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  • Morning Bell: Obama Mocks Critics As Gas Prices Go Up

    As you drive America’s ribbon of highway, from California to the New York island, there’s one reality that can’t be escaped — gas prices keep going up, with no end in sight. But instead of taking action to bring relief to the American people, the Obama Administration is patting itself on the back for a job well done while mocking those who are calling for a commonsense energy policy.

    This week saw the highest average gas price ever recorded in March — a whopping $3.87 per gallon. That’s up 4 cents from over a week ago, and 30 cents more than last year. On the West Coast, it’s up to $4.23 a gallon, but no matter where you go in America, you’ll feel the burn.

    Meanwhile, the President is still beating the drums for his energy strategy, which he highlighted yesterday in a visit to the Copper Mountain Solar 1 Facility in Boulder City, Nevada. Anticipating the obvious criticism — that his investment in the Solyndra solar plant went belly up, costing American taxpayers $535 million — the President mocked those who question his ideas, saying they “lack imagination,” and he turned to name calling in order to deflect legitimate concerns about the viability of his green pipe dream and the fact that it has not produced the jobs that he promised:

    One member of Congress who shall remain unnamed called these jobs ‘phony’ — called them phony jobs. I mean, think about that mindset, that attitude that says because something is new, it must not be real. If these guys were around when Columbus set sail, they’d be charter members of the Flat Earth Society.

    But as Heritage’s Nick Loris points out, those who criticize the President’s policies aren’t opposed to new ideas. The Administration’s record of burning billions in taxpayer dollars to somehow transition America to a new energy economy have not produced results that earn confidence. The American people’s money is being used to offset private-sector investments and artificially prop up industries until they go bankrupt, like Solyndra, Beacon, Ener1, Abound, and so on. Only when technologies such as solar, wind, and biofuels become affordable and reliable will consumers embrace them.

    While the President is out West selling his spending and tax hikes, back home in Washington his Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, is giving himself kudos for a job well done. In testimony before Congress this week, Chu was asked whether he would give himself an “A minus” on controlling the cost of gasoline. His response? “I would I say I would give myself a little higher in that since I became Secretary of Energy, I’ve been doing everything I can to get long-term solutions.” For the record, this is the same Steven Chu who said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe” (which are routinely above $8 per gallon). Perhaps in that context, he does deserve an “A.”

    Heritage’s Rob Bluey reports that ”the Obama Administration is overseeing a sharp decline in fossil fuel production (coal, oil, and natural gas) on federal lands, which recently hit its lowest point in nine years.” Those actions include withdrawing areas offered for 77 oil and gas leases in Utah, canceling lease sales in the Western Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast, delaying exploration off the coast of Alaska, keeping other resource-rich areas off limits, finalizing rules that establish more hurdles to onshore oil and natural gas production on federal lands, and withdrawing 61 oil and natural gas leases in Montana as part of a lawsuit settlement over climate change.

    And then there’s the issue of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to Gulf Coast refineries. When given the chance to approve the project, President Obama flat out said “no.”

    Now, though, he is attempting to have it both ways, and is expected to announce plans to fast-track the southern portion of the pipeline. But this is all for show, as his announcement won’t change anything. TransCanada told Bloomberg News that the President’s announcement won’t affect their schedule at all, where construction on the southern portion is already slated to begin in June.

    If the President were truly supportive of the project, he would not have personally lobbied Senate Democrats two weeks ago to vote against an amendment that would have authorized construction of the entire pipeline. He cannot now say he is expediting anything. President Obama is merely putting political rhetoric over smart policy in order to appease his environmental base and boost his sagging poll numbers simultaneously.

    According to Gallup, those who are following the issue favor building the pipeline by a 78-22 margin. And even including those who are not following the issue closely, the pipeline still has the support of 57 percent of the nation.

    President Obama uses the language of “all of the above,” but his actions speak greater volumes. Rather than give themselves an “A” for gas prices and mock their opponents, the Obama Administration should immediately speed up the permitting and leasing processes, remove litigation risks, reform punitive regulations, and stop throwing billions in taxpayer money at broken companies like Solyndra and calling it an answer.


