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  • Monthly Archives: February 2012

    Morning Bell: A Troubling Trend in the Courts


    Should judges act based upon reasoned legal arguments, or based upon their personal feelings and media coverage?  A controversial recent “statement” made by Justices Ginsburg and Breyer in a case that was the legal equivalent of a slam dunk raises serious questions about what really guides some judges. In the … More

    Buying the Allegiance of Supreme Court Justices?

    Photo: Getty Images

    If you want to see an illustrative example of Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer making decisions based on their personal ideologies and political opinions—as opposed to the actual evidence submitted in the cases before them—look no further than an order issued February 17 in American Tradition … More

    Correcting the Record: Five Half-Truths From Obama on Higher Gas Prices

    During a speech on gas prices Thursday in Miami, the President tried to dodge responsibility for the pain Americans are feeling at the pump. Recognizing the trouble these higher prices are causing Americans, the President tried hard to demonstrate his concern over higher prices. But as the video above shows, … More

    Online Chat on Dependence on Government


    Heritage recently released the 2012 Index of Dependency on Government and it found that dependence on government is at an all-time high .Click here to join our “Lunch with Heritage” chat! we are joined by the author, Bill Beach who is Director of the Center for Data Analysis at Heritage. He … More

    Iran’s Clandestine Operations Threaten Azerbaijan


    On February 21, Azerbaijani counterintelligence services arrested Iranian agents planning terrorist attacks against Israeli diplomats and prominent members of the Jewish community. This is the second such cell being intercepted since the beginning of the year. This is a part of Iran’s shadow war against Israel conducted from New Delhi … More

    The New Normal: Chavez Supports Crimes Against Humanity


    As Syrian tanks and artillery continued to rain indiscriminate fire on the defenseless city of Homs and as the world watched with mounting horror the final reports of courageous American journalist Marie Colvin, half a world away, in Caracas, Venezuela, a truculent and defiant Hugo Chavez continues to stand four-square … More

    Light Bulb Giants Hope U.N. Will Guarantee Their Market Share

    Philips' CEO Kleisterlee and CFO Sivignon hold up the Econic LED lamp before the presentation of the company's Q4 annual results in Amsterdam

    A pair of major light bulb manufacturers is teaming up with the United Nations in an attempt to pressure countries into participating in “a global transition” to more energy-efficient light bulbs. The two companies are both major manufacturers of the types of bulbs that would replace incandescents under the plan. … More

    "Hollow Forces" Discussion Distracts from Consequences of Defense Cuts

    Troops in Afghanistan

    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently issued a report that attempts to explain the usage of the term “hollow forces.” The report argues that given the context of the term, it cannot be used to describe dramatic cuts befalling the U.S. military today. Proponents of shrinking America’s armed forces have … More

    What to Do About Syria


    Many people are calling for the U.S. to help the rebels fight back against the regime in Syria, which is engaged in daily massacres of civilians. For example, Senator John McCain (R–AZ) urged this course on a recent trip to the Middle East. He describes the problem as “asymmetric…with Bashar … More

    London Somalia Conference: The First Step to Addressing a Crisis Is Acknowledging It

    British Prime Minister David Cameron (C) shakes hands with Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia Abdiweli Mohamed Ali

    Today world leaders met in London for a conference addressing the ongoing crisis in Somalia. The one-day event included deliberations on the failed state’s governance (or lack thereof), piracy, terrorism, famine, and the African Union’s Mission in Somalia. Considering these problems have wracked Somalia for two decades, the notion that … More