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  • Morning Bell: White House Spin Machine Hits Brick Wall

    Yesterday, the newest White House chief of staff, Jack Lew, took to the Sunday talk shows to get a head start on promoting President Barack Obama’s FY2013 budget, which is set to be released today. But just as he was getting warmed up, Lew ran smack into a brick wall when he was forced to defend the Democrat-controlled Senate’s failure to pass a budget in the last 1,019 days.

    “You can’t pass a budget in the Senate of the United States without 60 votes, and you can’t get 60 votes without bipartisan support,” Lew said on CNN’s State of the Union. “So unless… unless Republicans are willing to work with Democrats in the Senate, [Majority Leader] Harry Reid is not going to be able to get a budget passed.” Lew repeated the claim in a slightly different form on NBC’s Meet the Press, saying “One of the things about the United States Senate that I think the American people have realized is that it takes 60, not 50, votes to pass something.”

    The trouble is, Lew is absolutely wrong. As ABC’s Jake Tapper points out, budgets only require 51 Senate votes for passage. The Washington Post‘s “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler weighed in as well, saying that Lew, who is a two-time budget director, “really should know better.” When Tapper called the White House on the error, he says that they didn’t deny that Lew was wrong and instead spun back to blaming “general gridlock in Congress that makes accomplishing even the most basic tasks nearly impossible.”

    The issue, though, is bigger than whether or not Lew twisted the truth about a procedural matter that probably escapes the interest of the vast majority of Americans. The issue is that President Obama and his allies in Congress continue to take a pass on governing by refusing to address one of the biggest issues of our time: a looming fiscal crisis that will leave Americans saddled with unacceptable levels of spending and debt. According to Congressional Budget Office long-term projections, spending will rise to as much as 34 percent of GDP, with deficits at a post-war record of 15.5 percent of GDP and debt held by the public nearly twice the size of the entire economy. Heritage’s Patrick Knudsen says President Obama should address these problems head on:

    No one expects President Obama to transform into a conservative. But he cannot ignore the fundamental problems of runaway spending and debt, and he can no longer turn these problems over to fiscal commissions or super committees. If his budget for fiscal year (FY) 2013 is to be a credible policy document–not just a public relations pitch–it should:

    Show specific proposals for reforming entitlements and reducing other spending not just for the next 10 years but over the long term as well; prevent the devastating cuts in defense that are looming because of the debt-reduction Budget Control Act; offer permanent solutions to the large spending and tax policies that keep vexing lawmakers and the public; and reject phony budget savings and other gimmicks.

    Early details of the President’s plan are not promising. It purports to cut the deficit by $3 trillion over the next decade, with more than $1.5 trillion of that coming from new taxes on corporations and wealthy and with no structural changes to entitlements. Already, the President’s plan is drawing fire, with House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) saying, “It seems as if the President is doing little more than class envy and the status quo, which is the greatest threat to our health security, our retirement security, our national security and our economic security.”

    In his budget last year, President Obama claimed government savings of the highest order — many of which were illusory and misleading gimmicks, including $1.09 trillion in spending reductions through 2021 for activities in Iraq and Afghanistan that was never going to be spent. That was on top of claiming mandatory savings from policies that were actually tax or fee increases. Meanwhile, the President is also finding “savings” by drastically cutting the military, leaving the nation with a hollowed-out force that will be unable to adequately execute its mission of defending the United States at home and abroad.

    Later today, The Heritage Foundation will provide a detailed analysis of the President’s budget proposal on The Foundry. Judging by how early the White House turned on its spin machine — and Lew’s remarks on Meet the Press that “There is pretty broad agreement that the time for austerity is not today” — the news won’t be good. Expect more of the same from the White House — half measures and tax hikes, without bothering to address America’s entitlement spending crisis.

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    76 Responses to Morning Bell: White House Spin Machine Hits Brick Wall

    1. Turner says:

      Prepare yourself, a man-made famine is coming.

    2. F.N. Ted Barker says:

      I'm sure it has occurred to some; President Obama declared that he wanted to fundamentally "change" America.
      Of course his "change" is ruining the Country, but most people would not and will not recognize this as his goal.

