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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare Is A Cancer That Must Go

    Fellow Americans:

    It has been two years this week since the passage of Obamacare, and the firestorm it ignited has not abated but only spread and intensified. Most Americans have already made up their minds, understanding that until it is completely removed, the cancer of Obamacare threatens not only our healthcare and our economy but also our most fundamental liberties and constitutional self-government.

    Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on its constitutionality, bringing this intolerable act to the forefront of the American mind once again and reminding the country that the issue of Obamacare is by no means settled.

    Nothing the Administration has done has made this law more palatable, quite the opposite, and none of the PR events the White House has planned for this week is likely to change people’s minds.

    Nor will Obamacare likely be settled by the Supreme Court. As with such divisive questions in the past, this question will be settled by the American people who have throughout this failed episode signaled loud and clear that they want the whole monstrosity repealed once and for all.

    In its short 24-month life, Obamacare has done nothing but confirm our worst fears, being a signal failure from the very beginning.

    Obamacare promised to make healthcare more accessible and cheaper without increasing taxes or the deficit. If you liked your doctor, of course you could keep your doctor. No one would be made to do anything against their will. These promises have all been broken.

    The law’s escalating regulations and costs weigh heavily on the businesses that fuel our economy, one of the reasons job creation has been so anemic and economic recovery has been lackluster. Obamacare is expected to force Americans to pay $99 billion more in taxes and penalties than originally anticipated. Families earning over $250,000 will get hit with a higher Medicare payroll tax.

    And just last week, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that costs, originally pegged at $938 billion, have now risen to $1.76 trillion. Congressional Republicans estimate the tab to be $2.6 trillion. CBO also says that as many as 20 million Americans could lose their employer-provided coverage because of Obamacare.

    Turning to the individual mandate forcing all Americans to buy insurance, it quickly led to a revolt by a majority of states, who are now challenging the law before the Supreme Court. The Heritage Foundation weighed in on the issue and filed an amicus brief urging the Court to strike down the law. If government can regulate inactivity, it can do anything.

    As Obamacare moves into its implementation phase, we are beginning to see more clearly where it is headed. A heavy-handed mandate for preventive services collides with religious liberty by ordering all insurance plans to cover abortion-inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization at no-cost to the insured. Religious groups serving the public will have to provide such coverage regardless of their religious beliefs and deep moral objections. Those who choose not to comply will face heavy fines that will divert resources from their work to serve the poor, elderly, and sick, if not cause them to leave this work entirely. Such disregard not only tramples our basic liberties but also makes it hard for religious institutions to continue their important work serving communities all across America.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. With each new requirement, Obamacare will make insurance more expensive, reduce flexibility and choice, and take away liberty.

    Given this sorry record it is not surprising that Obamacare has been a political loser for its proponents. Starting with the elections of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey in November 2009, then of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, of all places, two months later, and culminating in the watershed elections of November 2010, when the nation saw the biggest landslide in seven decades.

    Today the legislation barely rates a mention in presidential speeches, the signature legislative achievement of President Obama’s first term having become an albatross around his neck.

    The American people had the common sense to understand from the start that there is something more at issue when more than 150 federal agencies, bureaus and commissions have the authority to intervene in some of the most personal and private decisions of our lives.

    Poll after poll continues to demonstrate that Obamacare is not supported by the American people. The reason is that it offends our principled and abiding attachment to liberty and self government, going to the heart of the relationship between citizen and state.

    The only complete remedy is the full repeal of Obamacare in all of its aspects. Like so many, we encourage the Supreme Court to reject the law on constitutional grounds. But Congress must be prepared to finish the job. The ultimate responsibility, though, lies with the American people, who are the ones who elect their leaders. America needs real health care reform that increases access, built on the firm foundation of constitutional principle and the commitment to freedom that has sustained this nation since its founding.

    Sixty-five years ago, in the days after their noble victory in World War II, the British people chose not the hero who had led them, Winston Churchill, but replaced his coalition with a socialist Labour Party that quickly brought forth their now-infamous National Health System. By no coincidence, the British government announced a year later it could no longer afford its strategic responsibilities in the post-war world, seemingly reconciled to a declining status.

    This will not be our fate. Americans do not line up for instructions from Washington. By their good character and dedication to the principles of liberty, Americans will never resign themselves to being the wards of a bureaucratic state where all is subject to government control, regulatory dictate and administrative whim.

