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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Continuing Assault on the Constitution

    With tens of millions of Americans watching, Barack Obama stood at the West Front of the U.S. Capitol on January 20, 2009, with his left hand on the Bible and his right hand held aloft, swearing to God and country that he would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Yet despite that pledge, President Obama has time and time again taken actions contrary to the principles of the founding document he swore to uphold, setting forth on a heretofore uncharted path of unconstitutionality that will fundamentally change the character of this Republic for the worse, not for the better.

    Last week, America erupted in protest against one of those actions — the White House’s determination to force all insurance plans to cover, at no charge, contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization as part of Obamacare. That mandate includes employers like Catholic hospitals, Christian schools, and faith-based pregnancy care centers, all of which must offer the coverage, regardless of their beliefs. This assault on the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberties met with opposition from all corners, prompting the president on Friday to address the American people and pledge his commitment to protecting religious liberties by offering an “accommodation” to these institutions — forcing insurance companies to offer free contraception so religious institutions don’t have to.

    The trouble is, that “accommodation” was merely hypothetical and Obama’s commitment to protecting religious liberties was illusory. Obamacare’s anti-conscience mandate did not change in a final rule that was posted later that day. And even if the president’s hypothetical became reality, Heritage’s Jennifer Marshall explains that the religious liberty problem still remains:

    It does not disentangle religious employers, since insurers will shift the burden back to religious groups through higher premiums in one form or another. Nor does it address the potential religious liberty concerns of other employers or individuals.

    This is only the beginning of the problems Americans will continue to see as the Obamacare ‘essential benefits’ package takes shape. The anti-conscience mandate is a warning sign for us all of how one-size-fits-all health care requirements will trample religious liberty as well as individual liberty.

    Yesterday at The Heritage Foundation, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) spoke of his opposition to this latest Obamacare mandate. Afterward, in an exclusive interview with Heritage, Blunt called the move a “genuine assault on First Amendment freedoms” and dismissed the president’s proposed “accommodation” as nothing more than an “accounting gimmick.” “This is not about cost. It’s about the Constitution,” Blunt said. “And if you can decide this no longer offends me because I don’t have to pay for it, I guess your concern is financial all the time and not faith-based.”

    Unfortunately, the president’s disregard for the First Amendment is not his first assault on the Constitution. Earlier this year, President Obama cast aside our government’s fundamental separation of powers when he made four unconstitutional appointments without bothering to seek the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, as the Constitution requires.

    Yesterday, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), who was among the first to warn about the consequences of the president’s unilateral action, spoke at Heritage about the ramifications of those appointments. In an exclusive interview, he explained that today, more than a month after the illegal appointments, a new director is running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and three members of the National Labor Relations Board are conducting business — all in blatant violation of the Constitution.

    “He’s reading the Constitution in a way that’s manifestly wrong,” Lee explained. “It’s contrary to the text. It’s contrary to tradition and practice, and it’s contrary to logic.”

    “This is not a partisan issue for me. I would be equally outraged if this were a Republican president doing this same thing,” Lee added. “Once this gains some momentum, this practice could be very destructive to the Senate’s prerogative of advice and consent. This is a power that doesn’t belong to the president. It belongs to the people of the United States of America.”

    President Obama, of course, offers justifications for his actions. In the case of the illegal appointments, he says that he simply “can’t wait” for the Congress to act. In the case of the Obamacare contraception mandate, he insists he is acting in the best interest of the American people, while offering a “fair” accommodation to religious institutions. The trouble is that the president is measuring himself against his own subjective standard while disregarding the objective limitations on his power.

    In a government where there are no practical limits on executive overreach, there are likewise no limits on the government’s ability to impose its will on the people. With the president’s trampling of religious liberties, the country is getting its first taste of the consequences of Obama’s unmitigated power grab. And if this power remains unchecked, there are certainly more consequences to come.

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    193 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Continuing Assault on the Constitution

    1. Turner says:

      Obama got this one dead right, the followers in the churches don't care and the church leaders who have been ignoring their role to speak the truth as pastors have no power. Many pastors are false pastors and do not belong at the pulpit want the government to take over the charitable duties of the church so the church budgets can spend the money elsewhere, like their retirement, which is not supported by the Bible. Or their "parsonages" in mega-mansions, planes, expense budgets, etc. The Church and the people is about to be judged by its own ways. God's hand is off this country.

      • mary hitz says:

        no name? A very anger person!

      • kathy says:

        You obviously have not attended a church in a very long time. I believe you need to be reeducated and see Amendment and this is not the first time. You are ignorant if you think he won't come after something that you hold near and dear to your heart…and to think that you too can ignore the violations of the 1st Amendment is astounding!

      • dustin says:

        how much longer are U.S. christians going to sit and let stand obamas statement that we are no longer a christian nation? How many more christians need to get slaughtered worldwide because we no longer defend them as a chrisstian nation? My god what has this country truely become? God have mercy on us for turning our backs on you!

    2. Can someone please tell me why our representatives in the House and Senate are not standing up and saying "No" to this man? Why are they not saying, "sorry, you can't do that. It's not Constitutional" and making him stop? Why are they not saying, "Your appointments are illegitimate and therefore they will not be receiving a salary from the US Government."? It's not enough to just say it's UnConstitutional if noone is doing anything about it!!

      • Bruce says:

        Joyce, I agree with you. I'm tired of our representatives making speeches here and there yet not doing ANYTHING to stop this socialist. My God, there has got to be some law that he's violated. We are going to do our part at the voting booths (I hope) but something needs to be done NOW. Are they "that" afraid of this man?

        • SANDY says:


      • C. Hyatt says:

        Yes I can. Your elected officials are all cut from the same cloth. They are more concerned with representing themselves and protecting their own jobs than they are in "doing anything according to law". We voters are duped each and every election into believing that by changing up the players is going to make a hill of beans difference. What we need is a complete change out. And, we need a one party system that holds those who manage our tax dollars responsible.

      • Ken Marx says:

        Joyce, you are absolutely correct! One wonders if we have ceased to be a representative republic already. It looks that way much of the time these days.

      • Scott says:

        The problem is that hte Senate has to complain about his unconstitutional appointments and Harry Reid will not allow that to happen. The House can take the money away but only with Senate consent, until the nect budget vote, which you know has not happened for over 1000 days already.

      • Richard says:

        The word monarchy comes to mind. The government of the people, by the people,and for the people is
        all but gone. Career members of what was once our Congress are so entrenched and bathing in the power and fortunes of the office, they seem to need a certain person to place at the top of this great
        pyramid they have built. So they, and the unions (those who know a lot about power, fortunes and
        controlling people) inserted this tyrant as their head.
        This regime has about eliminated any further advances in our space program (defense potential),
        has shrunk the military (defense potential), wants to disarm all of the general public (defense
        potential and wants to allow the United Nations to have authority to enforce their laws on U.S. soil.
        We are being set up, and those many nations that want to bury us are licking their chops
        This is a time when we show more reverence for Super Bowl Sunday than we do for Independence Day. I took up arms FOR this country once and I hope I'm dead before I have to take up arms as a citizen against those, even on this soil, who would try to destroy it. Let's vote these people out of here.
        Thank you so much for your time and your patriotism.

        • Jules says:

          Richard, I agree with you and also served, proudly. I have watched our country and constitution being twisted to suit whoever is in power for decades. Now I fear my government and the elected representatives in D.C. more than any time in my life. It makes me very angry to see what this administration is attempting to do to "We the People". I've seen this scenario in the history books and other places in the world. Never thought it could happen here.

      • Gramma says:

        I agree wholeheartedly that we should be hearing more outrage, but the liberal media people hold the reins when it comes to conservative responses. Also, we have too many RINO's who have voted in lockstep with this administration, without regard for what the conservative American people want.

      • Glenn says:

        Because he taught Constitutional Law and understands it better than most. Because Dubya made over 100 such appointments and because the Supreme Court recognizes that they are valid appointments. He is trying to get a job done despite GOP stonewalling and outright lies…Have a nice day!

      • kathy says:

        Agree, agree, agree!!!!

    3. Rider says:

      A lair is a liar! no matter what type of clothes he wears.

    4. Gregsmom says:

      So if Senator Lee knows President Obama is acting outside the Constitution why isn't he or someone in the senate doing something about it?!!!!! Where is the outrage?

