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  • Morning Bell: White House Wants to Keep Gas Prices High

    With the national average of gas prices hitting $3.65 a gallon, nearing $6 in some parts of the country, and poised to head even higher, America’s families are wondering when the bleeding at the pump will stop. But for Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu, those steep prices aren’t even a concern. In fact, he says his goal is not to get the price of gasoline to go down.

    Chu delivered those stunning remarks in testimony before Congress yesterday. When Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) asked Chu whether it’s his “overall goal to get our price” of gasoline lower, Chu said, “No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy.”

    As shocking as his remarks are, they shouldn’t come as a surprise. Chu has a long record of advocating for higher gas prices. In 2008, he stated, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Last March, he reiterated his point in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, noting that his focus is to ease the pain felt by his energy policies by forcing automakers to make more fuel-efficient automobiles. “What I’m doing since I became Secretary of Energy has been quite clear. What I have been doing is developing methods to take the pain out of high gas prices.”

    One of those methods is dumping taxpayer dollars into alternative energy projects like the Solyndra solar plant. Another is subsidizing the purchase of high-cost electric cars like the Chevy Volt to the tune of $7,500 per car (which the White House wants to increase to $10,000). In both cases, those methods aren’t working. Solyndra went bankrupt because its product couldn’t bear the weight of market pressures, and Chevy Volts aren’t selling, even with taxpayer-funded rebates. What’s the president’s next plan? Harvesting “a bunch of algae” as a replacement for oil.

    Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is seemingly doing everything it can to make paying for energy even more painful by refusing to open access to the country’s oil and gas reserves and blocking new projects that would lead to the development of more energy in America. Case in point: the president’s decision to say “no” to the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would have delivered hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from Canada to Texas refineries, while bringing thousands of jobs along with it.

    Sensing impending political fallout from the high cost of gas, President Obama last week spoke on the subject and attempted to deflect blame for the pain. He said that there is no quick fix to high gas prices and the nation cannot drill its way out of the problem, but as Heritage’s Nicolas Loris writes, the president ignored reality and dished out a series of half-truths. Among them, the president claimed oil production is its highest in eight years, that increasing oil production takes too long, and that oil is not enough. Loris writes that while production is up on private lands, unrealized production on federal lands and offshore could have yielded even more output, increasing supply and driving down costs. If the president had said “yes” to Keystone, oil could have reach the market quickly. And as for the president’s push for alternative energy, those sources simply cannot stand the test of the market.

    There are steps the president and Congress can and should take today to bring down the cost of energy. Namely, end the de facto moratorium on drilling, open offshore areas that are off-limits to drilling, place a 270-day limit on environmental reviews for energy projects on federal lands, remove regulatory delays, and approve Keystone.

    As Loris writes, “The market would respond if Congress and the Obama Administration allowed it to work.” But Secretary Chu and the Obama Administration are evidently not interested in market-based reforms that bring down the cost of energy. Instead, they’re bent on keeping energy costs high in order to placate the environmental left. And now Americans are paying the price.

    VIDEO: Watch President Obama and Secretary Chu describe in their own words their vision of higher energy prices. See the video on YouTube.

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    145 Responses to Morning Bell: White House Wants to Keep Gas Prices High

    1. J Taylor says:

      We really need to Vote them all out – totally and let them have to live w/what the rest of us have to …..

      • Amy Leigh says:

        No, what we need to do is reduce our dependence on oil- we're doing far too little too late on this front. We won't respond to this need until we experience pressure, unfortunately. I'm speaking as an unemployed person suffering these consequences as acutely as anyone, but that is not preventing me from seeing the larger issues of man-made global warming (scientific facts- yes, I'm also a scientist) and the futility of ongoing dependence on a finite resource. Moreover, the destruction not only to our environment but to the lives and livelihoods of Americans destroyed as a consequence of getting at the oil that's there is simply not worth it.

        • JOS says:

          the oil is worth it and these people are just raising the price of oil because they all are owners of oil companies. they don't care about the global warming or the nature or whatever all they care is about their pockets. US soil has oil to sustain the world for 30+ years, and that is the US alone by the time that oil is used, most of these people are going to be dead, so for that matter they don't care about anything else except their pockets

        • TerryT says:

          Please cite your credentials and this evidence that MAN is causing global warming. a lot of these "facts" are anything but, they are suppositions being stated as facts and if you were a real scientist, you would not put ANYTHING as a fact, because real scientist frame opinions in supposition or hypothesis. over the last hundred years I can not count the number of scientific "facts" that have proven to be wrong. Mans pollution might be exacerbating the issue, but most of you AGW supporters ignore most of the other elements that can affect our weather. just a few: Solar Activity, Spatial Conditions (thickness of dust particles between us and the sun), the Earths eccentric unstable orbit, the gravitational pull from other planets affecting said orbit. next thing you will claim that the global warming that is apparently affecting Mars is caused by our CO2.

      • JFK says:

        They will always make 10 times the average American so they will never have to live with what the rest of us have to live with. I think that's why they run for office.

    2. Let the independents chu on that a while

    3. Dave Langdon says:

      Europe is in a shambles. Why is it that everyone in this administration wants us to be like Europe. California is like Europe and we see how well they are doing. It seems that everyone in DC is Deaf, Blind and Dumber

    4. Jeff, Illinois says:

      When if ever will HF stop distorting the truth or taking statements out of context? This is America isn't it? Let's stop the propaganda intended to just get the GOP in power and ultimately line the pockets of BIG BUSINESS! I just can't believe we've come to this in this great country. Can't we simply have intelligent debate and thoughtful solutions instead of demonizing / distorting the intent of every possible invocation from the present administration. Repub's . . what are you afraid of? If you believe in your underlying values, allow them to stand on their own instead of propagandizing / demagoguing those who differ from you! I just don't get this childishness!

      • Hank says:

        Jeff you are totally brain washed

      • Rick B. says:

        So buddy — what's your beef? What propaganda? What distortion? Any concrete examples?

      • Stirling says:

        We can ask the same thing about the WH and Lame stream media distortions, and push to shut-down the opposing viewpoints. I thank God for HF and their support of the constitutional rights of this country. Please realize Jeff that your "Utopia" of progressive ideas currently erroding this countries freedoms can not be embraced by those who know it's a threat to our liberty.

