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  • The 10 Terrible Provisions of Obamacare You May Not Have Heard Of

    Obamacare includes such a variety and volume of negative policies that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Here is a list of 10 terrible provisions that every American should be aware of:

    1. It increases taxes on families earning over $250,000. In 2013, the employee portion of the Medicare payroll tax will increase from 1.45 percent to 2.35 percent for families earning $250,000 or more and individuals earning $200,000 or more. The income threshold is not indexed for inflation, so more and more middle-income families will be hit by the tax hike as time goes on.
    1. It adds a new tax to investment income. The increased payroll tax rate is also applied to high-earners’ investment income for the first time beginning in 2013. It will hit capital gains, dividends, rents, and royalties, discouraging investment and harming economic growth.
    2. It puts new limitations on those with HSAs and FSAs. Starting in 2012, Obamacare restricts the products that consumers may purchase with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Savings Account (FSA)—such as over-the-counter medications—and increases the penalty for such non-qualified uses of HSAs. It also limits the amount taxpayers may deposit into an FSA to $2,500 a year in 2013.
    3. It adds a new tax on those who purchase medical devices. In 2013, a 2.3 percent excise tax will be applied to medical devices, causing a $28.5 billion tax hike on medical device manufacturers. The industry will pay for this tax by reducing jobs and passing additional costs on to consumers.
    4. It penalizes marriage. Obamacare creates new taxpayer-funded subsidies for the low and middle classes to purchase health coverage, but the structure of the subsidies allows two individuals to claim more in subsidies alone than if married. This discriminates against married couples and discourages marriage at almost all age and income levels.
    5. It violates religious liberty. The Department of Health and Human Services included the full range of contraceptives, including abortion-inducing drugs, among the women-specific preventive services that Obamacare requires insurers to include with no cost-sharing. This mandate violates Americans’ conscience rights and religious liberty. Its narrow exemption for religious employers will force many who find these products morally objectionable—including religious charities, hospitals, and schools—to pay for them.
    6. It puts Medicare decisions in the hands of an unelected board. The Independent Payment Advisory Board, a board of 15 unelected officials, will have the power to cut Medicare spending without congressional approval. These unaccountable government appointees will be able to restrict seniors’ access to providers, treatments, and services.
    7. It puts a premium tax on health insurers. Obamacare adds a premium tax on health insurers that offer full coverage beginning in 2014. On average, the tax is expected to increase premiums by 1.9 percent to 2.3 percent in 2014 and between 2.8 percent and 3.7 percent by 2023. Combined with the other provisions in Obamacare, this tax will have a huge impact on the cost of premiums.
    8. It creates a new unsustainable entitlement program. On top of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, Obamacare created a new long-term care entitlement called the CLASS program. It is actuarially unsound, unworkable, and unsustainable. As a result, the Administration has already put its implementation “on hold.”
    9. It puts over half of all Americans on a government program. Because of Obamacare’s huge expansion of Medicaid and creation of taxpayer-funded subsidies to purchase health coverage, more than half of all Americans will be dependent on a government health care program (Medicare, Medicaid, or the government exchanges) by the end of this decade.
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    255 Responses to The 10 Terrible Provisions of Obamacare You May Not Have Heard Of

    1. Tom St.Peter says:

      This man needs to be voted OUT OF OFFICE while we still have some of our healthcare left !!!!!!

      • Shannon says:

        He needs to be voted out while we still have some of our freedoms left.

      • MONA says:

        this is so unconstitutional what a waste this all is…..our soldiers are truly dying for nothing….

      • Mary A says:

        and some of our health as well, 4 more yrs of O dummer and we'll all be psychotic raving zombies

      • Dianna Craig says:

        Obama thinks the elderly needs to die. Anyone over 60 is in trouble when it comes to healthcare. Arizona doesn't care about our citizens.

      • steve junkins says:

        hooray for Tom. Let's go another area that needs some cleaning — Congress.__Too many people looking after their own instead of the country.__Please vote this next election.__Steve__ P.S. I also believe that there is a federal tax one may have to pay when people sell their house,__Someone should know all the add-ons that are buried in this bill.

      • Patricia Tillman says:

        Totally agree…100% I've said that a million times, "before it's too late and shortly it will be"

      • John says:

        Sad part is people don't what the new healthcare does and that if ifs repealed–you are all in big trouble if you need to use it for yourself or your family. You may able to skirt by till your 50 or 60 not needing a doctor for anything but minor things.

        You use it you may lose your home cause hospitals will attach your wages if your deductible isn't paid and you may not have enough to live on. A few days in the hospital can cost $30,000 or $125,000. Do you think a hospital is going to say –pay us a little every month–many will set up payments some as high as $400-600 a month. Never used to be that way which is why the screaming about healthcare is being yelled but republicans want you to carry a big load now instead of your insurance company. I can't wait till you all find that out.

        What no one is talking how they cut medicaid and also found billions in medicaid fraud that people have been screaming about doing something about for years and it was finally done. So they saved a lot of money their to fund this new bill. We are all in the same boat unless your rich so don't make it a political party war.

      • Chritine says:

        You said it._Why are the american people so blind!!!

      • Lorrie says:

        With this sentiment so pervasive, he should have been voted out. So, the only explanation is voter fraud. Obama won a lot of districts by a margin of 99%-0% up to, I believe 151%-0%. NO DICTATOR HAS EVER WON BY THAT MUCH! With convicted felons allowed to vote, allowing utility bills to be legal forms of identification (easy to fake, so the dead or non-existant persons could vote) to machines which defaulted to Obama regardless of whom the voter chose.
        It's so flagrant, it blows my mind that people aren't demanding a re-vote. With all the polling-place intimidation, military voters not given enough time and all the other controversies swirling about, we have to ask…How on earth did this happen?
        My husband and I have written numerous letters to our Reps., but haven't heard "Boo" back. Now what?

    2. patrickmspeaks says:

      Point of correction on item 6: It should read "it violates INDIVIDUAL liberty." The fact that 0bamacare compels individuals to buy a product that they do not want, whether on religious, economic, or other philosophical grounds, is the issue. While religious liberty certainly is a component of this, a certain part of America is ignorant enough to not understand the religious liberty argument. But if you explain that the issue is the government forcing you, at gunpoint to, buy something that you neither want or need because someone in Washington has decided you need it, or because they are forcing you to buy it for someone else for the same reason, the argument is harder to distort. More importantly, it is the absolute rape of individual liberty that is central to the unconstitutionality of 0bamcare in the first place

      • Mike says:

        The same could be said for any government program be it education, road building, or war making. We're all compelled to buy those products. Take security/defense for example. There are pretty obvious reasons why we all chip in together for the security of our neighborhoods and the defense of the nation. However you seem unwilling to chip in together for health care, be it via services provided by the state or by required private insurance coverage. What measure do you use to determine whether a service required by every single American would be best shouldered individually or collectively?

        We pay taxes, congress throws it around and we have a limited form of influence as to how it's spent. Heck, we can't even STOP them from spending. If we got to control the exact details as to how our individual tax money was spent, I certainly wouldn't have paid for the Iraq war or bank bailouts. So now we have to buy health insurance just like we have to have car insurance.

        • Mary......WI says:

          My healthcare decisions are between me and my doctor. I don't want some dimwit politician or some half brain appointed person making decisions about my bodily health NOR do I want them to DICTATE to me what I can and cannot do with regards to my religious beliefs.

          There should be a better way to control how Congress spends our tax dollars. I believe Paul Ryan has the best solution but Obama and his regime will have nothing to do with it because they obviously have a disdain for this country…..they want to destroy it and transform into a socialistic/communistic type of government.

        • Mary A says:

          only if you opt to drive a car.

      • Tom S says:

        Couldn't agree more. The moral objections of small business employers and individuals, such as pharmacists and medical providers, are as protected by the First Amendment as those of religious intstitutions. Unless the Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional, or it's repealed, vermon will be crawling out of "Obamacare" for decades.

    3. jerry says:

      obama care will be thrown out . just like obama soon enough .

      • Slick says:

        I think unceasing prayer is called for . . . . . this thing of thinking that the Supreme Court will do the right thing causes me to worry!!! I'm not so sure we can count of these people to interpret the the Rule of Law and not try to put a new spin on it! They take an oath to uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law but so does the President, cabinet members, congressional members . . . . . doesn't appear that means the same thing to them as it does to me!

        So I'm thinking that the days of putting our faith in men are over . . . . .

        • Manny says:

          If you want your prayers to be effective, your prayers have to be FOR something and not AGAINST something…. That means that your prayers have to be FOR a government that fully supports the constitution, of FOR a government that supports individual freedoms and responsibility. If it is AGAINST anything, you are spinning your wheels. Prayer is powerful, and directed constructive prayer that is done in joy, and not anger or desperation in fear of anything is the most powerful thing of all that no one or no government can go against… but like I said before it must be for something in joy.

        • Patricia Tillman says:

          Where's the promise in that? Obama care will stay in whether Oblabla get thrown out or not. Because Oblabla isn't the father of Obama care….guess who is?

      • Mike says:

        You don't know that. Recent Supreme Court ruling indicates the Court does NOT want to hear reasons why justice Kagan should recuse herself from the upcoming constitutionality of ObamaCare. Even though early on she was in on the strategy of implementing Obamacare with the obama administration.

        • Mark Williams says:

          Of course they don,t want to hear about justice Kagan!!
          She has no.intention of recusiing herself and she can,t be forced to.

      • Matthew Pohl says:

        I wish that I had your confidence. Hang in there, Matt

      • StanO says:

        We can only hope, but it will be VERY difficult. The most likely scenario is that we can cut away at it now before it starts. To get rid of it, we will have to have a fillibuster proof Senate majority.

      • Mark Williams says:

        I pray you are right Jerry. Since the judicial system is packed with liberal nut jobs
        for judges, what's to keep them from ruling anything they want to be legal?
        They are not elected and not accountable to anyone.

      • Medic252 says:

        It can't happen soon enough. Damage is being done every day.

    4. Pat Puckett says:

      And the payroll tax that he brags about cutting, is only being transferred to another payroll tax in 2013..If this whole thing is not thrown out, we are in deep trouble..(unless you are a politician, then you get free 100% coverage for the rest of your life)..

    5. Bobbie says:

      could someone publically reiterate the direct and indirect benefit? and to who it benefits?
      Obama set America up! how can anyone give this man a vote who's pulling the wool over their eyes?

      • Linda says:

        Because there are enough gullible people and people dependent on the gov't. They will vote for him so they do not lose their "gimmies".

