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  • Morning Bell: Obama Doctrine Failure

    Three years ago, President Barack Obama set forth to recast American foreign policy in an image of his own design. It was one in which the White House engaged with enemies and undercut allies, apologized for American exceptionalism, and favored the “soft power” of treaties and international organizations. This “Obama Doctrine” was tailor made to burnish America’s supposedly flagging reputation on the world stage. Today we are seeing the disastrous results of a doctrine gone wrong.

    The Middle East is a logical starting point of this Obama Doctrine retrospective, a region where the President’s soaring aspirations have been mugged by the reality on the ground. Beginning in Iran, Obama sought to engage a regime led by a man who has openly called for the destruction of Israel. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was not mollified by the President’s charm offensive, and now, even in the face of escalating sanctions, Iran is ratcheting up its rhetoric, threatening to cut off a quarter of the world’s energy supply, and marching toward a nuclear weapon. The Obama Administration’s response? An admonishment of Israel for considering a strike against the murderous Iranian regime.

    Syria, too, is yet another example of the Obama Doctrine failure. The President entered office hoping to engage the hostile regime of Bashar al-Assad and soft-pedaled its criticism of Assad’s violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. The result? Syria ordered the attack on the U.S. embassy in Damascus, threatened the U.S. ambassador, and to date has killed more than 7,500 Syrians who are standing against the autocratic government.

    The President’s failure to discern friend from foe in foreign affairs left it flatfooted in the Arab Spring awakening last year, as well, and that too has put America at a loss. In Egypt, the President hesitated when the people called for Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, but wound up supporting his overthrow in the end. Now, though, the Muslim Brotherhood is within inches of grasping power, the country’s peace treaty with Israel is being questioned, and pro-democracy American workers there are facing criminal trial. In Libya, the President was forced into action by European allies, withdrew as quickly as possible, and the country is seeing increased instability as its militias are being accused of war crimes. None of the above is in America’s interests.

    In each instance, the Obama Administration was caught leading from behind, uncertain of the role the United States should play or how to react, instead of taking clear, assertive action to defend U.S. interests. Unfortunately, the one area where the President does display clarity is where his political interests come into play. That, too, has left American interests worse for wear.

    In Afghanistan, the President has insisted on a speedy withdrawal of U.S. forces while pursuing negotiations with the Taliban — a veritable enemy that has launched lethal attacks against American troops. Neither tactic is a strategy for victory or for preventing Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for terrorists. In the middle of this tinderbox, anti-American protests are flaring after the apparent burning of Korans at a U.S. military base. The President issued an apology, yet the Taliban is calling for retaliation against the United States — and that is the same Taliban which Vice President Joe Biden said ”is not our enemy.”

    Iraq, too, has devolved into violence following the President’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops. It has been just over two months since the last U.S. forces left Iraq, and in that time the country has witnessed ongoing insurgent attacks, a mushrooming political crisis, and the threat of a civil war which will aid neighboring Iran.

    As these international threats simmer to a boil, the President is undercutting America’s ability to defend its interests at home and abroad. Under Obama’s new budget, the military faces nearly half a trillion dollars in cuts, on top of $400 billion the President has already slashed. That does not include the half trillion in funding that will have to be cut under the debt limit agreement Congress reached last summer. Vital defense programs have been killed, next generation weapons will be delayed or eliminated, and troops will be reduced. And it’s all being done in the name of freeing up funding to pay for the President’s domestic agenda.

    In the course of three years, President Obama has pursued a foreign policy that has left America less secure today and even more at risk tomorrow. A nuclear Iran, a failed Afghanistan and Iraq, an unfriendly Egypt, an Israel at risk, and an underfunded military are all serious concerns for the American people. Rather than continue pursuing the ill-advised Obama Doctrine, it is time for the President to put defending America first and appeasing our enemies last. That is a doctrine the American people can depend on.

    Learn more about the Obama Doctrine failure in a special Heritage event, The Obama Doctrine at Year Three: An Assessment.

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    90 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Doctrine Failure

    1. charles labounty says:

      BHO is doing exactly what he advertised in 2008, "Fundamentally Changing America".
      Was anyone listening?

    2. Carolyn Olson says:

      Is there absolutely nothing our military can do outside this Pres.? I know he is "commander in chief", but are the military putting pressure on him to make him realize the dangers involved in his policies? Also, I just heard Michael Barone, who voted for this Pres., but says that his apology over the accidental Koran burnings, not withstanding the prisoners writing in them, was not good. Mr. Barone also pointed out that the Pres. never talks about the heroism of the troops and also the fact that our military has liberated many, many Muslims from their radical "brothers". We need more voices llike Michael Barone speaking so loudly that they shout over the media that does nothing but support this administration.

    3. E Palser says:

      May God help us by prayer and political action removed from the highest office in the land a president who has again and again failed to take action to assure our beloved country's strength and stability in a world of extreme termoil.