    Obamacare is a cancer. We must not rest until we are rid of it.

    Join our fight to remove this cancer from America. We cannot wait even one more day.

    Thank you for all you do for our cause.


    Ed Feulner
    President, The Heritage Foundation

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    81 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare Is A Cancer That Must Go

    1. Larry says:

      The Cancer that is spreading is that of the ultra conservative voices that ignores the healthcare needs of the majority of Americans who need healthcare. The young college and high school graduates who are living at home…working but can not afford health insurance because the industry has overpriced their products.

      • Ben C. says:

        Larry – your simplistic response clearly demonstrates your lack of understanding of the dynamic of the health care system. Everyone has the "right" to access health care. But it is not an inalienable right. You really need to study the health care system in total and your will learn as I have that it is the federal government mucking in the system that has created the problems. The tax code for one has contributed significantly to the abuse of the system. While you vilify health insurance companies remember that they created the money pool that indirectly funded the advancements in medicine. Yes, the health care system is flawed, but it is still the best system in the world. Obamacare will stunt any further medical advancements – not promote them. As has the social security program become a disaster – so will government managed health care. If you want this system move to Canada and let me know what you think after you have an illness. Canadians from Windsor come to the US for CT scans, MRI's etc when they are ill because of the time delay in Canada. Yes, Canadians don't pay much for their health care but their income tax approaches 50%. I chose the US system.

        • sorryBen says:

          Just for reference, the top marginal tax rate in Canada is ~29% which is lower than the US's ~35%.

          I can't comment on the state-level equivalents in Canada but I bet they're relatively inline with the US effective tax rates.

          Also, the US does not have the best healthcare in the world – sorry

          • Bobbie says:

            you're right. America had the best health care before government promised to oversee any cost and/or corruptions that government obviously tolerates it's own failing just to add to it? Where the words of those government affiliates supersedes truth? Common sense? Logic? reasoning? FREE MARKET! Government control in health care is a threat of all sorts!! REPEAL!

      • dodger says:

        And exactly where, Larry, in the Constitution does it give the government the right to force-ably take money from one citizen to pay for the healthcare of another? That is why I contribute to charity and my church.

      • D and H V says:

        Larry: Are all of the approximately 65% of the population that wants to repeal this fiasco in one way or another the "Ultra conservative voices" that are ignoring the health care needs of other? And if those "young" people still living with parents want health care insurance they or their parents can provide it. I don't see where I should have to subsidize their insurance needs.

        • c.c. says:

          You are not paying for our son to be remain our health insurance policy. Our family is. This is private health insurance through my husband's employer. We pay those premiums, not you! The healthcare law only compels our insurance company to allow him to be on our insurance until he turns 26 instead of 22. Since we are paying for this out of our own pocket, your money is safe. Nobody is taking any money from you to pay for our son's coverage.
          However, if the entire healthcare law is repealed and our son is thrown off our insurance, he and the 2.5 million young adults currently covered under the law will probably end up seeking medical treatment at the nearby county hospital. That's when your money comes in to subsidize that.

    2. toledofan says:

      Another great article and it's becoming very clear that we are on a slippery slope headed for the end of the cliff. It's just amazing that the culprits that got us into this mess, the Democrats and the Obama administration, continue to get cover from the main stream media and still have the support of at least 50% of the people in America. It just makes you wonder if we really have gotten to be that stupid?

    3. Jorge Mata says:

      The tone is a bit too harsh… Although I support many of these judgements, I'd like to see a less militant tone.

      • Stirling says:

        If you haven't lived in a country that has such socialistist health care, then you don't understand what you are giving up in the way of personal freedoms from the mandates in obamacare. Tone just goes with the concern, based on facts from similar government run healthcare in other countries. If you trust that government knows whats better for you, then you do yourself. then you have already given up on your freedom.

    4. Greg V says:


      • M.L. DUNCAN says:


        • Bobbie says:

          I know exactly what you mean! It's downright inhumane. My dad had a friend alive and well. Her doctor manipulated her health and she ended up with major medical needs. Then her son had her taken off kidney dialysis she wouldn't have needed if her diabetes hadn't been manipulated but along with the dialysis he had her taken off INSULIN!!! she died in a day! Murdered! Went from happy and healthy to no longer in a months time!

