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  • Monthly Archives: February 2012

    Attack on Israeli Diplomat Pressures India to Curtail Iran Ties


    An attack on an Israeli diplomatic vehicle today in New Delhi injured four, including the wife of an Israeli defense representative working at the embassy. The perpetrator reportedly used the same method of attack—detonating an explosive device that had been attached magnetically to the vehicle—that was used to assassinate an … More

    "Fashionably Late"? Try "Criminally Late"

    Photo: Getty Images

    Everyone knows that showing up late generally is a bad idea.  But is it so bad that it ought to be punished criminally?  To some officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, the answer is “Yes.”  In their view, the appropriate treatment for habitual tardiness is not criticism, nor ostracism, nor some … More

    Obama's Budget Ends Funding for D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

    education bills

    The Obama administration is once again standing with education special interest groups and against low-income children in Washington, D.C. His 2013 budget request zeros out funding for the highly successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, which was revived last year thanks to the hard work of Speaker John Boehner and the … More

    Money Loser + $100 Million Subsidy = Money Maker?

    Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images

    When is a solar energy company a loan flipper instead of a solar energy company? How about when the value of its loan subsidies vastly exceeds the value of its solar project? A case in point is First Solar’s sale of its Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1 (AVSR1) to Exelon. … More

    Loan Guarantee Report Neglects Central Question: Why Loan Guarantees?


    The White House released its much-awaited Report of the Independent Consultant’s Review with Respect to the Department of Energy’s Loan and Loan Guarantee Portfolio. Unfortunately, the report’s conclusions were doomed from the beginning, because it fails to ask an important, fundamental question: Why do we have the loan guarantee program … More

    Reaction Roundup: Heritage Responds to Obama's 2013 Budget Proposal


    Today, President Barack Obama released his budget for Fiscal Year 2013.  Experts from The Heritage Foundation are analyzing the President’s proposal and offer their reactions, below: President Obama’s Budget Proposal: Running on Empty – Patrick Louis Knudsen Coming from a President whose economic philosophy is a borrowed car company slogan, … More

    Heritage Files Amicus Brief on What Congress Did Wrong in Obamacare

    Photo: Getty Images

    Later today, The Heritage Foundation (with five other organizations and former Senator George LeMieux) will file an amicus brief in the Supreme Court in the Obamacare case that challenges the mandate requiring all individuals to purchase an inflated health insurance policy designed to subsidize other terrible policies in the 2,500-page … More

    Some Truths About Trade


    In 2004, the yuan ended the year 8.28 to the dollar. In 2011, it ended the year 6.31 to the dollar, a 24-percent rise. In 2004, America’s trade deficit with China was $162 billion; in 2011, it was $295 billion. Those demanding a 30 percent appreciation got most of it—and … More

    Morning Bell: White House Spin Machine Hits Brick Wall


    Yesterday, the newest White House chief of staff, Jack Lew, took to the Sunday talk shows to get a head start on promoting President Barack Obama’s FY2013 budget, which is set to be released today. But just as he was getting warmed up, Lew ran smack into a brick wall … More

    Chart of the Week: 1 in 5 Americans Are Dependent on Government

    1 in 5 Americans Dependent on Government (Not Including Government Employees)

    The number of Americans dependent on the federal government has exploded over the past five years, reaching a record 67.3 million people, according to Heritage’s annual Index of Dependence on Government. That means 1 in 5 Americans (21.8 percent) today receive some level of assistance from the federal government. This … More