    4. Turner says:

      When wil the press wake up and see that Obama is not as dumb as they think? His plan is working from the outside in, not the inside out. You are not paying attention of the cumulative effect of what you might call disparate and unimportant acts in the periphery. The technique his is using is called dissimulation. Take a piece of paper and write down all that the disturbing things he is doing. Then you will see the plan.

    5. Obama_epic_fail says:

      Even Billy Bob Carter, Jimmy's brother could do better than this, while intoxicated.

    6. Phil says:

      I wish that every voter in the US would read this article.

    7. Jerry Philpott says:

      I disagree in the idea that Obama has failed. I contend that he has accomplished many of the things he intended and is hell-bent to shove the rest of his agenda down out throats. Wake up, people. We have to vote this guy out and hope that he leaves peacefully.

    8. France Abercrombie says:

      The obama doctrine has not failed, he is doing exactly what he wants to do.. Divide and conquer and become the coronated one. I hear all the time about his politics.. Politics plays no part in what he is doing. WE BETTER WAKE UP OR WE WILL LOSE.!!!!!

    9. Romney Dickinson says:

      Obama does nothing FOR America and that is his plan. He is the enemy as much as Iran, North Korea, etc. I have suggestions and many of us do, but it will do no good until obama is gone. So, volunteer, donate, vote and pray to God for his defeat. It is not all his fault. It took thousands of votes from socialists and P.C. fools and even a few well meaning people. Every time you have a chance to talk against obama do so; tell friends, family, co-workers, strangers at the gas station, grocery, pharmacy, EVERYWHERE!!!! And get busy working against obama. As soon as the Republicans have a candidate then step up and go to work calling, going door to door, sending emails, work at your local HQ for the obama opponent. Work, work, work, like your life depends on it, because it does. America and your children MUST remove obama or we will all find out what it is like to live in an oppressive, abusive, communist nation. It will not be fun.

    10. Rich H. says:

      This article presents the results of the Barack Obama administraiton foreign policy with much clarity. The only sentence I question is the last….Barack Obama is not capable or willing to change direction. The current policies and their very eventful results are apparently by design. We can only expect more of the same the balance of 2012 and going forward if he is re-elected.

    11. Tom says:

      This may sound as if I am attempting sarcasm, but please consider it a question that I ask seriously: Does criminal insanity within itself constitute due cause for a President to be removed from office either by impeachment or if not to be impeached, to be removed from office by another means?

    12. Ross says:

      I believe one of the sad parts of this Obama administration is the fact that Babies don't have a chance at life and if by some measure of luck a Baby survives the abortion process it will be further assaulted by having its brain cavity emptied out. Then on the other end of the spectrum there are the elderly who are under assault and I predict will at some point be presented the option of an overdose of sleeping pills or being shot. I am saddened by the assault on freedom of worship in this the greatest country on the planet. When will the real American people finally stand up and decide that enough is enough and empty out that Snake pit call the congress of the United States Of America and elect a president who really does Love and respect America. When will we take back our real freedoms from those Harvard, Yale, and Columbia elites who believe they are the brightest bulbs in the room and that we the people are just to STUPID to make our own decisions? How long will it be before we the people wake up, stand up and be counted !!

    13. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Yeah . . what a failure . . too bad more than half the population seem to see someone whose proving to be intelligent, thoughtful, articulate, competent and respectworthy. Gosh how are we going to get them to change their minds? I know . . let's consistently distort the truth and find fault with ever possible thing he's says and does. And let's keep beating that drum so that the ill-informed will become even less informed. Let's never mention 23 straight months of private sector job growth, the US auto industry boom, our renewed standing in the world, how we're drilling more than ever for oil and have turned away more ilegal immigrants than ever before. Yeah we don't want facts to get in the way!

      • The Truth says:

        Why am I even wasting my time? THESE are the facts, Jeff:

        1) 23 months of "private sector job growth"? – At this point after every other downturn (except for that other gov't-created mess, The Great Depression), we were humming along at at least double the paltry 2% growth rate we have under this administration. Reagan's economy at this point in time was growing at 7-8% during some quarters. The CBO just reported that the "stimulus" may have added as few as 300K jobs TOTAL during the past three years. This President is a job KILLER, not a job creator!

        2) What US auto industry boom? The only company even remotely close to "booming" would be Ford, of course. (Pssst, I know it's probably news to most leftist drones, but they didn't get any of the bailout cash. Of course that doesn't prevent Barry from taking credit for their success. That's his MO, after all (see oil drilling below).)

        3) Our "renewed standing in the world"? Seriously?

        4) Drilling more than ever for oil? LMAO! You do know that when Obama makes comments like that, that he's including drilling on both private land (for which he deserves no credit whatsoever) and public land AND that those public permits were actually granted DURING THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION! You might want to drill a little deeper next time (pun intended).

        5) We're "turning away more illegal immigrants than ever before"? No, Jeff, they're turning themselves away. It's called "self-deporting" because of the crappy economy your Idiot-In-Chief is fueling. His justice dept just ordered that the only illegal immigration cases they'll take are those involving felons; giving license to just about everyone else to come and stay as long as they want.

