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  • Morning Bell: Obamacare Awakens a Sleeping Giant

    It is a rare moment indeed when faith denominations of all stripes unite together in common cause, and it is rarer still when that cause is a political one, with a sole piece of legislation as its principal target. But when that law eviscerates the very foundation of religious liberty in America as protected under the First Amendment, it should not be surprising that Catholics and Jews, evangelical Christians, and mainline Lutherans alike find common cause in defense of their liberties.

    Such is the case with the firestorm of opposition to Obamacare and the Obama Administration’s attack on religious liberty. Under a new Obamacare mandate issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the White House is mandating that virtually all religious employers, with the exception of churches, provide health care coverage for contraception — including abortion-inducing drugs — thereby trampling upon their constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion. And it is this mandate that has caused a vehement response in churches and synagogues across the country.

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    Yesterday, the head of the Catholic League, Bill Donohue, warned that the nation’s 70 million Catholics are ready to go to war with the Administration’s dictates, saying “Never before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up against the Roman Catholic Church. This is going to be fought out with lawsuits, with court decisions, and, dare I say it, maybe even in the streets.”

    Donohue’s remarks follow those of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and at least 153 Catholic bishops across the country who have weighed in with opposition to the mandate. “We Catholics will be compelled to either violate our consciences, or to drop health coverage for our employees and suffer the penalties for doing so,” wrote Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Michigan. Those penalties include fines imposed by the federal government that could cost larger organizations millions of dollars per year.

    The Catholic Church is not alone in its opposition to Obamacare’s onslaught against religious freedom. David Addington, The Heritage Foundation’s vice president of Domestic and Economic Policy, details the growing ranks of the faithful who say the Obama Administration has crossed a very dangerous line. The National Association of Evangelicals commented that “The HHS rules trample on our most cherished freedoms and set a dangerous precedent” and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America stated, “In declining to expand the religious exemption within the healthcare reform law, the Obama Administration has disappointingly failed to respect the needs of religious organizations such as hospitals, social welfare organizations and more.” The Agudath Israel of America stated its opposition, as did the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America.

    The Obama Administration is beginning to feel the pressure. On Sunday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius authored an op-ed in USA Today defending the Obama Administration’s actions, claiming that a very narrow exemption to the mandate is evidence that the White House is “working to strike the right balance between respecting religious beliefs and increasing women’s access to critical preventive health services.” That exemption, though, does not apply to institutions like religious schools and hospitals. Sebelius might claim the Administration is offering grace to people of faith, but in fact it is not. In an editorial that ran the same day as Sebelius,’ USA Today agreed with those standing on the side of religious liberty, writing that “in drawing up the rules that will govern health care reform” the Obama Administration “galloped over” the line and violated the “simple proposition that the government should steer away from meddling in church affairs.”

    The Obama Administration’s actions, though entirely counter to the freedom of religion, should not be surprising given the nature of the President’s health care law. Obamacare has given the federal government broad power over one-sixth of the American economy and thereby purports to grant Washington the power to force religious institutions to take actions contrary to their faith. Addington writes that this kind of concentration of power “has proved to be a drastic and dangerous experiment.” America’s religious leaders and the faithful have awoken to this wolf at their door and are lashing out in defense of their freedoms. Congress, too, should act now by repealing Obamacare and restoring the religious liberty that is so central to our way of life.

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    180 Responses to Morning Bell: Obamacare Awakens a Sleeping Giant

    1. Bndwgn says:

      Obama just keeps digging that hole he's in deeper.

      • Mario says:

        When are the American people going to wake up, this guy is out to destroy this country., Good people didn't think it could happen in Germany, Italy, Cuba,Russia.

    2. Edward P.Woolley says:

      So,what is new?

      • George says:

        This is absurd. All the Lutherans I know have no problem covering contraception by insurance. You guys must be a bunch of elderly old dumb white guys.

    3. Obama administration and the democrats are playing with fire, about the birth control, but they will recognize it too late. We'll see on Nov 6 the implications.

    4. Clovis Gentilhomme says:

      You mention "…Catholics and Jews, charismatic evangelical Christians, and mainline Lutherans" as being offended by this latest Barak Obama illegal medical legislation, yet leave out plain old Born Again Christians; is there some particular reason for this?

      • Obama_epic_fail says:

        Born again Christians do not typically affiliate with one denomination that has organizational or political clout.

        • VaChristianAdvocate says:

          Well, I'd beg to differ in that the Southern Baptists by definition consider themselves to be born again Christians, and they both have and wield organizational political clout, at least in the south. But, you are correct, there are born again Christians in every denomination.

      • El Pauls says:

        Clovis, I agree with your question. BUT I must add that I with no religious affiliation will close my plant's doors before distributing condoms and … to employees. I have no interest in advancing liberal ideas.

        • Alexandra says:

          Just because you have no interest in advancing liberal ideas DOES NOT MEAN you can deny them to those who do. The Constitution gives freedom of religious expression; when will people like you realize that it doesn't mean one religion can step on another, or on someone who is non-religious? A religious institution cannot hire discriminately, so why should they be allowed to discriminate service for those with health insurance? Your rights end where your nose does, and someone else's begins. The Constitution provides true freedom, not freedom from you simply being offended (in most cases).

      • matt says:

        Clovis, let's not split hairs. They didn't mention hundreds of denominations. I think we need to unite on a larger front. I think they were referring to establishments, if that is OK by you. Congratulations on your Born Again experience, sincerely..

      • VaChristianAdvocate says:

        "Evangelicals" is commonly understood to include born again Christians. I have no problem with that description; I am born again, and while one might argue that not all evangelicals are born again, all born again Christians should be evangelizing, thus the name.

      • Mike Brownfield Mike Brownfield says:

        Clovis, thanks for reading. My post wasn't meant to be exclusive of anyone — the introductory sentence was to indicate the breadth of opposition, followed by references later in the article to specific examples of faiths who have made proclamations against the legislation. Please do post examples of others who have taken a stand. That would of course be more than welcome, while also informative to our readers! – Mike Brownfield from Heritage

    5. Susan McHugh says:

      Thank you for this thoughtful post – sharing it everywhere!!! Americans need to OUTRAGED by Obamacare again – please continue to pound on every aspect of this monstrosity. Please include information on alternative plans.

    6. Mary......WI says:

      As a Catholic, even when/if Obama care is repealed, I would NEVER vote for him simply because he cannot be trusted. Obama has no respect for the constitution and therefore he has no respect for the people that live in this country. He is bringing this country down slithering around the country with his manipulative agenda. Since he thinks China and Europe are so well run then he should relocate……. And he should take Reid and Pelosi with him! I think Americans are tired of being strong armed by the liberal agenda.

    7. AMERICANS CAN REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS HEALTHCARE;; that way "Big Bertha" from ACORN can reach her prognostication she made to the fourth grade class she was speaking to [2] years ago, when she told them 25 million conservative Americans will be interred in FEMA CAMPS for re-education or execution.

      • true democrat says:

        I would like you to use the name, Rosa Parks, when voicing you opposition to obamacare, we will not be bullied.

    8. Russell Thomas says:

      How many of these religious leaders eagerly embraced other aspects of the Obama left-wing agenda? Are they having 2nd thoughts? Realistically, how much of this belated concern over Obama policies will be translated to the ballot box?

