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  • Heritage vs. ACLU at Voter ID Debate

    Voter fraud has a history of plaguing elections, inspiring a growing number of states to enact voter identification laws in recent years. The issue was the focus of a debate Thursday at the National Press Club between Heritage senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky and Laura Murphy, director of the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office.

    Proponents of voter ID laws believe they reduce fraud and improve the integrity of elections. Opponents argue these laws decrease voter turnout and disenfranchise minority voters.

    “One of the key principles of any fair election is making sure that the person who casts the vote is legally eligible to do so, and the fairest way to do that is by making sure that individuals authenticate their citizenship when they register to vote, authenticate their identity when they appear at the polling places,” said von Spakovsky. “Those kinds of requirements also increase public confidence in our election process.”

    In many cases, voter ID laws were put in place after incidents of fraudulent ballots signed by the deceased, illegal aliens, and people who had already cast a vote in another state.

    “[Voter ID laws] can also prevent people from voting under fictitious voter registration names or voting in the names of other individuals like people who are dead,” said von Spakovsky. “We know this because of a study done last week that there are almost 2 million people who are deceased who were still in voter registration rolls. It can prevent double voting by people who are registered in more than one state. And also, frankly, it can prevent illegal aliens from registering and voting.”

    >> Read von Spakovsky’s report, “The Unpersuasive Case Against Voter Identification

    Murphy’s response was to discredit the fraud and focus on minority disenfranchisement.

    “There is much more evidence that citizens are disenfranchised by these measures than there is evidence of individual voter fraud,” she said. “Hans is quick to point out that some Democrats have supported photo ID legislation, but the vast majority of state legislatures that are enacting photo ID laws and other barriers to voting are Republican-controlled legislators who may fear that low-income people, students, the elderly, the disabled, and racial minorities are taking aim at their political power.”

    In her view, the rise in voter ID laws is purely political.

    “To regain or strengthen an electoral advantage, largely Republicans, and in some small cases Democrats, are hoisting upon us the largely baseless and abstract allegations of voter fraud as the rationale for a whole series of voter suppression laws,” she said.

    In response, von Spakovsky quoted Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ statement from the Indiana voter ID case.

    “Examples of such fraud have been documented throughout this nation’s history,” Stevens’ wrote. “Not only is risk of voter fraud real, but it could affect the outcome of a close election.” According to von Spakovsky, the idea that this will prevent individuals from voting, the claim that it is intended to suppress the vote, particularly of minorities, Democrats, and the elderly, has been disproved in the courtroom and disproven in polling place.

    Murphy also cited a well-worn argument from voter ID opponents that the laws decrease turnout because of the cost to get identification.

    “Voter ID laws deny the right to thousands of citizen voters who do not have or cannot obtain the limited forms of identification that states accept for voting,” Murphy said. “Many of these Americans cannot afford to pay for the required documents needed to secure a government issued photo ID.”

    Proponents of voter ID laws note that states provide this for free. Plus, von Spakovsky was quick to discredit the argument by explaining that voter turnout actually increased after the Georgia and Indiana laws were put in place. In 2008, the turnout of Democratic voters increased more than 6 percentage points in Georgia over the 2004 election when there was no photo ID law in effect, and it increased more than 8 percentage points in Indiana.

    >> Read von Spakovsky’s report, “Voter Photo Identification: Protecting the Security of Elections

    A case brought by the ACLU in Georgia against its ID law was dismissed by a federal judge because the ACLU could not produce any witnesses who would be unable to vote because of the ID requirement.

    “Each deposition of a witness that was brought forth by the ACLU, it turned out in the questioning each of these individuals could have easily gotten a photo ID. They just didn’t bother to do it before the election,” he said.

    Just as individuals must present identification to work in the United States, they should also present it to vote, von Spakovsky said.

    “The right to work in the U.S. is a fundamental right just like the right to vote,” he noted. “Under the federal law, if you want to get a job you have to authenticate your identity and authenticate your citizenship or your work visa to be able to work as a U.S. citizen. That is no different than what states want to do in the voting context.”