      • Mike says:

        Voters vote emotionally. The main stream media is more involved in proclaiming who won american idol or the oscars. The main stream media is in on the fix and is extremely liberal (PBS, CNN, etc). Go to YouTube and search 'Idiots who voted for Obama' and you'll see what I'm talking about.

      • joan says:

        Because they all are like dumb sheep being led to the slaughter. They don't care to inform themselves, they just want the government to pay for everything. When they're all standing in bread lines, maybe they'll get it.

    6. swimkin says:

      Oh, YES, America there are DEATH PANELS in there. And if you have a disabled or unhealthy child or happen to be over a certain age your health care will most definitely be rationed… or denied.

      • Linda says:

        You are right, but too many people do not want to believe it.

      • Evelyn says:

        Scarmongering at it's best! You suppose Western Europe and Canada have so called Death Panels. Ludicrous!

        • tina says:

          If you think they are not in existence, you are ignorant.

        • @JoshPostema says:

          For everyone, there is a point when you can't afford healthcare and sometimes you have to make the choice to let a loved one die because you can't go any further. If individuals can't choose this point because the government is the one rationing the healthcare, could you please explain how this is any different than a 'death panel'?

      • Provider says:

        Death panels. Really? I am curious – where do you see them described? Do you have a reference? What do they do?

        • Patriot says:

          Provider, have you read the entire monstrosity OWEbamacare? I have. It is no more than overarching of government control into our lives. Why is a tax on real estate sales part of the healthcare mandate? Why should government have DIRECT access to our bank accounts? Why must brain surgeons/neurosurgeons who are called out in the middle of the night to operate on someone who has suffered a brain bleed not be able to contact the 15-member panel that decides which surgeries are necessary? That patient will surely die or suffer irreversible injuries. But it's in the health care bill -ask any neurosurgeon who attended the recent meeting in DC in which they were told that is the way it will be. Do SOME research! In case you care to check it out, here are several citations, re: the horrible OWEbamacare:
          The government will audit all books of companies who self insurep. 22
          Health care rationing – you can only receive so much care per year: 5,000 individual; 10,000 per familyp. 29, lines 4 – 16
          There will be a government committee deciding what care and which benefits you receive p. 30, sec 123
          Health Care Commissioner will choose your benefits for you – you have NO choice
          Health care weill be provided to all non US citizens – illegal or otherwisep. 50, sec 152
          Government will real time access to individual's finances and a national Health ID card will be issuedp. 58
          Government will have direct access to your bank accounts for elective funds transfer p. 59, lines 21-24
          This is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in Unions and Community organizations such as ACORN, p. 65, sec 164
          Government is creating Healthcare exchange to bring private Healthcare plans under government controlp. 72, lines 8 – 14
          Government mandates all benefit packages for private healthcare plans in the exchangep. 84, sec 203
          AARP members, your healthcare will be rationedp. 85, line 7
          Government mandates llinguistic appropriate services – translations for illegal aliensp. 91, lines 4-7
          Government will use groups like ACORN & Americorps to sign up individually for government healthcare planp. 95, lines 8-18
          Medicaid individuals will be automatically enrolled in medicaid and have no choicep. 102, lines 12-18
          No company can sue the government on price fixing & there will be NO judicial review against the government monopolyp. 124, lines 24-25
          Employers must pay for healthcare for part-time employees AND their familiesp. 126, lines 22-25
          The government will tell doctors and the AMA how much money they can makep. 127, lines 1-16
          ALL employers must auto enroll employess into the government plan – you have no choicep. 145, lines 15-17
          An employer w/a payroll of 400,000 and up who does not provide government option will pay an 8% tax on ALL payroll p. 149, lines 16-24
          Any employer w/a payroll between 252,000 and 400,000 who does not provide government option will pay a 2 -6% tax on all payrollp. 150, lines 9-13

        • Patrriot says:

          Provider, I had to split this reply in two as directed by the site administrator. Here is the second half:
          Any individual who does not have acceptable healthcare according to the government will be taxed 2.5%p. 167
          Any non-resident alien is exempt from individual taxes (you and I will pay for them)p. 170, lines 1-3
          Officers and employees of healthcare administration (government) will have access to all Americans' Financial and personal recordsp. 195
          The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax p. 203, lines 14-15
          Government will reduce physicians' services for Medicaid – seniors, poor and low income will be very affectedp. 239, lines 14-24
          All doctors no matter what specialty will be paid the samep. 241, lines 6-8
          Government will set the value of doctor's time, professional judgements – literally the value of human lifep. 253, lines 10-18
          Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industriesp. 265, sec 1131
          Federal government regulates rental and purchase of power driven wheelchairsp. 268, sec 1141
          Treatment of certain cancer hospitals – cancer patients welcome to rationingp. 272, sec 1145
          Government will penalize hospitals for what the govt deems preventable re-admissionp. 280, sec 1151
          Prohibition on ownership and investment-the govt tells doctors what and how much they can own p. 317, lines 13-20
          Prohibition on expansion – govt mandates if hospitals can or cannpt expandp. 317-318, lines 21-25, 1-3
          Hospitals have the opp'ty to apply for exception but community input is req'dp. 321, lines 2-13
          Rationing – gov't mandates establishment of outcome-based measures – healthcare the way they want itp. 335, lines 16-25 & pp 336-339
          Gov't has authority to disqualify medical plans, HMO's, etc, forcing all into the govt' healthcare planp. 341, lines 3-9
          Government will restrict enrollment of special needs individualsp. 354, sec 1177
          Government creates MORE bureaucracy: telehealth advisory committeep. 379, sec 1191
          Gov't mandates advanced care planning consultation – srs will be interviewed every year for health issues and decisions made as to what care they can and cannot receivep. 425, lines 4-12
          Gov't will instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of att'y – this is mandatoryp. 425, line 17-19
          Gov't provides approved list of end of life resources – guiding you in deathp. 425, line 22-25; 426, lines 1-3
          Gov't mandates program for orders for end of life – the gov't has a say in how your life endsp. 427, lines 15-24
          Advanced care plannning consultation will be used frequently as patients health deterioratesp. 429, lines 1-9
          Advanced care consultation may include an order for end of life plans – an order from the gov'tp. 429, lines 10-12
          Gov't will specify which drs can write an end of life orderp. 429, llines 13-25
          Gov't will decide what level of treatment you will have at end of lifep. 430, lines 11-15
          There will be community-based home medical services such as ACORNp. 469
          There will be one monthly payment to such community-based organizationsp. 472, lines 14-17
          Gov't will cover marriage & family therapy which means they'll insert gove't into your marriagep. 489, sec 1308
          Gov't will cover mental health services including defining, creating and rationing those servicesp. 494-498

          2 trillion dollar price tag

      • keeptrying says:

        and this changes death panels HOW??? Every single health insurance company in the USA already has similar "panels" that decide without ever meeting a person whether they should be treated or permitted to die….Not only do Insurance companies have such, so do hospitals. Don't believe me? Call any OB ward in the country and ask them what gestation is required before they will attempt to save a child who is born alive – some will go as low as 20 weeks, but most are around 32 weeks. (oh my a death panel has decided children below a certain gestation have no right to survive! anyone who has had a child in these circumstances knows how true this is) or how about the people who are refused life saving treatments because "their quality of life is not high enough" a phrase commonly used for people needing an organ transplant when they are denied. keep having the wool pulled over your eyes that these panels don't already exist.

        • Chuck says:

          Yes, but you can chose an insurance policy. You have no choice with a government mandated policy. I prefer to be able to choose from a company that is trying to serve me, compared to a government service that does not have my interests at heart. You see, I can leave a private policy for another better private policy, we can't leave a government policy. Also, please site for me any well run government program? Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt. Finally, if you don't like insurance policies, you can pay for medical services out of pocket. When Obamacare is implemented, that choise will also go away, as the government must get its hands on your money.This is the real issue. The government must always get its hands on your money because they are greedy, not because they want to provide you with a service.

      • kfc2003 says:

        There are death panels NOW through private insurers. THEY decide what is covered and if they don't want to cover your cancer drugs, or the only treatment that will work for you, they don't. All the time their CEO's are making HUGE profits. However, since ObamaCares, my disabled daughter is now able to stay on our health insurance policy until she is 26 years old, she cannot be denied coverage because of her pre-existing condition (she had been denied care in the past,) my husband's high risk pool insurance premium has been reduced by $200 per month, my Part D coverage has improved (I pay less during the coverage gap,) and we have no more lifetime maximums to worry about! Open your eyes, people! This will help bring our country up to the standards of other non third-world countries and improve health care for all.

        • NotFooled says:

          You might want to double check the rules in OBC concerning Special Needs persons. You're in for a big surprise!

      • BigD says:

        Obama says you don't need that surgery, just take a pill.

      • itsme says:

        I was denied because I am not pregnant or considered disable. Graduated in 2010, looking for work and been on contract, need ear surgery so I dont lose my hearing and developed a rare auto immune skin condition where I now need to see an allergist. Just wanting to take preventative measures so I don't have to be on disability, but I was denied because 1. I am not disabled and 2. I am not pregnant.

        I have been working since I was 17 and when something you have paid into for so many years is not available when you need it, is a sham! AT the same time, Medicare/Medicade, Social Security and taxes were all meant to be options that we decide if they come out of our payroll, not the damn thieving, robbing government! Do I get the benefit of the monies that were taken out of my checks? NOPE, because these monies are used for individuals that come here from other countries instead —- not going to say anymore because it would not be pretty. SO FURIOUS!

      • Jamie says:

        That's 110% false, and has been rated pants on fire by every fact checker out there. Quit listening to your doomsday propagandists and do your own research.

    7. Patriot Diva says:

      You forgot to include the provision between pages 1000 and 1003 calling for the microchipping of personal and health information into the arm of every American by March 23, 2013.

      • CaliforniaGirl says:

        I searched the whole health care document(HR 3962), especially noting the pages you mention…found no reference to microchip, or microchipping. Please provide a reference article or weblink.

      • Patriot Diva says:

        Don't shoot the messenger people! Why the five thumbs down?

      • @ReformedRep says:

        Put your tinfoil hat on….

      • betty grice says:

        making them Tenn. as of right now.I will never have it.

      • Karen says:

        It does not refer to people, it refers to microchips be recorded for things like pacemakers, implants, joint replacements etc. This is already done medically so that if there is a recall or issue with the product that the individual can be contacted and the issue replaced or resolved.

      • @JoshPostema says:

        Either show your references or stop posting. There's no need for lying in a debate about something as important as this.