      • PTTA says:

        Yes, by all means, lets stop lining he pockets of big bussiness, international unions, and companies like Soldotna that pay huge bonus's to the executive offers, then go bankrupt. Of course those same executive offers give big time to Obama. By all means, let us stop all this madness and corruption. 5 to 6 dollrs a gal.? Most working people can't afford to go to work if that happens. I wonder just where your thinking relly is? That Canda to Texas pipeline would of provided jobs, for te working class, Good paying jobs, but Obama didn't care, now he lies about it. America's working people better wake up. He could care less about you and your families.

      • guest says:

        Get real you must be from the 'North of I 80' (Chicago) area which thinks nothing of financially raping the rest of Illinois. This state is in financial ruin from the 'Obama style politics' and you want this for the rest of the country? Wake up and smell the stench!

      • Jerry says:

        If you are stupid enough to believe in libs commie ways may God have mercy on your soul!

      • 1Mike says:

        We have to have intelligent people to talk to. We have a Constitution that the government has to follow as we have laws to follow. There are ways to amend the Constitution if need be. You have talked about values, most people come to the United States to get away from the values the Democrats are pushing. I now say to you and your friends, if you do not like a free society there are other countries you can live.

      • TerryT says:

        you are kidding right??? Both sides are in the pockets of big business. this is NO thoughtful solution. ok let me spell it out.

        1. he claims that by making auto manufacturers make more effecient cars, it will make the cost per mile less, so the per gallon price will be less "painful" basically.

        2. This ONLY works for those who can AFFORD these cars. the more affluent persons dont CARE if gas is expensive, they pay it, they can afford to pay what ever for gas.

        3. Those that are affected most are those that CAN NOT AFFORD the new cars, so he is responsible for the downfall of the middle class and the harm to the lower class with his policies.

        4. trying to force a change BEFORE there is a reliable, sustainable, and COST EFFECTIVE replacement is just plain stupid. sorry to be blunt, but these people who have gone from college right to government thinking have NO real life experience, its all padded and coddled and indoctrinated to believe a set of facts that are NOT in evidence.

      • mike88 says:

        Jeff, Illinois, don't tell people that this report is distorting the facts. Unfortunately, I am from Illinois as well and anybody can see that gas prices food, utility , taxes, and prices of just about everything in Illinois and elsewhere is on the rise. Please stop attempting to insult the intelligence of people in this nation with your lack of intelligence. People can see higher gas prices cause everything to rise in price because of the increased cost of delivery.Most people have the intelligence to see this, even though you may not. By this action, all of these price increases happened on Obama's watch, and as far as I am concerned Obama does not deserve to be re-elected, he is working above his pay grade and has no idea how to fix the problems we have, if he even wanted to or cares. Obama is advanceing his agenda to financially destroy America either by Legislation Executive Orders or EPA Mandates.
        We need to boot Obama and his cabal out of office, either by election or Impeachment it doesn't matter, and elect Ron Paul so he will reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government down to it's Constitutional Manageable size. Our Federal Government has grown too big for our nations own good.

    5. Peter Higgins says:

      Doesn't, Mr Chu realize that not only do the people at the pumps suffer but people who eat have to pay much more for food. Makes sense , but The Prez & his cohorts only see green , green , & more green.

    6. bentonmarder says:

      It is extraordinary that the European model seems so desirable to our elites, specially considering that much of Europe is insolvent. Transportation policy in Europe is quite different than here because that is the way that works for them. Can we imagine traffic conditions in Europe otherwise? Parking conditions? Think of Vienna inside the Ringstrasse. Horribile dictu!

      • sue says:

        Not only that, Europeans can walk to their stores to shop. They do it daily as they have smaller refrigerators and it is part of their daily social system for women. So they drive less. In Japan you have the same system including trains to take you every place you want to go to do whatever you need.

      • brityvette says:

        WE can't compare our needs with that of the countries in Europe. We are so much larger and distances travelled on a daily basis are much further. The talk about purchasing a new, more "green" car is great if you can afford it. My car is paid for and gets 22 miles per gallon around town. I can't afford to buy a new car or pay the insurance that would come with it. I am debt free except for my mortgage and the payments on my husbands car. Perhaps we should all return to the horse & buggy, that would be really green and we would have organic fertilizer as a by product.

    7. toledofan says:

      Well one thing is very clear; this administration is not only devoid of any practical knowledge, they have no clue or understanding of how America works. So, does Chu own a Volt? Is his house heated and air conditioned, does he have stuff in his house. Someone should ask him if he knows how the stuff is made, I wonder if he understands that energy is necessary to produce things? I guess the only way to create some progress is to get some people in Washington that have a least some common sense.

      • sue says:

        I remember reading some remarks by Chu, about a year ago, that sent chills through my spine,. He inferred that because we had electricity that we were a privileged society and needed to learn to live like the rest of the world, inferring that we were going to lose it. It just gave me the creeps. Perhaps he should go live in a country that is deprived of freedom and basic needs and stay there.

    8. Steven McCoy says:

      Well I think we already knew this. But it's still interesting to read.

    9. It's part of their green-energy scheme –– plus giving billions to Obama cronies for their "green companies," while "We the People" suffer. Obama's Green Corruption is huge!

    10. When you don't agree with the goal, it's time for CHANGE!!!

    11. Shawn Kane says:

      With unemployment as high as it is, how do they expect people to pay for these new, high gas mileage cars that don't exist yet?? I can't afford to buy a new car (especially not one with a $40k price tag) and it's already getting to the point where I can hardly afford to fill up my gas tank. Once again, the Obama administration is completely out of touch with middle America.

    12. sue says:

      None of this is even logical. But it is transparent.

    13. Fallon T Gordon MD says:

      1.0 Tell oil companies to keep enough oil products, including gasoline, in America to prevent shortages.
      2.0 Drill everywhere necessary to have enough oil and oil products in the USA.
      3.0 Put an EXPORT tax on all oil and oil products to lower gasoline in the USA to $1.00 a gallon. And be sure the American public receives the difference benefit between the highest world price of oil and gasoline and the cost of gasoline here at home. We have had "Price Controls" on Medicine since 1965 and Rent Price controls for many years. We have also used export price controls in the past. Do it again for the American people and our economy.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Price controls – just like wage controls are a construct and fail in the free market – they cause more problems than they solve. Study the Great Depression and you will see.