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    62 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Mocks Critics As Gas Prices Go Up

    1. glynnda says:

      Come on Mike, you're taking Obama seriously……Solyndra and other operations like it are payback and campaign strategy money……can't we be real about this stuff for a change?

    2. Victor Barney says:

      MEN: Welcome to Adam's world! Watch!

    3. charles labounty says:

      BHO wants to lower the standard of living of Americans — that would be "fair".
      This guy is a pure communist — say Marxist if it makes you feel better.
      Read Deneen Borrelli's new book "Blacklash" ==== she explains everything asbout this guy.

    4. Mary......WI says:

      Obama is a poor excuse for a leader. His visit to OK and the southern Keystone pipeline is a phony photo-op with the single purpose of looking like he approves of the pipeline. He's essentially lying to the American people because he HASN'T approved the keystone Pipeline. I think most Americans are wise to how this man works politically….failure.

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        He may approve some parts of the pipeline to look like he is doing something, but will never issue the permits for it to be completed.

        • Mary......WI says:

          The Southern pipeline is almost complete ans was started 5 years ago! That is what he said today he was going to fast track NOT any part of the northern pipeline…..and of course he blames Republicans for trying to rush him on a decision to approve the northern pipeline.. He is an habitual liar!!!!! Don't believe anything this man says…he lies!

    5. T Wood says:

      When will people wake up? You see what's happening with our so called president, and what's happening with Romney, no wonder why this country is in deep trouble! People keep votong the idiots in, and if they change, they vote another one in that's just like the old one. Use your brain, get it to start thinking and vote the right people in, so we can have a great country again.

      • George says:

        The difference between Gov. Romney and the pres is quite evident. The gov was a business man and a governor who actually worked across the aisle to get things accomplished. The pres has never been a business man, and doesn't want to work across the aisle. The pres doesn't have the common sense to actually understand economics and how it affects the every day citizen. His only plan on economics is having a billion dollars at his disposal for his campaign. He and his econ team keeps pumping millions in go'vt backed programs that don't work, instead of giving them tax breaks. He will never get the idea of how to of economics and needs to be replaced. If only the election was the day he was inaugurated would have helped us in the long run.

    6. DMJ says:

      Tell you what, Mr. President: put your money where your mouth is. Invest your own money in these "new technologies" and keep us taxpayers out of it.

    7. toledofan says:

      What is just unbelieveable is the fact that what Obama says and does are two seperate and distinct things. All this new energy, where is it and is the infastructure in place for it to be used and is it practical? The question that no one asks Obama is what do we do in the meantime until somebody figures this stuff out. What seems to evade all these folks on the left is the fact that the things made to support this new energy still have to be made and they are made using fossil fuels, so what's the brige to this new technology, whatever it is?

    8. Phyllis in Texas says:

      No comments? Why not? We are so sick of hearing his lies, does he think we do not use our mind! Look at the failed green energy he has tried, does it work, no. Will it work? No! We have always used oil, will always use oil and algae is so stupid. Does anyone think obama is intelligent? NOW HERE IS THE TRUE ISSUE!!!!!!!!
      GOD created the universe, man, and He gave us all that we need to live a great life. Somehow humans now worship the creation and not the Creator. God must be frustrated looking down and thinking, I gave you all the resources you need for your daily life. Eat the fish, eat the animals for your body! Use the water, coal, use the earth, I made it for man to exist. Then because of leaving God out we people like obama, pelosi and reid who torture the American people. Would not want to be them at the judgement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Diane says:

      No, we don't "lack imagination." What we lack is the necessary dollars to show up on the radar screen of his re-election committees or super pacs. Then he would listen to us.

