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  • Buffalo Teachers Receive Free Plastic Surgery

    Add this story to the file of union policies that are good for adults and not in the best interest of children.

    In Buffalo, N.Y., the local education union has secured a compensation package that allows all of its teachers to get free plastic surgery as part of their contract. CNN reports:

    As thousands of teachers face layoffs across the country, teachers in Buffalo, New York, are getting lipo? Yep. And nose jobs and whatever else they want. All on the taxpayers’ dime. How is this happening?

    Dr. Kulwant Bhangoo has been a plastic surgeon in Buffalo for almost four decades. He says, “I feel the teachers have paid their dues, and it would be wrong to take it away from them.” Bhangoo has a large number of customers who are Buffalo teachers and says he advertises his services in the teachers union’s newsletter along with other prominent area plastic surgeons. Buffalo firefighters and police have a similar policy in their union contracts.

    The Buffalo Board of Education, headed by Louis Petrucci, has stated that the school system spent $5.9 million on plastic surgery last year and is running a $42 million deficit for the next fiscal year. Worse still, three out of four Buffalo schools are on administrative watch for poor performance.

    The complimentary plastic surgery perk is not a new benefit, either. Union head Phillip Rumore says the policy had been on the books since the Nixon Administration. But with taxpayers across the country demanding more fiscal austerity at all levels, Rumore has said that his union will agree to come to the table and take a scalpel to its plush plastic surgery perks.

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    13 Responses to Buffalo Teachers Receive Free Plastic Surgery


    2. Josh says:

      main ideas here: self preservation – self indulgence – white washed tombs

    3. kelly crist says:

      Yep, a time is coming when the taxpayers are going to say enough is enough and elected officials will comply or torches and pitchforks will be the new fashion accessories of the age.

    4. Bobbie says:

      and while the tax payers are unfairly dragged into personal issues footing the bill, low qualified teachers are also personally teaching a nonacceptance of ones own natural being by spending their time and energy they expense on people uninvolved in these personal issues when what it takes is personal acceptance and or will power at only a personal cost.This is crazy! Seriously, when did the government of America become royalty?

    5. Slick says:

      Bobbi – the government . . . and the unions . . . became royalty when the rest of us here in America sat down in our recliners every night with a bowl of ice cream saying, "Gee, I really don't like what is happening but what can I really do about it." Then we got up went to bed and didn't do another thing until the next night when the news came on, and we repeated the process! On the other hand, these folks who run our government and the unions pushed a little more each year, taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to them. AND NOW??? BOTH are totally out of control, and if you ask them, they honestly believe they are ENTITLED to what they have!!

      So we indeed reap what we sow!!!

      • randy says:

        so, what are you suggesting i do, except vote? Get out the tar and feathers? believe me, i think it might be coming to that. i would not want to be a politician or any 'public servant' when it does finally collapse.

    6. Sandy Caruso says:

      Let me guess….Buffalo is under democratic leadership, RIGHT?

    7. alla boutamy says:

      As long as they get other health benefits I don't see the problem oh wait the city is broke…. Problem.

    8. Jayne says:

      randy – don't beat up on all the 'public servants'. Many of them work like dogs and get paid only a couple of notches above poverty level. They are the pick and shovel people who do the real work to keep the city running. The problem is with the fat cats in "administration" who sit around contemplating their navels and bark orders to the ones who do the real work. The really good teachers – top of the line – wouldn't ask for free plastic surgery unless they had been disfigured in an on-the-job accident. The ones who push for it to get free lipo or nose jobs are probably not worth their salt and should move over to give the job to someone who is worthy.

    9. Maria Whalen says:

      What about those who don't live in Buffalo. I am a walking mess and insurance wont pay. If not in Buffalo how about Ohio. Help me please.

    10. ooosillyme says:

      "Buffalo teachers have been working without a contract since 2004"…which they have tried to negotiate and give up that perk….whose fault is this really?

    11. deb says:

      If it is for the reasons of maybe a burn victim or breast cancer or something that is really serious whats wrong with that. If its just to do it just to do it then thats wrong. What does the contract say it should be monitored and have to get referral.

    12. Constitution Friend says:

      Another disgusting example of the entitlement culture of substandard public "servants" who didn't want to compete in the private business sector where they would prosper according to their ability to be efficient and productive. They hide behind the collective power of socialist organizations that have ignored the values that have provided the highest standard of living for the largest percentage of a country's people in the history of the world.

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