        • Bobbie says:

          I'm sorry, she died within 5 months in and out of different government insured medical facilities. The last month was from beginning until she passed. It was terrible!

    5. ThomNJ says:

      There are two rallies scheduled in Washington, DC to fight back against obamacare – 24 March (Saturday) – Tea Party and 27 March (Tuesday) – Americans for Prosperity. Join us!

    6. Whicket Williams says:

      Have you ever read the Patriot act? anybody who is willing to trade freedom for security gets neither He gets tyranny. I cannot understand Why you are not screaming for the repeal of the Patriot act AND the NDAA every day- unless of course, you are a part of the problem.

    7. Garfent says:

      They wrote the thing, so they knew exactly what was in it.
      So, let's be honest shall we?
      When they explained to the people how it was going to work, and the benefits of the bill,
      they weren't spreading "promises" that would later be "broken"
      They were spreading lies!
      Purposeful and intentional, bare faced lies!

    8. h20gal says:

      Bravo! You speak for the American people far better than does this president.

    9. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "This will not be our fate. Americans do not line up for instructions from Washington. By their good character and dedication to the principles of liberty, Americans will never resign themselves to being the wards of a bureaucratic state where all is subject to government control, regulatory dictate and administrative whim."

      On the contrary, if Obama is re-elected in November the electorate will have conceded to live by the handouts provided by the new socialist, if not communist, order and freedom will cease to prevail.

      • theobserver says:

        You are right Curt Krehbiel. If by some bizarre reason obama gets re-elected, then as a lame duck president, he will have nothing holding him back, and he will destroy this country, far worse than he has already done.

    10. Phyllis Poole says:

      Wait until Romney gets the reigns!! You think Obama is bad?? Obama is doing everything that Romney did in Mass. You say Romney says -this – or that —– Obama did too! He told us lies and lost most of his base because he didn't come through for them and now he can't even be on at least 10 states ballots. He is fighting in Ga. SOOoooo what will the marxists do to keep control ? They have a plan and have had it for a few years. They will run a really nice looking man, on the rep ticket, a nice conservative talking one who will "pull the wool over people's eyes" and he will be our next Obama. -only worse.


      • Stirling says:

        tyrant?? really… ? I would give the american people a little more credit. and the "God help us" looks very similar to "brieward" as are your Anti-Romney rants.. thus I question the senserity of your concern.

    11. James says:

      Government's record in business matters of all kinds is abysmal. No business of any kind run by government workers makes money. It never has! Now the whole of health care and its total impact on our economy has been taken over by incompetent fools; The 50-60% of us who understand business know this cannot end well, i.e., US Postal Service, Amtrak, Social Security, etc. The question seems obvious. "What exactly did this administration have in mind, really, with Obamacare?" The answer is simple. Obamacare is the framework for a dictatorship of central government control of American citizens. A massive grab of power designed to enslave the population and control who lives and who dies and when. Hitler would have loved Obamacare. Congress has become America's Politburo. Russia must be enthralled with our current administration of liars and thugs. If our military people aren't hiding their rage I would be surprised. Our services spend good money to train us to identify enemies of freedom. Our current government is rife with them. It is time to call the exterminators.

    12. Lloyd Scallan says:

      When Obama bribed and intimidated members of Congress to pass ObamaCare, despite the fact they either did not read the bill or they knew exactly what was in it, but still voted to pass, what has turned out to be the death knell for not only our medical system, but for our entire system of government. Obama and his lackeys are the real "cancer" that has infected this nation. It must be cut out before we all perish under the socialist ideology that Obama is desperately trying to replace for our American way of life.

    13. Jayne F says:

      I am surprised that you didn't mention the largest group of Americans who will get punished by Obamacare – are we to become the forgotten generations – your parents? Our supplemental health insurance already went up 30%. Doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients, and we will be forced into a "Soylent Green" type of existence where a risk analysis will be done by the "Health Board" (not doctors but bean counters) which will determine if and when we get care. Shame on Heritage for this omission!

      • WrongJayne says:

        They probably omitted it because it wasn't true.

        No Health Board is going to determine if you get care. You still have insurance which decides whether you get care – not the government.