    9. Marie K. Kelley says:

      Both Pelosi and Biden should be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church, shame on them!!!

    10. Amzedamerican says:

      Amazing that before the law applied to Catholics, we never heard a word from them against obamacare. As long as the Catholics were spared, they didnt care one way or the other. In fact the catholic's helped seat Obama in the white house. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that they have finally awakened, but couldn't they have not been asleep so long?

      • David says:

        That's not really true. Obama's pro-abortion position was well-known before 2008 and Roman Catholics most certainly did oppose him on that. Rank and file doesn't always do what "leadership" wants, of course.

      • MIKE says:

        Actually I am Catholic also. I woke up as you say when Obama's name was first mentioned in public. I heard him speak, and I knew right away that we were in dire straights. Don't criticize the Catholics for finally speaking out. They have been. Just because some were fooled by this ass, doesn't mean all of us were. You can fool some of the people………etc. That also applies to other denominations. If you were a real Catholic, you would know a little more than you do. We are pissed at this, just as we are pissed about everything this idiot has done. When people speak out about all the other issues, do you really know what denomination any of them are………REALLY ???? When you make a general statement you sound really ridiculous.

    11. stevesunnj says:

      All is very correct in this article. I am happy to see religous oriented voters have come to their senses. What is surprising is that there is such outrage 2 year after the passage of this train wreck. If you were listenting during the healthcare debate in 2010, you were not paying attention to the message and the messanger. Do not make this mistake again! Let me tell you what is likely to happen between now and the election regarding this critical issue. Obama will change his tune, exemptions will be allowed and all of the outraged voters will be happy. Half of them will again vote for the messenger in Nov. In 2013 the waiver/exemptions will be disallowed or watered down and the religous voters will be outraged again.

      If you take the bait again, shame on you. You will be the fool that believes this man, not once but twice.
      You cannot possibly believe that this tiger will change its stripes, if you do, perhaps darwins evolution theory has some merit after all


      • CPB says:

        Agree – why did it take so long to wake up to this? I'm not Catholic but my conservative fundamental Christian values were offended by this entire piece of legislation. It is highly likely that all of our healthcare insurance premiums would increase in cost because of provisions requiring all insurers to pay for things like gender change surgeries and abortion. Simple economics dictate that if insurance companies are required to "cover" (pay) for these things, then all of us will pay higher premiums so they don't lose money. Insurance is actually just a legal form of gambling. We should have the freedom to choose which games we want to bet against and how much we are willing to risk. The government has no business playing in this game and picking winners and losers. It screws with the basic principals of capitalism.

      • libdetester says:

        Your post is right on the mark. He will begin his appeasement before the vote, get people feeling good about him, get re-elected then shove his agenda down our throats. He will have another 4 years to really wreck this country. I really, truly hope the people are waking up and will stay awake. He is shredding the Constitution. Remember, he gets to appoint Supreme Court Justices for life. With a liberal court they will continue his work on his behalf. We've got to stop this now..

    12. Sharon says:

      It's about time someone took a stand against the multiple questionable and possibly illegal activities by this administration.

    13. Alcon says:

      This president and his administration have violated the constitution in so many ways it is remarkable there has been no attempt to impeach him. This latest issue is just one more example of his total disdain for the protections afforded us in the constitution and Bill of Rights. We simply must defeat him and undo the immeasurable harm caused by his healthcare plan and other socialist actions that burden and damage the American way of life.

    14. allen says:

      After these people are thrown out do they think it will be easy to get a JOB They have to go to the back of the unemployment line and spend 99 weeks looking for a job Oh I forgot they all have stolen enogh from the people they can retire.

    15. Randa says:

      obama must be defeated in November and we must regain the Senate as well … vote like the survival of the Republic depends on your vote because … it does.

      • true democrat says:

        I hope we have enough votes to counter their voter fraud machine. acorn is still here, but now OFA, keep watching them.

    16. Larry Uloth says:

      The Catholic church is not the only folks at war with this. Ordinary people are against it also. I find that this is nothing more than a furthering of one principle of the UN Agenda 21 protocal…."depopulation". When Margaret Sanger started planned parenthood she did it with malice aforethought. It is still true today, according to them babies are nothing but an inconvienence to tossed in the dump bin. They must be stopped for the future not only of our country (USA) but the world itself.

      • Jill Maine says:

        Actually she wanted to rid the ghettoes of what she refered to asd "little black weeds." I can't understand why BHO and his wife are going along with this knowing that Margaret Sanger really was a racist.

    17. Cecelia P. says:

      One more glaring symptom of the disease that is infecting America.

    18. Ratbite says:

      Too bad the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church lacks the intestinal fortitude to exommunincate the FAUX Catholic politicans that are out there supporting abortion like Nancy Pelsoi, the Kennedy's, or Joe Biden etc.. I'd love to see a bishop/archbishop practice what they preach & excommunicate these faux Catholics.

    19. Whicket Williams says:

      The Elite have declared that they wish to reduce the population of the poor, to save the world for themselves. Only People who do not believe in God could entertain such a notion. God will take care of his own,fear not.
      As the bible states, Satin is raging, knowing his time is short.

    20. jimyardley says:

      I wrote an article about this matter for American Thinker on January 31st, and suggested a way to get Obama and his czars to back down from this nonsense. All the Catholic Church has to do, expressing it more in sorrow than in anger, is advise the President that simultaneously with the imposition of his "reproductive medicine" mandate, the Catholic Church will close all schools, universities, hospitals and charities that function within the United States.

    21. DocJohnM says:

      I'm United Methodist and the Lay Leader of my church and am categorically against this move on Obama's part. I loathe abortion especially as birth control. Abortion is murder! Late term abortion is cruel and unusual murder and these "doctors" get away, off scott free. I'm very happy that Christians of all denominations and Jews are standing shoulder to shoulder on this issue. Obamacare is morally repugnant and against the Constitution. Praise God for solidarity..I pray that God will turn Obama's heart.

    22. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Who has been asleep? Certainly not the millions of Americans who realize this is but the latest installment of Obama's plan to "transform" this nation. Do we not understand there is a movement afoot when Obama actually blams the designers of our Constitution for slowing his plans? When a Supreme Court justice tells Egypt to "not look to the U.S. Constitution" when writing their own? When Obama's policies are in direct conflict with American values and Constitutional law? When Obama's policies are spcifically designed to change America into something we don't know? The "giant" is awake, but we had better rerlize Obama supporters in Congress and the media are lying and distorting the truth to protect the movement.

      • Alexandra says:

        The Constitution gives freedom of religious expression; when will people like you realize that it doesn't mean one religion can step on another, or on someone who is non-religious? A religious institution cannot hire discriminately, so why should they be allowed to discriminate service for those with health insurance? Your rights end where your nose does, and someone else's begins. The Constitution provides true freedom, not freedom from you simply being offended (in most cases).

    23. Anthony says:

      Gee what a shock, Obamacare infringes on the rights of the people in America and the Catholic church and other religious institutions finally agree. I say "finally" because the Catholic chuch supported this law in the context of social justice. I guess they didn't see this one coming. Hello nose, I would like to introduce you to rake. I suppose now the Catholic church will seek on of those cherished "waivers." Note to Catholic church. Obamacare is bad law. It needs to be repealed. Get on board. REPEAL!!

