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  • Modern State Militia Debate Rages on in Arizona

    Headlines throughout the state of Arizona are highlighting the debate on Senate Bill 1083, a bill to stand up Arizona’s modern state militia or State Defense Force (SDF).

    Authorized by the Constitution and by federal law, SDFs have a long history within the United States. While their role has changed over time as the needs and threats faced by the U.S. have evolved, today’s SDFs serve as auxiliaries to the National Guard units of their states as well as force multipliers for state homeland security missions in disaster preparation, response, and recovery.

    In July 2011, Arizona’s Senate Bill 1495 went into effect, authorizing the governor to establish a state guard unit or SDF. Now with S.B. 1083, the state legislature is debating exactly what role the SDF should play to advance the state’s homeland security efforts. (S.B. 1083 actually refers to the Arizona Special Missions Unit. Don’t be confused: It’s the same thing with a fancier name.)

    The main sponsor of the bill, state Senator Sylvia Allen, has argued that an armed Arizona SDF is needed to help stem the tide of illegal immigration and drug smuggling along Arizona’s shared border with Mexico. S.B. 1083 also calls for Arizona’s SDF to have a mission set that includes disaster response and search-and-rescue activities.

    With Arizona having suffered the largest wildfire in state history just last year, the later mission set clearly make sense. In fact, in recent years SDFs have proved instrumental in aiding state and local leaders in disaster response, particularly in the aftermath of both September 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

    While few have questioned this mission set, however, the call to allow Arizona’s SDF to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in border security operations has many up in arms. Many have expressed concern about ensuring that SDF members have sufficient training and oversight in carrying out such a mission. Any SDF border-security contingents must respect the three main tenants of volunteer activity: (1) liability, (2) accountability, and (3) sustainability. However, with these conditions met, states should be allowed to decide which missions their SDFs will fulfill.

    Arizona’s SDF would become the 24th active SDF in the U.S. As a low-cost force multiplier for homeland security, an SDF has much to offer the state. In establishing the force, however, Arizona must carefully decide the needs of the state and where an SDF can add the greatest value to Arizona’s homeland security enterprise.

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    4 Responses to Modern State Militia Debate Rages on in Arizona

    1. Mike Frye says:

      US CODE TITLE 32 Chapter 109 .. Subsection C .. Read It .. Because Arizona needs it ..

    2. Slick says:

      Here's a stellar idea: how about we make EVERY member of Congress go down to Arizona and live WITHOUT the advantage of armed protection within 50 miles of the border for 30 days. Then let's see how they vote on this measure!

      It is absolutely no less than a form of terrorism on the Arizona citizens to not allow them to defend themselves against invasion by all the illegals streaming across the border, especially when the "powers that be" in Washington don't even care enough to go DOWN there, stand in the shoes of the Arizonians, and then make their decision. I would hate to tell you what we call those kind of cowards in this part of the country!

      These guys are too far from the problem to even begin to understand the ramifications for Arizona citizens. Maybe it is PAST time to QUIT asking the federal government or congress for their "permission" to protect themselves down there. What is the DOJ going to do? Sending all of his armed TSA agents to Arizona and arrest everybody? Well, at least that might be one way to get the attention of the Washington traitors! Or maybe the O administration has already ceded this part of the country back to Mexico since official borders are not important, and he just hasn't got around to telling the folks in the Arizona and the rest of the Southwest yet! Perhaps that news will come AFTER the November, 2012 election . . . he can't afford to upset too many more voting groups, or they will be running him out of town on Buffet's BNSF rail!!!!

    3. Carol,AZ says:

      Yes, we have , "carefully decided the needs of our state," after Obum and his madmen declared war on us, not to protect AZ and her citizens.
      The three tenants: "liability, accountability and sustainability is also understood.
      Thank you; Mike, Slick, and Vern my fellow Arizonans.
      We all know we have much work to do and you'll agree this will help to protect our law enforcers, Border Agents and certainly the citizens that live nearer to the border who make their livings there.

      Thank you Governor Brewer , your courage and strength against so much corruption is remarkable.

    4. Wayne Carson says:

      Few states have most things in perspective.
      Arizona does !
      Unfortunately, I have a bunch of bleeding heart liberals that have moved there in the last 10 yrs.
      I hope imports from Mid-West, like Michigan, don't ruin your state.
      Thinking about retiring there and becomming a militia man.

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