      • sue says:

        In the 1940's, the American Communist Party had changed its approach from gradual socialism to an immediate overthrow of the government, Marxist style. Herbert Philbrick was a double agent for the FBI and at that time in the highest cell where this change was taking place. These people had immaculate community reputations and were articulate, but hard nosed Communists. At that time it was stopped when the FBI asked Philbrick to expose them. They went to jail. When I reread his book, I Led Three Lives, I realized we are now in that situation. They are articulate, masters of deceit, but they don't fool all of us. I heard him speak the day we landed a man on the moon. What he told us gave me the creeps.

    3. john vanden bosch says:

      Thank you so much for informing us of what is actually going on with the White House and the budget. If we relied on the general media to keep us up to date, we would be left to believe whatever the White House proclaims…..Thanks and keep up the good work!

      • Rose Marie says:

        Problem is we need more of the public to believe what the WH is doing is deceiving the American people. If they don't read honest journalism, they'll never know.

    4. Mel Nelson says:

      What budget does the government use? The President's, the House's, or the Senate's (not proposed)?
      Is a budget even necesary? The government keeps spending? How do the various departments know how much money they have to spend?
      Someone please enlighten me!

    5. Once again, this despicable White House managed to tell an outright lie that makes them look the victim in three-inch headlines.

      The correction, as usual comes in subscript.

      Never in my adult life have I been so ashamed of and embarrassed by our President and our Government in general.

      It is time to throw them all out!

    6. Once again, this despicable White House managed to tell an outright lie that makes them look the victim in three-inch headlines.

      The correction, as usual comes in subscript.

      Never in my adult life have I been so ashamed of and embarrassed by our President and our Government in general.

      It is time to throw them all out!

    7. Dumb to not say truth but spin. He knows you cannot veto or filibuster a budget.
      He should have said House Tea Potty committees held up the budget

    8. njbobf says:

      No one expects President Obama to transform into a conservative. But he cannot ignore the fundamental problems of runaway spending and debt, and he can no longer turn these problems over to fiscal commissions or super committees….Oh contrare!! It can, he has, and he will.

    9. Ars veritas says:

      [The Washington Post‘s “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler weighed in as well, saying that Lew, who is a two-time budget director, “really should know better.”]

      really should know better = is lying

    10. Denny says:

      President Obama, the President who intends to bring America down, with over spending and breaking our country. Already our credit raing as a country has fallen once. Rumor is it will fall again. What I have a hard time with, where are all the good, hard working Democrats who have let a their party be taken over with the people like Obama and his supporters? This administrtion DOES not support the working people. They suport getting rid of our constitution, they support their donors, they support the special interest groups and them selves. This is turning into a war of broken promises, a war for the survival of America, and there are some Republicans right in there along side these progressive Democrats that want a dfictator. When are the American people going to wake up?

    11. Ars veritas says:

      [The Washington Posts Fact Checker Glenn Kessler weighed in as well, saying that Lew, who is a two-time budget director, really should know better.]

      really should know better = is lying

    12. Todd says:

      Once again this administration blatantly lies to the American public to pass the blame and to continue its socialist agenda. It will not take too much longer until the American public wakes up and realizes that a vote for a Democrat – any Democrat – is in reality a vote AGAINST America, everything that America stands for and the morals and work-ethic that made this country great.

      I just pray that this awakening occurs before the November election. If it does not, then it may be too late to turn the tide that is drowning our great country.

      People and organizations like George Soros, ACORN (or whatever it is calling itself now) and Media Matters are as anti-American and a dangerous enemy to this country, more dangerous than any enemy we have ever faced in our history.

    13. Jimmy says:

      "Judging by how early the White House turned on its spin machine — and Lew’s remarks on Meet the Press that “There is pretty broad agreement that the time for austerity is not today” — the news won’t be good. "

      O.K., question: If the time is not now, when this administration is saddling our children and grandchildren with trillions in debt and engaging in unconstitutional spending and activity, WHEN IS THE TIME?

    14. KC-NM says:

      Speaking of "spin" – Obama has employed his "Truth" sites to dispel any of the GOP or conservative discussions. There are three sites – check it out. Maybe the Heritage members can start flooding these 3 sites with the real truth. It would be interesting to see if conservative comments are published – a 1st amendment right!

