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  • Morning Bell: The Secret Plan to Defend Obamacare

    This week, The Heritage Foundation’s Rob Bluey obtained a four-page strategy memo that outlines a White House-coordinated campaign to force an unwilling public to accept Obamacare. Once again, all the strategies by the Administration and its liberal allies involve how better to message this hated law as the anniversary of its passage approaches and the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on its constitutionality. If only the Administration put this much effort into lowering the price of gas or creating jobs.

    The memo identifies the White House’s target audience — seniors, women, and young adults — with a goal of “increas[ing] overall public support for the law by making the benefits of the law (and consequences of taking those benefits away) tangible by featuring stories of real people impacted.” The effort will focus on two key issues:

    “Remind people that the law is already benefiting millions of Americans by providing health care coverage, reducing costs and providing access to healthcare coverage. This message will include the ideas that these are benefits that politicans/the Court art (sic) are trying to take away from average Americans.”

    “Frame the Supreme Court oral arguments in terms of real people and real benefits that would be lost if the law were overturned. While lawyers will be talking about the individual responsibility piece of the law and the legal precedence, organizations on the ground should continue to focus on these more tangible results of the law.”

    The White House and its allies have a lot of persuading to do. The American people have come to their own conclusion about Obamacare — the law was a serious mistake, and it’s time for it to go.

    Polling data shows the extent of the opposition. Fifty-three percent of Americans favor repeal, more than half of Americans say that the Supreme Court should strike down the mandate, 57 percent believe religious-affiliated employers should be exempt from the law’s anti-conscience mandate, 51 percent support a religious and moral exemption for all employers, and 60 percent of physicians believe the law will have a negative impact on overall patient care.

    There’s good reason for their opposition. The latest news of Obamacare’s impact came from a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report released this week. In one of the CBO’s reported scenarios, 20 million Americans could lose their employer-sponsored health benefits, and 49 million more Americans could become dependent on government-sponsored health care. And it won’t come cheaply for American taxpayers. Projecting through 2022, Obamacare could cost as much as $2.134 trillion, and individual and employer mandate penalties could hit $221 billion.

    Then there’s the issue of the unconstitutional individual mandate that forces Americans to buy government dictated health insurance or pay a penalty, as well as the anti-conscience mandate that religious employers, including schools, hospitals, and charities, must provide abortion-inducing drugs and contraception despite the fact that such services totally contradict many of these groups’ core religious beliefs.

    Under Obamacare, costs will go up, people will lose the coverage they have, and quality of care will decline. Individuals and businesses will face penalties, seniors will feel the effects of Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare, doctors will suffer from increased regulation and lower government reimbursement for services, taxpayers will face new taxes, jobs will be lost, millions of Americans will remain uninsured and stuck in overcrowded emergency rooms, religious institutions and the faithful will suffer the loss of their religious liberties, and future generations will pay the costs.

    That’s not the message you’ll see and hear next week as the White House and its supporters descend on Washington and take to the airwaves in defense of Obamacare. But as much as they’d like to portray their efforts as a grassroots groundswell in defense of the President’s law, we know that it’s a highly coordinated effort to preserve an unconstitutional affront to the American people.

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: The Secret Plan to Defend Obamacare

    1. robert barnett says:

      Please, I am begging all Americans that can see, hear and at least try to understand that America is standing on the edge, getting ready to "fall", not jump (as most would rather we do) into an America that was never meant to be, one that will find recovery to the old impossible. They say that "change" is the one thing that all people are the most resistant to…….then PLEASE, please, please……Resist Obamacare! Resist strangling out Constitution and taking away religious freedoms in this country! Please wake up to the reality that President Obama's agenda was never about "change" that was good for America.

      • Nannette says:

        I am deeply concerned with cost and the consequences of implanting a gps on us. This seems unreal to me. The fact that Pelos asked for signature before reading is like commiting to a loan you don't even know how much you will owe or pay on interest. This defies every possible thought of freedom of any kind. Sometimes I think this is a dream instead of reality.

