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  • Chart of the Week: Nearly Half of All Americans Don't Pay Income Taxes

    This year’s Index of Dependence on Government presented startling findings about the sharp increase of Americans who rely on the federal government for housing, food, income, student aid or other assistance. (See last week’s chart.)

    Another eye-popping number was the percentage of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, which now accounts for nearly half of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, most of that population receives generous federal benefits.

    “One of the most worrying trends in the Index is the coinciding growth in the non-taxpaying public,” wrote Heritage authors Bill Beach and Patrick Tyrrell. “The percentage of people who do not pay federal income taxes, and who are not claimed as dependents by someone who does pay them, jumped from 14.8 percent in 1984 to 49.5 percent in 2009.”

    That means 151.7 million Americans paid nothing in 2009. By comparison, 34.8 million tax filers paid no taxes in 1984.

    The rapid growth of Americans who don’t pay income taxes is particularly alarming for the fate of the American form of government, Beach and Tyrrell warned. Coupled with higher spending on government programs, it is already proving to be a major fiscal challenge.

    “This trend should concern everyone who supports America’s republican form of government,” Beach and Tyrrell wrote. “If the citizens’ representatives are elected by an increasing percentage of voters who pay no income tax, how long will it be before these representatives respond more to demands for yet more entitlements and subsidies from non-payers than to the pleas of taxpayers to exercise greater spending prudence?”

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    822 Responses to Chart of the Week: Nearly Half of All Americans Don't Pay Income Taxes

    1. Dan Williams says:

      Funny how the rate jumped during Obama's watch! Socialism at it's finest!

      • Steve W. says:

        And it didn't jump up also in G. Bush's administration? What are you trying to say?

        • hologram5 says:

          Not like this it didn't. Bush didn't also triple the national debt in three years now did he? I'm not saying he was all that but Obama hasn't done anything to right this economy. In fact, he's made our public debt WORSE. Food stamp usage is the highest it's been in history, didn't happen on Bush's watch did it?

          • Jim says:

            Nothing? Do you remember the state of our economy in 2008? Compare that to now. Are we in better or worse shape? Think honestly.

            • Doc says:


              It is very clear the economy is worse. Unemployment is 9% at a minimum. When started Mr. Toad's Wild Ride it was under 7%. Foreclosures are at an all time high. The debt is almost $15T. Zero based budgeting doesn't work. These guys are like crack addicts. Spend only what you take in, which includes paying down the debtt. So yes we are worse off and our president is doing a horrible job.

            • Terry says:

              Worse. Lots more people are out of work that I know personally. For the first time in my life I work in a facility that had cutbacks. I had a 3% cut in pay. I'm 50 years old so it's not like I haven't been around. Personal experience.

            • Matt says:

              It's going BETTER now. The economy was in a deep, deep downward spiral when it reached Obama's hands, and he had to overcome the momentum to turn it around and improve it. The direction the economy has been headed in has been the right direction since just a few months after Obama took over.

              It's not an easy path to a full recovery after such a tremendous crash, but at least we're going the right direction.

            • FloridaJoe55 says:

              Jim — Worse. Things were bad with the housing crisis and bank meltdown. However, while things may look better, it's all a facade. This is like the Twilight Zone. Billions of tax dollars go to "save" the auto industry when in reality somehow financial laws protecting bond holders were ignored and unions paid off. GM and company were never going to go away any more than the airlines did when they all went through bankruptcy.

              Obama not responsible for energy prices? Slow rolling new exploration and drilling permits and denying XL pipeline supposedly because Repubs were pushing too fast. Want the truth? Research some — more analysis time on the XL plan than any other pipeline and guess what. We already have thousands of pipelines crisscrossing the USA. One more was going to be a environmental catastrophe?

              Last but in no way least — the debt. All else will matter very little when interest on the debt becomes so large, we can afford nothing else including all the entitlement programs the libs love so much.

              What exactly do you think Obama is doing that will keep us from going the way of Greece?

            • JimHinCo says:

              Worst it's ever been for me was during Bush. I've climbed back to where I was in 2000. Now if I could just get my aging joints to agree :)

            • Tom says:


          • Shannon says:

            Yes, Bush actually did triple the national debt. If you're going to be mad at someone, you should be looking at the Congress in the last 12 years as well. It's not just the Democrats that gotten us into the mess we're in. You can't blame Obama for the housing crisis, deregulization, etc.

          • George says:

            Obama tripled the national debt, you say?? Where are you getting those b.s. numbers? I can't believe people pass this misinformation around. Hard to take any argument seriously from someone who believes something so outrageous

            • Guy Lewis says:

              Bush? People You need to accept the fact that CONGRESS changed with the power swinging to the democratic party and until this president, congress is responsible for actions coming out of Washington. Even more unsettling is the fact that the people in congress are supposed to be put there by the legal voting residents of the US. The people who elected bogus members to congress and the bogus president that refuses to abide by congress are the real problem. You think we have problems now, the children coming from the irresponsible people that elect the irresponsible to congress and the presidency are on their way.

          • journalisk says:

            Dan Williams, you clearly missed the news about the recession. Bush presided over a period of moderate growth, and yet added no new jobs to the economy, added unfunded programs like the Medicare Prescription program,leaving Obama to clean up his mess. He has done wonders with lemons: Obamacare actually reduces the deficit, and is part of the recovery program. Bush added 5 trillion to the deficit, Obama only 1 trillion projected over his entire 8 years in office, during a recovery.
            Food stamps usage being high shows how bad the economy is. While it is very difficult to qualify for other social programs like welfare and medicaid (if you're unemployed you don't just "get" them, you have to be in a job search program 35 hours a week, while food stamps are available to people who own homes, it means that they can cover their expenses but not food with their income, and unless you think people should starve, you should realize such increased food stamp usage is an indicator of severe recession).
            So while this is a challenge to the commonwealth, it is not outside of our area of expertise, and we have a GREAT president to handle it. But like Bush made his job that much harder. He also bankrupted the country spending trillions in Iraq (President Obama got us out on the schedule, the Iraqi's voted for, right on time), if you're wondering who made the public debt worse, it was DEFINITELY BUSH.

          • Nonpartisan says:

            The real title should be "50% of all Americans don't earn enough to pay federal income tax" and that should alarm you more than the intended outrage of the article. It's hard to pay taxes if you don't have a job. We've had high unemployment for well over six years and every year people drop off the "official rate" even if they haven't found a job or got one at 7-11. Some estimates have the underemployment rate at 25% – meaning one quarter of all "working age" Americans either can't find a job or have one way below what they used to have. Hence the rise in food stamps. Consider the fact that these people who used to make a solid middle class salary probably still have the standard tax deductions that everyone has, including mortgage interest, and the number makes sense. This isn't about lazy people sponging off the system – of course there is some of that and there always has been – its about workers whose jobs have disappeared overseas and will never come back. As much as people want this to be a partisan argument, it isn't. It's a globalist argument. Companies want to pay as little for labor as they can and politicians on both sides make it easier and easier to destroy jobs in this country. Less workers, less tax revenue.

        • Christopher says:

          That a 10% increase (from 30% to 40%) in 8 years….is much less than 10% (from 40% to 50%) in 4 years.

          But check out my boy, Ronnie!…See where Reagan cut taxes and at the same time brought more taxpayers into the system…That's bang-for-the-buck…that's economics "we can believe in".

        • Dan H says:

          It seems to jump the most under Reagan.

      • bob says:

        I'm not an Obama fan by any means, but it looks to me like the rate jumped during EVERYONE'S watch!

      • James Gist says:

        Hey, guess what? This chart ends at 2009. That Is when President Obama took office so the jump you are referring to came under President Bush. Please don't let the facts get in t was of your opinion

        • Did it ever occur to you that statistics haven't been compiled for the years after that yet or those are the only stats they want you to see?

        • Christopher says:

          Hey guess what…"All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives. From exactly September 30, 2007 to exactly September 30, 2011…Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank & Charlie Rangel were in charge of the tax code.

          One could argue all day about rates and credita and loopholes, etc….But what you see on that chart is Republicans taking the Senate in 2002…and you see the curve being bent back down for the only all-GOP budgets in the past 50+ years (September 30, 2003 – September 30, 2007)

          Long story short (too late)…the Congress is whom this happens under. Don't let the function and construction of your government get in your way, either…

        • GregT says:

          Umm, it's for tax year 2009 – Obama's first year in office.

        • journalisk says:

          Why did people downvote James' comment? Please don't let your opinion get in the way of facts. This is why Obama created the Truth Team: the Republicans, realizing they can't win on a platform of being fiscally conservative (without talking about abstinence in youth), have taken to outright lying. Case in point above. What's worse is people believe it, when the real information is publicly available.
          Keeping the GOP Honest: http://tinyurl.com/83rtgav http://whattheheckhasobamadonesofar.com

      • brendan says:

        why it's almost like a global economic collapse that takes a long time to rebuild is going to leave a lot of people making less money, and not clearing the threshold for owing money… weird.

      • Jamie says:

        This chart ends in 2009. That was the year President Obama took office. That jump you refer too came under President Bushs term. Please though, don't let the facts get in the was of you opinion

      • BigBoa says:

        It's Bush's fault…….

        (HAD to, you know? After all, Valerie Jarrett is out today saying 3 years ago, people were REALLY suffering. Now, thanks to the great O'Bozo, everything is duckie….)

      • @tonytee1968 says:

        i have always worked hard but the system is against the middle class. i am giving up at the end of the year and am going ot make less money on purpose.. the system has broke me . i am tired of paying for the people who do not want to work.. i give up.

      • Dick Ranger says:

        50% pay no income taxes because of tax credits which are the new warfare. The primary driver here is the child care tax credit that was created by gingrich. It started at $500 per child and bush doubled it to $1,000. santorum wants to triple it to $3,000 per child allowing over 70% to pay ZERO Federal income taxes. All Republicans

      • Dave says:

        Looks like it dipped during the beginning of Reagan, but then in the middle of the term soared upward. It's politics, they screw us over and over and over and blame the other party. None of them are fit to lead.

      • Jim S says:

        In addition to not paying taxes and receiving federal assistance, Congress has changed the IRS into a wealth redistribution organization. About a third of those not paying income taxes receive checks from the IRS from the Earned Income Credit (Up to $5,771) and Child Tax Credit ($1,000) per child. While well intentioned assistance, it has turned the tax return business into a 'how much do we get this year from the IRS" for non-taxpayers. No wonder they like to file their returns and don't have a problem with taxes. They are reciepients, not payers. The IRS puts the Earned Income Credit at over $40 billion a year and believes about one-fourth of it is fraudulent. The voters receiving money from the government will soon outnumber those paying into the system. How does anyone get elected who even thinks about slowing down the growing dependency on government?

        • JimHinCo says:

          You are welcome to move down to $12/hour to qualify for what you just stated…but note: You can't get $5,771 Earned Income Credit in that bracket. Nice try, but no.

        • Matt says:

          My wife and I homeschool our kids, we are both in the military. One Active, one reserve. When completing our taxes, we basically get back everything we have taken throughout the year, every year. Additionally we receive some part of the child tax credit. I would gladly receive nothing back to right the ship of our national debt. I don’t want my kids saddled with our country’s decision to pay people who don’t want to work, not those who are physically or mentally unable. One problem with our government is that we are paying people to make babies, then paying to take care of them. If we left people to learn from their own mistakes, most would get the picture. Individual’s poor planning should not be the emergency of the taxpayer!

        • Journalisk says:

          Technically a republic is a wealth redistribution organization. It's like, it's fundamental purpose. Unless you're a proponent of Aristocracies? Someone missed like, 2-6000 years of history. Welcome to America.

      • Jeff Malaguerra says:

        You know how the saying goes, "Socialism is great, until you run out of other people's money."

        • JimHinCo says:

          Except that it's not really your money…all of it is the governments. :)

          • journalisk says:

            All with a voice to speak are members of the government, Cicero tells us, so unless you don't speak up when your corrupt senator pockets it, it's our money.

          • Money is printed by the Federal Reserve, a private bank, which is then sold to the bank that your employer uses, again a private bank, which then gives money to you or your bank in your name, again private, then the government says you need to pay X amount of dollars as a percentage and gives you the option to pay your governmental "obligations" by a paycheck by paycheck basis, or on April 15. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS MONEY. Quit with the communist mantra that private property shouldn't exist and that the government should run everything. It didn't work for the USSR, it is failing horribly in Cuba and North Korea. China is turning more socialist since they are realizing that Communism doesn't work. The only place on Earth where Communism is arguably working is Vietnam. So if you want to have everything all rainbow, sunshine and lollipops move to Vietnam.

      • Stu Sass says:

        As opposed to companies like GE that also paid no taxes and, in fact, were paid billions while making record profits as well. But this isn't the problem right? Yes, let's blame the problems created by the GE's and investment bankers of the US. (and the GW Bush tax code) on the people that had no power to influence any of it while the greedy brought our economy down in flames.

        • M 1 says:

          GE paid no income tax. They paid hundreds of millions in other taxes. Additionally, the money made by a corporation goes … that's right … into the pockets of TAXPAYERS. Why do you think we use that name for those people?

          The rest of your comment doesn't even warrant mention.

        • Wotta Shock says:

          You seem to be confusing corporate taxes with personal income tax. While it is true that GE is working with the Obama administration to defraud the American taxpayers, I doubt highly that the American employees of GE get away with not paying personal income taxes while collecting huge welfare payments like your fellow parasites do.

      • bob t says:

        This is such a nonsense stat meant to confuse republicans who can't think and morons who take the Drudge report seriously. First of all, everyone who works pays Social security taxes, medicare taxes, unemployment insurance, and state taxes, which makes up a pretty signifigant percent of taxes. If you work and make 40 grand a year and have a couple kids, chances are you'll pay no income taxes. So what? You're paying a lot in other taxes already.

        Also, the chart only goes up until 2009 when their were still all the income tax breaks from the stimulus in there. Also, a huge jump in the number of people not paying income taxes is due to the massive increase in the number of retirees compared to 20 years ago. The baby boomers are starting to retire now. They dont pay income taxes anymore either.

        Let's try and think a little before we fall for these nonsense talk radio/fox news talking points. This chart was put here simply to confuse people.

        • Yes, the chart, compiled from actual IRS data, was put there to confuse people who "take the Drudge report seriously."

          Actual facts, presented in chart form, are definitely what I would expect to confuse a liberal, especially one who doesn't seem to understand that all Drudge does is link to other stories, most of which come from liberal news outlets.

          What a sham artist he must be, pointing to OTHER people's news stories like that! How manipulative it is to post a link to an already-published, publicly available news report that he had no part in writing!

          Again, I can see how this confuses liberals so.

        • Wrong says:

          Well, it clearly confused you. It says "Nearly Half of All Americans Don’t Pay Income Taxes" not "Nearly Half of All Americans Don't Pay Taxes." There is a difference, but the the result is alarming nonetheless. Refundable tax credits and, indeed, tax advantaged status in general, is a blight on this country and it is government social engineering, plain and simple. The government shouldn't be propping up homebuyers who can't afford it otherwise or people who have too many children, like the Duggars. Obama and Democrats talk about making taxes fair and that the rich need to pay "their fair share," well many of the so-called rich are supporting nearly the entire non-FICA tax bill for the United States. A fair tax is one that is applied equally to the population, one that cannot be avoided, one that cannot be reduced by any means. Any truly fair tax doesn't require thousands of pages of legal documents or a degree in tax law to understand. The tax code as it stands now is set up to benefit various groups and is conspicuously difficult to understand so that it becomes impossible to interpret and therefore debate or change.

        • journalisk says:

          I'm shocked the best analysis here got the most negative votes. Oh right, we're on the blog of the fellow who just posted the stats from 2009…who I just lost all respect for as a voter. Read Andrew Sullivan if you want a factual conservative analysis of President Obama's policies.

      • alnga says:

        As much as I would like to agree with you that isn't truly what happened. For those too young to remember Barry Goldwater look up his book Conscience of a Conservative published I believe in 1962. He warned us quite clearly of the that trap of Social Security would be in the numbers of receivers out stripping the payers. This was proven mathematically before we decided to murder future workers through Abortion.and to keep adding to the benefit ponzi scheme items that were never intended and were unpaid for.. I am not a Obama fan but I do believe we all have skin in this game of failure to be accountable for all of this and to fix it now.

      • Jimhinco says:

        Hilarous that Dan Williams can't read a chart and match it to who was President at the time!

      • Kyle says:

        You are aware that Obama's watch began after the start of 2009, yes? The graph concludes before he was inaugurated.

      • MPH says:

        It was 8 years of George Bush – Lower taxes, and less regulation, and aggressive foreign policy that left millions unemployed and so not paying fed income tax. You can criticize Obama for many things, but get real.

      • Kim says:

        This chart goes to 2009. Obama took office on January 20, 2009. So, let's see, who was in office from 2001-2008 when the %age jumps? Hmm…..

      • taxpayer says:

        I'm tired of pulling this cart of moochers…I think I'll quit.

      • Harry Wortz says:

        Those that pay no federal income tax use the same deductions and credits that are available to everyone. The difference is that those that do pay fed income tax earn too much to reduce their tax liability to $0. That percentage speaks more to the state of the economy than to the policies of the present administration.

      • adam says:

        it jumped in 2008 b/c of the employment situation… so dont get off message.

        the problem with Barry is that he is not concerned about this trend, and is deluded in the belief that more govt intrusion through mandates, subsidies and taxes will solve our economic woes.

        The solar companies were the perfect example – the technology was simply not ready (DUH – i mean, if it was, what moron would not want to be the first to marke with that type of technology) yet he assumed that if he jacked the price of oil up to the levels we currently "enjoy" then this would somehow magically make the techonolgy ready for the mass market. Multiple bankrupticies and literally billions of taxpayers' dollars later, he found this out the hard way.

        He is a moron.

        • Nonpartisan says:

          Adam, if you put solar panels on your house, and your roof has the proper exposure, you will not pay an electric bill. Every satellite that circles the globe, and there are hundreds if not thousands, runs on solar power. The technology works. Carter put up solar panels on the white house in 1978. Reagan took them down to "clean" them in 1981 and they never went back up. Message to the oil companies sent and received. Solar installation companies are popping up all the time, and the more that do it, the lower the prices will go. Solyndra failed because of greed and stupidity at the top of the company, not because the tech doesn't work. Suntech in China is world's biggest manufacturer of solar panels and is hugely successful. They'll be shouting the "not ready" argument in this country a hundred years from now because the people pushing the argument (why do they always single out solar power companies?) don't want it to work.

      • don says:

        Don’t want to burst your bubble but Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009 was Bush not Obama, 34.1 % to 49.5 %

      • Yes You says:

        The rate increased during GB#1 slowed during Clinton & resumed during GB#2 with a recent sharp increase. I am not a Liberal or Conservative. Just somebody pointing out that you are an idiot and blindly vote R. You are the other half of of the problem.

      • John says:

        Looking at the chart it looks like Republicans and Democrats are to blame. Both Bush's, Clinton and Obama.

      • Ace says:

        Re-read the article closely. The current rate is compared to 1984, covering several Presidential terms of office.

      • Me To Hungry says:

        Funny how Bush Jr managed to create a huge deficit and lay it in Obama's lap.

      • C.J. says:

        Right! Because Obama systematically ruins the economy every chance he can! He's intentionally trying to ruin America! Like all libtards! They're a secret cult out to rape our great nation! When did we let them into America?! Can't they just leave?! I want all they Libtards to die because they hate America! It's not like they have an actual, cohesive view of how to do things that I'm actively exaggerating because I disagree and feel too simpleminded to consider the views of others!!

      • Pilo W says:

        Dan, that is really a grossly inaccurate statement. You can't blame Obama from 1984 through 2009. Both parties are responsible for the fiscal problem and pointing fingers or character assassination isn't going to solve it. A scientific methodical approach is warranted where we can see the actual figures. Most of the public doesn't have the time to sort through the statistical data by the OMB , IRS or other agencies data. Let alone listen to propaganda and mud slinging hammer head comments.

      • pilo W says:

        Dan, Here is some data. Maybe you can sort through it and tell us who is not paying Taxes. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/08in02tr.xls

      • Draggo says:

        EVERYBODY pays taxes on their income. They may not pay taxes under the Federal Taxes deduction but EVERYBODY pays FICA taxes.

      • cap says:

        Notice how that overall trend started during Reagan/Bush 1 era? Just thought that was interesting for the Obama haters.

        And quit it with the unemployment statistics with Obama – I'm not saying he's great or anything, but stating an absolute figure at the beginning of his term and not mentioning the fact that it was already on a steep incline is disingenuous, dishonest, and completely useless toward a constructive discussion. People like you do absolutely nothing but make an already toxic atmosphere worse. Quit complaining about how bad it is and stop being part of the problem.

      • cap says:

        Hmmm… it went during Kennedy/Johnson, leveled out during Carter, just about leveled off during Clinton, jumped rrriiiight at the beginning of Obama's term, but I see big jumps in most of the republican administrations… just what is your point?

        Now, I'm not going to blame all those republican presidents, because, quite frankly, I doubt every data point on that graph is solely the responsibility of the sitting president. Let's be adults for once regarding these issues or it will not get any better. Stop being part of the problem.

      • Robert Dinkle says:

        Dan, do you have one clue what socialism is? If we were socialist, those 50 percent would all be filing taxes since the income would equalize.

      • Cooga Paw says:

        Right on!

      • Nick P. says:

        Im not knocking Obama entirely for this one but… Everyone on unemployment with no job obviously doesn't pay taxes…. Very little, but they get that back… Everyone knows that its not as alarming when u figure thats close to half or 40% of the non tax payers so the actual number is around 30% so to speak. That would be the logical amount to note in the dramatic spike in no jobs and no taxes paid which is not all Obamas fault (still dont like him though) im just being honest when looking at these numbers..

      • Jim Kopp says:

        FAIR TAX- Need I say more!

      • M. Edward Triefler says:

        Perhaps a coincidence that during that same period we had a near "depression" with job losses in the millions. A depression that was cause, to a large degree, by the previous administration. Thank you, George W. Bush.

      • joe says:

        you're a retard and have no idea what socialism is… america has always been a capitalist/socialist country and only a half-wit hick like you dan would be so stupid and racist to overlook that.. since ya prob believe in jesus im sure you have no trouble at all believing this garbage too.. moron!

      • Mick says:

        Teach the country to fish instead of giving them a fish. We need to find ways to create more jobs instead of creating more programs for hand outs. I am all for giving a "Hand Up", but the "Hand Out" society has to stop. We need to break the cycle and become a proud nation again. Each person needs to get off their couch and stand on their own two feet.

      • BobfromCA says:

        The rate jumped during Bush's term and accelerated right after his term due to severe unemployment.

      • Bill says:

        Dan the article said 152 milion in 2009 vs. 35 million 1984. Obama's presidency cannot be blamed for that! Paying ones fair share in taxes is like "paying the goose that lays the golden egg". Our society is great because of the taxes we pay. We should change the way we are taxed so that everyone pays something. EVERYONE! Have you ever wondered who insures an Aircraft Carrier or a Federal building. No one insures them. 25-40% of everything working america makes has to go to taxes, maybe more. If no one pays America sinks and quickly. If an Aircraft Carrier sinks the Dept. of the Navy budgets a newone from taxes received. It is your patriotic duty to contribute your fair share. If you don't pay, leave.

      • Stephen Dexter says:

        I am not so sure Mr. Williams knows how to define Socialism. When I was in college it was defined as "gov't ownership of the means of production". Is it just possible that when Mr. Obama took office the economy was already in decline and folks were losing jobs left and right?

      • Guy Lewis says:

        Speaking of “jumping up”..look at the “jump” after the Reagan administration and what party was sitting as the president and for how long?

        Look at the rise in the next 8 years.

      • Guy Lewis says:

        Speaking of “jump”, look at the jump after the Reagan administration. The nasty “jumping” trend seems to follow the years of the democratic presidency. Look at the Carter years, the Clinton years. Clear and significant “jump”.

      • Sean Bryan says:

        Funny how the rate jumped during Reagan's watch! Socialism at its finest..?

      • John says:

        Funnier How the rate jumped during the first and second Bush's watch since they are Republicans… ha ha ha

      • Bob says:

        If you check the statistics you will see that many of those people are high income or middle income people. They took their loses off their taxes or wisely manage their income so as not to owe taxes. I'm sure you're not implying "class warfare" and thinking its all those dead beats not paying their fair share.

      • Jack Jackson says:

        Yeah…If Bush mismanagement hadn't dumped an extra 5 million into unemployment folks would be earning enough to have an income tax liability at the end of the year.

      • Yay says:

        YOU are what is wrong with this country. honestly.

      • Glynn Maddie says:

        If I read the Chart Correctly, the Majority of the increase happened during the George Bush Era. You can't fight two wars, pay for programs etc with no new revenue. It was left for Obama to pay, thus now with a weak economy brought on by the previous administration which had no fiscal restraint. So there you have it. To dig our way out of the budget mess, we have to both raise tax revenue and cut spending, no other way will work.

      • Tim M. says:

        This chart ends at 2009, which is the year Obama took office. I won't defend him or his fiscal policies, but you seriously need to look at your information before you comment, because Obama hadn't been in office long enough for his "socialism" to take effect. These figures are the result of Bush II's unfunded wars. And besides, the sharpest increase on this graph comes at the end of the Reagan years and into Bush I's term. Then the numbers continued to climb under both Clinton and Bush II. Actually, the only president of the last 30 years that you CAN'T blame (for this specific graph, that is) is Obama. Like I said, I'm not defending him, but when you make outrageous comments based on false assumptions, you make everyone else who disagrees with Obama look as ignorant as you.

      • Real Talk says:

        Ignorant statement. From 1984 to late 1980s it clearly illustrates the steepest rate increase on the whole chart. Was Obama president in the 1980s as well? Ever been to school before?

      • Steele says:

        Obama was President in 1988 when it started to jump? Nope…that's when trickle down started to show it didn't work.

      • Teri says:

        Fool, Obama didn't start until Jan 2009….

      • J Q Public says:

        DUH!!! 2000 to the start of 2009 BUSH ERA!!! My god you people are stupid….

      • deb says:

        see the chart http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/EMRAT
        What % are retired or children, and how is that related to who is President? The job losses began as a result of the recession which occurred in 2007-2008, and are not returning because of automation, economies of scale, productivity gains, and outsourcing. That's globalization related, and the spreading of capitalism around the world, along with diffusion of all the new technology of the last decades. We're going to be fine. Perhaps this is all just a structural population issue, or return to mean of the 60's – 80's. I say get rid of the income tax, and the corporate tax, impose carbon, luxury, short term capital gains taxes, and tax imports. Jobs problem solved.

      • donboy says:

        I feel members of both parties are to blame and that is why the voting public needs to research the individuals running for office and vote for the ones who have a background of fiscaly responsible and non entitlement actions and philosophies. For instance…why did the Republican controlled house bring up the measure of a balanced budget amendment last year, when they new certainly it would not go forward with the Democratic controll of the other two parts of the process, opposed to bringing up this measure when the Republican party had control of all three offices The first Bush term…..Gives me the feeling the establishment Republican party members don’t want these limits either….what do you think?

      • Matthew says:

        The rate went up much faster during Bush's time in office. Remember, Obama didn't take office until 2009. This study shows the trajectory it was headed during Bush. It's actually leveled off now that Obama's been in office a while. The worst record on this statistic was Bush Sr., and the second worst was Bush, Jr.

      • Rose says:

        um… could that possibly be because of the lack of JOBS? and because if people get jobs they are low-paying jobs that pay so little they don't pay taxes on what they make? Jobs that are lacking because republicans crashed the economy? The other factor is that baby-boomers are retiring. Do you want us to go back to work, and pay taxes? What?

      • Apersonwho Canread says:

        Am I only person who sees that this graph (above) ends in 2009, after Obama had only been in office for 1 year? Look at it again. Most of the increases came under 8 years of Bush.

      • Robert P says:

        Funny how the rate jumped from 15% to 32% when Bush Sr was president, then it jumped from 32% to 34% with Clinton, then 34% to 40% with Bush Jr, and then 34% to 49% with Obama. Hummmmm…Republicans, Democrats????

      • joe black says:

        Quit buying all that Chinese crap and maybe these people will be able to find jobs again .

      • LP2 says:

        The 2009 budget and tax codes were passed already by the previous Congress before Obama got into office. The jump there had nothing to do with his policies.

      • John says:

        Funny how the rate jumped, when the housing boom collapsed, and the stock market hit the shitter? All problems created by 30 years of unregulated business. Not Obamas fault, as it took place directly before he took office. Did you expect anything else. That is the problem with graphs. It shows what happened, and not what was happening.

    2. mechelle says:

      i owe the irs every year so why should i file i owe so much i could not afford to pay them so i had to file bankruptcy i work they take taxes out thats enought then at end of year i owe i dont get it. what they take out of my paycheck(which i have no say in how much) thats what they should only get .let the gov live off that budget. like the weekly budget i have to live on. i vote evey election and im counted in every censes taken. maybe if a lot dont file the some politions might lose their jobs and the gov can run on a new budget called downsizing. if the gov cant live off of what they take out of my paycheck the n they should take more or do cutting back like business do.