    14. brireward says:

      Romney gave permits to gays to be married in Mass -ignoring the law as Obama has copied.__Romney is for doing research on embryos -stem cells AND CLONING Obama does too__ Romney did not give the catholics an opt out on the contraceptive mandate -just like Obama __Romney lied when recently he said he did give them an opt out -the records show he did NOT -he lies just like Obama __PLEASE GOD HELP US!!!!!

      • Stirling says:

        Romney may not be "perfect" as the Liberal media seems to think the GOP needs to beat BHO, but your many post have shown your liberal spin on Romney. Every canidate has their pro's and con's but anyone of the current GOP canidates would be prefered over the current president, because they actually belive in America, rather then appoligizing for America..

    15. brireward says:

      Romney told us in a debate that he lies, When taken to task about his ultra liberal stance in Mass "I had to do that to please my contituents" SOooo he lied to them? That's what he said!
      He's a liar so why should be believe him now? Just like Obama!

    16. brireward says:

      Romney gave illegal permits to gays to be married in Mass ignoring the law -just like Obama
      If Romney gets gays to be married nationally, will he give Mormons permits to have multiple wives? What' t he difference?

    17. brireward says:

      Romney believes in doing reseach on embryos -stem cell AND CLONING

    18. BobbyG says:

      "The discoveries of healing science must be the inheritance of all. That is clear. Disease must be attacked, whether it occurs in the poorest or the richest man or woman simply on the ground that it is the enemy; and it must be attacked just in the same way as the fire brigade will give its full assistance to the humblest cottage as readily as to the most important mansion. Our policy is to create a national health service in order to ensure that everybody in the country, irrespective of means, age, sex, or occupation, shall have equal opportunities to benefit from the best and most up-to-date medical and allied services available."

      - Prime Minister Winston Churchill, March 1944, arguing for the establishment of a British National Health Service.

      • ThomNJ says:

        You obviously have not been to Britain to witness the shoddy socialist healthcare they have.

        And just because Winston Churchill said that does not mean that ANYONE in this country has the right to demand the same. Sorry, they have the right to speak – there is no right that says we have to have it – especially in violation of our Constitutional rights.

      • Bobbie says:

        oh, brother! no respect for: humanity, abilities or clear thinking. Might work in a nation of one or few cultures but in America there are too many cultures that want free health care serviced and accommodated according to personal culture, which in America would be private practice under proper American leadership. People once appreciated what was available for free without complaint, Todays beggars have become choosers with preference under this leadership!

    19. brireward says:

      Romney would not give catholics an opt out on conscience reasons in his health care bill – ANOTHER LIE he recently said he did BUT records show he did NOT

    20. brireward says:

      We know Obama got in by fraud ACORN and such. His adm is fighting Photo ID laws and we know why. Has anyone thought to look into voter fraud since Romney is winning.? We know there was something wrong in Iowa because someone was quick enough to discover it and behold Santorum won instead.
      There was something wrong in Iowa in 2008 when the rep party wouldn't even give Alan Keyes his vote tally!!!

    21. William Charowhas says:

      Has Heritage submitted a brief attacking the Administration's waiver authority. Haven't there been over a thousand waivers? Doesn't this violate the equal protections clause of the Constitution. If the Executive branch can grant waivers to anyone (their supporters) at their whim, then it can do anything. The Law is not applied equally to everyone.

    22. Jay Andrae says:

      Every thoughtful citizen should e-mail or write their congressmand/senators and remind them that the Obamacare bill was neither read nor properly debated by our elected representatives. This indicates a sad dereliction of duty on the part of our elected representatives. That alone should somehow qualify the bill for unconstitutional status. They didn't do the job they were elected to do.
      Much noise was made over the last few years about how good it would be if insurance portability across state lines would reduce costs. Nothing was done. Are our elected officials all bought by the insurance companies? It might be a salutary effort for us all if our elected representatives would voluntarily decline money from insurance companies for three to five years, repeal Obamacare, and set to finding some truly productive solutions to this issue based on principles of freedom and common sense.

    23. Larry W says:

      Larry White – March 19, 2012

      In 6 Days, The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing Arguments for and against ObamaCare. Nine Politically appointed people will decide for or against The People.

      The American Dream will be mortally wounded if we don’t stop ObamaCare.
      The First and Only Priority on this 19th of March, 2012 is making certain The U.S. Supreme Court knows Americans will not accept ObamaCare.