      • tmagou1 says:

        That is completely without foundation. It is just another right wing scare tactic. I get so tired of hearing these blatant misinterpretations of the health care law. Anybody with a little bit of common sense knows something like microchipping your arm is a violation of your civil rights and can't possibly happen in a civilized country.

        • Jones92176 says:

          if a government could care less about your individual rights (by forcing you to pay for health care and parts of it that violate your conscience) what makes you think that same government will respect your civil rights?

        • SamAdams73 says:

          Don't pretend to predetermine what can or cannot happen in a so-called civilized society. History is littered with the corpses of millions of people who thought they were protected by a civilized society.

      • Elizabeth McLean says:

        Where did you get this info and how can I look it up? I tried to download the entire thing but it just gave me an outline or table of contents and that was as far as it would take me.

      • Chaz says:

        Wrong? Please see http://www.snopes.com/politics/medical/microchip….

        I dont trust snopes

      • debbie says:

        Is this true?

    8. So many, many hidden agendas in this program, I don't see how any, well meaning, HONEST elected official – who by the way – were elected to "serve" the American Citizens – could have voted this in. Had the vote been sent to the "real people" of America, it would never have passed. It is all crooked, and deceitful, and goes against our constitution and the free will of the People of the United States of America.

      • Karolyn Sailer says:

        Oh, you forget. Princess Pelosi informed all that they would have to vote for it before they could see what was in it. Any Congressperson who voted for it should be Voted Out!

        • itsme says:

          Didn't Obama say when he ran in 2008 that everything would be transparent and we the people get to vote on matters before they were passed? Seems like someone didn't keep his promise either.

      • They didn't have much of a choice. The democrate leaders, Nancy and Harry were telling them – don't worry about reading this massive bill just vote for it, You can read it later. Talk about RAMMING it through.

      • good dem says:

        Over 60% of tje public supported it. The smart ones. It wad a republican plan to begin with there just mad they didnt pass it.

    9. Since Jan 2012, my private insurance is paying certain benefits at less than a medicaid rate thanks to Obama care. This is immoral!! I pay for my insurance and have to pay for my coverage. What is wrong with this picture?!?

      • Mic says:

        My premiums went up almost $200 a month this year due to "increased cost in medical expenses". I rarely use my insurance. I have a daughter with diabetes (4 years now) and other than her initial stay, has not been back to the hospital or doctor other than regular checkups which we space out as far as possible because of the expense (both travel time – nearest doctor for her is 3 hours away – and payments – because my deductible is so high). Then I'm told that my premiums will go up again and again for this bill? I'm getting nothing out of this except higher premiums.

      • itsme says:

        At least you have coverage. I can't get coverage as a college grad because there is no work. When I applied for medicaid I was told that I am not disabled nor am I pregnant, so I am not eligible. It does stink that you have to pay more now because of Obama care, I know many families in the same situation as you are.

      • Jamie says:

        It isn't due to Obamacare, those provisions haven't hit private insurance – only Medicare.

    10. You all talk a big game but what are YOU doing to guarantee Obama has his bags packed in November?

      • Mic says:

        I voted and am talking to everyone I can (even on Democratic FB/websites) about it. I will be certain to vote in November as well. I write to my Congressmen on almost every issue … and all the representatives on FB every chance I get. I'm fed up with the lies and distortions from our government (from the President down). I hope every one of you will put at least your representatives on your FB or your e-mail and hold them accountable.

      • Joyful says:

        Praying Psalm 109:8 "May his days be few, may another take his place of leadership."

    11. Pip Moggy says:

      I think you might’ve missed this one at least the second half of it. All new insurance requires free visits and prescriptions for obesity, smoking and birth control and 30 something other items. An in return Obamacare tells the insurance company to cover this cost you can drop the following items from your screening: ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, cutaneous melanoma, basal cell cancer, squamous cell skin cancer, bladder cancer, glaucoma and asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis. also a whole bunch of heart and vascular disease testing I just don’t understand that sounds important. If you and the doctor decide any of those tests are important you will be responsible for the full price of the test and the visit. Can somebody please tell me if I misread the mandates under ACA requirements and recommendations. The good news is if I'm right and makes me depressed that's one of the free doctor visits.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        My supplement went up as well as did Medicare part B, this took care of the first increase in 3 yrs., It's time for ALL people to STAND UP an tell POTUS and Congress that we want the SAME values as they have and LET DOCTORS decide medical neccessities NOT the GOVERMENT or INS. COS., Soc. Sec. is being put in jeopordy by his cutting that rather than cutting the rate of Income taxes.

      • Polsavvy says:


    12. Tara Janes says:

      Also, our medical records will no longer be private, any yahoo with a government badge will be able to see them for whatever reason they want. AND they have access without informing us, to our bank accounts and savings.

    13. Just 10 more reasons to get this fool out!

    14. kes says:

      Sounds very practical and even-handed to me. Health care is a basic human right and wealthy individuals/companies need to get used to the idea that the days of unlimited and ruthless exploitation of the working class are over.

      • DaMama says:

        No, health care is NOT a right. Your obvious bias and prejudice against people who have earned money through hard work is typical of the leftist liberal mindset that permeates our country today. There are always bad apples in a barrel, but you associate every wealthy person with "ruthless exploitation", which is bigotry. I am a lower-middle class tax paying American, and I don't want people making more money than me paying for my healthcare or my food or my rent. It is MY responsibility to provide for my self and my family. It is NOT the government's job to make sure that I have health care. There is enough government intrusion in our lives today, and forcing people to buy government mandated insurance is immoral, unethical and unconstitutional.

        • EasyPeasy says:

          I have a hypothetical situation for you. Lets say you decide to exercise your right and do not take healthcare. Now lets say you get into an accident or discover you have cancer or just randomly drop with a heart attack. You will now be responsible for all the doctor, hospital, and medical fees associated with this incident. Now let say you do not have to money to pay for these bills (most Americans) which can come to millions of dollars. Who will be responsible for paying these fees? Certainly the doctors will not be giving away their services for free. This is where everyone who pays for health insurance will be responsible to foot your bill. Seems pretty hypocritical to expect other people to pay for services you receive for free while never contributing your share. I'm all for giving people the right to buy or not buy insurance, but with that right I think people who do not elect for insurance should not be allowed to use ambulances, hospitals, etc. that my insurance premiums help pay. So you can elect to not have insurance and then if something terrible were to happen to you, you will not be able to get medical help in any form, this IMO is much less ethical, constitutional or moral than simply making everyone be insured.

          • @JoshPostema says:

            This is pretty inaccurate. Our current system allows people to receive treatment; they just have to move into debt to do it if they don't save.

            But that is no different than someone who routinely has no money for food and has to put it on a credit card, or no money for rent and has to take out loans to cover it. Responsibility is a requirement for liberty.

            • easy peasy says:

              What I said is very accurate. Every health insurance company currently pays hospitals a fee in the event an uninsured person who is unable to pay goes there. Also food doesn't cost millions of dollars. Additionally a person will not randomly require millions of dollars worth of food in the 1 second that someone's health can just change.

              And to Thor below, doctors have to give people care. That's not my morality, its the law.

          • THOR says:

            That is YOUR morality. You are using the government to impose your moral view on those of us that do not agree.

            This is an individual problem. No one should be forced to pay for anyone else and no one should be forced to provide a service. Get the government out of it and let us all take care of ourselves. I would prefer to die from cancer than have you steal my personal freedoms under the guise of what's good for me. Get out of my life!!!

          • guest 24 says:

            What you want is socialism.

          • Guest says:

            If the government got out of insurance and let them cover things like cancer or heart attacks, insurance would be affordable. The problem is that the government has required insurance to cover uninsurable things, like turning 50. When you turn 50, your insurance has to cover colonoscopy. It is these preventative procedures that drive up the cost of insurance. Imagine how much your car insurance would be if it included free oil changes, tires, wiper blades, alignments, security systems, driver training and a thousand other things designed to prevent accidents or theft.

          • jmags says:

            The slow erosion of your liberties is what you are overlooking. The federal gov't under the constitution does not ahve the right to impose a penalty on an individual for not doing something it mandates! Get it?

            Or do you prefer to give up the foundations of this country?

        • Candice says:

          So is it also immoral, unethical and unconstitutional for your state government to mandate you have minimal coverage on your automobile in the event you hit someone else? Because that has gone on for years without anybody protesting. No hospital can turn away someone for lack of insurance, and the bills they run up get turned over to the government to pay with our tax dollars. If everyone was as responsible as you clearly are then absolutely yes this aspect of the bill would not be needed and would feel intrusive. But that is not the reality we live in.

          • Guest says:

            Auto insurance is required because of our liability for damages to others; not ourselves. This is totally different than mandating everyone buy health insurance.

          • Jeanne Stotler says:

            You are so wrong, if hospital bills are not paid by mecicaid, Insurance or by the patient, they are written off and basically all of us pay these but not local or federal Gov't, same with Doctor bills, they ca sue you, but if you claim bankruptcy, he just ups his fees so asto cover his cost. We do not need the Goverment in our lives.

          • Stephanie says:

            Hi Candice – that argument has been debunked for a long long time. Here's just one response from Diane Auer Jones: http://chronicle.com/blogs/brainstorm/mandatory-h

            "I keep hearing comparisons between the proposal for mandatory health insurance coverage and the requirement that drivers maintain auto insurance. Sounds good, but the comparison just doesn’t work. In reality, car-insurance coverage is not mandated to all Americans, all adults, or even all licensed drivers (one can maintain a license but not auto insurance if he or she does not plan to drive a car). Auto insurance is but one price that must be paid in order to enjoy the privilege of driving.

            Alternatively, the mandatory health insurance proposal would essentially require that, in exchange for the privilege of … citizenship? Residency in the U.S.? Life? … one must procure health insurance for herself and her family. Can pedestrians “opt out” of mandatory health-insurance coverage, and more importantly, where in the Constitution does the Federal government have the right to mandate health insurance coverage in the first place?. . . "

            NOT the same, not the same at all. I'm sure "The Foundry" even has the debunking of this myth here somewhere.

          • Kim says:

            You can choose to buy the car in the first place. Not everyone owns or drives a car, it is a choice. We cannot choose to be human. Requiring insurance for everyone who is a human is not the same as requiring car insurance if you CHOOSE to buy a car. Besides this, not every state requires car insurance, I believe Tennessee does not. A car is something you buy, a house is something you buy, but requiring you to insure a yourself? That is unethical. Besides if someone doesn't pay for their visit, the government is not paying for this, the hospitals are.