      • Banjole says:

        Adjust your W-4 so the government withholds more and you won't owe at the end of the year.

        • hologram5 says:

          Shouldn't have to do that. They should downsize the the entire private sector had to. Obama has increased federal workers by 35% since he's been in office and most of that due to OblunderCare.

          • rreno1 says:

            When people don't have jobs that ='s less taxes being paid….dahhh,,, when the private sector laid off all those people and didn't hire them back and are just starting to, you try to live off 10 a hr with a family of 2 or 3 with health care and put gas in the tank. YOU CAN"T…and when people and not working and need assistance from the goverment to put food on the table, guess what govement programs get bigger and we have less taxes coming in because people can't find a honest paying job.,,,DAHHH….President Obama has actually decrease 2 areas in goverment. LOOK IT UP , son. Remember he took over the worse mess in the history of the u.s since 1930's. I'm a republican and i voted for President Obama, and i think i will do it again, because GOP has nothing.

            • LetsSpendEvenMore says:

              Go ahead and vote for Obama again…..let's continue to have an energy plan where we allow oil companies export more oil than we keep domestically for the sake of the almighty dollar; i bet you are loving it as we head to $6.00 plus per gallon for gasoline; how about the 10 to 20 % increase in the cost to buy groceries to feed your family that is a great accomplishment for this administration; how about mr. Peace Prize's fubaring of the entire middle east situation; 15 to 25% increase in premium costs for those of us that pay for our own insurance; house prices in the toilet and this administration goes and bails out the idiots that should not have been able to purchase a home in the first place – screw any of us who have actually paid our mortgage on time; but that is right it is George Bush's fault – maybe is Obama had sacked up and was a leader things would have been better – i will not believe any productive citizen that says they are better off now then they were 4 years ago – if they do i would call them a liar. So go ahead and flush again an elect this tool of an administration in for another 4 years – that should give them enough time to get the entire country down the crapper…

            • sysofadwnlvr says:

              You're a moron. I think you need to be the one looking up facts and figures. Start by watching the news for five minutes….

      • justy says:

        konsiderin yo spelin an ritin stile yo sud bee taxd tu za hilt coz yu sure r a burdan to za societi – or beter thron from the dec in za vatar – nuf said –

      • Fuzzy says:

        Budget?! Harry Reid…paging Harry Reid…. Ummm, I think we found one of the problems.

      • Wyrd says:

        Of course you control how much the government takes out silly pants :)

        It is called a W-4 and you need to put in a smaller number if you don't want a bill at the end of the year. Or you can look at it in a positive way. If you owe taxes, the government has given you a 0% loan for more than 3 months!

        If you get a tax return, then you are giving the government a 0% loan. It is a return because they are returning the excess money you gave them.

        Also, you need more deductions!
        add a little fudge factor there and you can save a few hundred dollars

        • 50%anything! says:

          that is crazy. I file self employed, and have to pay every qtr. So why should the gov earn interest on my hard earned money. Its bad enough they take 30%, but the fact that they are greedy enough to want payments every qtr is outrageous, I earned it, let me earn at least a full years interest. Not to mention just having to keep on top of it every three months and it limits what I can reinvest my money in since I have to make sure I have enough cash on hand to give to the 50% who pay nothing.

        • art says:

          I didnt read all of the post here But i think the main point of not enough people pay taxes not how much they take from the 57%

      • john says:

        Maybe you should adjust your withholding to accurately reflect the taxes you owe.

      • Art says:

        If you owe the irs every year you need to go to your HR department and adjust your W4. With this form you can adjust how much is taken out in taxex every pay period. To find out how much to add take the amount of taxes you pay each year and divide it by the number of pay period (52, 26 or 12) the result is the amount you should have taken out each pay period. Subtract the amount you currently have taken from the result of your math and that is how much you need to increase your withholding onthe W4. If you do this now you should almost 'break even' at the end of this year.

      • PoliticoMom says:

        Mechelle, you do have a say in how much or little is deducted from your paycheck. It's called withholding. We are all expected to do our part collectively to keep this country running. Deciding not to file puts a greater burden on people who do pay taxes to pick up your slack. If you earn an income you pay taxes in America. You don't get to pick and choose the laws you want to follow. Tax-cheats and tax-dodgers are a cancer to this society. Non-payment of taxes is punishable by fines and possible jail. They put Wesley Snipes in jail for non-payment of $20M in back taxes, and they need to start jailing the other 49%. You don't want to pay the taxes then move to Monaco!

      • rreno1 says:

        your a idiot then, i owned a company for 7 years(computer data company which i sold and did very well on), when you pay in that means you keep the money to yourself instead of giving the goverment a free loan for 3-5 months depends when you filed. I rather pay in anyday,that means i made good money. One year i had to pay in over 50k on my personal taxes and the business had to pay in over 200k, didn't bother me one bit. I know about what i had to pay in so i saved money in a savings account for that reason and i made money on that amount, instead of giving it to the goverment. Wow, you need to learn basic math and finacial skills. And the reason why this graph is the way it is,because ,PEOPLE LOST THEIR JOBS AND CAN'T FIND WORK THAT PAYS THE BILLS!!!!!, The more people out of work the less people we have to pay taxes, its a no brainer,,,dahhh,,,remember President Obama took over this mess from bush, and i'm a republican.And i think i might vote for President Obama again.

        • Tired of the BS says:

          Reno…you are the idiot. You come on here claiming to be a republican and so successful and making lots of money…but really you need to do the math. 49% of the population is not unemployed…nor are the under employed! And he actually took over the housing mess from Clinton…who's laws set up the housing market fail that was the catalyst for all of this. It is funny how people tend to forget that the Democrats controlled both the house and the senate the last 2 years of Bush's presidency…which is when things started to fall apart. I was not a Bush fan, but I laugh at any clown willing to call himself a republican and then vote for a socialist. Why don't you just be honest about who and what you are when you post?

          • George says:

            why don't you be honest about how your version of events is straight out of right-wing radio? Skipping Bush's role and linking Clinton with Obama, as if the GOP had clean hands in the financial meltdown of 2008? Then calling a centrist like Obama – a guy going around fighting wars, approving nuclear power development plans, cutting payroll taxes – a socialist?? It's as if you don't even know what a socialist is!

          • Fonz says:

            There's no need for your subjective conservative ignorance

      • GaryB says:

        Actually, you do have a say in how much tax is withheld from your paycheck – modify your W-4 statement. Whomever you work for uses the deductions to compute the amount of tax withheld from your check. If you raise that number, less tax money will be taken out. If you lower that number, more tax money will be withheld. I say decrease your W-4 deductions, pay a little more out of each paycheck and then pay little to no tax at the end of the year. Also find more tax deductions.

      • Guest says:

        "i vote evey election and im counted in every censes taken"

        You are a perfecnt example of whay I fear for the future of our Republic.
        The Founding Fathers were absolutely correct in limiting the franchise to vote.

      • Me To Hungry says:

        I agree…
        Did anyone happen to notice how many raises the politicians got between 1984 and today?
        Why are they allowed to decide how much to increase their own paycheck?
        I wonder what percentage of increase they got versus what the general population has gotten?
        Their pay increases should be tied to 'cost of living' rates just like most of the population has to live by.
        These problems are bipartisan.
        Today most of them stink!

      • peter says:

        why does anyone bother to respond to a comment with such poor grammar and punctuation?

      • GWS says:

        you are the "forgotten man". Chin up dude. You are not entirely alone. :)

      • Ken says:

        You are making enough that you have a computer to post this. Did you buy it or did our tax dollars?

      • Cheese Whiz says:


      • Mikey says:

        Mechelle, you do have control how much they take out of you paycheck. Go to your HR department and fill out a new W4. Make sure your withholding is Single-0. If that's still not enough, you can have additional money withheld. However, if Single-0 is not enough, then you're probably one of the 1% that have extreme amounts of additional income outside of your W2.

        Myself, I messed up this year and owe the IRS thousands of dollars. My mistake since I should have change my withholding when my wife went back to work fulltime. It is what it is and it our responsibility to know and understand the law – in this case the tax law – and make sure we settle up at the end of the year. Not saying I agree with the Income Tax rates, just that I abide by them.

      • Cruiser says:

        Who does your taxes? Who told you how to fill out your w-4? Take responsability for your earnings like the rest of us do.

      • JenH says:

        I agree with you 100+%!!!! All the taxing they do, but I still owe??? It's like just take my entire check already! The money politicians make is far more than the average working class citizen!

      • MarkD says:

        If you voted for Obama, pat yourself on the back!
        Obama promised us $7.00 a gallon at the pump.

        He is only half way there.

        But he is moving! His momentum is growing. He took us from $1.80 a gallon to $4.00 a gallon.

        They have forecasted $5.00 a gallon this summer.

        Blame it on whoever you want.

        The fact is, Obama said his policies would cause energy prices to sky rocket, and fuel at the pump to go up to $7.00 a gallon.

        But when our energy cost triple, that affects everybody. Food and clothing hurts the most.

        You have to eat. The same ribs I bought at the grocery store last year for $4.99 /lb, were $6.50 /lb this week.

        Your home is worth 25% less, unemployment and underemployment sucks, it's very oppressive!

        But Obama tells you that you are not sacrificing enough.

        I had $1,200 more in spending money each month before Obama came on the scene.

        Obama confirms this all the time. Doesn't he always tell us the the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer?

      • TARA says:


    3. JBinGB says:

      When you rob peter to pay Paul, Youve always got paul,s VOTE!!!

      • No some of think the deserve more freebes than what they are already getting.

      • Rocketman says:

        Unfortunately, 49.5% (The Pauls) also get a vote…

      • Tony Micle says:

        Yaa but Peter gets sore and you can't do business with a sore Peter!

      • Jim Uberti says:

        We've hit the tipping point.
        Take a good look at Greece. It's where were heading when the government determines that it can't give what was promised.
        Buy…….. it's right out of the Obama-Alinsky playbook.

      • overtaxed says:

        So what they are saying is that 49.5% are not paying "thier fair share"? (or any share for that matter). But some how the people who DO PAY TAXES are not paying thier share?

      • Gus says:

        Your statement is a reflection of George Bernard Shaw's observation in 1944, page 256, chapter 30, when he made essentially the same pronouncement in his book entitled, Everybody's Political What's What ? You should credit him for that astute observation. His exact words were as follows: " A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." Attribution is necessary when you are aware of the source.

      • Grammi Sami says:

        Great thought. I hope you don't mind if I repeat it.

      • brian says:

        If pauls think if obama taxes the rich more that they will receive this money their sadly mistaken the government will just spend it on there pet projects. The wealthy keeps people employed by either investing in companies or owning the company. get a clue pauls

    4. JBinGB says:

      November cant come soon enough !

      • PabloKoh says:

        Funny. You do know every income taxpayer owes $1,000,000 in national debt, medicare and social security unfunded liabilities? If you have 2 income taxpayers in your home like I did your share is $2,000,000. Friendly advice: get out while you can. When it crashes it will crash hard. 50% of the people pay no tax. What do you think they will do when foreign countries stop buying US government debt and the US government can no longer pay their cell phone bills, heating bills, electric bills and rent? Gold is far safer than a Federal Reserve Note.

      • greg says:

        It wont matter…..there's more of them then us……..Obama has a lock on these %50……he's just got to buy-off the %5 to win……

      • Kendall says:


    5. A.W.Warnick says:

      These figures are alarming, we need know what are the major causes for this to take place at such a fast pace e.g. is it our tax codes?

      • JD942 says:

        The answer is "BENEFITS TO ILLEGAL ALIENS"

      • NoMarxist says:

        Or maybe it's the corrupt politicians who know they can buy the votes of people that benefit from their policies. In the politicians mind, you get ahead by taking a working mans wages and giving them to 3 voters that want a handout. The other problem is the public sector unions robbing us blind with the assistance of politicians who support the unions. As long as politicians can use someone else's money to keep themselves in power and the ignorant are allowed to vote, our country will continue down the path of becoming Greece.

      • Bobbylee says:

        Also, with the elimination of the payroll tax this 49.5% now pay nothing. No wonder our current administration is working so hard on Class warfare!

      • Pitbullll says:

        Yes. Refundable credits created by the Obama Administration have turned the INternal Revenue Code into the Federal Welfare Code for Democrat Voters.

      • Lynn Wright says:

        AWW…of course it's the Tax Code!!…the same 'code' that keeps 6,000 millionaires from paying ANY tax is the same 'code' that allows half the country to PAY ZERO TAXES…that 47% figure has been de-bunked over and over…if half the country lives at or below the poverty line, why is it so hard to imagine the 'no-tax-paid' figure?

      • ramicio says:

        You don't have to pay taxes if you 1. have no income, or 2. if your income is below a certain amount. Seeing as how unemployment is out of control, and unemployment figures only count people seeking work and doesn't account people turning 18 (which is why 9% is total BS), the cause of people not paying taxes is they're poor, not evasion.

      • astjmklan says:

        Are you kidding me? It's spending!!!! Every year, the federal government spends more than it makes, primarily to support that 49.5% that pays no taxes. Obama has spent over 5 trillion more than our income in just 3 years and if he gets another term, it will be around 12 trillion. I'm afraid it's all over but the crying.

      • btruth says:

        It might be that more people realize that the current tax system under the private ILLEGAL company A.K.A. the federal reserve is just a banking mafia controlled thug center. Who in their right mind, would pay a criminal, to kill him and his family? Obviously 50% or so would, because they are severely misinformed of the facts.

      • NickBurnin8 says:

        Yes…it's our tax code. An 18,000 page tax code that gives a deduction or credit for any special interest that can buy a lobbyist, or even a congressman.

        This is what it loks like when you realize half of the country has rebelled against the strong social fabric of our country, just replacing the role of the family with the role of government, one tax deduction at a time.

      • NA1 says:

        I agree, but who is going to do the looking and is it going to be the same people that created the issue? Are we going to like the answer and what would if mean if we didn't?

      • CPA Jeff says:

        For families earning under $100,000 with two or more children, a large amount of tax is wiped out by exemptions and deductions (of course), but also additional child credits and college tuition credits. For families above $100,000, these credits are quickly phased out, so you see a significant increase in actual taxes above that level. I am a tax preparer, so I see it.

    6. Leland says:

      "Eye-pooping" is an understatement! How can nearly 50% pay no income tax? If true, this situation seems to have been a systematic process starting in the mid to late 80s during Bush 41 and accelerated Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama. It to a bi-partisan process signaling looming disaster – even the death of the USA as a democratic republic. A cynic might think this problem is the result of Rats & Rinos buying votes. Since we're not cynics, can Heritage present an explanation for what happened, why it happened, who was responsible and recommend a fix?

      • khadijah says:

        I can't tell you in total, but I can tell you that the deal that GB1 signed (The one that broke "no new taxes") did take people off the rolls, and then the Clinton tax increase took even more people off the rolls.

        What I didn't know, but you can see from the graph, is that apparenly the last REAGAN tax package (he had four of five major code revisions) took people off the rolls, as also did (apparently) the Bush II package.

      • Rotll says:

        Holy crap, intelligent discourse, reasoned discussion, and a nonpartisan take on the situation. May I shake you hand?

      • Brian says:

        The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a democratic one.

      • Kendrick1 says:

        You might want to jump back to the middle 1960's to find the beginning of the end of these United States of America! During that time I watched (as a public school teacher) the attitude of the children change.

        Yearly, teachers were asked to find out from their students at what they wanted to work when they became adults. From the onset of the "war on poverty" it took only about four years for a third of the students to change their replies from legitimate vocations to, "I want to draw a check!!"

        Except for the physical whippings and floggings I myself have realized that I am simply a slave that works to support those on the "draw," or otherwise depend upon the government for their livelihood. It appears you have realized the same!!

      • ZacJ says:

        The real answer is that there are too many tax deductions available. Tax deductions are of course the means by which people who pay taxes throughout the year from their pay check actually pay no net income tax after they file because they get it all (and sometimes more) back. Politicians, both conservatives and liberals, buy votes by offering tax deductions for behaviors they favor. They just argue over which behaviors should be favored.

      • ZacJ says:

        The best answer is to eliminate tax deductions and just keep the taxes low and flat. It is never a popular idea because people like their deductions but it is the best way to go. Also, tax deductions are an indirect way for government to intervene in the market because they essentially make you pay more if you don't engage in favored behavior and you pay less if you do. The best way to keep government out of the market is to limit it's regulatory authority and to simplify the tax code.

        I'm tired of hearing republicans try to pretend they are for low taxes by offering more deductions. They should just cut the rates. If deductions were gone but rates were low and fairly flat, everyone would have skin in the game and we wouldn't need deductions. The government has no business covering people's business losses, helping preferred industries (green energy), helping people buy a home, making children more affordable, making charitable donations more affordable…etc. Let people do these things voluntarily and at market value and if tax rates are low to begin with they will be able to afford it.

      • megaboz42 says:

        Essentially, every time there is a tax cut, you have the potential to eliminate income taxes entirely for some people. For instance, one contributor is the Child Tax Credit, which gives families a $1000 credit per child. With this credit, you may have tax due after your standard/itemized deduction and exemptions, but it could be erased if not substantially reduced, depending on the tax owed and the number of kids you have. Combine this with the introduction of the 10% tax bracket, which reduced the income tax for those in the lowest tax bracket.

        The Child Tax Credit started out as a $500 credit/child in the Clinton years, and the Bush tax cut doubled it.

        I don't know how big an influence the Child Tax Credit is on the total number of workers that don't pay income taxes. Repealing it would seem difficult, who wants to be accused of being anti-family? As much as Obama talks about returning to the "Clinton tax rates" he only seems to be talking about the upper-income tax brackets, and not a full repeal of all of the Bush tax rates (including the 10% bracket and the doubling of the Child Tax Credit).

        • annie says:

          Some people keep having more and more kids for the entitlements and tax credits.. food stamps..etc.
          Then the children have children and thats how they live because that was how they were raised and thats what they know.

      • ArAmytas says:

        Can you say "refundable credit"?

      • Charles_Miller says:

        It's happening because our Central Government is a Socialist machine seeking to redistribute the wealth of the upper 50% of Americans to the lower 50% of Americans. To deny that fact or even argue it is unabashed and deliberate ignorance. This is ALL about destroying the American way of life and our incentive to excel and achieve both socially and economically. It's about dragging America DOWN to the level of the rest of the savage and oppressed world. Frankly, I'd rather die fighting our government than have it said that I capitulated and condoned this Socialist farce, and every REAL American should be prepared to die fighting, as well.

        • andy says:

          And they are doing a hell of a job too! We have Bill gates at one end worth 60 billion and we have homeless people eating out of garbage cans at the other. I bet we'll reach income equality any day now! Try not listening to talk radio for a week or so, maybe your brain will stop atrophying.

      • SusieQ says:

        Leland, there is a shift in society leading to a breakdown of the family and and increased desire for entitlements. Why work when you can a get it for free? Class warfare is at an all-time high, those who have not thinking they should have some of what others do have. In addition, every article I've seen lately about government subsidized child care (who knew??) and food stamps has focused not on some family who lost it all for one reason or another, but on young, single women having children, no education and no father to help out with the bills. Many of the article comments were along the line of "if you can't afford them, stop having them">

      • jackro says:

        Onerous regulations, high business taxes(which took manufacturing out), high individual taxes, and entitlement programs, that came into being in the "Great Society".

        There is no way out, without radical changes in both tax structure, flatter taxes without loopholes, and removing a lot of the entitlement programs. Let the social programs be handled by the church, red cross, ect. That is how it was done in the 1920's and we roared to the head of the world.

    7. This is really a bad note. i bet people that are not paying taxes makes it more harder for the government to collect funds for government projects allocation. The IRS should be more accurate about this.

      • Clarification says:

        It's not that the IRS isn't being careful and is missing tax money it should be collecting. The tax code makes it so that 49% of individuals who are not dependents and who do file tax returns don't pay a dime, forcing the 51% to pay for all expenditure, including the grossly inflated transfer payments and welfare programs that go to the 49%.

        • Fed Up Washingtonian says:

          Oh please, more propaganda to scare us into believing that certain Americans aren't paying their fair share. Should i say, low income and minority? We know who aren't paying their fair share–big business and millionaires. Why is someone making 50 grand a year paying more in taxes than someone who earns a million? The 50 grander will be at the 15 to 25 percent tax rate, while our richer neighbor will be at 13 percent? Is this fair? No.

          This is more propaganda to ensure those of us paying taxes don't see a dime of our entitlements when we're ready to collect–like SS and Medicare. Everyone in this country pays taxes–visitors and citizens and residents alike. It's called sales taxes. In some areas it's 6 percent, and others 8.

          • dcgirl says:

            The top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of the taxes you moron. EVERYBODY SHOULD PAY THE SAME PERCENTAGE RATE!!! Then everybody has a reason to want the government to be fiscally responsible. Did you know that a family of 4 that doesn't work gets the equivalent of over $32K per year in untaxed benefits (food stamps, welfare, WIC, etc.) That's outrageous. If you don't pay income taxes you shouldn't be allowed to vote in federal elections.

      • Nancy says:

        Actually it does not state who is included in the percentage. Most likely it includes seniors and those on disability who do not pay taxes on the income from SS. I know we don't. Since the boomers are getting older it is natural that the percentage of citizens not paying taxes would also go up in what is a large jump.This is one of the many problems the government was aware would happen.

      • Ben Clamon says:

        Actually the whole system needs to be scrapped. I'm not saying there should be no tax, what we should have is a sales based tax because it's the only really fair way to do it. No loopholes just tax on what you buy. Under this system the rich would pay tax at the same %rate as the poor and middle class when they purchase new items. If you purchase used there should be no tax because that would be double taxation on the same item. The rich do purchase more new items and the poor historically purchase more second hand items, this would give the poor a little help with cash flow and at the same time that tax break is available to everyone. The tax on your personal earnings, earnings from investments, and earnings from inheritance should not be taxed …. period.

    8. kysteelgirl says:

      ….and then there's the illegal aliens that are collecting BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars…..no wonder our country is going down the drain!

      • The Hunter says:

        TOTALLY ! Did you know those anchor babies get food stamps and Medicaid and are entitled to our school system. Their parent(s) never pay into our system…..they just take out of our system. The politicians just don't get it. I live in a border city and I see it all the time. They also take their receipts and get their sales tax REFUNDED ! ! ! They come acorss the border and get a REDUCED in state tuition!

        FREE everything for the TAKERS

        • BigBoa says:

          Yeah,,,, and in the meantime, they insist they have to cut SS benefits to those that HAVE paid into it for decades…… Perhaps if they weren't busy handing it out to the illegals, there might be enough to pay those that contributed…? Just a thought….

        • SomeGuy says:

          I see you speak from ignorance. It is not as easy as you think. Most types of government help require a social security number. Which if you can't guess, illegal immigrants cant easily, and legitimately get one. In stat tuition requires proof of in state residency, which again, immigrants do not have.

          Simply because you can regurgitate the talking points that are spoon fed to you, does not make you any more the wiser to the reality of the situation.

          for shame.

          • somegal says:

            SomeGuy –

            You are discounting that the children of illegals are American citizens and therefore, entitled to every medicaid program, food stamp, WIC program, public education, etc.

          • RandomDude says:

            I see you speak from ignorance. It is far easier than you think. Social security numbers are issued at birth (anchor babies included) making it very easy for little American citizens and their illegal parents to qualify for many free and discounted benefits. They are able to drain money from a system that I have paid into for decades and obtain benefits that my hard working family and I are not entitled to. Now, when I receive my Social Security Statement it says that the "Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted" by the time I retire unless changes are made. Cutting off benefits to illegals is just one of many changes that needs to be made.

            Simply because you can regurgitate the talking points that are spoon fed to you, does not make you any more the wiser to the reality of the situation.

            for shame.

          • scott says:

            as soon as the anchor babies are born here they get ss numbers,after that because they are considered unable to care for themselves,they are entitled by law to free stuff.

          • Scott says:

            Any illegal alien can buy a stolen SSN for about $50; that's a fact (mine was stolen and sold). No, it's not a legit way to get one, but if an illegal alien will knowingly break a federal criminal statute that says you can't enter the USA without a visa, do you think they will think twice about breaking other laws? Seriously, how can a person be considered law-abiding and worthy of government support when their presence in this country is based on criminal activity? They've already proven they have zero respect for our laws. I'm just saying…

          • Dax says:

            I can buy a fake ID and social security card for $300. Most illegals have these. They make it a sinch to get benefits.

          • Guest says:

            Keep drinking the gov kool-aid, sucker!

          • someotherguy says:

            I see you also speak from ignorance…anchor babies are US citizens and as such guess what …get their own SSN. Illegals usually have 3, 4, 5 SSNs, they are very easy to come by if you have the cash!!! Ever heard of the term 'ID theft'…guess what else gets sold by the thieves? Yep the social security number and guess who buys a hot SSN…you got it an illegal. Lets look at your other mis-thought of instate tuition requires in state residency…well guess what in most states to qualify for it you must only show a utility bill or a state ID card which again are very east to get. Please think before you call others names and you prove your self ignorant you troll!

          • Ben Clamon says:

            Where do you live? The moon? Mars?
            The reality of the situation is that if the child is born here, they are a citizen. The reality of the situation is that if you are in college you are considered to be a dependent child until age 26. The reality of the situation is that employers hire illegals, knowing that they are illegal, and pay them under the table. Those illegals pay no taxes, social security, medicare, or health insurance. The reality of the situation is that those illegal immigrants then use the emergency room because they have no health insurance. The reality of the situation is that the hospital cannot refuse to treat you if you are already inside the emergency room. The reality of the situation is that the school cannot legally ask what their citizenship is (my wife is an English teacher at a local high school) The reality of the situation is that if you have a diploma from a US school you must be a citizen so show me a water bill, electric bill, etc that proves you live here and I'll give you the cheaper in state tuition rate (by law).

            The realities of the situation are not some talking points that Glen Beck, Shaun Hannity, or any one else made up. The realities of the situation are just that realities. I see them on a daily basis, I live in a border city in Arizona. If they were here legally I am absolutely certain that when I show up at the hospital wearing a US Border Patrol patch they would have no reason to run, but they do. Why do you suppose that is?

            If you are going to try to regurgitate the same old tired, used up, burnt out leftist arguments you should at least prepare yourself by researching the particulars of your topic.

            Just for the record, I am not racist, I show no favoritism to any skin color, but you sir need to get your head out of the "One's" butt before he turns a sharp left and snaps you off at the neck.

          • David_San_Diego says:

            You are totally wrong, as to California. Our welfare laws specifically provide that no one can be denied WELFARE because of their "immigration status". Also, remember that the invasion is coming primarily from Mexico, which has (for cultural reasons) an enormous birth rate. Most of the invading colonists quickly give birth to an anchor baby, which can apply for an SS number. Also, the IRS knowinglygives out "Taxpayer Identification Numbers" to illegal aliens.

          • george says:

            Not to belittle you, but, you are the one that's mistaken. Fake SS cards are a dime a dozen. Proving residency is extremely easy – you usually only need a receiot from a utility bill or two. You are part of the problem for defending such a ridiculous position. They are here ILLEGALLY, therefore they do no deserve squat.

      • BlueCaddy65 says:

        Yes, KG. And no wonder why the Obama Administration is a huge supporter of the Dream Act. This current bunch has basically decriminalized illegal immigration. The shameless traitor Obama will do just about anything for a vote.

      • Dave says:

        Go to NumbersUSA.com

      • tom says:

        Yep just one aspect of the problem but a big one at that.

      • NickBurnin8 says:

        Umm…quite a few of those "illegals" pay taxes. My in-laws use ITNs to pay their taxes, though they had been in the US illegally for 6 years.

        You should find a better target than immigrants, illegal or otherwise. They seem to be the only residents of our country outside of the Midwest that seem to give a damn about family values, faith, ingenuity, and hard work.

    9. Marianne Gunlock says:

      People who receive any kind of government assistance should not be allowed to vote. This would be a conflict of interest.

      • Great point…also they should have to make some kind of contribution to society…clean up parks, pick up trash, etc. This free ride is the down fall of the USA>

        • e-ville says:

          Free ride?!? I know a lot of poor people, I grew up in the southern part of ohio were unemployment is rampant… i was dirt poor. Many of the people i know work there asses off, they just don't make any money doing it because wages suck if there are jobs at all. many of these people have multiple jobs and still can't afford health care or food even! Free ride… wake up. because of food stamps and goverment cheese I didn't starve when i was a child. because of public schools i got a mediocre education but allowed me to get to college which i used federal student loans to pay for. Now i make money. I also consult for and make many companies and municipalities lots of money. the free loaders that i know are the people who play with other peoples money while spending most of there time on a golf course. why don't you ask them to go clean the park, the rest of us are busy working

          • kaz says:

            I grew up in a poor family that was not able to save money for my college education. I am now in my 3rd year of med school now thanks to the FEDERAL pell grant.. I feel grateful that I am given an opportunity to put myself in a higher income bracket where I can provide a college education for my son and not rely on assistance. At the same time, I will be in a higher income bracket and therefore pay more money in taxes. I consider myself an investment on behalf of the federal government.. I wont cry about it when taxes are taken out of my DECENT paycheck because I know what it is like to work 40 hours a week and bring home less than $15,000 a year. At that point I do not consider assistance an option but a necessity. Those of you who were born into opportunity are the ones who feel "entitled" , and ungrateful to say the least!