        You lie, Jeff, just like your Messiah. Thank you for providing further proof that liberalism truly is a psychopathology!

    14. Oscar Brown says:

      We must work and pray that the deteriation can be stopped or, at least, slowed until we have a new president. If President Obama believed what you describe is true (he doersn't), he would not change because his base has worked towards America's humiliation for at least a century, and he agrees. This is what he meant by hope and change. Now that we understand the terms, it's time to re-define. For OUR survival, he must go.

    15. Michael Wensink says:

      Obama's policy is not as disgraceful as the politicians who scream for an apology from Afghanistan thereby sacrificing the lives of American soldiers for cheap political gain. They should all be ashamed of themselves!!
      If they want an apology so bad they should fly to Afghanistan themselves and ask one on the streets of Kabul.
      Absolutely disgraceful.

    16. J. Andrew Reid says:

      In three years the President has left the United States weaker and Islam stronger. Is that an accident?

    17. Karen says:

      This potus is truly out of his league but he's as clueless as his advisors and supporters….or, perhaps this is exactly what he intended when he proclaimed he would change America as we know it.

    18. Clearhead says:

      Usually I agree with Mike Brownfield, and the general principles of The Heritage Foundation. Today however, I must take exception. (1) Use of the phrase, '…it is time to…' has become meaningless in its broad application, and has no more substance than some pundit's opinion. Most of the time it should be substituted by the phrase '…it's WAY PAST time to…' In the opinion of a vast number of us, this is certainly applicable in this instance. (2) last statement in this article: "…it is time for the President to put defending America first and appeasing our enemies last." NO! It is WAY PAST TIME for America to rid itself of this cancerous abomination known as the 'present administration' and its leaders, 'czars' etc which are causing the DESOLATION of our beautiful, magnificent and EXCEPTIONAL country. !! P.S. Please, 'present administration', don't "help" us anymore .

    19. csam says:

      Nothing was mentioned about protecting our borders!!! #1 Priority!!

      Get our guys out of other countries and protecting us here!

    20. bitterweed says:

      It's the Amateur Hour in the District of Columbia..

      • Eddie75 says:

        PLEASE do Not insult us Amateurs – we have the best interests of America in our Hearts & Minds, and not where the next Lobbyist is coming from.. We're always RED – White & Blue..

    21. bentonmarder says:

      Much of the present dates from the Cairo speech early in the reign. President Obama seems not to grasp that words and ideas have consequences which cannot be limited in definition by the speaker. Those that hear will have their own understanding of what words and ideas signify in their context. What we mean by representative democracy does not carry the same in other cultures. We cannot, like Humpty-Dumpty in 'Alice', impose our meaning upon the East. Kipling had strong words about trying to hustle the East
      It is well known that, in any reasonably fair election in the East, the Muslim Brotherhood (and the Salafis) would gain the ascendancy. This is proving out in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and shortly in Syria. Do we even grasp the potential of such an ascendancy throughout the Near and Middle East? Do we think?

    22. Irvin Coleman says:

      I agree completely with your s;ummary of President obama's foreign policy. In addition Iran has established alliances with countries in South America and has gotten their permision to install misslies there which could reach the US with nuclear wartheads once they create enough of them from the uranian enrichment facilities that Russia has sold to them and taught them how to use them. This is a serious danger when Iran's leadership has repeatedly said that the US must be destroyed.

    23. I think the author misuses the term "soft power" in this piece. American "soft power" usually refers to our superior culture and democratic ideals, not to things like treaties.

      • Diggs says:

        You are correct, but the President doesn't think that we have a superior culture, and he doesn't like our democratic ideals, so those two are out.

    24. bentonmarder says:

      Much of the present dates from the Cairo speech early in the reign. President Obama seems not to grasp that words and ideas have consequences which cannot be limited in definition by the speaker. Those that hear will have their own understanding of what words and ideas signify in their context. What we mean by representative democracy does not carry the same in other cultures. We cannot, like Humpty-Dumpty in 'Alice', impose our meaning upon the East. Kipling had strong words about trying to hustle the East__It is well known that, in any reasonably fair election in the East, the Muslim Brotherhood (and the Salafis) would gain the ascendancy. This is proving out in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and shortly in Syria. Do we even grasp the potential of such an ascendancy throughout the Near and Middle East? Do we think?

    25. Alcon says:

      In light of these failings it is disheartening that the GOP presidential candidates continue to attack individual character issues in lieu of pointing out the failings of the present administration and offering solutions. It is apparent the party is not serious about removing this zealot from power and is satisfied with destroying reputations in lieu of offering solutions.

    26. Phil Campbell says:

      Whenever the Republicans decide on the nominee, I sincerely hope (and trust) all will rally behind the person who will beat Obama in November. The list of failures this President has racked up is truly monumental…and that is only on the international side…not to mention the long list of failures and overreaching unconstitutional acts here at home. Does anyone remember the elections of 2010? This President is not unbeatable, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Let's show this Partier-in-Chief the exit in November in historic fashion. The United States needs a come back and it's been shown for decades, what's good for the USA is good for the world. There is no other place like the USA…it's worth protecting, fighting for and sending this administration back to Chicagoland. God Bless America.

