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  • Education Secretary Duncan Wants to Overpay Teachers Even More

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan called for dramatically raising teacher pay last Friday on MSNBC, declaring that the current average salary (about $55,000) should be doubled to improve teacher quality. It’s a familiar refrain for Duncan, who in the same interview declared himself a “radical” when it comes to paying teachers more.

    Leaving aside whether the federal government should have any say in how local school districts pay their teachers, Duncan’s position is unwise. According to a recent study by The Heritage Foundation, public school teachers already receive total compensation (wages and benefits) greater than what they could earn, on average, in the private sector. So if the current compensation premium has not improved teacher quality, how would further increases do so?

    Duncan is obviously aware of the Heritage study, since he took the time to denounce it on both the Huffington Post and his personal blog. That denunciation, however, was driven by his less-than-objective reaction to evidence that, in his words, “insults teachers and demeans the profession.” The American Enterprise Institute’s Rick Hess (unaffiliated with the study) called Duncan’s commentary “an unusual, personal attack.”

    Duncan’s reaction to the Heritage study is especially disappointing given his reputation as a pragmatic reformer. “The path to real reform begins with the truth,” he stated in 2009 during an education forum with the Data Quality Campaign. We agree: Let’s all be consistent in pursuing evidence-based reform.

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    5 Responses to Education Secretary Duncan Wants to Overpay Teachers Even More

    1. Gicomeng says:

      Sorry to burst your little bubble there, but our legal and healthcare professionals earn 6 or 7 digit salaries; business executives earn 7 or 8 or even 9 digit salaries. Did I say "earn"? Now, why would anyone in their right mind deny our teachers more than the 5-digit salaries they EARN every day. Secretary Duncan is right on the money and in just about everything he says or does. A nation is only as good as it's education. So what does that say about you?

      • Stirling says:

        The ammount of money we have spent on Public Education has trippled in the last 40 year, but the test scores of our children in the Public School System has remained Flat. Compare that to the Private School systems which the scores beat the public schools hands down, and you have and arguement for higher wages but not in the Public funded ones.

      • Bobbie says:

        sorry, Gicomeng! big difference between business execs and government workers. Business execs don't raise peoples' taxes to pay their employees!!! If the business execs make it they earn it. Business execs don't mandate and regulate peoples' livelihoods and lifestyles. Duncan is wrong on the money. Nobody deserves pay that fails to do their job and with proof! Private school teachers at less pay and benefits inherently make a positive difference in the students they teach. Money isn't their object, teaching is and their results are far more positive than government in control of education from pre through college who's main focus is social indoctrination closing open minds, killing personal potential at unearned wages, without consent of the tax payers who pay and beneath the expectations of the parents.

        For some reason, many people in government that carry degrees, have no more intellect than an 8th grader? Yet they're pushing college when many public educated students don't know how to read. Why would you want government control over your own, over your children? Private school parents know what the agenda is. Government wants their UnAmerican agenda infiltrated without notice and what better place to start than in tax paid, public educated classrooms of 3 year old children!!!??
        You disgust me!

    2. Bobbie says:

      this is why we don't want government in control. Duncan has to bribe people with their endless power to tax to teach the way parents already expect them to. If it takes a doubling of salary to improve teacher quality these people are not the teachers we want in our children's classroom. They've failed the youth with their pay as it is! They're insincere to their service and these are the ones GOVERNMENT HIRES! no thanks! government teachers get away with a lot of non-productivity, where finding a child that is achieving is a warning to the administration. privatize!!!!! we'd rather have people in educational positions, who care about the children and the facts of learning, not people looking to be paid much higher than their worth.

    3. Stirling says:

      This is clearly annother way to add money to the Public Teacher Union coffers to create more slush funds for the DNC party. These bearucrats never understand the side effects like property tax increases that would increase as a result of their policies.. Let the free market decide fair value for pay, not the government.

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