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    70 Responses to Heritage vs. ACLU at Voter ID Debate

    1. @trentanson says:

      This is such a ridiculous argument from the ACLU. If someone can't put together $20 to get the documents needed to get a free ID there is a problem there. Also, i would love to know what their solution is to voter fraud. My opinion is they don't want to fix the voter fraud problem because voter fraud helps their liberal buddies get into office. on top of that, the people that didn't know they needed ID in some states to vote because of new laws obviously aren't following local politics very closely and probably shouldn't be voting since they were so uninformed. New voter ID laws in a state would be a pretty big change in local voting laws an possibly the biggest change in voting laws you can have.

      • Ken says:

        If they can give the disenfranchised cell phones with X amount of minutes each month, why not provide them with lawful ID cards. Or better yet, take away the cell phones and pay for their ID cards. You can go to any state DMV and get a ID card for a few dollars. However, I don't know if they check for American citizenship.

      • Joanne Edmiston says:

        This argument represents one of the few examples of when the public weal, or "good" ( taking corrective measures to restore confidence in our presently abused and broken National voting system ), far surpasses any one individual's, or group's, right not to be inconvenienced.
        Legal-citizen voting in America is an integral part of the Constitutional "Checks and Balances" system of governance in this country.
        Among the four essential elements of American political power (look at them as you would the North, South, East, and West winds, or directions of this country), the one positively screaming-out for equal protection against the combined aggression of the other three elements, is the right for citizens to participate, via their secure votes, in the actions of those three powers'
        Republicans and Democrats have so fouled their congressional, Constitutional "nests" (as well as placing in high jeopardy the integrity of our Court systems), that backlash against BOTH parties is running rampant .
        Party strategists and loyalists understand this…so their self-protective mechanisms are now operating on Defcon 4, red-alert status. Be prepared to immediately destroy anything or anyone which threatens our power.
        Our votes threaten their power…we will be "neutralized". Bet your life on it.
        Too bad there is no device, other than full-out revolt, built into the Constitution, which protects voter-citizens from the tyranny, malfeasance, and treasonous behavior of our government officials (both elective and non-elective )….and isn't it a crying shame, not to mention ironic and self-defeating, that in order to redress the evils inflicted upon us, we citizens are forced to BEG for the enforcement of rights guaranteed us under both the Constitution and The Bill of Rights???

      • Kimo says:

        I dont know about yall, but for 3 years, we have all watched the lawlessness, and rule of law broken. These people will lie and go to any lengght, to stay in power. They have broken the law, period, we see it all around us. AN ID MUST be proved, as it was at the cuacuas here in Hawaii, at the republican party cuacus, we platyed by the rules. Folks, wake up, things may get real nasty, they already are. We may have to enforce the law ourselves. We are dealing with pewople who will take lives, to get what they want. How long, will we talk? IOts good to be informed, as for me, the writing is on the wall, this is no game. The truth is, democrat or republican, the LAW must be followed, and corruption is NOT allowed. We see the corruption, in the current admin, all bull, these people need to kmnow we are not playing, they know it folks, keep your stand, for the truth. Its simple, they current admin are lying, and cheating. We cannot stand for it. Stand up. So simple, if one has to show ID to get a library card, one surely must show ones ID to vote.

    2. What are the liberals scared of?

    3. vicki says:

      And think how many dead people will be disappointed they can not vote for democrats. That is how we got Al Franken. If the ACLU is for it you know it is wrong. You need ID to buy cough medicine.

    4. b Zahn says:

      It's about time they put an ID regulation in place. I've been questioning for years when I go to the ballot box how they really know I am who I say I am? I used my photo ID state driver's license. I'm sure people have photo ID to get into bars, clubs, and anything else that's important to them. I'm tired of my tax dollars going to free loaders.

    5. D Eldon says:

      The ACLU never stops working to unravel this nation, and this crazy argument is in line with DNC goals to add fraudulant votes to any election. There is nothing wrong with requiring proof of the right to vote. This is common sence, but the Democrats know that for Republicans to win elections, the Republicans must add about 3-5% to their votes just to overcome the criminal activity ( remember Acorn) the DNC engages in to win elections thru fraud. There must be absolute and secure measures ( fingerprint, or iris scans…etc) plus photo ID to make sure that one person ( a living person!) gets one vote, and that person is registered and has the right by law to vote.

    6. Brian says:

      I would like to ask the ACLU why do I need a photo ID to obtain a library card but not one to vote?

    7. Illegal aliens are included in the democratic base and are known as "undocumented Democrats". Requiring voter ID would subject them to remain in the shadows or be deported.

