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  • Morning Bell: Defending Israel from the Iranian Threat

    Less than 1,000 miles from Jerusalem, the Iranian government is operating in open violation of international law in a singular pursuit of developing nuclear weapons. Under the cloud of this threat, Israel is considering all options in order to defend its very existence, yet President Barack Obama is failing to grasp the nature of the Iranian beast and has not offered Israel the resolute support it so desperately needs and deserves.

    Of course, the President’s record falls short of his rhetoric. In a speech yesterday to the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting, the President professed his love for Israel, insisting that his Administration has been a staunch ally to America’s friend in the Middle East. “I have kept my commitments to the state of Israel,” he said. “At every crucial juncture — at every fork in the road — we have been there for Israel. Every single time.”

    Heritage’s James Carafano writes that the President left out glaring details on his failure to stand with Israel — namely by failing to mention the years he spent trying to “engage” with the Syrian and Iranian regimes, his missed opportunity to embrace the Green Revolution against Tehran, and the time wasted pressing Israel to negotiate with a Palestinian authority that tolerates Hamas — a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

    Though the President pledged that nothing is “off the table” when it comes to dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat, throughout his Administration, Obama has failed to go far enough in lending Israel the support it needs at this crucial time and, in fact, has undercut America’s ally by warning that an Israeli preventive strike would be premature.

    The President’s weak commitment to Israel and inadequate posture toward Iran has resulted in a growing distance between the President and his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — a chasm that will be on full display today when the two meet for a summit at the White House. Netanyahu, of course, recognizes the significant threat that the Iranian nuclear program poses to his people. He is determined to prevent another Holocaust, through military means if necessary. Conversely, President Obama evidently does not grasp this threat, underestimates the ideologically based hostility of Iran’s Islamist dictatorship, and is relying on diplomacy backed by sanctions to keep Iran under wraps.

    In a new paper, Heritage’s James Phillips explains that this conflicting view of Iran has bred a glaring lack of trust between Israel and the United States. He says that today, the two leaders must begin developing a common understanding of how to confront Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and present a credible military threat to Tehran:

    Given the bellicose statements of Iran’s leaders calling for Israel’s destruction, Iran’s long history of supporting terrorism, and its growing ballistic missile capabilities–which can already target Israel–Netanyahu is understandably determined to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear capability. President Obama should make it clear that he fully shares those concerns and pledge to take strong action to prevent that from happening.

    Phillips recommends a series of actions that President Obama should take in order to bolster America’s support of Israel and combat the Iranian threat. Specifically, the President should make every effort to present a common front against Iran, clarify the red lines that will trigger U.S. military action against Iran, set strict conditions on any last-ditch diplomatic talks, and recognize Israel’s right to take military action in anticipatory self-defense.

    It is one thing for the President to profess his love for Israel — particularly in an election year. It is another thing for him to take significant action to back up those words. For too long, the President has embraced the philosophy of the “Obama Doctrine” — an effort to charm America’s enemies through engagement, while turning his back on allies like Israel who need America’s support. That strategy has not worked, the Iranian threat is growing, and Israel is increasingly vulnerable to nuclear annihilation. If President Obama wants to be a true friend to Israel — and he should — then he must change course and offer America’s ally the support it needs in guarding against its enemies.

    Click here to view this post in Spanish at Libertad.org.

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    55 Responses to Morning Bell: Defending Israel from the Iranian Threat

    1. Maine Coon Lover says:

      Obama is not going to help Israel like Ronald Reagan would because he's too much of a wimp and probably Muslim himself. That being said,why would he help them??

    2. Jillian Gordon says:

      It could not be more obvious that Obama is profoundly antisemitic, and has a deep and abiding love of Islam. There's no chance that he will do anything to support Israel. Quite the contrary – he would love to see it eliminated from the earth. Israel, as always, has only the strength of its own right arm to depend on. It should make an early pre-emptive strike against Iran. Obama will lead the world in condemning the action, of course, and he'll really mean it.

    3. Dr. Henry Sinopoli says:

      Obama is not the only one screwing up…check your buddy Limbaugh…He's losing friends faster than Israel in a Obama administration.