      Heritage Foundation, please help Multiply the attendance at Rallies this week-end and during the Hearings in D.C and across the United States of America.

    24. Jim says:

      Anybody, that didn't understand what OBAMA was, when he ran for the presidency, just wasn't paying attention! Or, they agree with his far left view. He is the most "Narcissistic, Socialist, far Left Despot, that this countrty has ever had the missfortune to assend to the highest office in the land. IT IS IMPARATIVE THAT HE IS VOTED OUT OF OFFICE, this fall! Also, the electorate needs to dump the DEMO_RATS out of the Senate and get the contreol back to the conservatives!!! The fate of this Great Nation hangs in the balance!!!

      • Milo says:

        Thanks for your comment. I might lend it more credence if you could learn to spell. Or at least use the spell check app that appears with the screen. Chou.

    25. Dan Haarman says:

      I could not have said it better myself! I signed up for the Morning Bell, to see if I would be able to email
      these articles to friends, since it can not be done from this page. There is no place here to just be able to send this article by email to someone else. Besides being frustrating to me, Morning Bell is missing out on the exponential effects of spreading Their beliefs and introducing themselves to a much larger audience. I hope you will add this opportunity to email to this site!

    26. Dan Haarman says:

      I could not have said it better myself! I signed up for the Morning Bell, to see if I would be able to email

    27. KC-NM says:

      There are a few good things included in Obamacare but most of the law is not worth the 2000+ pages it is written on. I agree that Americans should have access to healthcare but I am against having to pay for someones coverage. My premiums increased along with the deductible (from $500/person to $1500). I can not afford to be sick or need medication.
      The real fix was to make healthcare private and competitive along with reducing the stupic tort laws for medical providers. Because of Obamacare, the healthcare industry is no out of control and those of us who have insurance are paying for it.

    28. KC-NM says:

      There are a few good things included in Obamacare but most of the law is not worth the 2000+ pages it is written on. I agree that Americans should have access to healthcare but I am against having to pay for someones coverage. My premiums increased along with the deductible (from $500/person to $1500). I can not afford to be sick or need medication. The real fix was to make healthcare private and competitive along with reducing the stupid tort laws for medical providers. Because of Obamacare, the healthcare industry is no out of control and those of us who have insurance are paying for it.

    29. John Murray says:

      Please report about the unions, ACORN and others will be demonstrating outside The Supreme Court.
      Americans must know who these people are.

    30. glynnda says:

      Great Article-but the title says it all……

    31. Carolyn says:

      Maybe it's time to use the Cloward-Piven strategy of overwhelming the system. Everyone quit work, go on unemployment, get "free" healthcare, free college, etc, and bring it crashing down. The entire welfare state will crumble if tens of millions more people sign up. When the dust clears, we can reinstitute the Constitutional protections and limitations on the federal government and return to our lives, free of the myriad bureaucracies and departments that have been stealing the fruits of our labor.

    32. Robert S.Winters Sr. says:

      Seem's some of have been saying this for over two years. Yet some webs edit out the call for Obama's impeachment. Some organizations would rather see the country destroyed, than to tell it the way it really is.

    33. Do not pair one Religion against another Religion.Just just use your own Religion as your search vehicle and crutch for your own life and destiny. Most will find what they need individually if they really look.When you put one named Religion against another what they are really saying is mine is better than yours and no problem can ever be solved in this manner.You came in this world alone and you will go out alone and nothing in between will really matter.Think about this.The only time you grasp this is when you are on your deathbed.Everything will change at that moment no matter who you are or who you think you are.Death is serious business when it stares you in the face.We will all get there so start thinking how you want to go Good or Evil.It does exist.

    34. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If Obama's President, it ain't gonna happen.

    35. Mike, NC says:

      Right-on! Indeed the fact is that not only are government-controlled medicine schemes (such as "Obamacare") already historically repeatedly proven fatal to the choices, freedoms, power, and the health of the people, but such are also historically and repeatedly shown a favorite way for government to take control of every area of the people's lives since there is no area which cannot be connected to health and "healthcare".