      • Michael says:

        Aren't you forgetting one very important point? The individual mandate faces the Supreme Court this year, with a decision being handed down before the election. I'm not sure, but I think I remember reading that Justice Kennedy is Catholic, and he's the all important swing vote. If the law loses the individual mandate it's dead. The law cannot work without forcing Americans to buy something, which is plainly outside the commerce claus. This and all the unconstitutional acts Obama has committed will be kept in front of the American people again and again from now until the election. This is not something people will be forgetting anytime soon. You are also dealing with a section of the populace that tends to keep their own council. Just because they aren't screaming bloody murder doesn't mean this hasn't had an effect on them. While they might be quietly going about their business right now, it will be their business to vote against this potential dictator come election day.

      • Guest says:

        The outrage is out here, across the country, with We the People. If those worthless pantywaists we elected to represent us in Congress won't do their job to protect and uphold our Constitution, then eventually we'll have to do it ourselves, or be subjected to a cruel, evil, totalitarian dictatorship. Senator Lee and others: stop talking and take action. That's what you were hired to do.

      • dustin says:

        we have become to weak to stand up to an imperialistic president whose christianity is not what the typical christian would rocognize!

    5. kathleen mccollum says:

      I see and hear a lot of hot air being expressed about the unconstitutional stuff that the O is doing, but I don't hear or see any of our representatives doing anything but complain. Who will protect "The People"? Isn't that why they were elected? This is a representative republic, and I don't see any "representing"!!!

      • Michael says:

        You don't possibly think that all the people you seem to think are too cowardly to act could be waiting for something to happen do you? Like maybe the individual mandate being argued before the Supreme Court in just a few months? Any challenges would end up there, so why not wait and see if the core of the entire law is constitutional? Why muddy the water before it's necessary and possibly cloud the issue in Obama's favor? There is time for other tactics if the court upholds the law, which I tend to doubt.

      • saraphina says:

        Why is this not treason? Could someone please explain why our new " King George" is allowed to exclude himself from following the US Constitution, ignore supoenas and court orders, dictate His orders via the"Czars", weaken our military, turn his back on our allies, and squander taxpayers hard earned money, favor his large campaign contributers with "exemptions" tax breaks and special positions, and burden our future generations w/ ever increasing debt. He invokes the name of Jesus to justify forced redistribution, and calls it charity, yet disallowed Franklin Grahm to pray at the White House for the National Day of Prayer.
        Why will no congressional leader,who swore the oath to protect and defend the US Constitution from enimies from without and WITHIN, do nothing? Where is the outrage? Where is the courage?
        As this corruption abounds, we the people groan.
        Is there no one who hears our cries for justice? Is there no Patriot left in congress to defend our forefather's sacrifices for Freedom.

      • stephen says:

        Because they are pulling your leg, Wake up!

    6. Ken says:

      This is more than a power grab. This is the beginning of tyranny. The parallels to Nazi Germany, while not a politically correct thing to insinuate, are frightening. We need to begin to use the word tyranny and to make the comparison before it is too late and all is lost.

      • rebo1941 says:

        So true…with the aid of the mainstream press. Media Matters speaks with the White House each morning to get their instructions. MM then gives those instructions to MSNBC. MSNBC broadcasts those instructions as news and the rest of the liberal media repeat it as fact.

      • dustin says:

        how about standing up to our president who has declared that this is no longer a christian nation? Any christians out there? Where have you been hiding the last 3 years?

    7. Guest says:

      Obama's "errors" are pointed out over and over. BUT where are the remedies in nearly 4 years? We may be deluding ourselves if we think that we will reverse his unconstitutional actions when conservatives are in control again. What if that doesn't happen? Are there no restraints on a sitting president? If there are, we should be implementing them instead of simply going on record as protestors.
      What if he is a 2nd termer? God forbid.

      • Michael says:

        It's very likely that even if such a horrible outcome is realized that the Senate will change hands. With Republicans holding two of the three branches of the legislature Obama will be effectively powerless. That will also open the final barrier to full oversight and review by both houses of Congress. It is very likely that even if he does somehow win a second term that he could face impeachment. Don't dispare yet, all is not lost, even in the face of a wannabe dictator.

      • Ken Jarvis says:

        "errors" what errors?
        Give us an example.
        I know of NONE. KJ

      • dustin says:

        only faith in god and the determination to stand up as christians will reverse this degradation of what once was the strongest christian nation blessed by god!

    8. Patti Lawhorn says:

      The Senators can talk until they are blue in the face. It's time to quit talking and DO SOMETHING ABOUT HIM.

    9. MJF in CT says:

      The only way that this can be brought to an end is to have every Senator & Congressman who opposes Mr. Obama's disregard for the Constitution, to get up and confront Mr. Obama IMMEDIATELY! If our representatives do not do this what are we supposed to do? Bring civil suits against Mr. Obama?

    10. BobK says:

      We need to go back to basics and educate and more importantly embrace the Constitution. However, I am at a loss when we hear and read ALL the illegal actions, policies and non-constitutional steps that this Administration is using to advance their agenda – wealth distribution AND NO REAL LEGAL ACTION IS BEING TAKEN. I recognize the likes of Obamacare and Fast and Furious are being challenged … BUT if this Administration is truly doing ILLEGAL things why is not our great system taking legal action? I am confused and un-armed to backup my non-support for the current admin policy actions. HELP!

      • Michael says:

        Until after this fall's election the opposition will not have the power they need to bring to bear against him. I believe they are waiting to see the outcome of the Supreme Court's decision and the election before they deem it necessary to take actions that could lead to impeachment proceedings. There are certainly grounds for them.

    11. RG Schmidt says:

      "And if this power remains unchecked, there are certainly more consequences to come."

      And Congress will do exactly what to check this power grab? The same thing it did about all the previous anti- and extra-Constitutional actions from Obama–nothing. They'll stammer and stutter for a while, then go back to the business of getting re-elected.

      • dustin says:

        we are being snowed by an assault on our christian values only faith and determination to prevail as christians can defeat religious persecution by an imperial president who is a dubious christian!

    12. Seth Warner says:

      If the president to be swears under oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and then blatantly, as you suggest, when he is president, does not do so, is he not a traitor? Should he not at least be impeached? There has been lots of talk about Obama's disregard of the Constitution. Whence commeth our muscle?

      • Dave Walker says:

        These are my thoughts exactly! What the crap is going on up there? For GOD'S sake! We impeached clinton for lying about a BJ? Crap, what is crybaby Boehner doin? Look! If Newt don't deserve to be President? Fine! But let's at least get him back in Congress, and at least feel like somebody is standing up for Americans! This has gotten BAD! We may need Eugene McCarthy to clean out all the commies?

      • dustin says:

        only belief in god can slay one who is evil!

    13. Jim/New Haven says:

      I found this morning's column to be terribly depressing.
      There are no arguments to what you've stated. The depressing part is that, despite the truth you've stated, the MSM will ignore the fallacies and regurgitate whatever he says.
      In '08 he wasn't vetted by the media and this time they will ignore every failure and direct people to look forward, not back. Just as he is doing.
      In all my years, I have never witnessed such a dereliction of duty by the media. I'm not even sure why . Have they colletively lost their integrity? This same media who congratulated themselves for Watergate can't see the danger that this administration presents.
      It will take a Herculean effort on the part of Heritage and like-minded organizations to counter the MSM. Are we up to it??

      • Ken Jarvis says:

        THAT is the Purpose of the HF
        to SCARE the people and confuse them,
        and – on yes – depress them too.

      • Richard M says:

        Jim, the progressives since the time of Woodrow Wilson have been systematically attempting the destruction of America as a free Republic. The marxists, communists, fascists, and socialists knew that a direct military encounter would be useless. But, they saw that infiltrating their policies and views on the unsuspecting public would accomplish much. It has now reached the point that we have an illegal criminal acting as our POTUS! If a man has nothing to hide, then why and what is he hiding? Here's a man that cannot be trusted. His actions give him away. He was 'placed' into power aided and abetted by not only the MSM, but by Congress as well. Congress and the MSM knew that Obama was ineligible to be president, but decided that now was the time to make their final push. Apparently, they felt they could hoodwink the public, and so far, they are right. The problem is no one is doing anything about it. If Congress (especially the Dems) are in on it, then we can expect no help from Congress. The only entities that I see as a remedy to this Obama problem would be law enforcement or the military.

        Obama has attempted and so far succeeding in his overthrow of our govt. He's an enemy agent, and a direct national security threat. As president, (illegal as it is), he's been privy to classified, top-secret information! He's a direct threat to this country! Hopefully, Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse will have much to reveal about Obama and his criminal activities to overthrow our country with a communist, dictatorship, with him, of course, running the show! Are we stupid or what?