    8. Bob Thompson says:

      One need only go back to Duval county Texas for the 1948 election wherein Lyndon Johnson was
      first elected to the US Senate. The local graveyard carried the county for Johnson, and the county carried the state. Just think. NoJjohnson, no welfare, no governmental, health care..ets

    9. Larry says:

      the ACLU is correct in stating that voter ID laws would result in a decrease in voter turnout. After all, if each individual can only vote once, that could have a serious negative impact on Democrat vote totals.

    10. Linda says:

      Repeat. Voter ID is Free and so is a registered ID in every state. Other ID will be paid for by the state if needed. That proposal has already been approved by state representatives. There is no reason for an "undentifiable" person to access to the most important citizenship rights in the United States, and that is to help choose who we want to represent us to the world. I see no reason what so ever that that any foreign national should be able to help choose "our" country"s direction.

    11. Alicia says:

      I am all for Voter ID, the only problem here in New Mexico, is that they give Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens, so we need something more than a 'photo ID.' Our Governor has tried and failed twice to get the Legislature (Democrats, of course) tg both repeal the Driver's Licenses for illegals and to get them to pass voter ID – so far no luck! But we'll keep trying. Right now we're working on one town at a time. Won;t stop all the illegals, but it will stop the 'dead' from voting!

    12. Colonialgirl says:

      Let us NOT forget that it was the voter fraud of non-qualified voters in Minneapolis that elected am unqualified comedian to the senate from Minnesota.
      A bunch of people disenfranchised for committing Felonies were allowed to vote and provide the winning margin.

    13. enubus says:

      Gee, The ACLU and the Democrat party are a criminal cabal that are scared to death that voter IDs and proof of citizenship will cause them to lose elections not because any minority element will be disenfranchised! Hopefully, we will get some sanity in this corrupt country and rid ourselves of the Demoncrats!

    14. snoocks2 says:

      From what I've read.. new book by Christian Adams, a former Justice Dept. attorney.. voter fraud is running rampant, especially in southern states where there are often more voters than people in the county or district. The current change in the Justice Department under Eric Holder has been to replace all attorneys that are for voter registration. The feeling there is that 'whitey did this to us.. now we'll do it back because we're entitled to the extra votes to get our people into these slots.' Votes are destroyed, whites are disenfranchised, and voters vote more absentee ballots than people. Voters are intimidated by poll watchers who come into the booths with them. Many have been reported, but Justice looks the other way. What an eye-opener. We in MI walk into the voting place, take our our photo ID and are initialed by the poll worker in 'the big book of eligible voters for that time only. We come in once, vote once, are ID'd once and we go home – that's it. Sweet and simple – should be that way everywhere.

    15. Lue Pooler says:

      I believe every legal vote should count. Operative word is 'legal'. Every time one of these illegal votes are counted, they take away the vote of the legal voter who then becomes disenfranchised! This is insane thinking on the part of the ACLU. Nowadays whenever u go to see a doctor, write a check, go to the hospital, you have to produce some kiind of identification, so I don't buy their assertion that they can't afford identification. In today's world, one can't afford not to have identification. We need to restore public confidence in the integrity of voting process again . . .

    16. jaxum says:

      When first instituted, the ACLU served a valuable purpose.They have however become an unbelievably, stupidly transparent mouth piece of the liberal left. Instead of defending the Constitution as they were originally organized to do, they are now doing every idiotic thing they can to undermine this country.

    17. dingbat36 says:

      Stunningly disingenuous, nearly all people legally in this country have photo ID of one sort or another…..even high school students! My children had them, more than 40 years ago. That ACLU argument is so full of holes a 6th grade debater could shove an elephant through it!

    18. Donnamohler says:

      anyone convicted of voter fraud should automatically be sentenced to at least 5 years in prison!!

    19. carol says:

      20 dollars? Most states charge 5 for a non drivers picture id!

    20. Garry says:

      Since the enactment of voter ID laws in Louisiana in 1996; the possibility of voter fraud is as close to "0" as is humanly possible. If you reference the Nov. 5, 1996 election between Mary Landreau and Woody Jenkins you will get a very clear picture of why Louisiana enacted the voter ID law in the following Legislative session. I was an Election Commissioner-In-Charge for 26 years and I saw no evidence of the law effecting voter turn out in a negative way; in fact if anything; it increased due to the fact that more people had confidence in the honesty of the election process for the first time in Louisiana. This state had been known for many years as having a corrupt political process.

