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  • #Kony

    A 30-minute documentary on the Lord’s Resistance Army, a violent militia in Uganda led by the outlaw Joseph Kony, has gone viral.

    A day after it was published on YouTube, it had logged 32 million views. In contrast, the Dr. Suess movie The Lorax, which by Hollywood standards had “huge opening weekend,” was probably seen by about 6 million people.

    How the video and the associated campaign KONY 2012 influences policies toward providing assistance to African nations to hunt down the group and its leader and bring them to justice remains to be seen. The group behind the video has attracted as much attention and controversy as it has generated.

    Welcome to the world of Wiki at War, where social networking tools like YouTube and Twitter are used as weapons of mass disruption for driving public opinion.

    The fate of Kony and his pursuers aside, the incident is another reminder that social networking can be a powerful force to influence everything from the boardroom to the battlefield. When it comes to dealing with the Internet, our government needs to be cyber serious. Recently, Congress was embarrassed when it rushed to push through legislation when it was clear that even proponents of the bill didn’t clearly understand its implications. Many Members are “gun shy” about taking on Internet issues again.

    Congress needs to be deliberate and prudent. There are some steps that can be taken. Congress needs to be careful that they are the right ones.

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    30 Responses to #Kony

    1. Bobbie says:

      this is what happens when technology is available and the value of human life is lost or never had. Widespread throughout the world and amongst.

    2. Slepsog4 says:

      Didn't see much about the campaign concerning Kony. Seemed to be more about social media and its influence. Disappointed.

    3. too mild; NOT near as strong as it should be. tag this article vote obama – we are talking propaganda war here targeted at our children in their schools and facebook social media.

    4. Linda says:

      Not to mention there are big indiscretions on where the money being collected is actually going. To the man making the films for his own film making business, or his extravagant trips back and forth to Africa? He is making millions off innocent teens, that "think" they have their heads in the right place. The film maker won't let anyone know where the money is being spent. And the BBB has been contacted about this.

    5. Judi says:

      James Carfano, are you proposing that GOVERNMENT should get involved in how/why/where, gets involved of FREE SPEECH?
      The "internet" is simply a faster way to connect, and voice, FREELY, our opinions.
      Does it also contain things of which OTHERS don't want to be made public?

      During the age of "live" televised views of Vietnam, the government tried to keep THAT from the American public.

      If this "legislation", this censorship, should come about….the, this administration of the United States, is TRUY, IMHO, on it's way to fascism/communism/DICTATORSHIP,

      The United States was developed by STRONG men, who DEFIED those who wanted to DICTATE, from afar, what THIS country should do.

      Why, then, are we, as a COUNTRY, allowing other than "WE, THE PEOPLE", dictate to us???

      Okay, rant over….but not sorry for the rant.

    6. vtdelacy says:

      At the bottom line, we do not want to see the government impose what would be in effect a trampling upon our Constitutionally protected First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, a freedom upon which this nation was founded and which must at all costs be protected.

    7. Benthenailguy says:

      This article is utterly useless and doesn't tell me anything. I clicked on it because I am a fan of the Heritage Foundation and, having seen the Kony video this AM, I was interested to know if there was a reason not to support what seems to be a legit, and important cause. This is the kind of thing that Conservatives like me should be participating in without fear of being seen as one of those flea bitten 99%-ers. The video has me interested in supporting continued and further action to stop the bastard.

    8. Joshua Craft says:

      A couple of observations, 1) Joseph Kony is defended and his movement is made up of by boy soldiers, (brainwashed children who have been made willing to kill even their parents for the cause of their leader) If we commit troops our finest will be face with gunning down 8,9,10, 11, and 12 year old boys. We have seen the outrage in the media when our soldiers have inadvertently shot "innocent civilians" in Iraq and Afghanistan; all it will take is for a Kony supporter to post a video of our of our soldiers shooting a child combatant and public opinion will turn just as quickly against this movement. 2) These types of separatist/rebel groups are seldom run by just one man, if we do succeed and do bring Kony to justice, there will likely be a "lieutenant" waiting in the wings to pick up where he left off. 3) Uganda is not an isolated instance of this kind of atrocity. Will we also commit troops to Niger and Sudan and Congo and Ivory Coast and and all of the other places in Africa that are in conflict?

    9. Maria says:

      It brings to the forefront the power of social networking. When the "EYES OF THE WORLD" are on tyrants like Kony, they will be subdued. It is important to realize that when the attention of the world wanes, he – and those like him – will go right back to terrorizing the most vulnerable among us. While the danger of using the pressure of social networking to promote special interest agendas is enormous, that should not deter us from using it for good. It is up to each individual to discern what is legitimate and what is propaganda.