    15. Rose Marie says:

      Those of us with just half a brain and pay attention to what is going on in our country know exactly what is going on here. This current budget proposed by the president is no more than another set-up. He wants the Repubs to turn it down so he can continue on with his LIE about the Repubs blocking everything he tries to accomplish and how they just want to protect the RICH. How do we get the majority of Americans to open their minds and see what is going on. Obama wins every time congressional approval ratings go even lower. He is winning is LIE. Harry Reid is the traitor to our country, Harry Reid is the man who will bring NOTHING to the floor for a vote because he knows even with Democrat majority most of the presidents ideas WILL NOT PASS, that is if these men and women want to be re-elected, so his solution, bring NOTHING up for a vote. Let Obama just keep blaming Republicans and a willing majority chose to believe it. It doesn't say much for the common sense of the American people, does it.

    16. Loudmouth Elephant says:

      We cannot spend ourselves out of debt. It's that simple. It doesn't take a Ph.D to realize we have a spending problem and not a revenue problem. Take a look at this simple analysis. Look at the trends. It's right in front of us… pass it on: http://loudmouthelephant.blogspot.com/2011/12/rev

    17. ThomNJ says:

      It seems to me that it should also have been pointed out to Lew that one cannot pass a budget that is not submitted. Reid has already made comments to the effect that "we don't need a budget" – in clear violation of the law.

    18. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Actually, if your goal is the "fundamental transformation of America" into a third-world status, you certainly can ignore the pending crisis of spending and debt. That crisis can be used to fulfill your goals. I understand that most people want to excuse Obama's policies, but they cannot be excused any longer. Read his history. Look at how he was raised and the major influences on his developing years. And then look at his behavior since assuming office. We have a president who does not love this country and who is determined to undermine our Constitution before leaving office. Another four years and he may well succeed.

    19. Art says:

      I'm so tired of the lies and munipulation. Are we living the beginning of the end of our free society, or it it the end of the beginning that begun nearly 80 years ago?

    20. Eric N says:

      Lew said, "So unless… unless Republicans are willing to work with Democrats in the Senate, [Majority Leader] Harry Reid is not going to be able to get a budget passed."

      This is absolutely false because it refers to "a budget". To be honest it should say is "Harry's budget" or "Obama's budget". Harry Reid has a right only to PURSUE his budget. He does not have a right to have it passed. If he wants to fulfill the Senate's duty to pass a budget, he better come up with one the majority approves of. Hey, that's how the democratic process works, Harry! As far as I know, the Republican's have no objection to passing A budget.

    21. Mary......WI says:

      I swear liberals take courses in how to spin around important issues!….any issues, as long so that they NEVER have to take responsibility. I find it so hard to believe there are so many ignorant people in the USA that fall for the democratic party lies and false promises. The real democratic party was buried with JFK. Obama has taken a great nation and diminished it to dog doo. More lies and false rhetoric will be spewing from Obamas mouth today. And those that believe that government owes them EVERYTHING will be throwing rose petals at his feet. Enough to make me sick.

    22. MICHAEL MORGAN says:

      The White House could do no more harm the the American People, the American Constitution, and the world in general if it we peopled by the radical american communist party………………..oh, it is!

    23. Helen Spingola says:

      ABBO – anybody but Obama, please! Just wondering, should Mr. Romney become president, will he
      abolish all those 'czars' the Liar-=in-Chief established? Haven't heard him say that, but Newt made it
      very clear, should he win, those "czars" will be toast in a heart-=beat!

    24. toledofan says:

      This administration is a joke of enormous proportions. Not only can't we believe anything they say, it's obvious they have no idea of what to do shore up the economy or that they even want to. November can't come fast enough.

    25. sue says:

      He is a master of deceit and knows exactly what he is doing. The whole matter of all that is going on during his Presidency reminds me of what some of us did when I was much younger and single. There was a very liberal Young Republican's Club where we lived and none of us were members. We got enough people together, decided who would take which position, went to their votiing meeting and voted ourselves in. It worked and it can work both ways. :>) I recommend getting on the net and buying a copy of the old book called I Led Three Lives by Herbert Philbrick. I reread it a while before the elections and knew exactly what was going on as a result. Sue

    26. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Too many American still don't recognize these so called mistakes are intentional distortions to hide Obama's true intent to drive this nation into socialism by collapsing our economical system.