    27. telephoneoperator says:

      Each one of the Republican nominees should have a copy of this article in his pocket. When the nominee is finally selected he should then take out this article and use these talking points during the Presidential debates. He must make Obama defend the last four years. Use these talking points during the debates instead of harping on social issues.Social issues are certainly important but the security of America is job one. Let's hope the candidate will make this election all about Obama and all his failed/dangerous policies.

    28. Jack Penland says:

      I cannot believe that anyone can be as clueless as our current Comrade-in-Chief appears to be, so I can only conclude that his foreign and domestic policy misadventures are carefully orchestrated to do maximum damage to our country. His promise to "fundamentally transform" this country [into a bankrupt has-been] is the only one he appears to have any intention of keeping. His policies and those of his fellow traveler liberals have been ruinous to our finances, and our security. His apparent hatred of the US Constitution as a roadblock to his socialist agenda is readily apparent.

    29. MJF in CT says:

      Mr. Obams and his "soft power" and apologies has told the world the America is just a bunch of yellow bellies that cannot deal with war.

    30. Wayne Peterkin says:

      I do not own a crystal ball so cannot predict the future any better than anyone else. However, this is what I expect in the middle-east, in large part due to Obama's policies. Iraq will descend into chaos with a very real risk of becoming an Iranian satellite. Iran will continue their development of a nuclear weapon unless Israel takes action to stop them, which could result in a major war that could easily spread. Egypt will continue towards becoming one more radical Islamist state while Libya's future is a bit less certain but is worrisome. Syria may see Assad replaced, but is still likely to remain a Iranian ally at the least and may be controlled by Iran. We are moving ever closer to a Caliphate in the region, which could see the destruction of Israel and the largest growing threat to the free world we have seen since the Axis of WWII. Obama will not defend Israel if it becomes necessary, especially if he succeeds in being re-elected.

    31. TestPilot says:

      Leaders hate the phrase "leading from behind". It softens what it really is–FOLLOWING.

    32. boberic says:

      I take a different approach. Obama has been extremely successful. In his campain he told us that he wanted to fundamentaly change the Country That is exactly what he wants to do and he has been very successful in doing exactly that. He has weakend the countrys military, the economy, the medical delevery system, and his distain for the constitution as stated many times has led him to govern as a "bannana republic" dictator. And now he is setting up a racist "African Americans for Obama" strategy. His wife as stated is not proud of the USA and has spent a large fortune on 17 vacations in the last 3 years. If this presidency continues for another term, and Obamacare is not repealed this nation will never I repeat never succeed. Congress will have the authority to compell us to buy anything or face a fine, the amount of which is also determined by congress. eg. spend $ 20,000 to renovate your house or face a fine of $1,000,000. After all not renovating affects commerce, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. And the less money that is spent brings down employment, and if you dont spend the mony sooner or later someone else has to spend it. Enough said.

    33. A.D. Monday says:

      Obama will not change but we can change his address and job location back to Chicago.

    34. Lloyd Scallan says:

      It's not an "Obama failure"! Obama is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams at his intentions to "transform" this nation into a total socialist nation, yet no one seems to want to stop him.

    35. What can you say? Just get him out!

    36. Mutantone says:

      "President Barack Obama set forth to recast American foreign policy in an image of his own design" that included inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood inside of our Homeland Security and in the white house as advisers, and all of these so called "failures" have been just what he wanted removal of regimes that we could deal with replaced by extremest that will not listen to any thing we have to say. the Muslim Brotherhoods groups have taken over much of the region with the assistance of our tax payers dollars, remember Obama and Hillary were both involved in the "Arab Spring" supporting it all along now we must ask just how did all of our CIA agents in the region become outed and then hunted down and killed effectively blinding the USA intelligence agencies in those regions? Did it have anything to do with Obama placing Muslim Brotherhood agents inside of our security net work ? to me it seems the timing is the issue and the results just what Obama planned in the first place.

    37. Bill Warren says:

      This is what happens when idiots and thieves are elected and hired to run our country. It is time for change back to the way it was before the present administration.

    38. Dahni Hayden says:

      He said, did this or that – She said, did this or that. Does anyone out there really care how any of this is legally possible or what WE the People can do about it? Fear, anger, hiding out in our caves or just want to be left alone? There is one major cause and it is called the "doctrine of emergency." For over 100 years government has been operating on the basis of some national state of emergency. In legal terms this has a name too, it's called "legal fiction." It's legal because it proceeds from the Constitution. It's fiction as no such national state of emergency exists! alone? If people really want to see real change, we have to stop attacking each other, parties and persons and get rid of the cause. WE the People need to reset Our Republic. see: resetbook.com

    39. budd says:

      Oh by the way the article forgot to mention how all this was done from his personal aircraft AF1. And when by chance you can catch him in the oval office it's only to throw a extravagance over the top party at our expense. And as far as borders…well Billy the Clinton opened the doors….Bush took off the hinges while Mccain helped him. Obama just wants to make them all legal and put them on food stamps and other programs that we get to pay for.

