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  • Soros May Benefit From White House's Natural Gas Proposal

    George Soros, a billionaire investor and major backer of President Obama, stands to reap a windfall from legislation promoting natural gas-powered vehicles. The White House unveiled a proposal on Thursday that would do just that.

    The proposal would offer incentives for companies to buy and use trucks powered by natural gas. Obama announced the effort at a UPS facility in Las Vegas that received stimulus funding to buy natural gas vehicles and build a fueling station for them.

    The proposal is remarkably similar to the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions (NAT GAS) Act.

    One company that stands to benefit handsomely from the president’s proposal is Westport Innovations. The company converts diesel engines to be fueled by natural gas. Wall Street analysts predicted a boom for the company if the NAT GAS Act were passed. CNBC analyst Jim Cramer said he “expects shares to absolutely explode” in the event the legislation were to pass.

    Jim Cramer made positive mention of Westport, calling it a solid play on natural gas should Congress pass its pending Natural Gas Act. Westport converts diesel engines (i.e. – those found in semi trailers) into ones that run on natural gas.

    Benefiting Westport is that it’s: A) basically first to the market, at least in terms of mass production, and B) high barriers of entry for competition because of the complex technology involved in the transformations.

    If Westport reaps the predicted windfall, one of the chief beneficiaries will be George Soros, a major Obama donor and supporter. Soros’s hedge fund holds 3,160,063 company shares (as of its last SEC filing).

    Soros has given $384,090 to the Democratic Party, Democratic PACs, and Democratic Candidates in the three election cycles beginning in 2008, including $4,400 to Obama himself, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. He describes himself as “an early supporter of Barack Obama, first in his Senate campaign in Illinois and later when he ran for President. Soros supported Obama in his presidential bid because he believed he could provide the transformational leadership the country needed.”

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    253 Responses to Soros May Benefit From White House's Natural Gas Proposal

    1. RodMillerUSA says:

      And the political payoffs to the very wealthy continue … Buffet's railroad will transport oil and on and on … That's politics.

    2. David P. says:

      Big DUH!! While the White House preaches against the Millionaire/Billionaire, Barry is loading up his friends with more cash!

      • ItsJo says:

        Very true post. As well, he gave his pal Jeff Immelt of GE/NBC a position as work czar, upon which Immelt sent jobs to China. btw: GE paid NO taxes last year. Pays to have a Whitehouse connection, and in Soros' case, a Puppet, to which Soros pulls the strings. This is the most CORRUPT REGIME, ever.

      • Doug Rose says:

        And the Dems see NOTHING Wrong with that!

      • Rudy Tidwell says:

        And the "Millionaire/Billionaire" people who profit from this will turn much of it back to Obama and his minions and their goals! Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and what he "says" will have virtually nothing to do with what he does!!

      • Pete says:

        Yep, I guess the loan to Brazil $2 Billion for their offshore drilling that Barry did, right after Soros bought some stock in the Brazilian oil company, was not enough of a pay-off!

      • Dan says:

        all Presidents do this!

    3. losarkos says:

      oh please……………..same old , same old.

    4. Danny says:

      Just as Buffet will benefit from Obama turning down Keystone Pipline. Buffet's train.

      • dthorny says:

        Natural gas in not mined, it requires a drilling rig to to drill for it just as with oil. The issue is Obowma's EPA has prevented drilling permits for oil wells, natural gas wells and water injection wells that supplement oil production, prevent subsidence from oil extraction and increases oil production.

      • Perspective says:

        And don't forget Buffet making a billion bucks off of the TARP he said we "had" to have to prevent financial collapse…he meant his own.

    5. American Patriot says:

      Shifting some of our trucks to run on natural gas reduces our imports of OPEC oil, money that essentially supports forces that hate us, only makes sense. The natural gas is mined here in the US, producing revenue for the states and federal government, producing jobs, and eliminating the $1 billion dollars a day we send to OPEC. It also increases our national security, we no longer will have to fight wars in the Middle East to keep the oil flowing. I dislike Soros' politics more than anyone. But he is an investor and sees value in the company. Obama sees a way to create jobs, increase national security and help trim the trade deficit. So the author of this article is simply casting a STRAW MAN to protect the interests of the oil industry. Nothing against the oil industry, but they don't want diesel replaced, even if it would be better for America.

      • Lou says:

        Obama sees a way to create jobs? Then why not approve the Keystone pipeline? Is not about jobs. Please.

      • onefoxylady says:

        Sorry……………….natural gas is not safe enough to use on congested freeways and local streets….Can you say "BOOM" when cars collide??????????

        • JGinDE says:

          Well, just so you know, natural gas has been used in various types of vehicle fleets – utility trucks, transit buses, etc – in many places for a couple decades already.

      • charles says:

        So lets cut the regulation wall of red tape and open our OWN fields for drilling also.not against natural gas but Really? it will never be a substitute for the United States oil driven society or the rest of the world for that matter. Anwar is ripe with oil to supply ourselves and we are held in a stranglehold by environmental groups and save the animal nuts.I've been to Anwar and it is a desolate frozen wasteland NOT at all what they want the people to believe,they dont want to disturb caribou migration routes…I hunt caribou..they dont get disturbed by anything they just go around and are as plentiful as grass.It is a pointless effort to try to convert anything away from what the rest of the world uses as the standard..what do we do isolate ourselves.innane

      • JuantoldUSo says:

        I can't believe you are selling your "patriotism" at the altar of an anti-american way of doing things."Compromised " capitalism(better known as "crony" ) is what is behind this political investment, Soros could care less,just as Buffett. If it is about "Obama" seeing a way to "create" jobs,why not Keystone? It is about power and money and being able to be declared "king of the hill" of the super rich. How come there are no occupiers in front of Soros and Bufett's yards? They have more,don't they? It is another way to rub in our faces his socialism and his disregard for our system.

      • Rob says:

        The same companies that bring us oil also bring us Natural Gas as a matter of fact most gas wells will produce oil as well. This will also cause the price of NG to increase since its been so low for so long.

      • ck007 says:

        If it is so good, why do taxpayers have to subsidize it? Probably because it costs too much that no one would normally do it. Sounds like they have a company to do these refits already, so how about they survive or die on their own?

        • dmockercy says:

          It's actually cheaper than gasoline when you do the gallon conversion, MUCH cheaper, what needs to be subsidized is the EPA, who wont let you do a conversion unless you spend 5-6000 on it. In countries across the globe , where natural gas is plentiful, a boy can convert to natgasn 20 min and 20 dollars.

      • maroonvee says:

        It's Crony capitalism.. dolt.