    27. Russell says:

      Common sense, may it rest in peace. Was it the green hornet who learned the art of clouding man's mind? Congress has learned that secret. How else can you explain that year after year that they told us that they have the wisdom to make socialism work. Year after year the unintended consequences of socialism are ignored. Or is it the fairy dust (the promise of bread and circus) that clouds our minds. The nine supreme wizards could wave their magic wand and the fairy dust would disappear. But they too have ignored the wishes of the founding fathers.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        It was "The Shadow" Lamont Cranston, "Who knows what lurks n the hearts of men. the shadow knows", Good old days of Radio, which most here would not know. Obama is the opposite of Cranston, Craston was out to make men honorable andpay for their mistakes, Obama just wants to rule us.

    28. CPB says:

      Yes no one in the media has called him out on 60 vs 51 remark, and my favorite is how admin and media is trumpeting the lower unemployment #s never mind how many millions have left the labor force. Palin fi ally mentioned it on Fox New Sunday.

    29. Benton H Marder says:

      It's the same old story we've seen for decades. It's called "Smoke and Mirrors". Neither the Administration nor Congress have any intention of being serious about our national finances. It's the stone wall, folks===a great big SPLAT.

    30. Gary Sheldon says:

      Spin actually means lies as you so aptly point out with unmerited kindness. The Constitution declares that the Federal GumMINT must provide for the common defense yet an unConstitutional panel of demonRATS and republicRATS (Allen Simpson?) fails to arrive at a forgone concluded failure to come to a decision to cut spending. Just the term "Presidents" budget proposal is enormous lying betrayal of this one nation under God. Yes "President" Buffet puppet, this has been a Christian nation in spite of your apology tour speeches early on in your soon to end political career ( to the great relief of the (Tea Party and Patriots every where). Just like the Newtster did, Soetoro wants to cut the military rather than provide for the common defense by protecting the border.

    31. allen dunn says:

      What will be (or should be) the effect of the black hole resulting from the sudden disappearance of $9Trillion?

      How does Heritage integrate the loss of $9 Trillion in home price value from 2006 thru 2010, into the liquidity needs of U.S.? How does that tie into the Fed's zero interest rate from the 1990s to today? Did Fed's free money generate the 'bubble'? Does continuation of the Fed free money, TARP, Stimulus, Enhancements, etc., artificially maintain the dollar's value; deferring devaluation (or inflation)?

    32. Obama_epic_fail says:

      Pull this out of the memory hole Lew: Obama's last budget, oh so long ago was sunk 97 – 0 in the Senate…I expect Jake Tapper to lose his job soon.

    33. Prester John says:

      I caught a few minutes of Lew yesterday morning on one of the shows and it was both embarassing and enraging to see who we have supposedly governing our country. Throw in his comments about the conflict with the Catholic Church and Obamacare, and it should be no wonder to anyone with half a brain why we're in the predicament we're in.

      He is the epitome of the Washington D.C. bureaucrat who is nothing more than a spokespuppet of BHO with hardly a lick of intellectual honesty.


    34. RogCol says:

      What are they talking about? There are deficits as far out as the projections can see. Deficits add to the National Debt which is already closing in on $16T. Look to Greece, that is our fate if this clown is reelected. They speak of almost $4T in cuts and use the savings from partially leaving Iraq for about $1T savings. That is called cost avoidance in the financial speak, not a savings in budgets. The rest are spread over a decdade and no future Congress can be obligated beyond their terms. Yes, this is one great big lie. Nothing new here, just take our word for it and go back to grazing, little sheep.

    35. megapotamus says:

      Here's the thing; to recognize the dangers IS to become a conservative, at least as we know the battlelines today. What Liberal of '70s vintage or even a Clintonite would agree to de-funding of Social Security? For that is precisely what the payroll tax cut is. Obama is far, far to the Left of Moynihan on budget issues. So is every Democrat in Congress and not a few Republicans. In the States they are already at the point where they have run out of pockets to pick. In CT and NY Dem governors are taking on public unions. Even Moonbeam in California has to make compromises with Reality. They are not good ones, but they are there.

    36. George Herrmann says:

      How can we blame Obama, Reid, and Palozi for thinking we are all stupid if we elected them.