      (Don't be concerned, I know this will not be printed.)

      • bonjh says:

        Is that the best you can do? At least you admit that your guy is screwing up. Except obama doesn't consider it screwing up, he calls it protecting obama's interests.

      • Dave S says:

        And just what, exactly, does that comment have to do with this discussiion? Other than an offhanded reference to obummer and Israel.

      • steve says:

        You really don't have a clue do yo?. So sad. Go back to sleep and let the grown-ups take care of things you don't understand.

      • Jim Eaton says:

        Limbaugh is a entertainer not a elected official. There is a knob on the front of yor radio to turn him off if you want, not like Obama we have to wait till Nov. I am not impressed with that Dr. in front of your name.

    4. E Turner says:

      The fact is that President Obama has allegiance to only one agenda, his own, which I believe is of one item–for him to become the leader of the One World Order. If protecting Israel moves him toward that end, he will. However since Israel is so small in relation to the Arab world whom he would alienate by protecting Israel, I cannot see much probability that he will take any hard, direct action against any Arab state to protect Israel. Unlike most of the American citizenry, I believe Prime Minister Netanyahu is fully aware of this.

      • Citizen Jones says:

        FYI, Iran is not an "Arab state." They are Persians.
        Also, many Sunni "Arab states" would be delighted to see
        Shia Iran put in it's place even if at the hands of the American
        military. They may say otherwise for popular political consumption,
        but would delighted at the prospect, nonetheless.

    5. Ken Marx says:

      If we had a real president, one with some credibility, the solution, at least in the short term, would be simple. He would inform Iran that any attack on Israel will result in a response by the United States that Iran would find unacceptable. In other words, we would nuke the hell out of them if they tried anything. If Obama said that, their response would be "oh sure, like that's gonna happen."

    6. Curt Krehbiel says:

      The Muslim hate toward Israel is shared by by Muslims in the White House. Remember Netanyahu's visit and silent treatment in 2011.

    7. Frank says:

      WE have a president that has turned our foreign policy of many years upside down, has made us a laughing stock of the world. What a sorry example discusting is what he is. GOD help us if he is relected.

    8. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much more must be reported before we all recognize Obama will say of do anything to get a second shot at his plan to drive this nation into total government socialism? He has proven time and time again he is an accomplished liar and that the national media (including some at FNC) will protect him by allowing him to continue to distort the truth without reporting the facts.

    9. deathtononbelievers says:

      you must place yourself in o's thinking process. his policies against isreal are very sucessful. isreal is now surrounded by even more hostile regiems. the muslim brotherhood is about to rule all of the northern african countries. i think they are really hostile to isreal. o's talk about standing up for, and backing isreal are just words for our media to use for headlines. most people just scan headines and turn to the sports pages. a truly uninformed US electorate voted for o, gore and kerry.

    10. Joseph McKennan says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that people- in the larger sense- fail to percieve evil before it happens to affect them. I do not know why Syria and Iran are given so much leeway to become a world wide threat.
      I do not believe that sanctions are the way to chastise a rogue led nation because it effects people who are not responsible for the problem. Syria and Iran should be dealt with the same way Bin Laden was… remove the problem. Thugs like Assad and Ahmadinejad understand only pain and brutality– they are not even religious.

    11. Frank says:

      We have a president who has turned our foreign policy upside down. he has made us look weak and indesive. GOD help us if this poor excuse of an American is reelected.Frank Blue

    12. realist says:

      Business as usual in the world. The open western societies are told how bad they are while the despot nations kill thousands and opress millions. Will the left leaning liberals ever pull their heads out of their backsides long enough to see the world for what it is….the USA and other western democratic republics are not the bad guys here.

    13. Jim Patteson says:

      The Jewish people,generally have decided to throw their lot in with the Democrats, Progs, Liberals,et al and to shove away their staunchest ally, Christians, because of some sort of thought process that says they need to be whipped by their "friends". But look where it gets them, false speach, redefining words to make Prezbo look better than he is, and misinterpret the facts. Obama stated his mind set when he told Sarzoky that "I have to work with this guy every day". So much for being "friends".