            • Ron Oliver says:

              First of all, let me say that I am extremely proud of you. You are among the few who have seized an opportunity and turned poverty into prosperity. But, what about those individuals who only see the welfare check or the unemployment check as their "entitled" income? What about those who see getting pregnant as getting a raise? What about the guy or gal who has to go through drug testing to get a job but the recipient of his or her tax dollars is a druggie? To deny that these conditions exist is to put on blinders. None of us can afford to do that. Otherwise, all that you and I pay taxes for goes down the drain. Would you give your money to someone who you didn't know that you just happened to see walking down the street? Well, that's what many of us are doing. I totally agree that anyone who is collecting from the coffers should not be allowed to vote. When those who vote for a living outnumber those who work for a living, all will be lost. Why? Because those who vote will always vote for the one who promises them the most from you and me. Nothing can be given to someone by the government without it first being taken away from someone else.

      • RLBLT says:

        I agree!

      • Sunny says:

        You are requesting that someone give up a constitutional right for a perhaps temporary assistance check?Forgive me here for thinking that you are wrong in your legal standing and your moral compass.
        What you describe is more akin to ancient england and the feudal system.I thought that this what we fought against.Somehow its one of the things my ancestors fought against.
        Your behavorial reasoning is also flawed.Blaming the receipeant for the flaws in government is counterproductive.Fix the real problem.When you do this the partakers of the government dole won't be able to partake any more.

        • Landowner says:

          Awesome. So the benefits are temporary? When did that start?

        • Cory says:

          Sunny you raise some good points, but: you must admit, there is a dangerous conflict of interest when people who get free stuff can vote for more free stuff.

          Imagine if 10 of us go to dinner. The waiter announces that only 5 of us have to pay the bill, the other five we have to pay for. There would be no incentive, save common decency, for the free five to show any restraint.

          Now imagine millions of people, strangers to one another. Common decency, already in short supply, would be out the window. A recipe for disaster, no?

          • Tyler Knight says:

            Cory, the same could be applied to the GOP logic. "Taxpayers" should not be allowed to vote because they will inevitably vote for lower taxes for themselves, also leading us into disaster. Whether taking out, or putting in all of us have conflict of interest in voting under your logic. In addition, you speak of common decency, to me, this suggests helping others who are not able to be as successful as I am. I work hard and pay taxes, but what if I was dissabled, and could only work 20 hours a week. All of a sudden my kids don't deserve the benefits of WIC because I am in a wheelchair. That sounds like the opposite of common decency. But, as you said, that's in short supply these days.

        • Roger says:

          where is the constitutional right to vote for the president? read article II, section I

        • Ward says:

          You do need to read the 13th amendment again.. And understand a definition of servitude. Servitude (as in the word service) means labor for the benefit of OTHERS. (Like slavery). In this case, asking them to labor to benefit themselves (in the form of assistance) does not violate their rights. There are many cases such as the requirement to perform community service in order to graduate high school, or the draft (if we had one) that are constitutional.

          I beleve it is the moral compass of those who are on assistance that make no effort to find a job, volunteer, better themselfs that must be pointing south.

          But most important:
          It's simple; nobody forces you to sign up for assistance. The servitude is NOT involuntary.

        • pitter43 says:

          Sunny, when did stealing others money become a " constitutional right ". I always earned my own or went without. Oh yes, liberals think they have a " constitutional right " to whatever anyone else owns.

        • Sam Hill says:

          Maybe not give up their right to vote, but certainly they should not be given a free ride, like Michael Kirby stated. Recipients should be required to pay back the government in some way, be it labor or money. I'm tired of this entitlement mentality.

      • RWB says:

        So students receiving federal financial aid (student loans) should not be allowed to vote? How about the federal stimulus package a few years ago? You turned that money away?

        • Andy P. says:

          Seniors receiving a social security check or Medicare should not be allowed to vote? Really?

          Good grief, think about what you are saying before you say it.

          • Louise says:

            Senior citizens paid into the Social Security system, and into MediCare. That wasn't who she was referring to. Stop with the demagogueing.

            • Tyler Knight says:

              that is not being a demagog Louise. That is factual. Poor peopl may not pay income tax, but what about all of the other taxes they pay that hit them much harder than the middle and upper class. If Bill and Ted live 20 miles from work and both drive the same model vehicle, but Ted makes twice as much as Bill, who is paying a higher percentage of income on taxes? Bill is. The everyday taxes we all pay are very regressive style taxes meant to equal out the burden. Like the bible says Louise, "to whom much is given, much will be expected."

            • guest2 says:

              much will be expected in the ways of charity in the Christian ideals, not increasing taxes to have your money taken from you to be given away. We give away willingly because we want to. Giving away and taking from are two different things

            • Guest 338 says:

              The bible also says "if anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.". II Thessalonians 3:10 for those who want to check. Read 3:11 while you are at it. Notice it says "will not work", not cannot( elderly, TRUE disabled). People who are using federal money to get an education are bettering themselves, not using tax payers money to buy the latest smart phone.

          • guest says:

            all the more reason to privatize SS.

          • andy says:

            Thinking is the key word in your sentence, these people are incapable of that, they just regurgitate what they hear on the radio.

        • @cantubury says:

          student loans will be gone in a few years. they just cut federal funding to usf.edu and uf.edu about 50%

      • MikeG says:

        You do realize that the single largest item of federal expenditure is the credit given for deduction of mortgage interest, right? Are you saying anyone who takes that deduction should be prohibited from voting? We all get assistance, whether you call it services, deductions, handouts, whatever. What's equitable is a question of what we each pay into the system in exchange for all of that.

        • Marbran says:

          It's not an expenditure if the government reduces it as a credit. That's like saying the child credit is an expenditure. Mortgage interest is deducted from gross income because the interest is part of the cost of home ownership, and the interest paid gets taxed as income when the companies that collect the interest file their taxes. It's not as if the mortgage interest goes untaxed at all levels. Plus, if the government did not give the mortgage interest credit, the purchase of real property would diminish which would directly reduce property tax revenue. Also remember, the mortgage interest deduction is a temporary credit; once the property is paid for, the owner gets no deduction.

          • andy says:

            The credit is scewed (extremely) towards people who are wealthy. When the credit stops, refinance or buy another house. People who rent pay housing expenses as well. This is a credit primarily for the wealthy who can shift there expenses against their house. If you are wealthy and can avoid paying federal income taxes you are a hero to the right wing nuts, if you are poor and don't pay primarily because you don't have money, you are a pariah. Hard to take you seriously.

        • Bamzxz says:

          Think about what you are saying before speaking as well. Do you realize how you have bought in to the program? The Fed taxes us at a high rate, then says, we will give you deductions in areas that we can line the pockets of our big donors or other Gov't institutions. So the Mortgage deduction, who makes out there? Fannie? Freddie? Or do we really get a big savings? How about taxing everyone at a reasonable rate and keeping the Gov't smaller and living within it's Constitutional boundaries?

          As for the idiot that mentions SS, we all pay into that, moron, with an expectation of getting back as promised.

          • Tyler Knight says:

            I would say that you are the moron for claiming that everyone pays into SS. That is simply untrue. Many entities that offer pension (government) etc. do not pay social security. They do pay medicare, but to state that everyone pays social security is simply untrue.

      • BeeJay CA says:

        A better criterion would be…those who pay no taxes get no vote. Way too easy to vote for government hand outs when only others are paying!

        • reed says:

          yeah like the vote even matters that much

        • Tyler Knight says:

          Well I suppose everyone would still get to vote then BeeJay!!!!! Have you ever filled up with gas, you paid a lot in taxes if you have? Ever bought a six pack of beer? You paid taxes on that. Everyone everywhere in this country has paid taxes. If you have no income on the other hand, or very little, you would pay no "income" taxes, but it seems like Rush and all the others have clouded your ability to think freely and instead of told you a bunch of bologna that you believe who-heartidly without doing a shred of research.

        • Michael says:

          What about those of us who pay the maximum allowable tax each year, only to have an equal or greater amount refunded when taxes are filed? For the last several years, I opt to have the largest amount taken out, so it affects take home pay. When I file taxes and take the appropriate deductions, I end up breaking even or just a bit on top. Does that mean I should not be allowed to vote?

          • dcgirl says:

            Nobody should EVER get more back than they pay in. And if you get back everything, then you have NOT paid income tax. You just used the feds for your savings account. And no, if you pay no income tax you should not be allowed to vote.

      • Jim says:

        Yes, democracy at its finest. How about giving students and seniors a 3/5 vote? Geeesh! Think before you speak!

        • Louise says:

          I've spoken to many college students (Sociology research) who do not work. They don't pay taxes and while they're still living on mommy and/or daddy's dime, don't have a clue when it comes to earning their own way and are all about freebies as it's how they've lived for about 19 – 20 years of their lives. As for senior citizens, they paid into the social security system. Stop demagogueing ~ it's so transparent.

      • Walljasper says:

        Yes. Its like allowing union collective bargaining in pulic employee unions. They vote their political pals in, then the political pal pays them off with ridiculous pensions and salaries higher than in the pulic sector.

      • flyright66 says:

        This was written when it was 46%…..seems even more relevant now

      • e-ville says:

        I suppose you were born with a pile of money and never went to public school, or a public road because you fly between you private golf courses in your helocopter. when you eat your fancy dinners you have your slaves taste the food for you to make sure that it is safe (as opposed to relying on the FDA) …Look this could go on and on but what you are really advocating is a return to feudal england and i believe we (well at least my family) fought a war to end that type of oppression. wake up.. use your brain before you start spouting nonsense! Also, this is such a misleading headline anyway. everyone payes their FICA tax and being at the lower end of the income scale, every one of these people pays a disproportionate amount of there income on all the other fees owed to the government. and then there is sales tax and property tax. I'm sure that at least 75% of the people posting here are in that 50% the article is talking about. Wake up people!! pay attention, use your brain. i don't know how else to say it.

      • e-ville says:

        sorry Sunny… i think i just repeated what you said without having read all the replies…
        i guess it is a pretty obvious argument and Marianne Gunlock needs to rethink her perception of reality.

      • gdawg says:

        Best idea yet

      • so you endorse disenfranchising 60% of the citizens who may in some form receive government funds, such as Social Secrurty receipents, MEDICARE/MEDICAID, people whom eventually get off unemployment, disabled veterans. Long list.
        Though I would endorse that politicians should not be allowed to vote in an election.

      • joie g says:

        Uh yeah, that is why in the beginning, only land owners got to vote. Only those who have a vested interest should be able to vote. A democracy only lasts as long as the producers outnumber the takers. Remember, these stats are from 2009, the year Obummer took office, imagine what the stats are now, 3 years later, and then ask yourself, "Why would a taker want to vote the "giver" out of office?

      • NickBurnin8 says:

        Your reasoning is a tad too simplistic. The ONLY way to end this entitlements epidemic is to neuter government. By removing the authority of government to buy other peoples' votes with someone else's money, you make it pointless to lobby government.

        You're correct in noting that the entitlements class is generally dumb enough to go for he most inflammatory claims made by special interest groups, hook, line, and sinker. However, disenfranchising voters by law on the basis of income or intelligence is illegal and immoral. If you want to stop someone from voting, don't ask for the government's help, DIY. Then accept the consequences.

        Also, blaming the poor for government being bankrupt is just as tactless as blaming the rich. Mitt Romney pays 14% income tax and he's following the law, but the poor are also following the law by receiving financial help. Surely you wouldn't suggest they NOT do what is in their families' best interest?

      • Michael G says:

        Wow. That would include all those seniors receiving Medicare. Lots of votes there. But, as you say, conflict of interest, so NO VOTING. It would include working parents who get federally-funded reduced school lunches for their children. NO VOTING. It would include students receiving grants for their education. NO VOTING. It would include those on federal disability income. NO VOTING. I'm pretty certain I could go on quite a bit with this. The point is, you're going to have trouble finding people who DON'T receive some form of government assistance. Which makes your hip-shot "solution" a bit of dumbass remark, doesn't it?

      • Here's a listing of federal entitlement agencies that our tax dollars support. Not one of these produces a product that's taxable and you can bet your boots anyone who's anyone has a relative working in one of these listed. You're now sitting in front of a computer, Google Congress Staff numbers and you'll find that there are over 10,000 staff members and take a peak at their salaries, 2000 of them make over the maximum of $174,000 a year. The House and Senate at 535, that's one third of our government, is deaf and dumb to the screams of the public and knowing there are over ten thousand heads that talk to our elected officials is it any wonder nothing is getting done. http://www.usa.gov/directory/federal/index.shtml

      • Marie says:

        Does that include people on Social and Medicare?

      • Ritt says:

        what a bonehead u r marianne. u mean to tell me that you`re willing to throw g-ma and g-pa under the bus just because they worked 60 years and are now on social security?

      • Ryan K says:

        Fine by me. Basically the poor, anyone with a mortgage, student or child, anyone over 65 or unemployed.

      • andy says:

        Oh, so then if I don't pay ncome taxes (but I pay much more in other taxes), I can't vote? So, do we have two sets of laws? One set for those who pay taxes and one for those who don't? Or do those who get to vote make all of the laws? Maybe they will decide to execute the poor? I am amazed at the stupidity of the comments on this site.

      • Lynn says:

        I agree voting is a priviledge that should be for the ones supporting the country, not the other way around.

      • concerned research says:

        sorry Marianne, people who receive government assistance have taxes taken from their paychecks like everyone else. Be careful you could be next.

      • Jimbo in Limbo says:

        They also shouldn't be able to purchase or ingest any illegal street drugs….must pass urine test before every handout!

    10. george says:

      I wish you had an email button so that we could send this out to the masses…

    11. Mark Jones says:

      There is a lot of talk about "The 1%" and "The 99%" . Here is "49.5%" of the "100%".

      • SheaK says:

        I pay my taxes, on time. I live on a budget, have an emergency fund, don't own anything I can't pay for outright except for my mortgage, and wouldn't dream of dropping $100 per month on a cell phone plan. I get my hands greasy working on my own vehicles when it saves enough money, and work on my own house where appropriate.

        I am a member of the 50.5%, and I think the government should be making less, as the people make less. Let's index the federal budget to consumer income.

      • Edward says:

        No sir this is the 49.5% of the 99%

      • andy says:

        Let's see, which percent would you rather be in? Family of four making $30,000 spending every cent to survive, or the percent making $100,000 up? Unless you're paying 70% of your income in taxes (you're not) this should be an easy choice. I don't see a lot of bankers standing line to get a job pumping gas so they can enjoy the good life. You were given a brain for a reason.

      • weinen von schmerzen says:

        come on ! there's a huge difference between the pennies retirees aren't paying (because they are no longer working) and the huge amounts not being paid by corporations who hide money offshore. the biggest two groups of bums are the corps and the welfare recipients. working class and small business end up paying the way for both.

    12. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      If Obama wants everyone to pay "their fair share," then he should raise the taxes on those who don't pay taxes.

      • Steve says:

        what is 10% of "0"? raise taxes on those who don't pay?????

        • Tom says:

          Blair fine but the should not make money from tax payers which is what is happening. People make under 25 k are paying zero. Sorry but they should pay something.

        • Julie says:

          That is the problem! $0!?! Really? If the American dream is LAZY then I think 49% have figured it out and the rest of us are going to go down with the sinking ship if we don't correct this behavior/mindset/lifestyle!

          • Tyler Knight says:

            yes, because I bet all those lucky freeloarders living in Watts and other crummy places in the country are loving life so much. Oh man how they have fooled us into paying for their luxurious lifestyle of gangs and drive by shootings and poor schools. Oh my oh my, I hope I lose my job so I can move there and live off of you! Come on Julie, I bet you are smarter than that. The poor pay many taxes, they just don't pay income taxes. You know why? They are poor and have so little it is under what the government considers the poverty line.

        • Doc says:

          How about stop giving people money who don't pay anything in. You never get back more money than you put in, but it happenes.

        • Brian says:

          No, what is $1,000 + $0.
          Study math much?

        • Ben Clamon says:

          easy there steve, she didn't understand the question. Libs are a little slow.

        • dcgirl says:

          10% of $100 is $10. If you make any money, be it from welfare, etc. then you should pay a percentage in tax. And everybody should pay the same percentage. The problem is envy. You are so jealous at those that have worked their butts off and are reaping the rewards that you think they should be punished. And the funny thing is those that pay most of the taxes don't use the services that the government hands out. It's the deadbeats who pay nothing that are always having the cops out to their place, always getting free lunches for their kids, free housing, free health care, free cell phones, free, free, free.

          • Ryan K. says:

            A free army? Or don't they benefit from security from those who pay little in taxes and serve in our armed forces?

          • andy says:

            Wrong. $10 to a wealthy person is less than nothing, if you are scraping to get by it can be food for you or yor children. To borrow from the Bible (because it makes sense) you should measure giving based on what you have not on what you give, same for taxes. If Bill Gates gives away or is taxed a billion dollars (that's billion with a B) it won't change his life style one iota. On the other hand if someone making $30,000 and with a family gives away or is taxed $50, they will do wthout something. And let's let you pick big shot, who would you rather be Bill Gates paying a billion or the family of four paying $50. Hopefully you aren't as dumb as your idea.

            • andy says:

              I'm sory andy, but if the government forces me to pay more money that is taking, NOT giving. If someone wants to give additional money to help people that should be their choice. I chose not to have children, so I could live the lifestyle I choose. I should not be forced to support someone elses choice becoause they chose to have children.

            • Greg says:

              I started my buisness with a 3000 dollar tax return and took a chance instead of blowing that money on junk.why should i be demonized because i do well now?and pay another 8 percent in taxes taking 22000 dollars away from being able to grow and hire a new worker which is more benificial providing a job rather than splitting 22000 dollars amongst 5000000 people who dont want to get up and go work because everything is free?i dont feel 48 cents of every dollar i work hard for should go up to 52 cents to be given to someone who pays no taxes.thats not a fair share id rather have the choice to hire or donate to education or youth athletics to give someone a chance who wants to exell.some people are content with low paying jobs or just getting by or else they would work harder to educate themselves or work up in a company or start a buisness as i did with my income tax credit.i have had workers who could of made good money but only wanted to work 9 to five monday through friday when i run a 24 hour emergency service buisness.they choose not to work for better or to get ahead. so what is really a fair share?

              start they own buisness as did i with thier tax credits instead of riding the pine their whole lives

      • sue says:

        You can multiply zero by any number and the sum is still zero

      • ArAmytas says:

        again, Credits remove all tax from the filer, and refundable credits give him a nice check

      • Steve Oroszi says:

        Nothing from nothing would still leave ya nothing!

      • Fargs says:

        They pay less taxes because they are at or below the poverty line, they still pay sales tax, state tax, tax on phone, utilities, federal gas tax to name a few. When broken down this 47% paying no taxes is just more Heritage propaganda. Everyone pays one way or another.

    13. cassandra says:

      How surprising! It looks like there was a steep increase when Obama got in! – just as the figures were starting back down…

      • Jim says:

        How do youmare that? It looks to me that the increase started before Obama took office. I'm sure that jump had a lot to do with the financial crisis and people losing their homes and jobs……but go ahead blame Obama….you know you want to

        • JAG LOVER says:

          Obama said that he would lower taxes on the middle class… In doing so he increased the number of people that don't pay Federal Income Tax. Let's complain about paying taxes and then complain bc they lowered our taxes…

    14. The 50.5% of us should just be outraged. Our "fair share" indeed!

      • gladRocks says:

        Actually, I believe the chart includes only working Americans.

      • andy says:

        The people who don't pay are primarily poor or elderely and they pay other taxes, property, excise, etc. Also, the working class poor pay a much higher percentage of their income to social security taxes than the wealthy. Soc Sec maxes out at around $110,000 (they stop taking it out of your paycheck), and, if you derive your income from investments (capital gains) like Mitt Romney, then you pay 0% in payroll (ss and medicare) taxes. So, to recap in case I went too fast, a self employed roofer making $40,000 wll pay over 10% of his income in payroll tax, Mitt Romney will pay 0%. How' that for fair share?

    15. Compudoc says:

      Does this chart include Americans who are unemployed and/or low income??? I am current unemployed and my wife has a seasonal job. We pay our taxes every single year. To me, your headline is deceptive.

      • steelers01 says:

        Federal taxes sport…the tax that pay the bills of America. YOU pay ZERO like half of your brethren that vote for the liberal pukes.

        • RonM says:

          Hey "sport", he said he pays his taxes every single year in his heading. Interesting to see how much hatred and contempt some people have for their fellow Americans if they don't follow the same political philosophy. And, by the way, he could be conservative, unemployed. There's nothing there that indicates he is a liberal.

        • Ryan K. says:

          I'm sure he pays payroll taxes, which is half the revenue for the government.

        • andy says:

          No, they pay all sorts of taxes, payroll, property, excise, sales and just like the food you eat it all goes into the same place. When the federal government sends less money to the states then the states have to raise other taxes to make up the shortfall. Taxes are taxes genuis. Oh and by the way if I had Mitt romney's $10,000, I would bet you every penny that Compudoc pays more in payroll taxes that Mitt and a greater percentage in payroll taxes than EVERYBODY running for president.

      • @PurpAv says:

        If they paid even $.01 net net net in fed income tax, then yes. FICA/self employment taxes are NOT considered federal income tax.

      • kyle says:

        If you're unemployed, you're not paying taxes. If the government gives you $400, and they then take $50 for "taxes", you still PAID nothing. They just handed out less money to you. And yes, this includes people with low income b/c they still paid no taxes.

        Think of it this way. Imagine you live with your parents for free, and they give you an allowance each month of $400. Now your parents all of a sudden change and say they're going to start charging you $100 in rent, which will come out of the $400 they give you. Well you didn't really PAY them rent, they just subtracted the amount of free handouts they gave you.

        • andy says:

          If he's on unemployment that means he was EMPLOYED at some time. So, if someone pays $100,000 in federal taxes one year and $0 the next year ist that better or worse than than the proud tax payer who pays $1000 for each of those years. Or, what if you've worked for 60 years and paid federal taxes every year but don't now because you are on SS. Do we forget the 60 years and only count the current year? And by the way, if you are unemployed and are collecting unemployment insurance your employer paid that in lieu of paying you a higher wage, so, mup to a point, you paid for your own unemployment benefits.

          • Taxes Smaxes says:

            Whoa you can't be making sense. I Don't do my taxes because I make such little money the government would have to pay me more back, but I bet I'm included in these bad people who don't pay their taxes on this chart.

      • RMH says:

        It's very doubtful that you pay Federal income taxes after the dust clears. You may pay SS and Med (your retirement) but I would guess that anything you pay in Federal taxes, you get back. That being said, i hope you're right. Good luck with your job search.

      • @bmw801d says:

        compudoc.. HOW MUCH OF THE Gov't dole have you taken .. no thats how much of my money have been redistrubed to you… 95% of all the issues in the current debate revolve around taxes and who pays what.. i know lets try this.. reduce the tax code and rates to a single simple to understand formula. have it collected at the point of sale. this article is alarming. numbers don't lie. so compudoc this article is not deceptive its the truth.

      • NickBurnin8 says:

        An astute observation in pointing this out, as the unemployed and under-employed generally don't pay an income tax with almost no income.

        The 4% rise in unemployment since 2008 does not explain the 10% rise in those paying no federal income taxes.

      • supersell says:

        did it not say those who filed a tax return? that is not deceptive in any manner simply direct. wonder what happend to the flat 10% tax for all? even better would be no income tax just a simple VAT for all sales

    16. lfodf says:

      doesn't matter who is elected 2012. This fact marks the death of our country. There will only be one way out and that is sadly a civil war between the workers and the moochers. That is the reality but the real war should be against the politicians that allowed this unconstitutional action, in both parties, over the last 50 years. The tyrants generally escape the hang man by stiring the populace pot.

      • Guy says:

        I certainly hope it doesn't go to that extreme, but I'm prepared just the same. Thank God for the 2nd Ammendent

      • JimBo says:

        Problem is, everyone's a moocher. Billionaire hedge fund managers paying no tax. Farmers getting paid to not farm land. 529 plans+Roth IRAs+IRAs+???? that only help the rich pay less taxes. Families who choose to have kids get tax deductions. People who choose to buy homes get tax exemptions. People on disability can often do something, but take the checks. Then throw in all the usuals and all the other things I don't have listed and 100% of Americans are moochers – maybe that's part of the problem…..

      • Wotta Shock says:

        There will be no war, mostly because workers are related to moochers, and don't have the balls to disown them. Can you imagine anyone depriving their parents of Medicare or being responsible for the education of their own children? No, the United States is doomed to the same death of every nation that has rejected honest labor and self-reliance in favor of theft and sloth.

    17. jack says:

      Please don't include military retirement and VA disability payments in the "Dependance on Govt". We paid for that in sweat and blood.

      • nobama says:

        Jack, you DO pay income tax on your military retirement.

      • Alan says:

        We appreciate your service but, sorry, anyone who's Dependant on a monthy Government check is, well, Dependant. Disabled people can still find gainful employment in the private sector.

        • rreno1 says:

          alan, your comment is a disgrace to every pearson that has died and is on disablity because of their service to our country and your FREEDOMS, you need to send your sons or daughters to war, and see what happens. Your a disgrace.

        • Egidius says:


          That is an interesting position, which I would expect holds true for the millions who have done nothing to earn a retirement payment (contractually agreed to) upon enlistment or commissioning.
          Retirement pay is calculated on 50% (20 years) of a servicemembers base salary. Taxes are paid on that stipend. VA disability simply allows you to keep a larger portion of the earned retirement dollar amount, nothing more.

          We have many people in this country who are eligible for government benefits for many different reasons, none of which were earned, but bestowed to certain classes by politicians to ensure a career long voting block of dependent voters. Now we have nearly 50% of the population sucking from the Govenment teat!

          Socialism doesn't work ~ looka at Europe, Greece, etc.

        • mdg says:

          Alan, that is a pretty broad statement. My father is a disabled vet that has 100% lung damage. He requires 24/7 nursing care and he's living in a facility. He was disabled in service of his country and I assure you, he can't work. Without that money I couldn't afford his care. He earned it, he's not a "dependent".

        • Lynn Wright says:

          Alan…please get some unbiased information…I live on 1400 dollars a month…I get a social security check because I loaned the gov't money to use to run the gov't…after 50 years, I expect it to be paid back…SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE ARE NOT ENTITLEMENTS!!!….I also collect on VA disability after being shot down over north vietnam…I have a mortgage and HOA payments but I PAY NO TAXES because after deductions, I DON'T OWE ANY!!!…please google ' taxes.gov' and get up to speed on why almost half the people don't owe taxes…the same Tax Code that keeps 6,000 millionaires from paying any taxes also works on the low end too….that 47% figure has been de-bunked over and over…FACT UP, SKIPPY!!!!

        • Ben Clamon says:

          Most of us, who are retired military, have jobs. It's just another unlisted perk of 20 years of faithful service to the nation that employers want to hire us. Some of those employers hire vets out of gratitude, others hire those vets because the vet brings special qualities not found in the general population today. You know, the ability to come to work on time, the ability to do what is asked of us, the ability to adapt to a problem and overcome it. For those who are disabled veterans, I have no problem with them living off the government that they gave their healthy body to. One more thing, did you serve? If not, you know not of what you speak, go home 'cause there be monsters here in this water.

        • NickBurnin8 says:

          The military and first responders are the ONLY government employees who should be compensated with the "cushy public union benefits" that are currently under fire. The nature of these terms of employment are much different. They are hazardous to your health, subjected to greater rates of violent crime, suicide, and predation; you're generally subjected to a different set of laws or ethics; and these jobs actually have to grow their leadership from within. You can't find a Staff Sergeant on the open market to lead an infantry platoon, and you can't find a police detective on the open market with an intricate knowledge of the laws and procedures within their jurisdiction.

          Defending these benefits for a court reporter, a teacher, or (soon) a doctor is asinine.

          To claim we're (I'm a US Marine) dependent on the government is a folly, as the state rightly has a monopoly on violence, my chosen profession. I COULD seek employment elsewhere, offering my services to the highest bidder where I wouldn't be subjected to the UCMJ and could quit if I didn't like the orders given to me. I hear the Sinaloa Cartel is hiring….

      • alan says:

        Military retired? Excuse me but you were paid for your work so pay your goddam taxes. Those out on real disabilty need our help and we want to help them as much as possible

      • dcgirl says:

        I will agree about the disability ONLY if it is a TRUE disability. I know of many people who get disability payments for non-service related issues such as carpal tunnel; they even collect after the surgery to fix it. It is much too easy to get a military disability. There is a guy that gets 100% disability on top of his military retirement because he fell off a ladder AT HIS HOME. The problem has been fixed enough that he can play 18 holes of golf each day, but still collects 100% disability. It is a disgrace to those that are TRULY disabled.

    18. Chuck Schell says:

      This is an incredibly disturbing bit of information, but what compounds it is the rapid decline of the status of the middle class simultaneously. Nobody's paying taxes, yet the middle class (who USED to pay taxes) is disappearing. The only conclusion one can draw is that the rich are hoarding all the money (and not paying their share in taxes!), the poor (who are incapable of paying taxes!) are benefitting from the growth of welfare (NOT EARNED programs like Social Security and Medicare, which are in part or almost entirely PAID FOR by the recipients!), and the middle class is being rapidly slid down the slippery slope into poverty. And the nation's politicians have the balls to refuse to deal with the situation. Throw all the bums out before it's too late!!!!!