        • TerryT says:

          price controls are usually not good, that is correct, but if you require them to maintain a stock pile to keep supplies at a certain level despite the world situation, it should make the market more stable. also they are making more money selling outside the country, an export tax would reduce that to help keep more here. but we actually produce more than we use, so they need to be able to export, just not to let the stockpiles drop below a set level.

          I personally think that thinks like food and oil (necessities of life, basic food stuffs ei corn, grain, etc) should NOT be held at the whim of the speculators.

    14. Jeff Dover says:

      That's in keeping with the Obama administration's de facto policy of moving the United States from a free nation, where the players in the economy determine prices, to a nation like the former Soviet Union, where the economy and the supply of goods and services are determined by the political leadership…and we just have to take it.

      Throw them out, like the Russians threw out their own communists. Historically, centrally planned economies never did anything but blight and ruin nations. In his hubris, Obama's idiocy will be no different.

    15. sue says:

      I lived in Belgium and Japan for 9 years. Most people have small refrigerators, shop daily and can walk to the nearby stores. In Japan the trains take you everyplace. Daily shopping is part of the social system for women. We have need of cars as we have been suburbanized. Even though I had that convenience of nearby stores I drove to shop in these countries, as I had a larger refrigerator. The price of gasoline will prohibit many things, things as simple as driving several hours to visit your children. These ideas they promote are not logical and are very transparent as to their purposes. Articulate garbage is what it all is and four more years will ruin us.

    16. Fallon T Gordon MD says:

      Besides an EXPORT tax on oil and oil products, we can have a "MONOPOLY" tax on oil and oil products. Most of us would agree that oil is a MONOPOLY, otherwise they would not be able to raise the price of gasoline to the current levels or beyond.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Man, read a book. You have no idea how the oil industry works, and it shows. It is decidedly not a monopoly – there is the cartel effect, but the US suppliers don't play that. The cartel effect come s in through the false and created shortages by our liberal politicians, importing something we don't need to, and in the futures market. The simple fact that there are something like 11 or more blends of gasoline around the country because of legislation forces refineries to not run at their most efficient and helps create shortages and higher prices.

    17. Bernard P. Giroux says:

      It is time for a revolution in this country. If it does not come at the ballot box in November, it should come otherwise.

      • sue says:

        I am wondering, Bernard, if that is exactly what Obama wants- a real revolution so that he can take police control. The entire situation needs to be stopped, and I wonder if it can if he remains. He ignores the Constitution and is becoming more and more of a dictator. He is going to get rid of 80% of our missiles and in his next administration he will get rid of guns, according to his recent remarks. Sound very familiar to me knowing a bit about history of takeovers.

      • JOBMO says:

        which is?

    18. smc635 says:

      What about the fact that the falling dollar drives up the price of gas as oil is priced in dollars?

    19. Bob Wilson says:

      I curse Obama, Salazar & Chu every time I pass a gas station & read the price list.

      • JOBMO says:

        You should be cursing the Speculator and Oil Companies not the Politicians that in reality have very little control of gas prices. Blaming Obama for high fuel prices makes about as much sense as blaming Bush for the same when he was in office. Or was that somehow different?

        • TerryT says:

          yeah, think again. if you really look at the gas companies profits, they make 3-5 cents per gallon profit (last time i saw figures) the "Record Profits" is because during the economy bubble of the early to mid 2000's, there are more cars on the road, more people feel free to use them, etc so more GAS is being SOLD. anywhere from 18.9 cents (fed tax) to over a dollar when you add the state tax on gas, then as others mentioned the different blends of gas cause issues in production and supply, since they can only use each blend in certain area's at certain times. the station owners have the ability to make more per gallon than the oil companies do. it is priced (cost to station owners) based on competitions prices and so the owner can make 3-10 cents per gallon, depending on how they want to price their gas. only oil company stations have prices set by the oil company again based on prices of the competition in the area (former worker at a franchise Chevron station, every morning the owner prowled our competitors, sent the prices to chevron, and his replacement gas was priced based on this formulae)

    20. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      This administration is going at things bass ackwards. With the unemployment rate as it is, how can people afford to drive around looking for work with gas prices skyrocketing? This is absolutely crazy! The sooner we get Obama out of office the better. He is killing this country and he knows it. I think that was his plan all along. We have to get Ron Paul in the white house to get this country back to where it was when we first started. With him we have a hope for the future. With anyone else it is "business as usual".

      • Jill Maine says:

        Unfortuneately Ron Paul would never be able to defend us and wouldn't be prepared. I also resent that he blames 911 on us. He would throw Israel under the bus faster than BHO is doing. He would be a different kind of disaster.

    21. farrider says:

      This administration is caught up in a fantasy world of windmills, electric cars, solar energy and a host of other technologies that are basically in the early developmental phase. So what are we to do while these technologies are being devolved? Drive golf carts? These people need a sharp dose of reality so they can see what the average person has to go through everyday trying to cope with these high prices. This isn't Europe it's America. What works for Europe most of the time will not work here. If they think Europe is such a great ace why don't they live there and let the US find our own way.

    22. sdfultz says:

      Drill Baby Drill
      How does more drilling secure our future?
      We could drill every where the oil companies want and it still won't be enough.
      It is smart to consider and develop alternatives for the future, is it not?

      • Bob Wilson says:

        Mr Fultz…let the market determine if & when alternatives are needed. As for drilling, the act of opening up National Forests & other BLM land for drilling will send a strong message to the futures markets which will dampen crude oil prices and ultimately the price of refined products. The same for approving KeystoneXL pipeline.

        • TerryT says:

          Correct, Bob. not that we shouldn't encourage exploration into alternatives, but to try and force a change when there is NO viable, reliable, consistent replacement is just ludicrous.

    23. lizaz says:

      We have to vote out all these marxist morons, from the top down!!!! The damage to our country may become irreparable if they get another four years. Vote out all incumbents in local and state elections as well….we have to get control back, before these communists are successful in taking over!!!! obamagas is too expensive now….European prices??? I don't think so!!!!