          • Sheesh says:

            Actually, being compelled to buy anything is unconstitutional. And there are plenty of protests made–they just fall on deaf ears because of big insurance lobby support for such laws. Just like they give speed radars to smaller police jurisdictions out of their concern for "safety" when every time one of their forced customers gets a moving violation it is carte blanch to crank up their insurance rates. And if we had a legal system that enforced individual responsibility instead of corporate/government cronyism, individual liberty wouldn't be the terrible liability like which you make it sound.

        • Jamie says:

          But it's the government's job to make sure you have car insurance…? Please.

      • Bigvarmit says:

        I doubt if you will think this when you are told which doctor to see and which hospital to go to. You will have no choice left. If you are over 65 kiss Medicare goodbye. Obama care is taking over $500 billion and giving it to Medicaid patients. He is hiring 17,000 IRS agents. Why do we need IRS agents in a health care bill?

        • God help us, I can't begin to express the awful feelings I have about BO, still wondering how in the world he got this far!!!!!!!!

        • Candice says:

          Seriously?? Insurance companies already mandate what doctors you see and what hospitals you go to, and I work for a Fortune 100 company so supposedly my insurance is better than what many others receive. I am NOT defending all the aspects of the ACA by any means, but I do think there is something wrong when a country as great as the USA has a healthcare system that is ranked 30-39th in the world by the major studies done over the past 10 years. Perhaps if our elected officials got the insurance typical of what their constituents have available to them they would have done a much better job with this bill!

          • scott says:

            Insurance companies don't mandate it, the employer does. Every employer purchases different tiers of benefits that define what is covered or not and for how much. They also determine how much they pay and how much you pay. Where we rank in those studies depends on the definitions and criteria used in the study, so you can't automatically assume that we suck. I lived in England for two years and their system really sucks, especially for the price you pay 20% of income went for taxes and insurance. sounds great right? too bad that was for 20 hours a week at minimum wage! NO ONE here pays anything close to that AND they are going broke providing that so called coverage.

          • Anna says:

            I think you would appreciate the book "We The Patients " written by Sam Romeo M.D.
            It is bipartisan and very eye opening…. He has served as the dean of health at some very prestigious med schools , raised 4 sons ( all surgeons). He warns of rationing and gives examples. Nothing conspiracy theorist-like. People need to start taking better care of their bodies. Where's the accountability?

        • Jamie says:

          That is total poppycock, and every political fact checker has proved that wrong. You WONT be told what doctor to see OR what hospital to go to, unlike ALL PCP plans that are currently in effect. It isn't democrats destroying Medicare, that's Republicans – Republicans are just better at lying and convincing you they have your best interests at heart.

      • Novotny Chad says:

        Whats even, you tell me where in our constitution that government health care is a basic human right at the expense of government and everyone who works and makes there own way in life. Where else in this world do you have so many freedoms being part of the working class. You make us sound like a sweat shop. A lot of our ancestors fought hard for the rights and the 40 hour work week but it is people like you who keep wanting more and more, that in the long run make us weak as a society, we need to promote HARD WORK not government handouts how do government handouts make people aggressive and want to work when they do not have to. The working class is getting smaller thats why it is not as strong because who wants to work when you get it for free!

      • No Mo BO says:

        Kes, I can almost bet you still think your going to get this magnificent healthcare for free don't you?

        • Evelyn says:

          Who gets healthcare for free…anywhere?? My private healthcare costs my husband and his company a whopping $1500 per month for a couple. Not so Magnificent!

          • @JoshPostema says:

            Insurance tends to drive up prices, sadly. Universal insurance will magnify this. If insurance didn't cover EVERY SINGLE MEDICAL NEED (like doctor's visits), it would not be as ridiculous.

            • It's not like automobile insurance covers routine maintenance and repairs…so why must health insurance cover such things? Whatever happened to the option of catastrophic care coverage only?

              Imagine if we all paid cash for things like doctor's visits? Prices would plummet.

            • Jamie says:

              Actually, the whole point of universal health care is to drive costs down, just like car insurance did, and is why the individual mandate is so important – without it, someone could buy insurance, have surgery, then drop it the day after surgery causing premiums to sky rocket. Insurance is currently "ridiculous" because there is nobody there to keep the nice little guys behind the desks for raising your premium for no reason, dropping your coverage, or denying you coverage. Nice try though.

      • steve says:

        Kes, really? you don't believe that middle class America embraces this do you?? and FREE? my goodness costs will sky rocket. it is nobody elses business if you have health care or not. as it is nobodys business if you have car insurance. you are guaranteed pursuit of happiness and not guaranteed to make as much money as the next person, simple math dont try to confuse common sense issues.

      • Patrick says:

        If it is so practical and even handed, why does congress, senate and the white house members exempt from this Health care plan? They will not be "tax" for not buying into this.

      • DKM says:

        You should take care of your own needs, don't ask others to pay for anything.

        • Jamie says:

          Nobody will be paying for anything that isn't theirs. People who aren't covered yet seek medical help at ER's, etc, are the ones driving up costs. Would you rather them die because they can't afford $600/mo premiums with 2 part time jobs?

      • Bobbie says:

        everyone has a right to take care of themselves without government GIVING YOU THE RIGHT! Involving government into your personal health care is giving up your control to your personal health care. Why would you want to add a problem, feed the problem, have to deal with the problem, when it has no knowledge in health care except controlling it?

      • gary says:

        I have socialize health care through the Veterans admin. Believe me you dont want this obama care to live !!! In January of this year I went in and told my VA doctor I had a lump in my throat and That I had smoked For 45 years and have taken Nexium for years, Also people who were sprayed with agent orange have the hightest rate of throat cancer ! It took two weeks to get into doctor , it took him 3 minutes to send a order to Dayto ohio Va to order a CT scan . it took another 3 weeks to get this done and had to drive one and a half hours to get there. That was 5 weeks ago and I have to go back on March 16th to see a throat doctor !! If I have cancer , then I guess early detection does not apply in social medicine !!! You should really think about voting Obama out . And if this is not enough , I can give you a bunch of other reasons !!!

      • Jerbird says:

        What constituion are you reading? In American, the very reason for the phrase "American Exceptionlism", is that we are granted the rights to pursue our definition of happiness, but we do not ensure your efforts lead to equal results. If you want that, there are several failed European socialistic democracies to try out. I suggerst you take the next plane out! I'll pay for your ticket…

      • Karolyn Sailer says:

        Health care is not a basic human right. I have been in the "working class" all my life. I managed to pay for things I want and needed. I had no right to expect anyone else to pay for these for me. Get over yourself. Greece, we will join you soon.

      • @JoshPostema says:

        Rights are a lot different than insurance. No one has a right to insurance.

        For thousands of years, humans in civilization have not had access to universal healthcare as we know it today. Yet none of them felt like they 'didn't have rights'. The fact is, our modern healthcare is an amazing accomplishment, but it isn't a 'right'. It is ridiculously expensive for some treatments, but most of humans throughout history had fine lives without such treatments. In order for it to be a right, it would have to be true even without technology.

        Also, could you please identify the 'ruthless exploitation of the working class'. In addition, could you tell me how you explain people with no money becoming wealthy in America.

      • @JoshPostema says:

        Another perspective on this is that by giving the government control over healthcare, you actually remove rights from citizens. "Getting free stuff" is not a right, but being unable to get it any other way is a trampling of rights.

      • tec says:

        NO, health care is NOT a "right". However, our 'religious freedom was'; our ability to protect our privacy was; our bank accounts etc. Read DHIMMITUDE and see who OBAMA, PELOSIS and REID allowed to OPT OUT and we, including you, will pay for them. You may also decide to read about Tonopah Solar company, who Obama allowed to receive a LOAN for over $737 million…. like Solyndra in Cal. RE; Tonopah: The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
        * That's only costing us $16 million per job. * One of the investment partners in this endeavor is
        Pacific Corporate Group (PCG). * The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi, who is the brother to Nancy 's husband. Just move along folks…..nuthin' goin on here.
        Google Tonopah Solar company and see for yourself. Now, back to the mundane …. tell us again your comments as i am sure you believe in the mainstream media as well. You might also want to research Pickford v Glickman and Shirley Sherrod. WHat Obama seems to be doing is using the tax payer $$$ to give it to his "chronies". We are in serious trouble.

      • Rita says:

        Tell me where in the Constitution anyone is guaranteed the "basic human right" — health care coverage? You're living in the fantasy world Obama supports and lives in. He's as foolish as you are. When will you realize there's no free lunch in this world. Is that fair? Perhaps not, but life in general is unfair. And, please, will you leftists get over blaming the wealthy and corporations for all of your pathetic woes! You clearly do not understand basic economics and do not know how ObamaCare will cost you more in taxes and provide far less coverage. Those are the facts! Educate yourself rather than playing the blame game. I'm sick of hearing it!

      • Matthew Pohl says:

        "Health care is a basic human right" Where in the constitution did you read that??? Just because someone is born they're entitled to "cradle to the grave" health care??? You're too dumb to be allowed to post here. Hang in there, Matt

      • Bruce Wilkinson says:

        I have discovered that most people who complain about exploitation of the working class are not gainfully employed in the private sector. What they are really angling for is more subsidization of the rapidly growing government dependent class. Can you spell, "Conflict of Interest?" My advice to you is: Get a practical education (not Marxist indoctrination), get a job, and live the American dream! And get off the backs of the real working class before you completely bankrupt the country!

      • Lorrie says:

        These so-called "Ruthless People" have fought hard to get where they are and employ millions. Why is it suddenly evil to get and be rich? The higher the taxes, (To pay the $258,000.00 to ship Michelle's clothes to Hawaii for a tax-payer dollar vacation), the less money there is to hire more employees.

        It's basic trickle-down economics. Why is this concept so hard for people to understand? The less taxes the rich pay, the more they have to spend. Private jets? Why not? Each employ mechanics, pilots, crew, etc. Lavish vacations? We only have to look to the White House right now to see who's enjoying these!

        Please, research Trickle-down economics and it will make a lot more sense and you won't have quite the desire to demonize those who are rich. (And, No, I'm certainly not one of them, but I do believe people have the right to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    15. lois says:

      Obama keeps saying he has "5 more years". Has anyone found in the Healthcare Bill anything showing that he cannot be voted out? I am scared that something like this is in it. As much as he goes against the Constitution, I wouldn't put it past him to have something in this Bill where he cannot be voted out. I know this is really stretching it, but we simply cannot afford 4-5 more years with this President……

      • Audrey says:

        A good national emergency might keep him in without a presidential election…they love emergencies and can create one in a heartbeat..He has power and money and the liberals are cheering him on..they will wake up too late to see the monster govt. they have turned loose

      • Lisa says:

        If for some reason he decides to inact martial law he does not have to leave office. Belive me he will find a way to try and stay if he thinks he will loose. Remember what ever he says is a lie. Beware what ever he stand up and lectures about is the exact poisite of what he will do or believes.