      • ThomNJ says:

        If the Dems were really interested in "fixing" healthcare in this country (assuming it is broken), then allowing portability of plans, insurance to be sold across state lines and cutting back on medical malpractice would be the ticket. In my current work, I see that there is a ton of Medicare fraud – but it is too small for the federal government to chase. One can effectively steal from Medicare on the order of a million dollars or so annually and be left free to do so. If the government would just get out of the healthcare business altogether (including Medicare) and just provide the current benefits as an insurance subsidy, then Seniors could go and buy their own insurance. An insurance company is far less likely to allow a million dollars a year in theft to go unnoticed. The other benefit would be that our healthcare quality would not suffer.

    2. Mary......WI says:

      I've already seen one of the commercials sponsored by Moveon.org……..What an insult to any woman with half a brains. It will appeal to those single females that have been indoctrinated from years of sitting in public schools, and females that have very little money. I am STILL amazed at how this man (Obama) and his administration successfully, or so it seems, to have transformed this country (about 70% now?) into their idea of what the USA means to them and how it should be. I hate it! Obama care will be the death of baby boomers and their parents, and will completely bankrupt this country. Sure hope Justice Kennedy wakes up on the correct side of his bed the day the Supreme Court votes on the the possible demise of this country.

      • bsg says:

        I had a couple of my children vote for the budding communist last time, I've told them that they can chalk that up to being young and stupid but if they vote for him again they are just stupid.

        • Greta says:

          God bless you. I have the reverse situation – my dad is a HUUUUGE Obama supporter and die-hard liberal. SUCKS.

    3. toledofan says:

      One thing is for sure as long as the Democrats are in control of the Senate and the White House, nothing will change. It's obvious that the Democrats will continue to do politically what they think is best for their party regardless of how damaging the outcome may be to America. Let's face it the Democrats haven't developed a budget for more than 1000 days, the spending continues out of control, and who cares if the deficeit is over 15 trillion.

      • Patrioticnut says:

        The problem is the republicans of the last several years have been just as bad . The only difference has been the rate at which our freedoms have been destroyed and the in your face methods of our current occupier and his administration. Unless we elect more conservatives to replace the rinos there now I fear nothing will change and we are still doomed, maybe a few years from now.

      • Patrioticnut says:

        I replied to this before, censorship? I did not curse or say any of the buzzwords? All I said was that the republicans aren't any better, they just have proceeded at a slower pace. If we want change and repair we are going to have to elect actual conservatives into office.

      • JoeMinor says:

        It's not just the Democrats; it's all the professional politicians supported by the career bureaucrats. They benefit while the rest of us pay increased taxes and punitive increases in services.

    4. kysteelgirl says:

      I was suppose to have healthcare paid for by "the company" for the rest of my life….obamacare changed that! I now must pay $300 per month for less coverage than I had. Explanation is the uncertainty of what obamacare will entail. Of course, if I were union it would be different. God help working Americans if obama is re-elected!

      • janice says:

        Union insurances stink! Sure it is free, but there is a high deductible and the insurance does not pay for preventative visits to the Dr. and not much is paid after that! If that is what we are going to get…God help us all!!!!

      • recce1 says:

        Even we retired veterans are paying the price of broken government promises. We were promised free medical and dental care for ourselves and eligible dependents if we made it to retirement. However, we now need to pay for Tricare Prime, or as some call it, Try-To-Get-Care, for medical coverage and dental is not available even to retirees. In addition, the Obama administration is discussing raising the premiums by 75 to 100%.

    5. Brenda says:

      This has already happened. My premium increased $17.00 per month, my deductible increased $100.00 per year, and my Medicare premium increased $14.00. So, where are my savings?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Mine did as well, that was te increase in Social security we got in one hand and they took back with the other. Now my doctor quit practice and the one I see now has become an employee of the group that run the Hospital, Medicare patients are going to find it VERY hard to gt medical care if this catastrophe goes through. Medicaid will jam all the ER's, heaven help us.

      • KC-NM says:

        Lucky you – my deductible went from $500 to $1500 this year. What a pain in the tail!!!

