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  • Heritage Reacts to White House "Accommodation" to Religious Liberty

    After two weeks of increasingly intense criticism over Obamacare’s disregard for religious liberty, the White House woke up this morning in a mood to “accommodate” its critics.

    Perhaps White House officials should have signaled that to Senate Democrats yesterday before Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blocked an amendment sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) to preserve faith-based groups’ religious liberty and not force them to take actions contrary to their beliefs and teachings.

    Instead, the White House maintains its goal-overriding objections of conscience to mandate insurance coverage for birth control, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization—while slightly shifting how to get there.

    Under the President’s proposal, employers and employees will still bear the cost of paying for coverage of contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization because insurance companies will simply pass on the cost of this “free” service with higher premiums to the employer.

    It’s clear that this route does not veer off President Obama’s current collision course with the religious liberty of faith-based groups. Those organizations provide vital services and ministries-from hospitals to religious schools to work with prisoners-across the country.

    Problems like these will be with us for as long as Obamacare is the law of the land – they don’t go away with the President’s announcement.

    We will continue to react to the President’s announcement in the coming hours and days.

    On Monday, Feb. 13, Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) will speak at The Heritage Foundation at 11:30 about how Obamacare tramples on religious liberty and freedom generally, and what can be done about it. Join us live or tune in to watch online.

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    15 Responses to Heritage Reacts to White House "Accommodation" to Religious Liberty

    1. Stirling says:

      This is not an accomadation, he is just shifting the "mandate" from employers to insurance companies. The "mandate" is still unconsitutional (just like Obamacare) no matter who bears the burden to pay for it. Please don't be deceived by the rehtoric that he's replacing it with something different thats not unconstitutional, he still doesn't have the right as president to mandate such a decree.. The rights of the Office of the President is clearly limited, but isn't always highlighted when he steps outside these limitations..

      • Susan Regdos says:

        I agree 100%,Disgusting,,,,,, He is causing so much division, but I must state many Liberal demos, Liberal republicans, with Conservatives, can READ and Understand what he is really trying to do with His Idealogy healthcare, One thing, My opinion HMOS will not agree, to PAY for ALL Contraceptions, including ABORTIONS.within the Catholic Churches, Hospitals, and Colleges,and others Christians Organizations,,,This is WAR,,,He is using the Females for a VOTE,

    2. octavioj says:

      I have been saying the same thing in other sites. This "compromise" changed nothing.

    3. carolyn olson says:

      There are hardly words for the saddness, disgust and anger with this situation that the President of the U.S. and his followers have created. Why did he not listen to Joe Biden? Why did he not listen to the MEN on the debt solution panel? Are there certain women "pulling his strings"? I just pray that the Roman Catholic Bishpos really hold together to stop this. The rest of us need to stop a lot of the things he has done by voting him OUT!

    4. Don in Florida says:

      If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it is a duck. It doesn't matter how Obama wants to spin it, mandating this is STILL mandating the religious organizations to participate in something which is contradictory to their beliefs. He thinks government rules this land and it would if he had his way but the constitution is STILL the basis for our country's laws. Lord help us if these radicals ever get to have their way.

    5. Ken Carter says:

      I would have to think, based on the wording of the First Amendment, that Obamacare is clearly a law with provisions "prohibiting the free exercise" of religion…..and should be one of the easiest cases the Supreme Court has ever had to decide.

    6. Bobbie says:

      Personal matters do not require any amount of federal intervention!!!! they suggest contraception prevents all kinds of cancers and other ailments as if there's an epidemic? where do they come up with this ignorance and why are we allowing it? Sounds like society has been doing fine without this ignorant overreach! get the government out! we can take care of ourselves much better and less government costs, control and corruption, we can pursue our happiness!

    7. John McDonald says:

      To the Framers, religious liberty meant freedom from the tyranny of a dominant religion, not the freedom of one religion to impose its beliefs on others. The Hosanna-Tabor case and now this health care issue highlight for me the slippery slope on which we find ourselves when we elevate religious freedom beyond its original purpose. My guess is that once a non-Christian religion seeks refuge under the "ministerial exception" to the ADA or claims that it need not adhere to a particular governmental mandate, we will see that Pandora's box has once again been unintentionally opened by overzealous ideology.

    8. Jim says:

      It is truly sad to see this Country eroding at almost every turn by the POTUS. I can only hope enough of us wake up before the next election.

    9. KD Myers says:

      Little by little his trying to take our freedom. Socialist!

    10. Wayne Hatch says:

      How does the administration define "free"? I suspect it means everything is free when you use someone else's money to pay for a good or service.. Sounds good until you run out of money and our government is at this point now.

    11. Libby Kessel says:

      We will never be secure in this country while Obama is President. Impeach Obama!!!

    12. Robert Koch says:

      They (The Socialists)couldn’t possibly allow that to happen, That would back-fire 180°, right in their face. Your head would spin, with the amount of people CONVERTING to Christianity and Catholicism (and whatever other religions that don’t condone killing a live fetus in the womb. That alone would KILL ‘Obamacare’ in it’s tracks.

      People would LIE, & convert in droves, just to get out of having to pay for piss-poor government crap.NOBODY wants it. Even my friends who are liberal know this is wrong.

    13. Brikony says:

      Does it seem interesting to anyone else that the Catholic Church is now lecturing the government on the principle of separation of church and state (something they have never stood for)? Whatever their motive, I stand solidly with them on this issue. Freedom makes strange bedfellows. But I'd watch out for church sponsored religious legislation on the back end of all this.

    14. Does it seem interesting to anyone else that the Catholic Church is now lecturing the government on the principle of separation of church and state (something they have never stood for)? Whatever their motive

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