    10. Just because Obama has gas doesn't mean we all do!

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        But then he's not putting his hand in his pocket to pay for it either. I have to be very careful whre and when I drive,, I sometimes wait 2 or three days so can combime trips and save gas, I also lay out my trip so I go shortest route, all this while POTUS is flying all over the country spouting his lies and charging his Campaign retoric off as business so we the taxpayers pa for it. Come on Heritage let's call the DEms up on this abuse.

    11. Jay Andrae says:

      Build the end of the pipeline while prohibiting building the beginning of the pipeline. Solar and wind may be the energy of many horizons removed. We need to make use of our present domestic oil resources for the following reasons. First is national security. If we develop our own potential, we will not be drawn into an oil war. Second, the obvious benefits for our domestic economy. This will enhance our national strength and sovereignty. Third, there is a moral obligation. The rest of the world needs oil too. Conflicts leading to wars will only be exacerbated because we don't develop what we have. The whole world will benefit if the US drills. Not to do so will continue to fund Islamic terrorism, an mire the world as hostage to Mid-East oil. Lastly, and this will surely appeal to the left, consider the vast increase in tax revenues which expanded domestic petroleum production will generate– and that without raising anyone's taxes–sheer volume will benefit all. It is well and fine to develop new sources of energy, we should continue to do that. But to refuse to use what we already have will cause us nothing but grief in every way.

    12. @hilf32 says:

      A Flat Earther is one who denies reality: Something like giving Solyndra a half-billion bucks for nothing.

    13. docboyer says:

      Obama has spent America into bankruptcy!!! Now by not letting American companies to drill for American oil to lower the price of gasoline he will bankrupt we the people. When you add in the printing of money at an unbelievible pace, the only result is inflation. Nobody knows how high the price of gas may go. The only thing that is working well for Obama, is his agenda to destroy America!!!!!

    14. Donald says:

      This is a phony executive with very poor leadership qualities trying to make insufficent alternative energy sources as permenent replacements for our fossil fuels. Before fossil fuels can be replaced, there has to be alternative sources with unlimited supply,enough to serve our present & future power needs, affordable costs and zero polluting emissions. The present alternative sources do not meet these needs!
      Our engineers and private investors got us to the moon when given this challenge after WWII, and we can let our private sector engineers and investors replace fossil fuels if given this challenge. Politicians and crony capitalism cannot do this with passing taxpayers money back and forth.
      My humble suggestion would be to use hydrogen for our power, including engines for cars. Hydrogen is an unlimited source (water) and emits zero pollutants (clean water vapors)!

    15. Papyhetz says:

      I don't understand why everyone is afraid to call the President and his rabid worshipers what they are. They lie most every time they open their mouths, especially our President Obama, so why not refer to them as liars? The Progressive, alias the Democratic, party of liars.

    16. Once more, we are forced to listen to campaign rhetoric from the POTUS, and now we are forced to listen to Chu tout his "achievements." I noticed in the photo I saw that Obama's podium was higher than usual, and it appears that he has no audience since his appearances are now closed to the public and protesters. It is a tragic day in this country when the man occupying the White House must use regulation and laws, no only to silence his opposition, but to force an agenda that when implemented, the American people will regret.

      When completed, KXL, is reported to deliver 830,000 barrels per day to the refineries in Corpus Christi, TX. To date, there is no contract that assures this oil will be sold in the U.S. Also, China is the largest investor in the Canadian oil sands in Alberta, Canada. I would like to refer everyone to a report published by Cornell University Global Labor Institute for facts regarding the jobs the Keystone XL will produce. I would like to know why Heritage is supporting a project from which there are no guarantees this will benefit the American public and decrease gasoline prices. I seriously doubt this comment will be posted for review on this Heritage blog. Seems everyone only wants to hear what supports their "agenda and/or ideology."

      • donna says:

        Sherry, I also have questions about where the oil will be sold. I had heard that it would not be used in the US and would be exported, which would be a shame. But job creation is the plus side to the construction of the pipeline and I would hope that a portion of the oil is used in the US.

      • dodger says:

        Just the announcement of approval for the Keystone XL pipeline would send gas prices tumbling.