    21. Donna says:

      This is just plain "Stupid" by the ACLU. If you want to cash a check, you need ID….If you want to fly, You need ID….If you want to buy persciption drugs, you need an ID …etc, etc, etc….. So whats the big deal??? Do these people you are saying you are protecting realise how "STUPID" you think they are?????? Students have ID's for school, so no problem there, right??? Most elderly have drivers lic (I know my husband 86 and myself 80) do. You can obtain one at the DMV, ID that is for little or nothing. As for the others they probably have to save it for drugs or booze. I didn't just fall off a turnip trk so you can't snow me with your B.S. claims. If we all must have ID's you and your kind can no longer steal the elections like you did in 08. I think we should go a little further and have the PURPLE FINGER too just to be sure!!!!!

    22. Tony Bulver says:

      The ACLU's challenge that voter I.D. laws would "disenfranchise" the poor, elderly, etc. is specious and easily debunked. With anywhere from 12-30 million illegal aliens in this country, the political impact on our elections, should those illegal aliens vote, would be tremendous. Anyone who tries to tell you that illegal aliens don't vote in our national, state and local elections is either totally ignorant or deliberately lying.

      Illegal aliens by the thousands have registered to vote in this country. I've had the opportunity, in my past occupation, to assist in the confiscation of literally thousands of voter registration cards from illegal aliens; so I can attest to the fact that they do, indeed, vote in our country.

    23. Ken says:

      The ACLU is another organization that must be disbanded and made illegal when Americans take this country back from the Marxists. People like Murphy must be tried for treason and dealt with appropiately. What say a bunch of us go to the next ACLU board meeting. Take a chair, refuse to ID ourselves and insist that we are ACLU members and that they can't disinfranchise us.

    24. Lloyd says:

      All the democrats and the ACLU want is more Taminy Halls. We had that when the New Black Panther Party pulled their stunt in Philly, PA.

    25. Mary says:

      I just think it makes perfect sense to have a photo ID to vote. My goodness, you need to show ID to validate who you are to do many things. Why not to vote? They are being ridiculous!

    26. Carlos says:

      “To regain or strengthen an electoral advantage…….." Maybe this because, they lost their advantage to fraud, in the first place.

    27. Neetsy says:

      For the people that take their right and duty to vote, the ACLU's argument is not sound. If these people have no other need to have a photo ID than to vote or they can afford $20, then maybe they don't need to be voting. They probably donot pay taxes, own property, belong to a organization that requires one. I hate that it has gotten done to a voter ID, but I am not the one letting every "Tomas, Ricardo and Humberto" stay in this country illegally, nor am I the one that is trying to ballot stuff, like the liberals. Do I need to accomodate the voting rights of unlegal people in this country? We are no better than the third world countries that we have our soldiers die in, to try to protect their citizens from a dishonest election, in hopes to create a democracy. Where is our – The AMERICAN CITIZEN'S DEMOCRACY.
      Has normal honor and common sense left America. Has the ACLU just taken ACORN's job over – same stunts- differnt name?

    28. Denny says:

      If the general public believes what the ACLU is saying, they are really stupid. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and any other party should welcome honest elections. Mil in votes., loke we have in Washington State, are the easiest to commit fraud during elections. That also is a proven fact. I am all fgor going to a polling point, showing ID, and voting. Did it for years. The only acceptable mail in votes should be Military band voters who are tempory out of State but registered in the State to vote. If your to damn lazy to go pull a lever, fill in a ballot, in person, then you don't deserve to vote. It is only once every two years. nd time well spent. You do not even have to take time off work. The polls used to stay open until eiht PM.

    29. YEStoPhotoIDtoVOTE says:

      Once again the ACLU is on the wrong side, not supporting the best interest of legal Americans. There was so much fraud in the last presidental election that we sure don't want a repeat. What's so hard about getting identification? These same folks have to have some sort of i.d. for everyday living, so I don't see why it's such a problem. People, get your records together and get a photo i.d. for the next election if you don't have one, you have plenty of time to do so there will be no excuses for crying about it when it comes time to vote this coming November. Everyone should have to show a photo i.d. for voting just like we do for cashing a check, renewing your license, test driving a car, going to the doctor, applying for government assistance, there are many things we do that require identification so liberals and ACLU shutup about this, you have no justification to not require photo i.d. to vote. This is a privilege of legal, law-abiding, American citizens, if that's who you are, then you shouldn't have a problem with this at all.

