple of other organizations and "THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION".
      If this is true, and I know it isn't, then the Heritage Foundation needs to get a retraction from Obama and the press secretary. If I thought it was true I would pull my support today.

    66. belleboy says:

      Obama appears to have a penchant for flirting with impeachment. Why not give him his wish?

    67. This is frightening!! I pray for our nation and elected officials daily. I also pray that citizens of America go to the election poles with their hearts and minds wide open to the gravity of their choice and the danger we as a nation face if our current president is reelected to another term.

    68. Greg V says:

      Unseemly? This is the act of a traitor.

    69. ummmm hmmmmmmmmmmm. open microphones have gotten a few people in trouble, but this is good

    70. Cornelius says:

      If people were not afraid of the race issue there would be a call for his impeachment, right now. Well I am black and I'm not afraid, Impeach him! The nation is at stake. The ultimate objective of liberals (at least those in power ) is to destroy this country. Based on what you've seen thus far, is there any doubt ? I'm not so much afraid of Mr. Obama and what he will do, as I am of those who will give him the power to do it. This administration is so confident that no one will stop him,he openly violates the constitution he swore to uphold. There's not a sole in this audience who does not know that the democrat party, the media, and democrats in congress not only know what he's doing, but support him in his efforts. He's so confident that he's going to win the election. How could he be so sure? Watch your back America.

    71. Annie-Esq says:

      If this is not evidence of how dangerous this President is I do not know what is. If in this his first — and hopefully only — tem he has been curbing himself because of how it can affect his chance of re-election, what is there to rein in his plan of destruction for the American way, for capitalism, for our freedom of choice when re-election does not factor in to his curb his actions. He will step all over our Constitution – more than he has — and tear this country asunder if re-elected. Welcome to the Socialist States of America if you vote this guy back in.

    72. f. krause says:

      Time to find DO a fancy blue uniform with lots of gold braid, tassels etc. He has wanted to be a dictator and with his latest little "tap on the russian knee" he is certainly headed in that direction. Let us all hope that Obamacare is struck down, or he will have a head start on his agenda. I personally wish he was with the last two ILLINOIS GOVERNORS in their new "digs", but he is still with us, and impeaching him is one way to remove him from office, but I want all Americans to get out and VOTE,VOTE,VOTE. Be it Romney, Larry the Cable Guy, or my trash collecter, DO needs to be removed from office, and a lot of sanity returned to our country,not to mention what our forefathers fought for and that little piece ofpaper known as the CONSTITUTION.

    73. Annie-Esq says:

      Its at times like these that I prayy for a 21st century McCarthy or a Hoover to get on this guy and his socialist thugs. How have we not impeached this man?

    74. Belinda says:

      The Bible says "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways"….this man speaks with forked tongue.

    75. Obama is a snake-in-the-grass!

    76. Jake says:

      What a bunch of paranoid people. What ever happened to my country right or wrong? or Respecting the office of the president?
      Everyone knows this congress couldn't pass a fart much less a new arms treaty. The reality is it will have to be after the re-election, when the democrats take back the house from the do nothing republicans. Then, perhaps the people's business will get done.

    77. gladys difazio says:


    78. myob1776 says:

      I'm shocked – SHOCKED! – that a President in an election year believes he'll have a greater ability to negotiate after the election than before. Wake up, folks – since when is being pragmatic the sign of a traitor?

    79. This is not surprising. Pray that he doesn't reelected.

    80. Randy Whisnant says:

      I'm a simple minded person 52 years old 9th grade education …and I can see MY freedom of choice and country going away! VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE…BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!!!!!

      • Randy Whisnant says:

        I'm a simple person,52 years old with only a 9th grade education…and I can see My freedom and My country going away! VOTE HIM OUT NOW…BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!

    81. Jack Schwartz says:

      Obama's latest attempt to decimate our military and reduce America to the level of a third-world nation, his stated goal in his biography "Dreams from My Father". See a brilliant analysis of this book, here: http://www.amazon.com/Roots-Obamas-Rage-Dinesh-DS

    82. guest says:

      why is the whole thing not posted? Junk science without the whole thing.

    83. kevins says:

      "It is hard to overstate…" this article begins… But you DID IT!

      God, the stupid paranoia on this board reflects the ignorance of the right so splendidly! Keep it up!

      Basically, Obama said "things can be worked on better after the election, since before then he will have his hands tied trying to avoid the paranoid rants of the stupid right in America. Then, after he wins –and we know he will– he can continue to be the great american leader he has been so far, especially when compared to anyone on the Right!

      Rating: A thousand points of light!

    84. Joanne says:

      Everyone needs to know about this.

    85. Tobi Young says:

      what happenned to the government protecting us

    86. Tammy says:

      Wow I finally have found a group of people (from reading these comments) who feel the same about Obama as I do! I can't for the life of me understand how anyone with even a damaged brain, can still support this man! He is a traitor and it is so blatant…and the media refuses to cover it…I am sure it is due to the big money people who own the media who have other ulterior motives for Obama being in office.

      Pray, Pray Pray.

    87. Holly says:

      This "president" is not known for his patriotism or integrity, folks. What more is needed for everyone to realize he must, must, must be replaced?

    88. lisa says:

      not even shocked about this, what other evil plans has he in store?

    89. Pazuzu says:

      By "my last election" I felt he meant that after being re-elected; he wouldn't need to be elected again. I have suspected for a long time he is a despot; and, win, lose, or draw HE AIN'T GONNA GO AWAY

    90. Wake-up call #1,525….

    91. one amirican says:

      What bone head could think that our president is out to destroy America…….US………..GROW UP….

    92. Douglas Stafford says:

      It's painfully obvious from Mr. Obama's statements to Medvedev that his goal is to gut the national defense budget and use the savings for his progressive domestic programs. Why else, unless there is another more sinister motive, would he desire to appease Putin?

    93. IdaKaren says:

      Treasonous on so many levels!

    94. He's a traitor! Go see 2016: Obama's America if you need any more proof of it. And why are our elected officials silent on the matter? Has political correctness grabbed them by the throat?!

    95. Susan says:

      When will the democrat Americans get their heads out of the sand and see this monster for who and what he really is? He is an American hating egotistical bastard and he needs to go now! He should be arrested and tried for treason, then thrown into jail for the rest of his miserable life! God help us all if he manages to get re-elected.

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