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  • Morning Bell: Middle East Crumbles Around Obama's Foreign Policy

    Thousands are dead in Syria, with more blood spilled each day. Iran is within arm’s reach of a nuclear weapon, threatening Israel’s very existence. And in Egypt, 19 Americans are banned from leaving the country, making them veritable hostages in an unfriendly land. All indications are that the Middle East is crumbling, and President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is collapsing right along with it.

    First look toward Homs, Syria — ground zero in the 11-month-old uprising against the brutal government of Bashar al-Assad, which is unleashing death upon its people minute by minute and hour by hour. The United Nations estimates that Assad’s regime has killed more than 5,000 anti-government protesters in the last 11 months, with 200 killed on Friday night alone. The Arab League has stationed observers in country, whose mission was to oversee compliance with a peace plan. That failed.

    The Obama Administration rushed to the United Nations Security Council and attempted to pass a resolution calling for Assad to step aside. Predictably, China and Russia laid down a veto. On Monday, the United States finally closed the doors to its embassy in Damascus and withdrew the diplomatic staff over continuing security concerns. Meanwhile, intelligence experts are examining the risk of terrorists gaining control of Syria’s weapons stockpiles should the Assad regime fall.

    To the east in Iran, the regime’s full-steam-ahead pursuit of nuclear weapons is reaching a crescendo, with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently remarking that the country could build a bomb within one year and have the means for delivering it one or two years later.

    Finally, in Egypt, officials there published a list of 43 people, including 19 Americans, accused of interfering in Egypt’s internal politics. They are not allowed to leave the country and could soon be brought to trial on claims that they illegally funded political groups in Egypt’s parliamentary elections. Heritage’s James Phillips explains that “they have become hostages in a much larger struggle: the struggle for freedom in Egypt against an unholy alliance between Egypt’s transitional military government and the Islamist political parties who will soon assume power.”

    President Obama and members of his Cabinet tried to reach Egyptian leaders on the matter, but in the words of Lorne Craner, head of the pro-democracy organization IRI, “things are getting worse . . . We are all scratching our heads over here. I did two tours at State and one at the [National Security Council]. If the president called someone, something gets worked out.” But as was the case under President Jimmy Carter, the White House appears helpless while Americans are held captive.

    None of these crises occurs in a vacuum — except for the vacuum of a cogent U.S. strategy for dealing with these ever-worsening conditions. Since President Obama took office, he has pursued a diplomatic strategy of charm and restraint: attempting to broker peace between Israel and Palestine, engaging with Syria and Iran, and withdrawing from Iraq. Now we are seeing the results.

    The international rogue that is Iran continues to rise, along with its threat to the world. Thousands are dead in Syria under a brutal dictator while the international community is serving up effete condemnations. America’s ally Israel appears ready to take matters into its own hands in order to ensure its survival, while prospects for peace with Palestine remain dim. U.S. citizens are trapped in Egypt as anti-Western Islamists seek to consolidate their power. And Iraq’s once-peaceful prospects have been marred by one terrorist attack after another after America’s military forces departed.  Obama has failed at every turn to safeguard U.S. interests in the region or take effective proactive initiatives to deal with threat of rising extremism and spiraling violence that could lead to regional conflict.

    There are actions the United States can and should take. Phillips explains that in Syria,  “the best assistance that the United States can give to ease the suffering of Syrians is to help speed the fall of the Assad regime.” And it can do it by working with European allies, Turkey, and Arab states to escalate sanctions, provide humanitarian relief to refugees, and provide diplomatic and economic support for the Syrian opposition — while holding back from military intervention.

    To address Israel and Iran, Phillips and James Carafano advise that the United States must have a clear and unambiguous policy that it will protect itself and its interests.

    As for Egypt, Phillips writes that America should “freeze U.S. foreign aid to Cairo and give Egypt’s new leaders an ultimatum: free the American hostages or permanently lose U.S. foreign aid and any American help in refinancing Egypt’s burdensome national debt.”