    40. zygote 1331 says:

      You neo conservatives like to have your ideals all wrapped up in a neat package. First you are upset that Iran after being backed into a corner by sanctions and Israeli war threat dares to stop selling oil…it's sovereign oil at that. Then you denigrate Obama for entering the fray in Libya, but want him to do the very thing in Syria. The Arab Spring has nothing to do with the US. Our policies have if nothing else stopped the spread of democracy by supporting dictatorships. Finally the coming civil war in Iraq is direct result of US intervention in an unnecessary war, that bankrupted this country. Another conservative policy folly.

    41. OBAMAGOTTAGO says:

      Is there any doubt that Obama hates America, her values, her dreams, and the dreams and aspirations of her people? Impeach the Imposture-in-Chief! His maligned values and principles are so apparent. Why did the sheeple of his country not see what he truly is and represented? All they had to do was read his biographies, it was all so visible!

    42. ifr says:

      The same doctrine occurs internally. As states try to find ways to stem the flow of illegal immigration, they do so because the federal government has completely failed to protect the U.S. Arizona is a perfect example. They passed controversial legislation, to be sure. However, rather than approaching them to help, Obama's response? Sue Arizona! The fed has completely failed its responsibility to U.S. citizens on so many levels, while it steamrolls over constitutional principle at every turn. It is the most egregious misuse of power I have witnessed in my lifetime. Very sad.

    43. bflat879 says:

      This is what I'd call the voting "present" foreign policy. You assume that, if you throw your friends under the bus, you're enemies will just love you for it. Doing this stops you from having to make the real tough choices, let's face it, it's pretty easy to say you're sorry, even if you shouldn't .

    44. West Texan says:

      Mike said "And it’s all being done [slashing defense] in the name of freeing up funding to pay for the President’s domestic agenda.".

      This is what happens when American federalism is ignored and congress' actions unnecessarily and improperly overreach into the individual states' sovereign domestic affairs. To say it's a violation of our country's constitutional by-laws is an understatement. Keep going down the social progressives' path and we may see a repeat of our founding history.

    45. Lola says:

      I don’t believe that Obama’s actions are the result of a “doctrine gone wrong”. I believe there is an agenda of evil, not a crisis of ineptitude. From day one, decisions made by this administration were aimed at cutting and slashing our country at every level and arrogantly informing us that it is in our best interest. I will be glad when more people recognize the nature of the threat that the Obama regime continues to impose. The “American” way to challenge this threat is by attempting to vote him out of office. I can only look at history, our own history, when soldiers from the British Crown continued to fight a “gentlemanly” fight while rebels used every trick they could to prevail. I hate to think that the American people are doing the “gentlemanly” thing by meekly waiting to vote him out instead of standing up and demanding he be accountable and impeached. He should not have one more day to execute his plan of destruction.

    46. Jim Patterson says:

      somebody forgot the lesson of Vietnam. We placate our foes by "negotiations" whilst they are arming or rearming for the final thrust after we withdraw. same with Iran,they want to 'negotiate" while they speed up their nuclear reactor building process.

    47. Vet First says:

      Are we engaged in another Vietnam? Before I talk about that let me make it perfectly clear, I believe in the Federal Governments responsibility to protect our country from foes both domestic and foreign. I believe that our fighting men and women are the best in the world. I believe that as a country we should always honor those that gave their life, as well as make sure we take care of and provide services for those that have sacrificed their self by providing all reasonable help to those that served in our military. I am for fully funding our military when they are engaged in action and allow the Generals on the ground to execute the war so that it is winnable with the least amount of casualties.

      Afghanistan is looking more like Vietnam. During Vietnam the Federal Government refused to fund the war cut cost many times leaving our troops vulnerable. Let’s look at some of the facts from that era;

      Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat and the majority of Congress was of the Democratic party.
      There was a mentality to fight an 8:00 to 5:00 war and put many restrictions on our soldiers, many times causing our soldiers to be put in unnecessary harm’s way by the Johnson Administration

      During the Afghanistan war we have the same scenarios; defunding of the military, lack of support for our troops and a Democratic majority in the Senate.

      Our President continues to apologize for so called injustices by Americans. Our President the Commander and Chief refuses to stand up and support the men and women of our military.

      Since President Obama has been in office the enemy has accused many fine men and women of war crimes and indiscretions. Many of these indiscretions did not take place or the facts were altered by the enemy to sway public opinion and hurt the United States reputation. Our enemy knows this would demoralized our troops, they know it adds undue mental anguish to those that have to endure these transgressions and they know the men and women of our military will have to assume the cost of their own defense in order to vindicate themselves. This administration is big on demanding rights for those in Guantanamo Bay, well how about the rights of our soldiers to be innocent until proven guilty?