        • Danee G. says:

          Richard you are right as rain! I know there are powers controlling our government and media that are not answerable to the Constitution. There are strings being pulled and persons suborned by those with a lawless agenda to degrade our society and subvert our government for personal gain. BHO the Manchurian Candidate will bring the prophecy to fulfillment if elected for another term.

          My prayer is that the GOP has the discernment and fortitude to select a man of personal integrity, discernment, and wisdom to withstand the temptations provided the ultimate office of power.

    14. Rick O'Brien says:

      Call me naive' but since it is quite obvious that Obama has violated his oath of office, why hasn't someone in Congress stepped up to the plate and filed an article of impeachment against him and his actions? I very seriously would like an answer to this. I am no lawyer, but this seems to me as a textbook case from the Constitution's perspective.

      • Richard says:

        Rick For what it's worth, try looking at oathact.us/precedent online. Might help with your question.
        Don't know if it's still available. It might, however, p – - – you off as it did me. Like most politicians,
        they have formulated "get out of jail free" conditions everywhere. If you can't find it, try PatriotPost.US.
        God bless America-we need all the help we can get. Remember to celebrate Independence Day
        harder than you did Super Bowl Sunday…………..

      • dustin says:

        obama is a sacriligious so called christian who does not honor any oath of god!

    15. bill says:

      With the president abusing and ignoring the constitution which every president has had to work with, why isn't he being arrested? Why isn't congress calling for his impeachment? Why isn't someone stopping him? The president and congress is there to protect our nation and when they don't there must be legal consequences to that failure. We can't always wait for a vote at the next election!

    16. Ken Jarvis says:

      WHAT – UNCONSTITUTIONAL – has Obama Ever done?
      Nothing I can think of.
      Yesterday, the Prez started a TRUTH Team
      so that THE TRUTH GOES OUT TOO.
      This may not get posted, as the HF has blocked some TRUTH several times.

      • West Texan says:

        The same "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" thing FDR and LBJ have done. Obama's slip was mandating the purchase of a product due to consumer inactivity. You tell me Ken, what right does any U.S. President have doing this? Absolutely none! "Obamacare" was bad legislation and is plainly "UNCONSTITUTIONAL".

      • Donna says:

        Let's just start with the beginning of his administration – Feb. 2009. He unconstitutionally took over GM. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the Fed. Govt. can take over companies. Second – pushing for the takevoer of our health care system – Obamacare. Unconstitutional appointments without Congressional approval is a recent one. Cash for Clunkers is another one. Ignoring a court order to lift the drilling moratorium. Ignoring court order to supply documents that prove that he is a natural born citizen eligible to be President.
        And that is just a start. If you think these are Constitutional, please supply the exact passage in the Constitution that gives him said power.

      • eggsbenedict says:

        Ken, have you been living under a rock for the last three years? I have a list of over 50 impeachable offenses that he has committed. I just can't get it to down load to this spot!
        Since when can the president mandate that an insurance provider has to provide free contraceptives to anyone? If I owned an Insurance Company I would tell him to go pound sand! His 4 unconstitutional appoints recently is enough to have him impeached for violating the constitution. Wake up man!

      • Perhaps you didn't read the article. Please do so. The truth is therein. Don't be another blindly obedient Obama-bot. It is a matter of documented fact that he did these things and if you know anything at all about our Constitution, then you know his actions are illegal. If, on the other hand, you do not know anything about the Constitution, then how can you feel confident in defending your viewpoint?

    17. Freedom4U says:

      Why not go after him and bring it up and prosecute him and impeach him. Why do we just give it Lip Service if it is against the constitution impeach him!

      • Michael says:

        Why not wait a few months to see if the actions are even nece4ssary? Obamacare faces the Supreme Court, ans he faces the election. Even if the unlikely were to happen and he was re-elected, there is every likelihood that the Dems will lose the Senate. Taking Obama down would be exponentially easier with both houses of Congress arrayed agsainst him.

    18. guest says:

      Why is no one in Congress or the Senate beginning impeachment proceedings against Obama? And people wonder why congress has such low approval ratings.

    19. Jim Beerman says:

      When will the congress do their job and legally stop this, or any future president from breaking the laws set forth by the constitution? Do you know of someone that may "take the bull by the horns" ?

    20. BobNY says:

      Since Obama has forsaken preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, isn't this the perfect opportunity to impeach him for high crimes and misdermeanors? He blantanly goes against all he swore he would uphold. Not to mention the many other atrocities he has committed, Solyndra and the other 'green loans', the Stesak incident, the War Powers act, Fast and Furious just to name a few. If Congress lets him get away with this, they are complacent in his actions and they should also be held accountable.

    21. Terry Hartlieb says:

      We know that Barack Obama came to office with the full intent of "fundamentally changing" this great nation to one of HIS image. So his violations of constitutional mandate are of no surprise. The question is, however, when is Congress going to step in with legal vengeance to PUT A STOP to his insanity? There certainly MUST be a way to halt the destruction, BEFORE it is too late for this Republic. Where is their courage?
      Terry Hartlieb
      Fort Collins, CO

    22. Jane Parker says:

      What I want to know is why nobody, including The Heritage Foundation, is taking Obama to court over these unconstitutional usurpations of power.

      • eggsbenedict says:

        Well said Jane and I have to agree! The Heritage Foundation needs to publish who and when a Constitutional Continental Congress can be called to set our Congress in order again!

    23. Gracie says:

      Preventive medicine: yes birth control pills prevent pregnancy. There are pills for high blood pressure and pills for high cholestrol that are suppose to prevent stokes. Should those be free? Blood work and insulin are used to prevent diabetes from getting out of hand. Should that be free? Michelle Obama and Mayor Bloomberg wants everyone to cut out the salt and sugar because they have decided it will cause bad health. Why don't they go out in the public and tell women, and men by extension, to cut out the sexual intercouse? How do you think that would go over?

      • Marnott says:

        Birth control, sterilization and abortion are the practicing of eugenics by this wave of progressive liberals. They are not alleviating pain and suffering or doing people a favor — they are manipulating the species. This tradition goes back to the original progressive movement and is a time-honored belief of the movement. Progressives take no action without feeding their cause. Think about it.

    24. ThomNJ says:

      The Congress is equally to blame in all this – and I cannot stomach hussein – but you hit on a great example in the article. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is absurd – nestled into the Fed – which is a PRIVATE bank – which is in itself wrong for the country. So this bureau is going to make rules and regulations – laws – for all of us to follow? Talk about unelected bureaucrats – and they don't even report to Congress? This is what our Congress enacted – and one need not wonder why hussein wants to do as he pleases – and believes he can. No one will touch him, because they are too afraid of being called a racist. Our first affirmative action president, and he is running rampant over the Constitution as well as with the taxpayer's checkbook – and WHERE IS THE CONGRESS? The man has done nothing but give them plenty of reasons for impeachment – yet hardly a peep.

    25. Charles Yahn says:

      Obama will continue to trample the constitution, until someone has backbone enough to proceed with impeachment. Our representatives in government must stop this self appointed dictator or the peoples liberties will be lost in the coming months.

    26. Suz says:

      My question: Why don't the seantors/congressmen that find these acts so disturbing and AGAINST the Constitution file charges or SOMETHING against Obama? I can't believe these guys sit around and talk about how Unconstitutional the things Obama does are, but nobody does anything about it! Someone up there needs to get a backbone and call him on this crap before we totally loose our rights and our Country.

    27. Judith Fordering says:

      This is by far the worse president we have ever elected. I say "we" meaning the idiots that voted for him in the first place. People just tend to believe anything that comes out of his crooked mouth. I hope everyone who voted for this destructive man is happy with themselves. He is destroying everything "we the people" have worked to build this great nation. Someone has got to put a stop to this madness.

    28. sdfultz says:

      I just don't understand this type rhetoric from The Foundry, if this were true violations of the constitution, why complain here. Shouldn't the President be read his rights or are his actions not against the law. You've got me confused.

    29. K. R. Petersen says:

      Why aren't his actions impeachable?

    30. Chris Buffa says:

      I am Amazed at how many people are ok with the actions of this President. Don't they realize that allowing any President Democrat or Republican to over step the Constitution is dangerous for our liberty. It disturbs me greatly at how many Americans don't seem to care or just plain don't understand whats going on.

    31. If you like your personal liberty, don't vote democrat in the upcoming election. If you prefer to have some bureaucrat in Washington make all your decisions for you then join the rest of the drones who's understanding of the constitution doesn't expand beyond the vocabulary of a bumper sticker.