    24. Amazedamerican says:

      Amazing that before the law applied to Catholics they didn't oppose the law at all. Now that they are involved, they have taken offense to it. Can't blame them at all for that, but why couldn't they have been more involved from the beginning? We ARE all in this together.

    25. Nick Aquilina says:

      I do hope this is not an issue that is forgotten with tomorrow's headline. The main stream press will try to have it trivialized.Please keep it on the front burner.

    26. Ken Jarvis says:

      The Catholic Church TELLS MEMBERS what to think.
      Obama believes in – WOMEN'S RIGHTS.
      The Heritage Foundation is a Conservative Propaganda Machine,
      They are another voice of the GOP.
      They Cut and paste from – What Murdoch tells them.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        In the Bible it says "Thou shalt not Kill", nowhere does it sa tht if your baby is an inconvience you can kill it. It's a wonan's right, when predannt to have the child, then if she doesn't want theresponsibility, thereare org. that will find homes . Oh you're one of those that put material worth efore the worth of your soul. I raised 9 of my 10 children plus 2 steps, wish I could have raised my other daughter as well but it wasn't to be, ad I'd do it over again, children are God's gift.

      • Normct says:

        Guess you never saw a sonogram live. I'd bet it will make you rethink abortions.

      • Mike Brownfield Mike Brownfield says:

        Ken, thanks as always for reading, but I can assure you that I didn't cut and paste from anyone. This is material that I gleaned from my research of how different faith denominations are responding.

        - Mike from Heritage

      • Mike says:

        Another uninformed puppet democrat speaks.

      • mike says:

        Obama believes in women's rights? What world are you living in? Spoken like a true liberal who is truly lost..

    27. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      Obamacare was a disaster from day 1. Never should the government dictate to the American people! WE THE PEOPLE must repeal this unconstitutional law with all due haste. However, the wimps in congress, will cave in to our dictator-in-chief as usual. They let him do all the TREASONOUS things he has been doing without a whimper. It's time we the people stepped in and said, "ENOUGH!!" Get Ron Paul in the white house and let's clean up this country before it's too late! However, I fear, that it may already be too late.

    28. George Perkins says:

      The solution is simple. Vote Obama out of office in November 2012 and lets get back to what America is all about.

    29. sdfultz says:

      I love the basic tenents of faith, until they start to impose them on others. When these organizations who choose to use public insurance, government money and deny their employees access to equal health care because of their religion, I have a problem.
      I think all who hate Obama may want to harp this into some kind of feeding frenzy, but this too will fail.

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        If you decide to teach in a Catholic school, work in a catholic Hospital, or for any othe Catholic organization, you surely must have known the creeds put forth by the Church. Our fist admendment states"Congress shall make NO LAWrespecting to establishmentof relgion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THERE OF; As a Catholic, I've refused to work in certain areas of hospitals, I have never met resistance as I have always said up front, MY GOD comes first, no one but myself will assure my soul getting to heaven.

      • Mike says:

        These are beliefs of the Catholic church and it's members. Why should we have to finance the killing of babies, the prevention of pregnancies or anything we don't condone. Here's a good one. Let them go to planned parenthood. It's free, and anyone can take advantage of their services. You make no sense. We have to change our beliefs because of people who are irresponsible? It's our religion and we decide how it works, not the people who know nothing about it. If they want that kind of healthcare, let them find a job elsewhere. At least we Catholics are up front with them from the day they are interviewed for a job with the church. Can't say the same about our so called president or anyone he is affiliated with.

    30. C. Hyatt says:

      One has to wonder just whom Obama will unite next. Is it Israel, is it business, is it rich and poor, is it the races, is it the military? Never can I remember a time when one person has created so much conflict at one time. He was indeed a fantastic choice in 2008!

    31. D. Clark says:

      Obama got Muslim community upset with this as well.

    32. Jerome Bigge says:

      It is quite possible that this action will doom the Obama administration and that Mitt Romney will be our new President in 2013.

    33. Steve says:

      One has to wonder where are the wails of protest from the representatives of Islam? Do they support this trampling of civil liberties and religious freedom? My guess is yes.

      • Vernon Clayson says:

        I believe Muslims are excluded from paying for Obamacare but you can bet they will accept the care, with all the Islamic requirements for modesty and holiness of the religion, of course. That's to obviate the necessity of stoning their women if an infidel male doctor saw their ankle.

    34. Marie K. Kelley says:

      Both V.P. Biden and Nancy Pelosi should be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church.
      I don't know which Catholic friends Pelosi has that supports her, I think they are in La LA Land…with Pelosi.

    35. Frank says:

      The recent Obama administration decrees is the inevitable result of big government ("Statist") policies that inevitably intrude on the freedoms of its citizens. This is an example of why true conservatives should not support more Statists (like Romney), rather small government Constitutionalists like Ron Paul. Wake up America, the once great USA is turning into a massive welfare/warfare police state & all are losing more freedoms everyday. It does no real good to replace a Statist D with a Statist R. I consider Santorum & Gingrich as "mixed bags" since at times they supported smaller government & at times bigger government.

    36. Candace Miller says:

      Unless I missed it, you made no mention of the fact that the President of the Southern Baptist Association came out the day after the Catholic Bishops. He made it clear that Southern Baptists as well stand against this liberty killing mandate. While I am an Independent Baptist, I can guarantee you that we stand with all the rest in demanding that the President stand down on this matter. Being Independent Baptists, we do not have one voice to represent our 10,000 + churches, but the voices out of those pro-life congregations will speak up as well at every opportunity and we will fill the trenches in this battle.

    37. Rose Johnson says:

      I left the Catholic church long ago because I felt the church no longer "supported" God! The church stood silent while the ACLU attempted to remove God's name from our existence. However, I would march in the streets with Catholics today to fight this cause. I also believe that the Catholic church should begin assessing the actions of those government officials (Sebelius, Pelosi, etc.) who promote abortion and the actions of this administration. I believe the consequence is called, excommunication.

      • LOIS PICARDI says:


      • rich Garza says:


      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        I am amassed thatThe Bishops nd Cardinals have not come out and publically announced theexcommunication of these so called Catholics. The Kennedy's got away with all their aldultry acts, Teddy divourcing Joan and remarring then get's a Catholic Funeral with a High Mass?? Pelosi claims t be "A staunch Catholic " yet let this bills pass and NOT ONE Catholic Rep.or Senator have come out and denounced this horrible bill that will not only kill unborn BUT will cause the premature deaths of elderly and thosewith handicps, SMELLS OF NAZI GERMANY, God Protect Us.

    38. Amazedamerican says:

      Amazing that before the law applied to Catholics they didn't oppose the law at all. Now that they are involved in the law, the have awakened.

      • lolly says:

        That's because not just Catholics were duped and believed the lies this president spouted when he said that consciences would be protected. I am not one of them. I knew before he was elected that if his lips were moving, he was lying.

    39. TruthInAction says:

      "Tea bales" are floating in the harbor!

    40. Bergy says:

      I find great irony in the church's support of, and push for, Obama's socialized health care. They have danced with the Devil and he has now come to collect his souls. Perhaps the church will realize that charity is the thier purview, not the governments.

    41. ThomNJ says:

      "…critical preventive health services" says Sebelius…….yeah, preventive all right, preventive to the unborn baby.
      What is fundamentally worng with obamacare's provisions (in additon to being unConstitutional) is the removal of power from Congress (once again) to make law but allowing a sigle person (Sebelius) to make law.