      Recently, Afghans were caught with subversive messages in their Koran, the U.S. military took them away and did what the protocol calls for with religious articles which is to burn them and for that two U.S. soldiers were murdered.

      Instead of any due process or the mere gathering of facts President Obama decided to apologize to the Afghan government, which is the most corrupt government this world has ever seen and continues to undermine our success. Our President who believes in the Constitution for all detainees made a statement before gathering any facts causing public opinion against those accused, he gave aid and comfort to our enemy and didn’t even have the decency to demand that the perpetrators of the murdered two soldiers be arrested by the Karzai government.

      What kind of United States President does that?

      Our youth is America’s greatest resource. The past ten years the men and women of our military have provided us with the greatest sacrifice, some have provided the ultimate sacrifice. It is time for us to bring our troops home so that they are not fighting a war on two fronts. The first, against the Taliban and a corrupt Afghan government. The second, against their Commander-in-Chief selling them out and not protecting the rights of military personnel.
      Chuck Marino for Senate

    48. hohyhoho says:

      Money has never gone away. It has been surfaced to fulfill manipulators' pockets to buy its acceptants' labors.
      Ask yourself, are you still in service, and who do you serve?
      Do the people in government service work for their people (you) more by the tax money you pay them?
      Or do you put your labor in service for the money from those official people more?
      The difference is 10 to 100 times, and they still have plenty of money to buy your services!
      Now that you must know why almost every big kids want to bear service in gov. positions, and they do not want such juicy positions being altered; the only solution is, veto their President's decisions that may affecting the benefit they earn.
      In general, these circumstances happens from businesses to businesses – the question is, who stands their grounds more tighten?

    49. Mohit says:

      NOTE TO AUTHOR Iraq, too, has devolved into violence following the President’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops.

      The Iraq withdrawal timeline was set in the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement under the Bush administration so how was it "the President's decision"?

      • Bobbie says:

        what's your point? people won't control their behavior unless U. S. troops are on their ground? America has tried and tried only to be mocked endlessly. The world has been around alot longer than America. It's time to leave the world governments to their own demise and at their own expense and held to their own accountabilities. wars aren't started by the people. they're started by leadership!

    50. Mohit says:

      NOTE TO AUTHOR Iraq, too, has devolved into violence following the Presidents decision to withdraw U.S. troops.

    51. FlaJim says:

      The problem is not that this doctrine has failed to perform as planned, but that it has. The current regime wants an America that is weak and appears to be feckless because it is inherently anti American. Every foreign policy that would be considered a failure under any previous administration is considered a success under its warped world view.

    52. KC-NM says:

      The Obama Doctrine regarding the American foreign policy is tragic and potentially dangerous for our country. We do not need to be on a level playing field with these 2nd and 3rd world countries. The barbaric nature of many individuals in the Middle East should not be allowed or tollerated. We need to stop all foreign aide to these countries, bill them for our losses, and take payment in oil. Let them suffer and kill each other in the name of their own religion. We need to get out of this region – militarily, government oversight, and private organizations need to leave.

    53. Bob Davidson says:

      If you are standing behind me and slap me in the back of my head I'll turn around and face your next move. How many times will America allow Obama to slap us in the back of our head before we stand up as our founders once did and slap back. Any questions?

    54. Frank Zubrick says:

      If Quarn is so important to them let them keep it and WE GET OUT. Those folks have been fighting for 10,000 years and lioving Tribal.. Do you really believe we Can Change that??

    55. Gary Sheldon says:

      Since when is an agreement that is detrimental to our security and severely hampers our military a "law" that must be obeyed. The Constitution does NOT permit the things that dictators desire. The House of "representatives" must have the intelligent where-with -all to do what is right and if the other branches are too weak to defeat America's enemies within at least the house will have done the right thing. The HR must start to defund fed. departments (education, energy, EPA, and other useless drains on the economy.

    56. Diggs says:

      No one but Obama knows for sure whether he wants to see the US fall as the world's greatest superpower. But it would be hard to figure out what policies, foreign and domestic, that a president that wants to see us fall, would pursue that would be different from the ones that Obama is pursuing.

    57. You are absolutely right, Kickserv. Obama is burying this country. If we get another four years of this man, we will never recover.

    58. toledofan says:

      Another great article that hits the nail squarely on the head. I remeber the fiasco during the Carter years and thought that we'd never see that sort of diplomatic failure again. This time it's even worse, who would have ever thought that in such a short time America could be made to look like a third world banana republic.

    59. David R. Smith says:

      To stand by and say nothing contributes to the problem. When our government plays 'sponge-cake' with avowed terrorists and a militant theocracy (Iran) while showing disrespect for our long-time allies and friends abroad, it's time to do more than wait for November, 2012. We're watching the GOP duke it out until their convention gives us a deal on a back-room candidate. Where have all the patriots gone?