      • p3orion says:

        No, if you analyze the statistics that led to the shrinking middle class meme, you'll find that the percentage that is defined as "poor " is not really increasing. The "middle class" is actually moving UP.

        That's not to say that they're not still really in the vast middle, but the way "middle class" and "upper class" were defined made it seem as though many were now considered wealthy, all the better to demonize them for their hard work and success, and to (of course) deprive them of more of the fruits of their OWN labor, to give it to the parasite class.

      • Michael says:

        Chuck you are naive and foolish. How can you compare people who pay taxes to those who don't and then call out those who do for not paying their fair share. Has the American public really become this ignorant and childish.

        • guest says:

          They are just wanting to get the American people dependent upon the government, they do not care about us at all.

      • dwm says:

        "The only conclusion one can draw is that the rich are hoarding all the money ".

        That's the only conclusion once can draw? It sounds like you have your conclusion already made despite the facts.

      • GUEST says:

        "For 2009, the most recent data available, to be included in the top 1 percent you had to report Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of just under $344,000. That same year, the top 1 percent paid 37 percent of federal income taxes. The top 10 percent (this would include a public school teacher and a police officer each making $56,000 a year who are married and filing a joint tax return) paid 70 percent, and those in the top half paid almost 98 percent of all federal income taxes. . . . Perhaps fair means that the top 1 percent should pay an equal share in taxes as they have in income. The top 1 percent reported 17 percent of income, well below the 37 percent share of federal income taxes paid."

      • geo h says:

        You are so ignorant of how your government works – that you should not be allowed to vote. "the only conclusion" – what a dim whit.

      • Guest says:

        You said: "The only conclusion one can draw is that the rich are hoarding all the money (and not paying their share in taxes!)"

        Before JUMPING TO A CONCLUSION – check the FACTS!
        Using the latest IRS data, the Top 1% of income earners paid almost 34% of ALL taxes.
        The top 5% paid 54%, and
        the top 10% paid 66%.

        So those from the mid-point to the 90% point of all income earners (say upper-middle class) paid 34%.
        And the "rich" are HOARDING ALL THEIR MONEY??????

        • inconvenient facts says:

          Well, the top 1% controls 37% of our nations wealth. The top 10% controls 71% of our nations wealth. The top 20% has 87% of the wealth. So if the bottom 80% of earners only control 13% of our nations wealth, they should only be paying 13% of our nations taxes. The bottom 40% of the population only control 0.2% of our nations wealth. So fine, give them responsibility for .2% of the tax burden. The rest has to come from somewhere.

      • SusieQ says:

        Don't forget that the Wealthiest 5% of Americans pay 95% of the taxes collected by the government every year. How are they not paying their fare share??

      • guest says:

        SSI payments are paid out to many "disabled" people who have never paid anything into it.

    19. Sam says:

      Wow! Just wow!

      ;; USA populations (Google "us population <year>")
      (set 'pop1984 236e6)
      (set 'pop2009 305e6)

      ;; numbers of persons paying no income tax (article)
      (set 'nopay1984 34.8e6)
      (set 'nopay2009 151.7e6)

      ;; population increase 1984 through 2009
      (set 'popGrowth (sub pop2009 pop1984))
      -> 69000000

      ;; non-payer increase 1984 through 2009
      (set 'nopayGrowth (sub nopay2009 nopay1984))
      -> 116900000

      ;; the number of non-payers exceeded population
      ;; growth by a large amount
      (sub nopayGrowth popGrowth)
      -> 47900000

      ;; for every added American, significantly more
      ;; than one person climbed aboard the no-pay wagon
      (div nopayGrowth popGrowth)
      -> 1.694202899

      ;; calculated with
      ;; newLISP v.10.3.5 on Win32 IPv4/6

      • Marbran says:

        Good break down of the stats, Sam. I'll be sharing these figures with people when I talk to them about the 49.5%ers.

      • Ali says:

        Reading comprehension problems? Don't worry, you are like most Americans, who also can't read and think at the same time. The number of people not paying taxes in 1984 was the number of tax filers. For 2009, the number is just the total population – including children who are 3 years old, who for obvious reasons don't file taxes. This was not a comparison of people who filed taxes or were claimed as a dependent.

    20. Tim says:

      Nearly half of all states get back more then they pay in federal taxes…..want to guess which ones get the most federal tax dollars back ? See return below for every dollar sent……
      1. D.C. ($6.17)
      2. North Dakota ($2.03)
      3. New Mexico ($1.89)
      4. Mississippi ($1.84)
      5. Alaska ($1.82)
      6. West Virginia ($1.74)
      7. Montana ($1.64)
      8. Alabama ($1.61)
      9. South Dakota ($1.59)
      10. Arkansas ($1.53)

      • Steve says:

        I some what agree with you Chuck. Consider this fact:
        The top "400" people own as much money as the bottom 130,000,000! So given this fact, the chart we are talking about really doesn't show the wealth distribution at all and is greatly deciptive.

      • Steve says:

        Hmmmmm, how many of these states are considered "Republican" majorities?????? maybe 7 of 9!

        • Landowner says:

          Great. Now factor in the amount of people leaving high taxed DEM states and moving to lower taxed business friendly REP states and then wonder why…but don't let the truth hit you in the backside…

        • Earl_Dumarest says:

          Hmmmm, how many of these states have a huge black population?????? How many have a huge hispanic population????? How many have a huge native American population???? Ok, that accounts for all 10 of those states.

          • Monnie says:

            North Dakota does not have a huge population of any of those groups. We have around 85% Caucasian. The amount we receive back is so large, on average, due to large farm subsidies. So, your point is factually incorrect as well as ignorant.

      • Great little listing. First off, source?

        Second, it doesn't show what KIND of money. For example, D.C.'s high rating is largely from federal WAGES paid to federal workers. Not exactly welfare, is it? Alaska's is largely composed of federal wages, military operations and grants to universities and Native tribes.

        So if we just cut out some federal jobs and grants to special interest groups (largely liberal) we could reduce the federal money going to these "red" states, right? You're for that right?


        And a lot of the rest of it? Little things like Social Security and Medicare. Ready to "hurt the old people" like those evil Republicans supposedly want to do?

        Oops again.

        I guess you made your point, it's just not the one you thought you made.

        • Wotta Shock says:

          Federal wages paid to federal workers are a form of welfare called a subsidy, since those workers don't produce near anything of value that offsets the costs involved with employing them. Those "workers," unlike actual laborers, are a net loss to the economy, much like natural disasters or wars. The only thing you have accomplished is the transfer of wealth from one person's wallet to another's in exchange for nothing but pointless paper shuffling.

        • NickBurnin8 says:

          "So if we just cut out some federal jobs and grants to special interest groups (largely liberal) we could reduce the federal money going to these "red" states, right? You're for that right? "

          You missed the other elephant in the room: agricultural subsidies. The mindlessness of paying farmers AND major agri-businesses to not grow food as parts of the world literally starve to death. Then compounding the problem by excusing agribusinesses from cleaning up their ecological messes, which ends up sticking the taxpayers with the cost to clean up giant vats of hog waste that leak into our water supplies, or fertilizer runoffs and pesticide spills.

          Those subsides go to, you guessed it, red states, but those subsidies aren't a liberal or conservative cause. ALL sides support them, as they are one of the few ways Congressmen can bring money back to their districts.

      • Kris Langley says:

        What would be interesting is breaking out military spending from that..

        • NickBurnin8 says:

          As a pecentage of government spending, military spending, not counting the cost of the wars is slowly curving DOWNWARD.

          In 2001, Defense was 12% of the budget. In 2012, if the Senate would pass a budget to extrapolate from, Defense was 18% of the budget INCLUDING war funding, and 11% without it. Add cutbacks and end the war, it will be closer to 10%

      • chris says:

        taxes are taken out of my check every week i have 2 kids claim married 4 i'm the only one working in my household yet i got back double what i paid in. so i increased my witholding my ultimate goal is to claim enough where i don't get anything back from feds and state.

      • Jae says:

        What does that have to do with people who don't pay income tax?

      • NickBurnin8 says:

        North Dakota's status on the list will be changing soon, as it now has 3% unemployment, with no help from government other than NOT obstructing the current oil/gas drilling in the Bakken shale formation….

      • John says:

        Where did you get this info?

      • Tony says:

        Washington DC is not a state. It is a city state, much like the Vatican or the City of London. It's structure is that of a corporation and therefore the sole purpose of DC is to make money. You are that source of income. Not a single person should pay income tax. If you don't believe me then go look up a Comprehensive Annual Comprehensive Report or a CAFR. They take your tax money to pay off international banks. You pay off your federal government so they won't send the SWAT team to your house if you don't pay the rent on their land. Fundamental rule: If you have to pay a fee to anyone to own anything, then you don't own it. And honestly that is only a tiny fragment of the fraud, theft, and organized crime being carried out by our corporate government. I hope you're skeptical and do your own research to confirm this as you'd be gullable to say the least to believe a stranger. But when this topic was presented to me I asked myself a question: If this were true (in a hypothetical sense) then would I want to know about it. Well I'm glad I looked because the truth will set you free.

    21. Tim says:

      Just curious as to how many in the 49% who pay no federal taxes are either elderly, poor or young ?

      • geocinat says:

        When the answer is as obvious as your nose on your face it should just not be asked in the first place. Certainly not a big number when compared to the populations that are out there collecting benifits and checks from the government. My 15 year old pays no tax on her summer earnings aftre the filing. But she also collects no welfare, unemployment or disability either. I'll make that deal with the 50 % paying no tax right now

        • hank says:

          Read the article it CLEARLY states that the numbers refer to those who are NOT minors, or listed as dependents on the INCOME tax forms of others. In other words People who could and should be able to pay something !!!!!!!

      • Hepzi says:

        The footnotes indicate that the statistics exclude anyone that is claimed as a dependent. That would exclude most children. It might also exclude an elderly person being supported by an adult child I suppose.

      • constitution first says:

        Jeffry Immelt, billionaire, CEO of GE, close friend of Øbummer, paid zero taxes.

        • SirGareth says:

          You are an example of why this country is in deep trouble. I do not like Jeffry Immelt because he is a socialist (a Democrat) However you have never seen his income tax return and have no idea of what he pays in taxes; it is not a public record. I suspect he pays a lot.

          If you had a brain you would unndestand the corporations and their CEOs file completely different returns and the tax laws are in no way related.

      • What does it matter everyone should pay their fair share. Even the poor. The poor receive the most benefits They should pay something.

        • Daniel says:

          Forty-seven percent of people either have such a low income that they are exempt from the federal income tax or they qualify for enough tax credits that they get more back than they pay in. For example, a married couple with two children could have an annual income of about $46,000 and still pay no income tax after deductions, child tax credits and an earned income tax credit. But federal income taxes are just a small part of the overall tax picture. There are still property taxes, state income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes and excise taxes, just to name a few. To actually pay zero taxes, someone would have to be unemployed, not own any property, live in Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon, where there is no sales tax, and not buy anything that has an excise tax, such as alcohol, cigarettes or gasoline.

          About half of those who do not pay income tax are still paying the 7.65 percent payroll tax, which is taken directly out of people’s paychecks for Social Security and Medicare. In fact, 64 percent of the country will pay more in payroll taxes than they do in income taxes this year. Only 18 percent of people who are old enough to work will escape both income tax and payroll tax. Almost all of them will be retired or unemployed. When all federal taxes are taken into consideration, the tax burden is distributed slightly more equally than suggested, especially compared to how income is distributed. For example, this year, the top 20 percent of earners, or people who earned more than $103,000, will pay about 70 percent of all the federal taxes collected, but this top tier also holds more than half of all the income earned in the United States this year. Meanwhile the lowest 20 percent of earners will hold less than 4 percent of the country’s income and pay just .2 percent of all federal taxes. So while it is clear that higher-income Americans pay more taxes, the top tier clearly does not pay all the taxes.

          • dcgirl says:

            That family of 4 with 46K in income should not get back more than they paid in. They should pay a flat percentage on that 46K to help run the fed government. The other taxes are local taxes and have no effect on things like military, etc.

        • rusureuwant2know says:

          They do. Think about it. What other taxes do you pay besides income?

        • mike says:

          They pay payroll and property taxes.. this article is very misleading you may very much be a part of that 50%. Once you recieve a tax return then that means you pay no taxes becuase you recieved it right back.

      • Rich says:

        It doesn't say 49% dont PAY it says 49% not REPRESENTED.

        • steve says:

          “The percentage of people who do not pay federal income taxes, and who are not claimed as dependents by someone who does pay them, jumped from 14.8 percent in 1984 to 49.5 percent in 2009.”

      • Elderly pay tax out of SSI, which makes no sense, how about just paying out less ssi. Young are obviously not counted the number is based on those who should pay taxes, people who receive income. Of course it includes poor people, why would they not be counted. Please express your point. Do you think they are inflating the number to make it look worse? On the contrary, if anything they skew the number down. Again please note the last year cited is 2009, it could be well over 55% by now.

      • getaclue says:

        Doesn't freaking matter – and for the record, the US does not have one "poor" person unless they pick to be "poor" by choice.

        Fair share my @ss, liberals busy buying votes with welfare checks right and left.

      • Larry says:

        I am on SSI and I paid $1800.00 in taxes in 2010

      • Supposedly 49% of those earning a wage. Then again, statistics cut in many directions and can made to say whatever the user intends. People look at a number and most generally take it as gospel.

        "There are liars, there are damn liars, and there are statiticians." Samuel Clemens.

      • rusureuwant2know says:

        And how many are wealthy?

      • Dody says:

        Recently heard a breakdown of the 49% that don't pay income tax: 60% are poor seniors, 34% are the working poor, and 6% and the wealthy that take advantage of tax breaks and pay nothing. If there were still good factory jobs, or even part-time jobs for seniors, this figure would be significantly reduced, and whom do we blame????? Which of these groups, and I am sure they struggle to put food on the table, would you tax?

      • Joe Putman says:

        The point is that half the country is not paying income taxes. Of course that includes the poor. It also sadly includes the middle class. It would not include children young enough to be claimed by someone else on their federal taxes as the article stated it is only counting "The percentage of people who do not pay federal income taxes, and who are not claimed as dependents by someone who does pay them".

        My guess is that Bush W.'s tax cuts are to blame. He wanted to pass those cuts so bad that he blackmailed the liberals in Congress by promising tax credits to the poor and practically no taxes imposed on the middle class. Romney is never going to come out and argue the Bush tax cuts didn't drop income tax rates on high earners low enough and dropped the tax rate on middle income earners too far. Threatening to raise taxes on the middle class would be political suicide, but that is what our country needs. Even families earning $150k per year are paying ~10% effective tax rates while others of us are paying effective 34.9%, plus the new 1.8% or whatever medicare tax on 100% of all income no matter how high to support Obama Care.

        The Bush presidency was bad for the economy and now we have an Obama presidency even worse on the economy. Can we please have some sanity restored to Washington?

    22. Bobbie says:

      so according to Joe Biden, all the Presidents people that are nearly half America's population are unpatriotically getting away without paying their fair share while 25% of the government class favored by the President, cheats the system! What hypocrites!

      • rusureuwant2know says:

        Not all of that nearly half are takers – there are wealthy people who don't pay any either.

    23. Lorenzo says:

      Their are the makers and the takers, and President Obama still wan to punish those who had succeeded in lift. The problem is that their are takers who blame others for their failure. We are all created equal which means we are responsible for our life not the government or the citizens of these country.

    24. Jim, CT says:

      To paraphrase Ron Paul on the Jay Leno show a few weeks ago: if half of all Americans aren't paying income taxes, then we're half way there. The goal shouldn't be to start taxing those who aren't currently paying, the goal should be ending the tax on those who are currently paying.

      And the only way to do that is to rethink the role of government. It can't be done if we want the government to have the responsibility of providing for everyone and policing the world. The government must be adequate only to protect property rights and individual liberty.

      • kirok says:

        Actually, if that happened the whole country would go belly up. I mean I know tax collection was started I think at the turn of the 20th century(dont' hold me too that though). Anyway, presently we have so many programs that do help people and it takes tax revenue to make those programs work. I believe those who pay no taxes need to pay, period. Even if it's a little bit, it still something. I am tired of carrying the load. If those 49.5% don't particulary like it, well they can move to Greece.

        • trshmnstr says:

          We may have programs that help people, but we had that prior to the government nationalizing it as well… it was called "charity". One of the first trappings of personal responsibility stripped from people was the responsibility of charity, with the establishment of the "social safety net". Now "charity" is a matter of government compulsion, not of compassion. Why not just return the business of charity to the people? Sure, things may be rough for some people, but things are rough for those same people now. If Americans aren't charitable enough to support their communities, then they deserve to be immersed in the squalor and destitution that comes from their hardened hearts, not to be insulated from it by some Leviathan government with a God complex.

          • andy says:

            Let's see, what if the people who actually have the money decide they're not really in to charity, what then try begging. It's comical to me to think that people who will do anything for a buck will suddenly turn to Mother Teresa when they have that buck. And let's suppose they decide they want to be generous, are we plebians supposed to twist and turn with every whim of the Bill Gates of the world?

        • Ray says:

          i am tired of carrying the load too but as Jim said, we shouldn't carry it. How about this: We get rid of the income tax for everyone, the productive people with this extra money can create jobs (by spending it in the free marketplace or by financing their own new business venture) and thus hire all the bums who became dependent on the government. That should work.
          Getting more people to pay taxes is just going to destroy this country that much faster. BTW, those 50% that don't pay taxes, don't pay taxes because they have NO money. This is how broke this country is. So don't fool yourself – you can't take something from someone that isn't there.

          • andy says:

            We have the lowest top tax rate we've had in 50 years and it's been at that level for 10 years, corporations are sitting on a couple trillion dollars, exactly how much money do the "job creators" need before the create jobs? HINT it has nothing to do with how much money they have.

        • onemad says:

          Jim is right. None of us should be paying an income tax. You should read The Fair Tax Book if you are scared of the country going "belly up" this is one viable option. Personally I would prefer heavy tariffs to offset the income tax. This would also help to level the playing field so we would have a chance to compete with workers in China,India,Mexico,etc… for manufacturing jobs that were stolen from us by exploiting the very poor and children in these countries. Of course repairing the issues in this country is not the agenda of the puppet masters.

      • SickToDeath says:

        The 50% who don't pay taxes only pay the payroll, aka Social Security, which directly pays benefits to the current elderly. By cutting the payroll tax, these bottom 50% don't even pay that! So the only thing they had to pay, Social Security, gets waived too, making their effective tax rate 3.5% Meanwhile, our debt skyrockets some more because our elderly have to be paid somehow, aka borrow some more. And when there's no more borrowing, the elderly are screwed, but what does Obama care about that? They don't vote for him anyway.

      • Dmac says:

        The government is required by the constitution to do more than protect just property rights. It is required to defend the nation and the interest of the nation. People whine about the U.S. having bases overseas, there's a reason and people should think about it. The reason is our granparents and great grandparents realized after two world wars that we don't want to ever fight a war in our country. We have learned it is better to fight our wars at the source of agression. Better to have fought Germany in Europe and Japan in the Pacific than to have waitied until they landed on our shores. I like Ron Paul when it comes to the Constitution, but he's very naive' when it comes to military things.

      • Andy says:

        Says who?

    25. Clare Reading says:

      Speaking of "income tax" – check out: http://www.truthattack.org and read The Memorandum to find out why
      those working in the Private Sector are not liable in the first place.

      • john pa. says:

        151.7 million is half of our population and therefore includes infants,school children,college students and all senior citizens.It would have been much more relevant had they only included the working population.

      • andy says:

        Read something? Now let's not get too carried away here, I listen to talk radio and I get all of the true information just by listening. This reading stuff sounds pretty radical to me, you must be one of those liberal perfesser types.

    26. San says:

      More Lies! Read this for a better understanding: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/business/econom

      At most 10% dont pay any net fed taxes.

      • Pat says:

        Just because the rate used to be higher on the wealthy doesn't mean that should be the baseline today.

        And just because you raise tax rates doesn't mean the government will take in more revenue. See: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinanc

      • Ah..more liberal parsing.

        Social Security and Medicare deductions are not taxes, they are contributions to (supposedly) your own accounts. Federal income taxes go to the general fund for general use.

        See the difference?

        Nice try with the ever-so-objective NY Times spin piece though.

      • Edward says:

        It states income tax not federal tax. Stop the spin bozo

      • SJersey says:

        How is it a lie, the title says "income taxes" the article you point out confirms it, but then tries to confuse the subject by bringing up payroll taxes, taxes on investment income, state and local taxes. This article was about income taxes and the NY Times confirms it.

    27. NEO72 says:

      Great article, but its incredibly misleading. If you work, you have FED taxes withheld from your paycheck, period. When you file your tax return, you may receive a refund in excess of what you paid in, if you qualify. These taxpayers thus fall into the 49% who do not "pay" taxes on a FED level. You realize some of these people could be Republicans!

      Earned Income Credit is the vilian, a Republican program by the way

      If you feel it's not fair, have it changed, stop raking the muck with these kind of articles that only tell part of the truth

      • Hepzi says:

        So what is your point exactly? If they aren't paying, they aren't paying. And should be included. And if you happen to read the sister article (which provides a breakdown of the nature of government dependency) you will see a very disturbing picture. You will see that most govt dependency increase is in the form of welfare and housing support.

        Or is your point just to blame republicans…? Then how do you explain the hockey stick in the last 3 years? Get real: this is a bi-partisan issue and stupid partisan "red herrings" like your comment only indicate that you are either: 1). an idiot who refuses to think or 2) a paid partisan hack who probably is beneficiary of the EITF.

      • tmarsden says:


        If you have federal taxes withheld from your paycheck, you DO pay taxes, period.

        • Kevin says:

          When you file your tax return, you may receive a refund in excess of what you paid in, if you qualify. Uh, you can't possibly take the position that you "paid" taxes because they were withheld from your paycheck even though you got more than what you paid in back in a refund? Did you actually eveer pass a math or economics class??

        • efranklin says:

          Last year the total amount withheld from my paychecks for federal income taxes was $49. My tax refund was $480.00. So, basically, the government is paying me to live and work here. It's not right.

        • Pat says:

          Not if you receive a refund back for more or equal to what you paid to begin with. That would mean you DID NOT pay taxes, period.

        • Great American says:

          Are you THAT Stupid??? If you get all the money back that was withheld YOU DIDN'T PAY ANYTHING! It's like going to a restaurant and having a full course dinner. You pay $100 for it, but the restaurant sends you a check for $100. YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR THE MEAL, DUMMY.

      • smerdlap says:

        The chart is NOT misleading at all. We are talking about FEDERAL INCOME TAXES, not FEDERAL TAXES. INCOME taxes. You know, the taxes you pay on the income you receive from work. Not payroll taxes–that's Social Security. You do not get refunded SS (FICA) taxes, unless you are working two jobs and got paid enough to exceed the cap when adding the two incomes together; your overpayment is returned. But that is not an income tax. The chart is talking about Income tax. And there is something fundamentally flawed if half of US workers are not contributing to the US government.

    28. Dan Sedgwick says:

      Can it be so Dear Leader?

    29. The Hunter says:

      ANCHOR BABIES ! Mexicans come across the border to have babies. WHY? We GIVE them food stamps, Medicaid and who knows what other perks they get at U.S. taxpayer benefits. That is certainly a drain on ourfinances. It needs to STOP.

      I turned 65 and had to battle with the Social Security rude staff so I could retire after working since I was 15…..something is wrong, They were rude, abrasive and disrespectful. After being told I had to file a document with the State, which I did, and when I took it down there a supervisor asked me "How do I know you really filed this?" My God the State of Texas STAMPED it! Was he implying that I lied or falsified a dcoument?

      America is no more! It is a welfare country. EVERYONE should quite work, get unemployment, disability and any other hand-out that they can.

    30. charles flynn says:

      Just as Franklin and Jefferson warned…when over half of the citizenry are net receivers
      and vote to continue as such, the Republic is doomed; tyranny by the non-producers.

    31. Nick says:

      It would be handy to know what these figures look like if you only consider the adult population. I don't doubt that those are also alarming numbers, but still… seems like it would be a handier metric.

      • Kenny says:

        Am I misreading the above article then? didn't it specifically state the above information does not include dependents..as in CHILDREN??

    32. Henry Garcia says:

      Insanity has been defined as performing the same activity repetitively while expecting a new result. Does anyone who is sane think that Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Marxist people are sane? However it's really about power isn't it? But, it will end at some point. To paraphrase the genius of PM Thacher – Socialism works until you run out of other people's money. This day is coming.

    33. pretty much tells you the middle class is done which is the majority of the tax base. poverty level and rich have never really been in the tax loop

    34. Bhall says:

      I've always seen the Survivalist types as on the edge of sanity and kinda spooky…the way things are going in this country right now though, they may be smarter than the rest of us. We can't go on printing money for entitlements, wars we shouldn't be in, unions who want the moon, etc. Our economy is going to collapse under all the debt, and then I think the Survivalists are going to be proven right…get ready for a total and very, very frightening change of way of life.

    35. The Hunter says:

      I don't live in Arizona however I so Support Arizona and what they are trying to do. the politicians ARE NOT listening.

    36. Antony Perrella, Sr. says:

      The 49.5% you cite comes from IRS and only covers "wage earners". If all the unemployed are included, the true number of Americans paying no income tax is 67%.

    37. Stirling says:

      If you consider the growth of government over the course of the years in question, you may see a correlation of dependency on government, which would subtract from those who pay federal taxes. When the government steps in to provide the "Safety Net" it essentially removes potential income they would receive from people who are caught and cannot get out of this trap the government creates. Essentially the government is causing their own financial distruction by thinking a "Moral" decision is better then a "comon sense" financial decision..

    38. Wilbur says:

      Federal income tax is maybe half of federal revenues. And federal revenues are about half of the combined federal/state/local revenue total. So you're looking at about a quarter of the total revenue picture and hoping no one notices.
      When people interpret your data incorrectly as saying "49% of Americans pay no taxes", as opposed to 49% of Americans pay no federal income taxes," (as some in these comments amazingly do), are you going to even lift a finger to correct them?

    39. Joe Normal says:

      Wilbur : Gee wilickers, if the fed revenues is only one quarter, then the hell with it right? Why collect it at all then? Heck, one quarter is nothing, might as well be zero it’s sooooo small. Then if I apply the same proportion logic to other taxes, then why should I pay say gasoline taxes, after all my annual total gas tax is say 0.0000000001 % of what’s collected, therefore why should I pay it at all? It’s nothing so screw it.

      Here’s the point of the article for you – there are wage earners paying no federal taxes while other people are paying federal taxes. At the same time the idiot in the Whitehouse keeps blurting ‘People should pay their fair share’. OK then have EVERYONE pay some federal tax, that’s fair. You see, I have no problem paying my local sales tax because everyone pays it, that’s fair.

    40. Maxraj says:

      How many of then151 million who don't pay taxes are "evading" taxes?

    41. bruce says:

      "Meanwhile, most of that population receives generous federal benefits." How do you make this assumption?

    42. LMG says:

      Maybe we should change the law so that if you don't pay taxes, you don't vote.

    43. Joey says:

      This is actually the percentage of Americans who get back more in tax credits than they pay in taxes, correct?

      If you want to solve that problem, simple– just eliminate the tax credits and exemptions for child care, college loan interest, mortgage interest, and property taxes. Then we'll all be paying into the system.

      By the way, what's the portion of Fortune 1000 companies that also 'pay no taxes'? That is, they claim more deductions and exemptions than they pay in tax.) We should eliminate those credits and deductions too.

      • Nathan says:

        Businesses expand and build based on lower taxes. so if the goverment taxes these companies at the rate of individual people, then they would build factories in Poland or Asia, rather than in the US. then, you'll have even fewer people paying taxes, as there will be fewer jobs and less income.

    44. Waldobinney says:

      …and to boot Obama and the Congress are throwing another bone, the payroll tax. Social Security is not in bad enough shape…it's looking like we're doomed.

    45. B in MO says:

      All of this talk about being in the 99% is such a sham. Better said, we should look at being counted in the 50.5% (who pay taxes). Seems like almost half of the 99% are freeloaders.

    46. bhelf says:

      With the decline in the economy you have a slide of more and more people falling into the lower income brackets. This would account for part of the increase. Tax breaks added into the system for children, marriage, mortgage deductions, education credits, etc. all account for a greater tax refund. There are many factors at play and this cannot be laid at the feet of Obama. We need to be cautious about blame and realize this is a multi-faceted issue that has many causes and calls for a broad based reform. Partisan bickering and blame only adds to the problem. As someone in the middle class who works a decent job and puts in 60 hours a week, I am disgusted when people say those who fall into this 49% are deadbeats. I claim the credits the law allows. I claim the donations, the child credits, mortgage deductions, education credits, etc. and get back more than I pay in. In no way am I a deadbeat. I am quite sure many here who call others deadbeats are ones who will fight for all of the credits they themselves get that 'drain' the coffers as well.