      Alas, too many people are leaving it to the Supreme Court to decide whether or not "Obamacare" is Unconstitutional, and so also the fate of such a scheme", as if it's the Supreme Court's exclusive place to decide whether anything is Constitutional or not, and as if the Supreme Court is infallible…both of which are false beliefs, as shown by the Constitution itself and by such as the Supreme Court's Unconstitutional racist "Dred-Scott decision". Still, although some people may be so resigned doesn't mean we, most of the people of the United States are, and so this ain't over, no matter what the Supreme Court says!

    36. lynn says:

      Hoorah for Heritage to finally be adamant about the cancer in our great land. However you addressed only one! Obama is the other! They both have to be defeated. i am a senior citizen & am certain as i am breathing that it will only be a matter of time before we older ones have NO health attention whatsoever. We are too expensive to remain alive, so therefore we will be expendable. Make NO mistake about this
      huge concern, fellow Americans!

    37. John Szeker says:

      obamacare, and obama, are cancers that are eating away our once great American freedoms and must be stopped. However, I am afraid that too many Americans are still so naive and drinking the cool aid that the liberal commies are selling, and buying into their many lies that obama might get another term and then our country is really into a clear and present danger situation.

    38. Zeeter says:

      Your March 19th tirade completely ignores the benefits that we have already reaped from the Health Care Plan such as eliminating pre-excisting conditions exclusions from health care insurance policies and helping young people remain on their parents policies until age 26 or until obtaining there own coverage. As usual, you did not present any alternative to the dreaded plan or even understand that the parts you seem to fear the most have not as yet become effective. This is an incredibly weak report which you should be ashamed to publish

    39. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Cancer is best treated by chemotherapy.

    40. Glen says:

      What a suprise the media is in for when (if) Obama gets reelected. Most of them will be out of a job as the Gov't can then take Full Control of the Media, and report only what it wants to the people.

    41. Melody says:

      This is ridiculous! Most of the people railing against Obamacare have no idea what the healthcare act actually does (maybe they should find out exactly what is involved, what it changes and how it REALLY will impact them, instead of just listening to people that are poisoning their minds), and this article saying that the economy has had a sluggish recovery because of Obamacare doesn't make sense because it hasn't really had much of an impact yet. It goes into effect (other than a few small provisions) in a stepped basis, culminating in a few years. OPEN YOUR MINDS!

    42. Nancy Regets says:

      thank you Ed….I've disbursed to my contact list…I've fought for TRUTH my whole life. Communism and Socialism are evil, destructive; they kill off the dignity of people created in God's image. He really does expect us to take care of one another not have some of us be overlords of the great government plantation.

    43. Thomas says:

      If this is bill is held up, and it is NOT a universal healthcare plan, it will destroy my 83 y o mother's mediCare. This is a FACT. It will FORCE Americans to pander to the BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES to buy insurance we cannot afford. If we don't YOU GO TO PRISON. These are the FACTS. All this is, is LEGALIZED LARCENY to benefit the BIG PHARMS and INSURANCE COMPANIES! they LOBBIED for this and ADMITTED IT! Do the research! CALL THE SUPREME COURT! PROTEST! This will harm MILLIONS of elderly and low income people, the 'Working' poor! PLEASE BE INFORMED, READ, RESEARCH! it will also give the Federal gov't the right to FORCE you to buy goods and services or be IMPRISONED! I know it sounds crazy but it is TRUE. Stop this now before it is too late and our RIGHTS ARE LOST!

    44. Thunderbob says:

      I hear, see and read articles about the destruction of America. It's values, way of life and how bad it is! Glenn Beck has a whole series on how Soros and his minions are slowly destroying the monetary system. How Cass Sunstien and his wife Sharon Powers are writing regulations leading us directly into a Communist state… so on! Yet, there is NO one espousing a way to counter act the invasion. We can vote the President out, however the others are a bigger problem, as they are telling the President what to do! One has to wonder; where are the Secret Service, FBI and other organizations supposedly monitoring and bring these people justice for overthrowing the Nation! you can have all the information in the world but if you can't do anything or have a viable plan to short circuit these people all we are is a; better educated bunch of mice following the Pipe Piper!

    45. Milo A Fabian says:

      You are wrong, wrong, wrong.
      There are many good features in the health care act, and the entire package should not be repealed. Perhaps there are areas that need revision, and those area shoud be considered. After so any years of trying, some one finally had the nerve to ante up and get the job down. Barack Obama and Nancy Perlosi deserve our thanks, not the abuse heaped on them by election candidates and columnists who lack the intelligence to read and understand the bill..