    37. Jim says:

      I think the 60 vote issue refers to cloture – bringing the bill up for consideration, not whether it will or will not pass. But Sen. Reid controls the agenda and, so far, has refused to propose an agenda that includes the budget, so the cloture vote matter is moot. Is there a process whereby the Senators can override or require the Majority Floor Leader to take action, something short of voting him out of that role? Come to think of it, maybe that would be a good solution (heh).

    38. @betseyross says:

      Why, exactly, is anyone with a functioning brain still 'relying on the general media' for anything at all that resembles the truth?? That train left the station decades ago, though to be fair, many Americans didn't realize it until the Internet became widely available to Americans. But certainly over the last decade, and most assuredly during the 2008 campaign, we realized that so-called 'mainstream' media [ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc] have an incestuous relationship with the DC power structure of liberals, in both parties. Please, please, please help me understand why even one American continues to depend on those institutions for anything other than comic relief through their distortions, obfuscations, and outright lies. Please.

    39. sdfultz says:

      I agree, the budget is out of control, been that way for a while. With this Senate Obama couldn't get anything passed if it only required 51 votes.
      So the truth is the history of the Senate during the Obama presidency is why the approval of said Senate is in the dumps.

    40. Joan from Dallas says:

      I live in Dallas where massive amounts of immigrants and illegal aliens are sucking up our resources and destroying our culture and lifestyle. Besides running over the border, how are uneducated, unproductive, poorest of the poor getting into this country? I thought America was home to "exceptional" people, not those that come here for free stuff and live off of taxpayers. I know hundreds of them, almost no one's coming who CAN support themselves. Also, why do "rich" Indians and others retire here and get Medicare, Social Security, etc., without ever paying into the system?

    41. Drifter says:

      "No one expects President Obama to transform into a conservative. But he cannot ignore the fundamental problems of runaway spending and debt, and he can no longer turn these problems over to fiscal commissions or super committees."

      If Obama was motivated by the desire to fix what is wrong,the above statement might have some validity but he has given no evidence that he has those motivations. He has indicated strongly from the beginning of his presidency that he desires to collapse the American economy to facillitate a complete government takeover. Budget chaos serves his purpose and as long as it does and he is there to use it, that is what we will have…

    42. Jules says:

      Okay, so the potus is spinning again. What's new? He's thrown together a budget which will never see the light of the Senate vote. More false figures aimed at forcing the repubs(party of suckers) into taking responsibility for no budgets for the last three years. Just in time for the elections of 2012. Imagine that. I'm totally not surprised.
      I do thank you, Heritage, for getting the word out on what is really going on. Seems the MSM is still shilling for the progressives(their own best interests at heart) and beating the drums of the Obummer machine.
      Lew is just another example of ill-informed bureaucrats in the administration trying to shuck and jive the folks. He really doesn't have a clue, or, he is just trying to make us all believe he is really smart about these matters. That he was a past something or another in the government does not impress me. He is still an idiot and needs to be given his walking papers.

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I was always taught, that when you needed more money for A, you cut down on the spending in C,D, &E, when we wanted something new or to take a vacation we always ate cheaper meals, bought less clothing and made sure we didn't waste anything. BHO's ideas are the opposte, you sped more on A,B,C,D and E, and then borrow all you can, making sure the Interest is at the highest, In my math this doesn't make any sense. All smoke and mirrors.

    44. James Gotcher says:

      A clarification one never sees from the pundits or in articles like this is when an administration apologist or partisan says, "You can’t pass a budget in the Senate of the United States….". A Democrat written budget will be different than a Republican wrtten budget. Each have an agenda and currently the Democrats are out of favor with the American people because of their extreme agenda. The Democrats will not compromise on principles and neither will the Republicans. There will not be a budget until the Democrats are willing to submit a mainstream budget, not their liberal progressive pipe dreams.

    45. Fred Jacobi says:

      People need to know through any means possible of what liers we have in the White House. You cannot trust a word that is said. It is so bad that even if they tell the truth you believe they are lieing. But you cannot get through to people when the other day 29 % of people questioned didn't even know who the vice Pres. was. There was even another 10% who thought it was Dick Cheny.
      I believe our government depends on people not knowing the truth. Some day we are going to wake up and wonder what happed to this country.

    46. stlouisix says:

      Heritage, you do outstanding work. But you continue to miss the seminal fact as to just who and what we're dealing with in regard to Obama who couldn't care less about anything that you're talking about here.