    14. Spotless Crab says:

      I believe as does Obama that right now the answer lies with diplomacy and not threats of war. I think he is handing this right way. We do have Israels back and the world knows this. We simply must give diplomacy a chance. All our intelligence says Iran is NOT going nuclear as yet. WE must NEVER again do as we did with Irag!

    15. zygote 1331 says:

      As you and your fellow conservatives beat the war drums several salient points are missing. First and foremost is that Iran, though acting as a rouge state is not suicidal enough to start a war with Israel knowing full well that a first strike would mean near annihilation. Second is that the Obama administration has done nearly everything your fellow Republicans have accused him of not doing except for drawing a red line. We have to our great embarrassment denied the Palestinians of Statehood, have allowed Israel to continue building settlements and have, with nearly the entire world sanctioned Iran. War is not the answer here. A war with Iran will unleash counterattacks that will last for years and destroy an already fragile world economy. And for what? To set back Iran's nuclear ambitions for how long? It will not only encourage Iran to build a nuclear weapon it will also strengthen the Iranian regime among its own people.

      • KHM says:

        I'm not so sure,as you seem to be, that Iran wouldn't commit the suicidal act of going to war with Israel. Of course they want it to look as if Israel is the aggressor. I am not sure what you mean whaen yous say that O has done everything the Repubs have accused him of not doing. I am not a rocket scientist or world affairs expert, but from day one I warned that this man in the WH was no friend of Israel. If you do your research you will find that many times the Arabs (there is no ethnic or national group named Palestinian) were offered the two state solution. Their true aim is the destruction of Israel. The Arabs left the modern state of Israel on the advice of their leaders who said they would win and could return quickly. They lost to a tiny band of Jewish fighters.
        Obama promised that our alliance with Israel would be steadfast. Another promise broken.

      • Steve S. says:

        And the thing you choose to ignore is who Ahmedinejad is and what he thinks is his destiny, to bring on the period of chaos that preceeds the end of the world. The same mistake was made by Chamberlain while dealing with Hitler and it cost tens of millions of lives to rectify that mistake. This will do the same if we follow that flawed train of thought.

    16. Mary says:

      Seems to me the president is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is a professional liar, and if he could just do what he wants, at this point, he would just wash his hands of Israel, and let Iran do their dirty work. What he doesnt grasp, is that Israel belongs to God, and will never be destroyed. Mr. Obama had better rethink his ideas. It's obvious, that Mr. Obama does not care for the Prime Minister, and at many times, has made no bones about it. Too bad for Obama.

    17. Suzanduran says:

      The position our government should be firmly and decidedly standing on is well said in your article. The most unfortunate reality is that a narcissistic, power hungry people are in office. There is no question that an American and Israel alliance is vital to world security. But with this administration it ain't gonna happen.

    18. Robert says:

      Everyone knows the adage "talk is cheap". TALK is what Obama does.

      • Uncle Fred says:

        President Obama is on top of all the world situation; he works with a fine crew and must make decisions that we have no idea about. I do not agree with those who degrade him on his foreign policy and resent those who call him a traitor and in agreement with foreign powers for his own pleasure. He is a very inteligent person who must make many difficult decisions based upon his knowledge and intelligence. I am a liberal. I served 3-years as a Navy plot in WWIII. I like arguments. I will listen.

        • Charles Webb says:

          Uncle Fred: I appreciate your service in WWII. I also, enjoy trying to talk with a liberal once in a while. Most liberals, I have met, will not give me time to make a point and they get louder and louder. Our talk is short. We are all products of our environment. I have no idea what Obama learned from his twenty years, or so, listening to his reverend. But, I am sure the Gospel he learned was wright. I agree that a president has got to have some intelligence and must make decisions on things that we never hear of. I think this Obama guy is smart and knows exactly what he is doing. He and his crew want to change America to fit his vision of a new, kinder country, that the world will admire. Then HE will end up as ruler and KING of the world. ! The environment Obama grew up in is vastly different from most of us. I do not like or share in any of his vision. He is not good for our Country ! Our Nation can not AFFORD another four years. Thanks

    19. Frank says:

      I think Dr. Ron Paul's position of non-interventionism is still the best. I know people have harshly criticized him on this, as if he's unaware of the danger of terrorism or is somehow against Israel. Neither is the case.

