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  • Gov. Scott Walker Defends Reforms; 'Our Most Powerful Tool Is the Truth'

    Gov. Scott Walker delivered a passionate defense of Wisconsin’s reforms at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday night. The embattled Republican governor used his keynote speech at CPAC to outline what’s at stake in Wisconsin and other states if his budget reforms are rolled back.

    “Our most powerful tool is the truth,” Walker told an excited crowd of conservatives, who gave him two standing ovations. He defended his actions as courageous with labor unions mounting a recall campaign to remove him from office. Unions have already financed recall efforts against state senators, losing four of the six campaigns they ran against incumbent Republicans.

    Walker said unions are motivated because of the reforms he and the legislature put in place shortly after he took office in 2011. They encompassed a range of issues — tax incentives for job creators, regulatory relief, tort reform and new options for health savings accounts — but the most controversial addressed government unions.

    Walker reformed the collective bargaining system in Wisconsin, empowering state and local governments to address budget deficits by asking government employees to make a 5.8% pension contribution (about the national average) and 12.6% health insurance contribution (about half the national average).

    “Collective bargaining is not a right,” Walker said. “In the public sector, collective bargaining is an expensive entitlement.”

    >> Watch our myth vs. fact video on Walker’s reforms.

    Walker said his changes have saved jobs in schools. Just one example is the Kaukauna School District in eastern Wiscsonsin, which turned a $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus, according to the state’s reform and results website. More teachers were hired in Kaukauna, allowing the district to lower classroom sizes and use the surplus for merit pay.

    “Our reforms end seniority and tenure,” Walker said, noting that talented young teachers no longer face the threat of layoffs simply because they were the last hired. “We can put the best and brightest in our classrooms — and we can keep them there.”

    In addition to having a notable impact on school districts, Walker said the reforms enacted last year have transformed the entire business climate in the state. Walked cited a survey from 2010 revealing that just 10 percent of businesses thought Wisconsin was headed in the right direction. That number rose to 94 percent this year.

    “We thought more about the next generation than the next election,” Walker said.

    >> Last year Heritage interviewed Walker about his reforms. Here’s the seven-minute interview:

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    14 Responses to Gov. Scott Walker Defends Reforms; 'Our Most Powerful Tool Is the Truth'

    1. But, he NEVER balanced the budget, and now seeking $26 Million from the Mortgage Settlement to help off-set the unbalanced budget. Hmmmm…and, Wisconsin is still loosing jobs consequently since June 2011 when his Budget Reform Bill into motion. Wausau Paper is preparing to close the 112-year-old Brokaw paper mill and Thermo Fisher Scientific closing 2-plants . . . these are NOT the only ones. He is NOT right for Wisconsin, and it's NOT working.

    2. Rich Fallis says:

      A year ago Gov. Walker claimed Wisconsin 'is broke'. His campaign featured brown paper lunch bags indicating we all had to live within our means.

      While holding onto the brown paper bags he never talked about taxing the poor, giving to the rich and wealthy, aggregating power to the Governor's Office, trampling civil rights, crony appointments, breaking election laws, destroying environmental protections, ignoring the state constitution or fixing elections and court decisions to name a few.

      Now as his failed policies are becoming apparent, he is tapping into the one-time payment from the federal government that should be going to mortgage foreclosure victims. They can live on the streets, as Mr. Walker now needs that money to help balance his self-inflicted economic suicide.

      All of this is not news to those who have watched this guy's career of dogmatic dumb moves. He left Milwaukee county almost bankrupt with his short-sighted 'savings' costing millions more.

      Just last week Mr. Walker bragged how he had balanced Wisconsin's books. In fact 48 hours before he again returned to his 'we're broke' mantra he aid the same thing, while telling the feds Wisconsin has to drop Medicaid payments because the state has a $4 billion deficit. That certainly left some scratching their heads. Certainly the son of a pastor and Eagle Scout and everything would not lie!

      the truth is he played 'ding dong'. You know. The game kids play. They fill a brown paper bag up with crap and then set it on fire, and ring the door-bell of some stupid guy who then steps on the bag to put the fire out.

