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  • Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

    Beware the Nullification Temptation


    With state legislatures back in session, legislators are looking for options to reassert their legitimate role in the constitutional structure of federalism. Sadly, a few otherwise well-intentioned legislators are once again turning to the discredited and unconstitutional doctrine of nullification—the claim that an individual state legislature has the authority to … More

    What Happens When People Hear Both Sides of the Debate?


    On the morning of Tuesday, February 21, 2012, a debate took place at the World Bank, and the outcome was stunning. Heritage’s David Kreutzer and Yale University economics professor Robert Mendelsohn debated Marianne Fay of the World Bank and Paul Ekins of the University College London. The proposition was “Green … More

    Britain to Obama: More Proof that Taxing the Rich Is a Fool's Errand

    Stacks of Cash

    President Obama is insistent that taxes must go up to close the deficit. He says it’s just common sense that taxes must go up, because the math says so. But if he gets his way, the numbers won’t add up the way he says they will. President Obama wants to … More

    Al-Qaeda: Splintered, Scattered, but Still Dangerous

    Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S.-born cleric linked to al Qaeda's Yemen-based wing

    A recent report from the RAND Corporation on al-Qaeda’s future says that the terrorist organization remains extremely dangerous and will demand America’s continued attention for years to come, echoing points Heritage has been making for some time now. The report, “Al Qaeda in Its Third Decade,” by Brian Michael Jenkins, … More

    Obama Corporate Tax Reform a Sugar-Coated, Harmful Tax Hike


    With his corporate tax reform “framework,” President Obama today added another element to his ultimately harmful economic agenda. Previously announced anti-growth policies include massive budget deficits, a huge tax hike on individuals and small businesses in 2013, and his proposal to nearly triple the dividend tax rate. His new proposal … More

    Nightmare Cinema: A World Under Obama’s Arms Control


    In a recent speech to the Conference on Global Zero, Rose Gottemoeller, the Assistant Secretary for Arms Control, Verification and Compliance, told the cheering masses, “New START was just the beginning. Going forward, we know that we are going to have to think bigger and bolder.” For those who don’t follow … More

    Act of Desperation: Iran Halts Oil Shipments to U.K., France


    Iran’s decision to halt oil shipments to the U.K. and France last weekend is a weak retaliatory measure against European actors for tougher sanctions. Despite this largely symbolic measure, Iran did manage to surprise world markets and drive up the price of oil. The U.K. imposed its hardest-hitting sanctions to … More

    Red Tape and the Onerous Effects of Overregulation


    We keep hearing that the economy is in a “jobless recovery.” What’s holding American companies back? Why aren’t they hiring more people? High taxes draw a lot of attention, and rightly so. They depress investment and discourage innovation. But escalating regulatory costs also undermine our economy. And small businesses, which … More

    Iran Shows How to Rope-a-Dope


    Talks between Iran and the U.N. “watchdog” International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) just failed big time. You would never know that talking to Ali Asghar Soltanieh, the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA. “The second round of talks about cooperation between Iran and the agency and interaction with each other was … More

    Morning Bell: Religious Liberty Under Attack


    Today is Ash Wednesday — the first day of Lent — the beginning of 40 days of prayer and fasting observed by Christians across the country, culminating in the Easter feast. Likewise in April, Jews will gather to celebrate Passover, one of many traditions observed under the religious freedom that … More