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  • Ten Questions Obama Should Be Asked at Tuesday's Press Conference

    President Obama will hold his first official press conference since October on Tuesday. Plenty has happened since then: the president has illegally appointed four officials to federal posts, Energy Secretary Steven Chu has again demonstrated his lack of concern for rising gas prices, Iran has continued its march towards nuclear weapons, and the Department of Health and Human Services has usurped Americans’ rights to free practice of their religion.

    In light of these and other happenings over the last few months, here are ten questions that we feel should be asked of the president when he takes the podium on Tuesday.

    1. Your Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has now been on record three times stating it is not the policy of his department to help lower gas prices. Do you agree with Secretary Chu that this is not the job of the Energy Department?
    2. Your administration has touted the declining unemployment rate. Do you plan any policy proposals to deal with the steady – and ongoing – decline in labor force participation?
    3. According to The Heritage Foundation, there are over $2 trillion in tax hikes in your latest budget proposal, when you yourself stated that raising taxes is anathema to economic recovery. How will tax hikes spur job growth, or is that secondary to some other policy goal?
    4. Your Justice Department insisted the Senate was in recess over the holidays for the purposes of recess appointments. But the Senate passed the payroll tax cut extension during that period. Do you think Presidents should dictate when Congress is in session, were these appointments legitimate, and will you go around Congress on future travel weekends?
    5. What provision of the Constitution grants the federal government the authority to require religiously-affiliated groups to pay for contraception in violation of their own moral teachings?
    6. Does China’s decision to boost its defense budget by more than 11% give you any pause about repeatedly slashing our own military capabilities?
    7. Do you regret your administration’s hands-off approach to the Iranian Green Revolution given the country’s increasing belligerence and its continued pursuit of nuclear weapons?
    8. Your administration has no plan to reform unsustainable entitlement programs, according to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Why haven’t you proposed any real solutions?
    9. You continue to tout an “all of the above” approach to energy policy, but your budget proposal singles out the oil industry for punitive tax hikes, while preserving preferential tax treatment for wind energy, despite the fact that wind energy companies get roughly 100 times the amount in subsidies that oil companies do per kilowatt-hour (and that’s using the administration’s dodgy accounting. A more accurate measure puts wind subsidies at about 1000 times the level of oil subsidies). Do you believe the playing field should be leveled by eliminating all energy subsidies, or should government continue trying to pick winners and losers?
    10. Have you instructed Attorney General Holder to comply with the congressional subpoena related to the more than 60,000 documents that the Department of Justice has not turned over to House Oversight and Government Reform Committee?

    Note: this post has been revised to reflect the fact that wind subsidies are about 1000 times greater than oil subsidies, not the 100 times initially reported.

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    63 Responses to Ten Questions Obama Should Be Asked at Tuesday's Press Conference

    1. OxyCon says:

      Regarding question #9, Obama says he is for an "all the above" approach regarding energy, while at the same time he consistently mocks and ridicules drilling for oil.

      So how can Obama be against drilling for oil and be for "all of the above" at the same time?

    2. Don says:

      Great questions… who do you think has the nuts to ask them? I'd be glad to, but I'll never get in…

      • telephoneoperator says:

        I'd stand beside you and ask one or two questions of my own however other than the two of us and perhaps the author of this article, that's it.

    3. terry O says:

      Here is another:
      Tell us about your involvment with the teachings of Saul Alinski?

    4. JBinGB says:

      Seems to me that there should be a lot more than 10 questions, makes little diference he will only BS the country anyway.

    5. @LungDoc17 says:

      Great questions–unfortunately no reporter in our corrupt media will ask them.

    6. Good luck with getting anyone to ask those questions.

    7. B.j. Newman says:

      Yes he should answer these questions and not go around them! He owes America straight answers!

    8. Rob Riniker says:

      Every Family in america has to do more with less. every State has to has less tax income due to high unemployment. Why is the federal government exempt from tightening its belt like the rest of America? Take another lavish vacation and think about it. we await your responce

    9. 11. Your budget slashed the Federal Flight Deck Officer program (FFDO), also known as armed pilots, in half for Fiscal Year 2013. Your Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has publicly stated that she does not believe that an armed pilot is the last line of defense to terrorism. Do you agree with your Secretary and do you seek to wind down the FFDO program? If so, will you publicly state that you are against the idea of arming pilots against terrorism? The American people deserve an answer.

    10. Quite legitimate questions, that seem to be continually ignored.

    11. Confused says:

      Bonus Question #1: You have recently proposed a quadruple increase in Tricare premium payments for service members. (because of unsustainable costs) If the Government cant run Military Health Care efficently how in the holy freaking frack do you believe that the Government can run National Health Care?