      • guest says:

        most of our oil comes from canada

      • RA0725 says:

        Please take a few minutes to educate yourself on a few basics before commenting on the Oil and Gas Industry. It is a single industry, not separate. You are confusing the "Gas Company" that provides the product that heats your home (much more efficiently than electricity), that would be a distribution entity, with the E&P (exploration and production) entity that sells it for distribution. Just about every E&P company in existence develops both oil and gas production, often from the same regions.

      • lloydmorton says:

        Its the same industry. Gas and oil coexist!

      • max says:

        Would you be looking at it the same way if it was a Republican President and the Koch brothers were the beneficiaries of such a good decision.

        • bustiloose says:

          Max – The Koch brothers aren’t tied to the hip of all Republicans or conservatives like Soros to the Marxists in the Dummyrat party. Doesn’t it seem strange stimulus is given to a Brazilian oil and Soros is a major investor, or a defense contract is awarded to Embraer and Soros is a major player there!!!

          The right has plenty of splinter groups because of free thought – the left is driven or indoctrinated by Marxist ideology. The Koch Brothers contribute to conservative causes, Soros and his puppet Potentate Obama are here to collapse America

      • Ned says:

        So you have not addressed what effect this will have on demand and home heating prices/costs. I am not saying don't convert, I am saying we should not do every truck ing the fleet or we will be in the same situation as with oil before we know it. We need a combination af methods that includes expanding out oil production here in the USA.

      • Born-N-Texas says:

        Your dumb as a box of rocks !!!!! Most Oil Companies are involved in NG through a subsidiary Corp. Already the EPA is trying to shutdown the NG boom through "fracking" on PRIVATE PROPERTY which the Fed's can't regulate through the permitting process. Then what ?????????

      • NY9 Solyndra says:

        All the majors have a stake in natural gas. For example, Conoco Phillips has considerable holdings of natural gas.

      • Donald Ducky says:

        American Patriot is totally correct. This is part of the T. Boone Pickens plan too. Even if Obama is involved reducing the billion/day sent to the pajama wearers is a good start.

      • Hardy says:

        I'm glad you were able to read Obama's mind and verify for the rest of us that, despite what appears to be a clear conflict of interest, Obama's motives here are purely benevolent.

        Seriously, the way you chose state a completely empty assertion as if it were an established fact there was pretty amusing.

      • Nick says:

        Ignorant Patsy, the natural gas to fuel these trucks will not come from domestic sources. Soros and his progressive minions will see to that with their disinformation campaign against fracking. It will come from Brazil, where Soros has pumped billions into Petrobras. Wake up and get your head out of your hindquarters!

        • albert_G says:

          Brazil has a growing middle class and creates new millionaires every day. GDP Growth rate of 7% +… and we (on the other hand) won't allow drilling in the gulf, Alaska or anywhere else it can be stopped, a Keystone pipeline, but are "loaning" Brazil millions to create offshore drilling platforms to buy their oil – so sayeth president Obama… wants us to be their biggest customer.
          That is indefensible.

        • jaegov says:

          Don't the Bush's, Sr. & Jr., have quite a bit of land investment in Brazil? I wonder what other influential Americans and such, have interests there?

      • Kathy McKeon says:

        Did you just fall off the turnip truck?

      • islegend says:

        Three words: Banks Power Systems. They are the #1 company building conversion kits for diesel to LNG, or gasoline to LNG. A better bet than Soros. Obama stole this idea from Newt and Romney who want a much larger program to include passenger vehicles. Divert $ earmarked to Wind and Solar into LNG conversion of our auto / truck fleet would do a lot more to get us away from foreign oil, it would clean the air more as well.

      • Lineman says:

        Pull your head out !

      • Burke says:

        If shifting a large number of trucks to runs on natural gas made sense, it would happen WITHOUT government interference.

        • Jay says:

          Just as the warning sign on cigarettes, ban of asbestos use, and all the pollution control measures brought forth by the EPA. Profit seeking companies have but a single mantra: make more of it. If they were typicallg inclined to do it without injuring everyone else, there would be no EPA, FDA, etc. Companies will always tend to put profit ahead of public health and safety. Go no further than the housing finace catastrophe to illustrate the principle in its most clear and destructive form.

      • Paparado says:

        I disagree as "oil companies" are also natural gas companies for the mosr part. They sell both.

      • LarryFromMo says:

        Let the market pick the winners and losers, not the government.

      • Rocky says:

        Give me a break about soros, the communist. I am sure we have other people who would be more deserving of getting this business. As for Obama seeking ways to create jobs, why did GE go to China, why did he not want the pipeline (until after the election), what the hell jobs are you talking about that Obama is seeking. You must have your head in the sand. All the jobs are going elsewhere but America. Why give the contract to Brazil when our own company was shut out of the bidding. Yeah you really picked two good losers.

      • guest says:

        And your wonderful president and the congress (both houses) do everything they can do to keep us dependent on foreign oil. Think it through. Why don't we provide our own domestic oil? Nope cannot do THAT ! We need the money from the mideast nations to fund the campaigns. How can you write what you wrote without taking into account a sensible way to end our dependency on foreign oil? Tyhpical lib.

      • Guest says:

        Than why the push to electric vehicles not conversion to LP/Nat Gas as was the process BEFORE Obama took office.

      • lstern says:

        If the President is so in love with natural gas, why has he been doing everything in his power to quash it in the past… His puppet is pulling his string.

      • fedupwithfeds says:

        you gotta drill for natural gas, too – not gonna stop any imports if he doesn't release drilling rights all over the country. (he conviently realeased off shore drillilng after all the deepwater rigs have gone halfway around the world.) then who is to say that natural gas won't go up just like diesel did – it used to be feasable to go diesel – same with happen here except some of us heat our homes with gas and we will suffer on two fronts- – - politics as usual – as you prove with the political rhetoric reference. Soros and his money need to be sent home and denied entry to America. He's one of the main reasons we're in this mess. Any time you hear odumber say 'create jobs,' you can bet someone has lined his pockets – and count the days until the job venture fails.

      • robobbob says:

        but if at the same time you're pushing NatGas vehicles, you're blocking the drilling of new wells, the use of fracking, and stopping new LNG plants, all you're doing is shifting from from one limited cartel controlled commodity for another. Instead of putting the money into their left pocket, you're putting into the right. Net gain for Americans? after all the cost of conversions, creating a parallel fuel distribution system, payoffs for special friends, diversion of capital from other projects, another stealth loss.

      • D Andre says:

        You state: "The natural gas is mined here in the US"

        To which I reply: SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell Obama or he'll be shutting it down to pander to his enviro buddies just like he did Keystone!!! And after that happens, and we have all these new vehicles running on Nat gas, my heating bill will go from $80 a month to $800 a month, and no on will be able to afford to put nat gas in their car.

