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  • Obama Creating 'Constitutional Crisis,' Rep. Tim Walberg Warns

    President Obama’s recent assault on the U.S. Constitution — first with his illegal “recess” appointments and then Obamacare’s anti-conscience mandate — demonstrates a lack of respect for America’s founding principles, Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) said Tuesday.

    “Loud and proud, I’m talking all over my district and any forum I have, saying this is a constitutional crisis,” Walberg said during a visit to The Bloggers Briefing at Heritage.

    Obama has touted recent administration actions as part of the White House’s “We Can’t Wait” campaign. From that stemmed the president’s decision on Jan. 4 to make four “recess” appointments, even though the chamber wasn’t in recess.

    >> Watch: Sen. Mike Lee tells Heritage that Obama was “manifestly wrong” on appointments

    Obama followed his illegal appointments with another controversial decision. This month he backed an Obamacare mandate that forces health insurance plans to cover contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs, even if employers have religious objections.

    “This is a constitutional crisis that says, we will not afford First Amendment liberties, and right of religion, and right of conscience, to our citizens regardless of where they come down on the issue,” Walberg said.

    “The media continue to push out this contraception and birth control [story]. That isn’t the issue. Women have a choice, women can make that choice, the majority of women can make that choice through their insurance companies or their health care providers. But bottom line is this is an issue of liberty, and the First Amendment and of conscience.”

    >> Watch: Sen. Roy Blunt tells Heritage he will fight Obama’s anti-conscience mandate

    Despite these recent attacks on the Constitution, Walberg said Americans should always be reminded of their rights.

    “Our Constitution serves us well and provides us the greatest amount of freedom, liberty, and opportunity,” he said. “There’s an established fact that there are such things as unalienable rights, God given rights that government can’t give or take away.”

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    15 Responses to Obama Creating 'Constitutional Crisis,' Rep. Tim Walberg Warns

    1. MJF in CT says:

      Okay, don't tell us, tell, accuse & charge Mr. Obama!

    2. Dave Nazarian says:

      MJF is 100% correct – commence IMPEACHMENT proceedings!

    3. Mike says:

      Well MJF, in case you didn't notice, Obama is the president doing these actions as charged.

    4. So when does all the blowhard rhetoric stop and action taken tostop Obama?

    5. Jeanne Stotler says:

      The press is saying this makes birth control available to all, this is not TRUE, it already was available and for those who were on welfare or such it was FREE, they went to health Dept. and got their shot or pills or what ever. This is NOT a womans health issue as it is being toted, or disease preventive, Pregnancy is NOt a disease, This is a plain and out offense against the first amendment and religious freedom,it cannot be written any clearer than it is in the 1st amendment. Obama is using the old "Divide and conquer" theory, we need to stop this NOW, the republican party needs to stand united and invite our independent friends to join us and brin back the Glory to our country and restore it'sgreatness.

    6. Elizabeth Farrar says:

      If it is a “constitutional” crisis then as Larry the Cable guy says “Get er done”…get off the duff and do what Congress has within its delegated powers to do…reign in the one who is abusing his constitutionally delegated powers as one of the three branches of U.S. govt per our Constitution. Congress did this in the 1950′s with Truman and has done so in past history.

    7. C. Paul Weichel says:

      I have sent several emails to my Congressman requesting Articles of Impeachment to be brought agianst Obama, but I have received no reply. (My Congressman is a Republican)

    8. C.Adli says:

      Every unconstitutional move by the President brings bunch of takers.That is what he cares for.At the end more takers and more votes for him.

    9. Michael A. Gabel says:

      Yes, there are many good conservatives speaking up here, including Mark Levin.
      The question remains, "Who has the power and the sack to do anything about it?"

    10. buck says:

      This was Obamass goal from day one , anyone surprised incredibly ignorant .

    11. Phil says:

      The problem with the Republican Party is the November Election. They are all afraid of loosing votes if they make any waves against the socialist occupying the White House. Can't bring articles of impeachment as long as Harry Reid is in the Senate. The only answer I see is for EVERY PERSON who reads this website

    12. Dick says:

      I saw an interview on PBS with Nancy Pelosi where she said that the Heritage Foundation agreed with Obama mandate about the individual requirement to have insurance. Is this true? If so please explain!

    13. Bobbie says:

      Please stop this outrage! When America's President doesn't have the will to respect the peoples' constitution and without respect to the privacy of personal livelihoods, going out of his way to interfere, constitutes removal.

      As the act of sex is a matter of choosing to, contraception isn't free it's a responsibility. And if people choose to take the risk of stds then they are the sole ones to suffer their own consequences of their own choosing.

      why is the cure of STDS being ignored and those that spread them?

      All women can be just as or even more so independent and personally responsible as Nancy Pelosi has been throughout her life with no outside influence or Nancy Pelosi suggestions any other way.
      This isn't what women want or girls need. Once government involves themselves unconstitutionally, it's what the government wants!

    14. Brenda says:

      Phil is right. If the Republicans win the Senate, but BHO is re-elected, impeachment proceedings might start, but they better start fast. I agree BHO should be impeached now, along with Eric Holder, but the spineless Republicans only care about themselves and being re-elected. I, too, have sent emails demanding impeachment. Until BHO is stopped, he will continue trampling the Constitution. How many people know BHO issued Executive Order 13575, which established a White House rural council for purposes of confiscating private property? This is why BHO must be stopped NOW.

    15. c wilson says:

      In your Spring Members News. Under Rule Of Law. Recess appointments, You state The president has 10 days in which he can make a recess appointment.. This knocked me for a loop coming from The Heritage..We must not have the same copy of The Constitution.There is no mention of 10 days in my copy.The point so many are missing is .The vacancy and appointment must both happen during the same recess.

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