    46. david green says:

      Your opinion on the matter of health care reform is enlightening but unfortunately only attacks the method of reform without offering any other ideas. With health care costs at 17.4% of GDP and continuing to rise then it is without doubt that a reform of our current health care system is a must. The goal of this reform has to be as follows: control costs, provide basic health care for all citizens, creation of an equitable system of care, and the de-coupling of health care from ones employer. If you have ideas on how this can be done then please put those ideas on the table so that they can be analyzed versus just attacking a plan because it is put forward by a political party.

    47. Diogenes says:

      I have to disagree with your optimism. The Left has been trying to implement Change you can believe in for close to a century and they never sleep. They may take ten steps forward and get pushed back nine, but over a hundred years, their gains have continued to accumulate. I stopped watching TV news 31 October 2008 as the misinformation, theatrics and histrionics were raising my blood pressure. I spend approximately 1000 hours/year researching on the Internet and reading books instead. I saw Obama coming a mile away and thought the citizens of fly over country formerly known as the Silent Majority would come out and vote Republican even though we didnt field an effective candidate. They didnt and we got the nightmare weve been experiencing since January 2009. I dont think there is a significant difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and find them to be more like characters in professional wrestling where they adopt personas to appeal to various segments of the viewing population. In the end, theyre all on the same side, working together for their own personal gain.

    48. Max Kummerow says:

      We need a state of the art health insurance system. That happens to be a government run single payer system. With preventive care, cost controls and sensible health care rationing. The payoff–if we compare health care costs and longevity with our developed nation competitors would be about $4000/capita/year, 18,000 fewer deaths annually, and adding 3 years to American's life expectancy. 10% of GDP for health (they pay) v 17% (we pay). Wake up. Why do you advocate health insurance company interests instead of the national interest?

    49. Elaine says:

      This should never have been a surprise. The federal government has overstepped its Constitutional limits for over a century through incremental court decisions in favor of defining the General Welfare clause as the right of the government to redefine it as society changes. The people have failed to hold their elected representatives to an accounting and thus have ourselves to blame for the continual attacks on our liberties.

    50. Gilbert Doan says:

      Why don't you cover the …um…misrepresentation of the debt-ceiling debate by our
      esteemed president? Limbaugh has done it. The Washington Post has done it.
      The NY Times is expected to do it. Why not Heritage?

    51. Bobbie says:

      obamacare is a preventable cancer that takes the free will of mankind to protect America(ns) from!

    52. Mikey says:

      You know what this article is missing? FACTS!!!

    53. As a supporter and member of Heritage for some time now I have sent many comments back to Heritage with suggestions on how to help resolve issues like the ones raised in this article. I never recieve a response from any of my suggestions and I'm sure just about everyone else that responds is in the same boat. _So instead of sending a comment or suggestion I'm going to try asking questions of Heritage. After working very hard and spending many long hours as a health care architect for over forty years and traveling around the world to plan and design health care projects I found that I was almost totally un-informed

    54. Socialized medicine does not work in countries that are under socialized governments so how does anyone think it is going to work in a Democratic Republic? Our government's intrusions into our "free market" health care system, since the early 1950s, has so changed the health care in this country there is no longer a "name" that will identify it.
      The (magic pill) treatment philosophy has been so ingrained in our health care system that we will have to train doctor's in the future on how to reduce patient medications in order for people to get well.
      Obamacare, "NO". Our present health care system, "NO". A new system that offers "affordable" good health serves and good health care services, "YES".

    55. Mikey says:

      You know what this article is missing? FACTS!

    56. I am Obamacare. I am not a cancer. I am a man. I have health coverage because Obamacares. Before Obamacared, I couldn't even buy health insurance on the supposed "free market." Why didn't Bush do anything about it?

    57. Jean Hughes says:

      Obama Care is not about health. It is about controlling every part of ones life: What to eat – What to drive –
      How much Electricity to use, etc. etc. That is why Obama Care must be struck down in its entirety!!!!

    58. Mac killman says:

      If Obama care goes thru it will b the beginning of the end for this country.I will fight this to the end

    59. jac says:

      Yes he must go , along with the people that he works for………………….they are making a list and checking it twice (idiots)

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