    24. LibertyAtStake says:

      Higher prices at the pump has always been the plan … for the second term. Timing is everything and Team Leftie hates the timing on this none.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    25. Michele says:

      I vehemently disagree with your idea put forth here that the white house *wants* higher gas prices, and promotes policies that move forward that agenda. I do agree however with your assertion that the Obama Administration is highly in favor of alternative energies to fossil fuels, and will promote policies that align with that agenda. I was just looking at full EV cars yesterday online (no hybrid, no gasoline required whatsoever). If not for the approximate $10-15k price differential between the EV and conventional car with similar features, I would most definetly buy the EV vehicle. As soon as the prices of EV and hybrid vehicles come down, people will buy them in *droves*……don't you think for one second this does not scare the bejezzus out of the oil lobby in this country!!

      • J. C. Landon III says:



      • ThomNJ says:

        "Once the prices come down" – in a free market – what they are doing is deliberately manipulating the market to create false fossil-fuel shortages and to drive up the cost. You can vehemently disagree all you want, and you'd still be mistaken. obama promised he would do this on the campaign trail – guess you and half the country didn't listen to him.

      • Toro520 says:

        The government takes in approximately 4 times more money per gallon of gas than the big bad evil oil companies. Obama clearly stated that $4 per gallon gasoline would be a good thing in order to force policy change.

        you either have selective hearing, or the intellect of a spoon

      • Guest says:

        Just wait a year and they will give them away…………through subsidies from Feds.

        The oil industry in this country will long out live the current adminstration.

      • I actually agree with most liberal,long term ideas and goals.The reason I will never,ever be a democrat is you always want to implement things NOW without considering or caring about the consequences.Kumbaya with radical Islam?Not for a thousand years.Electric cars depend on coal fired energy plants which Obama wants to bankrupt through cap and trade.Fuel cells and batteries when they wear out are highly toxic.What about that?Global warming / climate change is natural and has been hijacked for a political power grab.

      • TerryT says:

        umm are you mentally deficient? numerous quotes from Obama and Chu stating just that. they WANT higher energy and gas costs to try and force a solution that Doesn't work on a large scale yet. solar is dependent on weather, and is only valid so many hours a day, wind depends on weather, tidal is cyclical, not sustaining, the only "green" version out there that is "stable" is what former President Bush uses, geothermal, and that is still not enough to do all you need for a house. it would require combinations of 2 or more of these FOR EVERY HOUSE with current technology levels. not a real feasible plan unless you force everyone to change their lifestyle, which is I believe also their plan. make us feel that we have to do with less since we have been "gluttens" in the past, to "attone" or as he is fond of doing, APOLOGIZE to the third world countries for our success.

      • rob says:

        in the northeast, there were 3 blackouts in 2011, each of which affected large areas for a week or more. in he blacked out areas you could still buy gas, as some stations had generators. what woud happen when there were large areas of power outages, and no one could get around as their charges died on their cars?

    26. Vet First says:

      Only one other thing to add to your story is that Bob Lutz from GM a high ranking entity stated on WJR in May or June 2011 that he would encourage the White House to keep gas prices up in the 5.00 to 6.00 range so that cars like the Volt could sell better.

      I will also pass this information on regarding inflation and how gas prices doubling will cause all industries prices to be inflationary and the Government will benefit from that.

      Gas prices are high and will continue to rise. President Obama says he is concerned and he can feel our pain. What a disingenuous statement. Is he unemployed? Is he personally paying for his gas? Is he part of the 99% or the 1%? Did he have the power to put in the Keystone pipeline or to put back the oil platforms in the Gulf or does he have the power by executive order to start new drilling in Alaska? This president is the great deceiver; his press secretary told us there are no magic solutions to rising oil prices. Demand is up and supplies are low which causes the price to increase. The drilling suspension, along with a new, slower permitting process, will result in the loss this year of about 375,000 barrels of oil a day, according to energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie. The spot market is rising and going higher due to President Obama’s failed energy programs. If you increase supply (getting those barrels out of our ground) the US prices will drop even on the spot market.

      When President Obama was Senator Obama he demanded President Bush to do something about rising prices. He had all the answers then, but put President in front of his name and he goes brain dead. Maybe he just wants to keep prices artificially high so he can support Al Gore’s battery car (Fister Motors) or his battery-powered car (GM Volt). Our government ignoring how inflation is surging thanks to rising gas prices. The question you must ask yourself is who makes money on inflation, who is the biggest winner? It is the government who wins we the people lose. As prices increase taxes go up on every segment of our lives, once again the middle class is being ripped off by this administration. Have we lost all of our reporters in the country, are our newspapers out of business, or are they thrilled with President Obama’s socialism agenda? The majority of this country that enjoy and loves freedom, capitalism are they relegated to accepting the Obama administration being unchecked by a disgraceful press corp?
      Chuck Marino for Senate

    27. Rick says:

      I drive about 3000 miles a month just to do my job! Do the math! Its costing me a lot of money and i cant even get a tax deduction!!! This causes people to cut back spending money on a lot of things that would normally not hesitate such as the remodeling i sell! It hurts my business as well trying to get homeowners to spend money fixing their house up! My business is the worst its been in the 25 years ive been doing it!!

    28. donald says:

      the president wants thie country to become his vision not ours. He has forgotten that he was elected to help us not his liberal outrageous beliefs.

    29. Joey says:

      They are hell bent and determine to crush America from the inside out to destroy everything that we have built and stood for.
      I think we as a country need to take our country back from the ones who have sold us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I never voted for the man and I wouldnt vote for him now for what has he honestly done in the 4 years that he has been in office to help America nothing as far as I am concerned?!
      From day one its been let me and goonies see what we can do stomp America into the ground, let our enemies spit on us allow the people and their jobs go to hell in a hand basket!!!!!!!!!
      Its time to say pack your bags move out the house for a new leader is coming to town to redo the wrong that you have done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Jim T. says:

      Hoefully, as Americans are bled dry at the gas pumps, they will finally begin to catch on that Obama is NOT the choice to make in November.

    31. Roger Crassi says:

      I would remind all of those who post "Comments" on this site of this fact: One of the first and necessary goals of any socialistic / communistic governments (if it is to be successful in establishing a firm GRIP on a country) is to totally limit the free movement of the citizens, to severely limit their choices of transportation. Tell me, if your first and only mode of transportation (other than by rail or air) were an electric automobile – like the Chevy Volt – that had a limited range of forty miles, at its very best – how would this change your life? I believe I know the answer. Most of you, like me, would be cut off from immediate family. Our freedom of movement is under an all-out onslaught!