    More broadly, President Obama must fundamentally change course toward the Middle East. His policy of engagement has not worked, and the world is seeing the results. The Middle East is crumbling, and an ineffectual and inert Obama Administration is leading from behind with a foreign policy that has entirely failed to cope with the rapidly devolving conditions along the Mediterranean’s southeastern shores and beyond, with consequences reaching around the world.

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    70 Responses to Morning Bell: Middle East Crumbles Around Obama's Foreign Policy

    1. Confused says:

      I don't get it. First you say Obama Adm. fails for not going into Libya. Then they go into Libya. Then you say they made a mistake going into Libya. Then Gaddafi captured. Now you say they are failing for not going into Syria. Is there anything that might satisfy you?

      • T Wood says:

        What would satisfy me, is to take obamba out and put someone in that knows what's going on, like gingrich, evrything and every place is crumbling to the lack of know how from this so called president.

      • ibjensen says:

        It would be satisfying if Obama would lead a charge into Damascus.

      • Clearhead says:

        Would you mind telling us what articles you're referring to that have caused you to come to your eroneous interpretation? Thank you.

      • clark hardesty says:

        the chief problem w/ libya, among others, was that the sent troops/ships into "a non-kinetic" operation W/O CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL.

        there is NO rational basis for sending troops to Syria. This is an Arab League problem!

    2. This administration will make the middle-east look just like south-east Asia after we abandoned them. They will call it "A war we lost". They will blame the US for the fallout over there.
      The difference will be that in southeast asia, the regimes were content to brutalize their own populations. Besides the immense human cost, the middle-eastern barbarians will bring their brutality to us.
      In twenty years college professors will blame Reagan, Nixon, and Bush for stirring up a hornets nest where once there was nothing but a peace loving, religious community.
      "There was no problem until we went over there and made them hate us."
      I have heard that already. Along with lamenting the fall of the USSR. (our fault as well)

      • Toni says:

        Maybe we hate you for calling us barbarians,, have you thought about that??

        • Hassim Habib says:

          Maybe it's not you he's calling a barbarian. In my travels to the Middle East, outside of a few unscrupulous merchants, I have met mostly warm, helpful human beings who want the same things most Americans I know want: a place to call home, someone to share it with, and a job they don't hate too much. But the guys who behead people on videotape and turn other people into human bombs are definitely "barbarians" by any civilized understanding of the term. So if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it, but please stop hating us too.

        • postspeedtest says:

          Sharia 'Law' is barberic; as is every other means of 'governence' Islam has corrupted. ml

        • postspeedtest says:

          Sharia 'Law' is barbaric; as is every other means of 'governance' Islam has corrupted. ml

        • postspeedtest says:

          Sharia 'Law' is barberic; as is every other means of 'governence' Islam has corrupted. ml

        • postspeedtest says:

          Sharia 'Law' is barberic; as is every other means of 'governence' Islam has corrupted.

      • Viper1938 says:

        The U.S. will always get blamed for problems in the Middle East no matter what we do. Your college professor comment is absolutely true, however, that is their ideology, facts make no difference to them. The facts are that the Sunni and Shiites have been fighting each other since Mohammed was poisoned. Why would anyone in the U.S. Government think anything they do will change that. We are a country that is screwing itself up royally because our political system is out of control, and we have divided factions within our own country. We need to fix the Liberal vs. Conservative problems in this country along with getting spending, deficit and the national debt under control before we go messing around in world affairs by continuing to be the world policeman. Our main concern with the Middle East should be Israel's security and Iran's nuclear weapons development. Other than that, we need to develop and implement an aggressive energy policy to get us away for importing crude oil and becoming self sufficient. That would also help our economy as importing hoards of oil sends our wealth to people who do not like us. That is just plain stupid! Also, if we do not fix the education system in this country, little by little the citizens will become more ignorant than they are right now and keep voting for bigger government and more benefits until the jockey becomes heavier than the horse and the whole system collapses. The things we need to fix in order to survive is a HUGE order, but necessary.

