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  • Government Unions Support California Tax Hike

    Two well-connected government unions in California are teaming with Gov. Jerry Brown to support a multibillion-dollar tax increase.

    The California Teachers Association and Service Employees International Union were the top two spenders for lobbying in 2011 with combined efforts totaling more than $10 million, according to Sacramento Bee. Now they’re using their muscle to champion Brown’s tax hike.

    Brown’s plan “would raise tens of billions of dollars by temporarily increasing the sales tax and the income tax on wealthy Californians, generating about $35 billion over five years,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The involvement of government unions is nothing new, according to Heritage’s James Sherk, senior policy analyst in labor economics. He said these actions illustrate how unions lobby and support initiatives that lead to higher taxes and bigger government

    Sherk documented the CTA’s involvement in previous debates over taxes:

    The California Teachers Association spent $2 million gathering signatures for an initiative on the November 2010 ballot that would raise business taxes by $2 billion a year. Separately, public employee unions protested at the state capitol demanding the legislature raise taxes by $40 billion a year, including raising the top state income tax bracket to 11 percent, applying the sales tax to services in addition to goods, and increasing the state’s vehicle license fee by 2 percentage points.

    The CTA and SEIU’s support of the tax increases depicts their motive—generate as much money as possible to get more union members hired, pay them higher salaries, and give them better benefits, all at the cost of the taxpayer.

    As competition has limited the influence of private-sector unions, more union members are now working for the government. This means that unions are now looking to taxpayers to front the bill for their workers’ paychecks. Heritage Foundation Senior Policy Analyst Jason Richwine’s research shows that government employees in California receive 30 percent more than they would in the private sector.

    According to Sherk:

    In states without right-to-work laws, unionized employees must pay union dues or lose their jobs. State and local governments use their payroll systems to collect dues for the union. The government automatically deducts the dues—typically 1 percent to 2 percent of a government employee’s pay—and deposits it in the union’s bank account. One percent of the pay of several hundred thousand government workers is a lot of money. The New Jersey Education Association has 179,000 active members who each have to pay union dues of $761 every year. That works out to more than $136 million in dues a year. The American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME) national headquarters brought in $193 million in union dues in 2008.

    Much of the money unions collect from dues goes to lobbying, which is then used to advocate for tax increases to sustain their members’ salaries. The CTA and SEIU are two prime examples.

    “Unions consistently press for higher taxes and more government spending across America,” Sherk said. “The labor movement has made higher taxes and more government spending one of its top priorities.”

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    12 Responses to Government Unions Support California Tax Hike

    1. “Temporary tax hike” is just like a rumor to any politician.

    2. So lets see what happens in so many years when it all comes crashing down and dear old Jerry asks what happened when the St of Calif is in even more debt and this did not work and even more and more people are leaving the Golden St for lower taxed states. what moron jerk old Jerry is.

    3. JGlenn says:

      Way to go CA; you are the stooges for the fascist union bosses who use deviciveness to line their pockets. They could care less about the people.

    4. Buleteye says:

      It's time to leave Cali.

    5. Jsmith says:

      Time to abandon California. Democrats and labor unions planning a "temporary tax hike" means hard days are coming.

    6. O'Malley says:

      The Federal government needs to pass a bill that will allow a state to declare bankruptcy. Similar to a chapter 11 in the private sector, a state bankruptcy will wipe out all of their debt, will also force re-negotiation of all state contracts and will put in place a temporary set of officials who will replace all elected state officials.

      The state bankruptcy will be run by a federal bankruptcy judge. Once all financial matters have been settled between the creditors and the state, elections will be held to fill all vacated elected positions. Oh, and no state elected official can be re-elected after bankruptcy.

      There. Problem solved.

    7. mimi says:

      it should absolutely AGAINST THE LAW for OUR government payroll to be involved in taking union dues
      out of the payroll checks and pay that to the unions! the unions do not even have to PAY for the accounting and bookkeeping employees and office space, ETC costs of employees, to collect their own outrageous fiances! that is outrageous! so taxpayers PAY to collect the union dues that DONATE
      HUGE amounts of money to BRIBE politicians who are BUYING union members' votes!
      taxpayers are paying for a HUGE CIRCLE of more and more TAXES, none of which benefit society
      or the tax payers, except for the unions, their members and politicians! WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??

    8. allen says:

      My Grandfathers Co will be moving to Costa Rico in nine months as soon as the Gov down there gets the Factory Built. (finished). No different from Boeing parts being shipped from Japan,China, Itally.etc. Old Moon-Beam, Crazy Jerry. will pull down with the Unions help all of Calif. Cannor wait to get out of this Cracker-A– State.

    9. thomasofsd says:

      We Californians are stupid enough to elect Moonbeam again, but not stupid enough to raise taxes on ourselves. Moonbeam is California Dreamin'. Ain't gonna happen.

    10. Girly Girl says:

      You can stay and fight or leave. By fight I mean we need to get in their faces and say "no!". Californians it's time to fight for our rights and put communist in jail. Not some evil communist union telling us they want our money so they can live a luxurious life style. Communist we don't want you in our state or in our country! Leave!

    11. RennyG says:

      Hey, what do you think the big "O" is doing on the federal level. How many people has he put on that are now government union employees. This guy knows what he is doing and don't you forget it! He is building his "kingdom!!"

    12. Bobbie says:

      A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

      Government unions serve no public purpose causing damage to economic growth, therefore no tax hike will diminish unions' offensive intimidating abuse of the tax payers, private businesses and the abuse of mind manipulation of their union members.

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