    42. James says:

      I too am disheartened by the fact that before this many religious institutions supported the health care act because it promised to provide health care to those who are not currently covered. They were willing to let the government take away basic personal liberties, such as the right to not buy health insurance, because it would help those in need of health care. Now the government wants to cross their religious liberty "line in the sand", still for the benefit of those in need, and they are crying foul. I hope it does awaken them to the fact that if you don't work to preserve liberty in general then it's harder to preserve your liberty in particular.

    43. mjalton says:

      It's interesting the Catholic church wasn't concerned about Obamacare until it crossed the religious lines. What about the other critical aspects of the constitution – such as mandating the individual to buy something?
      It has amazed me that for years the Catholics have voted democratic when their policies hurt the very people the church tries to help the most – the poor.

    44. bitterweed says:

      I'm not Catholic..but they can count on me..When I protect my neighbor's rights..I protect my own as well.

      This administration has run roughshod over this nation's citizens..hopefully..for the last time.

    45. glynnda says:

      For Ms. Sebelius…..right……and he never said in his state of the union speech 2010 that his healthcare legislation did NOT allow federally funded abortion…….the Congressman from SC was correct when he yelled……YOU LIE!!!!

      Obama has been a liar and an abuser of the Constitution since he got into office, waiting until the election is ridiculous, he should have been impeached within a year of taking office, we just have a spineless Congress……I guess it's easier and less controversial to wait til the election. Not smart Congress…..if you jump into this and fight (street fight) with this guy, you will have a huge backing across the nation and I'll lay odds that the approval ratings for Congress would skyrocket…..

    46. Dan says:

      Reminds me of something Joseph said in retrospect years after his brothers sold him into slavery: "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." Genesis 50:20

      I'm sorry that it takes something as profound as the loss of religious liberty and as evil as abortion to bring us together to fight on the same side, but I can't deny that I am glad to see it!

    47. Ken Marx says:

      Let us hope this is a turning point. The Obama Administration has consistently been working to destroy America as founded in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Just this year, in only 38 days, Obama has made unconstitutional appointments, erroneously paraphrased the words of Jesus to justify higher taxes, and through his surrogate, Sebelius, taken away rights specified by the first amendment. They are rapidly tightening the screws on society. American's had better wake up if they want to preserve our way of life.

    48. Bobbie227 says:

      I am not Catholic, but I support them fighting this tyranny! There should to be a way that every American could get involved publicly with the Catholics in their effort to refuse to comply. At least Obama WILL lose a lot of votes because of this and that is a good thing! This is a very good reason WHY we need a true conservative to be nominated in the Republican primaries. We conservatives CAN turn the primary elections around regardless of the Republican Establishment. I just wonder if the Catholic church will continue to allow Pelosi to even BE a Catholic!

    49. Dave says:

      If nothing else, this president has a talent for splintering Americans. He started from day one with the bamstercare program. Every time he opens his mouth he creates problems. I am an active Catholic, but disagree with most of the Church's "Social justice" programs. Let's see if the Church is as pro-active with this issue as it has been with anti-immigration and AIDS.

    50. Mark says:

      This country was NOT founded so the Government could run our lives and Dictate to us on how we shall live. it has NO power to tell us what we can and cannot do with our lives. we do have the power given to us in our Declaration of independence and bill of Right to PUT DOWN our government should it become corrupt and go against the peoples interest. This Idiot in office of the president thinks he can do as he pleases and appoint the people that will agree with him and not the people of the country has got to be removed from office NOW. the people of this country need to stand up and exercise out given right to take up arms and take our country back because it seems that everyone in the Government is as crooked as the day is long. Time to take back AMERICA for the People.

    51. Bob says:

      "…forcing religious organizations to opt out of health insurance…" is of course what Obama care is all about. Get enough employers to drop coverage and then they can take over all of health care with the government as the sole provider

    52. Lisa S says:

      This is only a Religous issue for me – it is an ethical/moral issue – the government is using my tax dollars to fund Obama Care – and ultimately forcing me against my will to fund abortions. I feel as though I am helping fund murder against my will. All Americans should be be angry – it's one thing for an individual to make the choice to have an abortion – it's another to force another to help pay for it. The moral compass of this country is teetering on a very fine line. Finally, this isn't the only thing wrong with Obama care – if this bill remains – there will be rationing of care and people will suffer (except of course the political elites with their federal health care benefits).

    53. Morton Friedman says:

      To get rid of weeds, pull out the roots. Cutting them down is a waste of time and effort.

      The Federal government, and State and Municipal governments as well, should have no business as charities, or in religious practices. A dangerous root was established with 'faith based charities'. Add the NEA, NPR Planned Parenthood, etc. to the mix, just slightly different species.

      The organized religions, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, let their greed get the best of them when they did not rigorously oppose 'faith based charities'. It opened Pandora's box wide open.

      Charity, by biblical teaching, should, MUST, be purely personal. Assuming that the income tax laws are constitutional, then the personal exemption, which does not need to be itemized, should have given sufficent leeway for individuals to provide charitable funding as they see fit. If, and it is a big IF, the governments wish to increase charitable donations by individuals, it should be proper and sufficient to increase the personal exemption.

    54. Thomas says:

      They will all collapse under the pressure, or the will be exempted. The churches always fold their cards.

    55. toledofan says:

      The entire Obamcare legislation is an abomination and should never have been passed in the first place. This latest episode, by this administration, clearly shows the lack of understanding and the total disregard of the Constitution and the freedoms we enjoy. The folks in government who are Catholics and support this should be publically rebuked and tossed out of the church, period. This administration has to go, November can't come soon enough.

    56. Dawn says:

      Retraction on the Lutherans, Brownfield! Make it happen!

    57. Guest says:

      Catholic organizations are not obliged to divorce themselves from the basic tenets of their faith, as they are the extensions of their faith, which is why they exist, PERIOD, for the sake of a Kingdom NOT of this world in witnessing to their faith, which is a right that they don’t have to forfeit in order to please those who would trash their freedom of religion by unconstitutionally demanding that they do so.

      Accordingly, Catholic hospitals are under no obligation whatsoever to consider violations of the invariant moral teachings of their faith in accord with the teaching Magisterium of Holy Mother Church to be health care. Those saying otherwise make a mockery of the sacrifices of all those who fought and died in America's wars throughout history in order to secure our unalienable (God-given) rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

    58. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Rip Obamacare out by its roots.

    59. joanb says:

      Nothing hits home until it's your head Obama's beating in! Tea Party has been protesting for three (?) years. A slap up side the head does tend to wake one up a little!!! Obama isn't done yet. He has even worked over his "union brothers" by allowing Chinese construction companies to bring their own Chinese construction crews to work on three huge construction projects here in the US!!! And he "blows" about recovery for the country and jobs recovery! Jobs out sourced right under our noses. The money paid for the projects going to China!!!! And if he is re elected, the country is done! My support is going Senator Santorum, but anyone of the four will be 100000000000000000% (looks like the debt ceiling!) better then Obama! If anyone of the four lets down America, in four years we can vote them out and still have a country. If Obama wins, there won't be an America as we know it!! I heard him whining a couple of days ago that congress holds him back. The constitution holds him back. Yes! The constitution was implemented and structured to PREVENT dictators from ruling and idiot, old judges from re-righting the constitution. Neither one of them are fit to wipe the shoes of the founders!