      • Chris Edens says:

        As a single male with no mortgage or education bills that qualify for a credit you look like a leech to me! You get back more than you pay in. You're correct, the law's allow it and that is why the law's need to be changed! What makes you think you deserve to get "free" money? You do realize every "extra" dollar has to come from someone right??

      • Brad says:

        And every Government program has to be run tada by the Government!!!! We the people collectively keep saying "Why doesn't the Government do something . . ." the government is part of the problem!!! Each program is not funded by the government it is funded by YOU and ME,. Government shuffles paper they don't produce anything. You vote for the group who gives you the most. Government wins WE collectively lose. Research the student loan debauckle , the new higher education bills. Ask yourself WHY would banks loan money to people who are poor credit risks? In the beginning they were forced! Where are all the jobs? Overseas! WHY? NAFTA flung open the doors to accelerated job loss in developed (read expensive) nations. Companies were leaving our shores for low or no tax locations for years yet when the Facebook co-inventor goes back to his nation of origin to avoid taxes this is a big deal WHY! The government gives something to all who ask. They win WE'RE on the hook to pay for it!!! Ask yourself who's VOTE are they trying to influence? Think of the Government as a self-serving leech. Now you're in the right frame of mind.
        Finally, If you're reading this your personal share of the national dept is $47,850 (June 2012) and going up $3190 every year. Do you feel like a tapped out blood donor?

    47. CAdolfan says:

      And these are the people that will vote for Barry. How do you pay your fair share and pay not income tax.

    48. Bill Cooper says:

      The people living off the system will vote for Obama. Why change a good thing.

    49. Mike says:

      The solution is easy: abolish income taxes and implement a national sales tax. EVERYTHING purchased is taxed, so no one escapes.No deductions, no escalations, no April 15 tax filing. Tax accountants and attorneys might scream but the rest of us can relax.

      • Nathan says:

        Then everyone will purchase things on the internet…from foreign countries where they are exempt from the tax. Or, smuggling of goods into the country for back-door deals will become rampant.

      • Christopher says:

        Also, as your economic situation changes, your spending habits change, your tax bill changes with that…Not year-by-year…instantaneously…have a bad, month…get a tax cut for that month…that month.

        Buy a new car & boat…throw a little coin around….you take a hit.

        The incentive is to save, not spend…whereas now the incentive is to make less.

      • e-ville says:

        That's just great mike…. you want someone who makes $20,000 a year to pay a 9% tax on their food just the same as someone who makes 20 million. brilliant! shift more tax burden to the working class is exactly what this country needs, while Exon and GE actually get money back from the government.

      • ret says:

        That can't happen. It would make graft so much harder.

    50. Joe Schmoe says:

      uhm. didnt obama take office in 08?

    51. Commonsense58 says:

      Obama, I demand to know "what is their fair share?" you have hijacked this country and are driving it full speed to ruin. Our country was founded and grown by independent minded peoples from all over the world asking for nothing but freedom to create, you are attempting to cull the feeble minded and lazy into a hoard of brainwashed voters unable to feed themselves, you ought be ashamed of yourself

    52. JDG says:

      Like Ron Paul says: "it's is hard to run against Santa Claus"

    53. americanbabe says:

      Oh goody. Another new record that this president can claim.

    54. concerned says:

      This article is the heart of the tea Party platform. The country is broken up into givers and takers. The takers are paid to take more and more by the politicians. It is impossible for this system to survive more than a few years longer unless something breaks this cycle. Something must be tried, anything, to stop direct purchase of votes with Keysian debt. If this is not stopped, nothing else will matter, no other "social" issue the left or the right bicker about. The world will watch as civil war burns our country down and the our enemies will come in to loot what is left.

    55. Glenn says:

      That is also the half that say that the rich need to pay their fair share.

    56. RoscoTeel says:

      Alex knew then what we see now: …"the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship."

    57. bob68 says:

      Don't forget many of the 49.5% who pay no federal income tax still get federal income tax refunds of thousands of dollars. That is from the welfare program known as the "earned income tax credit".

    58. Pat says:

      The article doesn't give a more startling number, the number of people that "make" money on taxes, i.e. they get back more then they paid in. I read it was 31%. So wake up people….

    59. Frederick says:

      Jobs! Jobs! Who needs a stinken job! I got welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, social security disability payments and now free medical care. Ya'll take care of my kids schooling and abortions too! And, as you can see, I don't have to pay no taxes either! Just remember me when your sitting in early rush hour traffic because I'm out fishing!

    60. Retired SCPO says:

      It's amazing that some on here still can't figure out fair share… The top 10% of wage earners pay over 70% of the income tax revenues with the remaining 40% of tax payer generationg the remaining 30% of collected income taxes. As this article states, approximately 50% of wage earners pay no federal income taxes and over 40 million get back more than they put in. This is subsidized income on top of not paying any income taxes. None of this seems like a fair share. I get some people shouldn't have to pay taxes but certainly not 50% and no one should get back more than they put in. Lastly, the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 went to all tax brackets with the largets in the 15% to 10 % bracket. The top bracket went from 39.6% to 35% so when people say tax breaks for the rich, it's pure hyperbole. They cover 70% of the tax burden and raising it back 39.6% wouldn't make a dent in the annual deficit if others don't pay their fair share and we don't stop spending! Basic economics are that if your debits exceed your credits, you are not only broke but in the hole.

    61. AMT says:

      Notice how the % of people not paying taxes jumps when Bush's 'tax cuts for the wealthy' were enacted in '01 and '03? The truth of the matter is that those tax cuts benefitted the lower and middle classes the most.We need to revise the tax system in its entirety, not bit by bit which then becomes a political tool.

    62. duedad says:

      The communist socialist have a gun to the head of people who work and pay taxes

    63. Jim Lites says:

      Perhaps we taxpayers should look to Shakespeare…."We few, we happy few…" Except, I don't know about the "happy" part.

    64. Chris says:

      The graph shows 49.5% in 2009, but we're in 2012. That's, 2-3 years AFTER this data was collected. There's no knowing how bad it actually is.

    65. mahnaz says:

      He is getting rid of the middle class that's what he's doing. In a statist dystopia only two groups are needed: the oligarchy elites and the masses of stockaded sheep.

    66. Just Sayin says:

      You don't pay taxes or own property, you shouldn't vote.

      I don't get to vote at clubs I don't belong to or get to vote in Mexico.

    67. jobeibi says:

      Dan Williams – jumped during Obama's watch? The chart ends with 2009! Note that it jumped during the Bush administration, when the per-child tax credit was created.

      Look folks, I'm conservative. My husband and I have both worked full time since we married 25 years ago. But we spent several years paying 1% or less in federal income taxes, because of deductions and exemptions for our four children. Are you opposed to supporting families by keeping their taxes low?

    68. Kathleen3 says:

      The estimated cost just to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens is $114 billion/yr. In 2004 the former Bear Stearns estimated hundreds of millions of dollars goes unpaid each year to the IRS as a result of illegal aliens being paid "off the books." It was recently disclosed billions of dollars in Earned Income Tax Credits was paid to illegal aliens (a bill Santorum refused to vote against as did Boehner this past month).

      Those who believe this invasion of 20-30 million illegal aliens is not an important campaign issue should reevaluate their position. Those who support a candidate or the current President who all have no problem taxing law-abiding citizens to pay for those who reside here illegally are enjoining with those who are hellbent on destroying this country.

      • rfinn001 says:

        It is time to stop paying illegals for crossing the border and having their kids in the US to be able to collect benefits. If the parents are not citizens of the US the kid born here is also not a citizen. The concept of "feet dry" should be disposed of. Put them back on the boat they came in and pull it out to sea headed back to where they came from.

    69. Larry W says:

      One of my favorite Government watch dogs said "When they can vote themselves cakes; it is time to leave."
      Add to these numbers Federal,State and Local government officials and workers.

      The Obama Administration has added 25% to the non-taxpayers rolls. AND Obama has 11 MONTHS TO GO till inauguration…if he is fired. He and his bureaucratic despots will achieve 51% THIS YEAR!

    70. Richard_Iowa says:

      Very nice attempt to get a voting block to ensure reelection. I presume, however, that this demographic likely has a lower voter turnout. Not at all very healthy for the country but it certainly works as an attempt to be able to totally control the direction of the country apart from the will of the taxpayers.

    71. akhoffma says:

      "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing."

    72. This is absolutely shocking. What happened to America? What happened to work ethic?

    73. The data shows that the government is also increasingly becoming the breadwinner in families. Kids don't pay taxes (save for teenagers working) which means if the parents are unemployed and not claiming them in an income paying tax return then the % on this chart goes higher. More interesting would be the % of potential (i.e. old enough to work, non-retired) taxpayers who actually pay.

    74. Puddin says:

      Ive said for years that only those that pay taxes(some minimum amount..say 2,000, indexed to the govts 'official inflation rate, which is almost zero, what a laugh), and have a US drivers license, both of which are presented at the poll(tax return and D/L), should be able to vote. For an administration that cares about 'fairness', this is about as fair as it gets.
      Some may call it a poll tax…no its called only the Pauls who pay taxes get to vote, the 'Peter's(sic) that dont pay taxes, dont. TANSTAAFL.

    75. JBar595 says:

      The solution is to deport the welfare class, they contribute nothing except Obama votes, why should I care about people that simply want to take cash out of my pocket.

      • mrsharfer says:

        Actually that is what Mexico is doing. They are ridding themselves of the burden of the lower classes. Unfortunately they come here. They will always live off working people because our government encourages it!

    76. RLBLT says:

      I agree with the people here who say that these statistics should be broken down a little more, or at least we should be told that certain people are counted out of this equation (disabled people, people under a certain age, retired military, etc.). But the bottom line is that there are too many people that do not pay taxes (forget “fair share”, I mean not taxes at all). And the scarier thing about it is that most of the people not paying taxes are taking from the government (or rather from those who ARE paying taxes). I'm not against social programs. If someone lost a job or can't earn for legitimate reasons, they should get assistance until they get back on their feet (or if disabled, forever). But there should be a goal (a timeline of getting back on one’s feet). And the social programs should be monitored better than the way the IRS polices everyone.

    77. RLBLT says:

      …And in order for that to ever happen (besides electing the right people in government, which isn’t looking hopeful, since all the candidates have some awful agenda), we need a system to monitor the government and how IT spends (our) money. And that monitoring system should be full of checks and balances and should be reported back to the citizens (on a federal AND state level) monthly. If that were to ever happen, you would see a real change in votes and how and who runs for office. And in turn, that would for sure solve this issue and perhaps so many more.

      One more point. I agree that people who use govenment assistant (at lease for more that a certain lengh of time) should not be able to vote, it seems a little bias.

    78. WRa says:

      best suggestion I've ever heard:

      recieving government "assistance" should disqualify a person from voting – it's a conflict of interest…

    79. Paul Page says:

      Why do these people get to vote?

    80. Steve says:

      THANK YOU for posting this! We used it – with a Hat Tip on Common Cents..

      Common Cents http://www.commoncts.blogspot.com

    81. Steve says:

      THANK YOU for posting this! We used it – with a Hat Tip on Common Cents..

    82. Rudy says:

      Fair Share?

    83. Gary Allan says:

      Looks like Obama has his voting base.

    84. keefers says:

      i wonder how many payno income tax get money back tthrough earned income credit money not to workjust havebabies

    85. How about a law that states that only citizens that pay their fair share (some percentage) in income taxes can vote?

    86. Larry W says:

      One of my favorite Government watch dogs said "When they can vote themselves cakes; it is time to leave."
      Add to these numbers Federal, State and Local government officials and workers.

      The Obama Administration has added 25% to the non-taxpayers rolls. AND Obama has 11 MONTHS TO GO till inauguration…if he is fired. He and his bureaucratic despots will achieve 51% THIS YEAR!
      Thank God we are not a Democracy! We still have time to save The Republic.

    87. NWO_Now_Playing says:

      Those who pay get to vote, those that don't, SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    88. Maud St. James says:

      The answer is very simple. No matter from which end of the income spectrum someone comes, if they don't pay income taxes. they do not get to vote.

      It's always easy to spend other people's money. Those who contribute the money should be the ones to say how it is spent.

      • mrsharfer says:

        Exactly! At our founding, only land owners, men, women, blacks, whites got to vote. It would be nice not be dictated to by the terminally lazy with no skin in the game.

    89. Roy says:

      No Income, No Tax. Simple as that. Seniors pay sales Tax, Utility Tax. Phone Tax, Tax, Tax, Tax. Stop with the no Tax BS. Tax on your car, tax on your dog, Tax, Tax, Tax.

    90. Azman says:

      The issue isn't that they don't pay taxes, is the code itself. Case in point, a familyk of 5 earning 45k per year will pay zero federal income taxes. How? Child tax credit and the Earned Income Credit. In actuality that family will get a refund of $5-7K. We need to differentiate between 'deduction' and 'credit'

    91. Joe Doakes says:

      Next time do a chart as to the quantity of Americans that get more then they pay in, or even paid in over their lifetime.

    92. steve says:

      Not only did we NOT pay any federal tax this year, we got $2000 back! What a system under Obama!

    93. Tax Revolt says:

      All of you on here are preaching to the choir. I for one refuse to file a tax return. I have not filed one for nearly 3 years now.

      • mrsharfer says:

        We stopped filing about 15 years ago. I don't like where my $ goes and have no desire to assist those that are terminally lazy!

    94. Bigdaddy3789 says:

      There are really 2 issues presented in this article. Issue #1 Input: 50% of people do not pay federal taxes. Why? Because of the current tax code with reductions on everything from music lessons to dependant children to mortgage interest. Issue #2 Output The Government is spending too much money on their programs.

      For some reason, the Government, and by big, I mean BIG, cannot balance its own checkbook. This is not acceptable practice as an individual, family or business, but for some reason it is ok as a government.

      How do you fix? Declare war against all incumbents with your vote this upcoming year. This is the ONLY signal that their arrogance and mismanagement will understand. Get involved with your party at the local level and speak up. Anyone not ousted will only feel more empowered in their mismanagement.

      Everyone gets so upset with Public and Privately held companies and their CEO's for mismanagement and excessive pay, and yet their elected officials do the same things day in and day out, year after year in their comfy offices and houses throughout the country.

    95. Chrish says:

      Hey how about that, right about the time Bush number one came in, who denounced Reaganomics as "voodoo economics," more and more people stopped paying into the tax system. ALL who followed him, including his son,exacerbated the problem.

    96. typicalwhiteguy says:

      We're there, folks! We have finally become Mark Levin's "Ameritopia".__Now quit reading this and get back to work, those of us who still have a job. Millions depend on your redistributed income to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become acustomed.

    97. Steve says:

      In Soviet Amerika Taxes Pay You!

    98. john russ says:

      not hard to fix. 1)recieve any taxpayer money and you cannot vote. 2)candidates for office can each spend a fixed amount to get elected, spend more and you are out.

    99. rsqswimmer says:

      I have to ask about the earned income tax credit. I have friends who make about 40,000 per year. Wife and two kids. I know he could have not have had more then 2000 of taxes withheld but he got almost 9000 dollars back. Does anyone else just see that getting back only what you put in at the most is a good place to start.

    100. I could have sworn that obama was all for EVERYONE paying their " fair share". What happened to that idea?

      • mrsharfer says:

        That only applies to his "enemies" list!

      • Dave Gaetano says:

        It seems absurd that people who get government money should also pay taxes, in a money merry-go-round. Let's try the following:
        No one should be given government money. The income tax should apply only to the top 5% of incomes and not exceed a 5% rate, as intended by those who actually passed and ratified the 16th amendment. Stop so-called "free" trade, and instead have real trade: for every box of stuff a country sends into the US, that country must buy an equal value box of our stuff (it's all about jobs, jobs, jobs).

    101. typicalwhiteguy says:

      We're there, folks! We have finally become Mark Levin's "Ameritopia".
      Now quit reading this and get back to work, those of us who still have a job. Millions depend on your redistributed income to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

    102. BillCNC says:

      Funny how the chart doesn't show the data from 1977 to 1982, The data was unavailable. Really???? Maybe that data throws this chart out the window.

      Also, … How can you demand a FEDERAL tax from someone who has no money? The right just LOVES to say they pay no tax, … They pay EVERY SINGLE TAX but the federal tax and that's because they are so far down on the totem pole of wealth, … they have nothing left to give.

    103. All politics aside, how long do you think we can sustain this before we collapse?

    104. p3orion says:

      "[H]ow long will it be before these representatives respond more to demands for yet more entitlements and subsidies from non-payers than to the pleas of taxpayers to exercise greater spending prudence?”

      He makes it sound like that's not ALREADY the case! The Democrats have been the party of the "takers" for decades, and too many of the Republicans are leaning that way. Someone needs to say "Enough! It is immoral for able-bodied people to expect to live indefinitely on the labors of others."

    105. Wally Gator says:

      Expansion of the dependency class=votes for Democrats. Don't look now, but we're well on the way to where Greece is at this moment. The difference is there's no EU to bail us out. when the economy crashes and burns. China can call our debts in and have the US for the picking without firing a shot.

    106. edd says:

      Warning to all the people who make money, the TAKERS are coming in masses.

    107. Greggers says:

      Amazingly, a recent study showed that 50% of the population feels they pay "just the right amount" of taxes.

      I am the 50.5%. (You're welcome, 49.5%)

    108. Barry says:

      Simple fix…one way to ensure everyone pays their share of taxes…abolish the income tax and institute a national sales tax. That will ensure whether you earn your money or recieve from the government that every transaction for the purchase of goods is taxed. This will also ensure the rich and poor are taxed in the same manner. We are a nation of consumers, why don't we capitalize on consumerism and tax it? For those who get a pay check each pay period what could you do with the gross pay amount listed on each pay stub?

      • erboothe1 says:

        You are so right. It is the only fair way, but I am not so sure our government is much into fairness anymore.

      • Dave Gaetano says:

        As long as we are an entitlement society, the concept of "fair share of taxes" is meaningless.

    109. Justin Case says:

      A Taxpayer voting for barry soetoro (AKA barack “I am the ONE” obama) is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders

    110. nontaxpayer says:

      The only thing this survey tells me is that 50.5% of Americans are suckers.

    111. EFranklin says:

      I am married, with four children and a mortgage. My husband and I make 70,000 a year and I always get a federal tax refund that exceeds the withholding on my paychecks. So basically, with all of the deductions and credits I can legally claim, the government actually pays me to live and work here. Please don't assume that I am a deadbeat…I don't go to great lengths to get out of taxes. I just fill out the IRS forms honestly and this is how the numbers work out. Even though I benefit greatly from the current tax codes, I would support a "fair tax".

      • Chris Edens says:

        Why is the government actually paying you to live and work there? That is the problem. Yes, what you are doing is legal but how anyone can rationalize that taking more than they give is OKAY is beyond me.

        The system is broken and I applaud your support of a "fair tax" and it tells me you recognize how wrong it is.

    112. TeddyNovak says:

      Welcome to parasite nation.

      This is the government the founders warned us about. Socialism in all its forms (communism, fascism, nazism, etc.) must be confronted and resisted as do all that seek to impose it.

      It's time to take back America. Let's hope it's at the ballot box.

    113. Stan says:

      Rhetorically, what is it called when the tax and income curves' meet? As has been stated, we have too many individuals (zombies, really) whom vote themselves largesse from the coffers. That anyone on public assistance (or employed by Govt. on any level for that matter) gets to vote is an obvious conflict of interest. One doesn't need an advanced degree in finance or politics to understand the state of our nation. The wrong questions are being asked…..

    114. imnotaLIBTARD says:

      do away with the irs and have a national sales tax. that will fix it.

    115. CleanFun says:

      In most circles, not paying your taxes is considered a form of protest.

      Another thing to consider is that tax avoidance (not evasion) has become something of a national sport. Don't bother having your taxes done by a clerk at Mc-H&R or some other place where they're concerned with volume rather than return. Find a tax-accountant.

    116. Dave Gaetano says:

      When the income tax amendment was passed and ratified, it was intended to affect only the top 5% of incomes. Allowing it to apply to half of Americans is a violation of the clear intent of those who passed the law. Those who want to tax most Americans should go pass their own constitutional amendment. Although it wouldn't matter because those who control the government will still just do whatever they want.

    117. And these guys believe in the Free Lunch. They're getting it and they will KEEP it!

    118. Mcgee 101 says:

      People who pay no taxes make little or no money and have children. We have a lot of under employed people in this country. It is not because of Obama. When the jobs come back or people stop getting greedy and pay a decent amount more people will pay there share. Stop looking at things in one dimension.

    119. FrankN2010 says:

      That means that Obama is in for another 4 years. 49.5 percent of the electorate will surely vote for continued freeloading and handouts. Add those to the millions of illegal aliens who can vote via other Democrat scams (motor voter, no ID to vote, dead voters, missing ballots, etc) and the fix is in! Enjoy America we've been sleeping for too long.

    120. mincht says:

      Well, on the graph it rose first and biggest during the Bush time. It continued after as it only could after policies were made earlier and a major crash of all things economic 4 years ago. Dah.
      The report does not mention also how many wealthy don't have taxes to pay starting in 2000 therefore sending things into a spiral until things crashed. Maybe someone could look at the whole picture over time. Nah, most just read what they want to hear so they can vote one of many idiots vying for repub. pres.

    121. Andrew says:

      This chart should be blown up and displayed at every debate between Obama and the GOP candidate, whoever it is, with the question, isn't it time for EVERYONE to contribute their fair share?

    122. Only land owners should have the right to vote. Why should a non land owner be allowed to vote on property taxes.

    123. I have posted before that 50% of the Americans DO NOT pay taxes. Not only do they not pay taxes they have their refunds loaded with all sorts of benefits. We have/had a tax preparation for 15 yrs. It is amazing to see how the tax agenda has changed. If we do not get control over this monster we will be a bankrupt nation. If that happens..enter the global economy. As I said before, I know take off my tinfoil hat. The last time I posted anything about this, I had not one comment or like. People better wake up. It's going to take a conservative/constitutional president and a new senate and a house with some "guts" to stand up to this socialistic regime. We have children and grandchildren that are depending on it!

    124. TWJ says:

      People should only get back what they pay in if they are due a refund. They should not get back $8000 to $10,000 and just pay in $2000. Of course the ones who do this are going to defend it to the end.

    125. itsover says:

      How do you keep them on the farm after they have seen Obama's Paree?

    126. Teachable Moment #340. Here's some more evidence of that "fair share" thing. EVERYONE should have a financial interest in what happens in this country. When half pays nothing into it and receives most of the benefit, then the government succeeds in enslaving generations of people into only doing as well as the government tells them they can do. That is truly sad and not the intended purpose of the founders. The more people that are in this catagory and two things happen. The government plantation grows and the country goes broke.

    127. @cantubury says:

      the assumption is that those who do not pay taxes (really about 51%) would influence the gov for more handouts (not including the corporate welfare, like General Motors (obama motors), Chrysler and others, is that the assumption that people on welfare would actually vote for politicians that give out the freebees. i doubt they would vote or even write a demand letter to their reps for more $$$$$$$$$$….does anyone write anything anymore…with a 10 billion post office deficient something is amiss…..

    128. Grace says:

      I understand that a family of 2 (mom and kid) or 4 (2 parents and kid) can qualify for about 60k worth of cash and benefits if neither of the parents works! Holy cow, the bureaucrats cannot drive me out of business soon enough!! Why go through all of these hassles when I can ride the gravy train?

    129. Notice the last year reported is 2009, I am certain it is over 50% by now!

    130. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you will always have Paul's vote!

    131. KCEB says:

      Just a .5 % +1, that is all they need. Viva the Revolution!!

    132. Revolutionist says:

      There is only one solution – throw out every member of Congress and the President and start over.

    133. I hope we make some changes in our goverment in November

    134. Dave says:

      If you don't have a job or get unemployment, you don't pay any taxes…..wake up people

    135. So if I read the chart correctly, during the "decade of greed" under Reagan, we had one of the two highest periods of people actually paying their "fair share."

      On the other hand, during Obama's time of "shared sacrifice," the highest number of people on record are paying ZERO.

      So, again, reading the chart and interpreting liberal rhetoric, "greed" is defined as 85% of people paying taxes and "shared sacrifice" is defined as 50% people NOT paying taxes.

      Must be that ebonics kicking in.

    136. Foster, FL says:

      I am not for dependence on government, or, Obama, but, if you actually want to think productively about this, you must remember:

      1) Many that pay no income tax pay payroll taxes, and state and local sales and property taxes. It is asinine to. So focus only on the federal income tax and then say half pay no taxes. So what? How many don't pay capital gains taxes? A bunch . So what. Idiots that focus only on the fact that half pay no income tax give honest/informed conservatives a bad name. Gee, thanks for that! Not.

      2) Obama took over at the beginning of a Depression that, in some European countries, is worse than the Great Depression. The reason it is less painful here than the great depression was is largely the existence of safety net programs. with so much unemployment, OF course more are paying no income tax, they don't have a JOB! Again, to those stressing this as a bad thing about Obama, gee thanks for making us conservatives look so dumb or uninformed, much appreciated.

      Seriously, how can we manage to make a serious counter to the democrats, and especially the crazy left wingers, when so many conservatives get on websites like this and post patently silly things as if they are some important insight? I despair for country more because the conservatives of late come off so poorly than because of the bad ideas of the left. Come on guys!

    137. Joe Doakes says:

      “There are only two certainties in life; death and taxes.”

      February 22, 2012

      Dear President Obama,

      When I was growing up my old man once asked me a question. “Who owns this house?” My reply “you do.” His answer; “The government does.” When I asked him why he began to explain to me all of the taxes he must pay to service the mortgage, pay the property taxes, the sales taxes, and by the end of this discussion all I could think to say is “taxes suck.” Regardless of my poor language skills at the time, there was little for me to do about the situation, and I didn’t much care. I did not work at the time I was just some idiot kid bouncing around trying to find my way.

      But then the summer rolled around and I got my first paycheck. Holy Cow! What the flip! I worked so many hours, I did so much stuff, and I received a check that was a gazillion percent less then I was promised. I brought this to the attention of the old man and he told me to “get in line.” So I did. When tax time came around I did what ever I could with the accountant and after I looked at the return I said; “That’s not fair.” He told me to deal with it. So I did. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. Year in and year out paying the bill for what I’ve clearly detailed out is legalized theft to pay for government induced stupidity, if not something far, far, more insidious. The theft of a citizens dignity via dependence.

      I must admit I would not be very upset if I could look at the public treasury website and see that our finances were in order. If that were true. Every time I paid into the federal treasury I would get a small sense of pride that I was helping to keep a great nation strong; and further that what I was sacrificing, like a better life for my family or the yearly vacation, I would think it was worth while. But, that is clearly not the case. The United States of America is trillions in debt and deficit. It has made promises into the gazillions and has no hope of ever paying them. None.

      Today is George Washington's birthday. One of my prized possessions is a book from 1932 detailing out his life and how citizens ought to remember that day, it’s title is “Honor to George Washington.” In it it details out what the indispensable man did to lead this nation to victory not just over General Cornwallis, but the outright tyranny of taxation. One wonders will that man, or woman, ever come again?

      One does not wonder what side you would be on in such a conflict Mr. Obama.

      We might even call that a certainty.


      Joe Doakes


      Please inform your friend Mr. Romney that merely juggling an insanity is not going to matter much soon.

      One must abandon it.

    138. josetoyou1 says:

      EVERYBODY over 21 years old should contribute to the tax burden, regardless of income. This should include those sucking off welfare and unemployment compensation. I think the existing tax system should be scrapped and replaced with a flat tax or something like the one proposed by Herman Cain (my favorite candidate), and I am not black. If you receive services, you should pay a REASONABLE tax to support it….period, no exceptions.

    139. Jack says:

      Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.
      Ronald Reagan

      Read more: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/r/ronal

    140. Guest In TX says:

      Interesting how the number of people untaxed took a jump at the approximate time that the "war on poverty" and "The Great Society" measures were begun.

    141. tymwltl says:

      The parasites are about to devour their host. Things are about to get ugly !

    142. sueinmi says:

      Go ahead Americans who don't pay income taxes and vote for Obama (which is what the Obama team hopes for). See how far your government checks go when he's through with this economy. You'll be lucky if your Bridge Cards buy a loaf of bread.

    143. Chris Edens says:

      Those not paying any taxes about %50, Obama's approval rating about %50.. Coincidence?

      Ron Paul 2012!

    144. Abby says:

      It's not that 49.5% of Americans don't pay taxes… it's that the deductions and credits that they qualify for total more than the taxes that they owe… then the taxes that they owe are taken off of the total of the credits that they get and the REMAINDER is refunded to them. They still pay their taxes. Maybe if they were making more money they wouldn't qualify for things such as the EIC. They need to retitle this article "Nearly half of all Americans receive a tax refund". You want the poor to pay more? 36 Obama aides owe a total of $833,000 in back taxes for last year. Federal government employees owe $1.03 BILLION in unpaid taxes. Wanna worry about that?