    17. Lloyd Scallan says:

      When will Americans wake up to realize Obama is dishonest, devious, and calculating. He has a plan to drive America into socialism by lying and using distrotions to achive his goal. He simply will not or cannot tell the truth without exposing who and what he is. The really troubling fact is that so many in Washington has signed on to his plans. That's the scarcest fact of all.

    18. pam says:

      Why doesn't someone build a refinery in South Dakota?

    19. allen says:

      Sherry: Is your LIFE Guaranteed? Get a clue Nimrod.

    20. AUGUST CAMPAGNA says:

      He can start by saving a whole lot of gas by using a bicycle to travel all over the country to promote his dangerous lies and speeches instead of using AIR FORCE ONE

      • Carol Gladfelder says:

        August – You're absolutely right. His relentless lectures are so beyond hyporitical. He wants ALL Americans on bicycles, driving electrical cars, etc… However, he seems to have no problem with flying all over the country in Air Force One in a lame attempt at fooling the voters with his "GREEN ENERGY POLICIES". He is so arrogant that he just does NOT see the writing on the wall. And to top it off, his
        demand that the wealthy pay "their fair share"; is yet another double-standard. Obama has a net worth of several million dollars. Many of his sponsors are worth millions & billions; these are the very same people that he is demanding to pay higher taxes. Such as: George Soros, Warren Buffet and the liberal "Hollywood Stars". Now that the majority of American Citizens are fed up with his crap, he is desperate and making a fool out of himelf.

    21. We have become so paranoid and fickle in this country that the flavor of the day news can trigger down turnes in the stock market, cause national protest over some single incident, cause local, State and Federal Governments to over react and waste millions of tax dollars on security and national disasters. If we would allow our system to work gas prices, for example, would fluctuate based on supply and demand. If the demand goes up we should produce more oil and gas to meet that demand. The price of gas would then come down proportionally.

    22. Jules says:

      This is all this administration is capable of, mocking its critics. They cannot present hard facts to back up their arguments or idiotology about most anything they present. Still using two separate sets of figures to illustrate why we should not do anything reasonable re: energy. The "proven" reserves versus the amount we use. Not a complete set of facts, just hyperbole intended to deceive the ignorant. And, the potus gets away with using this argument without being called on by the MSM. Shameful.
      Liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

    23. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      In 1980, when it was Reagan-Carter, the price of gas was $1.25. Today, adjusted for inflation, it's still $1.25. Of
      course, in 1980, we had more refining capacity than we do now. When was the last time a new refinery was approved and built? 1975. That's right, folks. 37 years ago.

    24. Mary says:

      will somebody please tell the president he is no Columbus.
      and he couldn't find his way out of a paper bag. he is an empty suit and I don.t why he has not been drummed out of the office. this is the leader of our country? is half of Ameruca asleep while this nightmare continues?

    25. Basia says:

      Obama "mocks" his opponents yet again. It is an Alinsky tactic. He is the most nasty, divisive and arrogant nacissist that has walked the earth in along time. And a pathological liar as well. He needs a good dose of humility and hopefully that may come in November. Perhaps then we can be saved from his hatred and destruction of the US Constitution and all things American.

    26. gongdark says:

      I'm sure that some of the monies that have gone out are probably returning to a special retirement account. When will there be an audit and following the money trail to it's real end.

    27. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I heard Potus today, expelling his greatness in suppling oil and gas, this man apsolutly beleives that everyone listening to him is stupid and he and only he knows what is true and right. I would like to hear what his captive audiences really thought. Better yet I would like to know how they are enticed to be there and cheer at what they know are blatant lies?

    28. Joe Aro says:

      I’ve been linked to alternative fuel programs for nearly 20 years. None are close to coming to market. BHO’s spending on these grand schemes is propping up weak ideas for solving huge energy challenges.