      We allowed the madmen in North Korea to get nukes and we learned to live with that situation. Why not with the madmen in Iran? Remember also, we have been telling Israel for years NOT to attack Iran. If we had minded our own business and let Israel do what it felt was in its own self interest years ago, we probably would not be in this mess now and Israel would have nipped Iran's nuclear ambition in the bud. Now it's much harder to do. Ron Paul was the lone voice of support for Israel's pre-emptive attack against Iraq's nuclear facilities earlier because he felt Israel had the right to self defense back then. Where were all the supposed backers of Israel back then? Everyone else ran for cover & chickened out, that's what happened!

      Let's mind our own business and not attack anyone that is not a threat to us & let others act in their own self interest!

      • David says:

        If you were my nieghbor and I saw someone break into your house while you were asleep I would call you to warn you call the police and then go and try to help you stop them and I may be risking my life.Israel is an ally,a friend and we have a few friends who have needed us and our other allies to rescue them. We had allies during both Gulf wars to end an immediate threat to Kuwait and Iraq and in Afganistan to end a furthur threat to American Cities like "New York".Free nations are under attack from without by Terrorists who happen to be Muslims and they are being financed by Iran and their allies and if we and our allies don't work together we could all be under Sharia law .I could say more but I won't!

    20. bentonmarder says:

      We are facing a Sarajevo moment here. Israel may have the muscle to start something, but not to finish it—unless nukes are used. The USA is Israel's patron. A patron must control its clients. Otherwise, clients might drag their patron into something contrary to the patron's interests. Allies can do the same. The British, by hook and by crook, drew the USA into the Great War because the UK refused to cut a peace with Germany. Instead, whole generations of the best men on all sides were thrown away, setting the stage for the rest of the Second Thirty-Years War

    21. Jeanne Stotler says:

      My sainted Mom always sid "Actions speak Louder than words" and from what I see Obama's actions say "DO NOT TRUST ME" He says what he THINKS people want to hear, not having an idea what the average citizen is feeling or going through. BHO needs to come down out of his ivory tower and REALLY look at the world around him.

    22. Allen says:

      Well said Mr. Carafano but us conservatives know well that with our President talk is cheap and for the hearing of his base, they eat up his words like we eat chocolate. Thank you for your incite.

    23. sdfultz says:

      How is President Obama to do anything to save Israel, when Israel won't do anything to save itself?

    24. bushkno says:

      the president says judge my actions not my words..then he has disrespectd Isreal at every turn…eating lunch while the PM waits to talk…give me a break…we must also remember…1-2 nukes in America and we are still a viable state…1-2 iranian nukes in Isreal and we would "have the back" of a very large hole….America must lead from the front..forget about the back…if you wait to the time for reaction its is far too late perhaps for America also…

    25. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

      We have 45 U.S. Bases surrounding Iran, and we just gave Israel a Missile Defense System. Ron Paul for 2012! http://hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com/2012/02/ww3-s

    26. Israel should be given the option of becoming a state. Put Israel under the defense umbrella of the United States as US territory. There would be no question about the consequences of an attack. Israel could damage an unfriendly neighbor the Unites States could turn any neighbor who attacked Israel into a smoking hole in the ground.

    27. Jeanne Stotler says:

      That is what my sainted Mother always said and anyone listening know when BHO talks, it doesn't mean a thing, usually it means the opposite. When he was running in 2008, I saw what he was, he would even contridict himself the next time or day. As the American Indians say"He tlks with forked tonge"

    28. John Lounsbury says:

      Dont ever pay any attention to what Obama says; just watch what he does. It's then that the truth (if there any) comes out.

    29. ChuckL says:

      You have given BHO the favor of calling his blatant support of Iran merely :has not offered Israel the resolute support it so desperately needs and deserves."

      Perhaps it would help it you would call the facts as they are without the sugar coating of using euphemisms to distort the true actions.