      The link below explains, in no uncertain terms, who and what Obama is, and should be etched in stone in the minds of REAL Americans who want a country fit to live in for their children, grandchildren, and future generations of America living the American dream, not the nightmare of an individual who would transform American into a country unrecognizable to the founding fathers!

      What Obama Learned from Alinsky
      “Crush the Opposition”

    47. PGies Chan says:

      3 trillion over 10 years is 300 billion a year.

      If that seems like a big number to you, please take the red pill.

    48. Clearhead says:

      Ex-President Clinton got impeached for lying about getting laid in the oval office, thereby breaking his reputation with normal people into little bitty pieces. Now our Country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, our beloved homeland, is being broken into infinitely more and infinitely tinier pieces by a perpetraitor apparently immune to any external correction — (outside of himself that is). Does anyone detect a breach of legal, moral, logical or patriotic consistency here?

    49. LaMarr Anderson says:

      Regardless if it takes 60 or 51 votes, Mr Lew admits it takes bipartisan support….which means there has to be give and take from Democrats…not just Republicans to reach the magic #. What Mr Lee really said, but wasn't 'called out on' was the underlying philosophy and expectation which underlies his statement that all the 'bipartisan support' has to come from Republicans and if not, then the Democrats are still 'blameless' and have no responsibility/accountability for the lack of a budget. It takes both sides working to find agreed to common grounds…..not just a one sided bully saying giving all what I want or it's all your fault.

      • Sam Spradling says:

        I am a senior citizan, and another 70+ million will soon join the ranks. For too long our Congress has given in to false promises and regulation that has worsened an already bad condition. They can not continue to lie to the Amarican citizen and expect to be believed. True Obama is indirectly responsable, but the Congress that funded his lounicy is directly responsable. We need to hear the truth bad as it may be. We can not continue to borrow,spend and borrow more. If intitlements comprise 70 percent of the spending, then they are 70 percent of the problem. We can no longer vote ourselves free stuff that can not be paid for. The fact is we have become adicted to what is preceived as free stuff when the reality is there is no FREE STUFF someone has to pay for it. Another fact is that 50 percent of those who receive the Free Stuff pay no tax at all, nor do they take any responsability for their own welfare, that has become the governments responsibility. Americans have never failed to rise to the cause when told the truth, no matter how dark that truth may be. We must act now to correct this spend and borrow mind set or there will be little left for any of us.

    50. John Beck says:

      Jack Lew is as big of a LIAR as his boss obama. Or is he just so stupid and incompetent that he forgot that it only takes a SIMPLE MAJORITY to pass a budget? Either way he DESERVES to get thrown out with the rest of the trash in November. Harry Ried will be the 1 that blocks obama's budget because if the demacRATS show people where they have squandered and plan to squander our money ,they would never win another election!!!

    51. Glen says:

      No budget for over 1000 days. There will be no budget now because it is all invisable deductions. They call this bait and switch. The President doesnt really care because he has been functioning without a budget since he got in office. So far, all we have seen is interference from this administration into our daily lives. Too many regulations and twisting the Constitution. This is not the work of a leader.

    52. knowsit says:

      Jack Lew was counting on the ignorance the American education system has created amongst the American public.
      He was counting on this ignorance to excuse the fact that Harry Reid over the last 1,015 or more days has not even attempted to put together a budget, let alone present it for a vote in Congress, has in fact prevented a budget to be formed, because it would have exposed his communist goals of unlimited spending to bankrupt America.
      This is the same Dirty Harry, who used his position as Senator and as Majority Leader to secure federal funding in support of land deals that ultimately made this incompetent in private practice lawyer a multimillionaire, including federal funding of $21 Mio. funding across the Colorado near the NV gambling town of Laughlin to the Arizona city of Bullhead, where Dirty Harry wants to cash in to develop some 160 acres of undeveloped land he owns / owned

    53. knowsit says:

      Mr. Lew, stop lying, stop misleading the public.
      Harry Reid and the Dem's had a filibuster proof majority between 2008 and 2010, and still did not pass a budget.