    32. PQuilson says:

      This contraceptive business is only the beginning of the problems with Obamacare. It was sold to the Congress as a reform of the heath care system. It was, and is, nothing of the sort. It purports to change the health care insurance, not heath care itself. What it is, unfortunately, is a means to another end. That end is to control everyday, ordinarty activities, or non-activies of the American people. Every activity has a bearing on health, they will argue. Not exercising enough? There can be a mandate to exercise. Eating too much salt? There can be mandates to the food industry to reduce salt, or to control the amount of salt a consumer can purchase. Really? Yes. If the federal government can mandate to an insurance company that they must provide contraceptives to individuals free of cost, then the government can mandate anything to anyone. Don't like the Volt? Buy one anyway. This is a very dangerous business the government is embarking upon.

    33. thomas says:

      I am the great and all powerful OBAMA, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain….even though he gives RRREALLY good speeches!!!

    34. Frank Bilek says:

      By defacto compliance otherwise, this battle is no longer one to be fought. It is lost due to the number of complacent sheep within our citizenry. They have sacrificed their own liberties for the "stuff" they feel they are entitled to by the government or anyone they perceive as having more and therefore owe to them. From this point forward, true Americans must pursue an agenda of recovery and reconstruction. God bless the United States of America.

      • Michael says:

        Wrong. There are times when waiting to see the outcomes of things in the near future are just as important, if not moreso, than taking immediate action. Filing impechment papers rtight now would muddy the waters with the healthcare law facing the Supreme Court in a few months. The decision will come down before the election. Why not wait to see if rastic action is necessary?

    35. Linda says:

      If Roy Blunt is so unhappy about the unconstitutional thinks Obama is doing, then why doesn't he do something about it? Preaching to the choir (Heritage) is not action. Citizens are waiting for someone to stop this man!

    36. Beth1119 says:

      So what are Lee and Blunt DOING about this?

    37. Jack Penland says:

      Where to begin? I wonder how many people realized they were voting for a Comrade-in-Chief, rather than Commander? I heard Obama, just the other day, when justifying higher taxes, claim to be a Christian. Talk about the "Devil quoting scripture!" His faith appears to be somewhat selective, as he apparently never got past the "render unto Ceasar" part. (He really, really liked that one). Which brings us to the point. Apparently our "leader," like the original, feels that the restraints of the Constitution only apply to lesser beings, and he should be allowed to improvise and impose his obviously superior intelligence, morality and philosophy on those of us who are merely mortal. Considering his previous disdain for things lawful and Constitutional, this latest assault should come as no surprise. He is working his way through the Bill of Rights, just not in any particular numerical order. The sad part is, with the complicity of a clueless electorate,and a Legislative Branch that apparently has it's own delusions of Godhood, He may succeed. Perhaps the coming rise in gas prices will convince even his most rabid supporters that the only reason for Liberals is to make conservatives look good.

    38. Patrick says:

      Who, or what entity is charged with enforcement of the Constitution? It would seem that those who swear or who swore an Oath to Defend and Protect the Constitution, when found in violation of that Oath should be removed from office and punished.

    39. toledofan says:

      Well, it obvious that Obama must have slept through most of courses he had to take on histroy or on the law in general and it's relationship to the Constitution. Maybe that's why he doesn't want his grades released, maybe he flunked.

    40. RUKIDDIN says:

      Conservative Radio Talk-Show host Michael Savage reports: "that the Founders envisioned petty dictators like Obama".

    41. Clint says:

      Obama's repeated violation of our Constitution certainly Qualifies as a high crime or at least a misdemeanor. Why hasn't the House of Representatives taken action to impeach ?

    42. T C Coyne says:

      Nowhere have I read a treatise on what the other arms of the government, e.g., congress and the senate have at their disposal to prevent the President from abrogating the constitutions by authority. What can be done with the exception of sending everything through the Federal Court system until it eventually (sometimes never) gets to the Supreme Court?

    43. Lie_Sniper says:

      The President's non-existent accommodation for religious liberty is a hoax that threatens the entire Bill of Rights. If he is allowed to override religious freedoms guaranteed under the first amendment, there is no reason reason he can't nullify any other constitutional guarantees of freedoms. In any case, faith-based organizations are still paying for services their consciences forbid them from supporting and there is no accommodation at all.

      • Richard says:

        Never forget, this is one part of an overall attempt to destroy the entire Constitution. He wishes us
        to be subjects, not citizens.
        If you were outside of a local, state or federal building trying to erect a nativity scene and you were
        standing next to an illegal alien with a sign that read "Illegal alien, will work for food", who do you
        think would be arrested?
        Let's take advantage of whatever time we have left as citizens, and celebrate Independence day
        harder than we did Super Bowl Sunday………

    44. Charles King says:

      While I agree that the presidents' most recent dictate is unconstitutional, I believe the larger question of the constitutionality of "Obama Care" under already established law has been ignored by your staff at least to the point that I have never seen it mentioned in print. In the middle third of the previous century the US Supreme Court ruled in the case of "Southern States Underwriters vs. US" that insurance products were not subject to the commerce clause of the constitution in that all states regulated insurance independent of the federal government and were not engaged in interstate commerce, which was the primary justification for the congressional action of the democrats and Obama in the first place.. Essentialy,the court said that insurance products were beyond the purview of the federal government in any way. As far as I know , this case has never been modified, or re-argued , making it the Law of the Land! Under case law the whole law is unconstitutional on its face. An overreach allready satisfied by Supreme court decision.

      • ThomoNJ says:

        Our Congress is guilty of dereliction of duty – they are the ones who followed hussein's lead and voted the healthcare law in. You are quite right that the fedeeral government has no power in this, but no one in our Congress seems to be standing up for what is right – and by standing up – I mean DOING SOMETHING rather than just tut-tutting.

        I have written my Congressman, Chris Smith complaining to him that I am thoroughly disgusted with all the time (and expense) he takes working on human rights issues in the Ivory Coast and other countries. While that might have some merit – for our State Department – I have admonished him that he was elected to represent the AMERICANS in his district, we are in probably the most critical year since our country's founding, and he is spending time worrying about what is happening in foreign lands. During the huge hubbub last year amidst the debt crisis, he was actually hosting a Congressional hearing on the Ivory Coast! My Senators, Lautenberg and Menendez, I have given up on – they have their staff write me back and try to convince me that I actually share their left-wing views and don't really believe my conservative principles. We are in deep, deep trouble.

    45. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Good article, as usual. Mr. Obama is on public record as believing our Constitution is a "deeply flawed" document. I have often wondered whether taking an oath before God and the nation to uphold and defend something that one does not believe in and intends to violate constitutes a "High crime and Misdemeanor" that deserves impeachment. I am not suggesting impeachment at this point for several reasons, the first of which Harry Reid and the Senate would never consider the case, it would be politically destructive to the Republicans, and its an election year anyway. But there is little doubt a case could be made for removing this president as an enemy of the Constitution.

    46. LIGHTITUP says:

      Lee, " He's reading the Constitution in a way that's manifestly wrong", seriously Lee, he hasn't read the Constitution, nor does he care what's in it. When are these politically correct puppets going to get REAL!!!

    47. Joe Curry says:

      Why is it that you Right leaning nuts continue to resist what President Obama is trying to do in order to restore the economy and protect civil rights. (Yest, the very rights guaranteed by the constitution. Please go crawl back into your hole and leave the president to do his job.

    48. Adam says:

      Why is the focus just on hospitals charities? This mandate also impinges on individual religious rights. Individuals should be free not to participate in a program that provides morally objectionable procedures without being fined or forced into such a program. This is a bigger issue involving more than just religious institutions.

    49. Mary Sofer says:

      At Obama's inauguration, with hand on the bible, he swore to uphold the US Constitution. During
      his time in office he has repeatedly ignored the Constitution and Congress, and why are we surprised?
      Who in scripture is described as the Prince of Liars? Well we have a cohort of same in our White House.
      Why is it so difficult for citizens to understand that this man, a president-pretender, has no intention of
      respecting our Constitution, never has and never will. He has a plan, an agenda, to use the presidential
      power of the United States of America, to bring her down, Saul Alinsky style. Wake up America; you're
      sliding over the clif and whistlebritches is cheering you on. Read Jonathan Cahn new book, HARBINGER,
      and inform yourself of the future of America–the threat of impending destruction, unless . . .

    50. 1ConservativeUSA says:

      OK, I hear a lot of talk from our elected conservatives. Who has the sack to do something about it?

      If Obama, Sebellius, Holder, or any other member of the administration is violating their oath, shouldn't the Senate be drawing up articles of impeachment? Shouldn't there, at least, be hearings and testimony?

