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  • Lunch with Heritage Online Chat on Obamacare

    Click here to join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” chat. We are joined by Health Policy expert Kate Nix. She is taking your questions about the CLASS Act and Obamacare. Earlier this week, the House voted to repeal the CLASS Act, which is part of Obamacare. The CLASS Act would have set up a government-run long-term care insurance program that the Administration has already deemed unsustainable and unworkable.

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    3 Responses to Lunch with Heritage Online Chat on Obamacare

    1. daniel fishbane says:

      can you tell me if in 2014 there will be premium cost ceilings for someone who is self employed and not covered by medicare medicaid etc. I think there will be some sort of trading health insurance exchange which will limit premiums to a certain percentage of income. what if the only source of income is investment income? also what is the maximum percentage thx a lot

    2. LoveFreedom2Much says:

      No bigots here…Just informed, educated PEOPLE who actually care more for our AMERICA than "cah" ever will. He doesn't get it. We all admit when we are wrong. Bush made many mistakes and spent money we didn't have either, and yet we currently have a president who keeps SPENDING – and spending and spending -WHEN will it end?? It won't if he has his way. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE. THIS IS NOT ABOUT COLOR!! This is about the future of our children & grandchildren – being spent & spent & spent – the POLICIES do NOT work, have NOT worked, and WILL NEVER work so long as this ideology is continuing to play out. OUR FUTURE WILL LOOK LIKE THE COUNTRY of Greece if we DO NOT TURN AROUND NOW and STOP ALL the damn spending! NO candidate is perfect. The solution is to KEEP the promises made to the american people! STOP SPENDING…PASS A BUDGET which has not been passed by the SENATE in over 1 thousand days & counting!

    3. Thanks Kate for your prompt and thorough answers.
      My concern about the Supreme Court decision is President Obama's empowerment if the Court decides in his administration's favor. Obama has shown his ability to act outside the Rule of Law. It is almost unimaginable what he may do if he gets a favorable Court decision in June…he will have money and power and confidence to buy and / or steal the election. See my We the People Rally.com to Stop Obama Care.

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