    30. A. Moustapha says:

      I am shocked at your attitude towards Iran and Pres Obama.
      I am convinced now that the heritage Fondation is a political Zionist organization.
      I have no special relation with Iran Or Pres Obama.
      I only care for the good of Humanity at large, Justice,logic and the great American Nation.
      Good luck for you and your happy klients.
      I shall block your biased site from here on,

    31. toledofan says:

      It should be glaringly obvious to everyone that what Obama does and what he says are two completely different things. At the end of the day, no matter the rhetoric, Israel will have to do the heavy lifting on it's own. It is sad that we have become so weak, timid and aloof to the dangers we all face. All of this because we have a President who thinks he can talk his way out of a gun fight and the lacks the spine to do what is right.

    32. Eugene Rovena says:

      Obama should privately tell Netanyahu what he wants in the line of Israel's attacking Iran. In public he should express full support of Israel, making sure Iran hears that the USA will FULLY support in every sense of the word Israel's decisions.

    33. BJ IN MN says:

      Michael W ,Israel would have no reason other than defense to join the USA as a state. And, destruction would probably be preferable with obamster as leader of a despotic envious class divided socialist state like the USA is becoming, mostly because none of our leaders have the cojones to stand up to these scumbag libs, and greedy (gimme gimme gimme) citizens. America may not be able to be saved even if we totally run off the democrat pigs in Nov. If the bamstersocialist gets another term and appoints more judges to the not so supreme court-0we be done-last one out turn off the lights.
      "The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people who vote for a living."


    34. George B. Scott says:

      The entire subject is moot. Israel does not need any help at all from the U.S. We like to act as if they cannot take care of themselves.

    35. Donald DaCosta says:

      This all sounds so logical, intelligent and relevant and will have absolutely no impact on Obama or those that surround him in his administration including those in the military which must submit to his agenda as their commander and chief
      America's Middle East policy has long been on the wrong track most likely because of our dependence on their oil but it really went from “wrong” to disastrous as a result of 9/11.

      In our obsession with political correctness the underlying threat of the Islamic quest for world domination has been intentionally obscured by the original definition of the "enemy" as radicals, nutcases that "hijacked a religion" as justification to commit violent, "criminal" acts. Terrorism is not a PC word, especially when qualified as Islamic has been eliminated from the government vernacular and Jihad has been incorrectly defined as a personal struggle for inner peace. So, here we are, in a bitter, 10 year struggle to impose western style democracy in the Middle East by militarily creating models of same in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trouble is these are essentially Islamic nations who not only are not interested, they're violently opposed to all political systems based on anything other than Islam and Sharia law. They hate us, not for what we did but what we do and who we are; unbelievers, occupiers and worse, infidels, who must convert, be subdued or killed. Our guys are infidel foreigners with guns, superior individuals in almost every way, better educated, better fed, better equipped in better physical and mental health dominating through the force of arms, a religiously abhorrent situation in nations steeped in the teachings of Islam; that Muslims are the superior beings. This religious perspective on Muslim superiority is not unique to Iraq and Afghanistan but is prevalent among all predominantly Muslim nations and Islamic theocracies like the case in point, Iran and in my view is likely one of the root causes of their irrational hatred of the industrialized West and every other culture that successfully competes and participates with it in a world that has left the practitioners of this ancient faith, Islam, mired in a state of suspicion, ignorance and hatred.

      Israel is in a desperate, existential situation and the dhimmi West, including America, finds it much simpler, much more main stream and much safer to accuse them of the 60 years full of failed attempts to achieve peace with the "beleaguered, Palestinian freedom fighters" than to face the real but far more dangerous and complicated threat of Islam which will never accept a Jew much less an Israeli state and, left to its own devices will annihilate Israel without concern for the catastrophic consequences sure to ensue. Dying in the cause of Islamic domination guarantees immediate entry into paradise. Negotiate or establish common cause with these people?

      Unless and until Western governments recognize and acknowledge the true identity of the enemy and reverse their cowardly, intellectually vacuous attitude toward Israel, the only foothold democracy has in that part of the world, peace in the Middle East, regime change in Iran and a nearly impossible Muslim reformation concerning the archaic interpretation of its revered holy book as the immutable words of Allah, negotiating peace in the Middle east that includes peaceful coexistence with the State of Israel is an impossible dream.