      • Mark says:

        the people in the middle east have been fighting for thousands of years it won't stop because we want it to; it's their way of life. their religion demands that they fight for power and control of the world and they can't even get control of their own countries. we need to just stay out of that area all together, WE DON'T NEED THEM. It's none of our business what goes on over there. We don't need their OIL or Sand, they have NOTHING that we need.

    3. FriendForLife says:

      As usual, your columns are full of criticism and lacking in substantive alternative positive action that might possibly make a difference. Criticism is typically and constantly easy for you now as you stand back with your arms folded, expecting miracles in three years to correct the absolute military and economic policy failures of the previous eight to twelve years.
      Statements like "His policy of engagement has not worked, and the world is seeing the results." could easily be applied to the faulty Cheney/Bush years that began with their failure to protect the United States from a small band of extremists claiming to be devout Muslim, only to religiously justify murdering Americans by crashing innocent passengers into the World Trade Center. The Bush cabal's response to this small extremist group's murderous attack? Take us into two wars to murder thousands of our own and millions of our so called "enemies" for ten economically debilitating years in stead of the three to six months and a billion or so tax dollars they promised those of us who trusted them.
      To shortsightedly continue to blame this administration for not solving the thousands of years old "Middle East problem" is as fallacious as denying that the Republican Party is in such disarray that the current 'field' of candidate is ripping what unity it had in the last decades to shreds.
      To ignore or deny that the Obama foreign policies did not have something to do with the positive aspects of the 'Arab Spring' is another of your default means to feel somewhat comforted in your efforts to denigrate the real progress that negotiations to make a positive difference. Comparing the time frame of talking and coming to agreements in order to allow for differences with the murder, destruction and hardening of resistance to change that war produces, we are in reality looking at shorter and more lasting results to promote negotiations.

      • KHM says:

        @ Friend for Life,
        Are you crazy? What is there that is positive about the aftermath of the so called "Arab Spring"? To see that thousands of people have died, that the populations of every country affected by the Arab Spring will be worse off under the Muslim Brotherhood than they were under even the terrible dictators who were deposed. Also I hope that you realize that this was NOT a grassroots revolutionary movement for freedom. It was planned for several years, starting in about 2008 by Communists, Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood. You want to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood? One cannot negotiate with someone who wants to kill you andannihiate your country.

        • Toast says:

          Have to agree. Moving from secular dictatorships to fanatic religious dictatorships isn't helping (I hope no one is still naive enough to think we'll see religious democracies emerge).

      • Because if his alliance with the muslim world and his outward display of hatred and disrespect for Israel, he has helped produce a powder keg in the middle east. He and his anti-semetic administration are partly responsible for the mess in the middle east. I don't blame him for not solving the thousands of years old middle east problem, I just didn't expect him to make it worse.
        As for miracles, our miracle will be when he and his family walk out of our White House for the last time which hopefully will be Jan of next year.

      • Dave says:

        Did you actually read the article and some of the links to sub articles? They give several solutions and idea's for the administration and detailed in reference to Syria, and the Middle East. Funny, blaming Cheney/Bush for the attacks on the in 2001. That plan was in place well before he was in office. Ignorance is bliss. I agree Bush made many mistakes while in office, but protecting this Country wasn't one of them. I don't know enough to make claims like blaming Bush for the 2001 attacks. I guess the difference between you and me is I'm willing to admit it.

      • Ken Marx says:

        Wow, FriendForLife, you are full of something or another. You completely overlook the years that led up to 9/11 and blame the Bush Administration for the current problems in Western Asia and Africa. If you would but do some cursory research, you'd find that The Heritage Foundation has continually and consistently put forth solutions for problems in that part of the world. I can only conclude that you are either biased for our current "leaders" or blind. What a waste!

      • Don't get it says:


      • Wayne Peterkin says:

        Actually, they made a number of recommendations that could be helpful but you, as an apparent administration supporter, do not wish to recognize them. Keep sipping that Kool-aid.