      • voteindependent says:

        Guess NO ONE told YOU that OIL is used in MORE than CARS and TRUCK.. FACT the LEAST amount is used there.. and UNLESS you decide never to have anything that works using lubricant.. give up CLOTHES.. look around you at EVERYTHING made of PLASTIC.. start with YOUR COMPUTER.. than realize that there is oil products in your medicine to.. asphalt.. on and on and on.. so the SMART thing would be to DRILL for our OWN OIL.. here's what I think.. the politicians are HORDING our oil.. and sooner or later we WILL be attacked for it.. other facts to consider ever get hit by a truck with compressed gas on board??? your body parts will be a few states over.. not to mention the fact that over 100 million work DIRECTLY within the oil industry in THIS country alone.. do we really need MORE unemployment? and you think it would be better for AMERICA?? Let me ask how are those MERCURY bulbs working out for us..?? Now that the REAL facts as to their DANGERS are in????

      • bob says:

        And George will pay the same rate on the money he earns as capital gains I guess, which is like anybody else ( Republican or Democrat). And yes it will create jobs and grow the economy, which I guess dis-proves a little bit about all this BS, the rich don't create jobs. So why not unleash ALL our sources of becoming energy independent, and you may find a lot of rich people investing in them.

      • Arrjay says:

        Hey Patriot, you've gotten a lot of flack about Obama's 'patriotic' intentions for America by his current endorsement of NG. I agree with your opposition.
        But, I base my resistance to O's … "sees a way to create jobs, increase national security and help trim the trade deficit" on the content of the book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dinesh D'Souza.
        Two reviews of the book on BarnesandNoble.com are particularly insightful.
        (See: Dagney-Taggert, Posted October 11, 2010 and Iulievich, Posted October 14, 2010)
        Obama has never yet been vetted!
        His first act as president was to insult England by returning the bust of Churchill. Did that not give you a clue to Obama's thought process?
        It's a quality of most humans to endure and forgive unkind acts by another against our principles and our person.
        All dictators are innately aware that they can do whatever they want and very little opposition will surface until the proverbial 'tipping point' arrives, which can be many years down the road. In America, we don't have familial lineage, we have elections, relatively peaceful revolutions at the ballot box.
        However, dictators do not operate in a vacuum. They need a cadre of support both physical and financial.
        Obama has the democrat party, SEIU and Andy Stern, AFL-CIO and Richard Trumka, George Soros, Mort Zucherman, Warren Buffett, etal.

        His opposition is us, the individual. We know freedom and have deep enough roots to resist his movement. Most humans are fundamentally conservative, live and let live. Observe the elementary schoolyard, they all have a pecking order, Obama is enjoying his 5 minutes of fame.
        At our expense, literally.
        I will resist.

      • Financepro says:

        You are exactly correct about the economics of converting to natural gas powered vehicles. It will happen, it is just a matter of when. The Heritage Foundation hates everything Democrat. If a Democratic President created a vehicle that ran on air, the Heritage Foundation would oppose it.
        Soros has a political point of view, but I will guarantee you that he puts it away when he is investing. He took the position in Westport because he is smart enough to see the obvious…

    6. Jeremy says:

      All the big oil companies are going to Nat Gas anyways. There is more of it, it's easier to get, and it's here at home.

    7. CA Dolfan says:

      You don't donate money to the party and get nothing in return.

    8. Marbran says:

      Big surprise. Buffet, now Soros. But Obama is against big corporations. Yeah…right.

      • ItsJo says:

        Right, just like Obama makes Wall St. the enemy, while HE had the most contributions From Wall St. than any other politicians. Obama speaks out of 'both sides of his lying mouth'

      • LieSlayer says:

        Actually … Obama NEVER said he was AGAINST big corporations. What he has SAID (consistently) is that he's FOR big corporations and the wealthiest 1% of Americans paying their FAIR SHARE of TAXES! I wish people would get their facts straight and speak accurately instead of just regurgitating the shameful lies, inaccuracies and manipulated information we've all had to suffer from the motley cast of Republican candidates!

    9. Funny I just heard him speak about natural gas on the car radio. I wondered what supporter had an interest in natural gas all the sudden since Obama had always classed that into his evil 'Big Oil' column before. Thanks for answering my question. It is like you are god.

      • harry says:

        election time–he was against drilling before he was for it. we are not stupid as he thinks we are.

    10. Sniperin223 says:

      Another right wing hatchet job attack! Everyone knows that if it's good for Soros, it's good for Amerika.

      • rangerrebew says:

        Dolph would, indeed, be proud of this maneuver. I think people missed the sarcasm in your comment.

      • NLT says:

        too bad 24 people have no sense of humor! :) Seriously, people, reread the post.. it's quite funny.

      • dewey james says:

        George Soros helped the Nazi's ship his own race off to concentration camps when he was a teenager, I am sure he is out to help Amerika too. And buffet gets hellp with his railroad making money shipping oil from Canada to Texas, now that the XL PIPELINE will not be built due to his friend Barack Hussien Obama will not sign the bill that both housed of congresses passed. what a president we have, what will he do in the next 4 years that he gets to run this nation. It is your choice. You will have to live with your decision.

    11. CA Dolfan says:

      Change you can believe in.

    12. sb36695 says:

      SHOCKING! Does Obama have any thoughts in his head or does he just do as he's told?

      • Guest says:

        Little Barry does just as he's told. His woeful presidency is his reward…..tax payer paid vacations several times a year, never having to work too much, lie to his hearts content and then cover ups by the media, protect his citizenship truth, his probably terrible college transcripts, pretensions that he is so very smart. Yep. Lots of rewards for an anti american loser.

      • harry says:

        what he is told

      • Guest says:

        He does have at least 3 thoughts in his head:
        1) how to weaken America (ruin finances, cut military, legalize illegals, cut energy sources, offend major allies, be seen as weak with enemies etc.)
        2) how to build a solid foundation for Caliphate ( Egypt w/Muslim Brotherhood, Iran w/nukes etc)
        3) how to get reelected to advance 1) and 2)

    13. American Man 2012 says:

      We the USA Citizenship are on a roller coaster ride of our lives, and it 's all because our leaders are puppets, one hand washes the other. Soros needs to pump up natural gas to make money, No problem, it's done, Warren Buffet needs to hold up the Keystone pipeline to make money, no problem , it's done.
      Jeff Emmelt , needs a favor, no taxes for GE, move the X Ray division to China, no problem, it's done.
      The team of the Administration needs to not pay taxes on their earnings, no problem, it's done.
      My dad always told me, politicians , they are all crooks !
      My dad was a union carpenter, and the union leaders would tell him, come to my house and put some shelves up for me , and I'll take care of you , I'll keep you working! No dad said, if you have work I'll work, if you won't want to have me work I won't . So dad felt that being union was working for crooks.
      My dad was a little wrong , they aren't all crooks, but most can't handle having power, and become dishonest, and trade their values, for greed and manipulation, to gain on earth, what they loose in eternity.

