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  • Scribecast: Sen. James Inhofe Says Global Warming Is 'The Greatest Hoax'

    In a new book out this week, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) traces the history of global warming hysteria and concludes it’s a downright hoax. He also reveals how climate-change champions are benefiting financially by promoting the idea.

    Inhofe’s book, “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future,” is sure to inspire heated debate on the controversial subject of climate change. As the ranking member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Inhofe has been at the center of that debate for the past 10 years.

    He’ll visit Heritage on March 14 for a detailed presentation that examines why global warming is a hoax. (Click to RSVP.) We spoke to him this week about the book as well as his views on rising gas prices and energy policy.

    Listen to the interview with Sen. James Inhofe on this week’s Scribecast

    Inhofe recounted that when he first began to question conventional wisdom about global warming his phone rang off the hook as scientists complained their work was rejected because it didn’t fit with environmentalists’ preconceived conclusions about the issue.

    Ten years later, Inhofe is still an outspoken critic. Today he warns that Americans are facing costly new regulations from Washington. “The regulations that come with this are much more punitive to my kids and grandkids,” he told us.

    The podcast runs about 12 minutes. It was produced with the help of Hannah Sternberg. Listen to previous interviews on Scribecast or subscribe to future episodes.

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    19 Responses to Scribecast: Sen. James Inhofe Says Global Warming Is 'The Greatest Hoax'

    1. Aivars lode says:

      You may want to check out the book http://www.thistimeitsdifferentnot.com which corroborates the story and provides numerous others

    2. JBinGB says:


    3. Stirling says:

      The "progressive" Hoaxes are always the ones that start by saying "If you don't do something NOW, the (insert issue) is going to fall apart.." Global warming fits.. bailouts fit, obamacare, etc… The reason why they want the Enviroment and healthcare laws is purely from a control of what you eat and what you do . If you as an individual affect the cost, which they will be happy to pay for, then they essentially own you. Now if everyone figures the hoax out after the laws are put in place rolling them back becomes that much harder to do, since washington lawmakers never remove anything they put in place. And since the Administration is putting these "non-elected" officials in charge of every program, we the taxpayer and individual americans have no voice to remove them.. The GOP better realize the urgency that they are faced with that congress and the senate will be inrelavant to change things if we get 4 more years of this president.. To those who think just taking the senate and keeping the house in 2012 (without wining the presidential election) will stop the adenda, I say you are giving away whats left of our freedom..

    4. B.C. says:

      I am an Oklahoman. And I thank God for Jim Inhofe.

      I offer a little prayer for him and his family: May The Lord keep you, may The Lord bless you, and may The Lord cause his light to shine all around you and give you unshakable peace and immovable strength. Amen

    5. Inhofe is awesome!!

    6. Great insight into the Global Warming topic.

    7. bob delaney says:

      as in anything the Democrats do…follow the money

    8. Kevin Sanders says:

      There has been climate change on earth every since it has had one. And has so many different things that have more do to with it than can be imagined. Anyone that believes we as humans can control the climate with anything short of nuclear winter is a naive propagandist for the anti capitalist. They might as well be claiming that we cause tornadoes earthquakes or volcanoes. They have no credibility in science if they are part of this man made global warming hoax.

    9. Maybe there's another truth?

    10. elizabeth groves says:

      Heritage you are beginning to lose YOUR credibility by going down this road. Latest finding –our oceans are turning acidic at historic pace due to more carbon getting into the atmosphere.

      • Stirling says:

        Carbon is natually generated substance by many things. (plants, trees, humans, etc). You can not rid the world of everything that contains or emits carbon the world would be empty and barren of life.. The oceans you speak of are very resiliant (even oil is eventually broken down by the sea naturally. I would ask you to have more faith in the world and it's people rather then belive the "hype" that the world is comming to an end.. (which is a tue sign of indoctrination of higher education).

    11. I hope Sen. Inhofe gets his message out about the hoax of global warming and the development of our own energy resources.

      Great interview Rob! Thank you!

    12. Dave Knight says:

      The man-caused global warming folks are losing the public debate. The historic scientific evidence does not support their theory. Also, what has come out fro CRU at East Anglia University hasn't helped their cause either. Also, their computer models are seriously flawed. The general public is not stupid.

    13. Willow says:

      THE VOICE OF REASON! Thank God for Oklahoma & Inhofe!

    14. Bobbie says:

      so lets treat it like it is as average to the highest level of intelligent minds of reason would and lift all mandates and regulations in the name of "man made global warming."

    15. Charles Webb says:

      As Bob Delaney commented above. Follow the money. This Cap and Trade _______ is clearly just a money making opportunity for large obama supporting corporations to rip off the people. I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A LONG LASTING, FLORESCENT LIGHT BULB MADE IN CHINA @#$%! Please remember these bulbs contain MERCURY that requires us to "MANAGE IN ACCORDANCE WITH DISPOSAL LAWS" @ http://www.lamprecycle.org ! ! ! Who do you call if you break this thing? Mercury is not good for you. Right now you can buy a regular light bulb if you can still find them. I think somebody is making a fortune at our expense. CRAP & TRADE. These corporations are green; money is green. Follow the money. Follow the money………………..

    16. Richard H. says:

      Senator Inhofe forgets to mention that the Oil and coal industries gave him 1.3 Million Dollars to get himself reelected. Funny huh ? Follow the money indeed.

      • Imagine someone wants to support a Senator who doesn't try to put them out of business. Liberals always forget all the money "scientists" are paid to find global warming. These scientists should be charged with fraud, they get millions of dollars to make things up. Then liberal groups fundraising on a lie give millions to Democrats directly and illegally advocate for them constantly. The truth is all liberal issues have nothing to do with the issue it is all political advantage. Just look at the global warming rebrand going on now.

    17. Mary Fromp says:

      Did you all trust the Tobacco industry this much when they were trying to cover up the link to cancer? No one can rule out Global Warming. And if it is true, then our kids, grandkids,… are going to be hurt far more than any amount of money anyone is following.

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