        • FriendForLife says:

          Thanks for 'replying', but take another look. My suggestion is that the 'recommendations' in this column are the "same old, same old" worn out, ill conceived, "solutions" that have not worked in all the years they have been used. They did not work on Saddam Hussein and they are not working with Iran. The blockades and freezes only serve to punish the less powerful in those countries. Do not think that those in power are suffering along with the average citizen. What the suffering of the less powerful does for the regime is give them more arguments for hating and resisting anything the U.S. stands for by instigating and maintaining the restrictions on the masses. This strategy is simply not working, SO new strategies need to be explored, developed and that takes thinking outside the box that has too often returned to the self defeating retribution, torture and war as THE ANSWER strategies of the past. We should know better by now.

      • sdfultz says:

        I so glad to find thoughtful and logical comments on this website. Some of these people will not honor an opposing opinion, they are over dosed on the Kool aide.

      • Clark Hardesty says:

        Let me try to help you expand your understanding OF THE GLOBAL SITUATION; bush did some really unproductive and damaging things. THIS DOES NOT MEAN bho SHOULD GET A PASS WHEN HE DOES similarly unproductive/damaging things.

        my children learned at about 5-6 years old that "he did it too" holds no water. time to grow up!

    4. Obama_epic_fail says:

      In the midst of the hostage situation in Egypt, Obama asked for MORE aid for that country. Does anyone recall the CBS reporter ( a mother and US citizen) being raped and beaten almost to death? I will refrain from swearing, but this Administration has got to go! Vote anybody but Obama in November!

    5. MJF in CT says:

      The Egypt problem is easy. Withdraw all funding immediately and send armed forces to the area and then deliver an ultimatum. Let the Americans go, NOW or face the consequences. Meanwhile, pull all funding and support (if there is any) from Iran and Syria, tell China and Russia to kiss our backsides and take them out=, too. This horse hockey in the Middle East has gone on long enough!

      • JBinGB says:

        Maybe Egypt knows how to handle O W S

      • Mark says:

        I as an American am tired of FUNDING the rest of the worlds problems especially when 99% of the world hates us. Stop FUNDING everyone, we need the help here at home more.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Despite Obama telling the American people his policies would bring about democracy in the Middle East, the entire region is now "crumbling", what a surprise! Didn't Hillary, one year ago, praise Assad for being such a wonderful leader and now he's a bad guy, what a surprise! The entire Middle East is falling into the hands of radical Islam, what a surprise! Obama really believes we are that stupid to believe he did not see this coming?

      • Robin says:

        Elemenary history tells us of the upheaval following all revolutions leading to democracies. History repeats itself. If anything, the Obama administration is pushing that process along. Have patience.

    7. KC-NM says:

      Tragic – we need new leadership in this country that knows what it is doing! Apologizing to the Middle East countries was a stupid action for Obama. A strong military, specific demands, NO financing, and leadership with some guts will help.

    8. Dennis says:

      Hilary Clinton and President Obama are totally responsible for our decline in foreign affairs. Their ideologies are responsible for the current weaken position of our country.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Both are coe alliesith George Soros, read "Shadow party and Shadow Goverment" It is a very mind awaking book and tells how Soros is backing all this BS coming from the WH

    9. Myrtlelinder says:

      Is there anything, anywhere that is not crumbling as Obama passes by and adds a blow. He is a master destroyer.

    10. John Kirk says:

      The problem is not just the Middle East. The influence of Iran is being felt here in Central America. Chavez and Ortega need little encouragement to stir up trouble for the U.S. and they are supplying not only encouragement, but support. Yet, all the while, Washington fiddles. In case they didn't know, Central America as much closer than Syria.

    11. Jeff says:

      Foreign policy is merely a distraction to Obama. His entire focus is to do as much damage as he possibly can to America with his domestic policies … and to have a good time with the money, power and privilege we so foolishly handed to him. You can count on him doing exactly the wrong thing and to send the absolute wrong message over there. He's done it in Libya, Egypt and Syria as he has right here. But don't look for any change. He's too busy trying to make the USA look like one of those other three nations.