    29. Mutantone says:

      I wish someone would look into all the federal funded failed projects Obama spent tax payers money on and see how much then went into his reelection funds shortly after the money was paid out? To me it is a strange coincidence that former friends in these companies got all the money then went belly up and I do not believe in coincidences like that

    30. John C. Davidson says:

      Playing to unreasonable ideas is rather childish and we have a whole lot of tinkerers in the White House who should have been playing with an erector set just to learn how to build something, not Pac Man on a computer!.

    31. Larry W says:

      This day must be there with "…in twenty years, I never heard Revernd Wright say…" Three years or more later, Obama and the Liberal Media have forgotten:
      1. We have short memories but not that short.(November 2,2012)
      2. There are many, many more media sources; some of US even know AP, CNN, MSNBC, etc are part of Obama's press.
      3. And there is a "silver bullet"! Four years ago Drill Here, Drill Now and President Bush's release of oil lease moritorium dropped crude from $140 pbrl to $40 pbl. no lead baloons like Obama's lies.

    32. Bill Tillman says:

      WHO IS THE IDIOT? The responsibility is yours citizen voter.. Stop whining and do your job. Ha
      ve you earned the right to live in a Democracy?

      • ThomNJ says:

        It's a Representative Republic, Mr. Tillman. We do not live in a democracy – THAT is precisely the next step for which the left is aiming. First you convince people that we live in a democracy, you split the voters into special interest groups, pander to each, get the Electoral College thrown out or modified (as they have been doing) to take away its effectiveness and then voila! You have mob rule….which will need to be put down and controlled by the all-seeing and benevolent government. The we are really toast and just another communist state or dictatorship.

    33. Greg Weigle says:

      But Sec. Chu has done a fantastic job. He is continually letting prices climb to the level in Europe. He's doing exactly what the President wants. When will the true Americans in Congress show themselves and remove this cancer from the White House. He is ruling against the will of the people and just waiting for the people to protest so he can clamp down on his enemies.

    34. tucanofulano says:

      It's sort of instructive to get out Obama's complaints about others, say Bush, and simply substitute the title of the office held for the individual's name, and consider Obama "then" vs. Obama "now" e.g. "The President has done nothing to solve the crisis of high gasoline prices"

    35. Mike, NC says:

      With Obama, isn't about answers, it isn't even about solutions; indeed, once again, in the case of Obama mocking critics as gas prices go up, it certainly isn't about "caring about", much less "respecting", the people, our freedoms, resources, and the environment, instead of disasterously playing favorites with a few businesses headed by "campaign contributors" and misleadingly, even duplicitously targeting others, all at the expense of the people and, consequently, the environment.
      It is instead about power, as in Obama’s misleading power-grabbing in Statist Marxist (or “Leftist”) style pursuant to such an agenda, with arrogant, contemptuous, mocking hostility against any who oppose him and his agenda.

    36. soulstraw says:

      I guess the racism never stops. I'm sick and tired of every single racist thinks they are an exprt of Oil Refiering. They are not. Just like George Bush!

    37. bsg says:

      This happens when people are put into a position through affirmative action that they really aren't prepared for. In order to make up their inadequacies they lash out at others.

    38. Joseph McKennan says:

      I sure hope responsible, hard working Americans outnumber the communists. A person does not even have to watch the news, listen to the news, or read the news to know what is going on. Even the family cat is feeling the pinch. There are now feeding times for the cat– in portions rather than full, continuous feed cup. From my perspective, it will not get better unless BHO is un-elected.

    39. tucanofulano says:

      It is instructive how crooked Obama is by sticking his name into every 2007 or 2008 speech of his wherein he blamed Bush for each and every little thing. Obama dissing Obama, priceless. Thrown this un-American, Anti-American, idiot savant out, and keep him far away from tax-payer money.

    40. linda says:

      I am really tired of hearing Obama making his snide remarks about the people who don't agree with his green (communist) agenda. We are the ones who are paying $4.00 a gallon for gas, plus increased costs for everything we buy while he flies around the country and eating high on the hog. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that you don't shut off a supply of an essential item before a replacement has been perfected. This is proof that a college education doesn't mean that you have commom sense.

