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  • Scribecast: FrackNation Documentary Seeks the Truth on 'Fracking'

    The anti-fracking documentary “Gasland” has served as a rallying cry for environmentalists seeking to halt hydraulic fracturing, the process used by energy companies to extract petroleum and natural gas from underground. Even the State Department is promoting the film.

    Critics of the widely-debunked documentary acknowledge its impact. Irish journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer is among them.

    “I think it’s one of the most influential documentaries of maybe the last 10 years,” McAleer told us. “It’s driven the narrative. It has created a story. And it’s very, very entertaining, very well filmed, very well edited, actually extremely well edited, and it’s driven the whole story. It’s just so much that’s in it, even from my initial investigation, that’s just not true.”

    McAleer is now seeking the truth. He’s producing a documentary called “FrackNation,” which aims to set the record straight about fracking.

    Listen to the interview with Phelim McAleer on this week’s Scribecast

    McAleer and his wife Ann McElhinney hope to raise $150,000 for the documentary. They’ve gone public with their campaign on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects like “FrackNation.” They are nearly halfway to their goal and have 47 days let to reach it.

    “The 1 percent have been having the conversation,” McAleer said. “I want to get this conversation to the 99 percent. And I want them to fund this movie. This is a movie by the people, for the people.

    A trailer for “FrackNation” features individuals who have firsthand knowledge of fracking and have suffered the consequences of the campaign against it. McAleer said his goal is to tell their stories to counter the existing narrative.

    The podcast runs about 11 minutes. It was produced with the help of Hannah Sternberg. Listen to previous interviews on Scribecast or subscribe to future episodes.

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    18 Responses to Scribecast: FrackNation Documentary Seeks the Truth on 'Fracking'

    1. John D. Laskowski says:

      Phelim, Your overuse of "you know" is annoying as Hell. I'll send a (free )remedy for your problem if you contact me at john.laskowski@mothman.org.
      I can't wait to see Fracknation !

    2. BCM says:

      Yeah, fracking is great, as long as it's not in "YOUR" back yard. The contractors make a damn mess! and ruin devastate the area they work in. Land that cannot be used is worth "zero"!!! NOT ON MY LAND!!!

      • John Gennaro says:

        Land that is not in use is worth "zero" (or less).

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        That the kind of ignorance that got us in the situation we're in today. Tell us BCM, how lng have you worked or lived around facking? How many areas where fracking is being done have you been in to see
        the "damn mess" or the "ruin devastated areas"? Or are you just passing along the lies put out by the left anti's and trying to convince the American of your stupitity.

      • AWM says:

        And isn't it wonderful that we live in a nation where if you don't want it on your land, you don't have to have it there???
        (Unless, of course, you were careless and/or foolish enough to allow someone else to retain mineral rights for 'your' land……)

      • Mike, Wichita Falls says:

        If you don't want companies developing the minerals under your land, then buy them, and DON'T lease them out. Property rights are sacrosanct to you as a surface owner; so too are they sacrosanct to mineral owners.

        Hydraulic fracturing reduces the foot print of hydrocarbon extraction in that fewer wells are needed to drain the same reservoir. State laws should give you some recourse with mineral developers. The time to negotiate surface damages with them is before they drill and frac.

        You can thank hydraulic fracturing for the very low price of natural gas used to heat your home and generate electricity for your electric car and CFLs.

    3. W.a. Fleet says:

      No kidding – ‘The State Department is promoting the film .”
      And Hillary Clinton was shoot at in Bosnia!
      It’s a wonder that the administration is not renting theatres and having free showings.

    4. jdk944 says:

      BCM – you sound like the same mindset of those who don't want any drilling, nuclear plants, coal plants, etc. Enjoying the $4 a gallon gas that is upon us?? YOUR mindset is Obama's. Part of why gas prices have went up 83% since he took office. Certainly there needs to be guidelines BUT then they need to be enforced. Big problem with oil leak in the gulf a few years ago was the goverment agencies responsible for providing "checks" weren't doing them. So spare us the "environmental mumbo jumbo"!!