      Even so, a year ago, the Governor said 'we are broke'. Even with his ding dong game, he'd make a big difference.

      Now under his heavy-hand…we are still broke. To the tune of $140 million as the middle class has been assaulted and his sales and income tax base has collapsed. This while other states are clawing their way out of the recession. Even high-tax Illinois, where Gov. Walker said, he would be able to easily poach jobs from saw 30 thousand new jobs created last month. Wisconsin? We again lost the most jobs of any jurisdiction in the US.

      Oh well. The 'job creators' will come through eventually…..Hmmmm.

      We keep hearing the Gov. talk about marvelous Kaukauna's school district and how much money it is making. Maybe. But the 'tools' he provided to school districts are no where close to the money transfers he has cut to give to the wealthy.

      Most school districts to keep the lights on this year have tapped into their reserves. Next year, those pools of money will be gone, and one of the nation's best school systems will fail because of it. In the past, Wisconsin bragged about the second highest SAT scores, and highest grad rates in the country. Governor Walker, said the cuts were essential to 'make them better'. Better than what?

      Another truth. Wisconsin has a $6 thousand per capita per year wage gap with neighboring Minnesota. And our college drop-out Governor doesn't have a clue what to do about it.

    3. David says:

      Scott Walker is incapable of telling the truth. Why is Scott Walker jetting around the country raising money from out of state backers? Why in the world would would the Conservative Political Action Conference have a dunce like Scott Walker as their keynote speaker and then give him two standing ovations. Scott Walker would like you to believe it is just the unions instigating his recall. How about if we take Wisconsin back from phoney corporate money grabbing power mongers. I have enjoyed the reputation of Wisconsin my entire 60 years. In December on a train trip to and from Miami, I was embarrassed each time someone asked me, "What the hell is going on is Wisconsin." It was gratifying to know that people from Milwaukee to Miami can see Scott Walker for what he is – a puppet. He himself is not smart enough to craft any kind of a plan to lead Wisconsin forward. The truth. Scott Walker is incapable to telling the truth and wouldn't know the truth if it came and bit him in the back side.

    4. I support Gov. Walker 100%. I hope this recall election fails miserably. Wisconsin is now truly OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

      Good Luck Gov Walker!

      • Dave R. says:

        Let's see here, Gov. Walker reduces spending, eliminates the need for tax increases; takes action that makes it possible for School Districts to balance their budgets; breaks the employee union stranglehold on State government, and local school districts a/

        Hmmmm. What's not to like about Gov. Scott Walker ?

        Wisconsin, if you don't want Walker, please send him across the River to Minnesota. We could sure use him here.

        While you're at it, lend us your U S Senator Ron Johnson. We could use him too.

        Dave R.
        Minneapolis, MN

      • 1ConservativeUSA says:

        Agree! I support Governor Walker and his policies.
        Good luck from NJ. The United States is watching!

    5. hunrodr says:

      Nice….only 47 more states to go!

    6. Julia says:

      Very Proud of Governor Walker.

    7. NJJohn says:

      Whats needed is 49 more Gov Walkers

    8. Joey says:

      Go Gov. U R right !

    9. Larry W says:

      Governor Walker was elected by the people of Wisconsin. He has succeeded in getting legislation passed as he promised and Wisconsin Union Members, school teachers,students and Taxpayers are the winners – NOT THE UNION LEADERS .
      ps all the winners are Wisconsin tax payers.

    10. James says:

      I'm sick of lib's spending my money trying to side step the reality that the concervatives won the election. We elected him, we want his stated policies.

    11. Claude Cornell says:

      The reason the unions support the Dems is because they are big spenders and the unions like that.
      But the unions have abused their power for years and they are scared to death that if this catches on in other states then they are in deep doodoo.

    12. Bobbie says:

      Every state needs a governor Walker!! Every person alive deserves truth! Especially with matters outside our control and why the current president or any democrat, will never get our vote!

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