    60. Donald DaCosta says:

      "it is time for the President to put defending America first and appeasing our enemies last." This is whistling in the wind. Obama has no intention of allowing reality to impinge on his intellectually inspired dream of world peace and prosperity through appeasement. His ilk float on the lofty cloud of intellectual superiority oblivious of the lessons of history. What’s happened in the past is of no consequence when convinced that your way is far superior to anything that has ever before been tried.

      America cannot wait or hope for Obama to eventually "wise up." The world is far to dangerous a place made more so by his and his administrations domestic and foreign policy incompetence. In my view he is the most dangerous man in America, expertly bobbing and weaving with his inflammatory and intentionally misleading rhetoric designed to cloud and obscure the facts surrounding his egregious failures. Watching him perform, on camera, to a complacent, sycophantic media unwilling or incapable of asking a pertinent, cogent question relative to any issue of significance leaves an empty pit of despair in the gut.

      For most Americans too busy to concern themselves with the underlying truth, this “spoon fed” agitprop could result in Obama for another 4 years which may be enough to complete his promised transformation to an America that will be no longer recognizable to what he inherited in 2008 but a fragile shell of what it was and what it could have been. Ironically, he and his minions will continue to blame and demonize George W. Bush and the Republican led House of representatives whether or not this remains true after 2012.

      Whoever becomes the nominees for President and VP of the Republican Party had better be prepared to convincingly expose these tactics, go on offense and reveal the truth behind the disaster Obama and company have created during his watch. The halo needs to be figuratively ripped from his head. The Heritage could do much to help in this regard but will have to take off the kid gloves.

    61. Mary says:

      Maybe the administration is bowing to political pressure in bringing our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan – political pressure from conservatives like me who believe hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are better spent on other national security priorities, not pointless wars.

    62. PTL says:

      If you elect an anti-American, anti-Constitution president and he goes about weakening the US economically
      and militarily, don't be surprised that you end up with a weakened US. As far as Obama and his administration is concerned this is a success.

    63. George Paterson, Jr. says:

      I think that it would be important to have our President get involved in several of the books by Joel Rosenberg ie Epic Center, and Ezelkial. If he is the Christian he says he is these books will open his eyes as to Bible prophesy and the Last Days.

    64. @sh_d_a_b says:

      very good morning staff much respects firstly i love america a lot read the whole page pardon me if I am what wrong in any but what the president is doing is doing things in peace manner the whole world knows may god save from any bad that america is a powerful nation and will always be when we think about others or love others we got plenty of enemies and when we think about ourselves we make the count in less

    65. Mary Laforet says:

      I want to know how far you Heritage Foundation are on your mobile voter registration buses ??Obama is obviously in way over his head yet polls at Intrade still show him with 59.95% of being re-elected. Plus reposted a video showing him sitting back and casually saying "I have 5 more years! What to destroy our country? Somebody needs to kick the arrogant bastard out. Enough is enough!!!

    66. Donna says:

      Obama is dangerous to this country! He has to be gone in 2013

    67. Mike, Hickory, NC says:

      To list some of how the Obama regime continues its' enemy-appeasing, friend-betraying, freedom undermining and destroying Statist Marxist "Progressive" ways through such as the so-called "Obama doctrine", but then at the end to urge "the President (Obama)" to, in effect, change his stripes, certainly appears to evidently defy reality.

      In other words, like wise have said, "If it looks like a zebra, sounds like a zebra, and acts like a zebra, it probably is a zebra", and "a zebra isn't going to change its' stripes".

      Bottom line: Obama himself is making it glaringly obvious that the only way to get "the President" to change course is to change Presidents…as in vote him out of office, which he evidently doesn't believe is going to happen since he has already stated as if he has (quote) "5 more years", and people talking as if he would "change his stripes" isn't giving him reason to doubt he has "5 more years".

    68. mamasaid says:

      People, if you have to vote for Jeff Dunham's Peanut in November, do it! We can not withstand another four years of this unrealistic nonsense.

    69. DocJohnM says:

      It seems that Obama coddles our enemies more than he cares about America.

    70. Samuel Glidewell says:

      Don't hold your breath in anticipation of President Obama doing anything different. He is not being incompetent, he has his own agenda and it is not in the best interest of the United States or our allies. The best thing we can hope to do is defeat this an at the polls and send him and his Chicago thugs home,

    71. Sharkdaddy says:

      You gotta love the people of Afghanistan though. They are rising up in the streets for the burning of Korans. Burning the Koran is acceptable, if it is defiled; like, when you use it as a steno pad to communicate with your cell buddies (add remarkable media silence for effect here). I also find it more than a little charming that 6 out of 10 Afghan's could read a Koran if they wanted too because, that's how the Taliban want it. You could physically point to what happened and they wouldn't know the difference. Ruthless primative people in a land built to stay that way. Ignorance is their biggest and best weapon and there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Hell…we can't teach our own kids and we have them outnumbered by school administrators…what the heck are we doing there?

    72. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Apologizing for our actions and appeasing our enemies is a failure.