    12. I think question number 10 should be moved to number one. If we had the answers contained in those documents, Joe Biden would be taking over until next January, when the Republican nominee is sworn in. I thought Clinton was bad, but this is a first in American history. For a President to flout the Constitution the way Obama has is unconscionable. It literally makes me ill.

      • Couldn't have said it better Melissa. I have often thought that too, how can anyone be worse then Clinton, now we have Obama. At least Clinton was willing to moderate some of his stances and work with congress. I have to give him that. Ideologues like Obama who think their agenda is the only one that counts, regardless of the constitution is down right scary! He said that he thought that the Constitution is an "imperfect" document. There is none greater ever written! I ask how in the world did this man get elected with this type of ideology, in our country. We cannot afford four more years of this guy.

    13. Mr. President, why have you moved the G-8 Summit from Chicago to heavily fortified Camp David?

    14. Dave says:

      Here's my question: If you're a Christian and you believe 2 Corinthians 3:17, "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom", then why do you think laws and regulations will bring us freedom? Why not leave changing society for the better to the churches and allow government to do what it should be doing, punishing wrongdoers and defending this country?

    15. Mark says:

      Ask Obama to give me 10 reasons why he wants to screw-up the best country in the world and take the rest of the world economy with it? Who is paying you to do this?

    16. YourDaddy says:

      I would much rather know about Fast and Furious and push it from number 10 to number 1 in the list of questions proposed. And we need an 11. I tried to pick just one of the ten to drop but could not really find one. We really need to know about the WANTA money. Seems to me this would resolve a lot of things and would wind up with a bunch of guilty elite in prison.

      This whole Wanta hidden money is just coming to light and needs to be disclosed in whole. We are talking about close to $15 trillion in funds from the Reagan era that were used to aid in the collapse of the Soviet Union by collapsing there economy through illegal trades in the world markets. If your not aware of the issue just Google "WANTA MONEY" or "Lord James Blackheath terror". This is a question everyone needs to find the answers to!
      Or you can go look at the Drudge Report if you think I am blasting a conspiracy theory. http://www.drudge.com/archive/83762/27-trillion-w

      Your Daddy

    17. City Kitty says:

      All excellent questions and I bet not one will actually be asked and if asked will not be answered.

    18. YourDaddy says:

      I would much rather know about Fast and Furious and push it from number 10 to number 1 in the list of questions proposed. And we need an 11. I tried to pick just one of the ten to drop but could not really find one. We really need to know about the LEO WANTA money. Seems to me this would resolve a lot of things and would wind up with a bunch of guilty elite in prison.

    19. Joe Opsahl says:

      Legitimate and reasonable questions that should be asked but won't by the main stream media.

    20. @5512d says:

      All legitimate and reasonable questions that need to be asked but won't by the main stream media.

    21. The bottom line….he is a sheep in wolves clothing!!! BEWARE!!!

    22. Pat Howe says:

      An addendum is necessary to question #2. The decline in employment doesn't reflect the millions of our best minds that are— "underemployed". How do you plan to help cope with this horrendous waste of lives?

    23. yoni says:

      Will the United States supply Israel with Smart Bunker Bombs so that we can protect ourselves? If Israel has to wait until after the elections – reassure us now by giving us the bunker bombs!

      What about Pollard? Would releasing Pollard take the Israeli mind off Iran for a while?

    24. BackwardsBoy says:

      11. In light of your refusal to adequately answer the previous ten questions, and your disappointing handling of the economy resulting in record numbers of Americans currently living in poverty, what positive reasons can you give the country to vote for you again in the coming election?

    25. JohnInFlorida says:

      Yup, Uh huh … we'll hear those questions when pigs fly …

    26. hallmark1 says:

      Good morning Lachlan:

      Great questions! I used them and linked to you in an article at The Political Commentator this morning.

      Forget Super Tuesday, let's play some softball! (http://bit.ly/xewf99)

      Mike Haltman
      The Political Commentator

    27. forget says:

      Good questions.

      unfortunately, none of the lap dogs (aka running dogs) from the press in attendance will ask any of those.

    28. Greg Ditrick says:

      Nope, they should ask him how he shot on the back nine and where he and/or Michelle are planning to go next month on vacation!

    29. Captain P says:

      Great questions! I second the motion! Any onions out there? Probably not..just go and observe, don't make any waves. Get me in the press conference and I will ask everyone of these questions word for word! I loved to see a bold woman stand up and ask any of these questions, have the SW Airlines film crew "rolling", as our socialist leader locks up.

    30. Matthew W says:

      Great questions, but they will never be asked !!!