    16. carlene says:

      Something can over the news that in England.. if you are obese..they.. can keep medical care from you UNTIL you follow their plan for weight loss and then lose the weight etc..now I do not disagree that if you are way overweight you need to take the correct steps.. BUT this will be another obamacare program…our health care will go down the tubes as it has in all the other countries who have socialize meds..Greece will have nothing on us..when it comes to debt..and if you go back in history.. Hitler did this exact same thing before he took over Germany.. History does repeat itself.. if we do not take the country back we will be just like German but who will come to our rescue..??? NO ONE…

      • Mike says:

        Hate to get really political here but you're correct. History does repeat itself and Gingrich has an excellent handle on history whereas the other candidates do not. When I listen to Gingrich he's the only one that has "Grandiose Ideas" and they're footnoted in history why he would do things. I tend to dislike him for personal reasons (multiple marriages, etc) however he's a candidate for a very public office and he does have good ideas on how to control illegal immigration, balancing a budget, increasing employment, etc.
        Just something to think about before voting in the primaries………

        • ken says:

          He who does not know history, is doomed to repeat it! This whole thing is only about power and control. As pelosi stated,"we will be envolved in EVERY aspect of your life". Now if that doesn't scare the bejesus out of everyone, I don't know what will.

    17. L.Sanchez says:

      Wow. Just wow. Ignorance is bliss, and you all are wallowing in it. You read 10 sentences and think that must be it. There is alot more depth to these "10 things" and they aren't painting the full picture here. Nearly all of them are misquoted or misrepresented. Very sad.

      "Has anyone found in the Healthcare Bill anything showing that he cannot be voted out? I am scared that something like this is in it. "

      Holy cow. I can't believe someone here even mentions something as insane as this. Do you believe that this little tidbit would have slipped by the nearly three hundred congress folks voting on this? This is the kind of ludicrous right wing talk that makes you all look ignorant.

      • No Mo BO says:

        Ummm L.Sanchez, they did say they didn't read it b4 signing it sooooo….

      • All American says:

        Since most of them did not read the bill before they voted on it, we are only now finding out whats really in it. Or do you not remember Queen Nancy,s statement that they had to pass it to find out what was in it!

      • Mark says:

        Newsflash Sanchez- this bill was thousands of pages long and congress was given all of about 12 hours after the ink dried on the bill to vote on it. Don't you recall your role model Nancy Pelosi saying we had to pass it to figure out what's in it, or in your Obama-zombie comatose existance did you forget about that? They will be finding hidden gems in this garbage bill for the next couple years. Wake up and educate yourself, fool.

      • EasyPeasy says:

        Once I read point 3 (which is wrong) and point 6 I knew this was not a valid source, yet others seem to read these as facts. Sad.

        I just hope the majority of Americans actually read or try to understand what this bill entails. Then they can formulate their own knowledgeable opinions.

        Oh and before people try to call me just as biased as this article, I actually don't like healthcare reform but for more educated reasons than posted in this "article".

      • Leslie says:

        They didn't read it! Talk about ignorance…

      • You must have no sense of humor!

      • Terri says:

        I have not read the Health Care bill and really don't care to. I am never going to support social programs other than for emergency short term help for those in need. Teaching people to be lazy and non productive citizens is wrong..Everyone has something to give and should be taught just that.

      • A Gray says:

        Mr Sanchez, You seem to forget…this ObamaCare bill was passed with being read by Most and I say Most of the Representitives that voted to pass it, It was rammed down our throats, with any knowlege as to what was even in it!! So you sir need to get off your high horse, and realize that we have no Idea what is next!!

      • Momma says:

        NO, signing a bill, which was too big to be read makes you sound ignorant. Nancy Pelosi told them all (Dems) "you have to sign it to see what's in it." I see nothing to explain your accusation of misquotes, etc. You can't attempt to disqualify anything without facts to back it up! Get a game and read up!!

        • Bobbie says:

          are you okay, Momma? Did you make a mistake in you comment? You quoted the opposite of the quote. Hope you're day lifts you up and truth is your focus…

        • Bobbie says:

          sorry Momma, my mistake. I read it wrong.

      • Patrick says:

        congressman stated that they did not know nor read the bill before voting it in. like nancy told them "pass the bill then find out what is in it. that is exactly what they (the dem) did.

      • Jamye says:

        There are many things written in the Obama healthcare bill that could have "slipped" by the nearly 300 congressmen/women who voted on the bill, since it has been well documented that most of them DID NOT EVEN READ IT in it's entirety due to the length of the document. Talk about scary, now that is scary, the men and women that we voted into a position to make decisions on our behalf did not even care enough about how this would affect the people they were elected to serve to read the bill in it's entirely because it would take too long and they had other things to do. Also the fact they they voted to make themselves, their families and their personal capital hill buddies exempt from the bills regulations speaks volumes to me!!!

      • Chuck says:

        Nancy Pelosi told Congress they had to pass it before they could read it. Whom di that make look ignorant?

      • Suzy-Q says:

        Hats off to you L.Sanchez!!! I am absolutely dumbfounded by the remarks of these people. To make such comments on the above list of items which has been totally manipulated from the actual Healthcare Bill. It only proves to me that these people are not smart enough to actually seek out the Healthcare Bill, read it and comprehend what they read. I do feel that it is lengthy and complex in parts, will take more than one reading to understand sections, but to "pick & choose" sections and then, apparently without understanding what is written in the Bill, sit here and misquote the facts because you don't understand what you read is just total ignorance.

      • Steve, OH says:

        people mention this insanity because most of those "congress folks" (otherwise known as Senators and Representatives) admit to NOT EVEN READING THE BILL!!!!!!

        As for the misquotes or misrepresentation, you speak in generalities. If your comment has merit and therefore we should take it seriously, you should have no problem coming up with specific examples. If you can't, then we all can just assume you are a brainwashed drone who can't think for yourself. So, please "enlighten" us with your "truth".

      • Mike says:

        I recall that Bachmann found the $1.2 billion in the bill that Obama had placed there to begin funding the healthcare bill that no one knew about. Even the congressmen and senators that signed the bill. I see that you realize that you have been hoodwinked by the Obama administration even though you voted for him. You believed his lies and deceit. So did the religious institutions in America (Catholic for instance) that believed him when he said they will not have to worry about their religious liberty taken away. You sir are a FOOL…

      • gary says:

        Dont you realize that it was all democrats that voted Omamacare into law !! And they didnt even read it !!! What kind of ignorant is that ?? I would never vote for a represenative who is suc a suck up that thay vote on bills without reading them !! Thats just dumb !! Why even have them ??

      • okiejim says:

        Sanchez: You are another useful idiot if you don't see the problems with this law. What part of freedom do you not understand? And yes, I can see this not being read by 300 congressmen and women. No one reads a 2000 plus page document written in governmentese. Do you read the fine print on your automobile insurance policy?

      • Mary......WI says:

        Stupidity is NOT a virtue!

      • I am one of the dimwits that would think such a thing. He is the kind of man, and I use that term loosely, that would put something like that in the healthcare. After all, wasn't it Nancy Polesi who said, "we won't know what is in the bill until we sign it". Any public servant who would say such a stupid thing as that is the kind of self serving indiviual who would do what Obama asks. I just wonder who (Soros) is really behind Obama.

      • Jan Dinkins says:

        The ObamaCare bill was passed behind closed doors in the middle of the night without a Republican vote.

      • Chrissie says:

        Yes I believe that "this little tidbit" would have slipped by the nearly 300 congress folks because none of them read the bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jack Ingold says:

        I guess you missed the statement made by Nancy Pelosi "we have to pass this bill so we can see what is in it". Does that sound like it was read by anyone except the originators who by the way were not members of congress but were Obama Czars. Guess who looks ignorant now.

      • Jerry says:


        Havn`t you people taken enough? I see that you don`t have the Love of Country to save your own country,..you run away where a corrupt Gov uses you,and is luring you with gifts.

      • Carolyn says:

        This "little tidbit" as you refer to, was rammed through without most of congress viewing what was in it. Get your facts straight.

    18. teresa Kerrigan says:

      can. This makes me want to just give up on the middle class status POOR IS THE NEW RICH!

    19. amy says:

      where can I read the actual bill in its entirety?

    20. Thank You Nancy Pelosi, Quote, "You MUST Vote on the BILL to SEE whats in the Healthy Care Bill" Again Thank You Nancy Pelosi.

      • Houston Rao says:

        Actually she said "you must PASS this bill before we can see what is in it". Just like a fecal test, she knew what was coming.

    21. tim says:

      Remember Polosi said "… we can't know what is in it until it is passed into law…" Pick any chapter in the bill and read it and you will be disgusted that our elected officials voted it in and led us sheep to the slaughter house. Pres O. has done some incredibly sneaking things since he has been in office, i.e. appointed czars that are so corrupt they couldn't possibly get elected; selected cabinet members and judges that are so corrupt they cannot make it through a Senate hearing so have to be recess appointments, executive decisions and orders that over-ride Congress, pretending that Congress is stonewalling him when it is actually the other way around, and on and on. If George would have tried any of these things the press would have called for a public hanging.

    22. Obi says:

      THis health care program will allow the feds to controll 1/6 of economy. do you really think that either party will be eager to eliminate that controll?

      • Mike says:

        Have you noticed recently that with all Obama is doing, ie circumventing the Constitution, planning with the States how to go around Congress, intrusion on our First Amendment rights, etc………that the Republicans are strangely silent on all these transgressions? WHY??????

    23. L.Sanchez says:

      Amy: Good ol' Wikipedia does a pretty good job of making it a bit easier to read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patient_Protection_a

      Just to show you how erroneous this is, take a look at number 7:

      "The Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, is a fifteen-member United States Government agency created in 2010 by sections 3403 and 10320 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which has the explicit task of achieving specified savings in Medicare without affecting coverage or quality.[1] Under previous and current law, changes to Medicare payment rates and program rules are recommended by MedPAC but require an act of Congress to take effect. The new system grants IPAB the authority to make changes to the Medicare program with the Congress being given the power to overrule the agency's decisions."