    51. Terry C. says:

      It seems to me the president took a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States, but refuses to see that thru. It seems to me his first responsibility is the safety of the American people, but his DOJ got one of the border patrol agents killed due to the gun running scheme, and justice has not been dealt. It seems to me every speech he makes contains lies based on distorted liberal thinking, and he is not called on account. At what point is impeachment brought up? If our past president did any one of these things, the outrage would be deafening. Where is the republican parties' voice? All I hear is "we can't allow another term of this guy."

    52. mommalu says:

      one can usually judge a person by his past. this president had a shady past and now those who voted for him are getting to see who he really is. Better do your homework next time you elect somebody with the credentials this guy had.

    53. melatr7 says:

      Since Obama is SO convinced that we need FREE contraceptive care- surely he should realize that it applies to both men and women! Black, White and Others. Young, old and in-between. Religious, Atheists, and Others. Republicans, Democrats and Others. Etc. So if he is SO SURE that this is a good thing, he should merely allow everyone to write off their contraceptive expenses and claim a tax credit. Easy- breezy! Keep your receipts!!

    54. Dale A says:

      The trampling of religious freedom in this country is an outrage. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about separation of Church and State – that was one of the first examples of judicial activism. God was very much a part of the founding of this country and these attempts to eliminate God from our country must end. It's time for the silent majority to stand up and be counted on this issue.

      • Richard says:

        Unfortunately this is where we are at: If I were to attempt to erect a nativity scene in front of a local,state or federal building, and next to me was an illegal alien with a sign that read "Illegal alien, will work for food", who do you think would be arrested? We have "tolerated" all that immoral, liberal-thinking,
        Hollllywood-inspired crap for so long it has corrupted even our government. Now we are expected
        to become subjects instead of citizens. Just think, our taxes pay for this. God blessed America. and even He isn't getting His money's worth.
        Please celebrate Independence Day harder than you did Super Bowl Sunday-it's someplace to start.
        Thanks for your time.

    55. Gary C says:

      One way or another, this guy needs to go. This country can't withstand more of his assaults on the Constitution and the American people.

    56. Dave Nazarian says:

      Message to all the "Movers and shakers" quoted above: QUIT TALKING AND TAKE ACTION!!!
      Commence impeachment proceedings – NOW.
      The Constitution doesn't care if it's an election year.
      Man up!

    57. Richard Quinn says:

      Obama's transgressions against the U.S. Constitution are manifest. It is well past the time Congress should have drafted a bill of impeachment against him. No moral courage, no backbone and most importantly the lack of action by Congress would appall the founders.

    58. Hawke says:

      Where is this man's head?? Does he even have a brain??? Does he care more about the people of the United States or how big his (and other politicians) pockets can bulge?? Where Obama's head is I don't know… he apparently has no brain, or greed has just overtaken him. As for caring for the people, I would say that is an emphatic **NO**!! For whatever reason, his supposed power has gone to his head and he has forgotten that he works for the American people… we are **not** his subjects!

      The American people desperately need to wake up and make themselves heard… we need to stand behind our constitution and uphold it in spite of this president! I'm sorry, Obama doesn't have my respect and I will not capitalize the word president again until he is gone! When someone in Obama's office loses the respect and trust of the American people, he needs to hang his head in shame and walk away before he does anymore harm! Obama needs to wake up and see the destruction and havoc he has wreaked on us… the American Citizens!

      My biggest fear is that, once again, he will not got the popular vote but, will still be re-elected by the electoral college. Both my fiance and I have decided, seriously, that if Obama is reelected, we may find another country to call home!

    59. Stephen Chapdelaine says:

      Seems like another serious reason why the Supreme Court must find Obama care unconstitutional

    60. Martha Rountree says:

      I don't understand why no one is doing anything to stop Obama from doing things that are not contitutional. Everyone is talking about it but I haven't seen anyone in Washington stopping him, he is not King Obama. He is distroying our once great country.

    61. J Andrew Reid says:

      There is no doubt that the President is circumventing the Constitution purposefully but he is not solely to blame for the situation. The Legislature ignores the Constitution when it suites them so they are on shaky ground when they complain and, I think, this is why they whine about it rather than exert their powers to balance the executive branch actions. Obama is daring them to do something about it and they are sitting on their hands complaining. There is no balance of powers unless the legislative branch asserts it. This is a Constitutional crisis in the making!

    62. J E Houser says:

      How can I reply to that, as well as many other actions in Washington? The only reasonable way would require an explosive amount of profanity! My reaction is that historical fact that democracies last only for 200 years. My question is: Are we sliding now a hill, or falling off a cliff?

    63. Larry says:

      But when is someone going to go to court to stop this? Isn't that the only way left to end it? Some group (perhaps Heritage) has to go to court and hopefully it will rule some of these actions unconstitutional. Otherwise, there is no reason Obama will stop doing this kind of thing. Only Obamacare has gone to court as far as I know.
      And why isn't Congress doing something?

    64. Juan says:

      Reference Senator Blunt's comments why doesn't he bluntly say "enought is enough" and again say " I am going to do something about it and DO IT? Seems like all we hear are our elected officials just making comments but take no action whatsoever to stop all this madness.

    65. Dan Noorlander says:

      I keep hearing what is unconstitutional or extra-constitutional about Obama's actions. Senator Lee from Utah identified the problem, but what is the Senate doing about it? Why haven't Obama's recessed (so-called) appointments been canceled by law? Since Obama does not respect the supreme law of the land, and since Congress has a responsibility equal to the president's to defend the Constitution, why isn't Congress pulling him back? If the document itself isn't the line in the sand, the Senate and House should be drawing their own line that cannot be crossed. If Obama continues to assert his will over the will of the people, gathering to himself unlawful power, while abrogating his oath to defend the Constitution, he should know that impeachment is the people's final answer to tyranny. It seems that those in power (legal sense) are content to watch and complain, but what are they doing about it except to embolden Obama by doing nothing? What are they afraid of? Why won't they act? If Congress is willing to "talk the talk," they should also be willing to "walk the walk" to its final conclusion whatever it might be.

    66. JMW says:

      FINALLY someone in public leadership tells it like it is, and is righteously irate about it: Obama is making a jack-booted play for dictatorship of the USA!
      What are we going to do about it? Does he and his get arrested like other citizens would if they broke our laws?

    67. TEL-TRU says:

      I'm not positive but I seem to recall that President Bush also used the same tactic
      for some appointments he made. And I believe several other Presidents have also
      done the same thing. Would you confirm that as a fact that it has or has not been
      done by others.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Bush and others actually did make recess appointments, but they did not make them when the Senate was having even their pro-forma meetings. Obama actually made them when the Senate was technically in session.

      • Donna says:

        Bush made those appointments when the Senate was actually in recess. Although I do not agree with these appointments, they were done correctly. Obama, on the other hand, made those appointments when Congress was still in session. That is the difference.

    68. Bob Marcus says:

      The real question is not "whether Obama violated the Constitution," but what can and/or should Congress do to once again become a pertinent force in the sepation of powers set up by our Founding Fathers? Right now, Congress has become marginalized by a corrupt Executive.

    69. John Testa says:

      I keep hearing about all the unconstitutional actions taken by the Obama administration and all the politicians publicizing and complaining about it, but I don't see anything being done about it. It wil just go on to the next violation and we will hear yelling and screaming and nothing being done. I am getting tired of hearing about it. Very frustrating.

    70. West Texan says:

      He has an ally in Ruth Ginsburg. By her own admission during Egypt's interview with the U.S. Supreme Justice, she too verbalized contempt for our country's carefully framed constitution. No, it's not a perfectly written document. Sadly, social progressives have successfully used this weakness to subvert our union's founding principles of limited government having separate powers. Instead, they've continued to promote their own perverted socialist wannabe fabrication for the whole nation.

    71. Clearhead says:

      Will Rogers once said, "Everybody TALKS about the weather, but nobody DOES anything about it." Americans now say, "Everybody TALKS about the blatant destruction of our America and our Constitution, but so far nobody seems to have the guts to DO anything about it." How long, America? How long?

    72. Karen says:

      I was wondering since the public schools are teaching anti-Christian curriculum, is it Constitutional that we as Christians have to pay taxes for the public schools?

    73. Conciliation ? I think not. This President is thelargest threat to the Constitution in my life time. Let's see next project obe

    74. Lynda says:

      I concur and underscore all that Mike Brownfield has written. If you want to know what keeps me up at night it is the horrifying prospect that Obama could be re-elected. If that happens, America, as we know it will transform into a Socialist European model if not worse.
      More and more I hear the Obama administration making unilateral mandates followed by…"there will be no more discussion on the matter." He is sounding more and more dictatorial.
      We cannot let that happen. Conservatives everywhere, stand up and make your voice count at the voting booth in November!!!!!!