    31. FitzFive says:

      Somebody needs to ask the tough questions
      The left wing media won't

    32. Dean says:

      It will be interesting how many of these questions are asked of this imposter, and how many lies will he be spouting again today.

    33. Dean says:

      How many lies will we hear again today?

    34. MarWal says:

      My guess is that the press will throw him softballs and give him a standing O as he hands out coffee and donuts.

    35. Guest says:

      Make it 11 questions and ask the President about his plan to cut health care benefits for active duty service members and veterans while not touching unionized civilian defense department workers.

    36. Alpaca_Dean says:

      Sadly, most of the questions he'll get will have to do with the diversion created by the whole kerfuffle around contraception… Questions about Sandra Fluke.. Questions about what color flowers in the White House flower gardens… you get the idea… waste of time…

    37. resistthedevil2 says:

      This type of tough questioning is reserved for Republicans. Don't hold your breath waiting for anybody in the press pool ( they come pre-screened) ) to ask anything like this.

    38. No one has the balls to ask the One questions like this, except maybe Tapper……… He'd just weasel his way around them with double talk anyway.

    39. Lloyd Scallan says:

      100 questions or one, does anyone expect Obama to actually answer any of them, let along answer honestly? Not a chance! Anyone that thinks Obama will is either a fool, or has the same ideology as Obama.

    40. toledofan says:

      Great list, but, does anyone really think the mainstream media will hold Obama accountable? LOL, it would be hillarious to watch him try and answer these especially numbers 4, 8, 9, and 10; he'd probably squirm so much he'd do a new dance and the media would call it the Obama shuffle.

    41. nojokes says:

      No way these questions will be asked and if asked he will lie to make himself look good.

    42. Ray Hunting says:

      These are great questions that every American should be asking.

    43. Larry W says:

      Holy Heritage Cow!
      Every question is at least a three base hit. Will any journalist ask even one?

      Question #10 and "a follow up… question #4" would consume Obama's rhetoric for hours.
      We pray someone in that room will be bold enough to try.
      Thank you Heritage.

    44. robert smith says:

      What ever his answers will be lies.

    45. Paul says:

      Even if they are asked, he will not answer a single one. The real answer is, destroy the economy at all costs, reset the so called uneven playing field, oh and by the way let's all get rich. Ohh I mean just the politically connected get rich. The rest of you must abide by the laws we make, that tax you to death, but how convenient for us, they don't apply.

    46. Jay Sattler says:

      Here's a question I'd like someone to ask, "Why the hell are you holding this conference during Super Tuesday, you egotistical, arrogant jerk?"

    47. tonnalcb says:

      Unfortunately we can ask all the critical questions we want to…he will dodge them all! He is a liar and a hypocrite and has NO intentions to save America…he intends to destroy us if we let him.

      • Larry N Stouffer says:

        …piece by piece. His insidious strategy to stealthily destroying our country is to approach it like a smorgasbord: a bite here, a bite there, etc. Quietly weaken us. Move expeditiously from one target to the next so no one will notice. One day we'll look around and wonder what happened. It's called death by 1,000 cuts.

    48. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Excellent questions, and this is why Heritage would never be allowed into this press conference.

      I have two more questions for our ruler…if you happen to get invited.

      1. Why did you pick Super Tuesday to conduct one of your very rare press conferences?

      2. Will your, excuse me, our AG be announcing today the capture and/or killing of some high-profile terrorist, excuse me, enemy combatant?

      I'm just really curious like a real reporter/journalist should be.

    49. Sharon says:

      With our liberal media forging the way, you can bet these questions will NOT get addressed!

    50. James Cheshire says:

      Please add: What are you doing about the stone walling of your Justice Department over "Fast and Furious"?

    51. Dean says:

      The THE FOUNDRY apparently doesn't beblieve in free speech. Two of my comments have not been published and I said nothing derogatory, just venting my feelings. GREAT JOB of censoring.

    52. Dave says:

      Debate . Unforunately only hope.

    53. Ray B. says:

      Great questions all.One more,will your superpac be returning Bill Mahers 1,000,000 donation?

    54. Bruce J. Cameron says:

      Have you, Mr. President, ever read "Atlas Shrugged"?

    55. Tony TONELLI says:

      I think a better day could have been selected for this importent issue!!

    56. CommonDamnSense says:

      President, Why would you pay attention to these fools? That is right, you are smart enough to keep the country moving foreward.

    57. mairbair says:

      just remember obama is a hologram we see him we hear him but there is nothing there we can trust in believe in or respect his sole reason for being president is to take America down permanently we must continue to work to defeat him in Nov because that is the way we Americans solve a problem legally and constitutionally

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