      • Rowdy Boots says:

        no, we believe all Union Leaders ARE CROOKS…HOW ELSE WOULD THE GET TO BE LEADERS?

        and the union rank and file allow it because it benefits them.


      • bill casey says:

        Newt Gingrich is no different, Adelson , the owner of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotels casinos in Las Vegas and 3rd richest man in america just gave Newt 5 mill and the next morning his wife give newt five more. Ten million dollars for his campaign. It''s all about the rich ruling over the rest of us. It's them against us and guess who's winning?

    14. Tara says:

      Didn't Waxman just say yesterday it was the Koch brothers guess the dems better think before they speak lol

    15. Doc says:

      I work in the trucking industry and have seen the Westport system in action. It's terribly unreliable and expensive.

    16. American Patriot says:

      You guys want to cut off your nose to spite your face. Look, liberals blasted this same bill because Boone Pickens has invested in Clean Energy Inc, which builds natural gas refueling stations, and will profit from this act passing – and just like you, it does not matter to them that it is obviously good for America, but NOOOOO, we cannot support it because a conservative like Pickens will make money. Well, Pickens and Soros are investors – they both have billions they need to put to work in companies.

    17. PleaseRunSarah says:

      Only when Obama's government regulates Nat Gas to the point of owning it will he let it go forward. I thought his environmental Obots was against fracking to get that Nat Gas?

    18. Factchecker says:

      So the PRINCE OF DARKNESS is benefiting by his puppet President destroying America??

      There's a shock.

    19. Obamonkey says:

      Of course, natural gas is extremely flammable, diesel is a safe fuel. But Sorobama do not care…

      • emmett says:

        You dont have a clue what you are talking about

      • Informed Citizen says:

        Go do some research – natural gas is less flammable than diesel – which is how Westport makes its money – creating technology that allows the engine to ignite natural gas (which is known to be more difficult than diesel or gasoline)

        Not to mention that if you spill diesel you're in a world of mess, but if you spill natural gas it simply evaporates into the air.

      • Bryan says:

        How the hell do you think a diesel engine works? It's by combustion or in other words, by burning the diesels to create an increase in pressure to drive a piston and turn over the engine. Diesel is towards the low end of the refining of oil and is closest to pure oil. Haven't you seen an oil well burning on tv before?

      • ScienceRules says:

        Before you make IGNORANT comments, please check your science facts: Natural Gas burns only at twice the temperature required to ignite Diesel (2x as safe) also, the flame velocity of Nat Gas is much slower than Gasoline and unlike Gasoline or Diesel, Natural Gas fumes are lighter than air and don't pool around waiting for a spark to ignite them…Nat Gas goes straight up to the sky if there is a leak…
        Also Nat Gas only burns when its concentration to air is between 5% and 15%, unlike Gasoline and Diesel which burn at any concentration. The trucks use Liquid Nat Gas, which is liquid only because it is kept at -270F and you can throw a burning cigarette in LNG and see it extinguish!
        You are very misinformed my friend.

    20. FBastiat says:

      Switching to natural gas makes sense. So why does the government need to meddle in the market unless they were paying back donors. Companies should be bearing the burden of switching because they will be reaping the benefits. It's like paying fish to swim in water. Only in the government do we see such stupid behavior.

      • Retired says:

        You hit the nail on the head! The problem is not natural gas or diesel or oil pipelines. The problem is the government interfering to a great degree in the free markets. Politicians derive their power (and back door cash) from using over-regulation and legislation to determine winners and losers. Intervention in the markets usually works as well as Solyndria, the Chevy Volt, and the TSA. When we let the markets solve problems, with regulation that only protects the public from endangerment, then we all win. Of course the problem with this ideal is that the politicians become irrelevant (as they should be in our lives).

      • t2brn2b says:

        We're from the government and we're here to help. RR

    21. American Patriot says:

      Of course the liberal bloggers are using the same argument to say this proposal is awful – since a big investor is T. Boone Pickens, a CONSERVATIVE. So what is your conclusion? That you use the same awful logic as liberals?

    22. You mean to tell me that there is a 1% In the Democratic Party ? LMAO

    23. Obamonkey says:

      Again, I know that some vehicles in Europe allowed to run on gas and they a lot more dangerous in an acident thann gasoline or diesel powered cars. Trucks would carry so much natural gas that could blow up almost a neighborhood; imagine if an accident happens in downtown NY!

      • NoMarxist says:

        I'm sure they will be just as safe as the Chevy Volt.

      • ABO says:

        You don't know what you're talking about. The tanks used are better than the gasoline tanks. No more likely to burn or explode than gasoline tanks. Dispurses quickly when in air out of tank and has a very high combustion temperature. A truck that runs on NG blowing up entire neighborhood is crazy. NG is generally delivered to fueling stations by pipelines and in many cases by existing pipelines. You probably didn't know that there are already 100s of thousands of miles, maybe millions of miles of ng pipelines in the US already. There are 4,000,000+ ng vehicles in world – If explosion were a big problem everyone would know and these wouldn't even be considered. Not "some vehicles in Europe"…. hundreds of thousands – Millions in Asia and South America.

      • WillyMac says:

        CNG vehicles have a better safety record than gasoline.

    24. Rob says:

      It doesn't matter what the government does, it will benefit some rich people somewhere no matter what. But this natural gas idea would also benefit the American people with jobs. Regardless this is a good idea. America has an abundance of Natural Gas. NG also burns clean much better than gasoline. Texas has been using NG in many of our government vehicles. Jobs would be created by the increased demand for NG, modifying the vehicles to use NG. Adding NG pumps to stations etc…

    25. CA_Dreamer says:

      This man is well on his way to collapsing the U.S. economy.

    26. Jack says:

      Let us not forget that for the past 3 years Obama and the EPA has attacked every major gas company in the Barnett Shale via lawsuits. They won 0, but still attack. Obama supports only those that support him. Remember this in November.

    27. Sam says:

      If there is so much natural gas available now, then why is it so expensive to heat our homes and why does it continue to skyrocket?

    28. American Patriot says:

      Of course the liberal bloggers are using the same argument to say this proposal is awful – since a big investor is T. Boone Pickens, a CONSERVATIVE, if he makes money then it MUST be bad.

    29. As long as any other American can invest in trains (Buffett) or natural gas, (Soros) why would the legislation be questioned? I thought it was the American Way to see a need in society and then fill that need with a product or service!