    41. Pamela says:

      anyone who sides with O is as much an idiot as he is. I hope and pray that the republician party can come together and present SOMEONE who can WIN BIG TIME against this idiot. He wants to be a hollywood idiot start………that's all Take the telepromters away and see if he really can talk about what they are doing to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. He says he's for the middle class and poor. WELL, you are destroying the people you are for MR. We can't afford gas, groceries, cloth our children, keep up on homes if you are lucky enough to have one.
      You, mr pres are NOT for any of us in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…………you are for yourself. you and all your rich liberal friends live in a make believe world that none of us will ever ever see because we aren't suck ups like you and your politicial buddies.

    42. thecarczar says:

      US needs the http://tinyurl.com/7n2hnbn gas price solution now!

    43. Mark Simmons says:

      The analysis is way more complex than it needs to be. We see in this article where President Obama and Steven Chu say one thing and do another, and in some cases have words that contradict themselves. This is easy–THEY LIE.

      What do you do with a liar?

      You judge them based on their actions, not their words. The American people, Congress, the Judicial Branch all need to hold these people accountable based on their actions. When they say they are going to do thus and so, you require a plan that says how they are going to do thus and so, when they are going to do thus and so, and what results they will deliver when. And if they fail to deliver…

      You fire them.

      Pressure needs to be applied to President Obama to do so, and not just with Steven Chu, but with most of his Cabinet, his czars and many others who have failed to do what they said, failed to deliver results, said one thing and done another.

      Of course the ultimate is this November when we the American voters need to fire President Obama and his entire Administration. Also do so for those in Congress who have failed to deliver on their most basic of all duties: Uphold the Constitution, produce a budget, defend America (from both outsiders and invasion–can you say secure the borders?).

    44. david says:

      how can a solar panel or a windmill run my car and truck what does a solar panel have to do with getting me to work where is the common sense????????

    45. RAYMOND says:

      again i say send obama, biden, and reid to ringling bros.everyone will be happy then.

    46. historianMI says:

      I have believed since 2009 that Obama's goal was to have gas, electricity, travel, even food, rationed to the extent he could accomplish it in four (or eight) years, except that he and his family, and friends and allies would keep their perks and privileges. This is shown by his frequent and expensive "vacations" and even his daughter's expensive excursion to Mexico.

    47. Mike in Hickory says:

      soulstraw…this is not about about "race", it is about policies and the consequences of them. So for any "leaders" to misleadingly insist, and any of their "followers" to gullibly parrot, as if opposing any policy of anyone, of any race (or mix thereof), is "racist", is itself racist nonesense.
      Linda…you "nailed" it about as shortly and to the point as possible! To impede and/or reduce the supply of any source of energy, is to deliberately drive the price of it, and everything directly and indirectly connected to and dependent upon it, up. So it is that Obama and his accomplices doing so, before any alternative source of energy, techonology, and free market demand for it have caused any source of energy to be equaled or replaced, is inflicting disempowering, robbing pain and destruction upon the people (especially those who can least afford it), and an economy already being taxed and spent toward bankruptcy. So Obama mocking his critics while his policy destructively drives the cost of fuel (and thus also living) up, is like how Nero laughed while Rome burned.

    48. mrod says:

      wait til 2018 when the dollar is not the worlds reserve note….. as china, japan, russia, france, brazil, saudia arabia, kuwait and others bring their note and the dollar is removed. wake up usa we are going to be in big trouble.

    49. Whicket Williams says:

      Why do the sheeple put up with this crap? why don't we insist OBAMA pay the ENTIRE cost of his daughters spring break trip? how many hardworking americain taxpayers NEVER get a trip like that in thier life, yet they are paying for this?

    50. Arlie Blood says:

      Obama has never held a job or run a business and now he is is president of the biggest business in the world the United States Government. What is wrong with this picture? We must find a way to educate the voting public as to capabilities of candidates running for office.

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