    32. Richwood7 says:

      Does the Heritage Foundation EVER tell the truth? The President has almost no control over the price of gasoline this is a well-documented fact. Gingrich and his promise of "If elected I will make gasoline $2.50 a gallon." is simply a lie. Short of dumping 3 or 4 million barrels of oil a day on the market (which OPEC may just then cut back on production) or a massive government subsidy, gasoline sells at the market price. For Republicans who claim they want a smaller government to consider massive government intrusion into the market place is laughable. Keep in mind the Keystone project will take years to complete, the oil belongs to Canada and once refined, almost all of it is to be shipped oversea. The “jobs” that will be created is an exaggeration put out by the Canadian company building it and spread over two years, and is mostly Canadian workers. The steel used in the pipe is not USA steel. I realize the Heritage Foundation is really competing with Comedy Central but the John Stewart Show and Colbert Report are much better at comedy. Stick to the truth for maybe a week.

      • Oilready says:

        Richwood7 is correct; it would take years for the Keystone project to bring a meaningful amount of oil into the United States; however this was the same argument the Clinton Administration had when he prevented development of off shore oil resources back in the 1980’s. That oil would be flowing into our refineries now and helping stabilize oil prices. Just the act of approving the Keystone project would drive prices at the pump down because speculators on the open market would have more confidence in the supply of oil in the future. The maroons running this nation’s energy policy don’t have a clue.

      • Janice says:

        Come on, Rich. Get with it or move to a deserted island and take the socialists with you, Make Obama your king.

    33. Scott says:

      Obama and Chu aren't placating the environmental left, they ARE the environmental left.

    34. Michele says:

      the New Vision for America: long range EV vehicles (they're already here folks) with electric charging stations *EVERYWHERE*…..this is the future, polluting fossil fuels is the past. Don't think for one second this doesn't scare the bejezzus out of the oil lobby in this country!

      • Stirling says:

        What is the charging stations pluged up to … yes you guessed it – Fossil fueled power stations… The future only looks bright if you ignore the important details..

      • Janice says:

        I hope you buy one, Michele and let us know how it works out for you.

    35. Jeanne Stotler says:

      It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to figure out that solar and wind cannot replace electricity completly, we have 2 solar panels nd a windmill of our on and stll pa an electric bill, the wind does notblow everday nor does the sun shine, h they do make the bill lower and we do have storage batteries BUT they don't supply all electric needed to maintain a 5000+ sq.ft. house with 5 adults. Raising the gas hasalso increased the cost of all materials, groceries are up as well as clothing, and te needs to maintain a yard and gardens, BHO did a con job on America and now he's at it again. (Ididn't vote for him, I listend, and didn't like what I heard)

    36. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why would we expect Chu or Obama to approve any policies that would bring down the cost of fuel prices. They stated their intention years ago. Yet, here we are today, looking at $5.00 gas, and that's just the start. Oil touches every part of our lives, from the cost of our food to our medications. Both Obama and Chu are no fools. They know the pain they are causing most Americans. They just don't care. They have an agenda. We are making a huge mistake to think that Obama and Chu are "ignoring" the problems. This is not lack of knowledge or misunderstand. This is deliberately intended to drive Americans into a socialist society where government controls every part of the way we live our lives.

    37. Slick says:

      This is ABSOLUTELY no surprise because this administration has demonstrated from DAY ONE in office that they are deaf when it comes to the wishes of the citizens of this country! We are the lowly worker bees and HE is the KING bee . . . just do your job and SHUT UP!!!! If you look at all the the takeovers, the punitive legislation and the down-right dictatorship behavior that has taken place, we should not be thinking that they have any intention of "doing something" about the rising price of gas . . . or any other issue that we dislike; such as, the coercion of religious groups to provide coverage for medical devices that are AGAINST their theological beliefs.

      So what is the DIFFERENCE between this President and GWB??? For those who want to point all of GWB's shortcomings, one thing they CANNOT say is that he was tone deaf when it came to the American people!!! Within a matter of literally days, the price declined dramatically BECAUSE President Bush responded to the outcry of the citizens of this country. PERIOD!!!

      Again the bottom line is this: Are you BETTER OFF today than you were on January 20, 2009? If your honest answer is no, then you need to make a decision about how you are going to vote in 2012!!!

    38. Jim says:

      No taxes on middle class? the high gas prices are a "hidden tax" on the middle class and everyone else. So much for Obama's promise. And he likes it that way. High gas prices, uh oh another "crisis"to solve by big gov't. solyndra solved our energy problems right? Oh wait, they went into bankruptcy and lost OUR 535 million dollars! Prezbo, you got the money honey, pay us back.

    39. Curt Krehbiel says:

      As bad as most of the comments above are, they will be insignificant compared to what will happen to these United States if Obama gets four more years to finish his goal to create a government ruled communist order with widespread poverty where a free enterprise system once flourished.

    40. Whicket Williams says:

      You need to hire me. you are in dire need of writers

    41. boberic says:

      Many people blame big oil for the "extreme" profits they earn. Many of these people have 401 k and IRA investments, they are too stupid to realize that they are owners of big oil. Furthermore they are also too stupid to know that the biggest profiteers are the Federal and locaL gov'ts through their various taxes on the petroleum products we all consume. the oil companies have to explore. drill, shipand refine and ship again, for the profit they earn while the various Gov,ts only tax so as to confiscate the taxes on energy

    42. cara says:

      ok… so we all have to get hybird or electric cars… uummm… what do they think is going to happen when everyone has electric cars…. are we all going to charge them at the same time, and run everything in our homes… then we'll just have blackouts and the cost of electricity will skyrocket…. there is no win in either situation….. get Obama out and then maybe middle America will feel some relief…. oh yeah.. no taxes.. flat tax rate for everything you buy and no tax exempt companies for the rich, big businesses to hide behind…

    43. Bob says:

      Gas in Europe is priced differently than here in the U.S. Many of the small individual taxes that we pay are included in their gas prices. If we raise our gas prices to the levels in Europe,will our smaller included taxes be rescinded? We all know the answer to that one.

