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  • Defense Report Gets Failing Grade

    America’s military is witnessing yet another attempt to recast the negative impact of massive defense cuts, this time in a report by the Council on Foreign Relations that attempts to illustrate the effect that slashed spending will have on U.S. forces and security. Unfortunately, the report uses some of the same ill-founded assumptions that the Obama Administration has made to justify cutting defense spending, thereby failing to paint an adequate picture of how U.S. military readiness will suffer under these new constraints.

    The council divides the military into “winners” and “losers” based on recent Pentagon guidance. But the truth is that all the services lose. The “shift” to Asia does not make the Navy and Air Force “winners.” Just counting the budget reductions already passed—and not the sequestration’s potential impact—the fleets of both the Navy and Air Force will be dramatically reduced in the near future.

    Equally weak is the argument that reducing the defense budget is part of “restoring the fiscal foundations of American power.” The report concedes that entitlement programs are consuming ever-larger portions of the federal budget. Slashing defense funds will not stop this trend.

    Another argument for cutting the defense budget is that it is bloated, having “roughly doubled since 9/11.” That statistic is also misleading. Much of that funding over the last decade has gone to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, defense spending as a percentage of the federal budget has actually decreased systematically for many years.

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    7 Responses to Defense Report Gets Failing Grade

    1. Bare in mind the difference between defense spending and war profiteering… Also, the number of troops, aircraft, ships, etc. has nothing to do with strategic readiness. Rather maintaining superiority in all domains of the operational environment to include space and cyber should be the priority.

    2. Marie says:

      Do you have credits for this photo?

    3. Matthew,

      the enemy gets a vote, You cant just pick one domain to protect. Freedom of the commons on land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace are all important….and connected. For example, most of the Internet runs on fiber cables that run under the ocean…if you cant gain access to them and protect them….there is no Internet. Defending one domain, like cyber, and not others is like locking door and leaving window open. Plus defending space and cyber are non-negotiable you have to do that…you cant operate in the others without them, but conversely if you cant control physical space you cant provide for the common defense either.

    4. Deborah says:

      Obama's Policy is just fine. I am wondering why an American organization is being treasonous. What exactly do you want to keep going. Under Bush, the Afghanistan war was started and no concern was given to raise the taxes for the war effort. Now there are many homeless Veterans because Congress preferred to spend money on weapons instead of the heroes that risked their lives and then came home to no jobs because of GREED & DESTRUCTION as an addiction. There was no effort to shut down the Massive Drug industry of Afghanistan. I watched with horror as an American soldier left vandals in Iraq plunder the museum and said on International TV that it wasn't his job to do anything about it.

    5. TRM says:

      Just exactly how raising taxes to support the war effort would somehow provide jobs at home for returning troops is a mystery to me. If statistics are checked, whenever taxes are raised, spending will go up as well, no matter why the taxes are raised. Raising taxes never truly reduces the deficit. And one of the reasons of lack of jobs is due to much more regulations on businesses here at home, through wonderful tyrannical departments like the EPA.

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