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  • Stimulus Dollars Disproportionately Went to States Represented by Dems

    According to a new report on President Obama’s stimulus package and its effect on the economy, the amount of stimulus money that went to each state was correlated with the number of Democrats in each state’s congressional delegation.

    The data is revealed in a new book by Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, and John R. Lott Jr., a prominent conservative academic.

    The book, titled Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future, contains this chart showing the correlation:

    The book also examines rates of unemployment, poverty, foreclosures and bankruptcies in the various states in late 2008 and early 2009. In all four cases, more grievous economic conditions were negatively correlated with the allocation of stimulus dollars. States with higher unemployment rates, for instance, tended to receive less stimulus money per capita.

    The authors draw a damning conclusion: “It’s not the poor, it’s not foreclosures, it’s not bankruptcies, it’s how many Democrats are in your congressional delegation,” Norquist stated at The Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing on Tuesday. “That’s what a trillion dollars of spending was all about: crony corruption.”

    “And amazingly,” he added, “that doesn’t make the economy grow.”

    Scribe has documented the seemingly political use of taxpayer money by the Obama administration, most recently showing spikes in the awarding of federal grant money while Congress was considering major pieces of the president’s agenda.

    The reporting in Debacle fits with a longstanding Washington tradition of the political disbursement of federal dollars – a tradition that the current administration has not only continued, but in many cases expanded, campaign promises of transparency and accountability notwithstanding.

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    18 Responses to Stimulus Dollars Disproportionately Went to States Represented by Dems

    1. Stirling says:

      Payoffs to the Unions and supporters of the administration, while punishing those with opposing views.. It's appauling and an abuse of power. Those who understand the difference bettween a "Rebublic" government (equal treatment under the law), and "Democratic" government (Majority mob rule) should see the hypocricy in the policies of this administration. This "pay to play" mentality is the crux of what is corrupt in Washington.

      • Joe says:

        Remember that countries considered more "liberal" than the U.S. are ranked higher on the global quality of life index. Also, does the 14th amendment (equal applicability of the law) exclude racial minorities and gays? What about corporations, who have been declared people, yet cannot go to jail? The consensus of the Republican party has been no.

        • Just my opinion says:

          They are considered people for the purposes of taxation. If they were truly people, they would have the right to vote…

    2. Bubba says:

      This just supports with facts what everyone already knows. Democrats get into office by buying votes using Conservatives money. They do not care about the "little people", it is just a large voter block that they can purchase votes from, legally!!

    3. jack antonoff says:

      Is this money to states direct aid. is this the tax cuts. is this the projects.

    4. Ryan says:

      The unfortunate thing is, while the point may be valid, that graph doesn't do anything to demonstrate it. Sure, there might be a slight positive linear correlation, but the data points are so diffuse from the line that I don't think using a linear fit is a valid choice for that data. I would be curious what the total sum of errors is for the plot.

    5. Grant says:

      What do we do now?

    6. D J Hanson says:

      I have not read the book, but drawing conclusions based on the graph above with the regression line is spurious. First, a more appropriate way to display the scatterplot would be with the congressional Democrat ratio as the independent variable (horizontal axis) and the stimulus spending as the dependent variable (vertical axis). Secondly, there are no analysis of variance or goodness of fit statistics accompanying the graph, so how do we know for sure that there is a significant relationship? Third, looking at the shape of the data, I could also fit a concave down curve through the data that would probably fit it better and that would indicate an increase in spending with respect to the proportion of congressional Democrats in the left half of the plot, but that would slope back down on the right side that would indicate an inverse relationship. There are many valid criticisms of the Obama/Democrat stimulus law, but this one doesn't really prove much as far as I can see.

    7. Joe says:

      Many Republican governors and other officials rejected stimulus funds, based on the idea that they were simply evil, with no consideration for the jobs that they prevented from being created.

    8. Richard says:

      Only because you ultra conservative JERKS said you didn't want any stimulus money, DUH!

    9. RennyG says:

      Our money to buy his votes!!!!! And we let him do that and everything else he does!!!!

    10. Bobbie says:

      why wouldn't it go to the worst governed states with the weakest leadership that has no respect for people to do for themselves? We're looking for a strong governed state where the people are stronger to be self reliant!

    11. Expertia says:

      Is this statistically significant? There is a lot of scatter on this plot. What is the r-squared of the linear regression?

    12. Mark says:

      Did you think he was going to spend that money boosting Republicans? How stupid to you think the American people are? Why not do a story about how sharks eat more fish than cows?

    13. Phil Martin says:

      What is your correlation coefficient for this trend? I ran the numbers, and it looks like about 0.08 … or somewhat like flipping a coin 100 times, having it come up heads 51, and making the claim the coin is biased.

      Did you also consider the effects of GOP governors rejecting stimulus spending? The 4 lowest states in per-capita stimulus spending – Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia – all have GOP governors who have at one time or another made a major issue about rejecting stimulus funding to their state.

    14. Bogus Detector says:

      Bravo! This report gets five big Faux News gold stars for unfair and unbalanced reporting!
      Let's see… states with more Democratic control got more stiimulus money and states with higher unemployment, (and, as the article tries to suggest, higher poverty, foreclosures and bankruptcies) got less stimulus money. So then, wouldn't that would suggest states with higher Republican control have higher unemployment and all the rest? (How are those austerity programs working out for you?) Morevover, how would the picture look if the Republican controlled states that rejected stimulus funds had instead accepted them? Bottom line, there is a deliberate and concerted national Rebublican effort to OBSTRUCT economic progress and OBSCURE the facts, simply to hurt the President and prevent his reelection. Sorry… it won't work!!!!! We now return you to your criminal, foreign owned, news organization…they report, you drink the koolaid.

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