    44. Carl says:

      This is all part of Agenda 21, the UN's objective for controlling climate change and creating global equality. Like THAT is ever going to work! Let's all just sit in a big circle and sing Kumbaya… We should pull out of the UN and kick them all out of the country. Research Agenda 21 and you'll understand what I'm referring to. We desperately need new people in Washington!

    45. Ken Gehring says:

      Does the campaign rhetoric of our dear leader prior to his election in 2008 mean anything???
      Remember the phrase, "UNDER MY ADMINISTRATION, ENERGY/ELECTRICITY/GASOLINE (pick one) PRICES WILL NECESSARILY SKYROCKET." So, to those apologists for the President, if he can't control the energy prices, then at least, he is complicit, and up to his bottom in it….

    46. Tony says:

      You guys do realize that the United States has some of the cheapest gas prices in the world, right?

      • Stirling says:

        please dont put us in the same boat as the rest of the world, our economy is and always has been different with the freedoms and constitutional rights. It's an apples to oranges arguement to think we can survive paying the same $8-$10/gas as the rest of the world.

    47. ThomNJ says:

      Folks, this administration knows EXACTLY what it is doing. They KNOW that market forces will not allow a broad-based "green" energy solution, because the marketplace dictates the best price for everything. In the case of so-called green energy, that best price is not as competitive on a good day as fossil fuel based pricing on a previous or current bad day is. They are idealogues and know they cannot win in the free-market; so what they are doing is to distort the market and by fiat, make the green energy "solutions" to be competitive. Their grasp of Keynesian economics is so flawed that they still cannot seem to figure out that repurcussions follow this kind of manipulation, and that it just will not and has never worked.

    48. ThomNJ says:

      Chu said: "What I'm doing since I became Secretary of Energy has been quite clear. What I have been doing is developing methods to take the pain out of high gas prices." He left out the fact that he is deliberately creating the pain of high gasoline prices. Hell, if half of the fools that voted for hussein had actually listened to him on the campaign trail, they would have known this was the path he wanted to take. He told us so – but the press and half the voters in this country just didn't want to listen.

    49. Jules says:

      When I read articles like this, I just get totally worked up. Is this guy, Chu, totally ignorant of how many products he uses everyday are based on oil and its byproducts? I want to remove everything he owns or uses which is an oil based product. That would make him a naked bureaucrat standing before the committee. No pen, no shoes, no suit, no shirt, no cellphone, Then have him walk back to his office as many of the parts of his limo are oil based including the gas in the tank and the tires. These nuts just don't seem to get it. Saw this one coming back when he was tapped by his president to be head of energy.

    50. MikeInAZ says:

      This administration is brain dead. Don't they realize what high gas prices will do to their so called economic recovery? They will send it right down the toilet again. But they still want the price to go higher. What a bunch morons. All I can say is hurry Nov, this administration has to be voted out, and the sooner the better.
      I'm so sick of having how far I can travel during summer vacation determined by the cost of gas every year.

    51. mark says:

      Heritage's solution to high energy prices: Produce more, environmental consequences be damned. As long as fat Texans can drive their pickups and Hummers cheaply, who cares about the environment, right? Well guess what: That opinion is outside the world's mainstream. Sorry, but Obama and Chu are right again.
      Wake up, conservatives.

      • Mike Brownfield Mike Brownfield says:

        Mark – The reality is that America can't flip the switch and turn off its dependence on oil overnight. In the meantime, we should pursue the energy resources we have — and do it safely.

    52. MikeInAZ says:

      Doesn't this administration realize what high gas prices will do to their so called economic recovery? They will send it right down the drain again. But they still want the price to go higher. Really smart. All I can say is hurry Nov, this administration has to be voted out, and the sooner the better.
      I'm so sick of having how far I can travel during summer vacation determined by the cost of gas every year.

    53. HighlanderJuan says:

      So, a question for everybody… have you seen any form of growth since this administration usurped control i 2008?

      I'm thinking any growth outside that of the size of the federal government, the profits of the unions, the amount of corruption in government, the jobless rate, the percentage of unacknowledged money inflation, the size of the national debt, the muslim influence in our government, the amount of unconstitutional regulations imposed on the people, the number of attacks the federal government has made on state governments, the amount of threats and/or bribes made to individuals and groups, the amount of international enemies we have accrued, the amount of poverty and dependence on a central government, the increase in illiteracy in our people, the poisoning of our environment by the chemtrails planes, etc.

      If an enemy were to plan the destruction of a prosperous country, they couldn't do a better job. This federal government has become our enemy.

    54. Howard Curtis says:

      Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is seemingly doing everything it can to make paying for energy even more painful by refusing to open access to the country’s oil and gas reserves and blocking new projects that would lead to the development of more energy in America. Case in point: the president’s decision to say “no” to the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would have delivered hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil from Canada to Texas refineries, while bringing thousands of jobs along with it."
      TALK ABOUT HALF-TRUTHS!!!!! Easy to see which side of the "half-truths" this writer is on!! I don`t believe he has been displaced or diseased by the tar sands oil multi-toxic waste on 1000s of acres of earth, water, and air. Great solution:run a pipeline that is sure to leak along the 1500 mile way into my state and pollute IT instead of YOURS. And JOBS?! Mostly temporary~an economic band-aid.
      Higher prices=less pollution=less disease=healthier people=better economy in the long run. ~SIMPLIFY~

    55. PMG says:

      Enough is enough. The majority of Americans hold very dear their need for inexpensive transportation.
      The cost of oil is driven by the Executive Branch of our incompetent government. This issue alone, if
      uncorrected, should cause the majority of voters in the next Presidential Election to send The Obama
      team looking for work in the private sector.

      • MikeInAZ says:

        You've got that right. We need to send him back to chicago where he can do what he does best, and that's community organizing. Over the last 3 years he has certainly shown he's incompetent as a president.

    56. Ronald F. Adams Jr. says:

      The Obama administration is truly evil and their stupidity is mind boggling. November is coming and if this progressive socialist regime is re-elected we will see our country destroyed in our lifetimes

    57. Richard says:

      Everything this president does is intentional and deliberate to weaken our country. Ruin the economy, stifle energy production, weaken our defense, strangle our health care. The only question is will the next Republican President be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again before Iran attacks us? Or will we have Obama for Life?