    12. M. Helm says:

      I fail to understand how it is in the US security interest to "freeze" our military aid to Egypt until hostages are released then to "unfreeze" the $billions which will only to go toward supporting the new military/Islamist regime!!! We have been and will continue "ARMING OUR ENEMIES"!!

    13. perfectlyaged says:

      How can any American listen to Obama's eloquent, but shallow words and still vote for the "best President we have ever had?" They never do any research and find out the truth…they listen to Obama's lying words.
      I read a post on here a few days ago and the person said that Obama was the best President we have ever had and he saved the automobile industry. Here is an article that was recently printed in the papers….

      But the government’s rescue of the auto industry (specifically, GM, Chrysler, and GMAC) almost certainly won’t ever make its way out of the red. As of today, the hole is $47 billion. All of the Bush Tarp has been repaid with interest.

    14. BG1 says:

      Actually, Obama is accomplishing exactly what he wants: the destruction and downfall of the United States of America.

    15. sdfultz says:

      More bashing and whining!
      The middle east has to birth it's own Democracy and it may not be how we want it, example Iraq, Bush the Great leader of democracy didn't do very well and he had boots on the ground.

      • Doug Nicholson says:

        The middle east will never "birth it's own Democracy". The people of that area are brainwashed into believing that Shariah Muslim law is the best way to govern and given the chance will force that form of government (it is not a religion but a totalitarian plan to conquer the world) on us as well.

      • postspeedtest says:

        Bush also had a 'fifth column' at his back. Funny how it was the Liberals that prophesized that America wouldn't finish the job properly (therefore 'argued' we shouldn't start), then introduced unprecedented 'useful idiocy,' the likes of a "Time Table" to quit for one – whether the job was done (now ipso facto impossible!) or not. Funny in the saddest way – that ‘peaceniks’ do all the real damage and the people they demonize have to clean up their messes. ml

      • postspeedtest says:

        Bush also had a 'fifth column' at his back. Funny how it was the Liberals that prophesized that America wouldn't finish the job properly (therefore 'argued' we shouldn't start), then introduced unprecedented 'useful idiocy,' the likes of a "Time Table" to quit for one – whether the job was done (ipso facto impossible!) or not. Funny in the saddest way – that ‘peaceniks’ do all the real damage and the people they demonize are the ones that have to sacrifice to clean up their messes. ml

    16. I’m sorry but my only amazement over what is going on…and what will continue to go on in the Middle East is that it is a surprise to anyone.

      The US actions towards friend and foe in the Middle East have been a mess and an embarrassment since January 20, 2009.

      Where I may depart from many is that I believe it is not because Mr. Obama is inept, it is intentional and part of a pre-planned agenda.

      Again, in either case, why is anyone surprised?

    17. To ignore or deny that the Obama foreign policies did not have something to do with the positive aspects of the 'Arab Spring' is another of your default means to feel somewhat comforted in your efforts to denigrate the real progress that negotiations to make a positive difference. FRIEND4LIFE
      Forgive my ignorance, but WHAT POSITIVE ASPECTS OF ARAB SPRING??? There are NONE! DRINK SOME MORE KOOL-AID ! M. Helm>>>>I fail to understand how it is in the US security interest to "freeze" our military aid to Egypt until hostages are released then to "unfreeze" the $billions which will only to go toward supporting the new military/Islamist regime!!! We have been and will continue "ARMING OUR ENEMIES"!! ( Exactly my friend, I agree wholehaertedly! )

    18. concerded says:

      There will never be peace until the rider on the white horse emerges.

