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  • Obama Will Need More Than Hope If Israel Attacks Iran

    As Israel weighs an attack against Iran in an effort to destroy its nuclear weapons program, Washington is still mulling a coherent response.

    While affirming that all options are on the table, the Obama Administration has repeatedly stated that diplomacy built around a global coalition is the “preferred solution” to ending Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. But this isn’t saying much. President Obama has given no indication of how the United States would respond if Israel were to take a preventative strike against Iran or how the U.S. is preparing for such an eventuality. Furthermore, President Obama denies evidence that Iran has “intentions or capabilities” to attack the U.S. homeland in retaliation for a strike.

    However, just last month, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that it is increasingly likely that Iran could carry out attacks in the U.S. or against U.S. targets. While Iran is feeling the effects of recent international sanctions, economic difficulties are not likely to jeopardize the regime. The plot to murder the Saudi ambassador in Washington last year was one of Iran’s boldest moves to date in committing an attack on U.S. soil. According to Clapper, this:

    shows that some Iranian officials—probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei—have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime.

    Considering that Iran is willing and capable of waging an attack on U.S. soil now, there is little reason to believe that Iran wouldn’t do so if attacked by Israel.

    The Obama Administration should develop a proactive strategy that addresses the escalating conflict by including policies that mitigate threats posed by Iran to U.S. national security—as well as a coordinated response in the event that Israel attacks Iran. In doing so, the Obama Administration should stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel, recognizing Tel Aviv’s right to defend itself against a regime hell-bent on “erasing [Israel] from the page of history.”

    More detailed recommendations can be found in the Heritage Foundation, WebMemo “If Israel Attacks.”

    Click here to view this post in Spanish at Libertad.org.

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    9 Responses to Obama Will Need More Than Hope If Israel Attacks Iran

    1. tuest says:

      Ironicly, the USA recognized Israel only because a fringe group of Christian wackos thought that would force Jesus to return. (It didn't work.) Now, a fringe group of Christian wackos think a massive war on Israel will force Jesus to return, so they're calling for a war between Israel and Iran, hoping to spark Armageddon. Nutjobs brought Israel into existence, and now nutjobs will bring about its destruction. Perhaps along with the rest of us.

      • Stirling says:

        It's actually Iran's President (and religious leaders) that belives in the 12th Imam (he talked about it in the speach to the U.N) saying that Iran must hasten the return of the 12th Imam) Not the Christian groups you refer to. This 12th Imam is the equivelant of the Anti-Christ to the Christian Religions, but is shown in the Koran as their Christ. Thus their salvation (which they seek) is our armegedon.. Israel's beliefs are similar to the Christian beliefs in God. Please do your own research to understand the differences in the interpertations of the Koran v.s the Bible, your ignorance shows in how you describe religious beliefs. http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/glenn-beck/transcri

      • Moracle says:

        "A a fringe group of Christian wackos thought that would force Jesus to return. (It didn't work.)

        I wouldn't be too sure of that – the return of Israel as s nation was only one of the prophecies to be filled before the return of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and Savior of the World. It was not the switch to make it happen, but other events must occur first.

      • Normal Guy says:

        Thank the lord for Christians, Muslims and Jews. My entire life I've never heard anything but trouble coming out of the religious conflict in the Middle East. The more I learn about it, the less sense it makes.

      • Gsjt says:

        Hopefully, you'll be one of the first.

    2. Odie1956 says:

      This mind-numbed administration apparently has yet to learn that sanctions on a country only hurt the citizens.

    3. Amazedamerican says:

      Let us not forget that the Muslim brotherhood were big contributors to Obama.

    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Obama has already done everything he could to seperate Israel from the U.S. in favor of radical Islam. Do we really expect Obama to stand "shoulder to shoulder with Tel Aviv when the chips are down?

    5. Dave says:

      I for one am sick to death off the middle east and our constant meddling/interference with it! I think Ron Paul has the right Idea – No more military adventures period!!!!

      I am NO lover of Israel/Jews or Muslims / Arabs. But the drums of war are very loud and it seems inevitable. We should NOT support Israel and their war efforts or back any country/Iran into a corner the way we are doing. It is stupidity of the first order, Iran WILL strike back hard, the middle east will erupt into an even more chaotic state. a war will occur. The fragile world economy will collapse and gas will be $8 to $10 a gallon. say good by to any kind of peace or security, say hello to more draconian measures against our own populace by the US and Western governments.

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