    6. Doug says:

      Few people realize that the law provides a provision for employers to opt out by paying a $2400/employee annual penalty (read tax?) to the federal government. In order to meet the requirements of Obama care, it will cost employers over $7500/employee to maintain their health care coverage. A majority of large companies are planning to drop all health care coverage in 2014 based purely on economics…..they can save big $ by paying the penalty instead. Then, millions of Americans that had coverage will now be without any coverage. The plan that was to include many more Americans would be the one that left most of America without coverage. Of course, the real panic will set in as Americans now realize they have been duped and the federal government will have to, by emergency measure, institute Nationalized Health Socialized health care due to the crisis created by Obama Care……yes socialized medicine in the backdoor.

      • Patrioticnut says:

        Doug, you seem to have the handle on this situation. I said from the beginning, when the demoncrats were covering it up by crying about not getting the single payer option, that this would lead to complete government run health care by driving private insurance companies out of business. Anyone who could not see this coming could not have been paying any attention at all. Makes me wonder how many of the supposed republicans were actually in on the gag, since they never said anything about this fact.

      • O2BMe says:

        I think the plan is then the government will take over health care totally. That is scary, look at the shape Medicaid and medicare are in now.

    7. Bryce Sheldon says:

      This is painful to read and it hurts deep. The Government is not a business and they should not be acting like one. It is human nature to want to do better for once self but not a the expense of millions of people across America. I would like to see that secret plan.

    8. conservativechick757 says:

      Good Lord….that's a horrible plan!! as a female in my 20s, I've seen my premiums skyrocket….up by over $200 per month in the last 2 years!!!! no health problems either!! they can take this plan and shove it!!

    9. Darlene Cronk says:

      My husband is retired , age 66, and just had a major stroke, we are dealing with an HMO..and home health therapy. I am disabled and we are at the mercy of our HMO. Because of Obamacare…they (ins. co.) are cutting back on services already…because they go by medicare standards…they know Obamacare is taking $500B or more, OUT of medicare to fund Obamacare. We are already suffering not getting the care we need because of this outragious law. It must be repealed. And, President Obama MUST GO.
      Those of you who are young, need to really educate yourself, because Obama is targeting you and telling you LIES.

      • Pat says:

        sorry for your situation. You seem to be one who needs to go on the frontlines and speak, like you are doing now, against Obamacare. We should not let them and their leftest media darlings take control of the debate, to the front lines to repel the gov't hoodlums.

    10. Barrie says:

      If Obama and the Dems can call up bird beains to testify about how "wonderf ul" Obamacare has helped them – Republicans can beat them at their own game. The Republicans can call their own witnesses who have lived under Nayional Health mandates – like patients from England, Canada, etc. It's only fair to let the real facts be known.

    11. McHale says:

      I also had "free" healthcare as part of my compensation (one of the reasons my salary is lower than industry average). We received an email last year that we now have to pay almost $300 a month to continue to receive this "benefit." Oh… and I'm in a union. And no raises to help cover those costs because the economy is bad. Look how much time and energy Obama put into his donation solicitations and never ending campaigning. If he put that much effort into doing his job, maybe he wouldn't be such a failure.

    12. Curt Krehbiel says:

      The Obama Care bill contains many onerous provisions that Heritage fails to mention. Within it's 2,000 some odd pages it grants the government the authority to invade personal bank accounts and withdraw one's personal funds. It also provides that treatment for the elderly, however that is defined, will be withheld at the government's option if sufficient expense is involved. The bill is much more than health care. It gives the government almost total control over people's lives which is the ultimate goal of socialism. Freedom, liberty, and individual choice will be eliminated.

    13. Obama care is horrible!

    14. bushkno says:

      As a Senior…I can look forward to my co-pays to go to $247/month by 2014…luckily I have decent health and don't see my doc but once or twice per year…drugs have increased by 20%, (non-inflation) food has increased about 20%…lets not talk about gas…I am hugely involved in politics now …we MUST change this entire gov't..from the President on down…reverse almost all regulations put on in the last 3 years…alot of work to do.
      Sadly, there are great leaders out in the black community, but because of this Man…the likelyhood that another black person will be considered for president has been set back decades.