    145. Economics is easy says:

      The real problem is a lack of good paying jobs. Since 2001 17 million good paying manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to China and elsewhere in SE Asia where unskilled migrants are paid barely enough to survive on if they work 12 – 16 hours/day, 7 days/week. Excessive outsourcing began in earnest when China joined the WTO in 2000, but Pres. Obama has done little to attract a significant number of good paying jobs back to the U.S. Both parties seem to be addicted to money from big-money interests who have juiced profits and CEO bonuses on the backs of cheap SE Asia laborers, and don't do what is required to get our Main Street economy back to producing jobs. Simplifying regulations on small businesses, and truly cutting government spending so that small business can access capital to create jobs would help our private sector economy immensely.

      Ron Paul is one of the few politicians in D.C. who represents the best interests of the entire country, and not just the big-money interests who shovel campaign donations via lobbyists. His campaign isn't funded by big-money interests, and his votes in Congress have always been per a strict reading of the U.S. Constitution. He is the only Presidential candidate to offer a detail plan to balance the budget in 3 years, and he has stated that he will share in the sacrifice by only accepting a salary of $39,600/year as President ( the current salary for the President is $400,000/year)

    146. Iso says:

      This is not a party issue, this is a GOVERNMENTAL issue. How many idiots do you need to change a light bulb? How many Federal Employees does it take to manage the country? The time has come to shake these fools free and reduce the number of decision makers that for the past twelve years have irresponsibly spent our tax dollars on war, programs that have no checks and balances, businesses that are now defunct, or bankrupt.

    147. mmercier says:

      it is not the requirement of this regime to merely challenge the republican structure of this country.

      their intention is destruction of the model, and replacement with a Marxist mutation…

      as far as this person can see, they have won the field.

    148. Neyet says:

      Historically the middle class has carried the heaviest tax burden. Shrink the middle class and you get these stats.

    149. John Kvastner says:

      Funny how that concept of "fair share" is only aimed in one direction.

    150. Spanky T Smackme says:

      Lets return to basic fundamentals of governemnt………If you do NOT pay taxes, you have no right to elect officials who will vote on tax related issues……………….If you do NOT own property, you have no right to influence any law dealing with property……….Enough said.

    151. Bill says:


      What legislative steps are being taken to reverse this trend? We need to end programs, elevate the requirements for eligibility for those functioning properly, and change or eliminate eligibility for future generations. The madness needs to stop now. The more people get for free, the more they want for free.

      What entilted people to other people's money? What leverage does the paying perrcentage have over the non paying percentage. Romney said he is not worried about the improverished becuase they have a safety net, but if they keep having kids and receive, food stamps, WIC, SSI, SS, education, computers, High Speed Internet, cell phones, what incentitive exists to become self sufficient and become part of the paying percentage?

    152. Yarby says:

      My wife and I make over a 110K a year and we pay out about 25-30K a year in taxes. We're not in the 1% or the 49.5%. We've had to pay extra the last 5 years to boot. So why is it that the 49.5% that I fall into plus the top 1% have to make up for the lower 49.5%? I say we need a flat tax of 15% across the board so everyone can contribute their fair share. I'm tired of paying for the slackers who choose to not work and live off the taxpayer dime. I say if they can work, then put them to work or train them for a job and then put them to work so they can pay their fair share. If they refuse to work, then they get no government assistance. Let them starve a bit and they'll change their mind about working. Same goes for Social Security. If you don't pay into Social Security, then you shouldn't get social security unless you're a dependent of someone who has paid into social security and the payer has died and left you his benefits.

    153. mark says:

      It's almost time…

    154. josh Biggs says:

      A great experiment for the wonders of socialism is to implement it into the college classroom. No matter how hard you work all grade will be averaged. See how long the over achievers stay in the class or continue to keep studying.

    155. Steve says:

      Let the second civil war begin!!

    156. mrrationalhbg says:

      Non tax paying because there is huge unemployment. I love how this article doesn't mention the corporations that don't pay any taxes… and yet they receive billions in government subsidies! Not to mention Mitt Romney pays a much lower tax rate than my middle class self. Heritage is a joke.

    157. Cromwell says:

      While I'm sure that my post will be deleted, your chart shows that the 'alarming increase' started with George W. Bush – and admittedly declined a small amount, then went up rapidly again with the events that led to the crash of 2008; this all indicates that more people are falling in income – the tax code for 'low income' hasn't changed all that much. What's interesting to me is also that there's no recognition of how this supports the idea of 'income inequality' in this country – and the fact that more people are actually out of work.

      It's certainly not an argument, as some suggest, that lower incomes should pay 'their fair share' of taxes. It does indicate that we need to get people employed – and provide opportunities for education to get people moving back up the income scale again.

    158. taxpayer says:

      i'm tired of pulling this cart of moochers; are you?

    159. kirok says:

      So I pay over $10K in Federal taxes, I am single, claim 1 with no dependents and no real write-offs. So I pay my fair share right? Wrong! I pay more than my fair share. I paid all these taxes to the Feds and I still owe $13. Yeah that's right I pay $13 more. As if they didn't bleed me dry to begin with, I have to donate $13 more to Fed, so they can do what with it? Send Michelle and the kids on vacations around the globe? Give it to those poor illigal aliens who get more freebee's that an elderly person who has put into the system and is on a fixed income.

      • kirok says:

        Where is my fair share?? That's what I like to know. It used to be in years past that under the same tax status, I would look forward to getting back a little change, so I could maybe go on vacation or maybe buy a new TV. After all, I worked for it, right? Now all my money goes to someone else or something else? Let me explain something to the Feds? My back is tired or carrying you clowns. Get off it and start taxing those 49.5%. Even if it's a lower amount based on what they make or I should say given, let them pay their fair share. Because I sure the hell do and I'm tired of it!!!!

    160. kirok says:

      pay over $10K in Federal taxes, I am single, claim 1 with no dependents and no real write-offs. So I pay my fair share right? Wrong! I pay more than my fair share. I paid all these taxes to the Feds and I still owe $13. Yeah that's right I pay $13 more. As if they didn't bleed me dry to begin with, I have to donate $13 more to Fed, so they can do what with it? Send Michelle and the kids on vacations around the globe? Give it to those poor illigal aliens who get more freebee's that an elderly person who has put into the system and is on a fixed income. Where is my fair share?? That's what I like to know.

    161. Rice says:

      Income Tax is Unconstitutional anyway. Income is a fair trade of money for services. The kicker to this story is it tries and makes it sound like 29.5% percent pay NO taxes at all when in fact they only pay no income tax. The sad apart about these facts are that most states already have no income tax, ie: here in texas, But in the states that do have an income tax. it is only the very wealthy or unemployed who don't pay income taxes where enforced

    162. John says:

      I pay 27% of my wages to taxes. The equivalent of what many make in a year, or for someone to life off of while I am working. I barely get by with not paying more in. All I know is, five years ago and before, I received refund checks. This trend has got to stop. I am tired of trying to get my kids through school, save for a rainy day and work over twice what the average worker does to have it being stripped away. Not much of the American Dream left

    163. pouteria says:

      Income tax is only one tax. People who pay no income tax are paying other taxes.

    164. Robert says:

      Payroll tax is not included. As a percentage of federal revenue payroll tax started at 10% in 1950 and is now at 40%. And the rate has risen as well. Also, there is a cap on the wage base of $110,100. After that the tax is not levied, making it quite regressive. And let's me real, it may not be called an income tax but that's what it is (if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck). And deductions are not allowed on it as is the case with regular income tax – again making it quite regressive.

      • scott says:

        Right you are. Extremely regressive and a bad deal to boot forced on those who can lease afford to pay it. why should not all income be subjected to payroll taxes? What is the rational that it should only be borne by wage earners. And for those who say its a good deal, look at(or wait until your 50 when you first receive it) your annual SSI statement. You and your employer have probably paid in 200k-300k by the time your 50. Assuming you work until your 65 and assuming any sort of reasonable compounding the future value of your SSI payments at retirement would approach 750k to a million. Now ask youself if you had the choice of buying into the current ssi deal (where you would get about a 2% return annually and if you died after the first week, your family would get 0), would you spend the 750k to a million to buy into it?. If everyone paid into it and on all income, then the rate would not need to be so high.

    165. George says:

      This will equalize itself in the end. In fact that equalization is already happening. Business and investment are moving offshore to more reliable and reasonable locales. Eventually, the rich will not pay taxes either because they will be gone or will find enough loopholes. The USGov will then cease to function because it will have no income. Then there will be a massive correction. The dollar will fail, many people will become destitue over night. The real question is, do I want to be here when that happens? I will make my decision after the November elections.

    166. Grey Fedora says:

      What "lucky duckies" they are, being so poor they don't have to pay taxes.

      • Tom Menino says:

        Sarcasm from the left? Yikes! How Republican of you. No way 49.5% of the adult US population is "poor". Unless you're using Obama-math, which likewise calculates that 18.4% of the population is rich (percentage who have a household income of 100K or more). But I suspect you're just part of the entitlement machine, here to shill for the do-nothings, and have no interest in talking numbers..

    167. Shepherd says:

      Wow, Barry, mission almost accomplished. Now you can go on vacation with your "wife", Regg… I mean, Michelle.

      • Dick Ranger says:

        50% pay no income taxes because of tax credits which are the new welfare. The primary driver here is the child care tax credit that was created by gingrich. It started at $500 per child and bush doubled it to $1,000. santorum wants to triple it to $3,000 per child allowing over 70% to pay ZERO Federal income taxes. All Republicans. If you read the chart you will see it ends before obama took over. obama has nothing to do with this one.

    168. Nate says:

      Let’s tax the poor! They can afford it.

    169. ArticleNotAccurate says:

      This article is not accurate. Everyone who buys breaths or does anything in America pays out the rear in fees, interest rates, taxes, license fees, certification fees, insurance fees, eating, drinking, entertainment, gas, medical, fees, fees, fees, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, penalties, late charges, high interest, fees, taxes, and more taxes. Stop with the BS 50 percent don't pay. By the way, could this article actually be telling the truth that we have 50 percent unemployment instead of the lie of 9 percent unemployment???? Sounds like it!

    170. Fear The Voices says:

      It's just part of the cycle the politicians have created to assure re-election. The left has made an art form out of it. Nothing more than a vote buying scheme.
      Give away money someone else earned, create dependence on the government, create hatred of the successful, blame the wealthy for what is actually their lack of motivation; and continue the rewards to the voters for their loyalty.

      They continue to blindly vote for these people while they are being led like sheep to the slaughter. They are all too wrapped up in their selfishness for other peoples' money they cannot even see the end is coming. Soon there will be empty coffers, and no more foreign loans, more more to take through taxation, and the printing presses will be out of ink. Eventually the left is going to accomplish its goal of breaking the nation; and it's coming quick.

    171. dxnohio says:

      Not only do 49.5% of all Americans pay no taxes, a good percentage of those people also get a tax refund!

    172. smitty says:

      how many people are on ssi because they are alcoholic, drug addicted and deemed unemployable…(self inflicted disease) I personally know people who played the system to get on this program and are very happy living there meager lifestyle with a roof over there head, cigarettes, booze, and drugs… at the cost of the working taxpayer !!!

    173. Stella says:

      Where's big O's "fairness" cries now???

    174. mbitsko says:

      The 99% are living off the 1%.

    175. Thomas Dykes says:

      New Rule: You don't pay Federal Income Taxes you don't get to vote. Remember, voting is a privilege and not a right as many wrongfully believe. Exception is those who have worked all their lives, paid their taxes, and have retired. In other words….lived without their hand out. Am I the only one that can see and understand that the freeloaders are nothing but 'bought' people by Democrat polys……………smells……..sheesh!

    176. Unpaid says:

      no taxes? (not a stakeholder) no vote.

    177. dwm says:

      Where's the downside for a non-paying majority to entitling themselves to more benefits paid for by the taxpaying minority? The majority will make the minority their tax slaves. This was forseen as a major flaw in our system, that's why only property owners (tax payers) were allowed to vote at one time.

    178. JenC says:

      Fewer pay income taxes because more people experience a hug loss in income. The working poor class making less then 20 thousand a year is growing, I am one of them. Hand to mouth. Abolish income tax. Reward entrepreneurship. Tax Alcohol more, Tax Gambling More, make prostitution and Recreational drugs legal and tax them at a minimum of 50%

    179. Esdraelon says:

      What is more sobering is that those 49.5% VOTE………..I'll give ya'll three guesses for whom……..

    180. Mike D says:

      Did everyone suddenly forget FICA/SS, property tax (via rent), sales tax, state income tax, and other local assessments?

    181. We are fast becoming a country of the haves and have nots. This chart represents the disappearing middle class. The poor cant and will never be able to pay. The middle class used to pay back when there was a viable middle class. The run up in this chart nicely parallels the implementation of NAFTA on Jan 1 1994. The Globalization of our economy was he death knell of the American Middle and Working Class

    182. JRuth says:

      So once the number of people who don't pay reach 51%…..I guess we"re flat out screwed as voting power is lost since the 51% will see no reason for a change. Enjoy the ride!

    183. Eric says:

      This infuriates me!!! And yet, in the news we only hear about the 1%, why are they not paying more, well at least they are paying!

    184. Brent says:

      The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money. -Alexis de Tocqueville

      It looks like that time has not only arrived but has had time to set up residence.

    185. RayNJ says:

      Don't you just love that the Bush tax plans dropped the bottom tax rate from 10 to 15% and doubled the child tax credit, brilliant. Mitt wants to cut rates by another 20%, makes sense if you want to double down on stupid.

    186. Jennifer says:

      Consider the plight of Detroit/Michigan… When the economy began to fall apart and the mainstay industries there were negatively affected and taxes were increased to make up the difference. The middle class tax base began to depart the state, making the percentage supplying the operating funds (taxes) smaller. That increased the ratio of collectors to contributors. It became a slow death spiral as the required funds for the dependent classes began to seriously compete with operating costs for necessary expenditures. The more the screw for tax funds was tightened the more of the middle and upper classes left Michigan.

    187. Concerned taxpayer says:

      “This trend should concern everyone who supports America’s republican form of government,” Beach and Tyrrell wrote. “If the citizens’ representatives are elected by an increasing percentage of voters who pay no income tax, how long will it be before these representatives respond more to demands for yet more entitlements and subsidies from non-payers than to the pleas of taxpayers to exercise greater spending prudence?”

      Based on the US Government's track record on deficit spending over many, many years, it does not appear that the "representatives" are responding at all to the pleas of taxpayers. Watch for capital controls next as capital tries to flee this sad situation.

    188. toledofan says:

      Well, for me, once the number hits 51% I'm quiting my day job and pitching a tent on Obama front lawn. I'll just take all the scraps they throw out, dig a small hole to poop in, and live happily ever after.What an American dream.

    189. Scott says:

      Everyone ignores FICA from this like it doesn't matter. Both my wife and I are self employed and pay 15.3 on every dollar we make, as we both make under the 100k limit. That's more than the 15% Romney paid this year, before my inc. taxes. I don't begrudge him that, I just want the same deal. Why must just wage earners be saddled with 100% of the dead weight of Social security costs?

    190. skeeter says:

      Hmmm somsing wong heah!

    191. Dragonfly says:

      If you think that is bad, think about this….alot of those people not paying in a dime are getting back thousands on their refunds. I have an employee that pays -0- in withholding tax each week, made almost $27,000 last year and is getting back over $5,600 on his tax refund. My husband and I made $68,000 last year, paid in $6,500 in taxes and we still owe $145.00 more on our return.

    192. alina_bolero says:

      Add the illegal immigrants to that and you see the degree of danger our liberties and free markets face from the "needy", who will gladly advocate a Totalitarian state for their next "free" meal.

    193. Rick61 says:

      Well it's up to the 51.5% of the rest of us goto get rid of the Democrats in November and get as many people as possible back to work as possible. This is proof that Democrats and RINOs are producing a permanent underclass of dependent people to fill the Democrat voter base for generations to come. This insanity must stop now! The country as we know it is dying before our very eyes….

    194. James Woods says:

      This article is worthless because it doesn't touch on the reason people aren't paying taxes. They are paying them but they are getting them back at the end of the year.

      All we need is a flat tax on every person. If we're all to be equal then we should all pay the same exact rate right?

      I don't get it; but this article does no job of explaining anything.

      Of course entitlements are going to grow. Of course people that don't work still have a vote. All of this is the way our system works; it's nothing new.

    195. Alex says:

      Does anyone make the connection between the entitlement generations (seniors) and the not paying income taxes? I realize everyone thinks the only people who pay no taxes are slackers on welfare or some nonsense, but what we're really looking at is seniors who get Medicare/SS or people with mortgage deductions that offset their income enough to eliminate any taxes. Obviously, these people are filing returns, but do not owe taxes.

      To me, this argues for a substantial lowering of rates and elimination of deductions.

    196. Doug says:


      Well, DUUUUH!!! Hallf of all Americans are not even of working age you retard!! Could you break it down into what type of tax? I would like to see the data regarding state tax, federal tax, SS and all others. If you are simply saying federal, then you should already know that it is due to these people not earning enough money to have to pay the tax .

    197. George says:

      Three year old data. Wondeer how many are off the hook this tax season

    198. one of the 49% says:

      I am among the 49.5% and I think it is time to put an identity on at least one of these individuals:
      I am a conservative & believe in personal responsibility, not govt dependency. My husband has held a job constantly since graduating from tech school 20+ yrs ago. He earns $55,000 / yr. He enlisted in the Natl Guard at 35 yrs old because he couldn't stand the thought of letting others do the job. We receive NO govt assistance. We have NEVER been delinquent on our mtg & we pay on time even when its tough. We give 10% to charity every year. We are happily living within our means. Our cars are old but paid for, we don't have satellite or cable t.v., and camping is the only vacation we have ever taken. We are putting our son through a private college where he received an academic scholarship for 2/3rds of the tuition. He is achieving all A's.
      From my husbands paycheck, the fed govt takes around 15% in fica, unemployment & medicare tax. However, even though they take it to distribute as they see fit – it is not considered an income tax. We pay 8% in state income tax, we pay sales tax, gas tax, etc. If we were to pay another 9-10% to the fed – then what? Either we would not be able to put our kids through school, or we would have to take govt assistance and we would not be able to give 10% to charity but may end up among the govt dependent.
      I'm not defending paying no fed income tax. I just think we should question the assumption that that is where the problem is.

    199. DSA says:

      This is such a misrepresentation of the facts. Everyone pays some sort of tax. I am a retired senior who paid tax on my income all of my working life, and my tax rate was more than Romney pays. Where is the fairness there? I made my investments in my retirement fund to pay tax on the monies going in so I don't have to pay on the money coming out. Does this make me one of the 49%? I think not!! This is just another right wing nut propaganda talking point.

    200. Disgusted says:

      The sickening thing to add to this is that Obama's payroll tax cut does two things, it guts Social Security and adds to the debt, and secondly, the almost 50% of people who pay no federal taxes now don't even have to pay the payroll tax, so basically they get a 3.5% tax rate. I wish Republicans made the point instead of being scared of appearing "anti-tax cut", Just because Obarfa calls it a "tax cut", doesn't mean it is. It's more redistribution to his base and screwing the elderly, who don't vote for him anyway.

    201. d-mac says:

      It's called buying votes!! We need to change the law, anyone on welfare,public assistance, should not be allowed to vote!! The blind dumb sheep voted for Obama just because of his skin color!!! He would have been elected if the liberal media had done thier job, starting with his so called birth certificate and all of his past records.

    202. Jeff says:

      and Obama's solution to to tax the rich. How about a fair tax for all americans? Everyone paying their share. What happened to that idea.

    203. Chirs says:

      i'm 18 and i pay income taxes, something doesn't seem right here

    204. Larry says:

      Here's another fact that will make you want to puke. I personally know a couple who did work occasionally last year. The man made 12,000 dollars and his wife made $5,000. That's $17,000 total income. They claim 4 children. Their tax refund was….are you ready for this…$15,000. They not only got back everything they had paid in, but about $13,000 more. And they want someone ELSE to pay their fair share. This Commie has got to go.

    205. Ayn Rand Fan says:

      No comment . I'll just do what Atlas did and Shrug

    206. ObamaJustBuyingVotes says:

      And why did Obama and his regime propose cutting the social security tax? Drum roll….because it is another tax cut to the 49% that don't pay federal income tax! After all, you can't cut the income tax for those who don't pay federal income tax! Just another vote grab.

    207. ObamaJustBuyingVotes says:

      And why did Obama and his regime propose cutting the social security tax? Drum roll….because it is another tax cut to the 49% that don't pay federal income tax! After all, you can't cut the income tax for those who don't pay federal income tax! Just another vote grab.

    208. Chris says:

      The last paragraph of this article is a joke. Since when does Congress listen to what poor people want. They're bought and paid for by the rich. What a load of crap.

    209. Jasonn says:


      "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.

      Give a man a welfare check, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe
      and some Air Jordan's and he votes Democrat for a lifetime."

    210. Crait Eliot says:

      It's a pretty sad state of affairs, and just goes to show how corrupt the American system has become, when half the people are so plundered and poor that they no longer have to pay taxes. A class war? You'd better believe it: the war by the super-rich against everyone else—and they are winning it!

    211. warmachine says:

      The increase in entitlements and spending will push us straight to the fate of Greece…..

    212. josetoyou1 says:

      I think everyone should pay taxes, regardless of their economic status.
      Those in our current system who are not paying taxes should forefit their right to vote.

    213. Brown Tiger says:

      How many of those are under 18 and retired?

      It just looks misleading….

    214. Jasonn says:


      Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.

      Give a man a welfare check, a forty ounce malt liquor, a crack pipe
      and some Air Jordan's and he votes Democrat for a lifetime.

    215. one of the 49% says:

      I am among the 49.5% and I think it is time to put an identity on at least one of these individuals:
      My husband has a good steady job earning $55k per/yr. He is a recent combat vet. I stay home and homeschool our kids. We receive NO govt assistance – no not even VA care. We are happily living within our means. Our cars are old but paid for, our $100,000 home is nearly paid for. We pay our bills even when it's hard. We don't have satellite or cable t.v., and camping is the only vacation we have ever taken. My son attends private univ. where 2/3 of his tuition is pd for w/ an academic scholarship. We are paying the other 1/3. We give 10% to charity every year. We are NOT deadbeats but believe in personal responsibility!
      We pay fica, unemployment & medicare tax. However, those are not considered an income tax. We pay 8% in state income tax, we pay property tax, sales tax, gas tax, etc. If we were to pay another 9-10% to the fed – then what? We would not be able to contribute to charity, we would not be able to put our kids through school, or we would have to take govt assistance and instead of contributing to society, we may end up among the govt dependent.
      I'm not defending paying no fed income tax. I just think we should question the assumption that that is where the problem is.

    216. Eric says:

      Who is John Galt?

    217. LAS says:

      You all realize Obama came into Office in January of 2009. The chart stops at 2009. It may have jumped up 2% points in one year, but you can't say it skyrocketed in Obama's years because that would be between 2009 and 2012. This chart does not show anything past 2009. So, if the rate is now purported to be somewhere close in the 47% to 49%, has it really skyrocketed?

      I'm just saying………

    218. Gary Johnson says:

      Once the "takers" become the majority, the "makers" are in for a rough ride. It will be "critical mass" for the democrats and their class warfare strategy…"vote for us and we'll GIVE you stuff"….sad.

    219. Gary Johnson says:

      Best argument for the Flat tax I've heard…

    220. steve says:

      I have been saying for years the real fight will not be bewteen drms and repubs, those are just names for fundraising organizations, but between the private sectgor and the public sector and who is going to keep most of the money. Stay tuned.

    221. Daryl says:

      Let's actually look at the definition of taxable and nontaxable return from the report – http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/09insec4.pdf

      "Taxable and Nontaxable Returns
      The taxable and nontaxable classification of a return for this report is determined by the presence
      of “total income tax”. Some returns classified as “nontaxable” may have had a liability for other taxes, such as self-employment tax, uncollected employee social security and medicare tax on tips, tax from recomputing prior-year investment credit, penalty taxes on individual retirement accounts, Section 72 penalty taxes, advance earned income credit payments, household employment taxes, or golden parachute payments."

      **** Whoa that's actually a lot of categories of taxes that are not included in the calculation of the report's **** taxable and nontaxable return. The chart uses two different data points and they are not analogous to **** each other.

      **** 1) someone who is not paying any tax
      **** 2) the number of nontaxable returns compared to the total population

      **** The report states in the definition section that the number of nontaxable returns does not mean the **** person did not pay any taxes. The report goes through a long list of potential taxes paid that are not **** included in this calculation thus that tax return ends up in the "nontaxable return" total number.

      "These taxes, however, were disregarded for the purposes of this classification since three of the above taxes were considered social security (rather than income) taxes, and the remaining ones, except for advance earned income payments, were either based on prior year’s income or were penalty taxes.

      For this report, the earned income credit is treated first as an amount used to offset income tax before credits. Since the earned income credit was refundable, it was subtracted from income tax (for the statistics) after reduction by all other statutory credits. As a result, some returns became nontaxable strictly because of the earned income credit and the earned income credit equaled or exceeded income tax before credits reduced by any other credits. It should be noted that classification as taxable or nontaxable was based on each return as it was filed and does not reflect any changes resulting from audit or other enforcement activities."

    222. Ben H. says:

      You imply that those of a certain income pay no taxes at all…this is not true. People in these income brackets pay plenty of taxes and contribute in other ways. These include Gas Taxes and Social Security and Medicare. This story is written with the sole purpose of getting an emotional reaction out of people in higher tax brackets. This is the just as irresponsible as what the liberal press. As conservatives, we must find a way to get beyond this type of reporting.

    223. and given Obama's current proposal to lower corporate tax rates, and then offset that with tripling dividends etc., that number will go beyond 50% as the taxpayer citizens are slowly attritted and become members of the non-paying elite.
      But what can anyone expect from a president who has said he does not care about revenues, but rather that people should be paying their fair share.

    224. Vered Talor Arnon says:

      naturally, when people don't make enough money to be taxed, they don't pay taxes. the fact that almost half of the people in this country are living at that level of poverty is very burdensome for the government. laws that raise minimum wage seem like something that could address the issue. but small businesses can't necessarily afford to pay their employees more. and the fact that hyperinflation is coming makes it all kind of a moot point anyways. the dollar is dying, and the IRS is starting to feel it.

    225. Guest says:

      his is worse than I thought! Read to the end – it is short – but what is there is true – this is the tipping point. I told you about Dan Simmons book "Flashback", about the horrible demise of America, and one of the tipping points was this.

      Obama wants to tip this further. He and the Dems believe then that THEY will become the Party of power; basically we would have one rule. And more and more of the money that working people make will go to pay for the others who do not work, plus the support of a huge and growing gov't – who will have more and more power over THOSE who they subsidize, and those whom they take the money for the subsidies.

      It is happening right now. Obama is the death of America happening unless we change it.

    226. Me Tu Hungry says:

      1) This is the dumbest article that I've read lately!

      2) If the upper-class were paying their 'fair-share' there wouldn't be nearly so many unemployed today.
      So, if there were less unemployed people, there would be more tax payers.

      3) Let's all blame the current administration…
      Of course then we'd have to forget that Clinton left office with a huge surplus of $$.
      And, when Obama took office the country already had a huge deficit.
      So, Obama couldn't fix all of the mess that Bush Jr left him.
      But, where would the unemployment rate be today if he'd just ignored the whole situation?

      4) So now who do we want in office?
      The guys that couldn't fix the mess they inherited.
      The guys that created the mess.

      5) This whole $$ problem began when Bush Jr's administration ordered the invasion of Iraq.
      OK, in principle it seemed good.
      But, shortly after capturing almost every Iraq military, why only a few weeks later did Bush Jr tell the US forces to release most all of them??
      Because, Bush Jr said it would cost us too much to detain them!
      I guess he figured that the ensuing years of occupation and warefare would be less expensive than keeping the Iraq military in a fenced-in area.

    227. heynorm0601 says:

      Pretty soon this Titanic we call the United States of America is going to start to tilt and then sink, taking all of us down with it, including the almost 50% who contributed to the tragegy.
      That's what Obama wants because who will be the lifeboat to save us? Riiiiiiiight. The government.

      We need to vote this this evil man and all of his followers out of office and make sure they don't ever re-surface.

    228. Ipaytaxes says:

      That 50% he is writing about owns 2.5% of the wealth, you won't get taxes from a turnip!

    229. Poon says:

      country full of moochers.

    230. white Christmas says:

      Everyone keeps asking who's to blame, so im gonna give you a visual reference point, go to Martin Luther King street ( every major city has one) once your there look left and right, are you done? Thats who to blame. But of course saying something like this isnt politically correct, sort of like saying California is broke from all the illegals.

    231. According to the Constitution taxes are a voluntary and not a duty. But since that issue is not irrelevant and we do have the IRS taxes have become a duty and the government continues to ignore the 10th amendment to the Constitution with more and more taxes on a shrinking economy. If the economy was not hijacked by this present administration recreating it into a socialist style economy where the Obama government is more than happy to have more and more people dependent on the Government while strangling what remains of the private sector, I believe there would be more people who can pay their due share of taxes. This administration is full of talk regarding the iniquity of China's trade practices that are bleeding our economy to their benefit and due to his massive regulations he has killed any chance for a vibrant economy to pay these taxes. This is not some off hand mistake but the core belief of President Obama

    232. Tom Menino says:

      " You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. You Cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The Government cannot give to anybody anything that the Government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half get's the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is surely the end of any nation's future."