      So, no congressional control huh? (facepalm here)

      • Laura Henning says:

        L. Sanchez, yes Congress can overrule specific recommendations of IPAB but it will be extremely tedius and time consuming and require a super majority, thus in practical terms eliminating the possibility of its rulings ever being eliminated. What the government says in health care will be the rule of the land, and you, L. Sanchez, will have absolutely no say about it just as it is in Great Britain.

      • JMF says:

        IPAB = Death Panel

    24. Marz says:

      Why isn't any one screaming that Social Security and are NOT entitlements! I have been forced to pay into both of those programs for over 50 years!!!!!

      • Linda says:

        I'm with you Marz…

      • @JoshPostema says:

        It pays out far more than it takes in. Thus it is an unsustainable 'entitlement'. If people just put that money into mutual funds, they'd be able to retire comfortably.

      • Houston Rao says:

        Both provide you far more benefits than you paid in for – both require current and future taxpayers to subsidize the difference between what you paid in and what you get.

      • Lynette says:

        Well the baby boomers have been screaming that they are owed social security for years. My uncle is a millionaire and still insists he get his social security since he paid into it as a teen. . .

      • Bill Raybourne says:


    25. Nikki says:

      Here's what I learned today, but have not had time to verify. This one you will not believe. I ICE arrests illegal immigrants and starts deportation procedures, if the illigal is a female, and says she is pregnant WE MUST PAY FOR THE ABORTION if she says she was raped, or the pregnancy is injury to her health.
      Think I can't top that….If ICE, arrests an illegal immigrant and that illegal has started transgendere hormonal therapy, WE MUST PAY TO HAVE THOSE PROCEDURES CONTINUED SO WE DO NOT PUT INJURY ON THEM. My reps will be getting this in a question tomorrow, however, they never answer me!

    26. Evelyn says:

      The USA spends $6719 per capita on healthcare compared with the UK who spends $2815. USA has 26 doctors per 10,000 population; UK has 23 per 10,000. USA has 94 nurses/midwives; UK has 128. Hospital beds likewise USA 31; UK 39. Life expectancy here in the USA is 78 as in CUBA! Germany, Italy, France, UK, Canada, and Japan all have better life expectancies. Wake up everyone!! I have lived 28 years under both socialised and private healthcare and I can tell you which one I prefer.
      Fewer than 3% of people have an income of $200,000…that's 3.9 million of 140+ million. Will you be effected??

      • AWM says:

        Throw a little class warfare into the soup, eh Evelyn??
        We don't have "private healthcare" here…where did you get that idea?
        The medical system is truly another instance of crony capitalism. We may designate it elsewhise, but as long as a third-party pays- whether that third party is an insurance carrier or a government entity- costs will increase, and quality will decrease….and prices will rise over and above other market sectors…
        The best system would be where a competitive pricing model is allowed (advertising charging rates as well- sorry AMA!); where medical liability insurance is either purchased by a patient at time of treatment, or future legal action is prohibited; and where the individual pays for care directly from their own pocket.
        That is the best and only solution to the monstrosity under which we presently labor ….
        (What about an insurance that assigns a yearly dollar value to a person….from which that person directly pays all medical costs…..with a split of any remaining funds between patient and insuror? Or patient/insuror/doctor???)
        Other than such a system, it doesn't matter much: the crony capitalists- and the AMA- will be the only winners

      • @JoshPostema says:

        This information would be more helpful if you included the cost of the healthcare in both societies. I could live a far more comfortable life if I maxed out six credit cards today. I would have much better living, eating, and playing conditions. I may even prefer living that way. Overall, would you say I'm ahead of someone who lives beneath their means and pays cash, even if it means a less luxurious lifestyle right now?

        I'd recommend checking out John Stossel's video on healthcare. Just search Youtube for it. By far some of the best information about how insurance for every single medical need drives up the cost of medicine. Not to mention since medicine is hugely R&D, it costs a lot of money to get the latest treatment. But try telling someone suffering from some illness to get a less expensive, older treatment. I can tell you exactly how likely they are to opt out of the most expensive option available.

    27. Dave says:

      The article is a bunch of howash opinions as to the effects of various provisions. At least it is better than the out and out lies they were telling a few months ago.

    28. FAAQ2 says:

      You of course know that there are still morons out there who think Obama is god and will vote for him again.

      God help us !

    29. patt says:

      I have medical care , and its not gov't funded. But I worked 60 + yrs, part in a union to have it. am 81 yrs. old now. perhaps the best thing for our Gov't. (so they can collect their freebies after 4 yrs of work) is to euthanize all citizens after they reach 70.

      • Stirling says:

        I would hope you are being sarcastic about that age 70 idea.. The sad thing about obamacare is that that IS how they see the seniors. Rather then seniors being a wealth of knolege of life for the younger generation to apreciate and learn from, obamacare disrespects seniors by marginalizing their input on our society.

    30. This outlines Obama's plan and now that it has passed we can find all the details that Pelosi did not want us to know until it passed.

    31. Bon says:

      The "Government" gets it's money from the hard working AMERICANS to give to the lazy and those who feel they are entitled. What is fair about that. Just because I work hard and make enough money to support my family why should Obama get to just take that money away form me?

    32. Bobbie says:

      those that displayed such incompetence and disrespect to the peoples' Constitution, causing this wasted time, costly trouble, immense amount of money, weight on the shoulders of the responsible people, dangers to our health, resulting in destruction of human principles, values and deepening the crisis by ignoring their responsibility to read the bill, should be jailed or elected out! People are in position to make decisions beyond our control not fall lazy and take whats rightfully ours to control, away. How dare these 3rd world wannabes!

    33. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Pelosi said it all. Now that we know, what are we, the American people, going to do to repeal it?

    34. Mark Simmons says:

      As unthinkable as these 10 items are what is worst is what permeates this whole approach: It is a fundamental attack on freedom and liberty. The Federal Government is attempting to take away all choice, all liberties and force us to accept a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn't; force us to purchase it and support it, and do so under the penalty of law. Then it caps everything off by putting our health care decisions into the hands of people we trust the least: bureaucrats and politicians. Not ourselves, or our families, but bureaucrats and politicians.

      This is the most despicable, immoral, and unconscionable form of tyranny imaginable.

    35. Replace Obama and Repeal Obamacare!

    36. Nobody Important says:

      In my case, I was already aware of these ten damnations, but that's because I read Heritage research on a regular basis and then cite much of it on Another Slow News Day.

      Interested visitors to ASND are invited to browse the Update Topics / Barack Obama / Obamacare menu tree for additional sub-topical branches with extensive additional research on the various subjects.

    37. Obama care is as much a tax bill as it is a health care bill. Two years after it passed we're finally getting a look at it and it isn't pretty.

    38. Ron W. Smith says:

      Nice list, Alyene Senger. Now give us a list of how the things the Right will do to remedy the problems in our health care system will work. You know the problems as we all do. First is cost. Americans pay twice as much for adequate health care coverage as folks elsewhere in the developed world do, and all studies show that results don't come close to warranting the huge difference in price. Second, where portability of coverage is standard in Single payer systems, Americans, insured by private sector insurers almost too numerous to count,still lose coverage when they change or lose their job. Third, double-digit inflation in just about all costs in our health care system have resulted in increasing numbers of uninsured (now about 50 million) and in employers reducing benefits and/or requiring cost sharing with their employees. Fourth, exclusions from coverage are common among private insurers, sometimes on questionable bases, leaving folks vulnerable to huge hits insurance pools are designed to protect us against.
      I, too, have real problems with Obamacare, Alyene, but since the successful torpedoing of Single Payer and Public Option as Socialism by the health care industry and their allies in public office, what remains as a REAL solution to America's dysfunctional, overpriced health care system? When you give us the list of your suggestions, be sure to include the math that will clearly prove you're on the correct path. And whenever you feel tempted to say "free market solutions," show how the ones you propose will be an improvement upon the ones that haven't worked so far in a health care industry which, except for Medicare, has been free market all along.

      • Steve, OH says:

        If you call the Government rules about portability and the regulations forced upon insurers and providers truly "free market", then you don't understand economics. We haven't had a "free market" economy in many sectors for a long time (just look at the energy sector)

    39. Karolyn Sailer says:

      Social Security & Medicare. I paid for these every year. I pay a Medicare premium monthly. I am fighting my 4th round of cancer. Silver lining – I am fighting it now and not when Obamacare sets in. If I have cancer issues after 2014, the "Death Committee" will "cancel me" and I will be left to die.

    40. belleboy says:

      This health care bill was authored and approved by by Marxist/Socialist Communists.
      Besides our "Deceiver and Liar in Chief " Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and Charley Wrangle must be defeated.

    41. Janice says:

      I'm in the health care field and there are a lot of unhealthy, obese people here. There is no way that a government funded insurance will be able to remedy all the health problems. There will be rationing, of course with the Obama "un"-Care. What will be expected will not be granted the way we know it now. But, our children will not know any better. What sort of people will be attracted to become doctors with Obama care under the changes that we do not even know about yet. What about dental care? Nothing is said about that, which is included in a lot of insurance plans. Dental care is an outpatient benefit. I see more government controls and burn out in the health care field.

    42. JOE says:

      Oblamer will win again because, REPUBLICAN'S HAVE NO COURAGE. They will not confront him and make him answer for his lies and trashing the constitution. THEY ARE COWARDS.

    43. Provider says:

      I don't know why it all has to be about money. Of course a program that expands healthcare coverage to care for our own is going to cost some money.

      If any of you have been without health insurance for a time you know how painful it can be. I recently had a patient that went for 4 years without blood pressure medication because he couldn't afford it – this probably shortened his life and it is just not OK. We are better than that as a nation.

      I for one don't mind contributing a bit more to help people have a safer and healthier life. Don't worry, we will figure out how to pay for it.

      • Smell Test says:

        bull hockey, there are so many generic blood pressure alternatives that cost a few dollars a month that no one would have to go 4 years without treatment. Don't believe this story of yours at all or that you are even a provider. Many of the drug companies still run compassionate need programs for free or low cost meds also and many pharmacies offer a list of blood pressure meds for $4 a month with no insurance. Get real!

    44. Marc says:

      You will see a rise in the divorce rate ! And it won't be for spouse cheating on spouse. It will be because the President cheats on Americans! My wife has just informed that we have until 2013 to be married. Thank you Mr. Obama!

    45. KEN DECRANE says:

      I own a small business 8 employees. I have paid 100% for health insurance for 25 years. If Ombacare is not overturned I plan to drop Healthcare with our company. The government can now handle this. Thats what they want. Each employee can handle this. Vote to get him out!!!!!

    46. Linda says:

      I'll be right back, I have to go and throw up…..