    60. Roo Forlife says:

      While Catholics were blindsided by the January decision, the left had been paying close attention to the subject for months. In November, several leftist and feminist blogs began beating the war drums, warning Obama not to “cave” (their word) to the bishops. They were joined by the Nation, Salon, the Huffington Post, and the usual suspects. (Sample headline: “The Men Behind the War on Women.”) At the same time, Planned Parenthood and NARAL launched grassroots lobbying efforts and delivered petitions with 100,000 and 135,000 signatures respectively to the White House urging Obama to uphold the policy and not compromise http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/obamacare-
      the abortion supporters 100,000 and 135,000 signatures, we should get that many and more but so far less than 20,000 has signed
      The National Stop HHS Mandate Petition http://www.stophhs.com/sign-the-petition/ Please sign and share the petiton! Thanks and God Bless!

    61. CalWoman says:

      Why is noone upset about the individuals right to choose insurance that doesn't cover sinful procedures?

    62. J. L. W. says:

      I don't understand why the Jewish community is so concerned. I believe that Jews typically vote for Democrats, and the Jews I am familiar with were much in favor of voting for Obama. Too late to complain now.

    63. Nancy Lee says:

      Too bad! This is what happens when our elected officials pass a bill that they know nothing about.
      Remember Nancy P. saying" we have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it". or words to that effect.
      I pray that Mitt Romney is nominated and elected so that we can have some faith that this horrible piece of legislation will be repealed, as well as all the stifling regulations that are preventing business from hiring and conducting business.
      I believe that Benjamin Franklin said that "a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away"

    64. Kevin Cleland says:

      Let's hope this "awkened giant doesn't fall back asleep before Nov.!!

    65. Dwana Townsend says:

      Religions UNITE and FIGHT peacefully. Who knows what will be forced upon us next? Will the Jewish community centers be forced to provide sex education, and abortion counceling, or any other outreach center maybe run by Baptist ministers? Will the Islamic community centers be forced as well?

      I am a Catholic. I believe the Church has become soft in thier foundation to have let it get this far.

    66. JOE says:

      I am Catholic. The church should have done this a year ago. The leaders believed the lie of the devil that they would be exempt. If you make a deal with the devil, you pay in the end. SHAME ON CHURCH LEADERS. All Christian leaders,not just Catholic, have stood by for decades while the LEFT little by little took away our Christian heritage and freedoms. Now they act like it just started. BULL

    67. Matt Troy says:

      The Obama administration has been putting our Constitution through the shredder.
      His policy's have been very morally troublesome. As a member of numerous Tea Party groups throughout the country we must defeat Obama 11-6-12 !! As a member of the Catholic Church I would rather rot in an Obama jail then face Jesus because We did not have the courage not only to say "no" but "HELL NO" to Obama!! "In God we still and always will Trust."

    68. Barry Kleppe says:

      Isn't it interesting that Obamacare has numerous exceptions for various "proper" groups such as unions, certain businesses,etc but no exception to cover freedom of religion clause from the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

    69. El Pauls says:

      Obama's Health Care is not about Health Care…..it is about POLITICAL POWER.

    70. phillyfanatic says:

      Every day , this naif in the WH or Reid or San Fran Nan make a policy or comment which undermines the Const., our liberties , our free enterprise system and one wonders if the MSM ever ever will wake up to its own undoing. Just today, the Reid machine wants the Ex. to control the Internet. Not legislation from Congress; no, the Executive Office. Yikes. And where is the RNC or Pubs running for office speaking out every day on this anti-Const, anti-liberty Dem libs??? Wake up .

    71. Dawn says:

      You have an inaccuracy. You include "mainline Lutherans" finding common ground with Catholics, etc. on this issue. In the fifth paragraph, you cite the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The Missouri Synod is not "mainline Lutheran." The ELCA is. Indeed, the Missouri Synod and the ELCA are often very much at odds on many issues. I'm not certain what the ELCA's position is on this, but my guess is that it is likely not against this legislation.

    72. gwenna says:

      Yeah… it's ok for them to tromp on others rights trying to get Roe vs Wade reversed, but not ok if it imposes on their rights. As always… it's a double standard.

      • Mike says:

        That's bull. It shows you know nothing about the Catholic church. This is the same scenario as Roe vs Wade, which means we are consistent.

    73. MJ CARDONI says:

      I pray the God will take Obama and his Socialist crew to their just rewards soon,

      Of course, it might be a little WARM there…….

    74. Eileen says:

      This Catholic was never fooled by the Obama regime. First time I heard him, I new it was TROUBLE. http://www.nucleusoflife.com/apps/blog/show/12206

    75. guest says:

      Mandating that all church funded hospitals provide contraception is no different than only recognizing marriages preformed at a church if and only if it is between a man and a woman.

      while i like the overall message of this article, i think its a bit disingenuous/hypocritical to oppose obama care because it decreases freedom of the church while imposing the religious viewpoint that marriage is between a man and a woman (according to my church marriage is a contract between two people and god, reguardless of their sex) though the Defense of Marriage Act, or though supporting lawmakers that want a constitutional definition of marriage.

    76. Jules says:

      Surprised? Not me. I saw the faux catholics support this Obamacare monstrosity and thought they would regret it. Much like the religions did in Germany and Russia. As long as the pressure was on the Jews, they acted indifferent. Until they were being targeted. Same here. Now the administration is targeting the religious folks in this country and there is outrage. Don't blame 'em for being outraged. They should be. If someone thinks its just the Catholics this administration is after, think again. They are just the first step. ALL religions are on the lefties agenda to be minimized if not totally destroyed. Watch for it, its coming.
      Wake up, America, your country is being destroyed from within.

    77. Lou says:

      If this is allowed, nothing will be safe from the avaricious grasp of this president. He has no regard for the Constitution or the rights that document presents to the people of this nation. He once again shows his disdain for this nation and its people. November can't come quickly enough!

    78. Ron T says:

      I am a conservative, Christian. Denomination does not matter. The first I heard of this was from Glenn Beck on his radio show. A well known conservative, Christian, Glenn is a Morman. His comment was simply that all people of faith must stand with the Catholics and defend our religious freedom. Catholics, Mormans, Jews, Muslims and all other Christian believers. I stand with the Catholics. Freedom is one of our most sacred rights as Americans. I think the Obama Administration only thinks the Constitution matters when they can use it. Otherwise, stand asside Bill of Rights.

    79. Steve Delaney says:

      OK Obama. You have crossed the line and this will not be tolerated by the American People. You are using your position to destroy the American way of life. You, Biden, and Pelosi have conspired to destroy religious freedom in the name of WHAT? The unfortunate part is that this fight will take place not only in the courts, but could easily lead to civil unrest in the streets of America. (Well, guess we already have that with Obama's Occupy Movement)

    80. Vincent says:

      I am quite surprised at many of the comments here. The Catholic Church has long been for Universal Health Care or some sort of program whereby more people could be insured. The main issue with Obama's Health Care Reform is that it was, in fact watered down, and now includes the mandate on coverage of contraceptives and the like. If you are a republican and a Catholic, please do not mix political and religious rhetoric, or confuse the Church's stances with the Republican Party's; in many, if not most cases, they are quite different.