      – From the FaceBook page of Sen. Scott Brown (R – Mass.)

    233. Eagle1Jim says:

      What happens when the rich have no more to give? The government will have to tax all those receiving freebees because they will be the only ones with any money. Sorry, I forgot to mention the 1% group which will be all the government workers. So long America, it has been good knowing you.

    234. Guest says:

      Having been retired for 11 years, I do not pay FEDERAL Income Tax – but believe me, the state gets a huge hunk of my income before Fed tries to take their share.

      Last year's income = 20kSocial Security, 16K from IRA, 9k Roth
      State Taxes = 5.8k town Property Tax + 6%sales taxes ~1k or 2K
      Medicare+Wrapper insurance+copays=+6k

      So I am supposed to be paying no taxes and living the high life? Very misleading article.

    235. rizz917 says:

      Look at how low it was undre Reagan.

    236. Rose says:

      why the surprise at these numbers?
      Did "O" not tell us during the last presidenial campaign that he was going to "redistribute the wealth…"?
      That's exactly what he's done, and continues to do…

    237. Prof says:

      For whatever it's worth, here's my situation. My household income is around 50K. My wife doesn't work. We have two children and a relatively small mortgage. I give around 11% of my gross income to charity. I have not owed any federal income tax for many years. I certainly pay state and local taxes, sales tax, property taxes on house and cars, highway use tax, gasoline tax, occupancy taxes when I travel, etc. etc. etc. Also, the charities I help support take a burden off of the feds. I do not receive any form of govenment assistance (unless you count the various deductions I take on my taxes). Know that not all of "the 49%" are welfare queens or tax cheats, but rather middle-class Americans who fill out the forms and pay whatever's due.

    238. OnlAs the Quanitity of Corupt Evil,Wicked Anti American Atheist Anti God Jes and Their Lobbys' Have increased The Quality of Life Freedom ,Liberty,the Ownership of Private property and the production of American Made Products Has is and WILL Continue to Decrease

    239. Tim says:

      I would love to pay taxes if I only had a job….

    240. Paolo says:

      Americans pay taxes. Bums, free loaders, criminal politicians and illegal criminal aliens don't, so the headline should read; Every tax paying American is carrying the financial load for themselves and a free loading bum, criminal politician or criminal alien.

    241. Zondra Lee says:

      we in deep doo doo folks

    242. Cannibal Cat says:

      This is an example of a report that says nothing.
      Without clarifying WHO actually gets to pay no taxes (what income levels, how many children, why the exemptions occur in the first place) there' no way to correlate the data. By the data present–or rather, lacking–it's as easy to assume the richest half pay no taxes as it is to assume the poorest half pay no taxes.
      I've already seen articles that verified with statistical research that the richest 1% pay an average of 17% taxes where the middle class pays in excess of 34% on average. There has also been more than a few reports that various mega-corporations who've paid 0% in taxes.
      So please, next time you present an article like this please correlate the data by income bracket.

    243. No Excuses says:

      Forget the military industrial complex, we've got ourselves a WELFARE complex. Benefits are darn good too–too good to warrant a lazy but able bodied bum from trying to get a job.

    244. Flip says:

      Even these numbers are cooked. Anyone who is an employee of the government only pays taxes on paper. How can you 'pay' taxes if your entire paycheck comes from tax coffers?
      It's just like paying for your restaurant bill with money you take from their cash register.

    245. bobonnit says:

      The problem is not the "1%" but the 49.5% now isn't it. Why aren't they paying their fair share ? Bet you they all have nice plasma TV's, gas guzzling SUV's, expensive cell phones and monthly plans, their kids wear $150 sneakers while getting at least 2 free meals a day at school, and on and on.
      Of course this is what the Democrats plan is. Create a permanent class of dependents who will keep them in power. A little re-ordering of society is coming soon, and some people aren't going to like the results. And they will be traced directly back to LBJ's Great Society and acceleration of Big Government America. I spit upon the Democrats. Ptui !

    246. Megumi says:

      Since 2009, 88 percent of national income growth has gone to corporate profits, while just one percent has gone to wages. Real wages for the vast majority of Americans have stagnated or shrunk, while the top quintile has advanced by a factor of 3 (or more).

      Yet, your solution is to squeeze some nonexistent tax dollars out of the folks at the bottom. Good plan – just the sort of sound reasoning I've come to expect from the ideologues at the Heritage Foundation.

    247. gc58 says:

      EVERYONE should pay SOMETHING, regardless of the figure that is decided on as a minimum payment. Otherwise you don't care what the government decides, because it doesn't affect your pocketbook. Not only are almost half not paying, many are receiving money back that don't pay in one penny. That is welfare.

    248. Disgusted says:

      All those receiving benefits should have to repay those cost out their hefty tax returns. It's unbelievable that someone can live off government assistance and pay no taxes can but still receive an IRS refund for thousands of dollars.

    249. Scott Cunningham says:

      And remember, those of you paying taxes aren't paying your "fair share". Funny how the democrats always find a way to pass the bill onto those who work hard enough to be successful.

      We have eliminated the consequences of laziness, stupidity, and failure. We reward these traits, and punish enterprise, thrift, and prosperity. Its no wonder that we are in fiscal disarray. Its the perfect "Atlas Shrugged" scenario. It will only go on as long as the producers continue to produce. Once they give up, the confiscators and re-distributors will be out of options.

    250. alan says:

      Where are the piece of garbage liberals who say the rich dont pay their fair share?

    251. RJCOUSIN says:

      It's amazing that this clown gets away with the "Paying your Fair Share" mantra… the problem is, the 49% that don't pay vote for him…

    252. tiberdude says:

      Personal income tax is a scam. Nothing more than racketeering by the Government. Before you call me crazy watch the video "Freedome to fascism" I dare you to watch the whole thing.

    253. Zach Allen says:

      This should be frightening to everyone.

    254. Eric says:

      I want to know why I should pay any of my bills, includign taxes

    255. Ian says:

      Notice how the graph ends at the year 2009, before Obama took office…Pay attention people.

      This corresponds not to the socialization of america, but to the decline of the middle class. Tax laws haven't changed incredibly in the last 50 years.

    256. Noneya says:

      This is a surprise? Why are people going to give money to someone who clearly knows what to do with it?!?! Thank you Nappy for stopping all those hair dryers!! Such a relief! I am one one for getting rid of these bozos…it is obvious that something is broken. None of the people running this place knows the answer because they are so out of touch with the people they represent. May they all burn in

      Government = Ship of idiots

    257. Brett says:

      Obama grew up on welfare, food stamps & affirmitive action. He's never held a job in the private sector; he's been handed things effortlessly his entire life. Does it surprise you that this life long "feebie" training has manifested itself as devastation for America when the electorate chose him as our leader?

    258. Jerry5555 says:

      I guess this was the "Hope and Change" Obama was talking about….

    259. Sad American says:

      Pitchforks and torches. It is time. We have half on the take. Who do you think they will vote for? Must be incredible to have your lifestyle funded. Wish I knew that before high school, college and grad school. Nobody understands we are Greece and just as bad as the collective PIIGS.

    260. saul.goode says:

      I paid a total of 46% tax last year when you add up federal, state, medicare, medicaid and social security. 46%.

    261. no says:

      Go free trade!!

    262. FLIrishPM says:

      In Obama's world, this is what he calls "unfair"…..so if I'm paying 28% in taxes from earned income, does this mean I pick up the tab for the person not paying their income taxes because they fall under the "threshold" of being labeled "poor"? So I guess the answer is that I should be paying "more of my fair share" because according to Obama, I'm rich and I can afford to "sacrifice" more for the greater good……I'm wondering what the magic number is that would get him off of my back…is it 30%? How about 50%? Let's go ahead and call it 50% of my earned income would be "fair" to Obama…..do you actually think that by paying more in taxes that it's going to make one bit of difference in paying down debt or the government will start tightening their belt and live within their means? Not likely. The more you pay, the more revenue the government takes in, the more they squander it on the "have nots" that don't pay any income tax because they fall under the "unfortunate" label that liberal progressive marxists have created.. This is nothing but slavery reparations through wealth distribution over some perceived "wrong" that happened over 150 years ago.

    263. jsgonsol says:

      "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. (1984)
      Dr. Adrian Rogers – 1931-2005

    264. Jacqueline Sue says:

      Part of the jump in the percentage is due to the increase in retirees – the "baby Boomer" generation is now retiring and beginning to get their Social Security checks. Although many are unhappy that a lot of us who get SS checks pay no federal income tax you need to remember that we DID pay tax already on that SS money that was taken from our paychecks all during the years we worked. In my husbands case 50 years on the job paying full taxes; mine 30 years of employment. Although we both have small pensions they are much less than the amount allowed for exemptions by the IRS – i.e. no fed tax owed. At 75 I paid my dues and even tho it pains many of you our SS and Medicare is NOT AN ENTITLEMENT. We paid all those years into our SS plans and even now we PAY EVERY MONTH for our medicare; it is not "free" either. So stop blaming the elderly and thier SS checks – the real problem is the idiots you all voted for over the last 30 years or so who STOLE THE SS MONEY from the lockbox SS fund. Now that fund is full of useless and phoney IOU's and the elderly get the blame………….

    265. JT, Oregon says:

      I hate to admit it, but I have paid no federal income tax for at least 4 years. My annual income is around 95k . This is due to all the deductions for children (6), charity giving (about 12% of gross income), and having some of the children in college. I am not doing anything immoral, it is just the the way the tax code is written.

    266. TheBlackPiper says:

      The "evil rich", the top 1% of income earners, pay 21.5% (or over $1.00 out of every $5.00) of all federal and state taxes. But according to the Anti-American Demagogue in the White House they don't pay their fair share. Then how can you logically say that the people who pay no taxes are paying their fair share? But then then lack of logic never bothered the so-called "progressive" liberal-socialist Democrats. Because when logic fails, it is always because of racism.

    267. jsgonsol says:

      "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. –
      Dr. Adrian Rogers – 1931-2005

    268. JimBo says:

      Since they're talking about total population, 'd like a breakdown of the 49.5% – how many are children, how many are retirees, how many are tax-exempt military, how many are billionaire hedge-fund managers, how many are unemployed? A number that's seems amazingly inflated, often is. I would guess there's an equally starting number that outlines how many of the top 5% pay less of a percent tax than those anywhere beneath. The trouble is everywhere my friends, not just the bottom. Until both sides get straightened out nothing's going to improve…..

      We need a prominent third party to keep the other two honest and focussed…..

    269. goidel says:

      The problem with this type of reporting is that retired people may no taxes due because when deducting
      the itemized or standard deductions and exemptions they have no tax liability…yet may be invading principal to eek by. They should not be included in the 49.5%.

    270. Carl says:

      We need a reform in the one vote/one citizen ruling. I suggest a double vote for those who pay in and a single vote for those who take out. If done now the events of the fall of our financial /country value will be corrected in a democratic manner and respecting the Hard work will get you there human truth.

    271. Draggo says:

      EVERYBODY pays taxes. Maybe not under the payroll deduction "Federal Taxes" but EVERYBODY pays FICA taxes. Very very few people actually don't pay taxes on their income. NO ONE gets a refund on their FICA Taxes deduction. . .NO ONE.

    272. john says:

      I believe many folks posting here are confusing withholdings with actually paying income tax. Yes, you may have a portion of your check withhel; but when you claim the EIC on 4/15 and get back three times your withholdings you are not paying income taxes.

    273. The FAIR tax would eliminate this problem and theoretically make everyone happy as those who spend the most (presumably, those with the most to spend) would pay the most and those who spend the least would pay the lease. Because everyone buys something once in awhile, everyone would pay something, at least. But, oh no. We can't have that. Politicians and bureaucrats need oh so much more than provided by a FAIR tax system. In addition, those same politicians and bureaucrats don't want to loose their power over that 49.5-percent. They, and those they inflict guilt-trips on, keep reelecting and enriching them because that 49.5-percent won't vote out their meal tickets.

    274. James D says:

      Answer, the Fair Tax. Consumption tax only.

    275. CB1359 says:

      1st amendment of the constitution states their shall be no direct taxation made upon the citizens from the federal government. The framers did not want the people of this country to have federal foot upon the neck of freedom. The Income tax law was written in 1913.

    276. Poor FarmersWife says:

      We are one of the 50% who don't pay taxes. We used until 3 years ago my husband lost his job. Though we don't pay taxes, this year we received a refund almost $4000; last year our income was $11,000 and we received nearly $5000 as a refund! We accepted it because when your income is that low you are desperate just to be able to take care of basic needs. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, this is what I tell my liberal friends: If you add that big refund to my income, I AM STILL POOR. Even if the gov took 100% of those who make over $100,000 it would not be enough to raise ever poor family out of poverty. What we want is a robust economy where companies are hiring. Obama is the one who destroyed the economy. Anyone actually knowledgeable about economics (which I am) will tell you there is no economic principle that would place this mess on Bush's policies and the housing crisis which was caused by dems.. He tried to make fannie mae and freddie mac accountable but was stopped by the dems. Here's a simple economic principle: it has been proving that lowering corporate tax results in more hiring, because they have more money. When more people are hired, there are more people to pay taxes and the gov revenue increases by a significant amount. Obama's policies are old and have always resulted in increased poverty and misery.

    277. surfer1104 says:

      Why pay income tax I pay enough in sales taxes, property taxes, car tax, furniture tax… plus fees on so many other items ..

    278. Pablito says:

      America’s republican form of government – didn't include income tax until 1913 and they've been robbing us ever since.

    279. Frank Fitzgerald says:

      Unfortunately, the 49.5% who "don't pay taxes" is a falsehood based on a misinterpreting tax refunds. Two years ago in 2010 a similar article was release in April that claimed the same misleading percentage in its title. But if you read the article, the article went on to explain that "not paying taxes" really meant the people who don't have to pay additional taxes upon submitting their income taxes but instead receive a tax refund. A tax refund means that one is over paying their income taxes. The above article is another link in this false chain of anti-tax advocacy. I want lower taxes too but not at the expense of honest analysis of the issue.

    280. Mitch pawl says:

      Nobama breeds to be beat.

      Plain and simple, he needs to be beat

    281. reasonable man says:

      mechelle the fact that you refer to yourself a i rather than I (Isn't it amazing that small i is almost undisceraible from I), friend there is the problem. When the individual is small case, government is in charge of your life. When I is upper case you control government. MAN up and live a good life.

    282. Guest says:

      One simple way to fix this crap:__If you don't pay taxes, you don't vote.__Before you go ballistic on this….. and I realize that this could impact some folks that cannot pay taxes through no fault of their own….__Realize that if the lion's share of those people who pay no taxes are the free riders, the people that are content to suck off the government's teat, and they'll vote without fail for a Democrat every single time.__Think about it. All of the multi-generations of people who have resigned themseleves and their families to do little with their lives, all of the millions of illegals who are patiently waiting for another amnesty program, all of these people that the Democrats have so patiently groomed for vote harvesting so they'll be in power eternally….__The whole Grand Scam down the tubes. Finito. Only the productive Americans that have some skin in the game vote.__What a concept.__And for those Americans who manage their wealth to the point that they and their corporations pay no taxes (ie, Jeffrey Imelt of GE), we can address them too with a Flat Tax.__Think about it. It's feasible, and you don't have to be a loony closet left wing liberal Ron Paul supporter to do it!

    283. Tom Harvey says:

      I have to wonder just how many of those who don't pay taxes volunteer in effort to give something back

    284. Emm says:

      Look, everyone on this board would pay no taxes if the shoe fit. If someone files and the law says they don't owe anything, what's the problem? This article puts me in mind of a guy who gets a speeding ticket and has to pay a fine, and he's angry because non-speeders didn't have to pay anything. Well, they weren't speeding! Likewise, you can't get angry with someone because they don't owe taxes. If you want to get angry at someone, point your furrowed brow and evil glare at the government, which is spending more than it takes in. That's where the problem is. It's not the intake that's the problem; it's the outgo.

    285. Jason Ammons says:

      You know I never paid a dime of taxes when I was in the military (2000-2008). I always got a full refund of everything I paid in. In fact, when I deployed to the Iraqi AOR they didn't even deduct taxes.

    286. Steve Holland says:

      This a great argument for a flat tax on all forms of income – say 10% or 15% by ALL.

      We are headng toward a Greek system where everyone wants benefits, but not one wants to pay for them, so you borrow money untl you run our of credit – then the house calls your hand.

    287. Cooga Paw says:

      It's hard to even file taxes if you don't have a job.

    288. MadTaxPayer says:

      I just paid $17,358 in federal taxes and I DID NOT LIKE IT.

    289. Ken says:

      Why is it most don't see the real issue. Poor people don't make enough money to pay taxes. When there's no work, there's no income. The article basically said this. Most poor people do not choose to be poor. Most would like to work. The problem is corporations that are beholden to shareholders who demand higher and higher profits so they receive higher and higher returns. Corporations have sent so many jobs to foreign countries — where wages are lower — that there aren't enough jobs to go around in the U.S. This is what is harming the republic more than anything else. And now corporations have been given free rein to spend as much as they like on elections. History tells us this is a bad idea. When big business runs government, government is no longer by the people for the people. It's for profit and that profit is not shared with people who would gladly do the work if they had the opportunity. Quite simply, when nobody is working nobody is paying taxes.

    290. fgoepfert says:

      Bring jobs back and the percentage paying taxes will go up.

    291. Chairman Soetoro says:

      People who don't pay taxes should not be allowed to vote.

    292. That means 151.7 million Americans paid nothing in 2009. By comparison, 34.8 million tax filers paid no taxes in 1984.

    293. brian says:

      That's what happens when you have people voting for a living instead of working for a living.

    294. guest says:

      And the people that actually PAY taxes are told they are not paying their fair share….

    295. Ned Farrar says:

      In his constant ranting about "shared sacrafice", Obama has not mentioned how he wants this group to participate! He doesn't, as he is counting on their "something for nothing" votes.

    296. Paul says:

      Are we including Social Security and Medicare for which we paid taxes our entire working lives as a benefit? And no whining about the relative rates over time, we watched as every administration starting w/ Nixon presided over the devaluation of the dollar which is the root of all of our problems.

    297. How's that "Change" working out? Next step…must be a tax payer to vote!

    298. Thomas says:

      I am 50 years old. I have not paid any federal income tax in three years AND I get a "refund" on taxes I dont pay. Its the tax code. It is completely stupid.

    299. Jae says:

      I really don"t understand these figures. I make $9-$12 an hour and I have always paid tax at the end of the year as I didn"t pay enough in. My daughter is now working part time while she attends school and she has always gotten money back but it was because it was over the amount owed. Who are you referring to, strictly welfare people. Even people on unemployment pay income tax.

    300. freecheesegov says:

      Are they including me, a retired military combat veteran and somebody who paid into Social Security for 47-years while Congress stole ALL of my contributions ?
      Am I being lumped up with welfare recepients and winos and drug addicts who are soooooooo impaired that they get a Social Security disability check bigger than mine ? Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

    301. tim says:

      The 1% are part of the 50.5%. The rest are leaches.

    302. Travis says:

      Yet people complain about the millionaires not paying their "fair share". How about those who use the system the most pay for it. (Aka Welfare recipients)

    303. George says:

      someone should alert Drudge – the link on there to this chart said that 49% of Americans pay no taxes, when in fact almost all of those people contribute to payroll taxes for social security, medicare etc, which is a flat tax up to $106K annual income.

    304. tim says:

      I have no children, I work three jobs so that I can pay my student loans. I have friends who have five children, they get to buy new furniture, and a cruise to Alaska with their earned income Tax
      ,credit. Representation with no taxation. Madening.

    305. danielduckworthmortgagenotes says:

      The outcome of the great society disaster. The 1980's were the only period where the percentage actually grew. No wonder Americans felt so good about themselves and their country in the 1980's. We had more productive tax paying citizens then.

    306. Jfl1950 says:

      49.9% too much.

    307. Rusty says:

      That 49% are lower and middle class. The top 10%, income-wise are paying 40% of all the taxes. AND, a large percentage of that 49% DO NOT HAVE JOBS! Too young, retired, and out of work. So, you see, you can make numbers prove your point very easily.

    308. bob says:

      I assume payroll taxes are not counted in this figure.

    309. I see this as a victory for the rich. Eliminate the middle class. Any wealth the middle class has is perceived to have been stolen from the wealthy according to Republicans. Flat tax anyone? Loopholes for the wealthy. Lower tax rate rate for investment income than earned income. Job creators should get tax breaks, but not investors who "might" create jobs.

    310. jack sh@# says:

      Here is a solution the Government doesn't like in fact it is the only four letter word that offends any government…..CASH! Use it whenever you can and hide it from "them"

    311. deucerider says:

      We got along without a federal income tax quite well until 19l7 when the federal tax was voted in. If China wants to do business here they will need to pay a tariff. We need to close the 700 plus military bases we have spread around the world. We need to stop foreign aid that goes mostly to our enemies. We need to seal our borders and allow only citizens to use our resources.

    312. pipercub says:

      It is easily explained. If you have kids (Deduction) and a shixxy job: Bingo!! Deductions greater than tax withdrawal on low paying job.

    313. Bill says:

      Hard to Figure? Read the Tax Table. When your makeing $10.00 hr to $12.00 hr you have no money to pay taxes. The last cenues showed 48% of the amercian household makes $28000. or lower. This is what happens when the money goes to the Top. We fall for their Lies.THE BIG FIGHT IN WASHINGTON NO TAXES ON THE RICH. they have us were they want us. Work for nothing make gov smaller, Cut all gov programs so they dont have to pay taxes.

    314. ezlife4me says:

      Only fools would pay taxes to our do-nothing Congress. Go cash only and keep your money in a safe place. Once enough people stop contributing to this nonsense just maybe we can get things back on an even keel. But I doubt it as we have this mountain of debt that simply can never be repaid. Bankruptcy is around the corner and riots in the street will make Greece look like a Sunday school picnic

    315. Pete says:

      Bend over and kiss America good-bye.

    316. Steve Jarret says:

      the 49.5% who don't pay any income taxes

      ? I wonder what political party they represent

      1 guess

    317. Ronnie says:

      Bottom line here is that those who do not take take advantage of any of the failed policies the government uses our income taxes for should not have to pay for someone else to take advantage of them while sitting on their asses collecting food stamps because they're to lazy to work.

    318. ELLA FUNT says:

      As you all write these dumb comments, the government will spend more, you will be taxed more, you will earn less, work longer and harder hours and there is nothing you can or will do about it. JUST BABBLE ON.

    319. tony says:

      Wait, roughly half of us don't pay income tax?! How do they get away with that?! Cause I sure as hell don't want to keep paying off the mafia!(IRS, Federal Reserve) I don't want to pay rent on land I supposedly own!(property tax) I don't want to pay sociopathic ,"do-gooders" to lord over me with their corporate municipal government code, because it is not law. I don't want a big brother to watch over me. Listen, we're only broke if we keep playing their rigged game. This whole thing depends on your compliance. I do not advocate violence for it would only serve to help them. Capitalism, socialism, and communism are all the same thing, nothing more than different feathers on the same bird of prey. We are NOT a democracy, though many have been fooled into believing that. We are a Constitutional Republic. We have laws. I think this crime syndicate should be dealt with by the people of this country with our domestic police force, they should be given a pubic and speedy trial and dealt with accordingly. Y'know, innocent until PROOVEN guilty? Get out of this entitlement paradigm. Please, tyranny always comes with the best of intentions and our constitution was designed to protect us from our own best intentions.

      the constitution states that income is "defined" and profits derived from corporate activity. Not the agreement between employee and employer which is a fair and even trade, but only as long as the employee knows that to stay as such is slavery for his boss will always have control over what he does via a paycheck, fear and oppression. So you need to know of the free enterprise system and lemmie tell ya it's not capitalism. America the idea – get a job, set aside money, build an asset, live comfortably and help other people to attain the same level of success so as to enjoy what little time we have with our family and friends. Oh yeah, an asset is something that brings in a positive residual cash flow. No a house is not an asset, nor is a car, boat, tv, plane, etc. They are liabilities. That's a lot I know, but I hope you will at least look into the claims I make.
      "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." – Albert Einstein

    320. At the point the number hits 51%; those paying taxes will be paying taxes without representation. All that the founders fought for will have been lost. The minority, those paying taxes, will be subject to the legal theft of their property by the majority.

    321. you mean it's not just the rich getting out of paying taxes, well slap my face and call me Betty.

    322. Jerry Day says:

      Our "republican" form of government? In a Republican form of government no individual may be infringed except by claim of those he has harmed. Taxes on labor is slavery. Taxes on property that produces no income is feudalism. America has not been a "republic" for a long, long time.

    323. DeltaJimi says:

      "Another eye-popping number was the percentage of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, which now accounts for nearly half of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, most of that population receives generous federal benefits."

      Sounds exactly like redistribution of wealth to me.

    324. Bustoff says:

      Quite frankly, I don't believe the numbers being reported. Just who are "all Americans"? The data needs to be broken down a lot further before it becomes credible. Figures lie and liars figure.

    325. WORKER says:


    326. taxlady says:

      compudoc_The headline is miss leading because about half of that half get lots of money back when they file their taxes. It's not just the tax code but other give aways. The many unwed moms who have 3 children and get housing,cell phone, utilities,healthcare,food and welfare but work a few moths a year to make about $4000.00 has no tax liability and gets back about $3500.00 on their tax return.

    327. John says:

      More BS from the Heritage Foundation.

      Much of the "50% not paying taxes" are regular working people. We figured up the effective tax rates for people in our office. 25% of them don't pay taxes, yet they aren't welfare types. They are professionals. That's the system. The reason it jumped under Obama is because middle-class working Americans got more tax breaks under Obama, and thus the people who were paying very little taxes started getting a refund instead of paying. What he did was lower taxes for working people, not put more people on welfare.

      Quit listening to political talking points and start thinking for yourselves.

    328. cwgf says:

      Do we really need Washington DC telling us what cars we should buy, what food we can eat, what light bulbs we can use, what toilets we flush, what we teach our kids, how we raise our kids, how we should feed our kids? Does the Federal Government have an inside track on morality & ethics or something?

    329. Fairness` says:

      Obama wants to talk about "FAIR"? What is "FAIR" that 49.5% pay ZERO income taxes? What is "FAIR" that some that pay ZERO income taxes actually get money back? Get rid of ALL loop holes on BOTH ends of the spectrum. FLAT TAX, if it works for God (10%) then why can't it work for the United States of America?

    330. tony says:

      Wait, roughly half of us don't pay income tax?! How do they get away with that?! Cause I sure as hell don't want to keep paying off the mafia!(IRS, Federal Reserve) I don't want to pay rent on land I supposedly own!(property tax) I don't want to pay sociopathic ,"do-gooders" to lord over me with their corporate municipal government code, because it is not law. I don't want a big brother to watch over me. Listen, we're only broke if we keep playing their rigged game. This whole thing depends on your compliance. I do not advocate violence for it would only serve to help them. Capitalism, socialism, and communism are all the same thing, nothing more than different feathers on the same bird of prey. We are NOT a democracy, though many have been fooled into believing that. We are a Constitutional Republic. We have laws. I think this crime syndicate should be dealt with by the people of this country with our domestic police force, they should be given a pubic and speedy trial and dealt with accordingly. Y'know, innocent until PROOVEN guilty? Get out of this entitlement paradigm. Please, tyranny always comes with the best of intentions and our constitution was designed to protect us from our own best intentions.

    331. Beowulf says:

      Use to make $60,000 a year. Now I have a job that pays me $218.36 a month after taxes. How do I get out of paying taxs?

    332. Sam says:

      I do happen to agree that we need to broaden the tax base, even though I'm liberal.

      But this 50% number is a dumb, misleading statistic. It totally ignores the fact that children, [most] teenagers, college students, people who've lost money on investments, and the unemployed obviously don't pay taxes. That's a huge chunk of your "50%."

      Beyond that, even those who do not pay income taxes due to having a really low income DO pay a multitude of other taxes: Medicare, Social Security contributions, worker's comp (not sure if that's a tax or not), STATE income taxes, STATE sales taxes, local levies & property taxes, airline/train ticket taxes, etc.

      Also worth mentioning are those who earn all of their income from investments, in which case they're taxed via capital gains taxes.

      I'm so sick of people throwing around this statistic without giving it any context.

      • Devout Skeptic says:

        Right. 24% of Americans are 18 or under as of the 2010 census which is half of the 49%. College students & retired people probably eat up a large portion of the remaining 24%. The 50% number is intentionally misleading and dishonest. The people who believe it are dumb.

    333. chiefpayne says:

      I wonder what the non-working half would do if those who DID pay income tax every year, refused to do so this year.

      Do you think they would tell us to get back to work?

    334. Devout Skeptic says:

      All those infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school, high school, & elderly retired people not paying federal taxes really make me mad too. The nerve. But seriously the writer of the article is either intentionally trying to twist the facts or is a complete moron. My guess is the former. According to the U.S. census 24% of Americans are under 18 & 13% are over 65. That leaves 12% of people that we may expect to be working who aren't paying taxes. Some percentage of those are going to college or earning under $16,000.