    54. Ron W. Smith says:

      Are we ever going to be in agreement on one thing–that our spending on National Security has been more the driver of our national debt and annual deficits than spending on "entitlements" has? We know well that down the road, BIG problems loom with the funding of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We also know that current funding of Medicare and Social Security is almost adequate, thanks to dedicated incoming revenues, the Medicare premium and the FICA tax for Social Security. It's later on that those incoming revenues will decreasingly meet the total needs of the two.
      Conveniently forgotten by those who won't acknowledge that our spending on National Security has long been behind the growth of the national debt and almost alone can be seen as the cause of our annual deficits is the fact that year after year we voluntarily outspend the rest of the world combined on the big five comprising National Security: National Defense, Homeland Security, Foreign Aid Designed to Gain the Cooperation of Other Countries, Nation Building, and Veterans Affairs. They interlock in cause-effect fashion to produce a whopping annual outlay in excess of $1 trillion, which happens also to be a total pretty close to that of the annual national deficit. For a few of the five categories, most countries have no spending at all in their budgets, let alone equivalent spending. For those who see as absolutely necessary our being SuperPower on Call, though, no expense is too great, no resultant neglecting of domestic needs too foolish, and no opportunity to scapegoat spending on "entitlements" worth missing.
      The truth is, until we begin facing the facts, we're in trouble. The fiscal policies so easy in flush times are a threat in leaner ones. The domestic necessities other countries so easily seem to handle, we put down the list behind the demands of power forward policies–the maintenance of more than 700 large and small military installations around the world on land and at sea, one war or intervention after another since we're in everyone's backyard, the break-it-you-own-it nation building we are into at all times as a result, the need for cooperation internationally that leads to many bribery-like expenditures on foreign aid, the vast Veterans Affair network necessitated by a constant supply of veterans in need of services.
      What is needed, of course, is broad national debate, open to all eyes and ears and to input from wise counsel outside the Beltway. The care, feeding, and exercising of the hordes comprising our military/industrial complex, long ago warned about by Dwight Eisenhower, is an extravagance not necessitated by "must" but by choices made in the creation of Foreign Policy. The honest and open discussion of issues has never been more imperative than now, a time of year when budgetary wheat has to be separated from budgetary chaff.
      Change might not only not "ruin the country," it might once and all keep us from being ruined.

      • Irish says:

        As long as it is not Hope and Change. We have been through that farce already. Here is a good slogan for the Repubs. "Constitutional Restoration not Socialist Transformation". Do we have anyone who believes in this? I am sick of establishment RINO's getting the presidential nominations. The RNC will not support a Reaganesque canidate and that is why we will always lose. Reagan not only appealed to Repubs, he appealed to democrats and independents alike. Where is a second Reagan? This is what we need to restore America to her greatness.

    55. Matt says:

      Jack Lew is a moron and a liar. I watched him on Fox News Sunday. He is one of the most unimpressive people I have ever watched, even for a democrat.

    56. GSG202 says:

      When it is ones intention to destroy America economically, it is not in their best interest to tell the truth. Deflection and diversion become their weapons of choice and this administration has weilded them often and with precision. If you think for one minute that this administration is going to move to the center, cut spending, stop blaming everyone and thing under the sun for their misguided ways, or not control everything even if their savior isn't re-elected, someone needs to slap you upside the head.

    57. belleboy says:

      This is a prime example why Obama and his surrogates are such a dire threat to the United States of America.
      Lew is an Obama hack like most of the others that Obama has surrounded himself with.
      Obama is an analog of a dictator who's minions will only tell him and the great unwashed exactly what they want to hear.
      This President besides being a habitual liar, is a fraudulent apparition and must be defeated next November if our country is to survive as a majority of us have known and loved it.

    58. Joseph McKennan says:

      Jack Lew is a new name to me. I cannot believe that rational humans swallow the drivel that comes from the white house press corps. The scripted lies are so transparent it is disgusting. I suppose Lew takes his queue from Obama. Harry Reid and deposed speaker of the house Pelosi are allegedly leaders but they must be getting advice from…….. who? Whoever it is must know that American citizens will not take what is happening seriously until it is too late- so they can propose whatever they want and be believed.