    75. Terry Christiansen says:

      As usual, Heritage has it pegged correctly….particularly the final paragraph. The question is, what are we, the people, going to do about it?

    76. Bob says:

      I appreciate all the outrage over President Obama's illegal, immoral, unethical, unconstitutional power grabs and I echo them as well. However, outrage isn't enough. Once the outrage has been spoken, the anger and frustration dissipate and the body politic establishes a new normal. This outrage must be followed up with action–action that overturns what our outlaw President (OP) is doing. I say "outlaw" because he is acting outside the law! Those who were illegally appointed must be removed immediately–not through some long laborious process though that might necessarily be entered into as well–they must be physically removed NOW!! The Senate–at least the Republicans in the Senate, and the House must declare the recent proclamations of our OP as null and void and unenforceable. And proceedings must be started to force our OP to act within the law!

    77. joecarrsr says:

      All I can say with millions of other Americans Enough is Enough.Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has to remain alive after the election of 2012.Think about and please don't waste your Golden Vote.

    78. steve says:

      When Clayton Williams was running for Governor in Texas against Ann Richards he made a statement about rape that cost him the election. He said "when it is inevitable just relax and enjoy it". That should be the Obama campaign's new slogan.

    79. JMW says:

      FINALLY someone in public leadership tells it like it is, and is righteously irate about it: Obama is making a jack-booted play for dictatorship of the USA! SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Arrests are in order.

    80. Kenneth Wiliams says:

      President Barack OBama is under the illusion that he has been inaugurated KING. He violates our precious constitution at will. He disregards Congress with such irresponsible statements as "I can't wait for congress to act." In other words when he speaks congress should jump.
      He continues to alienate and offend Israel, (our only ally in the middle) more than any president before him.

      He cancels "Day of Prayer", and then sanctions the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, and joins them in prayer at the White House. He is, without a doubt, a man with many double standards.

      When Americans go the polls in November we better get it right this time and rid ourselves of this un- American administration.

    81. John says:

      If the appointments made by the President are in violation of the Constitution, why isn't anything being done about it other than rhetoric? Where is the legal challange? Where is our Congress?

    82. Ron W. Smith says:

      I'm reminded, in reading Mike Brownfield's good defense of freedoms protected by the Constitution, of the way the 13th Amendment was for half a century later gone around so easily by Peonage, Jim Crow Laws, and such. If the Amendment prohibited slavery, it certainly didn't prohibit chicanery.
      In the case of religious freedom guaranteed in the 1st Amendment (and, certainly, in the spirit of the Preamble), we find end-arounds, particularly in states which have a single clearly dominant religion. The abridgement of the freedoms of those not of the dominant faith are often creatively enacted (through the states rights route, usually), but they are also clearly there. The current brouhaha over gay marriage, for instance, involves establishment of a definition of marriage not in the Constitution to limit the freedom(s) of gays to the privileges enjoyed by all (matrimony). Examples abound in the area of liquor control of the 21st Amendment's impact on individual liberty, that Amendment's second section probably the most glaring example of the way states rights can be used against a national standard of what constitutes "liberty."
      Sanford Levinson's Our Undemocratic Constitution is a good place to look for the ways the Constitution of the United States can be quibbled with–as it was among the founding signers and continues, to this day, to be. The tempest over religious freedoms being trampled by Obamacare is just a new installment in a long-running soap opera, one issue or another always at the ready for tomorrow's eepisode.

    83. melatr7 says:

      Since Obama is SO convinced that we need FREE contraceptive care- surely he should realize that it applies to both men and women! Black, White and Others. Young, old and in-between. Religious, Atheists, and Others. Republicans, Democrats and Others. Etc. So if he is SO SURE that this is a good thing, he should merely allow everyone to write off their contraceptive expenses and claim a tax credit. Easy- breezy! Keep your receipts!!

    84. Richard McComack says:

      Well If I'm remembering my history lesson correctly, Obama is not the only person In power who took the oath to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States, every Congress and Senator, every military personell, every Governor of every State and more so the people who are allowing Obama to get by are the Senate Congress, Military,State Governors and everyone else who took the same Oath

    85. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Thank you Mike Brownfield! Finally someone is actually reporting the true intent of Obama. Of course, to anyone that has an understanding of our system of laws, (based on the Constitution), realized from his first day in office, Obama would not follow the laws of the land. He condemned the restrictions of the document he swore to uphold and protect. He demanded to force this nation into his Marxist ideoligical utopia by first stocking the White House with only the most radical "czars" who would support his "transformation" of America. Then he had to corrupt Congress with leftist, (both Dems and Repbls) that would inact laws and regulations that would inforce his demands. We must face the fact that Obama has become this nation's first dictator. But the problem is the majorty of the people, even the conservative media, cannot or will not publicly admit they that a president of this country could be that blatant about bringing about such anti-American policies. Obama has.

    86. Mike Jackson says:

      Although I'm far from being a fan of Obama, I think history will show that other presidents have tried to circumvent Congress. I'm convinced that most of our representatives bable more than they act other than in thier own personal interests and the general public is not that interested. Those who are among the 40 plus percent that pay no income tax and draw "tax credit" checks will reelect this guy to office. They will want thier "fair share". This will continue until no one will loan us money. Then and only then will needed action be taken on the so called budget. By then our children and grand children's future will be very bleak.

    87. Keith Hamilton says:

      The time has passed for our duly elected representatives to step up, call this poor excuse for a president on the carpet, throw out his unconstitutional mandates, and begin impeachment proceedings. This is "The Nation of We the People." It is NOT "the kingdom of obama!" Put the pressure on our elected officials to DO THE RIGHT THING! Of course, some of them need to be thrown out, too!

      As for one of the earlier comments, I don't know what house of worship the writer attends or what preachers the writer has been listening to. But that which is right is regularly preached from this pulpit and from many others as well. Maybe the writer needs to look for another house of worship, especially given the spiritual climate of our nation today and the many liberal leaning politically correct denominations and "preachers" in their respective churches' pulpits. Find a biblically conservative church, one that is true to the Word of God and not one that blows in the wind.

    88. Guest says:

      Obama does not regard our Constitution because he is a Socialist!!!! plain and simple. He is following from the playbook from his father and Saul Alinsky. The republicans need to be smart and keep pointing this out to the American People. Obama is very dangerous to our country. The Republicans needs to keep speaking up against what he is doing and hopefully that will be enough to BOOT HIM OUT of OUR WHITE HOUSE!!!!!

      I for one am glad for the Heritage Foundation!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

    89. John D. Schutt says:

      We have watched Obama operate in a documented, unconstitutional fashion; plain and simple, he has violated his oath of office. WHY IS IT THAT NO ONE HAS CALLED FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT? Is there any doubt that were the circumstances to be reversed and Bush was president, that he would have been thrown out under the same circumstances? Why are our elected officials standing by while the freedoms and liberties of our nation are usurped?

    90. melatr7 says:

      If he wants us to have free contraceptive care, why doesn't he give us a tax deduction for it- and get off his freaking mandates!

    91. Texigent says:

      The United States Constitution does not allow for its unilateral, mandated re-writing or destruction by a President, nor is it to be specifically and intentionally ignored by a President. There is recourse, and the first order of elected legislators is to insure that those unilateral (illegal) mandates are stopped at the door of the Oval Office by taking legislative (or legal) action against the next step in the process. Whoever receives the illegal mandate from the President of the United States is as guilty as the President himself by consenting to 'move along' its progress. I am in awe that our country can be legally and willfully taken down by a series of mandates by a President who simply does not agree with the founding document. This President is a constitutional attorney? A United States citizen? ALL of his co-conspirators are U.S. citizens? All of these persons in federal government who are in the illegal process are in agreement of this? When in God's name will one man step up? That one man will have the backing of tens of millions of true American Patriots that will risk much to stop what is happening. God bless our country.

    92. ProfChuck says:

      What recourse do the people have when the President violates his oath of office?

    93. Roger Crassi says:

      We are now living in the age when "every man does what is right in his own eyes." In America there is no longer a clearly defined right and wrong. America has raised her puny fist in the Face of God and ordered HIM out. We are receiving the "wages" for the national sins we have sown. God's MERCY is our only hope, but we will not experience it apart from a through and through "Day of National Repentance."

    94. Gene NAddeo says:

      It's great to read thes articles about how the PResident is acting unconstitutionally in this way or that. What I want to know is, when is Congress growing to grow a set and censure the President for his actions?