    47. Romney Dickinson says:

      All kinds of gripes, complaints on obama's unconstitutional acts, evil, corruption, etc. But few, if any solutions other than voting him out. What if he is NOT voted out? It's the end of our Constitution, freedom, liberty, on and on. You and I will be living in a pure socialist nation witha dictator.

      Well, I have noticed on the rare ocassions that someone tells obama NO, he backs down. Of course he bribes, threatens, breaks laws to get a YES. But IF, IF, IF, IF the AMA, AHA, AARP, and many more would tell him NO he would break like a match. If 80 to 90 percent of all Americans work within OUR Constitution and break obama's mandates, executive orders, and czar rulilngs their are not enough jails to put us all in. I understand his civilian military group is being built to use against this, but I have also heard that many in the military and law officers will turn on obama and become a citizens militia. It is called civil disobedience; the same thing M. L. King practiced. It is time to tell this dictator NO. Our founders sacrificed much more than this and we are abused much more by obama than by good old King George. Think NO to all that is obama. Then go out and vote the Marxist out.

    48. Anne says:

      First – I'm so sick of hearing the statistics how "bad our healthcare/mortality/etc. is in the U.S. Stats can/and are manipulated to say whatever they want. We have high amount of obesity/ doctors trying to "save" even the tiniest or most frail of humans. And, primary here… gov't take over is certainly not going to improve that care. Secondly – We have some issues that need to be improved in our healthcare system – insurance shouldn't really have to be used to cover such small items – what would happen to other insurance carriers if every little cost had to be covered. This is such a prime example – we have some medical costs to be addressed – and the gov't takes a 2500 page takeover – that will not in anyone's view – actually lower healthcare costs!!!! Is gov't EVER the solution to any of our present problems? NO
      Third – Yes, read the Law 3692, IPAB has complete authority – except for a super majority of congress to override – which has never happened. Our congress is a poorly run/managed disgrace of anything closely resembling leadership, "representation" of the U.S.citizen!!! So many of these issues were discussed back in 2009 before the bill came law. It was only passed thru bribes and special deals. Our congressmen and Fed. leaders have insurance from one of the best medical carriers, we (as taxpayers) pay a large part of the premium, they receive their $100,000 – $200,000 salaries FOR LIFE regardless how long they hold office, approximately 60% of them are millionaires. They do not care, cannot identify with these present issues. If one really wants to make a comparison: Life insurance could be compared to medical insurance. Also, if one feels they "can't afford" medical insurance – will they find the $6,000 (just an example) to pay the premium or pay a small 2% fine? A "mandate" for this coverage is not only unconstitutional, the Catholics have shown it is not a one-size-fits-all policy; but people drive without a license, without insurance, while intoxicated and the penalties are a whole lot more than a small fine. It's just one of the many parts of this Law, that should be a clear indicator to all… look at the mess/the confusion/the problems and the so-called insurer groups or whatever haven't even begun. If I can, I will be voting for Ron Paul, simply because I believe him, and I believe he has the right idea. Our financial crisis is not just something to talk about – we are in real trouble. O'bama spent a year pushing this ACA Law – why isn't anyone complaining that waste of time. A good idea here and there, tort reform, work with some of the private insurers would've been so easy and right; but it wouldn't have been the complete overreach that Pelosi, Reid, O'bama, even Hillary wanted. Before vote for anyone in the fall – they will have to promise to Repeal O'bamacare!!

    49. Simple Simon says:

      According to Obama, the American public is not smart enough to make intelligent choices, therefore the all empowering government will do so as a public service.

      He is correct, his election a president proves that the American public cannot make intelligent choices.

    50. @doublejosh says:

      The majority of these items are all WONDERFUL things.
      Thank you Obama for trying to move our country out of backwoods 20th century models.

    51. Mindy says:

      Obamacare actually limited FSA spending on OTC medicines in 2011, not 2012. This has caused a tremendous problem for medical staff in doctors' offices as more and more people are scheduling appointments and asking for Rx versions of medications that are already available OTC. For example, a parent will choose Atarax instead of Benadryl in order to use FSA funds. This in turn increases health insurance costs and prescription insurance costs. The whole thing is a huge mess!

    52. Ron W. Smith says:

      Nice list, Alyene Senger. Now give us a list of how the things the Right will do to remedy the problems in our health care system will work. You know the problems as we all do. First is cost. Americans pay twice as much for adequate health care coverage as folks elsewhere in the developed world do, and all studies show that results don't come close to warranting the huge difference in price. Second, where portability of coverage is standard in Single payer systems, Americans, insured by private sector insurers almost too numerous to count,still lose coverage when they change or lose their job. Third, double-digit inflation in just about all costs in our health care system have resulted in increasing numbers of uninsured (now about 50 million) and in employers reducing benefits and/or requiring cost sharing with their employees. Fourth, exclusions from coverage are common among private insurers, sometimes on questionable bases, leaving folks vulnerable to huge hits insurance pools are designed to protect us against.

    53. lolwhat? says:

      It increases taxes on families earning over $250,000. (This represents less than 2% of American households.)

      It adds a new tax to investment income. "applied to high-earners’ investment income" (Please define high earners', only 7% of the American populous makes over 100,000 a year.)

      It puts new limitations on those with HSAs and FSAs. (So what you're saying is basically, you won't be allowed to defer tax by placing more than 2,500 a year into said account and you'll probably end up losing money because you're not allowed to purchase OTC medications with that money?)

      It adds a new tax on those who purchase medical devices. (Because it's not possible for manufacture's to make cuts to revenue of top earners or shareholder's, they MUST lay people off and force people to pay higher prices. Clearly, that's the only option.)

      It penalizes marriage. (What? Seriously? because married couples don't get any benefits from being married? Divorce rates are what discourage marriage, not affordable health insurance.)

      It violates religious liberty. (Please stop confusing religious beliefs with moral values. Morals can be obtained without religious belief.)

      It puts Medicare decisions in the hands of an unelected board. (No, just no… this isn't even remotely correct. Congress can still override the decisions, and the law specifically states, that the board can NOT make changes that will affect coverage or quality.)

      It puts a premium tax on health insurers. (Yet again, no other way to offset the costs than passing it on to the insured.)

      It creates a new unsustainable entitlement program. (This program is unsustainable because there would not be enough people signing up for it. So granted, while it might be well intended, it is in fact erroneous.)

      It puts over half of all Americans on a government program. (So you're saying 156,574,500 million American's would be on a Government program? Okay, well there's already over 100 million on federal programs, so that would make sense even without Obamacare, considering we have an ever growing and aging population. The 49.9 million Americans without health insurance are probably just lazy and don't matter right?)

    54. Diana says:

      This health care bill is scary, the way it was forced down our throats is scary, and Obama's scary! We all need to do EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER to make sure Obama's a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!!!! Talk to your friends, co-workers (if you have a job) & relatives! This evil man & his administration NEED to be stopped NOW! Then, they need to go to jail!

    55. daveposh says:

      If you want to spread the word, post each of the following lines as a twitter tweet. They will all fit in the 140 character limitation since twitter shortens the link.

      Obamacare increases taxes on families earning over $250,000. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare adds a new tax on investment income. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare imposes new limitations on Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare adds a new tax on those who purchase medical devices. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare penalizes marriage, allowing more taxpayer-funded subsidies 4 single individuals. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare violates religious liberty. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare puts Medicare decisions in the hands of an unelected board. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare imposes a premium tax on health insurers. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare creates a new, unsustainable entitlement program. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

      Obamacare puts over half of all Americans on a government program. http://www.myheritage.org/news/10-provisions-in-o… #tcot #geaparty #glenneck

    56. D.T. Radmilovich says:

      Included in ObamaCare is the takeover of student loans by the government. Now you don't suppose for a minute that this Trojan Horse in the White House would dare make these loans with so many strings attached, i.e., that a student may be told, say, where to practice medicine (after being told what specialty to study for of course), in exchange of the loan being "forgiven".

      Saul Alinsky's most dedicated student ever is alive and well in the White House. I have ordered my John Wilkes Booth costume for Halloween and will wear it proudly through the November election. Just kidding of course; film at 11.

    57. joey says:

      As per the mandate, the more people in the pool the cheaper the rates will be. Putting healthy people as well as sick people into the mix is what insurance is all about! When you buy house insurance do you complain that someone's house burns down and not yours that you shouldn't pay for his house, no, that is the nature of insurance! People are getting their medical needs met at hospitals and the tax payer foots the bill that way. Wouldn't it be better to make everyone pay their own way?

    58. Unhappy Voter says:

      Obama is going to be the death of this country and what it stands for. The man has no ideal what he is doing except filling his pocket with money and killing the rest of us. I did not vote for him because I know what he did in Illinois and would have rather see a pit bull in office than that man and his wife. He needs to pack his bags and get out of this country before he starts anymore trouble.

    59. Mary......WI says:

      I'm sure praying the Supreme Court kicks Obama care off the face of the earth! I'm 61 yrs old and figure I'll die early due to inadequate medical care. But then isn't that the plan of progressives..control the population! What better group of people to begin annihilating than the baby boomers and their parents!

    60. GET OBAMA out of office – please America — hopefully, the Supreme Court will find the entire Act unconstitutional. But Obama, and ones like him are RUINING this country, almost beyond repair.

    61. Clare says:

      If I refuse to purchase health insurance, does that make me criminally liable to society? Or, at best, does that make me an irresponsible citizen who is a potential burden to others in the event that I need hospitalization? Using that line of reasoning, perhaps all of us should have our groceries monitored at the checkout counter and stored in some government data base to insure that we are eating nutritionally sound foods (mandated by the government, of course) so that we will be less of a health care liability to others. If we are found to be eating too much junk food, consuming too much alcohol or smoking. etc. then perhaps the government will be justified in fining us a hefty penalty. And, my goodness, we could take this "responsibility for others" thing even further. I think parents who raise their children to be spoiled brats are a liability on society in the event that their children turn out to be juvenile delinquents or criminals or just plain lazy bums who won't work for a living. Maybe the government should fine them as well. Hmmm… the list goes on when you trust the government to run your personal life. We may as well have Sharia Law imposed now.

    62. As Ronald Reagan warned in a recording he made over 50 years ago: socialized medicine is the surest and fastest way to turn a country into a Socialist Nation! This is the ultimate objective of ObamaCare & is so blatantly obvious.

    63. tams says:

      The cap on Flex accounts will REALLY hurt the lucky people who have access to that. And what's the point? To do away with them altogether????

