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  • Online Chat on Obamacare and Religious Freedom

    The Department of Health and Human Services has announced it will not broaden the religious exemption in an Obamacare regulation that requires many religious employers to provide health insurance coverage for all FDA-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and certain education and counseling. This mandate is an attack on the religious freedom that so many Americans hold dear. Click here to join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” online chat. We are joined by Tom Messner and he is taking your questions about this Obamacare mandate and how it is threatening religious freedom.

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    9 Responses to Online Chat on Obamacare and Religious Freedom

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    2. Stirling says:

      Send a message to Washington by tossing this administration out in Novemeber or we will have no Religious Freedom left in this country. Progressives are comming for the Catholic Church now, and will follow with every other Religion if they are not stoped now.

    3. EILEEN says:

      I work for Catholic Charities. I am also a Baptist.On moral grounds I oppose abortion as murder.I have however used birth control and I paid for it out of my pocket. The Obama argument that Drs. and nurses who work for Catholic Charities should have acess to contraceptive care is riduculous a Dr, Nurse, teacher,etc can priotize their budget and pay for their contraceptive needs. An organization the opposes those things on moral grounds should not have to. This should also apply to any business owner that opposes abortion or viagara.

    4. Jonathan G says:

      Are there any other medications that are to be "free" with Obamacare? Or are only these "reproductive rights" meds covered?

    5. PaulC37 says:

      Conscience and beliefs are not necessarily the same thing. Islam condones honor killing but my conscience says its wrong.

    6. mark ewonko says:

      this is becoming Jimmy Carter the sequel , slowly but surely Obama s little house of cards will crumble under the weight of his lies, fun to watch , hard to live though – in the end we will have a new leader and direction-

    7. O2BMe says:

      Why is the government pushing insurance and religious organizations to provide birth control and abortion pills when the government is already funding Plan Parenthood to do this.

    8. Sameem says:

      As far as i know, Moses, Jesus and moh'd were here on this earth to wipeout human errors. the first project of all of them was cleaning heart of mankind in order to place the wonderful truth in their heart. the truth is like a pearl which can not be located in a dust bin. i am advicing all of you who ever an international orators and preachers that please lets try our best to generate real mankind with clean heart and then you can locate your pearl in a proper location where it will be safe forever.

      I have no objection in any religion and it is a guiding light. but, what is the use of religions, if it will not work out. lets makeup the garden to see the roses. it is not possible to smell the roses, if the garden is on the top of the hill.

      I have been dealing with people from almost whole world. what i have realized was people from west and europe are highly cultured and clean heart. unfortunately, i can experience the same nations with very bad attitudes today. it is due to lack of cleaning process and the past histories created by stupid selfish people.

    9. Sameem says:

      Even all this groups were not able to bring PEACE to the world. they are spending billions of money, and it is getting more and more.

      Therefore, i have decided to sell my future islamic center in an auction, instead of begging others and create clean hearts all over the world. practicing religion is their own rights and they can choose what they want. i can't promote any religion, unless i understand what it is. my only vision and mision is to introduce humanism to the world. all lives has equal value! there is no differences as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddish and Hindu..ect.

      I don't care about the buyer. whoever wants to bid this building can help almost seven billion people in the world….!

      I hope people like you will wark together to do something good for this world. i am sucrificing my own building for this world and thats my only property as balance in life. i think, there is no one to sucrifice the way how i am willing to. becuase i don't like begging.



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