    59. Irish says:

      i find it so deceitful that this clown would really think it takes 60 votes to pass a budget. Guess what, even if it did than the budget should have been passed before 2010 when they had 60 democrats and control of the House. He is not only wrong, he is disengenuous with the American people. This blame game they are playing on a Republican congress is pathetic. This Congress has passed boatloads of bills and not one has been brought up by Harry Reid. The republicans have all the answers to eliminating the debt and growingthe economy, yet the far left wing of the democratic party is refusing to even vote up or down. Paul Ryan proposed cutting 6.3 trillion over 10 years(630 billion per year) and gets nothing but insults from this President and all his left wing socialist minions. I am hoping the RNC does not keep putting up the same old RINO's for president. Look how it worked out last time. I hope that another canidate is voted on at the convention. I.E. a Paul Ryan. He is a complete contrast to Obama and it would give him a national platform to push his cost cutting bill. They can do this at the convention and they should. Perhaps we could then have a Ryan-Rubio ticket. It sounds like a winner to me.

    60. Doug Nicholson says:

      "…he cannot ignore the fundamental problems of runaway spending and debt…" Certainly he can if his goal is the destruction of the country! Or is he doing what the average family does when in over its head financially, namely spending double what got them there in the first place? What do you think?
      How can ANYONE not see his intentions?

    61. harry says:

      Once again, this despicable White House managed to tell an outright lie that makes them look the victim in three-inch headlines.

    62. The sad fact is that Jack misled a lot of people all over this nation of ours and in Little Rock liberal bloggers were saying this morning that Mitch McConnell needs to stop holding up the budget from getting approved in the Senate and Republicans were hypocrites for talking about 1000 days of no budget out of the Senate.

    63. joecarrsr says:

      I read recently the a budget in Washington can be passed with 50 or 51 votes,not 3
      90 as Lew stated in the article.Which is true?

    64. Guest says:

      Thanks to the Republicans in whatever they do because we need to stop Obama and his destructive policies anyway we can!!!! Thank God for Paul Ryan and any other who stand against Obama's policies. We all know that Obama is taking his plays from the Saul Alinsky Handbook. We The People are awake to this Socialist in OUR WHITE HOUSE. We The People will give him the BOOT BUT GOOD!!!!

      Republicans will be smart and have a good strategy against Obama and I believe the Gingrich is just the man to do it!!!!

      Thanks again to The Heritage Foundation for pointing out the facts and nothing but the facts!!!!

    65. LarryPTL says:

      Mike Brownfield is right all regards except one. Contrary to his statement by the big quotes in the middle of the article, Obama will continue to ignore the problem of runaway spending and debt. Obama is a narcissist. He cannot fathom, let alone believe, in any point of view other than his own. To him, debt is not an issue. People who don't see eye to eye with him are the only issue. Anything the tells him his agenda is flawed must be reworded so the people are flawed and he is flawless. Dissenters must be dealt with no matter the consequences – even if we saddle our children and grandchildren with an insurmountable debt.

    66. Jose Luis Lira says:

      "The blind leading the blind". And the worst among the blind, is the one who refuses to see. The 3 years + (and counting) that Congress has failed to pass a budget, is not only a signal of total incompetence, but a clear sign of a so called 'leader' who has no leadership skills ..whatsoever.

    67. Irish says:

      Sick of Republicans bending over for this admin. I say it is time for Tea party to hold all leadership positions. i vote for Paul Ryan as Speaker and marco Rubio as majority leader in senate after we win back the Senate. We need to kick out all republicans who play along to get along. Time for compromise is over if we are to save our country.

    68. Bobbie says:

      There is a definitive solution! Limited government controlled by the PEOPLE!!!!!

    69. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      As Rosie O'Donnell said to Donald Trump, "Sit and spin, my friend. Sit and spin."

    70. john moor md says:

      Heritage, I am disappointed that this is the extent of your reporting. Neither party even discusses paying down the debt, and only give lip service to slowing the deficit. They are taking us to financial extinction, only left faster than right, with the end being one world. What else is a possible explanation for voluntarily taking us to financial ruin. Our current executive orderer does not cover up his socialistic theories/ total government trending. We cannot get to one world socialism with a Constitution in place and so have to crash the economy to force a new start controlled by the progressive intellectual elites. Too bad you are not among them. A budget is a bump in the road, one of many designed to keep you busy and away from the big picture.

    71. glynnda says:

      All senators should be docked pay (and I do mean retro actively) until they pass a balanced budget. If they refuse to vote or bring the matter to the vote, they should be impeached and thrown out of office for not doing their constitutional duty.

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