      • Stella says:

        I don't agree with this: "Sadly, there are great leaders out in the black community, but because of this Man…the likelyhood that another black person will be considered for president has been set back decades", at all. I would vote for another black president if i truly believed and saw by his actions prior to running that he stood for conservative and LIFE principles. Obama has a long history of what he stood for and principles he embraced. He had the media and other forces hiding this from the American public. There is a segment of our society who will vote for the man according to the color of his skin. Conservative black leader who are now defending our Constitution and our values are doing so publicly. I can name one, Adam West, there are few others. I would vote for them in an instant against Obama or any other fetus-killing liberal

      • Stella says:

        I don't agree with this: "Sadly, there are great leaders out in the black community, but because of this Man…the likelyhood that another black person will be considered for president has been set back decades", at all. I would vote for another black president if i truly believed and saw by his actions prior to running that he stood for conservative and LIFE principles. Obama has a long history of what he stood for and principles he embraced. He had the media and other forces hiding this from the American public. There is a segment of our society who will vote for the man according to the color of his skin. Conservative black leader who are now defending our Constitution and our values are doing so publicly. I can name one, Adam West, there are few others. I would vote for them in an instant against Obama or any other fetus-killing liberal

      • catdaddio42 says:

        Bravo Stella. I was negative about Mr. Obama very early on but when he flippantly stated that he would encourage his daughters to kill his grandchildren I became dramatically opposed to his candidacy and, ultimately his presidency. I, my family, the St. Louis Tea Party, and every conservative I've ever met stands squarely with you regarding race and voting. We vote based on policy and character, not skin color.

      • Patrioticnut says:

        I agree with your post, to a point. He has not "ruined it" for future black politicians in my opinion. I, as many conservatives, vote on people according to their actions and what they believe. I have never liked Obama and would never have voted for him, however it has nothing to do with his race and would not matter. As a mater of fact I was planning to vote for Herman Cain and even donated to his campaign.

    15. Shon says:

      The whole point of Obamacare is to turn the country into socialized medicine. When this all kicks in and employers find out how much cheaper it is to just pay the fines rather than pay for your health care they will drop there plans forcing the majority to go to obamacare which can't be paid for and ultimately being turned into socialized medicine. Isn't our GUVMENT great!!!!!

    16. Stella says:

      This 72 yr. old female senior on a fixed, and I mean fixed, income remember the first body blow I received from Mr. Obama was not receiving a cost of living increase very shortly after he took office. That told me what to expect from him and his administration. Over the years there have been repeated hits from other actions he has taken to make it harder from me to survive. Then when seniors finally received an increase to their Social Security income it was given with one hand and taken away with the other in the increase to Medicare payments. AARP also joined in on the beating. Thank you AARP, friend of the grey-haired. Now through Obamacare he wants to make us repudiate tenets of our faith by forcing our institutions and those who also have an objection to abortion, abortifacients, ending the life of child born alive during an abortion proceedure be made to pay for these so-called necessary and hard to get services. Any senior, except those who for whatever reason do not take the time to think for themselves, can see where continued support and re-election of this president will lead is in for a big surprise. This is a person and an administration who blatantly lies by saying one thing and doing the opposite. Over and over again this has proved to be true. But some people just refuse to see. I for one, old as I am will stand for my Faith and will think for myself. Denying him re-election is imperative, for the survival of our Country and for ourselves. I regret to say that I don't believe we can prevent it because here is a man and an Administration who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals because they truly believe they are working with dummies. And maybe they are.

    17. I am glad to hear that the Administration will be out Selling the merits of Obamacare. Every time they talk about this blatant power grab the American people are reminded about how much they hate this bill and the way it was crammed down our throats. Talk it up, President Food Stamps! You bill will become ever more unpopular and so will you!

    18. Bob says:

      As soon as Obamacare passed mu policy increased $32 a month. It had never increased more than $6 a month prior to that.

    19. tocof1 says:

      Only when conservatives get as good at messaging as progressives/liberals/democrats, will we begin to stem the tide. Until then, the game is theirs.

    20. Emily Whitney says:

      The Obama Care Bill is another example of how the American people who support this are being deceived by this president. Everything out of Obama's mouth is in the plan to spin and fool us. It is getting almost impossible to figure out what is right and what is wrong. His goal is to have the government in control of our lives. How can anyone believe this man when his real agenda is so obvious.