      Better yet why doesn't Congress de-fund th agencies where the President made his "illegal" appointments.
      BTW – Until the courts rule on the issue, the appointments are not illegal…..talk is cheap.

      Congress has, for the last 40 years, performed a self-gonadectomy. I'd like to see an article written about that.

      We need a third party……one that believes in the Constitution.

    95. Bruce says:

      Can this guy be prosecuted or not ?? Is there someone out here who actually knows if laws have been violated and then, can anything be done about it ?
      Next question is that if we do have a recourse, why aren't our representatives doing something ? Are they THAT scared of this man ? This is so frustrating. Is there anyone of influence on our side ?

    96. eddie says:

      I understand and agree that we should not force the Obama health care plan onto the religious associations but what I don't understand is why it is OK to force it on religious individuals. Don't we make up the church?

      • eddie says:

        It starts with us, We the people need to burn the phone lines until they stand up for the constitution.We can complain until we are blue in the face but we need to act I am preaching to my self as well lets get involved and take a few minuets each day to rally each other to keep the phones ringing. Our senators need to hear from us

    97. William says:

      I only went through page 1 of the comments. I find that there were 21 of 25 that feel that President Obama needs to be 'called' on his acts and actions; this is 85%. Now, if this can be expanded to 85% of the population, it would be a super number of people. I only saw one that seemed to side with the President as to his actions being positive and that was Mr. Ken Jarvis. Please inform Mr. Jarvis that I will be praying for him to wake up before it is too late. Now, my message is that I agree with most respondants BUT I would like to add some emphasis. Has anyone ever heard of Citizen's Arrests and People's Courts ? Well, I think that we had best look at these avenues because it will be "We the People" that will have to bring action against the Congress that is so afraid to speak up AND the President who is Hell-bent on 'fundamentally transforming America' as he told Joe the Plumber. Now, tell me, who will stand with me and DO SOMETHING and NOT TALK ?? Be Alert, Be Prepared, Be Brave, Be Armed, Be an American, and

    98. Diane Winston says:

      I just want to add my voice to all these others who are saying "Why aren't our elected officials doing something about these abuses of the Constitution??? No President is above the law, but with the arrogance of this President he'll try anything, and he seems to be getting away with it. Any wonder that Republican citizens are frustrated with our representatives who should be doing something?

    99. Ron W. Smith says:

      I'm reminded, in reading Mike Brownfield's good defense of freedoms protected by the Constitution, of the way the 13th Amendment was for half a century later gone around so easily by Peonage, Jim Crow Laws, and such. If the Amendment prohibited slavery, it certainly didn't prohibit chicanery.

    100. Patsy Two says:

      Like a lot of these comments, I feel that the Powers that be, should be confronting Obama and if possible, why can't they Impeach him…. He has broken so many laws, and violated the constitution the whole time he has benn in office. We have a Republican Majority in the House of Representatives, who should be hammering at these outrageous violations he pulls all the time. We cannot wait for the election, because, it is very possible that he and the Democratic Party, will go to all shenanigans, to get him elected for another 4 years, at which time, our Republic will be gone. Also why is it so many of the Congressmen, and Senators, and other leaders call us a Democracy. I would think they would have know that the USA is a Republic. How long this will be is another question.

    101. rogers13 says:

      I find it curious that presidents, congresspersons, supreme court justices and many other government employees take an oath of office but are never formally taken to task when they vioate that oath. Are there not any legal steps to be taken to enforce oaths of office, or are they just empty words spoken to add some kind of phony credibility to the taking of office? If meaningless, why bother? If not meaningless, perhaps formal charges are in order.

    102. Stacy says:

      Why is this president above impeachment. He has done plenty to qualify…we're always told of his transgressions but nobody in power/authority does anything. I thought we elected to REPRESENT us, to DEFEND the constituiton…he's being allowed to get away with it. All of our elected representatives are condoning Obama's acitons by allowing his degradation of the USA to continue.

    103. Clark Hardesty says:

      as noted in other posts: it is useful to have this info diseminated BUT when will CONgress do something about this blatant disregard for the Constitution.

      The disregard is bad enough, but trouble really ensues when NOTHING is done about it

    104. Peter Wormwood says:

      It would be interesting to see a summary of Obama's violation of the Constitution and how he compares to other prisedents. He is not the first to do so but is probably the worst offender. When does it constitute treason?

    105. Wildcat, D-Town, PA says:

      In my assessment Obama appears to have pursued a course of economic terrorism against the very nation he purpports to be a citizen of. I would think his economic policies and actions have more than met the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors required for impeachment. Who in the House of Representatives has the intestinal fortitude to bring the charges to Speaker Boehner's attention?

    106. Joseph Picone says:

      I don't understand why Republican leaders are not drawing up articles of impeachment against Barack Obama and other members of this corrupt regime. Who in Washington stands up to defend our constitution and our liberty? I for one would do anything to defend them.

    107. Sherman Axinn says:

      It is apparent that we don't have a congressional leader with any guts. One would think that both parties would be opposed to the presidential power grab. Not much left for congress to do if they allow the president to have all the power – to disregard any concept of checks and balances. Just think of all the money we could save by just throwing out the entire congress.

    108. Basia says:

      Besides the ramming down of Obamacare upon us, Obama's many assaults on the Constitution are very worthy of American outrage. But it disturbs me that there is not more of a national outrage about Obama and all of Congress EXEMPTING themselves from Obamacare. Is that not enough to make one's head explode? Citizens please wake up! You are already viewed as serfs. God help us.

    109. Gregory Norton says:

      Good article. Now, when is anybody going to do anything about it? Obeying a law or directive that violates the Constitution is just another betrayal of the Constitution. Is Heritage willing to risk destruction (and its leaders jail) to organize resistance? How about an Occupy Congress movement? Or Occupy the White House? Or the Supreme Court (whose members are too dumb to understand simple prose)?

      Tyranny can evolve in small steps, each too small to trigger mass protests. Who at Heritage is ready to force the police (or military) to open fire to enforce the tyranny? I'm not suggesting an Intifada, but how about MLK?

    110. Mother of a Patriot says:

      Dear fellow citizens, I have read the Heritage article, and most of the replies and comments thereto. The majority of the comments seem to agree that the "president" has acted, and continues to act, contrary to the mandates of our Constitution. There is almost a consensus among the comments that our Congress will not take any action to stop Mr. Obama in his seemingly headlong rush to gain control of the government. Come on, Patriots! Step up and speak out against the very real threat not only to our Constitution, but to the fabric of our society and to our beloved country. If the Congress will not act, then who will? Can we the people?

    111. Betsy says:

      Right Joyce….blah, blah, and blah again…we keep reading stuff from all the offended ones…BUT nobody
      Is doing anything about it….we're all waiting, gang, up there on the great Hill….what did we elect you for,

    112. Doris Mabry says:

      Who is fighting the "recess" appointments? They shouldn't be accepted and working.

    113. Rich Weber says:

      All of the observations are correct regarding the actions of Obama. Each time he does something like this, everyone points out his violations regarding the constitution and the rule of law. BUT, a big but, no one challenges him legally! He does not get his knuckles rapped! No one takes him to task! The Congress must have some remedy but they do nothing.

      Is there no hope other than throwing him out of office next November? That, unfortunately, may not happen.

    114. Leith N. Wood says:

      God bless you for a fine piece. I have read it twice and every comment once. Half way through a retired Air Force gentleman arrived with some gorgeous roses for Valentines Day. We'd never met, but had a great discussion about the dismal state of our country and what we can do now. I believe we all need to read honest press, not the lying, liberal press, study what is really being said and understand it, then be courageous and speak to anyone and everyone we meet daily about our solutions for the country. Most people seem delighted to not hear politically correct garbage and amazed that someone will speak up. Push back, speak up and fight for freedom. Feels good.

    115. Bob Godwin says:

      As the feeble Republican responses continue the GOP as a party will discontinue. There will be a third party. The unfortunate thing is it will be too little too late since this tyrant will have stolen the 2012 election before that happens.

    116. thinkersandsinkers says:

      If we don't look at what animates these people we will miss the opportunity to turn others away from supporting this dysfunctional and tyrannical mindset. All we hear about is what these people are doing to erode the liberties of the US population. Their actions are designed for the further degradation of liberties worldwide. We haven't connected with why they do what they do. It is more than hatred or a desire to control.

      Their wish to destroy the ability for people to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness stems from their personal inability or unwillingness to allow people to live their own lives. What makes this so is their being manipulated by the Sinker mentality. Until we more fully understand how the Sinker mentality corrupts we will be missing the lever by which we can change this path we are on.