    30. lesstressrx says:

      We have had many complaints in Tennessee with the same argument that it keeps many from voting. This is our first election for picture ID.
      If someone wants to vote they can find a way to get the proper ID even if they have to call the offices of either the Democratic or Republican Party asking for help. Trust me they would make sure they got to vote.
      Stealing elections go way back. Here in Tennessee there was a book written called THE HOPEWELL BOX. A true story on how the Democrats in Tennessee stole elections. Not much has changed. 2010 elections we know for a fact that people voted twice in some precincts. Picture ID is a beginning to help our votes count. Now there is TRUE THE VOTE to help even more. http://www.truethevote.org/

    31. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Sounds good to me. It's not like they're poll taxes or having Mickey Mouse, Chuck Buchanan, or Jack Ryan, vote in congressional, and presidential, elections.

    32. Carlos says:

      Why is it those poor minorities never let "cultural barriers" stop them from going to rap concerts, cruises, plane trips or Best Buy? They also manage to get themselves to the welfare office, don't they? Yet they can't get to a govt. office for free ID cards? When they really want illegal drugs or a gun bad enough, they don't let cultural barriers stop them, either. Even if they have a criminal record, they seem to be able to get a gun on the streets. Isn't it amazing how they suddenly become "disenfranchised" when trying to vote? The ACLU lies out their asses to suggest there's no fraud. There are 100,000s of "dead people" voting.

    33. Eddo says:

      It is just amazing how many Communists we have in America today. Sixty years ago these people would have been tried and convicted or deported or run out of the country. Today they hold positions that would
      otherwise be respectable jobs. When push comes to shove, the Commies don't have a leg to stand on.

    34. Dawn says:

      In California when Debra Bowen (in charge of voting) announced that there would be a voting card 60,000 voters came off the list in Los Angeles. We have 2.7 (probably more) illegals in California. How many of them are voting? The Democratic government if California was radically change without illegal and union votes. Unions are as bad as the ACLU. They hate America. Oh well, most liberals fall into that category also.

    35. Marc de Piolenc says:

      Equating "right to work" with "right to vote" is fallacious. Voting is a privilege – a franchise in legal language. That is WHY it is acceptable to require identification, which proves the bearer has qualified for the privilege. Working, on the other hand, is a fundamental human right and nobody has the right to require ID of somebody who is only trying to earn a living.

    36. Roshambo says:


      Would any of you oppose that IDs be issued at taxpayers expense, so that it does not disenfranchise? Going further and getting a bit absurd, would any of you oppose not only that voter IDs be paid for through your taxes, but that a one-time $50-100 payment be made to each applicants for their trouble? I suspect not, since the result would be an election with integrity rather than the fraud we're accustomed to.

    37. raygun says:

      In some places all one needs is any valid ID and a recent utility bill with that persons name on it. Now, that isn't very hard to do. A valid voter registration card isn't that hard to get, either. The Democrats buss people to places all the time to ge illegal voter cards.

    38. Greg says:

      If you don't have an I.D. how to you get any assistance ?

    39. Freodom says:

      Sounda like the ACLU supports voter fraud!

    40. ticktockoma says:

      Don't you need identification to get a drivers license, to cash a check, to get a credit card, which in most cases you have to shell out some money for. If it's free to get a voter ID card, what's the problem? I'm sure some would get one illegaly, but it would certainly cut down on the Mickey Mouses, Donald Ducks and a multitude of other fictious voters.

    41. Carl Virgiin says:

      Not a single witness… nice work ACLU!

    42. Lue Pooler says:

      So . . . if an illegal voter votes then the legal voter becomes disenfranchised. .. is this right??? We need to restore credibility, probity and confidence back into the voting system. This is an extremely important issue which is not getting the press it deserves!

    43. Toni says:

      I am a poll watcher. I know something about election fraud. I believe it is rampant. There is one reason, and one reason only, that the ACLU wants no voter ID laws. Their reason is that they do not want the election fraud stopped. Their liberal agenda no longer would have the advantage that election fraud gives them at the polls.