    36. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Why should we defend Israel? Because Israel's our friend and Iran isn't.

    37. Glen says:

      The way Obama is dismantling our military and cutting funding for it, we will be lucky to defend our own country let alone give support to other nations. It is the PRIMARY duty of our Gov't to defend and protect us, not put us in danger.

    38. Ron W. Smith says:

      Nothing at all, Mike Brownfield, about our need as a nation to pay off the national debt, now over $15 trillion and growing? Nothing at all about what the cost has been, in dollars and lives, of supporting Israel militarily, financially, and at the U .N. these past many decades? Nothing at all about how being SuperPower on Call has broken our bank to the point where our annual spending on National Security exceeds what is spent on it by the rest of the world COMBINED? Nothing at all, Mike Brownfield, about doing it all on borrowed money and spending more annually, over $300 billion, just in servicing the national debt while most other countries spend nothing at all on Nation Building or on Foreign Aid Designed to Gain the Cooperation of Other Countries?
      Where is all the talk now about cutting spending in this country, Mike Brownfield? Where is it?

    39. Max Kummerow says:

      Reality check. Use of force has not worked out in our national interests in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq and is also unlikely to help us in Iran. The blowback would likely be destabilization of Pakistan–increasing threat of nuclear responses from a country that already has the bomb. And that could sabotage further our hopeless Afghanistan adventure. Since when did careful conservatives morph into reckless neocons? I'm not a huge fan of Noam Chomsky but his remark does make sense: If the U.S. wants to reduce terrorism, we should stop doing it. If we could live in a world with Russia and China having thousands of nukes, and India and Pakistan having a few, I think we can survive if Iran manages to come up with a bomb. I think they will find it useless because it is so obvious that using it would be suicidal. Their whole country would be flattened and radioactive. The Iranian bomb is just not a credible threat. If Israel attacks on their own, we should cut off aid to Israel to help repair our reputation with the people who sell us oil. Oh, I forgot to mention $6 gasoline didn't I, when the Iranians lob a few missiles into the Saudi refineries and mine the straits of Hormuz. War is not the answer in this case. Sorry guys, get a video game.

    40. John F says:

      Israel is not desperately in need of our help. They are well armed and are capable of dealing with Iran without our involvement. Iran is not developing weapons grade muclear material. We know this because the un inspectors in Iran have told us. This is another neo-con ploy. The people of the US need to understand the Neo-cons are feeding there friends with our tax dollars. It's time to wake up. I am very disspointed that the heritage foundation is being so dishonest with it's readers.

    41. chyatt says:

      Obama gets it alright. However, PM Netanyahu really gets it. It's very convenient to be able to set back and say, "We condemn the actions of another country" after they have destroyed and damaged. My guess is that PM Netanyahu is not as gullible as the average idiot who went to the polls in 2008. At the very heart of all this is his very existence and the lives of his countrymen. Actions speak much louder than the hollow words of a politician whom only goal is to be (re)elected. PM Netanyahu fully understands that “prevention” in this case, is the only course of action. Retaliation after the fact will not bode well for Israel.

    42. B R Lowe says:

      In my own words, A man can't get figs from a thorn bush nor thorns from a fig tree, This man speaks one way with his mouth and another with his actions. His works clearly show that he has no intention of doing what he said he would do for Israel.

    43. GRACE E. PRATTI says:


    44. Christian says:

      America is not Israel's Savior, God is. Israel should recall their rescue when Pharoah came after them in the Red Sea. The battle is not theirs, but God's, and nuclear weapons are no threat to Him. As the Holy Scriptures declare, He that sits in the heavens shall laugh….and if God be for us, who can be against us?

    45. isis says:

      not matter if israel became a state we still have to support them most people dont understand that the gov want to stop defending israel so the war to the U.S CAN START we have to remember that is not conspiracy is war,chaos in front of our eyes and because the gov is putting in your eyes so much lies we can't see that we are in the last hair to be extinct so please be aware of all the signs there everywhere see for your self dont belive in all the lies search till the last page till you find the truth dont belive that everything is conspiracy cause the world war 3 is really coming please be attend to everything this is no conspiracy is the truth god blees us all.

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