      All we need is 3 to 5% of the voting population to stop giving support to this destructive mindset and it would turn around. The Sinker mindset will relentlessly object to productive and uplifting prospects; school choice, carrying a pregnancy to full term, pray – anywhere, and the list goes on. If we keep our focus on the uplifting choices we have they will self-destruct. We are currently winning the battle and they know it. Yet we have to do more. In the coming months and years they will become even more silly and dangerous. Regardless it is up to us to correct this condition not the ones who want to destroy the greatest hope for humanity. Read: ThinkersAndSinkers to get an insight as to why and how they do what they do. ISBN 9780615450407. Good job Heritage Foundation.

    117. Mark says:

      It's like they say in court. If you represent yourself, you have a fool for a counselor. So is Obama. ]
      You know, this country revolted against a tyranny government one time before. There's nothing to say we won't do it again!

      • JMilton says:

        I say we won't. So do 300 million other "Americans".

        Here's the way this will happen:
        A. There will be no return to Constitutionality; no return to Founding principles; no return to a just government.
        B. There is no political cure for what ails this nation; nor is government reform possible.
        C. Tyranny will increase. Only the speed of the increase is in question.
        D. No one will do any useful thing to arrest it. Not elected officials, nor the courts. Not the rich, nor the poor. Not the states, nor the people. Not you, nor I.
        E. There is no other place to run for safety; and only a coward lacking principles and morals would flee if there were such a place.
        F. If you and I do not come to live as State-Slaves under abject tyranny in a despotic, tyrannical, police state; then our children and grandchildren will.

        Everyone in America faces one of five fates*: (1) Temporary safety by flight; (2) Death; (3) Imprisonment; (4) Enslavement; or (5) Becoming the Hand of fates 2, 3, & 4 over others. [*Only two of these options allow for maintaining or saving one's soul.]

        Alea iacta est.

    118. Leith N. Wood says:

      Happy Valentines Day Heritage.

    119. jOYCE-MISSOURI says:

      Obama is acting like a dictator or monarch with no regards that we have 2 other legislative branches that need to have a say on these decision. WE MUST GET HIM OUT OF HERE BEFORE HE DESTROYS AMERICA!

    120. isaac pentlin says:

      let us not forget that obama wanted to repeal the 22ed admendment after his electio; and he wanted his wife- michele have a salary and he appointed 40 czars; it is apparent that since this man has no managing experience is why he cn;t control his spending and he want t be able to proclaim hiself to be a dictator or he is a want-a-be dictator.

    121. Finis Fluker says:

      I am 85 years old,and I have seen dictater rise from Stalin, Hitler, and some lessor ones, they all start the same way, give those who are irresponsible and get their vote, Why not speak out loud, this man is a wold be dictator and the congressses aree whimps..

    122. Dan says:

      I LOVED the last two paragraphs of this article. However, I was disappointed with the rest. This has nothing to do with religious liberty or the First Amendment. If Obama has a right to mandate this coverage, it shouldn't matter what religious objections people have. If someone's religion told them to rob banks, they should still be required to abide by the law, even if it would violate their religion. So this doesn't violate religious liberty. However, Obama doesn't have the power to mandate this for ANYONE: atheists, Catholics, Protestants, or Buddhists. It is also a violation of the right to life.
      It is a violation of the Fifth Amendment (No person shall be… deprived of life… without due process of law), and the 10th Amendment (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.)
      And also, like others have posted, where's the response from Republicans? They talk a great game, but they do nothing.

    123. Henry says:

      Impeachment is the proper political solution to the problems created by the Obama Administration. It was the intent of the Founders that our elected representatives exercise this power to preserve and defend the Constitution. Although it is late in the game, it is still important that Congress act to assert the authority given it to correct the problems created by the Administration's actions. It is also important that we remember that our elected officials did not act to honor their own oath to protect and defend the Constitution! There is more than one election coming in November. Use your vote wisely, particularly in the Primaries!

    124. Del Smith says:

      What gives with our elected folks we send to Washington to represent us? With a tyranical, ineligible
      person occupying the office of the president and not one man, or woman, has opened their mouths about
      what they must see and hear if it's so plain to us out here in flyover country. It will be a shame if we let this fraud carry over even to a failed election and then have to tolerate him from here to eternity with a twenty
      four hour secret service detail. Surely someone of you can stand tall just once for God, Country and the Constitution before it is too late.

    125. JMilton says:

      Bondage with Ease; or Strenuous Liberty?

      The Tree needs refreshing; but none will offer their water.

      The Tree will die.

    126. Mike Sheahen says:

      Obama's complaints about, and deliberate, impatient, even petulant, power-grabbing bypassing, usurping, violations of both our Constitution of the United States and prescribed proper procedure, reminds of things such as, but not limited to: Other such rulers and would-be rulers, be they absolute monarchs in history, or, in and since the 20th Century, such as Soviet "General Secretaries", a certain National Socialist "Fuehrer" (meaning "leader"), Marxist/Communist/Socialist "Chairmen", and, yes, certain "Presidents" elsewhere, and now it appears also here.
      But we have been warned, by history, and by Obama himself in his writing "I went out of my way to find and associate with Marxists", in his associatons, his appointments, his declaring the "fundemental transformation of the United States of America", and more. So, as I said in 2008 when Obama was elected, "Welcome to the USSA (United Socialist States of America)", and, sure enough, the National government takes over every area of the people's lives through "healthcare".

    127. Dr. Pete Kleff says:

      We've been watching Republicans in both houses of Congress wax eloquently about Messr. Obama's nigh continuous violations of the Constitution going on three years. As a Texan I feel compelled to say: get some cojones, boys. So far you ain't done squat and he's alaughing at you. For shame!

    128. joseph hohmann says:

      I am not even close to being a constitutional authority but could someone explain why all these violations to the constitution, which he pledged to uphold are not impeachable offenses.

    129. Mike, North Carolina says:

      To those chanting "Impeach! Impeach!"…stop and think about this. First, "Impeachment" means only "conviction" by the House, not "removal" by the Senate. Second, even if any in the House began "Impeachment" against Obama now, it's too late anyway because there are enough House Democrats "in the tank" for Obama, and enough Republican "cavers" (including Speaker Boehner) to make it so that the House doesn't impeach and pass to the Senate before November, and the Senate leadership and majority, being his Comrades, wouldn't remove him anyway.

      Plus, even if, by some "miracle", the House Impeached and the Senate Removed Obama from office, his entire line of succession" is filled with three of his Comrades (Vice President, Secretary of State, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate), and a Republican Speaker of the House who "caves" to him and his Comrades anyway.

      So the one thing there sure is enough time for us to do by November is vote Obama out of office, and he knows it.

    130. Jack Porter says:

      Seems to me that there should be some protection from a rogue President from the other two branches of government. Am I right? If so, why are we not being protected? Are the other two branches co-conspirators?


    131. Muskrat Johnson says:

      Read BARACK OBAMA'S RULES FOR REVOLUTION THE ALINSKY MODEL by David Horowitz and you will learn why Obama does what he does.

    132. davidswite says:

      Before speaking for or against the Constitution, you should at least read it! It is time to know your Constitution! Go and download a new app “The Constitution of the USA” for Free for Android http://bit.ly/wbakR1 & Nook http://bit.ly/yq18H0 right now!

    133. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      This will end with Obama.

    134. Eric Dietz says:

      Hasn't anyone compiled and published a comprehensive list of all the unconstitutional acts that President Obama and this administration have committed? I would hope the Republican Party and the candidates running would have this complete list. I've only seen/heard each reprehensible act of unconstitutionality voiced as they've occurred, but most people have short memories and cannot recall all of them. I am hopeful that if such a list were widely and repeatedly publicized, We the People would eventually see the danger that this administration represents—maybe even those that are die-hard Obama lovers could be convinced, that is, if they still love this country more.

    135. frank says:

      election coming……lets get rid of him and his appointed cronies!!

    136. David Lind says:

      The argument had nothing to do with insurance companys providing contraceptives it came down to the fact AGAIN Obama wants to force company's or people to do something they don't want to which is not allowed by the constitution

    137. laura says:

      I cannot understand why Obama is able to seemingly get away with what he is doing with our constitution. Other than possibly our politicians do not care about our constitution either and Obama may be setting a precidence(?) on how they may be able to circumvent our constitution. As long as Obama is doing this and no one is fighting him on it, then that hurts "we the people". Where are our constitutional lawyers and leaders.

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