    44. Ther are only two reasons why someone would not want voter ID. They are either inelligible to vote or they want to vote more than once. I don't have a problem with showing an ID to vote. You have to have an ID to do all sorts of things. Don't you have to have an ID to get food stamps and welfare? And if not, I want to know why not?

    45. Bill7360 says:

      The ACLU is trying to grease the way for Voter Fraud. There is no other explnation! The ACLU has
      been an Anti-American Group since its inception and should not be allowed to practive in the U.S.!

    46. In this case, the ACLU is right. Having positive ID for voters will disenfranchise certain voter groups. They are:
      Dead People
      Illegal Aliens
      Union Thugs who vote Multiple Times
      Mentally Impaired and Insane folks who are Institutionalized
      Violent Felons
      ….and other assorted people who should NOT be voting!

    47. In this case, the ACLU is right. Having positive ID for voters will disenfranchise certain voter groups. They are:

    48. grannylake says:

      Natural born American citizens, native born American citizens or naturalized American citizens of voting age who wish to exercise their right to vote should have easy access to their citizenship documents and able to save the minimal copy charge to acquire a photo identification card required for registration.

      Family members, neighbors, church members, community services and others could assist people to obtain a photo ID.

      The ONLY people who want to vote who cannot get a valid photo ID are not eligible American citizens.

    49. UnPCdMOM says:

      Photo ID is a good start BUT several places (WA, OR & others) have moved completely to VOTE BY MAIL and these mail in ballots are so ripe for fraud. A signature isn't a guaruntee that you are a legal voter, or that you haven't voted in another city or state. Maybe we need so old fashion indelible ink and our thumb prints. Ink that won't wash or wear off for however long the election process is and also a Federal database of all prints and any doubles are automatically kicked out and an arrest warrant is issued for the person. THAT would stop duplicate votes but still doesn't address the issue of who is COUNTING the votes and are they trustworthy..

    50. Guy says:

      This is so stupid you have to have id to do most anything including cashing a check and in Fl.you have to have all kind of proof to get your drivers licenses I don,t see anything wrong with showing ID to vote

    51. Shobkbne says:

      A valid photo id is necessary to enter a federal building, drop OFF a package at UPS terminal, purchase alcohol and tobacco products in many states, board an aircraft, receive medical treatment in a physician's office, ER, or surgeon's office, drive a motorized vehicle, apply for a job, and at least a half-dozen more. The dummycrats and ACLU have been dragging out the old cliché about disenfranchising low-income or minority voters. Does anyone want to try to make the case that the poor and minority have never been given medical services in the ER or other medical locations? What about the disenfranchisement of the legal voter? Don't their rights matter anymore?? I have been encouraging my State legislators to support voter ID legislation but the dummrats still keep dragging out the poor and minority voter disenfranchisement malarkey and the GOP majority have no backbone.

    52. Paul says:

      “There is much more evidence that citizens are disenfranchised by these measures than there is evidence of individual voter fraud,”… So, where is the evidence? Wishing doesn't make it so, and just saying it doesn't make it so, either. Where are the data??? Apparently there are no data, which is why the ACLU suit was thrown out. What are the Dems afraid of?

    53. aitcherman says:

      Rather than spending their millions, (much of which comes from the taxpayers via the government) on attempting to transform the USA from the best hope for the world to keep and expand the few liberties we have left, the ACLU would be better advised to spend them on helping the impoverished with money to get their voter IDs.

      But that would reduce the finances they so desperately need to continue working on changing this from a free state to one under the heel of the people in npower.

    54. Jack Magurn says:

      How shocking that the ACLU would against methods to reduce the opportunity for fraudulent voting. Who would have thought?!!

    55. jetstream says:

      Objections to voter ID are totally inane. If need be, Congress could pass a bill requiring all States to provide a FREE photo ID to any legal citizen of voting age who does not already possess a valid photo ID (which includes driver's licenses). 1 law = 50 states. National computerized registries similar to NCIC would reduce the fraud to almost nil, and would NOT be difficult to put together. The ACLU is making the stupidest mountain out of mole hill.
      And please do it soon. Citizens of Illinois would very much appreciate a wrench thrown in the Chicago machine.