      If you happen to be a liberal and a Catholic (which is possible, I assure all reading this), do not allow Rep. Pelosi to misrepresent the Catholic Church's teachings on these issues either.

      In fact, as surprising as it may sound, I think that perhaps both parties are simply catering to the religious vote bloc in order to grab power (the Republicans moreso than the Democrats to be sure, but both to be honest). If as religious folk we support the Republicans, be prepared for equal violations of our liberties in the name of the rich, and moves quite like the Obama Administration's if it feels that any particular Church is obstructing its vision of America.

    81. suzanne Clark says:

      Yesterday a supreme court justice says that another counrty should not use our Constitution as a guide. This morning the 9th circuit court announced that the citizens of California cannot pass a law refusing gay marriage.
      Of course this past week brahaha with the Catholic Church has take center stage. As a Catholic I recall reading in theology while in college that excommunication should be explored and used if a Catholic causes Scandal. Well the President isn't Catholic but silent Biden, noisey Pelosic and Sebelius all adhere(???) to the Catholic Faith. If the Church is really going to take a stand it should begin with all the loyal Catholics who voted for this terrible bill passed by the Congress.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Hmm. Has the Catholic church ever made a mistake? Have they ever decided something one way, and then, later, changed their view and reversed a rule or a doctrine?

        • Jeanne Stotler says:

          The Church is Infalable in matters of faith and Doctrine, as is the Pope. I as a Nurse believe that everyone should get medicl care, BUT I am against anyone dictating to the beliefs of others, the Church does give us free will, and reconizes that God and only God will have final judgement on my life. To end the falicy about medical care, IT IS AVAILABLE to all, should it be free to some and ohers pay exorbent prices. NO, If you cannot afford Ins. there are clinics true poor have benefits of Medicad, some people JUST DON"T have their priorities straight, having all the luxeries first is wrong, having health Insurance should come before new cars, big screen Tv's etc. Then there is always a health care account you can establish. Catholic law makers SHOULD stand up for their believes.

    82. MICHAEL MORGAN says:

      I am a Roman Catholic and I am in full support of the Catholic Doctrine against Abortion. On the other hand I do not support the Church's decision to embrace Obamacare and then whine when the full ramifications of this deleterious bill and assualt on the American People becomes clear. When the Obamacare debate was going on, the short sighted Church Heirarchy decided to support it and the assine call in support of "Social Justice", both of which are anti American. The Church Heirarchy should confine themselves to matters of Faith and keep out of the private sector until they have had an opportunity to have a real job. Priests and Nuns are welfare recipients of their parisheners. Now, the workers, and there are many of us, will have to undo what they have done. Next time fathers and Sisters confine yourselves to Church matters instead of making a Pact with the devil, leaving the rest of us to undo what you have done.

    83. RennyG says:

      Nothing new. I urge everyone to read the "Alinsky Model!!!" He is moving right along in the way he was taught!!!!

    84. chuckles says:

      It would be of interest to learn exactly how the Obama administration can justify to America the granting of exclusions to Obamacare to labor organizations and yet deny the Constitutional rights of religious organizations by ordering them to abandon their religious convictions. It's enough to make even a Protestant, like myself, wish that Notre Dame would request Obama to return his honorary doctorate.

      I know. We are taught to turn the other cheek. Well I'm getting a crick in the neck from all this cheek-turning.

      While you are praying that God will turn Obama's heart I will be praying that God, and the American electorate, will turn his Marxist dictatorial butt out of the White House.

    85. Jeanne Stotler says:

      There is more than abortion and Bc in this awful bill, they want panels to decide(Not doctors) if an elerly person should ge a hip transpalnt, certain medicines or any medicine, YES THESE WILL BE DEATH PANELS, Insurance com. will be controlled by the gov't. If w have pvt. Ins. it'll cost so much as to force us onto the Gov't owned policy. Ms. Pelosi said we would have to read it to know what's in it, I read a book "Why Obama Care is Bad for America" i breaks it all down, then read "Shadow party, Shadow Goverment" this explins what Obama is all about and WHO IS behind him pulling the strings.

    86. Marcusintexas says:

      Obama is a master politician and knows what he is doing here. Realizing how gullible and dumb most American voters are, within the next 5-6 months he will "heroically" step in and reverse this ruling and become a hero to those who are now attacking him. They will band together to support his valiant act and will push him over the finish line as a winner in November. Just wait and see.

    87. Mr. B says:

      Obama is starting to show his true intentions. Even before November. Imagine what he will do to our
      country if he gets reelected. Citizens we best WAKE UP and not let the News Media select the Republican
      Nominee, like they did in 08. For if Obama retains the White House, come 2013, you may as well turn out
      the lights……The farm been SOLD.

    88. Stuart Seay says:

      Stuart>>It's good to see Christians and alike finnaly seeing what this man is about. He claims to be a Christian , but his actions show different. Stand for God and Country are fall for anything.Stand up and take America back. .

    89. Casey Carlton says:

      Perhaps Nancy Pelosi was less nutty than I thought when she said we need to pass Obamacare so we can see what is in the bill. Well, now we are seeing what is in the bill, and there is probably much more to come, if we don't get this atrocity repealed. Obamacare is not really about health care. It is a social engineering attempt to put America on the same road to serfdom that European countries are on already.

    90. Don Pratt says:

      Please be careful how this fight is fought. You can be sure the Islamic followers are watching this fight very closely. Every argument made about infringing on Catholics will be used by the Islam followers to get acceptance of the Laws of Sharia. They will argue for full acceptance of all the laws of Sharia, from the very simple to Honor Killings, and wiping the Jews off the face of the world. I have no idea of how to prevent this from happening, but I am sure it will.

    91. Normct says:

      BO got elected because he is an excellent speaker. The average citizen pays little if any attention to what our government is doing as long as it doesn't affect them. We elected politicans to represent us but they forgot us and built themselves a beautiful pay, benefit, and retirement package. They walk out the door as millionares. The job of the federal government was to unify the states, provide protection for our people (armed forces). But they keep intruding into our lives. They say health care companys should pay for viagra, birth control, abortions, etc. What happened to personal responsibility? Why should I pay for someone's sexual needs, is government mandated prostitution funding next?? SMALLER RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT – TRANSPARANCY – How about 'news programs going back to giving us news instead of opinions. Did we forget how to think for ourselves….