    64. Kenneth Ashley says:

      #9 &10 should not surprise anyone. Since taking office,Obama(or whoever he really is) has done nothing but spend us into bankruptcy. He claims to want energy independance while in reality he is sending more of our wealth overseas to pay importers that despise us. He denied construction of the Keystone pipeline, which help further his ultimate goal, destroying America from with in. In my 50 yrs of living in this wonderful country, I've never seen such a divisive president. He doesn't want Americans to come together as a nation and solve our problems. He wants to keep us in chaos and diverted from his policies. Also is anyone familiar with House Bill Con107? From my understanding it is articles of impeachment against him. I see where Leon Panetta told a Senate Committee that he didn't need Congressional approval to go to war. That the United Nations Approval was sufficient. Isn't this unconstitutional?

    65. MaryJa says:

      You are overlooking the fact that we are not fighting the right battle. While we should fight for the constitutional freedom of religious institutions, we should also be fighting for the same rights for ALL religious employers, no matter what type of business they are engaged in.

    66. Flicka says:

      Read the articles by Atul Gawande, assosciate professor of Public Health at Harvard and New Yorker writer, to learn the true impact that the health care reform law will have on this country. Can you imagine our country without the USDA? The same sort of outcry and misinformation about the USDA arose when it was first implemented by FDR. You can read about it in Gawande's articles.

      Here's an exerpt from one of his articles:

      "The health-reform bill that President Obama signed into law last week—the unmemorably named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—could prove as momentous as Medicare. Yet, because most of its provisions phase in more slowly than Medicare did, they are even more vulnerable to attack. The context, of course, is different. As Robert Blendon, of the Harvard School of Public Health, points out, the war against health reform in 2010 has not been an interest-group battle. The A.M.A. endorsed the legislation; hospital associations were supportive. Once the public option was dropped, most insurers favored the bill. The medical world will wage no civil resistance. This time, the threat comes from party politics. Conservatives are casting the November midterm elections as a vote on repealing the health-reform law. If they regain power, they are unlikely to repeal the whole thing. (No one is going to force children with preëxisting conditions back off their parents’ health plans.) Instead, they will try to strip out the critical but less straightforwardly appealing elements of reform—the requirement that larger employers provide health benefits and that uncovered individuals buy at least a basic policy; the subsidies to make sure that they can afford those policies; the significant new taxes on household incomes over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars—and thereby gut coverage for the uninsured."

      You can read more at: http://www.newyorker.com/talk/comment/2010/04/05/http://nyr.kr/d8GXC7.

    67. pointdan says:

      Nov 6, 2012 – TAKE BACK AMERICA !!!

    68. Bob says:

      This is not a good plan.
      However, I wish you know everything people would stop calling social security and medicare entitlements! Those of us who paid into the system for over 45 years earned those benefits, so they are not entitlements for us!
      They are entitlements only for the people who have done nothing to earn them; the healthy welfare people who would rather sit on their butts than work and the undocumented foreigners that Obama wants to vote for him. As a matter of fact he wants all of those in these groups to vote for him.

    69. To say you have a right to health care is to say you have a right to a doctor's services.

      Where I come from, we call that enslavement.

    70. Tina says:

      We have been but some minds are set that they are entitlements. If thats the case, so is a persons 410K as well as retirement and savings. When you are no longer are entitled to what you've paid into, its my feeling you've been robbed.

    71. THOMAS D. BOTOS says:


    72. Jon says:

      I hate to 'hate'… But Obama and his cronies absolutely nauseate me. I truly pity the country that my grand kids will be raised in.

    73. THOMAS D. BOTOS says:



    74. THOMAS D. BOTOS says:




    75. Lynette says:

      Wait a minute– since when is $250,000 middle class? If that's the case I've been living in abject poverty at the whopping $35,000 a year in a "right to work" state. . . and people think unions are useless. . . bah!

    76. Jan Dinkins says:

      Medicare and soc. security are entitlements(rights) because every tax-payer has paid into these programs all their working years…for most of us 30 or more years. Those who are on Medicare still pay for that benefits. The payment is deducted from your social security payment. These benefits are our rights because we have paid for them. Welfare and medicaid are not rights. This term, entitlements, was dubbed by Clinton so as not to "offend" payments, many of which are fraudulent, to welfare receipients.

    77. We haven't seen nothing yet!!

    78. CML says:

      It also gives the Government access to your banking accounts

    79. Rick says:

      OMG! Obama Must Go

    80. dee says:

      NOT one republican voted this bill in! it was a DemoraticHouse and Senate! with their fearless idiotsPukosi and ronald mcdonald reid) at the helm! TY because NOW WE T.E.A.are taking OUR country BACK! and 2010 was just the beginning!

    81. Saul Alinsky says:

      Give Obama another 4 years and we'll all be treated at Government clinics. Imagine getting your health care provided to you as quickly and efficently as when you go to the Post Office.

    82. Dave says:

      Two points for all of you so-called conservatives:

      Why is it the the US, still the richest nation in the world, does not provide some level of basic health care to every citizen? It seem to me that this is a very "family values" and "conserviative" ideal.

      This "religious freedom" you like to go on about begins -and end- between your ears. Get over it and move on to something important.

    83. Western Red says:

      "pages 1000 and 1003 calling for the microchipping of personal and health information into the arm of every American by March 23, 2013. " Barb was told by her Dr. that "since you are now over 70, don't come back for any more pap smears, because we can't do anything to change the outcome if you do get cancer". Why would we vote for pushing granny Barb over the cliff!!!????

    84. tazette says:

      Seriously people, we need to stop spending and having oversight in Medicaid. Not to be crude, but have the taxpayers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an 80 year old to save their life is ridiculous. We are all guaranteed to die. So why are we spending $300k, $400k or $500k on a single person for life saving medical procedures when they 80 or 90 years old? We can no longer afford it. What also should be instituted is a serious fraud unit for all of the scumbag doctors running scams out of their office!

      As far as taxes go, in Germany they have socialized medicine that is run by private companies. However, they are paying 50% in taxes. I bet if we add up all of the sales tax, property taxes, income taxes, etc. we would pretty much be at the 50% range. What do we get for it? Privatized expensive insurance. I pay over $5000 a year in premium for my family (3 members) with significant deductibles and co-insurance.

      It is laughable that anyone thinks that Obama will not make it another 4 years. The running Republicans are a bunch of out-of-touch morons and thank goodness for that because Obama is a shoe-in.

    85. tazette says:

      Wouldn't the Supreme Court knocking down this bill make the Mitt Romney health care reform also unconstitutional? I mean if its federally unconstitutional, then I don't believe a state could go against that grain. So the health care reform that Romney put in place would also be at jeopardy.

    86. jcjetusa2 says:

      Dr at the Johnson City Medical Center indicated as of 2013 (after the election), no one over 75 will be given major medical procedures unless approved by locally administered Ethics Panels. These Panels will determine whether a patient receives medical treatment or not. While details on specific operating procedures and schedules, Dr. Allen points out that most life-threatening emergencies do not occur during normal hospital business hours, and if there are emergencies that depend to be resolve within minutes or just few hours, the likely hood of getting these Panels approval in time to save a life are going to be very challenging and difficult, if not impossible she said. http://seniorcitizenspublicsquare.com/

    87. yiannis says:

      1. A $250,000 income is considered 'middle class' by you? Strange that the median yearly income in the US is $56,000. Are you protecting the rich (again)?
      2. It will hit capital gains? But Forbes magazine tells us that 60% of capital gains go to 5,000 people in Wall Street. So, again, your concern is for the higher earners in this country
      5. Under what reasoning does the bill discourage marriage (wtf?)? If it provided only for married couples then it would go the other way, by not providing for the individual
      8. It puts a premium tax on health insurers? Good! HMOs and corporate healthcare are the main reason why healthcare in the US today is so below par (and costs so much)
      10. I WANT to be on a government option for healthcare. HMOs are ripping the public off, keep costs high, and provide lesser care. Unfortunately they took the public option off the bill in a move of compromise with Senate Republicans

    88. Jiggsaw says:

      If this is the worst of it it's ok with me. I think it will make health care better for more people. The Government is not controling anything it is helping those who can't get help anywhere else. Just because things are good right now for some doesn't mean they are for everyone. So all you self centered people just shut up.

    89. Snowy says:

      It's obvious the majority of Americans DO NOT want Obamma Care for a multitude of reasons that all lead to taxes, increasing our debt, poor quality of medical care per person and on and on. If this can not be overturned,
      then ALL Americans, including senate, congress, all Washington government employees and OUR PRESIDENT be forced to follow and use this plan.

    90. ses says:

      It's all about Freedom..Just ask all these politicians that voted themselves out of having to sign up for Obamcare! The question is Freedom for Who? If the "Taxed Plan" is so great why don't they want on it? hmmm let me think?

    91. ses says:

      One more comment about the obesity part… I workout 2 hours a day and according to some charts I am still obese. Who's chart are we going to go by? My doctor's who says I'm healthy or the government that says I'm fat?

    92. Danika Madrid says:

      O please!!! I am not too concerened for those that make more than $250,000 getting an extra tax when the bulk majority of americans are way under that income line. I work hard, and cannot afford decent care because of my pre-existing conditions. Health insurance companies have made impossible for people like me. I do not agree with getting penalized for not having insurance, but no plan is perfect, and MANY MORE people will be better off with this than not!

    93. Steve says:

      Of course this is focusing only on the negatives. This law will do so much for patients in need of insurance. So what if we tax the rich more?

    94. Jack Belfitt says:

      I am English, living in England and have the benefit of the National Health Service. The contention is that free medical services are available for all irrespective of income. I must warn you though of the downside to our system. This provision is paid for through taxation. What happens is that the rest of the third world see this as an opportunity to provide for their own health needs as well without paying.
      Our government has great difficulty in refusing treatment to everyone who requests it. British hospitals are now crowded out with thousands of people of Asian and African extraction who are attracted by the free facilities available to them. It follows that the indigenous population who have paid for the service very often have difficulty in gaining admittance because there being many of the beds occupied by foreigners. I for instance who have paid in for this ‘free’ service for most of my life now also buy additional health insurance for when this ‘free’ service is not available. Now there are millions of foreigners just dying to get into the US. I warn you. Be very, very careful as the very liberal minded members of your political elite are really eager to let them in at your personal cost.

    95. Lee Lucas says:

      I was glad to hear that Mitt Romney wants to keep the most beneficial parts of The Affordable health Care Act. His health care provisions for Mass. are working very well, according to my family who live there. About 98% of Mass. residents are now insured, and a recent poll found that 67% of the people are satisfied with it.

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