    19. Ron W. Smith says:

      A good idea is to go back to the start of troubles in the Middle East since the whole history of that region these 60-odd years has been one of turmoil. It is not at all the case that there has ever been peace or quiet there since 1948. Momentary lulls, yes. Frequent conflict, definitely. Americans (and Israelis) have had more than 60 years to prove that peace could come to the Middle East and have ended in proving only a couple of things: the cost to America in dollars and lives has been enormous and Israel is no less threatened than it was early on.
      In 1972, Rabbi Elmer Berger, then head of an organization called American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (AJAZ), told Senator Mark Hatfield "The energetic and skillful Zionist propaganda campaign to put American power and prestige behind Zionism's territorial political aspirations was clearly, even that long ago, inconsistent with American interests in the area. . . In a word, the Zionist program, I became convinced, was deleterious to Jews and to the long-range interests of the United States."
      Zionism has been the problem all these scores of years, something even members of AJAZ, Jews like Elmer Berger, forecast way back when. Israel's territorial and political ambitions have, if peace and harmony have been goals, backfired–not only for Israelis, but for Americans as well. We have been Israel's lone reliable guarantor–at the U.N., in military assistance, and with annual foreign aid–and we have reaped a bitter harvest in blood, treasure, and the hatred of many in the Islamic world. There are those in that world who will never let it rest, never give in as we have come to realize.
      Now, the "Arab Spring," and upheavals all around the Middle East–sign, in every instance, that things can change and maybe even will change. For the better? For the worse? Who knows? The certainty is that it's out of our control and should be let to play out its course. That it's out of our control bothers some, but I suggest they look back over all these years and find where peace and harmony were more than a pipe dream shattered by a new round of explosions. That it's out of our control also irritates those who think empire when they think American foreign policy and bristle when we are NOT in full control. Shame on the Obama administration for not doing more in continuance of the vicious circle our Middle East policy has proven itself to be.
      Interested in furthering your understanding? Read The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (2007) by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt.

    20. Ken Marx says:

      I hate to be snarky, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Too bad Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn't among the 19 Americans being held in Egypt! There, I said it.

    21. deleted700641 says:

      What has been apparent, for some time, is that just like we have no energy policy, we have no solid foreign policy either. The policy of talking until you're blue in the face and then turning away and just ignoring the issues or problems hasn't worked, won't work and will ultimately create more problems down the road. It's also pretty clear to me that until the Democrats are out of control or power nothing will change dramatically. The only good news is that, hopefully, in November the regime in Washington will be out looking for other jobs.

    22. Normajean Bingaman says:


    23. nanabath says:

      I agree with BG1 that BHO IS accomplishing exactly what he wants. He is tearing down and tearing apart this great nation. I believe he has no intention of doing anything in regards to Iran or the middle east other than to set Israel up to take the blame if they go after Iran. Israel will be condemned by the UN for crimes against humanity and treid in the world court. Obama does not care what happens to Israel or the United States for that matter. We , the people, have to be ever vigilant as to what is happening in both countries. Israel does have the right to defend herself just as any other country can defend themselves.

    24. JBinGB says:

      Maybe we should send all of the O W S critters to Egypt,seems they know how to handle them !

    25. Pete says:

      Do we know what the americans were doing in Egypt before we start a war to get them released. I don't think we should automatically assume that they were just tourists on a holiday. Why are they there and should they even have been there in the first place. If the Egyptians stormed the embassy and captured these people that would be a totally different story.

    26. gary smothers says:

      All of you clear thinkers are misssing the point. That poking being that these people one and all are not capable at this juncture to funnction as a cohesive democracy as envioned by our foundered. 200 years I nto the p.to.heft wee find ourselves struggling in the search of that the most delicate of all endeavors that being true liberty were the contrbition by each of us is valued by he society at large . What this means is simple but requires a strong will to implement ie we must assume control of their society until such time as we own the hearts and minds of the children. We have done this before at the end of ww2 where we did just that. Case in point I doubt if their government now would see any traction from the populace should it be said that war was neccessary because their emporer or samuti said so. So we must build roads hospitals a civil law and schools until such time as the thought of war would be alley based on the real or perceived threat to liberty and the then values embraced by an enlightened society. Bottom line there is no shortcut to that enlightened society so expect it to take well beyond our best estimates and for it to be messy. Mores than likely very messy as those whose only influence is the use of force

    27. T Wood says:

      I like the ad at the bottom that says "liberals would be hitting the roof if George W. Bush did this", how true, President Bush couldn't even put wire taps on phones to protect us, because everyone griped. How does this unconstitutional obama get a way with evrything?

