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  • Exclusive Interview: Sen. Marco Rubio Talks Cuba, Budget and Health Care

    Pope Benedict XVI will visit the communist island of Cuba next week. But while there, the Catholic leader has no plans to visit Cuban dissidents who are fighting for freedom from the Castro regime.

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), born to Cuban immigrants, told us in an exclusive interview Wednesday that the pope should make time to see dissidents. Rubio was at Heritage to promote freedom in Cuba, particularly as it relates to technology and Internet access.

    >> Watch video from the event, “Cuba Needs a (Technological) Revolution”

    The event, cosponsored by Google Ideas, shed light on the totalitarian practices carried out in Cuba. Rubio said the introduction of technology would usher in a new era for the Cuban people and topple Cuba’s ailing dictator Fidel Castro and little brother Raul Castro, the country’s president.

    In the interview, Rubio shared this thoughts on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, the second anniversary of President Obama’s health care law and the ongoing debate over religious liberty. He also discussed why he’s a conservative, a topic covered in his forthcoming memoir, “An American Son,” which will be published in June.

    The interview runs about five minutes. Hosted by Rob Bluey and produced by Brandon Stewart. For more videos from Heritage, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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    12 Responses to Exclusive Interview: Sen. Marco Rubio Talks Cuba, Budget and Health Care

    1. As I have said before, I believe we will be hearing a lot more from this man in the near future. I just wish he had a little more experience in the Senate…

    2. Keith says:

      I would love to see Sen. Rubio as the VP on the Republican ticket. As for experience, he has more that Obama did when he was elected president. I still have a problem saying "president Obama", turns my stomach.

    3. Kristine says:

      Marco Rubio for President! LOVE everything that he has to say. Finally, a conservative that makes sense and is unafraid of his values. I am proud to share my Cuban-American heritage with him! Watch this man, he will go far in the political world!

    4. Guillermo says:

      As a Cuban American born free as a US citizen (my parents also escaped from Cuba in 1960) with conservative values I am proud and very impressed with Marco Rubio!

      What a contrast from the disastrous socialist we now how in the white house.

    5. shar says:

      The most common sense, intelligent politician in YEARS. I hope he becomes VP and then Pres. As far as experience, he is so intelligent & common sensed, he would learn what is needed with the 8 years as VP, then carry it through to the Presidency.
      GO MARCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. tucanofulano says:

      This'll make your hair curly.

      Obama's "game plan" = wind up expanding Medicare to cover everyone, "womb to tomb" and increase Social Security taxes 500% on everyone "womb to tomb". The gambit = get "Obamacare" in front of the Supremes in order to get it declared unConstitutional (which it is) in order to create support/demand for his single-payor "Womb to Tomb" universal Medicare plan (which as executive He will control).

    7. gigi says:

      Rid of Obama,
      Rid of the Socialist Senate
      Bring on Romney
      Bring on Rubio
      Bring back America

    8. pattigans says:

      Just a message to all who voted for Obama. Are you better off than before he came into office.
      I also ask why is he so hesitant to show his true birth certificate? If he is truly American born, why not put all this controversy to rest by telling the American people just where he was born?
      Also how many dead and unqualified people will be voting in this election? I think a voter ID card is a very good Idea.

    9. Joe says:

      I think Marco Rubio would be the best choice for VP. He makes up for what Romney's lacks.

    10. Jeff Dover says:

      If Senator Rubio is sincere in his comments, then he will introduce a bill in the Senate calling for the repeal of the legislation which formed the Dept. of Education and will cause the elimination of that department.

      He correctly states that it is government which inflates tuitions (as it does medical costs). The solution is obvious: get the federal government out of education. It has neither functional nor constitutional reason for being involved in it…and it certainly hasn't done anything worthwhile for the education of US citizens. (Before the Dept. of Education, we sent men to the moon and back. Now people graduate with degrees which employers look at and go “huh”? Thirty- somethings live at home with mom and dad and pregnancy out of wedlock is the norm.)

      On the other hand, if Sen. Rubio is just another overpaid, over-entitled government employee who is expert in analyzing and stating what’s perfectly obvious but plans to do absolutely nothing about it, ladies and gentlemen, what do we need him for?

      Rubio is a RINO like Romney. I know Rubio is "intelligent". There are lots of people who are
      "intelligent". But Marco has the usual biography of what the Republican Party keeps on throwing at us as a "rising star": a pretty face and nothing on his resume but college, law
      school and government employment.

      How can Rubio understand what the regulatory environment has done to US businesses, both large and small? He has no practical business experience. And what's his background in economics? Merely the usual failed Keynesian approach almost universally taught to college students? That’s why we keep getting these "big government" Republicans.

      The Republican Party continues to put forward people who don’t want change. Their goal is to avoid change – in any direction. That’s why we continue to have radical liberal change following status quo Republican regimes like those of the Bushs’. And each time the status quo is more and more socialist, more statist.

      We need conservative change; change which involves much more than the tax rollbacks that are the single-minded Republican establishment focus. We need bureaucracies removed and bureaucratic rule radically curtailed – as well as a flat income tax, paid by nearly every citizen. We need illegals sent home and unions in public employment abolished. We need government out of food, medicine and schools and instead, focused on highways, treaties, justice and defense as it was crafted to focus on. We need so much more than mere tax abatement, that no RINO can ever be our answer. They’re only there to maintain the present and pull down a salary.

    11. ckirkland says:

      Well everyone has an opinion, mine is if Rubio is choosen as VP how much better off would we be with him than another four years of Biden??? Just asking. When someone finds the PERFECT Candidate for any office please share that with all of us. ck

    12. Larry Press says:

      I just listened to Senator Rubio's interview at the Heritage Foundation. While I too would love to see access to the Internet and WiFi hot spots throughout Cuba, that is not feasible.

      Cuba's domestic infrastructure is incapable of supporting widespread access even if the government wished to provide it. They do not have the funds to build out modern Internet infrastructure. The sort of thing Alan Gross attempted was ill considered — if he had succeeded, a few satellite links with WiFi routers would have made virtually no difference.

      It we want to facilitate communication with and among Cubans, we should focus on support of the technology they have like second-generation cell phones.

      Cuba could, if they wished, afford to provide access to the Cuba-Venezuela cable for specific communities. I have suggested that the medical network, INFOMED, and universities like UCI would be places they could afford to connect.

      I discuss this sort of thing on my blog on the Cuban Internet: http://laredcubana.blogspot.com/
      and welcome discussion and debate.

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