    21. Kendall Svengalis says:

      If the cost of Obamacare parallels our experience with Medicare, it will cost far more than the $.7 trillion projected by the CBO, probably between $4-5 trillion, or more. It is fiscal insanity. If you recall, the CBO projected future marginal tax rates of 63% for middle class Americans by 2080 to pay for existing "entitlement programs (and 88% on the so-called "rich"). And that was before Obamacare passed. So, we not only lose our freedoms, but end up in the poorhouse. What a legacy to leave to our children and grandchildren.
      Join the Tea Party at the Senate Park in Washington on March 24 to protest this monstrosity.

      • Patrioticnut says:

        In case you missed it the CBO has already revised the estimated cost to around 1.4 T I believe, may have been up to 1.2 T.

    22. Dede says:

      Yep and Mitt Romney cannot win in this issue against Obama. RomneyCare = ObamaCare…there are at least 15 similarities between the two. Even Ken Cuccineli VA Atty. General says that if we elect Romney we lose on ObamaCare: http://www.nbcwashington.com/blogs/first-read-dmv

    23. Mary says:

      There will be two repeal Obamacare rallies in Washington, D. C. On Saturday, March 24, the Tea Party Patriots have organized an event called the Road to Repeal Rally. It will take place from noon to 2:00 with lots of great speakers. On Tuesday, March 27, Americans for Prosperity will have a rally called Hands Off My Healthcare. It will start at 1:00 and have great speakers.

      Both rallies will take place in the Upper Senate Park, which is not far from the Capitol building.

      Come to the rallies. Bring your friends and family. We need lot and lots of people demonstrating their disapproval of Obamacare!

      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        It would be great to be there. However, my wife and I have attended two very large past rallies in DC and the cost of doing so is prohibitive not to mention the disruption to other business at home. We simply cannot travel from SW Louisiana to DC for events like this very often. I hope they have a great turnout and wish we could be there, but… Our sympathies are with these rallies and the hope Obamacare can be discarded.

    24. Robert Heinrichs says:

      So What is OUR PLAN to counter the White House and all of this " Personal Grief ". Our message on the air waves on TV and in print needs to be true and more compelling and directed to/at the same targeted audience.

      • Isiliel says:

        A large part is by using the internet, i.e. Facebook and other social sites, to spread the truth. I know that some of my liberal/progressive friends are reading what I share and that, if nothing else, they are thinking about those articles. I have invited them to go to the links provided and research for themselves and get back with me to discuss what they've found. Only a couple have done that so far, but that is two more for our side. Amazingly, only one, and she doesn't really know me, has "un-friended" me. The others obviously know me well enough to at least stay friends and it's entirely possible they will be affected by some of what I share. If we all continue to share the truth, it will spread more and more each day.

    25. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The author forgot the most important "secret" of all. Obama's recent appointments to the Supreme Court! Sotomeyer is leftist enough, But Kagan, who was directly involved with construting ObamaCare is clearly bias, yet she will not recuse herself and the Obama lackeys will go to full out war before they allow anyone or anything to keep her from sitting in judgment.

    26. NORMA BINGAMAN says:


    27. Obamacare is as worthless and corrupt as this administration. Both need the light of truth shed on them so we can avoid drowning in the muck. If Obamacare is so good, how come he allowed so many of those who contributed to his campaign to opt out? If it's so good, how come he and Congress wrote in a special exclusion for themselves? It would certainly seem that "we're all equal, but some are more equal than others." Those who think Obamacare is good and fair for the American people should do themselves a favor and read Orwell's Animal Farm, then ask themselves if they're the workhorse or or the hog. It just might wake them out of the liberal coma they're in, in time to save them from a dark hellish future.

    28. Ethan Jefferson says:



    29. KC-NM says:

      Okay – so where is the opposite strategy to repeal the crummy law? Where are the media and news leaders in addressing the Americans who are already paying more, have crummy benefits from their employers due to the law and are experiencing higher drug and medical costs? It is great to tell us what Obama's folks are doing but what are we doing to convey the opposite message? Nothing so far!