    92. Richard says:

      The Constitution is "Americacare" at it's finest. The present tyrant on the "Hill" has to destroy that in order
      for his "under the radar" scheme to get his throne into the oval office. The Law Of The Land is in place to
      guard against the return of any form of government from a throne. We should never have to fight that fight again. Let's keep the "kings" and, for that matter, the United Nations, out of America and never forget the
      fact that we are citizens and not subjects. God bless America-we need all the help we can get before

    93. Ron Pavellas says:

      I am not formally religious, do not belong to any organization, and am as outraged as others here are. I see, however, that BHO has finally overreached am and glad for this. More power to all the churches whose members and leaders may finally, for those who have not already discerned it, seen the totalitarian nature of our current president's intentions and that of his supporters, both the mindful and the mindless (the latter to mean those 'in love' with him for any number of ephemeral reasons). It's time to subordinate the self-proclaimed "intellectuals" who know what's good for us: http://pavellas.com/2009/02/11/what-is-an-intelle

    94. john says:

      This latest assault on reigion by Obama is no suprise.Religious leaders said nothing before the election and now are outraged and should be. Helen Keller could have seen it coming with the background Obama had. Excommunicate Catholics in the Congress and White house who support This henious mandate, it will never happen.They did not have the Guts to oppose him for election and will likely chicken out now. We can't vote out the religious leaders and probably should'nt but we can take care of the problem next Nov.6

    95. Jack says:

      For the Catholics, it's all a game. If I recall correctly, the Catholics (which I was one a long time ago) were big supporters of obamacare. The cheered it on and even endorsed it for the sake of the poor. Suddenly they found it included things they didn't like… like abortions, contraception, and the morning after pill. Upon discovering these outrageous things burried in the legislation, they demanded they be granted exemptions. I'd like to bet the sleezy one (or evil one as some call him) will grant religious institutions an exemption on a case by case basis and the Catholic Church will once again abandon their flock and praise obama for being such a wonderful leader. The Catholic Church is out of touch with reality and will roll over once again. Sad!

      • Eileen says:

        As a Catholic, I never ever felt abandoned even though too many of my fellow Catholics were blind to the foolishness of Obamacare. I have to tell you though, it is extremely embarrassing. Some of these 'cafeteria Catholics' must hide out because the families I encounter at our local parish are all orthodox Catholics. It is wonderful to have fellowship with them and they would never vote for or praise obama for being a wonderful leader.

      • Mike says:

        Yes, some of us were. That has no bearing on this. Remember that Pelosi said it had to be passed before we would know what was in it. Now that it's all coming out, we are opposed to it. Can you make a judgement on something you know absolutely nothing about? Don't think so. I have to get off this sight before I throw up. Some of you people just don't know what is going on, and it's sad.

    96. Bubba says:

      What a bunch of idiots. How many unwanted pregnancies will this prevent?

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Agreed. Somehow religious people think that they are supposed to be making the rules for everyone. But, as Rev. Barry Lynn says: "Our nation is a democracy, not a theocracy. Our laws should reflect equality and fairness, not discrimination and intolerance."

        This is about workers' rights. It's not fair for a religious organization to dictate to everyone of their employees how they can behave in their private lives. If a religious organization is determined to avoid providing complete health insurance services to their employees, then why not just restrict their hiring to people that will promise never to use birth control or never to terminate a pregnancy. After all, unlike everyone else, religious organizations are permitted to discriminate in their hiring, right?

    97. jaxum says:

      I'm just wondering about their insistence in separation of church and state. Just another example of their hypocritical garbage. They only talk the talk as long as it meets their agenda, and when it doesn't they just turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

    98. R. Sentz says:

      Once again we are dealing with Progessive political philosophy, which embodies the eugenics movement from the twenties, among other things socialistic. I have struggled personally with how to push these issues back as they have come forth and shaped our culture and education systems. My prayer is that this all comes to a halt via the November elections.

    99. jaxum says:

      What happened to their insistence upon separation of church and state. Or is this just another example of their hypocritical idiotic thinking, what ever is convenient as the time.

    100. Joseph McKennan says:

      There are certainly a lot of letters for this edition of Morning Bell. I feel encouraged that Americans are waking up. I have been thinking that the American people had become 'idol' worshipers. Democrats lost me years ago when I began to discern an undercurrent of antagonism against God in their hierarchy. I belong to Jesus Christ– not Pelosi, Kennedys, Reid, Obama, Barney Frank….. Socialism and religion do not coexist together so if you are a democrat you squelch faith in God. It is as simple as that.
      LIberty and justice for all—- as long as you are a wacko democrat.

    101. Wayne Peterkin says:

      A common mistake by liberals in general (and too many non-liberals as well) is they believe people have a “right” to engage in casual sex without consequences; and that the taxpayer is responsible to insure that “right” with their tax dollars if the people involved are too poor to pay for pregnancy prevention or an abortion.

      They all need to learn that if you don’t want kids, don’t get pregnant and that abstinence is a perfectly valid, safe and 100% effective way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. And its free! That I or anyone else should never be forced to help prevent someone else’s pregnancy with my money. I am responsible only for myself and my family.

      If a poor woman doesn’t want a kid and can’t afford contraceptives, abstain from sex. I have no interest in paying for their irresponsibility.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Wayne – I think your view is informed by wishful thinking. People, and teenagers in particular, do stupid things. People take chances, and they do it in a stupid way. Just think, if people were intelligent and rational, they wouldn't buy lottery tickets, right? From a public health perspective, the idea of promoting "abstinence" as a form of birth control is a hopeless failure. Just ask Bristol Pailin.

    102. David Creighton says:

      I am not religious, but Obama is stepping on the first and second ammendments, and seems to think he can get away with it. His comments before the Super Bowl gave aways his feelings about the constitution when he blamed his inability to impose his decrees on the people because the Founding Fathers established separation of powers. If he gets re-elected, we are going to see more of the same, and worse. Then, only the courts can save us, and I have little faith in them.

    103. ellie says:

      why doesn't obama speak for himself? Kathleen Sebelius has to try to smooth things over..does he ever speak for himself…does he ever just talk and answers questions not reading what someone else is writing for him? think he is just a puppet and not a very smart one at that….

    104. @auburnarrow says:

      Where was the Catholic church in the Fall of 2008 when this blatantly anti catholic zealot was running for office?

    105. today they come after the Catholics. The following day it could be you.

    106. Annette says:

      King Obama has begun to strip the country of its God given rights., we all need to rebel! Get this guy out of the White House! He will cause the next revolution! Class warfare now religious freedom attacks ! Is this guy for real?n even liberals should be shaking in their boots!

    107. Juan Martinez says:

      Agreed. Somehow religious people think that they are supposed to be making the rules for everyone. But, as Rev. Barry Lynn says: "Our nation is a democracy, not a theocracy. Our laws should reflect equality and fairness, not discrimination and intolerance."

      This is about workers' rights. It's not fair for a religious organization to dictate to everyone of their employees how they can behave in their private lives. If a religious organization is determined to avoid providing complete health insurance services to their employees, then why not just restrict their hiring to people that will promise never to use birth control or never to terminate a pregnancy. After all, unlike everyone else, religious organizations are permitted to discriminate in their hiring, right?

      What are the rules under the Massachusetts state health care plan? Are insureds covered for birth control and abortions?

      • Jeanne Stotler says:

        Senor, USA is NOT a DEMOMACRCY it is a REPULIC, the Pldge of Alliegnce "And the REPUBLIC for which it stands" People have been trying to make it a Demacracy for a long time, now is the time ti make ALL see this is the Republic my ancestors came here to form, fought for and some signed the Declaration of Independence, for an then signed the Bill of Rights, I am not about to give tem up without a fight. A proud decendent of "the Mayflower" War of Indepence and colonist inLong Island NY

    108. Annette says:

      Impeach the whole damn lot of this administration! From Obama to Holder, Reid and Pelosi ,they are all corrupt and have taken this game of theirs far enough! Get mad America vote this buch of thieves and crooks out of our House! Let's investigate their corruption and the misuse of our tax money and most precious, our Constitution!

    109. Chris says:

      Where do muslims stand on this issue? No mention of them anywhere.

    110. Guest says:

      Hey! Lookey Looeky: Where's the separation of State and Church? The libs are too funny for stepping in their own poop.
      Keep lying. We're learning all your tactics.

