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  • Monthly Archives: February 2012

    Time for a Georgia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement


    President Obama and President of the Republic of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili recently announced that the two countries should start free-trade negotiations. Let’s hope both presidents are serious. Presidents Obama and Saakashvili should instruct the appropriate government agencies to expedite preparation of the agreement. The most recentU.S.trade agreements, with Colombia, Panama, … More

    CBO Once Again Proves Tax Hikes Unnecessary to Lower Deficit


    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its outlook for the federal budget last week. According to the CBO’s “Alternative Fiscal Scenario,” tax receipts will match their historical average in 2017, when revenue will be 18 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Receipts will continue growing after that. CBO’s alternative scenario … More

    A Half-Million-Dollar, Taxpayer-Funded Thermometer?


    Wonder if it’s too hot to go outside at your workplace? Don’t bother checking the thermometer or stepping outside—the federal government has the answer for you. And it’s only costing taxpayers $643,997.60. Josh Peterson of the Daily Caller reports that the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) … More

    Obama Will Need More Than Hope If Israel Attacks Iran


    As Israel weighs an attack against Iran in an effort to destroy its nuclear weapons program, Washington is still mulling a coherent response. While affirming that all options are on the table, the Obama Administration has repeatedly stated that diplomacy built around a global coalition is the “preferred solution” to … More

    Follow Reagan's Footsteps; Renew Our Commitment to Economic Freedom


    In his two terms in office, President Ronald Reagan gave America a powerful transfusion of his own optimism and hope. He rekindled a sense of the possible, rescuing America from defeatism and restoring our confidence and pride in this great nation. That transformation of America was possible chiefly because of … More

    Wanted: Smart Cybersecurity Solutions


    Think back 20 years ago. What were you doing? Whatever answer you came up with, it probably had nothing to do with the Internet, which was just coming of age. As James Carafano points out in his article in the Washington Examiner today, the discovery a valuable new world brings … More

    Ten Inspiring Quotes from President Ronald Reagan

    As we celebrate the 101st birthday of President Ronald Reagan, we remember the profound impact he had on government policy, but more importantly on the spirit of the American people. Whether it was through humor, sincerity, or passion, President Reagan had that rare ability to inspire individuals to strive for … More

    Markets—Not Price Controls—Will Reduce College Costs and Improve Quality


    Education entrepreneurs are about to do what President Obama’s proposed price controls on higher education never will: dramatically reduce the cost of attending college. In fact, the soaring cost of college could soon go the way of the once-bloated housing market, fulfilling the predictions of many that the higher education … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: February 6 – February 10, 2012

    Unofficial Seal of the US House of Representatives

    House Cloakroom: February 6 – February 10 Analysis:  This week the House the will consider legislation to sell off civilian property it owns, institute a line-item veto and ban congressional insider trading.  The week will begin with the Civilian Property Realignment Act, which would create a BRAC-like process to determine … More

    Don't Blame Heritage for ObamaCare Mandate

    The Future under Obamacare

    Is the individual mandate at the heart of “ObamaCare” a conservative idea? Is it constitutional? And was it invented at The Heritage Foundation? In a word, no. The U.S. Supreme Court will put the middle issue to rest. The answers to the first and last can come from me. After … More