    30. lynn says:

      We had better rid ourselves of this cancer in D. C. before we are totally enslaved with NO future for our children & grandchildren!

    31. ainieccma says:

      It is a puzzle to me why life-long registered democrats so blindly (or so it seems to me) follow Obama. They are NOT supporting a democrat; can't they see that!? As he lies about everything he lies about "party" affiliation. He is not a democrat; I would call him a "leaning forward" MARXIST- certainly a radical practicing the strategy of deception. He – and those aligned with him -are aiming for total control of this country. With obamacare they may have hit the bull's eye. Does anyone ever wonder how such a mammoth bill, with all its hidden "subtleties of control" got written and introduced in such short order after obama became president? I'd love to know who really drafted that thing – and how long had it been "in the works."

    32. Doug C says:

      Why is a jury "sequestered" in an important (and widely publicized) trial? It's to prevent public opinion from swaying the jurors — an attempt to keep the outcome impartial!

      While they are not a "jury" that gets sequestered (indeed, the SCOTUS is informed and influenced by media and culture all the time!), those justices are a "separate but equal branch of government" This principle (the separation of powers) should be invoked in order to prevent taxpayer monies from being used by the EXECUTIVE branch to form a media campaign in favor of "Obamacare" before and during the trial in the Supreme Court!


    33. Edward J. Turk says:

      The thing everyone must do is to CHALLENGE ANYONE IMMEDIATELY who tries to sell this as being good. Don't sit by and let them finish. Stop them cold in their tracks. Tell them about a personal experience where the cost of your medical expense has gone up and Obamacare won't kick in until 2014. Do not ever let them have any voice time to lie to anyone wthout a hard core challenge. Politely shut them down.

    34. Lewis G. Pringle says:






    35. janice says:

      No one has mentioned the chips that will be inserted into our bodies and I believe there are death panels…I don't care what Obama says…someone will decide your fate….if they feel you have lived long enough and your illness too great, or if you are a drain on society…you can't tell me this is not where we are headed with this evil.

    36. belleboy says:

      We must counter Obama's lies and propaganda by convincing the ignorant that "there are no free lunches." In the end someone always foots the bill.

    37. Glenda Y Chadsey says:

      My husband and I both retired, receive Social Security benefits, our Medicare went up, our supplemental insurance went up, our prescription insurance went up, thanks to Obamacare! We did not vote for Obama in 2008, we will not vote for him in November. Since Obama has been office, everything has gone up – gas prices in our area $4.00 plus. The national debt at all time high, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying the debt Obama created. We are sick and tired having liberal, progressive ideas shoved down our throats -" AMERICA WAKE UP!" We are slowly losing our freedom as we know it.

      • Contentious says:

        _Not "Slowly"… RAPIDLY losing our freedom as we know it. _______________________________________________________

    38. Tom says:

      The role of the Federal Government is to PROTECT liberty, not to PROVIDE liberty.
      Am I violating the separation of church when I pray "Dear Lord, PLEASE don't let you the Government help me any more! "?)

    39. JoeMinor says:

      The HF has got to devise a plan to get this information in front of the general public. Obama is controlling the mainstream media and his lies, exaggerations, and misdirections are reported as truths. I think that the HF analyses are totally on point and, as a member, I support the positions taken. However, I do not think the HF is effective enough in reaching the public, and therefore, influencing the outcome of legislative actions. Preaching to the choir results in few conversions.

    40. Jose Lira says:

      One only needs to look back to our National History .. to find out about the (deceitful) role that the Democrat's Party has been playing, against Americans and our freedoms.The Democrats were pro-slavery .. fought/lost the Civil War. Republicans fought to free the slaves. The Democrats' Party also oppossed desegregation … and lost. Just think about what we all should know regarding our Civil Rights. Therefore, it shouldn't be a sorprise that, Obama .. a Democrat … with "his mandates" , acts and appears more and more like a dictator of some 3rd. world country.