    335. Chris Vrahnos says:

      Well,well,cry me a river.If one looks into those that "pay no taxes"you will find the ones that work and have a job or two are still have the same income as they did 15 years ago.And some of you out there cry cause you didn't get a pay raise in the last year or two.So you want us that can make only $30,000 per year or less and we have children to support,pay taxes?Fine lets have it your way but you pay more taxes as well so it can be fair for all of us.

      • Frank says:

        Shouldn't have had kids if can't afford..shpuld have looked ahead, Stayed in school to get a better job, saved money for a rainy day. Take personal responsibility!

    336. I'm part of the 50.5%

    337. WILDA WOODS says:

      They just got a big bonus(birth control ) and plenty of time to use!!!
      Can you imagine just how much this is going to cost,
      They will be getting it free and selling it on the street for cash to pay for their drugs and booze!!!
      Another burden for the tax payer!!! Bozo said it was free, Peter has to pay Paul, but Peter is going broke fast, so there will be nothing for the pauls!!!

    338. TKO says:

      It is still a law. NO one has to pay Federal Income Tax. It is still voluntary. It is just that the IRS does not want you to know that. One can ask for a W-8 and not have to pay taxes. You may loose some privledges like Police Protection or Military Retirement. But NO one has to pay Federal Income Tax. Presidential Mandate under FDR.

    339. RinoSafari says:

      This country hasn't done anything recently that deserves my tax money. If I had a choice I wouldnt give them a single dime.

    340. cher NJ says:

      I prepared taxes for 4 years.@H and R block and Jackson hewitt. They are stating 50% don't pay but they don't mention the EIC credit …They are not only not paying there share of taxes…..they are getting a credit to reward them not to work too much. People would tell me they quit their jobs so they got the maximum amount of EIC. In four years of doing taxes only one couple sat in front of me that indeed did not feel entitled.If more of us who pay taxes would read up on this credit maybe we could vote and debolish it.

    341. mary says:

      "Greater spending prudence". Sounds good for a number of OTHER AREAS in our imbalanced government. Helping those who need our help is not a problem for me. Paying crooked politicians too much money is a problem for me. Plus Wall Street mishaps coverage. Plus the policing of our freedoms is a problem for me. Etc., etc. Republican or Democrat alike!

    342. Ash says:

      This chart is 3 yrs behind. Where is a current chart of the same info? (not the charts that appear when you click on the 2nd link).

    343. Bob Gibson says:

      Lots of opinions, few hard figures to support the arguments. Is it vote buying, or is it the increasing disparity in the distribution of wealth? Only a clear understanding of the figures will give the answers. Does the Heritage Foundation have an axe to grind? Are their analyses reliable. Only the figures will tell you.

    344. John Taylor says:

      Duh. This is the baby boomer effect. The population is aging. It's happening worldwide. Groups that try to turn it into a political statement just demonstrate how stupid they think they're followers are.

    345. Greg says:

      A major factor causing this number is the widening gap in the rich and poor. The middle class is losing ground. This is a real problem because the middle class pays the most in taxes. The rich and poor pay very little tax. I'm conservative when it comes to fiscal matters. I do not have a party since the Republican party is not focused on setting conservative policy but is more concerned with making the uber-rich richer at the expense of the rest of us.

      Picture other countries with the largest disparity in rich and poor and then think of other countries where there is the least disparity. You may notice that the countries with the least disparity have the strongest economies and the highest standard of living.

      We've been elected Republicans and Democrats forever and getting nowhere; actually things are getting worse (except for the uber-rich). Somehow we think that continuing to vote for the latest batch of politicians is going to change anything. The top .001% run this country and they distract us with social issues and spin. If you can step back and look at the very big picture, you'll see that we are voting against our best interests.

    346. Frank says:

      According to the tax-rate chart in the instruction booklet for IRS Form 1040, only those who report $5.00 or less have no tax liability. That's five dollars, not $500.00 ($51), $5000, ($503), or $50,000 ($8631). Wonder how the $5.00 a year people are getting by.

      • mndasher says:

        A single person can have income of $9500 and pay zero tax.. ($3700 personal exemption + $5800 standard deduction.) A family of 4 can have income of $26,400 and pay zero tax. ($3700 x4 = $14,600 + $11,600 standard deduction.)

    347. Guitarman says:

      Amen Jim, CT I couldn't have said it any better.

    348. mndasher says:

      There are a lot of reasons for some to pay no taxes. One is the college tuition tax credit found in several forms such as the hope education credit, and the life time education tax credit. Either one of these can reduce your tax burden by $2000. That plus standard or itemized deductions, and personal exemptions further reduce the tax burden.

      Should one not take tax deductions or credits that are available to them? For the past four years these deductions and credits have allowed me to reduce my taxes to less than zero. I won't be as fortunate as that this year. I don't and wont pay a dime more to an out of control government than I absolutely have too.

    349. Den Locke says:

      If Obama wants everyone to pay their "fair share" of taxes he needs to stop demonizing the successful 1% that already pays 37% of our entire tax bill and go after the 50% that pay ZERO taxes. Increasing the TAX RATE on the rich will do nothing to our deficit. We need to increase the TAX BASE

    350. DoubleTap says:



      Stop trying to play class warfare in reverse. How many of you want the people paying no income tax to start paying "their fare share"? Do you really want everyone to participate in theft of gov.? Let's work to end the income tax fall all Americans.

      To be honest I don't make enough to pay income taxes. That doesn't not mean I don't pay taxes. I pay all the other taxes that most people pay. And don't think because I don't pay income taxes I'm somehow a welfare recipient. I've never taken a dime from the gov for any kind of assistance. I hope to make more money with my company that I'm trying to start in this crappy economy. And when I don I still don't want to pay income taxes. Ask yourself, does misery love company? Do you want others that don't pay income taxes to pay because you're bitter that you have to pay income taxes and they aren't paying their fare share? Stop being sucked into this game. NOBODY SHOULD PAY INCOME TAXES. The gov is not entitled to the fruits of your labor. Taxes are gov. theft.

    351. Makahala says:

      Up to 49.5%? How unpatriotic of them. Paying taxes is a good thing. The more the merrier. Just ask Joe Biden.

    352. Stephen Dexter says:

      The statistics being presented are deceptive. Since no numbers are presented one does not know whether the denominator is 300M (our actual population) or the 140M Americans who file tax returns. As of 2009, the last year for which detailed data is available, about 48% of tax filers reported adjusted gross income of $30K OR LESS. When you take out the standard deduction or even schedule A deductions and exceptions there is very little taxable income left.

    353. Ray Noyb says:

      1-Biz pays NO taxes! That means no SS/Med matching funds or Corp taxes on profits or State taxes or local taxes! The trade off being biz can not make a profit! Any and all funds leaving a biz are subject to scrutiny. Biz can only spend to buy what the biz needs and of course it must pay wages. The objective here being to lower the cost of doing biz in this country while removing the hidden cost of taxation from the cost of goods and services. Simple enough?
      2-Deploy a NRST that does not tax necessities. This tax might best be used to fund SS/Med in a dedicated manner thereby removing the funds from the general pool.
      3-Develop a new method for paying income taxes. 1st of all allow everyone a tax free zone determined by # of dependents and region and special needs. IE—Living in NYC costs more than living in Kansas so recognize that and recognize that disabled people need a break. NOW-> Absolutely ALL forms of income are subject to the same taxation formula.Vs this concept we no longer have AGI because all loopholes and tax shelters are gone and ALL forms of income are subject to the same taxation formula/schedule. Taxes are now paid based upon plugging in GROSS income from ALL sources less the basic allowance described earlier. Taxation then occurs in tax zones. Zone 1 pays 1% on income earned in tax zone 1. Tax zone 2 pays 2% on income earned in zone 2. Continue this process until the top tax zone is reached. That top zone may be 50% or 75%. It all depends on how the breakdown is done but be aware that if the top rate pd is 50% in zone 50 the approximate effective rate pd will be 25% or 37% if the top zone rate is about 75%.

      This concept, if properly deployed, reduces the $ cost of doing biz in this country so expect biz to locate here and expect a lot of it. This concept is as equitable and fair as it can possibly get because it treats all forms of income as income which is the way it should be. This concept will tend to remove people from the welfare rolls because the $ cost of goods and services will decline and jobs will become plentiful. Care must be taken to not allow credit extended at the personal level to once again throw us into recession so our credit/lending practices must be regulated properly. We need skin in the game for large purchases such as autos and homes but it is advisable to require one to have skin in the game for other purchases as well. This concept addresses the massive imbalance in trade which we are ignoring. This concept would include causing Govt to operate within its means. The concept is simple and straight forward so it is easily understood. We have allowed economists and politicians to run our economy into the ditch so it is time that the people determine how we pay taxes and this concept resonates well with the people.

    354. Ray Noyb says:

      Most who claim the lower 46% pay no taxes know little about the tax/economic system. The fact is ALL of us pay FOR the cost of taxation at the retail sales counter where we pay FOR everything biz pd to Govt at all levels. Those who can least afford to buy suffer the highest BURDEN of taxation due to the embedded costs of taxation that are included in the price of the goods and services we buy. Neither do most who complain about that lower 46% not paying their fair share know that the top 1% has increased its income by 275% in the course of 3 decades. Those of you that think it makes for a healthy economy to have the top 1% earners snag in excess of 20% of the AGI pie along with over 2/3rds of the CGI pie and virtually all of the dividends pd via trust funds are sorely lacking on the knowledge end so I would encourage everyone to get educated! Govt stats deceive!—The top 1% do NOT pay 40% of the taxes and the top 10% do NOT pay 70%! —Nowhere near actually!

    355. Gynnie A De Jesus says:

      The Federal government should return even permanent legal resident who is not working packing back to their home birth country, and charge a permanent legal residency tax since a great number of them are low income. Another thing that the Federal government should do, do away with the permanent legal residency and turn it into a five year legal residency, whereas the visa hold either files for citizenship or is ordered back to his home birth country. By doing this it gives opportunity for many more foreign nationals to come in and work for five years, to help support the poor families in their home land, if that is the case, or to spend time here and return at the end of their visa stay. This permanent Legal residency visa is a slap on the face to each American citizen, because Legal Residents have more legal representation in our legal court system than Americans. If a poor legal resident gets in trouble with the law, they can apply for Legal aid, and get legal advice from a legal team provided by their nation through their birth nation embassy. The main problem in the states is that resident and retail real estate is selling and renting way above market rate in most major cities, and individuals are paying a large percentage of the income for housing, and small business start-up is stifled by the high cost of retail space. Take a look at towns across the nation with their commercial strips practically shuttered. The Federal government should limit income lost to vacant property for one year; after that owners of vacant property ought not be allowed to claim income lost on vacant commercial and real estates properties. The present system of loss of income from investment deductibles is encouraging commercial and real estate properties to keep rents high and their property vacant. If the solutions are not implemented than these elected politicians should just go somewhere, because they are only making themselves look as stupid as they really are.

    356. guest says:

      …of those who paid zero in federal income tax, the number also includes nearly 6,500 with incomes in excess of $1 million who paid ZERO, and another 12,500 with incomes from $500,000 -$999,000 who also paid Zero. And lets not forget the nearly 40% of the number who are working class americans with incomes of $75,000-$125,000 who used child credits and other deductions to reduce their tax liability to Zero.

    357. Darin says:

      Every one complains and talks about problems? Start a revolution!!!!

    358. Marcus Clark says:

      Nobody should be paying income taxes. That goes for both personal and business. Support the Fair Tax. http://fairtax.org/

      • Dan says:

        No one minds paying taxes on people that really honesty need help (blind/lame, physically or mentally).It is things like paying for the huge populations on prisons,even ones who murder murder and are there for life.I think of Ward Weaver who tortured and killed two children and all others like him.We tax payers give him a home and pay for any care he might need.

    359. James Reaves says:

      How to lie with statistics! Of course half of Americans don't pay income taxes – the vast majority of Americans who don't pay income taxes are CHILDREN!

    360. man j her says:

      "50% percent dont pay taxes" and "that means, 151 million americans dont pay taxes"?? According to the US census, people under 18 and people over 65 years old make up a whopping 37% percent of those 300 million! AND with "REAL" unemployment being at 20% percent, that could be around 50% of people not working and unable to pay income tax.
      ANDDDD of those that do pay income tax… a nuke of a revelation came in the form of "the grace commission" or "The Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (PSSCC)" found that " In a letter to President Reagan dated January 12, 1984, Grace encapsulated his commission’s findings. He warned the president of multi-trillion dollar government debts by the year 2000 should the federal government not act upon his commission’s recommendations.

      In this same letter, Grace told President Reagan that “one-third” of the tax dollars collected are wasted and another third not collected. “With two-thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "Industrialist Peter Grace and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson formed the Grace Commission in 1982 in response to President Reagan’s “Private Sector Survey on Cost Control.” Two years later, after 161 corporate executives and community leaders directed over 2,000 researchers to investigate government spending, the 47-volume, 21,000-page Grace Commission Report was published.

      The $76 million study was funded entirely from private sector donations and cost the taxpayers nothing. The commission made 2,478 recommendations that would save the taxpayers $424.4 billion over three years without cutting essential services or raising taxes."

    361. Nonamerican says:

      Do I live in a cave or is income tax unconstitutional?
      Or do the rest of you live in a cave?

    362. journalisk says:

      Why does your data always end in 2009?

      One can assume now that you are purposefully misleading your readers, as of course your commentators always seem to end up blaming President Obama for the mess which he inherited to clean up.

    363. Kat says:

      This argument is half-baked here. It is talking about the percentage of the people who pay taxes and receive benefits. This does not show the actual tax dollars paid, which income percentile is exempt from taxation, and what is the optimized amount of tax for such economic situation. Well, the total amount of GDP in an economy, is as good as the amount that people can spend on goods and services. Otherwise, GDP will not grow. In other words, the more you tax people, the less they can spend, which might shrink GDP and cause unemployment. So, two key questions:
      1. what has been the change in the total amount of the tax received, regardless of the # of the tax payers?
      2. what is the optimized tax dollars, to maximize the overall GDP?

    364. ghhshirley says:

      I'd like to remind knuckleheads that whine, "Nearly half of people don't pay Federal Income Taxes" that, in fact, they pay exactly what a millionaire pays on that same first share of their income. In other words, if you were a couple with two children who earned $32,000 and paid no Federal Income Tax this year, no couple with two children who earned over a $1,000,000 dollars paid taxes on their first 32K either!

      Many Seniors also account for part of the 48% who pay no Federal Income Taxes. They too, pay nothing on the first 32K in benefits, and then are taxed on any amount over that.

      (NOTE: Any couple with two children earning less than $32,000 paid no federal income tax this year because their $11,900 standard deduction and four exemptions of $3,800 each reduce their taxable income to zero. The basic structure of the income tax simply exempts subsistence levels of income from tax. If you are single, you can earn up to $25,000 before owing federal income tax…same thing for singles earning over a million bucks a year…their first 25K is fed tax free.)

      (NOTE: All workers still pay FICA, no matter how much or little they earn, which is 7.5% of their income. If they are self-employed (such as a home day care provider), they pay double that. In addition, there are many other taxes in our fair land that everone pays regardless of income, including payroll taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, state income taxes, and property taxes)

      If you ask someone with an income of over a million dollars a year if he rather make far less and pay less (or even nothing) in taxes, he'll tell you of course not.

      Lastly, if you truly wish for the first 32K for families of 4 to be taxed, you are asking for that same amont that YOU earn to be taxed as well, thus increasing your overall taxes obligation!

      • Neeters says:

        That earned income credit here in Florida has been the cause of single moms not marrying. That tax credit has so much fraud its unbelievable. Having an extra wage earner under the roof disqualifies one from using a lot of the taxpayers money. I think it is terrible that Disney.World and Universal get cheap labor and the tax payers pay their employees Medicaid and housing and food. If the minimum wage was raised no one would be eligible to rape the coffers.

    365. Awsome. Now let us all americans not go to work or buy anythin for 2 weeks lets see how much they lose :D_No wait they dont really care about money. Money is just for people to keep them busy and under control.

    366. andy says:

      Fewer are paying Federal income taxes because fewer HAVE ANY MONEY! Raise taxes on the lower class, I believe the French tried that right before they lost their heads. Let's see if that happens here.

    367. Kimberly445 says:

      This percentage doesn't take into account the approximately 75 MILLION citizens between the ages of 0-17 who CANNOT WORK: (25.5M for ages 0-5, 25M for ages 6-11, and 25.1M for ages 12-17). We also have an aging population some of whom CANNOT WORK that accounts for approximately 13% of our total population (65 and older).

    368. Mike says:

      Who are these freeloaders? Well, lets see: 20 percent of Americans are children 15 or under. Most of them aren't paying income taxes. Full-time students 16-21 years old who don't have part-time jobs make up another 5 percent. Ten percent of Americans are unemployed. That's only the ones who are have been out of work less than six months. The rest aren't counted. Add 3 percent for the uncounted unemployed and prisoners make up 1 percent of Americans. And none of them are paying income taxes. How about those women (and some men) who stay at home to care for children? Five percent of Americans fall into that category. That leaves less than 4 percent who are employed but make so little (less than $8,000 per year) that they pay no income taxes. Many of those are students with part-time jobs. So, which of these people does Mr. Neale think are the non-tax-paying underclass that are sapping our civic spirit? The children? The stay-at-home moms? The full-time students? Or the unemployed? I guess it's the 4 percent too poor to pay any income tax.

      It's time for the American people to wake up and demand tax fairness based on income and all taxes paid, not on some cooked up statistic that only tells part of the story.

    369. rusureuwant2know says:

      No, it does not mean half the people are living off the other half – stop using blanket thinking – how many of those are wealthy people who didn't pay any taxes?

    370. rusureuwant2know says:

      I should also say that everybody – and I do mean everybody – pays taxes – if you're renting an apartment, you pay property taxes as a part of your rent – your landlord does not eat them. Poor people also pay sales tax – and when you're getting under 10K you fork over nearly 10% of that income just for essentials like clothing, soap, deodorant. Oh yeah, let's stick the poor, disabled and elderly with another tax on top of that. No poor in the US, my foot.

    371. Robert says:

      Very poorly stated. Few escape paying income tax, but many do not pay directly by check or withholding. Each product or service cost includes an extra amount of cost to offset income tax of the providers of the components. It is true however that many of these low earners are simply living on the backs of the business sector. All economic prosperity is created by the business sector, generally speaking. Raise the taxes of corporations or the rich, and they generally must add the tax to the product or service that they produce. This means that the consumer will generally pay the extra income tax. This format is too limited to come close to explaining how this works.

    372. George says:

      This is the most transparently deceptive "fact" and most posters on this site are too blind to see it. In 2009, the ENTIRE U.S. population was 305 million people. That number includes dependents – i.e., children and those who cannot take care of themselves. So the following statement compares total Americans in 2009 to total TAX FILERS in 1984.

      "That means 151.7 million Americans paid nothing in 2009. By comparison, 34.8 million tax filers paid no taxes in 1984."

      What's next? Three-card Monte, or the disappearing coin trick? Please, go back and finish college.

    373. John says:

      Perhaps if wages at the lower end were raised, increased consumerism would generate more jobs and more people would qualify to pay income taxes.

    374. Nina says:

      This is just a propaganda article. The proceeds from ALL federal taxes goes straight to the Feseral Reserve which is the Bank of England. In other words, these digits/ money do not benefit ANY people in our country AT ALL. Do your own research and look it up. All true.

    375. tj byers says:

      Its ridiculous, hard working americans are busting their butts to make a living and america has its hand out every possible chance they get. Nearly 22% total of every american citizens checks are being taxed on. We go to the grocery store to spend our money and we are taxed again. Its a never ending cycle. we struggle everyday yet congress isn't doing anything about it. Giving the uber rich tax breaks. Having mercedes and mansions and yahcts earn them a break. My wife, son and daughter all need to eat. I don't have fancy cars, a mansion, a bank account with more than 2 commas in it, yet I'm not getting any breaks. I don't see the people receiving tax breaks down in the wic line, or borrowing money so their son has formula to eat.

    376. Jacob says:

      This is a really good post that describes what is going on. It's actually not all poor welfare suckers as people like to believe.

    377. Read the chart. The article's chart CLEARLY states "percentage of US population not represented on a taxable return" which means they didn't file a tax return or they weren't represented as a dependent of someone that did file a tax return. The number is too high. It does NO GOOD to point fingers. Why aren't we talking about how to get America back to work? That is a discussion worth having. :)

    378. Jack says:

      I read that this 49.5% number includes all people from birth through high school and, also, those in college. It includes the unemployed, retired people, disabled people, stay at home moms (dads), people who earn all their income from dividends, families who earn less than twenty-thousand a year, people who have used loop holes to avoid paying income tax and homeless people. If this is the case, I'm not sure how we're going to get these people to contribute any income tax.

    379. Paul says:

      I can't imagine a little common sense or critical thinking about this would persuade many who read this forum. However, this seems like another example of the the third type lie (Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics).

      I think a more honest number to cite would be the percentage of the adult US population between the ages of 24 and 65 who pay no federal income tax. This would eliminate the elderly, who tend to have low taxable income, as well as children and young adults still in college.

    380. Ron Carter says:

      The only thing "Alarming" are the authors of this article and their math skills. With roughly 305 million US citizens in 2009, I'm sorry if little Johnnie or Grandpa Joe didn't file that year.

    381. Alan says:

      We fought a war years ago because of "Taxation without representation". We are quickly becoming a country of "Representation without taxation"….

    382. momnp says:

      Perhaps the 50% number is true, but I'm certain it's more complicated than that. And let's not forget that we're only talking about federal income tax — they do pay sales taxes, etc. In any case, I'd really like to know the truth. It isn't wise and doesn't do our country any good if we're getting our facts from a source known to be pro-conservative. It may feel good to have one's opinions confirmed, but facts must be faced whether we agree with them or not. And the reality is that yes, hard work is a key component of success, but of equal influence are luck and the social situation/conditions into which you were born. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who stayed at home, parents who emphasized the importance of education and read to us, helped us with homework, and saved for my college education. Many are not so lucky and have much greater obstacles to overcome than that.

    383. RParmar says:

      There is only so long a civilization can survive when the few support the many. I does not matter why people are not paying, they simply aren't.

    384. wil says:

      Only 42 % of Federal Tax revenue comes from income tax, the other 58 % is derived from payroll, corporate and excise tax… It's funny how that is conveniently left out of the conversation all the time…

    385. Tell full story says:

      Provide all the facts please. The reason why nearly half of all Americans don't pay taxes is because they are not required to do so because they are elderly or disabled. Your lack of information is what's wrong with news organizations like yourself that only highlight one fact without fully disclosing the cause of it.

    386. John W Murry says:

      You are all missing the point they are trying to rally you to get mad ….think perhaps its a good thing the fed gov is full of lies and crap anyway money itself is a sham id rather live tax fee and have society help itself then those who rely on the help of others due to being lazy or just poor education I suggest you stop whining and start helping others our "democracy" and "democratically elected officials" don't care about you they only care about money and their own selfish wants. If I make you mad its cause you wish to keep your eyes shut … open them and maybe you will see what I think everyone should see…. just look past the political and advertisment propaganda and things will be clear

    387. Hello There. I discovered your weblog the usage of msn.

      This is a really well written article. I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.

    388. WORKING CLASS says:


    389. joe says:

      The Effect of Recent Tax Cuts on Non-Payers
      As President Bush pushed through his two major tax bills in 2001 and 2003, opponents focused on the dollar amounts saved by high-income individuals. What many critics have ignored is the number of people who were removed from the tax rolls as a result of the expansion of the child tax credit, which was a key provision of the President's Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.
      As Figure 1 illustrates, the number of tax returns with zero or negative tax liability has risen steadily over the past decade. However, it accelerated sharply between 2000 and 2004 due to the effects of tax changes during President Bush's first term of office. (For a detailed demographic profile of "non-payers," click here.)

    390. John Tighe says:

      The Conservatives have been winning for the past 32 years.
      Even when "Socialists" win, it plans from the Right that get enacted,
      like how the evil "Obamacare" is just the GOP's plan from the mid-Nineties.
      So you guys have been winning for a long time.
      How come things aren't better?
      We've had the Bush Tax cuts for 10 years. Where are the jobs?
      There's less regulation of Banks, fewer people in unions, and the top tax rate is the lowest in over 80 years.
      So how come things aren't better?
      Over the last 30 years, your side has been getting more and more of what it wants, yet, the country's been sinking more and more.

    391. cpa dallas texas says:

      Thanks for the compliment I am glad you like to the comments.I really wish u keep on giving these course with some new strategies.appreciate your work, keep it up…..

    392. Fonz says:


    393. bart says:

      well funny thing is right wing nuts only talk about income tax, never about payroll taxes. If you add those you only are left with 1% who arn't paying taxes at all. but hey don't let facts get in the way of a good story!

    394. Bigwithe says:

      Funny, how this chart is extrapolated and you fools believe it! Also funny how, even if it is true, the rate of people not paying goes up consistently since Reagan – you know, the start of trickle down economics. All this chart really shows is the distribution of wealth to the top that your morons are too blind to understand. We don't want to take your guns! Get over these lying shit-sticks.

    395. M. Burke says:

      This is a bogus argument. The thing is that all income should be taxed at the same rate for those who are billionaires, millionaires or who are not. It is a matter of fairness. This country was not based on priveledge. Just because you are rich does not entitle you to pay less taxes. The loopholes that allow the rich to avoid paying their fair share were written by them. Its time that we the people rewrite these tax laws.

    396. Greed says:

      Perhaps have the Fedeal reserve disbanded and allow our government to print the money as was originally intended by our constitution. 16th amendment wasn't legally ratified. Open those eyes up folks._

    397. Joe says:

      Retirees don't pay income tax. A larger percentage of Americans are retired now than ever before.
      Guess what? For the foreseeable future this trend will continue whether or not a Republican, Democrat or Micky Mouse is in the White House.

    398. omalley says:

      Please check how the HF developed their calculations. You cannot find any figures/data like that in any of the most recent IRS publications, at least I couldn't find them. Just who are Bill Beach and Patrick Tyrell? What are their motives in publishing this "data"? How did the HF actually calculate these figures from the data supplied in the IRS publications?

    399. Ion Campestris says:

      Why don't you admit that tax cheating has increased by a million times since the 9/11 and since the US government became the largest corrupt organization in the world. And since people see there is no tax fairness they don't pay it as well. Cutting umbilical cord of a corrupt monster might as well help get rid of that monster. Let's put it that way!

      Now the reasons of not paying taxes by intelligent inform population on the table:

      1. Head of IRS, Timothy Geithner is a tax cheat.
      2. Tax money are used to bomb foreign countries.
      3. Tax payers' money were used to pull off the largest government scam in the US history – the 9/11 Inside Job.
      4. Tax payers' money is being used to spray those same taxpayers with chemtrails, which contain barium, aluminium, and other harmful metals.

      Who would in their sane mind pay tax after all that is happening to them? Gladly I am not an American and I live in a foreign country where tax collection is not enforced, but we do donate money to our government when they do a really good job governing! Do a good job – get paid. Do a lousy job – get lost!

    400. Guest says:

      "How can nearly 50% pay no income tax?" Three words "Bush Tax Cuts". Seriously, look at the nearly a smidge past the 2000 year mark. Then at the 2009 year mark. That's all Bush, baby!
      That's what Republicans wanted! They kept telling Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts. So he did Now they're whining.
      Most of those who don't pay taxes are low-income, elderly, and parents with kids. Don't like it? Hire Americans, raise paychecks, quit cutting federal taxes every 5 years, and you'll see the number go down. More tax cuts? Outsourcing? Fire Americans? This is what happens!

    401. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I believe it. We're at a tipping point. If we exceed 49%, and we're almost there, we'll become a nation of takers and not a nation of makers. The dolists, those who'll be on the dole, will need "managers," politicians who'd tell
      other politicians, both in the state legislatures and the Congress, how to vote. Read the David Weber science
      fiction novel The Short, Victorious War, the third book of the Honor Harrington series, for more information.

    402. John Rhodes says:

      wow and how is this GW's fault

    403. MickeyG says:

      Look up the jurisdiction of the United States. Title 18 section 7. They have no jurisdiction within the several states, and therefore no ability to tax there. That will really depress you.

    404. OmahaJohn says:

      Reagan was fighting the Cold War. And he won it by economic victory. It was expensive, but it was one of the few times the Federal Government has invested large sums of money for something that actually worked.

      In contrast, the war on poverty continues to suck trillions of dollars out of the economy, and there are more people in poverty on American soil now than there were when it was started.

    405. LP2 says:

      There is no data on this chart that shows ANYTHING for Obama, since it ends in 2009. The budget and tax codes for 2009 were passed by the previous congress.

    406. Asd says:

      it worked? poverty and inflation grew during those times to a point where we have never seen it. The war on the middle class begun during those years.

    407. Joh says:

      Yeah and Regan increase the Social Security tax too. Please no excuses.

    408. Rich says:

      Reagan was fighting the Cold War so less people pay taxes? I think you cut and pasted your deficit argument in the wrong spot.

      If we were spending money to fight the Cold War then you would expect more people to pay taxes.

    409. The USSR failed due to the inherently horrible concept of Communism, Reagan was just president at the time and is merely coincidence that he now gets the credit.

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