    56. Mo Better says:

      The argument that the “poor and disenfranchised” can’t obtain verifiable identification is another “RED herring” tossed into the political mix by the devious frauds who believe they can benefit from people voting without such identification. They would have us believe that in 2012 there are still ‘plantation holdovers’ so low on the social and economic scale that they are no different than when they were emancipated by Lincoln.

      It is an argument as calculating and dishonest as Obama’s current re-election campaign in which he would have America believe he is the reformist outsider taking on the corrupt Beltway politicians and simply ignoring the fact that he has been in office for over 3 years.

      Reclaim America – Defeat Obama!

    57. tarheel says:

      Its the only way many liberals can win, furthermore I am not sure evan with photo Id how it would stop people from voting in 2 or more states. I think a finger dipped in indelible ink would stop this. I would wear it as a badge of honor

    58. Jo-Ann Larsen says:

      The American civil liberties union only protects non-Americans. They need to be sent packing along with the United Nations, and all embassies located on American soil. In the day of video conferencing, calling, im"ing and texting; no foreign country needs to have high priced realestate and freebies given to any other country. Bring all of our military home, close our foreign embassies and end all of this stupidity!

    59. allen081644 says:


    60. gmhunt4 says:

      If you drive , you have an ID….all you need in most states is a utility bill in your name and address to obtain a voter ID, NO cost……….

    61. Jim Patterson says:

      Let me see, photo ID to do banking, get on an airplane, get a job but heck, no ACLU problems with that, just voting their friends into office.

    62. SapientHetero says:

      Democrats don't even believe their own specious arguments; the truth is that they, like Marxists everywhere, see fraud as a legitimate electoral tool and see Republican attempts to eliminate it as a threat to their socialist revolution.

      It sad, how over the years the ACLU has been converted from an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the downtrodden to an organ of the Marxist Democratic Party.

    63. IGotAComment says:

      Arguing with the ACLU is like arguing with a child, possibly someone as old as 16.

      Their arguments never make sense to anyone but themselves and other whinny children.

      I'm sure somewhere along the history of the ACLU, they did something good, but it is forgotten in all the 'trash' legal battles they have gotten into over the years.

      Honestly, the only reason or purpose I can see for anyone working in the ACLU is so they can have a place to go to everyday … or so. They serve no need in society other than, on a personal scale, keeping the unemployment number down and not sleeping on the park bench.

      If they want to be societies' conscience, they should defend legitimate causes, not the spoiled 16 year old protesting growing up and taking responsibility in society. Right now, when I hear the ACLU is involved, I immediately assume the cause and case are a joke… Just as in the situation above.

    64. boomer8 says:

      I agree to the ridiculousness of the ACLU's "argument"! "Disenfranchised"? Hello, excuse me! If you're too UN-motivated to properly register, show up, show your ID to vote, then perhaps you shouldn't be voting!!!
      We know that the Unions and the Dems are more than motivated to round up the homeless, buy them cigarettes, and vote in the name of thousands of people in cemeteries!
      Besides that, this is such an empty, straw man argument! Where and when has this happened? Certainly, if this truly was a big deal, then why did the Holder DOJ dismiss the case against the 2 New BP thugs that were threatening and intimidating WHITE VOTERS?

    65. I don't know about other states, but in Louisiana any state resident can acquire a state photo ID in the form of a "Not Valid To Operate a Motor Vehicle" drivers license free wherever driver's licenses are issued. Yes, it may cost the applicant something to get there, but, it also costs something to get to the polls. This issue is largely a red herring, anyway. We all know why these various liberal groups are trying to make it possible for their clients to perpetrate voter fraud on a massive scale. I don't see the big deal. If they wait a few years until 70% or so of all Americans are completely dependent on the government, they won't have to break the law in order to complete their plans.

    66. Erik Osbun says:

      The ACLU really is not interested in "civil liberties" as their title suggests. They are interested in the liberal

    67. JOSEPH FELS says:

      Voter identification is valid….You need a license to drive, license to marry…Identification to prove you are 21 in order to drink and buy cigerettes, You need proof of who you are to obtain credit cards, You need a social security number for fileing taxes….and you need a photo id just to prove who you are…so Having a voter identification card issued by the township county or state you live in is not harming anyone….The ACLU, Marxists, socialists communiists all cry foul but they are the ones doing the fraud when it comes to elections…Stop the bally hooing and make it mandatory that all persons of voting age need to have proof…besides 18year olds still have to registar for the draft…..Just one mans opinion

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