    5. angus man says:

      Come drill on me. Seriously. The fracking doesn't occur until the driller goes horizontal at 5,000 – 8,000 feet. You can't tell me that a drinking water well at 50-100 feet is going to be contaminated with all that natural filtration that going to occur. Drill baby Drill. Progress is our most important product as the old saying goes. We must become energy independent.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Don't we understand yet that regardless of the truth about fracking (or any other fossil fuel matter) some environmentalist will continue to put out lies and distortions so that many well meaning, but dumb Americans like BCM, are willing to believe. The truth means nothing to the radical leftist . It's all about their aganda.

    7. Bill Witter says:

      Fracking is not new technology. I worked in the West Texas Oil Field in 1959 – 1964. Almost every well we completed was done by Fracking. Either acid frac or sand frac – depending on what type of formation we were trying to produce from. The new technology is directional drilling. In my day, the worst we could do was drill a crooked hole.
      Environmental concerns should be about whether or not the surface pipe and the long string are properly set and cemented in place. Again, this is old technology – not new.

      • No Fracking Way says:

        WIth all due respect.this type of hydro fracking is relatively new and very dangerous to everyone in it's path. From what I understand the fracking chemicals eat through the cement casing membranes and do contaminate ground water and everything else. This needs to be stopped!! The only ones that benefit from this are the fat-cat greedy oil & gas companies and no doubt the politicians that they buy. My only hope is that they all breathe the air and drink the water their hydro fracking contaminates! Bottoms up!

    8. David Sykes says:

      What is not true? Did they really Not light on fire what came out of the kitchen faucet? That the horses were not really loosing their hair? That the drilling companies did not agree to haul in water to farmers in huge tanks because they acknowledged that fracking had ruined their water supply? Maybe for generations? That all those officials really did not refuse to drink tap water from those farms near fracking? That Fracking is not creating huge amounts of toxic waste? Which of these is not true, Mr. McAleer?

    9. JustPlainRick says:

      Averaging $5m in economic benefit per frack well I say please drill in my backyard! I live in Washington County, PA heart of the Marcellus Shale industry in PA and it’s disgusting the lies that are being told by environmental extremists. The jobs, wealth and benefits to our area far outweigh the negatives.

    10. Airstream1 says:

      BCM– And by what measure do you base your scientific knowledge of site reclamation? You blast something you know nothing about, above or below ground. I was a Federal land steward for the US Forest Service for over 30 years as an Oil and Gas Administrator,,, I can attest that, after the pit is back-filled, the site regraded to original contour, seeded, limed, fertilized and mulched and either devoted to the future as a maintained wildlife opening, OR replanted with trees by us, (at our choice), the only thing left is the well-head and perhaps a separator and a condensate tank. On a dry hole, in a couple years, you couldn't even tell anything had ever gone on there except a 24" tall, 2" diameter pipe with a plugged well number on it.

    11. Airstream1 says:

      BCM- Continued; Your comment is without any basis in truth what-so-ever and Gasland was a total farce and scary-movie designed to stir the public into a panic for no good reason at all. And yes, I was 20 years in Warren County, right next to where many segments were filmed in Bradford County, PA which was also my jurisdiction. They took a half a dozen isolated cases in an area that has been drilled for over 125 years, fraught with unplugged wells and at the time, uncased well-drilling and what we called, "Open-hole Completions", fracking under a rubber packer. They made a Texas chain-saw movie out of it. Show me your credentials before commenting next time. I have 10-acres and would love a 12,000 foot deep shale-gas well on my back 4-acres!!!!

    12. Airstream1 says:

      BCM – final,,, I can't wait for the truth to be exposed. If approached by a drilling company, just involve your county extension agent and have that person draw up a reclamation plan for the location on your property. Anyone who does not own their own minerals made a mistake buying their land in the first place anyway,,, but at least you can hold the developer to State DNR standards for restoring the site. All oil and gas wells are drilled under a state issued permit in this country, so if there is a mess, all it takes is a phone-call…

    13. TAD says:

      Read the current issue of National Review re fracking. Very good article which exposes the truth about fracking. The scare tactics will not work if the public is informed about the true nature of fracking.

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