    28. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The middle-east is in flames, and it is obvious that this administration does not have a clue how to deal with any of it. One thing the radicals in that part of the world are especially adept at is recognizing weakness and taking advantage of that weakness. It happened during the Carter years and we are seeing it again now. There are those in the world who must be dealt with from a position of strength, perhaps overpowering strength. If we do not rebuild and maintain that strength, we will be the ultimate loser.

    29. hummuslover says:

      19 Americans banned from leaving Egypt are a sign of Obama's foreign policy crumbling? Withdraw U.S. foreign aid to Cairo over the 19? Who wrote this article?

    30. eva says:

      This middle east turmoil is Obama's legacy. He encouraged it from day one.

    31. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      We could be witnessing the birth of the Caliphate.

    32. joANNE says:

      The last sentence says a lot, but you forgot to add, the situation he CAUSED.

    33. Jeanne Stotler says:

      "We the People" have allowed his to happen, we have allowed our kids to go to college and be brainwashed, getting so called degree tat are worthless. We have 47% of our country men paying no FEDERAL taxes, some are here illegally getting money from the goverment, while he rest of us squeeze by and work over 40 Hr. a week, pay our taxes and see our investments constanly losing money. All the while the WH and BHO keep telling us how well off we are, then tell us how they are helping our enemies with OUR money, then has the audacity to say HE HAS EARNED another term, anyone who believes him and votes for him needs to see the nearest shrink.

    34. stovepipe johnson says:

      we need to mind our on business, there are far more problems at home. as a vetern i hereby proclaim that the us is evil and everything bad that we get is a pin point that we dish oit.

    35. Clearhead says:

      C'mon sheeple — cut the 'present' some slack. Don't you realize that he's a little BUSY right now what with his re-election SCAMPAIN? He'll get right on these questions as soon as that pesky little month of November, 2012 is over.

    36. sue says:

      I was just at a friends house and her husband came in and said that if war breaks out this summer, which it probably will, we will be without oil. Step by step Obama has set us up for destruction. Very clever man with words but a wolf in sheep's clothing. Without oil, where goes food, etc. How do you get places. All of a sudden suburban America will be handicapped; Europeans and Asians can walk to their stores, but we have to drive because of the way we have been set up for so long.

    37. EON59 says:

      If the Obama administration and the UN hadn't sponsored the protest in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Eqypt there would have been thousands of fewer people dead. We had no business in any of these countries. None of them had threatened the US. Gaddafi had already made his arrangements with the US and GB over Lockerby. This is just more subterfuge to get the focus away from our dismal economy and the dismal economies of europe. It amazes me that the Euro is trading as high as it is. If the fed wasn't buying into the stock market it would plunge.

    38. sue says:

      I was just reading in Isaiah 7 when Syria was going to attack Jerusalum during the time of Isaiah. No coincidence. Israel is the wrong name for the country. The House of Israel split into two Kingdoms after Solomon died- the Northern House of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Jerusalem resided in the Southern Kingdom area. So present day Israel represents the southern kingdom of the Jews who were from the tribe of Judah and partly the tribe of Benjamin. Jerusalem, at the time of the split, also had members of the Northern Kingdom living there because of the threat of the Assyrian Empire which eventually took them captive. The Southern Kingdom fell to Babylon.. Long time animosity. Sue

    39. Stirling says:

      Interestingly enough Iran (and Egypt) has a "Democracy" government (like the president says he wants in America ) it's just that a pure democracy is a majority rule, and not a republic (representative rule). All those who want what the president is pushing in the way of "social justice" should look to the Mid-East (non-Israel) to see what you have bought into (and would live under).. Your rights are not your own, but the governments (which can be taken away at a moments notice.)

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