    111. Bill Schorp says:

      If you want to have the Government really deterred in the war against the Faithful, do this. All the private schools run by religious organizations, should incorporate, David Bartons Dvd's and books into the historical curriculum and download constitution 101 from Hillsdale College and Start with the 1st graders and keep teaching them these things through High School. We have far too long neglected to teach our children that the One Nation under God means that we hold the constitution and its Bill of rights as sacred as the ten commandments. Our People perish for lack of knowledge and involvement.

    112. Sandra says:

      Not one woman quoted in this article as being against this provision . Just men such as the so called Catholic leader Bill Donuhue who is in reality a single crank operating out of his back bedroom. Women are entitled to the same healthcare provisions as all other citizens whether they work for a hospital with Catholic in its name or not. The vast majority of Catholic women of child bearing age use artificial contraception and these hospitals etc employ women from all religions and none. Time to join the 21st century all you men like Bill Donuhue, Bishop Whatever and Mike Brownfield and stop dictating what choices women make with their healthcare, Catholic or otherwise.

      • Eileen says:

        If they want to utilize these immoral procedures and methods of preventing pregnancy so they can live more promiscuously, they are currently free to do so now. It doesn't mean orthodox Catholics and pro-life Christians need to be forced to subsidize abordifacient drugs, contraception, and abortion services when it violates the tenets of their faith.

      • Juan Martinez says:

        Thank you Sandra. Agreed. At last, a voice for rational thinking and fairness.

    113. Last Chance says:

      when will Christians and Jews learn that big government is and has always been your enemy to freedom. Are you finally getting it?

    114. Wilf says:

      I was just thinking about these exemptions that are so common now it seems to make much of this irrelevant and causing much of the expense to fall back on the less fortunate of us that cannot finagle an exemption. Remembering that one of the exemptions were for Muslims because insurance was someway against the Muslim faith. Now how is that different from forcing religions to participate in something that is basically against their moral values? Just wondering.

    115. Sam says:

      Amazing that the Unions get a pass, but not religion. Liberals only believe in freedom when they can have all the power and can decide who is free and who is not. And they only believe in free speech when they agree with what you say, otherwise, you need to shut up. (Plus they will call you lots of names in the interim).

    116. linda floyd says:

      i would like to know why the bishops of their diosces have not excommunicated the three of them. their influence and support of abortions causes many innocents to die every year. please stop being gutless and throw these three out of the church.

    117. Tom Dunne says:


    118. I agree with the commentor that said that Obama will give the Catholics and their institutions a waiver. The Bishops and Cardinals will back down and Obama will get re-elected. After the elections the President will either cancel the waivers or put a date on it for the waivers expiration. He did the same thing for the unions. This President is one of the most intelligent and savy presidents that we have ever had. with the exception of the first 5 presidents and Ronald Reagan.

    119. Danielle says:

      I work with women seeking abortions who cannot afford the cost (over $600 where I live) and I frequently get requests from nurses and teachers who work at Catholic organizations, where their healthcare doesn't cover contraception or abortion.

      When you make birth control unaffordable, all you are doing is economically hurting your women employees and making more abortions necessary. Maybe think about reducing the number of abortions by funding birth control before you get too self righteous to function.

    120. Evan says:

      Actually, I'm Jewish and most Jews support a woman's right to choose. The mainstream majority of American Jews, as opposed to the extremist orthodox, understand the founding fathers' wisdom in separating church and state.

    121. Romney says:

      Man religion is scary.

    122. KenC from Missouri says:

      Where does "trial by jury" fit in here? Does the Obama administration believe they can levy fines without the backing of a court? If the administration were to press charges, could they gain a conviction from a jury? Am I missing something or has our Bill of Rights been suspended? I think the Catholic Church has the political and financial horsepower and the legal standing to meet BO head on without much chance of having to violate their conscience or stop providing medical service or suffer the consequences. I don't believe that even BO is dumb enough to think he could get a guilty verdict against any official of the Church on this issue.

    123. Anonymous says:

      Would a Muslim hospital be allowed to operate under Sharia law, or is the GOP only defending that right for Catholics?

    124. bdrfr says:

      We would not be having this situation now IF the members of Congress would not have accepted the "bribes" of Obama and was forced to pass Obamacare!! Because of their failure, it has not come back to "bite them in the butt".
      So "we the people" are in jeopardy – and at the crossroads of losing our beloved Freedom that so many Americans have fought and died for…… I am so ashamed of our current leaders – it is a disgrace…….

    125. Jim Wilson says:

      Oh my goodness! OBama isn't concerned about our freedoms! What a shocking revelation. Let's go down the list, the Catholics ignored the obvious, and one of the major tenets of their faith and voted for this guy in droves. The Jews did the same and as a result, our ally and their homeland has gotten relegated to the cheap seats since the inauguration. The Roman Catholic Church didn't have any problem with the rest of the country's rights when this mess was being rammed through congress "so we could see what's in it". Don't tell me that you're ProLife, then cast a vote for a candidate who openly stated that deciding whether a baby lives or dies "is above his pay grade"! Then he appoints Sebelius, one of the most vocal proponents of abortion as HHS secretary. This who voted for him are getting exactly what they deserve and the rest of us are just standing in abject shock as the daily dismantling of everything that makes America great marches on.

    126. Tonie says:

      I am so glad I am able to be a member of Heritage and be able to hear about/read about people standing up and defeating the socialistic/communistic tendencies of the oboma and democratic parties. I applaud our strong opposition to tyranny and oppression. I just wish we had been able to stop him from being elected in the first place and hope we can stop him being reelected in 2012.

    127. john atkins says:

      Am Episcopalian.Resent this affront to our Constitutional rights to freedoms which come from God.Most founders were Anglicans or knew beliefs.Many were Tories, but were very faithful. Where are you Episcopalians? You may like birth control and/or be abortion med proponents, but how will you like it when government says you must be taxed on church pledges?The interference with our freedoom to worship is the horrific side of this issue. Stay away from where you have no right Mr. Obama.

    128. Jen says:

      I hope no one votes for Obama again . I am a strong Christian and I will stand on God's side forever and I will not go with whatever he says and i will never support abortion and all those sinful things Obama's coming up with . Any Christian who votes for him again should be ashamed of their selves we are children of God .

    129. Lynne says:

      The thing that bothers me is that only certain religious groups are exempted from penalities enacted by this "healthcare reform." So if you are Amish, or Muslim or a group like the Amish, or native American you can claim religious exeception, however if you are Catholic, or Protestant or Jew or any other faith in so far as it is currently spelled out you can not claim a personal exception. This clearly violates the freedoms of EVERY citizen, not just Catholics or Protestants, but even aethists or agnostics or any other belief in which a person does not belive in the support of abortion based on personal convictions. I know people that make arrangements with their doctor and hospitals and PAY cash for their medical expenses that do not believe in the use of insurance and they will be forced to go along with this as well. Perhaps Catholics and others that supported Obama and Obamacare believed their Constitutional rights were going to be protected but as time has moved on the scales were removed from their eyes. Let's not put them down because they were blinded by the hype words and afraid of being called ignorant, redneck, closeminded, fools, rtc. People become afraid of being called names etc…but many are willing to put their necks on the chopping blocks lets join them and stand together.

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