    73. Charles Webb says:

      We have been deceived and allowed a Snake to gain rule over our Country. Now we stand around while our once great Country continues to decline. We all know what must be done with a venom spewing snake. It must be removed, placed far away, so as to not cause further harm. Then the dangerous Snakes that rule in other parts of our small planet may take head and tremble.

    74. William Hewitt says:

      This well-written piece ended with, "it is time for the President to put defending America first and appeasing our enemies last." THAT, dear friends, will never happen. I can't see the future, but we are learning the nature of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and if we have learned anything, it's that he will not abandon his radical ideology for anyone, nor for everyone. He is 100% convinced of the correctness of his positiona and policies…correct in the sense that they are all designed to accomplish his goal – the transformation of America through the dismantling of our economy, our world influence, our faith, our morale, our liberty, our Constitution, and our spirit as a people. When he sees the crippling effect of escalating gas prices on all Americans, he licks his lips and smiles, because what he salivates most for is bringing Americans to their knees – figuratively and literally.

    75. William Hewitt says:

      Part two:
      Y'see, our president truly hates America and all that she has stood for since her founding…for her citizens and for the world at large. He hates our concept of exceptionalism…he believes we should all be taken down a few notches, become spineless drones who all lives the same empty lives, with the same leveled income, with the vacant stares of a socialist society that merely exists, and perpetuates it's numbing existance without ambition, spirit, goals, humanity or concern for the rest of the world. He wants to grasp America's very soul by the throat, and choke the life from it. Given the speed with which he has moved in his first three years, if he somehow deludes the voting populace into granting him another four years, he will have a chance to accomplish his goals, and bring down the mightiest nation in the history of the world, down to his own pathetic level. The mystery man with many questions and few if any answers about his own suspicious past is hell-bent on shredding America's past, and crushing her future under his heel as surely as the godless Nazi jackboot crushed the life from it's victims without hesitation, without humanity, without even a trace of compassion…

    76. Jeff says:

      the goal of the President of the United States is to embolden Islam in its effort to create a new caliphate. He has no interest in freeing people who are interested in a true democracy or republic. His only interest is in destroying the great Satan from within, the United States.
      the presidents failure to keep his oath of office, uphold the Constitution of the United States, his total disregard for his cabinet and continued expansion of his czars and continued use of executive orders should have set off warning bells throughout the population.
      the president of Egypt and Qaddafi of Libya were both fighting Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood. These are the same extremist groups that are trying to bring down Syria. It is not in the interest of the US to pave the way for the Muslim brotherhood. But it is the goal of the President of the United States to help these groups as best he can with out showing too much to the public that his goal is the promotion of the Islamic caliphate.
      America wake up before we have been sold down the river to the Islamic's.

    77. Randy2 says:

      Jimmy Carter was the worst president in my lifetime but I never doubted his love for the United States. Obama's popularity seems based on his hatred of this country and he seems proud to be presiding over debt, doubt and decline. I now firmly believe his ultimate goal is to destroy the U.S. (per Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" playbook) and then re-build it in the Socialist/Communist image. Rather than paying attention, too many voters were watching Dancing With The Stars in 2008.

    78. Whicket Williams says:

      I am sick. Sick of Apathy Sick of stupidity. Americans do nothing but allow their country to be looted, and their freedoms stolen. I need to find somebody to pay me a couple hundred thousand a year to tell these apathetic fools why they are apathetic and foolish.

    79. Al from Fl says:

      Anyone who read the books about Obama and is familiar with Chicago politics woud have known that his intent to fundamentally change America was big trouble for America. Maybe the Pres of Kings College in NY is correct in his book "The Roots of Obamas Rage" which is to stop America as a colonial power – a view expressed by Pres Obama. His Marxist views are consistent with black liberation theology. Bottom line is that what is going on to distroy the American economy, helped along by the 08 crisis, is the result of his policies. He intends to implement secular progressivism and replace our constitutional republicanism with this European socialist model. Whatever good he thinks will come of that, however mislead these progressives are, will lead us down the path to ruin similar to what Greece is starting to experience. We may very well find ourselves in a major war because of his policies and when his post-election taxes and regulations take effect, we will tank economically. Hopefully, even those with their hands out will realize that a bankrupt nation doesn't have the promised money to give and vote him and the democrats out of office this Nov.

    80. DOUGLAS MOUW says:


    81. JOBMO says:

      So what's the answer? I'm reading lots of criticism, but nobody offering alternatives.

    82. Carol,AZ says:

      An exceedingly accurate and powerful summary of, dereliction of duty for leadership,.as pointed out on multi-international levels.

      Thank you Mike.

    83. john811c says:

      What is needed is an all out blitz of congress and the white-house the likes of SOFRA only this time unrelenting e-mails, major social blogs, Facebook, twitter and the liberal news media…demanding that they look into the anti-constitutional acts of our president and the possibility that all of his credentials claiming citizenship are forgeries that question is his eligibility to be president also what needs to be investigated are his ties to known communist and communist factions in the unions, we should demand coverage in the news media

    84. Read it and weep for the USA

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