    41. Joseph McKennan says:

      What obamacare means to me– 3.8% sales tax if you sell your house, death panels, imprisonment if you don't sign up for it, watching women go for abortions and then getting sterilized as part of the procedure, a gutless supreme court that is maneuvering to declare it legal– oh yeah– I'm really optomistic about the future. The pagans are taking over. The president of the United States, the senate majority leader, and the speaker of the house are liars on a colossal scale and we should be grateful to our (choke) beloved leaders. If someone sees me pray I risk offending someone. Get this…. I am offended.

    42. dodger says:

      Let's not forget that the final result of Odumbocare will be rationing and "death panels". All you have to do is look at England and Canada to see our future if we do not stand up to this unconstitutional rape of the rights of the American citizen.

    43. Steve says:

      It was put into place UNCONSTUTIONALLY and ILLEAGALY. WE do not need to beat around the bush. Look at this and other actions of this White House, then look up treason. We are all witneses.

    44. Had enough says:

      Obamacare – the work of the devil and his minions.

    45. Steve says:

      There is alarming parallels between what is happening in the USA and what happened in Germany. Does this need to happen to the USA? I hope and pray that it doesn't. When you go to vote, ask yourself is this best for the whole country LONG TERM. When did this country become so soft? When did this country become so blind to the untruths. When did this country become so willing to let government run our lives? WE THE PEOPLE have fell asleep at the wheel and let a small group drive the bus. I feel that we all need to read and trust GOD more, governement less. If they have all this spare money for welfare type programs then I think they are getting way to much. If you think that it is ok for all this welfare, then ask yourself this, do I trust in GOVERNMENT more then I trust GOD? It looks to me like we give the teenager a unlimited credit card, whose fault is it really? The teen or the parent?

    46. Paul Brown says:

      Although I agree that the 'Affordable Health Care Act is neither constitutional nor affordable for this nation,
      in my role of getting out the vote in Sarasota County, FL, I most often hear "But, Obama helps me by
      filling in my donut hole of drug cost". It would pay everyone to counter this argument FAST with the
      upcoming countervailing costs before the complete mindset of "voting ones' pocketbook" sets in

    47. RennyG says:

      When there is "moral rot" within a nation, it's government topples easily. But with wise and knowledgable leaders, there is stability. Proverbs 28:2 'IT'S HERE!!!!"

    48. Orville says:

      When will Romney admit that RomneyCare was and is a mistake (just like ObamaCare) so that we don't have to hold our noses when we vote for him in November–assuming that he wins the nomination?

    49. Max Kummerow says:

      So what is the Heritage plan to fix a system that costs twice as much and delivers 3 years less life expectancy? (In comparison to the average of Germany, France, Australia, Canada and Japan systems.) And doesn't insure 50 million people. The single payer government programs of these other countries deliver better health at half the cost of our system. This is a competitiveness issue for our economy. The inefficient health insurance and medical systems we have take about 7% more of GDP (17% v 10% for the other countries) and cost nearly $8000/capita per year versus $4000 for the other countries. And the five countries I listed all have more old people so their costs should be higher based on need.

    50. Jean Hughes says:

      We feel the Obama Healthcare Law in its entirety is outrageous and should be struck out by the Supreme Court.

    51. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The administration can try to spin this turkey anyway they wish, it will still likely be lies just like the original sales pitch was lies. A large number of Americans no longer believe anything coming from this administration, with good reason. Those who follow Obama blindly sipping their kool-aid will continue to do so, thinking people will continue the opposition.

    52. Shiela says:

      Why isn't Heritage posting this info in newspapers, TV, etc. I've talked to other members and we agree just don't see this promotion information out there?? Where is it? I only see on Fox News. What about AARP?


    53. J T Cooper, MD says:

      I am a 77 year old physician and am opposed to Obamacare. I have produced a 20 minute long movie, now available on YouTube showing a so-called Death Panel deliberating whether or not to withhold sometimes lifegiving treatment to 16 patients. It is worth watching and costs you nothing but your time. To pull the movie up, type in (death panel alan smithee) and you will see the movie in 3 parts. I hope it frightens you and mobilizes you more to fight Obamacare. The real thing will be worse even than the movie Alan Smithee is a movie pseudonym when the author wants to remain anonymous.

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