    30. American Patriot says:

      What in the world is wrong with you folks? You are protecting oil industries Middle East oil markets in the USA while denying our own states, from Texas to New York, the market for their shale natural gas! Are you nuts? Who cares if Soros (a nutty liberal) makes money on an investment? Who cares if Boone Pickens (a conservative patriot) makes money on this same investment (they both will). There are MILLIONS of people invested in the natural gas industry.

    31. ExNGasdriverinAZ says:

      Except there's one problem – unless they've massively improved the technology in the past 2 years, natural gas-powered trucks don't work very well – there's not enough power for the large amounts of torque required. Natural gas is fine in cars and light trucks but not in large, heavy vehicles.

      This will turn out to be another Solyndra.

    32. mike says:

      So ObaMA IS promoting natural gas vehicles but wants to kill our abilty to get natural gas from N Dakota and other states through fracking? Amazing

    33. Michael says:

      I am big natural gas supporter. If I had enough capital I would be investing in (building) an infrastructure to support natural gas vehicles. According to PickensPlan, the transportation in America is the biggest consumer of foreign oil (compared to electricity production) and diesel trucks make up the largest consumers in the transportation sector. I would suggest that Soros investment in a company that converts diesel engines to natural gas is forward thinking. It is a risk that may have a lucrative payoff. I'm mad that it has taken Obama or Congress so long to make this move (funny, it's election year. How coincidental!) I don't think passing of this bill has anything to do with Soros contributions.
      I would also suggest that a $4400 contribution to Obama hardly gets attention. That's chump change to guys playing in this arena. Even $385K over 3 election cycles is a minimal contribution in the scope of election campaigns. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of money. But I think the connection Lachlan Markay that Soros' contributions are influencing Obama's decisions are far fetched. There is significantly more push to find alternative fuel sources than Soros $4400 in contributions. Mr. Markay can you show that Soros contributions are a moving force for the recent Nat Gas ACT or do they happen to be simultaneous events.

    34. James says:

      converts diesel engines (i.e. – those found in semi trailers) into ones that run on natural gas.


    35. Robert Nagel says:

      In the midwest the natural gas companies have been using natural gas powered vehicles as long as I can remember. This is nothing new. If they build fueling stations that can fuel the vehicles up in a reasonable amount of time then it's a go. Home fueling stations are very expensive and take all night to put 150 miles of gas in your car. This is not new technology by any means.

    36. This is why the government needs to be out of ALL subsidies. You cannot fairly subsidize one group and not another.

    37. maroonvee says:

      If it wasn't for the freedoms allowed on the internet.. we would never know any of this. Thank you Drudge for keeping us informed. Can't trust the LSM. That is a fact.

    38. ETEE says:

      So, "The Pickens Plan", which Boone has been touting since 2007, is now claimed to be "The Obama Plan" and George Soros, the "Man Behind the Curtain", stands to benefit financially, as he did from the $Billions of American Taxdollars Obama gave Brazil to develop offshore Brazilian Oil, which, by the way is now going to be sold to China rather than the U.S.. When are the American people going to realize they are being played???

    39. Dana Mills says:

      Dangit! I just sold Westport Innovations.

    40. Bob Beckman says:

      Just another case of Crony Capitolism brought to you by the Corrupt Obama regime.

    41. Kevin Larkin says:

      The Keystone pipeline is a project that would employ thousands but the President vetos it so his millionaire friend can benefit. Thanks to everyone for not holding him accountable.

    42. rc883 says:

      Calm down people. This is a good thing. Soros is going get richer no matter what. The US is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. We need to take advantage of this. This will help everyone from the producers to the mineral right holders. All – Americans and that's a good thing.

    43. bean says:

      He supported Obama because he knew Obama was an easy target and he could control him..yep..he as right.

    44. Gary Allan says:

      What do you liberals have to say about that, Obama taking csre of the evil rich.

    45. dealscenario says:

      You don't say.

    46. Man bear pig says:

      Yes, the New American Nomenclatura has been ushered into power with Chairman Obama.

    47. Man bear pig says:

      Yes we can!

    48. Independant thinker says:

      American Patriot >>>>> Really ??? reduces the amount of foreign oil depency ? creates jobs really ???? he has kille jobs, shall i remind you he hault all oil production in the gulf after the rig leak, the reason for this is because the drilling rigs needed to go to Brazil ( George soros investment ) Obama gave Brazil 2 Billion to jump start their local oil production while shutting ours down by executive order, Now Brazil is selling their cheap oil that we gave them billions to produce to China and japan while we are still depending on hostile countries and not producing locally, now he canceled the keystone pipeline and killed 10 of thousands of jobs that even the unions wanted, this has been researched for 3 years and he just killed it so now Canada is looking to sale the oil to China and warren Buffet gets to reap the benefits by shipping it down here by train instead of pipeline all to pay off Buffet and Soros, no matter how many american jobs it costs us

    49. jimtrees says:

      And he just got another 1.2 trillion to hand out.

    50. I have a Tinfoil Hat says:

      Do the Soros conspiracies ever end? Westport Innovations converts diesel engines to clean burning natural gas. This is a common sense investment. Soros used common sense with his investments and Obama will do the same with his policies. Really, give it a rest with the conspiracies. It's delusional. Soros has little if any access to Obama's admin

    51. renojmc says:

      Crony capitalism at its worst.

    52. First Oil in Brazil now natural gas here. NO WONDER SOROS HAS BIG BUCKS!

    53. RightUnite says:

      Of course he's going to benefit! He's one of Obama's biggest supporters! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out!

    54. mena says:

      Great, this is the best news ever who care if soro makes money, if it is not him it is someone else. The most important thing is that The United States of America is the one who will benefit the most, we do not have to rely of terrorists for oil and now we can rely on ourselves, create more jobs, pay off our debt and for ones we are not under the mercy of anyone else. I just hope we Obama doesn't screw this up and buy gas from some middle eastern country. I really do not care much for Soro or any rich person, but I care for the United States, let them just do that so we can get back on our feet and we can deal with Soros later.

    55. allen miller says:

      How can people not see that Obama is on the take! I am suprised on how ignorant the average person in this country really is to think OBama is not playing games.

    56. jnsesq says:

      No, really? Go figure.

    57. Guest says:

      Do you folks realize that natural gas and crude oil come out of the same wells?

    58. pcsull says:

      How about T Boone Pickens who had that idea a couple of years ago and got Nancy Pelosi to invest heavily in his idea. How does she fit into this scam

    59. Milt Brahier says:

      Same o Same o — Chicago Pay to Play Politics

    60. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

      Yoo-hoo! Occupy people! We found a couple of REAL 1%ers!

      Huh? What? Not interested? Didn't think so.