    58. As a senior on a fixed income, there is only two ways to reduce the pain of higher and higher gas prices: A) Lower the prices (increase supply, reduce demand), or B) reduce, by equivalent amounts, the cost of all other bread basket purchases (Bread, Potatoes, Beef, etc.). But, wait, the price of each of those commodies has a gasoline/diesel fuel component, and will necessarily also increase.__ As I pay more for fuel and food, I will be forced to substitute talk radio for Cable TV, live with my furniture longer, not even look at a new car, and not buy that new camera or TV I have been wanting. I may not take that vacation trip I was planning for next year._ _As more and more seniors realize this and as our sons and daughters see their parent's standard of living decrease – even as their own Standard of Living decreases, I am more and more CONFIDENT that "We the People" will do the right thing to solve this problem.

    59. NANCEE says:


    60. Gary says:

      My question is. How can anyone possibly vote for this man? Anyone with one ounce of respect and concern for our country, cannot possibly vote for this socialist. Can they? However the so called independents came out for him in 2008. Hows that hope and change thing working out?

      • MikeInAZ says:

        An awful lot of voters in this country want the freebies, and this president is an expert at the handouts. I hope, no I pray this guy doesn't win next november, but I won't be surprised one bit if he does win again, I'm afraid to many people just want the free ride in life.

    61. So many people are right on the edge and trying to hold on and make it through this bad economy. High gas prices are going to push them right over the economic cliff.

    62. Zach says:

      all i can say is "I as an American truck driver" will tell you, the higher prices get the higher everything will cost. These steep prices are also going to put many transportation companies under and cause hundreds of lost jobs. Way to go mr. chu, screw us guys harder

    63. Here is Obama's Energy Sec. saying that the Administration wants higher gas prices.

    64. Lou says:

      We have to get those idiots out of office before our country is destroyed completely!

    65. Patriot 1776 says:

      Isn't this the free market at work? I mean that is what we want right — the government to stay out of business and dictating prices? In Communist Cuba the Government keeps prices at a certain level and that sure as hell ain't us! God Bless the USA and the FREE Market!

    66. I wouldn't have believed this if I didn't hear him say it! WOW

    67. Lori says:

      I am a lifelong Californian, and I'm also a Republican. Like many youngsters, I started out Democrat, but grew up and saw the truth for myself. While I am a Republican now, one person who posted previously claims that Californians (in general I guess) are politically wacko. I wanted to say that that is true, and it's up to the rest of you guys to save us. Truly. But I do agree with Democrats on some environmental issues. We can't keep drilling all over the coastline. Our beaches, once the envy of the country, are now lined with unsightly oil derecks. And for what? So we can get even more folks sitting in our polluting traffic? We really do need to explore alternatives.

    68. JFB says:

      If all of these posters on here really want to get Obama out of office, there are two things we all can a must do.

      1. Quit buying the MSM newspapers
      2. Quit buying "stuff we all don't need" now until after the election.

      The resulting deficit GDP and $6/gal gas, 10% unemployment will guarantee his election and the majority of Democratic Progressive defeats. Think about it people. Quit your bellyache and do some productive about the problem.

    69. Pamela says:

      You know this man along with all the other idiot liberals out there who obviously have NO CLUE how the real people that work, manage their lives and paychecks try to make ends meet. BUT, with comments like this the bleeding liberal have no idea what reality is. It seems that it's a game to them. Where did these idiots come from? I just don't understand how people can even begin to support O for one more year when he constantly puts people in place like this man. They are DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY IN EVERY WAY THEY CAN. Here's how I feel about dem's and liberals YOU DON'T LIKE THIS COUNTRY, GO SOME WHERE ELSE AND LIVE LIKE RUSSIAN.

    70. Pamela says:

      You know this man along with all the other idiot liberals out there who obviously have NO CLUE how the real people that work & live can do it anymore.
      He doesn't want us to be dependant on oil??? We wouldn't be if we could drill here as we have an abundance of oil JUST IN THIS COUNTRY so we WOULDN'T be dependant on other countries.
      What lies these people tell!!! It makes me sick so sick to hear the lies that so many of you out there buy into with these people. Wake up They want you to depend on THEM for everything and that way foks, THEY control YOU.

    71. SuperRoadrunner says:

      Those jokers in DC don't care about the price of gas, since most of the gas for their limos is being paid by the taxpayers!

    72. Kurt Pochert says:

      Why would the President not want to have the money paid by higher
      gas prices kept in our own country? Wanting to keep the money flowing
      to the middle-eastern oil producers has some very good reasons
      considering Obama’s Muslim upbringing.

      What if I said that the President wanted to keep the money flowing to
      the Arab / Muslim countries for delivery of our oil, to continue the
      advancement of Islam in the world! I do not think that is farfetched at
      all, but a genuine realistic statement. Think about it. If the money
      stopped going to the Middle East oil producers, what would be left to
      feed the Islamic Terrorist machine? I don’t think it is too hard to
      establish that the oil money gets fed into the anti-American Islamic

    73. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      His Energy Secretary said as much.

    74. Most High Martyr says:

      this is part of the nwo to make us all slaves. it's about removing our abilities to take care of ourselves making us dependent on them. which in turn gives them the upper hand at controling every thing vital and necessary that we need to live everyday such as food, energy, housing, higher education and the list goes on. wake up people. the revolution may not be televised. doesn't mean it's not happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. Most High Martyr says:

      this isn't just about gas prices and making money. it's about NWO and control. they are stripping you of your abilities to take care of yourself so that in return you will depend on them. Thus giving them the upper hand in telling you how you will live your life. They are doing this with religion, gas and other energy (because my electric bills are ridiculous), cost of housing, employment, food prices, tuition, EVERYTHING! Americans are getting chronic sicknesses, dying early from stress, theres no morals or value for innocence, and look at our culture as a whole. sex all over tv, our women dressing like whores, men coming second to woman now in the workplace and at home, less marriages, it's all out of control. you all need to READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES, STOP BELIEVING THE NEWS (THEY'RE PAID TO LIE TO YOU), GO NATURAL WITH EVERYTHING AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR BODY, learn some survival skills and get ready for martial law and fema camps here in USA. VOTING WONT HELP OR SAVE YOU. theres a bigger goal at hand. gas prices aren;t even scraping the surface.

    76. America First Always says:

      Liberals have a crush on Europe for decades now. So let them go live there!
      Higher costs and much lower standard of living…how quaint…how environmentally responsible! OK..SO go there and do not come back.