    10. My sentiments exactly.

    11. Linda says:

      I guess it is scary that it could possibly become again, in reality, 'BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, instead of by the district politics. Yes, It will be interesting to watch the results of this take place on April 20, 2012.

    12. Steve says:

      Social media debate aside, the United States needs to stay out of this issue – no money, no troops, no resources – since it has no affect on this country. We have our own issues to deal with. If you want to take action at a government level then use the State Department to persuade the African continent to deal with their own problems. Why should we waste our resources for a region that could care less about such atrocities.

    13. Tim Herrmann says:

      I don't want ANY steps taken–the internet MUST be left as it is–completely frre of Govt disruption, restriction, or taxation.

    14. Jeff Matheson says:

      "Congress needs to be deliberate and prudent…careful"? Thanks, James. I needed a good laugh this morning.

    15. Nick says:

      Are you suggesting that government should in some form regulate the internet or that they should stay out to allow these kind of grassroots movements?

    16. Cheryl D. Wilsman says:

      To the Heritage Foundation: Please tell us your views on the Kony 2012 video!! Is it legitimate & should caring people support it or is it just a money maker for Jason Russell & Co? We NEED to know! All you said was that it got more views than the Dr. Seuss movie, The Lorax. I subscribe to you and I count on you for straight answers. I am so concerned about this Joseph Kony & the horrible things he has done to the people of Uganda and I NEED to know if it's true, Can we do anything about it, Is anyone doing anything about it? Please tell us what you know!! Thank you! Sincerely, Your Facebook Friend, Cheryl D. Wilsman

    17. I have been wondering what ,exactly, is the point of stirring up shock & anger? Is there a policy we need to change, a group that is DOING something we can support? Or are the promoters just looking for public outcry? Locally ppl are gathering to protest & hand out fliers. Why? To what end? To whom are we appealing for action?

    18. Brad Morton says:

      James, as a vet who served in Iraq, I respect your service to this country. Aside from that, it is clear you're a neocon who still thinks we need to stick our nose in everything from African genocide to the web. As a conservative libertarian, I have recently come to realize that it doesn't matter which side of the political aisle you represent; if you are an advocate for the government "fixing" things, you are an enemy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s just that simple. Leave the internet alone. It is just fine without you and all of the other politicians (Democrats or Republicans) sticking your nose in it.

      • I am not following that one. Actually, I think US forces should only be used in support of our vital national interests and then only as a last resource. I think US military interventions in Africa are a bad idea and I opposed direct US military intervention in Libya. Nile Gardiner and I proposed setting up AFRICOM not promote more military intervention in Africa–but to increase situational awareness so we could avoid them.

    19. Martian says:

      KONY 2012 is garbage, and intellectual pigs will lap it up.

    20. @joestickney says:

      unbeleivable ghost of a foteign kinetic action

    21. Jeffrey Valentine says:

      I think,that going after Joseph Kony is a knoble cause,but,not to put any more wear and tear on and old cliché, it will be like rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic If it succeeds. Someone else will fall into place right behind him. I think taking him out would still be a positive thing just for the message it sends.Jeffrey Valentine

    22. Brea Soccer Mom says:

      I'm so proud of the man that created that video because it was an amazing way to bring the world's attention to a horrific man! Now we can't turn a blind eye and say it is not in our best interest to do something to stop him. And thank you for helping our Congress protect our freedoms with the internet! I only wish we were able to help the students of Iran when they reached out to us via the internet.

    23. Mary says:

      Check out http://WWW.KONYCOVERTHENIGHT.ORG to find out all the information on Joseph Kony, the Invisible Children, donating, etc.The official website is sold out and only 37% of profits raised by the Invisible Children Organization goes directly to the cause. You should also check out the website http://www.konyninja.com/kony-shirts. It is donating 50% of its profits to the Kony cause.

    24. The Kony story is actually a marketing experiment. Its weird because the war on Kony was stopped in 2006. Read this story and learn what actually happened : http://www.fiestafrog.com/blog/index.php/kony-sto

    25. Kyle says:

      Cannot believe how this went viral so fast!!! Check out more details here http://www.FiestaFrog.com/blog/index.php/kony-sto

    26. Thomas says:

      We need to stop Kony and tell him what we are doing i wrong and try to send him a message or something specific saying we are going to get you. No matter what so just stop know while your at it.

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