    61. Kyle says:

      Converting an engine to natural gas is a good idea for several reasons. Under current prices the price of natural gas 1/4 the cost of oil on an equal energy basis . It burns cleaner and produces less CO2 per BTU. Unfortunately it is expensive to convert engines and the infrastructure for refueling is sparce and will take time to build. The payoff is much greater now for large fleets. Just as with methanol, when the government gets involved, too much taxpayer money is spent in the wrong places to benefit a few with no significant impact on overall progress. If the government wants to help, they should start by instituting a program to convert their on lhuge fleets. This would have a much larger impact on energy independence than this bill.

    62. Zues says:

      Obama warned us he would punish his enemies and reward his friends. Can you say Soros, Buffett, Imelt?

    63. Kyle says:

      Converting an engine to natural gas is a good idea for several reasons. Under current prices the price of natural gas 1/4 the cost of oil on an equal energy basis . It burns cleaner and produces less CO2 per BTU. Unfortunately it is expensive to convert engines and the infrastructure for refueling is sparse and will take time to build. The payoff is much greater now for large fleets. Just as with methanol

    64. irishalaman says:

      Obama's favorite all time investment is Planned Parenthood,
      more American Blood and Dreams shed per dollar than any other…
      So Christian..So loving..

    65. fistbiscuit says:

      Does this surprise anyone?
      Obama gave Petrobras 2 billion dollars to develop off-shore drilling, shortly after Soros invested in Petrobras.
      Obama has enforced an unconstitutional moratorium, on allowing us to develop in the same water that we pay Brazil to develop in.
      Obama passed a food security bill that gave Monsanto control over US seed production…shortly after Soros invested in Monsanto
      Obama passed strict regulations on hedge fund managers…shortly after Soros down-sized his own hedge fund

      Soros is the leader of this country, not Obama

    66. RICHOCHET says:

      The NEW DEAL! This time around it's Soros, Buffett, Imelt, Mr. MF Global whatever his name is as the new robber barons and they'll all pad BHO's coffers. He'll move along to the UN when he's done reshuffling the American deck and they'll all be laughing their way around the world. Makes me sick..sick…sick to see it happening so flagrantly…so in our faces. I saw it coming for miles…years ago. Gang wars in Mexico instigated all the while the Mexican President chastizes our Senate while his citizens stream across our borders to escape the chaos, tax dollars to Brazil to supply + appease the Chinese, hamstringing our gulf refineries…on and on and on. Every day it's some new DEAL for Obama. Try to tell me he isn't going to be a billionaire …go ahead …somebody tell me I'm off my stick … I'll just bet you're thinking it too.

    67. Patrick says:

      I know President Obama mentioned and end to insider trading for Congress but this is pretty much the same thing. He signs a bill that benefits his friends instead of Congress.

    68. pea2 says:

      The hardest part of using Natural Gas to power cars and trucks is how to tax it. The only way is to control the distribution by making the dispensers complicated under the guise of safety. Then you create a monopoly like Westport then build a complicated mechanism that only the dispenser with the tax meter on it can refil your truck.

    69. What a coincidence, first Warren Buffet railroad will make money with the turning down of the XL pipeline. N,ow Gorge Soros will make money from Obama's sudden interest in all of the natural gas we have in the U.S.

    70. volinva says:

      I can't believe this, what a coincidence!

    71. ThrowObummerOut says:

      OBAMA RECORD: Terrorist Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, George Soros, Van Jones, Eric Holder, Fast and Furiousgate, GE and Jeffrey Immelt, Massive Wasted Obama's Green Energy Funds on: Solyndra, Light Squared, Fiskar, and Ener1 (all 4 of which are now bankrupt) = Taxpayers left holding the bag; Crony Capitalism (payback for Obama donors & bundlers), Massive Debt = $6+ Trillion added to National Debt in just 3 years! (Bush added $3T in 8 years), First-Time Ever Credit Downgrade, Keystone Pipeline fiasco, "57 states", Bloated Federal Government, Failed Stimulus, Special Olympics, "I'm Lazy", "First Time I'm Proud to be an American", Obamacare insurance rate hikes, Obamacare the biggest job killer ever, Lack of School and College records, Illegal aunt and uncle, Suing Arizona, Suing South Carolina, Black Panthers, Joe the Plumber, "Obama gonna pay my mortgage", Acorn scandal, Chevy Volt, Cap and Trade, ClimateGate, $4 gas (soon to be $6.00), Enemies List, "Punish our enemies, Reward our friends", Joe Biden "Summer of Recovery" (lol), Welfare state, 9% Poverty Rate Increase, lost 2 million jobs in 3 years, 41 million Americans below Poverty Level, Massive Unemployment, 2011 was Worst Housing Market in History, 12 million illegals, several Recess Appointments, Executive Order abuse, "Fort Hood was workplace violence", "Cash for Clunkers" scandal ($250,000 per car), continuous Class Warfare, "Get in their face", Support for the Occutards, Food Stamp Nation, Lies about GITMO and the Bush Doctrine, "Give kids a breathalyzer", "police acted stupidly", Beer Summit, Obamanomics: = Gas up83%, Ground Beef up24%, Bacon up22%, much more inflation coming, Peolsi and Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac), Golf, Golf & more Golf along with TOO MANY vacations.

    72. Guest says:

      And so one would Boone Pickens – A BIG TIME GOP SUPPORTER.

    73. name says:

      Soros is getting good value from that president he owns…

    74. Born-N-Texas says:

      We will see who wins….Soros or the Enviromental Wackos who want to shut down "fracking" !!!!! I put my money on Soros !!!!!

    75. Petroglyph says:

      George will benefit from any policy Obama tries to ram down the American people's throats, he is the one coming up with the policies, Obama just reads Soros's plans on his teleprompter.

      That is just a simple fact.

    76. RightWrezko says:

      The purpose of the US Treasury and of the Federal Debt, according to Democrats, is to:

      1) Buy votes;
      2) Perform social engineering;
      3) Enslave minorities on the Democrat Plantation, and;
      4) Give rebates to contributors to Democrat candidates.

    77. Twinspeedr says:

      Well, I for one am shocked that ol'Georgie would sell out his sterling morals to make a buck off of the misfortunes of others… oh wait…

    78. Wigglesworth says:

      Now I know why Nostrils Waxman was screaming about the Koch Brothers benefiting from the XL Pipeline in the House hearing. Soros is going to make a fortune off of the NAT GAS Act and he was trying to accuse Republicans of doing exactly what Democrats are already doing.

    79. goon48 says:

      Why am I not surprised that Obama is tied to Soros again…Say it isn't so…

    80. tibet says:

      I saw a report weeks ago about the tractor trailor rigs changing over to natural gas and it would take ten years for the fleet to completely change over. The point I want to make is private enterprise is already doing this. Why is the Federal Government getting involved? I'm not criticizing the change over, just the involvement of the Feds. Opportunity for congress critters to shake down more doners when someone else threatens the subsidy. Benefit insider friends and supporters. Buy stock in the company before the vote and make a bundle. If you or I did that, it would be insider trading and they'd put us in Martha Stewerts former cell . The Federal Government needs to scale back it's intrusions into the economy, but they won't. Too much money and power comes from their meddling. They don't care about the malinvestment and distortions they cause in our economy. Vote these people out of power and elect those who support the platform of Ron Paul at the local, state and federal level, ignore the R or the D, then maybe our country can turn itself around.