      And take with you all the Europeans who come here and stay meanwhile chattering about how superior Europe is to America. Well then, don't let the door hit you…

    77. Tom says:

      When governments, in their unbounded hubris, do things that are in conflict with the fundamental laws of nature (the laws of physics), the results will always be "The law of unintended negative consequences."

      Are we there yet?

    78. john says:

      i'm from portugal and i just can't understand how stupid can a person be in his desire to be like us! europe is paying the price of the leftist liberal agenda, and apparently america's leaders wants to follow us to the bottom!

    79. postroad says:

      michele is right….cheap gas? buy big fat gas guzzlers. gas expensive? think about use.

    80. Bill says:

      Well, the Democrats wanted change and they are certainly getting it!!!!!!! I would hope that everyone has woken up and realized just how ignorant obama is and further more with this very little time left until November when his butt is voted out, Congress is going to have to keep him under control so he can't do anything else to America. How anyone could have voted for him back in 2008 I'll never know! It wasn't hard to see what he was and what he stood for, he is the nightmare that want go away and that you can't waker up from!

    81. SweetOlBob says:

      OK all you good democRAT and really proud people. And don't forget all you folks just itching to show how free thinking and unprejudiced you are.

      You've really done it this time. You elected a know nothing, muslim pandering, lying, drunken sailor spending, anti-American narcissist as president. Now you can pay him for the privilege. This guy Chu says he wants gas to cost as much here as it does in Europe. That's $5.00 for a little more than a QUART.

      How's that Hope and Change working out for you ?

    82. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama won't be satisfied until we go Amish. Then he'd probably find a way to tax all the horse manure.

    83. Chaz says:

      The primary reason why Europe is having economic difficulties is the their gasoline prices. Eight to ten dollars a gallon takes food off the table!

    84. Jerry B. Tx. says:

      As it stands hopefully they are waking the people up who still support these goons and get them out of the WH.

    85. Janett says:

      oh yeah, increase gas prices in order to decrease dependence on oil, that sure is a smart idea, yeah right, I understand the concern to be environmentally friendly, but there are some people who do not have the dam money to be able to afford an electric car or a hybrid or any other car that conserves energy. So, if you want to be smart, consider the poor people who will only get angry and annoyed that the government expects them to get another car, when they could barely afford to buy the one used car they have. What a rotten idea. People please think before you act or say anything stupid.

    86. diamond jim says:

      obama talks with fork tongue.

    87. Always helping out the middle class, huh Barack!

    88. John G. says:

      Chu, along with his boss, needs to be shown the door. Just like Obamacare, the administration (Obama) is forcing something down our throats, like it or not. As for you, Michele, feel free to move to Europe since you seem to have a European mentality.

    89. John D says:

      Jimmy Carter established the dept of energy to make us less dependant on foreign! This dept cost us tax payers $45 billion dollars a year to operate and we were only 26% dependant on foreign oil then.
      Now were 76% dependent on foreign oil and now this administration is saying "$5-6 dollar a gallon is good for creating jobs?
      Obama blasted Bush in 2007 for gas prices being at $1.90 a gallon!
      Wake up America before we are not America any longer.
      This administration and his Czars are destroying the greatest country in the world and I believe ,Obama is not a citizen of the USA!
      If his lips are moving , he's lying!

    90. James Hamlin says:

      These people that pretend to represent our best interests of an energy dependant system of higher fuel prices, should spend some educated time in Europe and Asia. You could get on your bicycle , and if the family is going with you, hook the oxen to the cart.. and we all go to town. We are an proud nation of an Interstate system. .. that was how we moved during the industrial era.. no other country had anything close to our being able to moving products from one coast to the other without oxen and carts. …. and once we were hooked… now… raise the fuel prices… we need to do what we as Americans do bestas… develop our own resources to support our transportation system and move our products and needs. … soon the price of bread and milk will be out of everyone's reach… We the People need to Stand and vote those to Washington that understands our system and will support what is necessary to help rebuild what others have torn down. God Bless America !!!

    91. purplewings123 says:

      Since most people don't have a job & are without money, they really won't need a car at all. They can sit around trying to figure out which soup kitchen they can walk to for dinner. Oh yeah this guy Chu, is real bright. Sure the people with no job, no money are going to be going in droves to buy a $40,000 dumpy car, and to support a few more million $$$ solar energy busts. The new life in America is not worth a dime but it is worth voting to get our old life back.

    92. Danny says:

      The amounts of fuel usage: for what ever means is a figure that is astronomical. The innovation, The need, and the science that must come forth, has already manisfested long-ago. I would ask the question- is it political, is it supply, and demand or is it something else that would slam on the breaks of progress?

    93. Grandpa says:

      The mideast has it's " Opec " and we have ours. We call it the " EPA" Control of supply to influence prices.

    94. David says:

      Heritage, you and your cohorts come across as frightened little children, cowering in fear of monsters under the bed. The next objective, rational op ed piece I read will be the first.

      Let's see, who else can you blame for your own insecurities?


    95. Carol,AZ says:

      Here we go again:
      The double industrial grade zoo speak handed down by our community organizer and his Czars..
      Try to enjoy it America as we come apart at the seams on all economic levels.
      The danger:
      This government clearly is organizing America toward Socialism.
      Do you get now?

    96. Gas Hawk says:

      How much is Obama costing you this week in gas? Find out at http://www.budgetmydrive.com.

    97. Cy Kohlbeck says:

      Obama hates this country, its successes, he's a Marxist plain and simple. He is emptying our pockets so it will be far easier to take over a bankrupt country than a strong fiscal one. He and his buddy Chavez will celebrate. Understand his objectives. He said today in North Carolina there is no way to get lower gasoline prices. Anybody that still listens and believes him are certainly either Europeans or communists.FinanceMgr

    98. All the way back to 2008 they want gas prices to be high. But, now at election time Obama doesn't say he wants low gas prices. He says that what president running for re-election wants high gas prices. That is not the same thing.

    99. limo chicago says:

      Around the globe, all countries were also unstoppable oil price hike.. Not only America facing it.

    100. JOHN says:

      If Obema wants to stay in the white house, he needs to do something about our GAS prices,_And i don't meane make thim HIGHER !!!!! As it is HE DON'T HAVE MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

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