    81. crikes says:

      To those who complain about the rich getting richer, and about big corporations:

      1) would it make sense for you to back up the truck to load up on wprt?

      2) i bet you're employed by a big corporation!

      One main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich recognizes opportunity and takes advantage, instead of just complain.

    82. ActinUpinTexas says:

      Crony capitalism directed into the bank account of an old crony!

      Hey Rocky… watch me pull a rabbit from my hat! Democrat elitist vs. phoney OWS crowd.

    83. Scooty809 says:

      The reason there is a rush for natural gas isn't because they haven't known about it for years, it's because the price point for fracking and extracting natural has become cheaper than buying a barrel of oil. Once oil got over $75/barrel, the gas companies discovered ways to extract oil from shale and began to pursue natural gas. What upsets me about what is happening with natural gas is the talk of exporting it. Why can't we develop a system of having natural gas vehicles, and use US resources to power those vehicles instead of sending it overseas? I'll never figure this country out, other than, its only about the money. I was shocked when I purchased a 100lb tank of propane and discovered that the charge was roughly $4.25 per gallon, considering there is about 22 gallons of LPG in a tank. I thought it was supposed to be a cheap way of creating heat. When oil goes up, so does the cost of electricity, cord wood prices increase because people think it a cheaper energy source. Believe me, if you look at all the numbers, there is not one method of heating your home, or fueling your car, that will ever be any cheaper than another.

    84. Paul Daniel says:

      Natural gas does not have the energy per mass as does Diesel fuel! There is an answer, use the natural gas to run an electric generator that feeds electric motors located in each wheel hub motor! You need torque and electric motors have it, better than a Diesel motor! Dr. Fernande Porsche did the same thing in 1901!

    85. ghostsouls says:

      More payoffs to the ones that got obama elected, before he gets dethroned. He won't have the money after that to pay them all back.

    86. Scooty809 says:

      One other thing – big companies are in bed with the government. I don't care if your Republican or Democrat, big companies will always pull the government in the direction they want it to go.

    87. Rob Zotti says:

      So Buffet could benefit from Obama saying no to the Keystone Pipeline and Soros could benefit from Obama's new interest in natural gas, hmmmmmm……..

    88. Keith says:

      Living here in Northeast Ohio, those in the rural eastern part of the state are sitting on massive gas reserves which are just beginning to come in. Billions of dollars are flowing to the State, farmers are being paid upwards of $5000/acre just for drilling rights + as much as 20% royalty income. Fracking technology is opening up large new sources of natural gas and as much as I don't like Mr. Soros's politics, he's free to invest as he sees fit. It makes sense to get ourselves off of foreign oil and keep the money and jobs here.

    89. behonest says:

      "Soros supported Obama in his presidential bid because he believed he could provide the transformational leadership the country needed.”

      "I want to transform this country" where did I hear that before

    90. Guest from MN says:

      Wait a minute – isn't natural gas eeevil because of the fracking way they get it out of the ground?? Obama's kicking the greens in the teeth again, but what can they do about it? They're sure as heck not going to vote for Newt …

    91. Josh says:

      There are no diesel engines in semi trailers.

    92. Saltire says:

      I don't like how Soros uses politics and his influence, but he will not be the only one to benefit from expanded natural gas use.

      There is a whole list of oil/gas companies that will benefit.

      All property owners with oil/gas companies and drilling companies leasing their property will benefit from the lease payments.

      Those property owners where natural gas is found will benefit from the royalties paid.

      T. Boone Pickens and his Pickens Plan (http://www.pickensplan.com/) will benefit.

      The automotive industry will benefit by being able to build less polluting vehicles than gasoline powered vehicles.

      Natural gas is a great fuel to bridge the gap between oil use and developments of future energy solutions.

      Finally, the American people and the United States will benefit. New jobs will be created to construct an infrastructure to support fueling vehicles, natural gas transportation, etc. The country will be in a position to stop sending money for oil to countries that would rather see us dead and non-existent.

      Although Soros will benefit, there is a greater benefit for the United States and the American people. I am glad the President has raised the topic. Now the question is, "Will he walk the talk or was this just all talk and do we trust him to follow through?

    93. Its Dick Cheney & Haliburton's fault and a little bit of Bush !!!!! The CHOSEN ONE is completely faultless…

    94. sureman123 says:

      well of course he will,,, Obama better kick those payoffs into high gear, especially if there is a chance he's going to get kicked out of office

    95. Philadelphia says:

      How is the objectives and benefits of Keystone any different from those of the natural gas act? They both are about using our own fossil fuels to power our country rather than sending our dollars overseas to import oil from the Arabs. You can profit from the natural gas play just like Soros, and just like the staunch conservative Boone Pickens – by buying shares of the companies on NASDAQ. So why your beef with US natural gas?

    96. Another example of Crony Capitalism or is it two men hell bent on bringing the country to it's knees joining forces?

    97. objectofscorn says:

      Comes from nowhere, supported by Soros.
      Untested. No serious state management expertise, a dozen SSN's,and lawyers on retainer to keep all that quiet.
      The way paved for him. We are so damned politically correct that we will not offend Him.
      Thin skinned, arbitrary, bypasses Congress 'I'm the King' president we have.
      Wake up America: He will get a second term from all those out there who feel Gov't is big enough to give them a living. it's going on in case you don't know. A wage earner of 60K with a family of 4 has less disposable income than a Head of household making 14K.
      Obama is their guy. Everything after that becomes so twisted that only those waiting on their gov't checks seem to matter. America is so sleepy and apathetic that inaction and indifference reign now.

    98. Rick61 says:

      Buffet stands to make millions from no pipeline through the railroad and Obama's puppet master will make a fortune with Obama's natural gas project for cars….hmmmm…anyone noticing a pattern here?…When all is said and done Obama will go down as the most corrupt and worst president this country ever had…..

    99. Sherry says:

      and how do you get the nat gas??? the evil FRACKING OH NOO!!! How would Obama get around the greenies on that one, tell them oh fracking is not that bad, Cant wait for that one.

    100. Steve says:

      This is a BS article. Soros funds is a major asset manager, they have hundreds if not thousands of employees, analysts etc. George does not pick and choose every stock Soros management owns. Shabby journalism.

    101. JAMES FISKE says:


    102. Kathy McKeon says:

      The important point here is that Soros says that he has been "an early supporter of Barack Obama, first in his Senate campaign in Illinois and later when he ran for President. Soros supported Obama in his presidential bid because he believed he could provide the transformational leadership the country needed.”

      What he really means is that he was grooming Obama as the Manchurian candidate way before we ever heard of him. Wake up America! You have one last chance to get it right in November and prevent the completion of the Soros/Obama transformation of this great country.

    103. Where is the MSM????????????? They camp out next door to Governor Palin, they dig DEEP for anything and everything on every Republican and destroy them with trivial nothings. They are dispicable and can take credit for the disaster Obama, who they protected and got him elected. It's just maddening.

    104. olsubsailor says:

      Having converted diesel engines to natural gas , I must tell you it is a pretty expensive operation. However, converting gasoline engines to natural gas is relatively simple and not so expensive.. The emissions are less. engines and will last longer. You do lose some power but if the price differential is right its a good thing to do. It would take the pressure off of gasoline prices. A gallon of diesel has the most power in it therefore you burn less of it. Gasoline is second in power per allon and you need to use more of it to accomplish the same work. Natural gas has the least power per gallon so you will need much more of it to accomplish the same work as a diesel engine. Of course if they tax it the same way as they do diesel it would be cost more than diesel

    105. Paparado says:

      There are many who would benefit from natural gas conversion. There's not really a political agenda here even though anyone could make something out of nothing this day in age. Entire states will benefit, royaly owners, truck drivers, cafe owners, schools, our air we breathe…

    106. Sandiegonative says:

      T Boone Pickens would also be a beneficiary, as he has been pushing natural gas fueling for years. But he is hardly an Obama supporter. The lesson? The rich will be able to figure out how to get richer no matter what the policymakers do.

    107. rhyzoolie says:

      Of course he will, how do you think Obama got the presidency? Soros bought it for him!

    108. Michael says:

      It all boils down to this. George Soros made his billions by wrecking currencies and causing untold misery for millions of people in countries all over the World!

      He destroys everything he touches yet the Left loves the guy.

      Now he's targeted the United States and through his lapdog Obama is well on his way to wrecking the dollar and the economy in general!


    109. ObamaSucks says:

      Obama continues his big money crony capitalism all the while spewing his lies that he cares about the middle class.

    110. CatHerder54 says:

      Most vehicles can be converted… at GREAT benefit to the owner. Your engine will last 5+times longer. You don't have to change the oil anywhere NEAR as often. Nat Gas is VERY COOL!
      There's no need to restrict it to new cars/trucks or conversions for trucks. BUT, the problem (as always) is Government Regulations.
      1) If you do it legally, $15,000+.
      2) If you just 'git her done', under $5,000
      3) If you do it yourself, a few hundred to $2,000
      As always, it takes Our Federal Government to triple the cost of everything! And, I mean EVERYTHING! Inflation last year – 12%
      This year – 15~20%
      Next year – 38+%
      IN 2014 – 50~100%

    111. frankzentura says:

      What's funny is that money from the "rich" who make $100,000 – $600,000 goes out of our pocket directly to the millionaires who claim they want be taxed more. They may "want" to be taxed more but they sure aren't going to make any personal efforts to reach that end….

    112. Nvrmor says:

      If you think Soros only donated <$400,000 to Dem causes since 2008, you are a fool. The man has invested over $400,000,000 in that time frame. Direct donations are chump change in 21st century politics.

    113. barrygod says:

      Hi i hope some of your bloggers people who make comments will buy my new copyrighted tee shirts remember hope n change well its now hopeless and keep the change what a f ing puppet you will never hear out of barrys mouth cut gov spending and size not only that you can spend only what you take in but how about spending only 90 % of gov revenue and put into law that you cant touch the 10% gov savings account ever well if a community orgasmic organizer can be pres hell i can top that i m a 7 11 clerk and i know more about how to run the economy than he does

    114. Meme says:

      Nah I don't believe it. Can't wait for Jan 21 2013.

    115. rowley says:

      Obama loves to make billionaires into trillionaires. So Thats the "Spread the Wealth" Policy?
      Every time the EPA Regulates, we get cars that will blow up. Every time EPA forcews use of additives to Gasoline to clean the air they end up poisioning the ground water. More fuel is used to make the Electricity to power the Greenie car than using Gasoline. The Greenie light bulb Is a dangerous waste hazard that costs more to clean up. However, all these things enrich Obama's campaign donors who Pay to keep their wealth distributor in Power.
      Obama has wiped out the Middle class and made more people poor and the selected people richer if they donate to him.

    116. Trudge1 says:

      Relax. There is no way that natural gas will replace diesel. The flame front is far too explosive. They'll never make it up hills like 'Eagle Pass'. And when a truck driver starts his day they expect to make at least 600 miles. There would have to be numerous fill ups for natural gas to make that trip. They'll put it on panel trucks and call it a day.

    117. trajan long says:

      With Obama its the very rich and the welfare state. He is a malignant tumor for the middle class private sector worker.

    118. TwoDogs says:

      Isn't this what the Dem's bash Big Corporate Republicans for?

    119. harry says:

      all thugs

    120. While I actually think using natural gas is a good thing I sure hate to see Soro's making money off of anything. Some of you talk about the pipeline he did not approve and I must say that I am not sure it is safe for a lot of people for it to go so near to a huge water supply underground. I don't like Obama but I have to agree with him turning that down for now.

    121. ounceoflogic says:

      So… O'bama is passing out favors to his contributors (past and future) ? During a campaign year ?? Really? This is news?

    122. Cronie fascism at it's worst.

    123. Soros and Buffet…WHO is in bed with the RICH?????

    124. basketballjones says:

      Does anyone remember Boone Pickens' ad campaign to use….natural gas….to power the nation's tractor trailer fleet? He must have run this in hundreds of national advertising spots over a 6 month period? There were liberal wags in the media accusing him of just trying to line his own pockets and it went nowhere. Now George Soros just comes whistling by and – wah lah – it happens and he is lauded as a genius. Wow. What power. Wouldn't you love to have a taste of that?

    125. hunter says:

      Obama is playing the role that seems to come so naturally to him: Step-n-fetch-it to billionaires.

    126. bio1 says:

      But where are all those on the loony left crying out cronyism. Oh I know….it isnt the Koch brothers right?…ya clowns!

    127. Mickey says:

      So, let me get this straight; the people (conservatives) who have been slamming the president for not allowing more "fracking" to get more natural gas are now slamming him for a proposal to get and use more natural gas? Seems pretty standard for your side, I guess.

    128. GRIDIRON says:

      Surprise,surprise! Who would have thought that George Soros could make such a deal with Obama? But do we really need more natural gas? Just tap the White House and Congress! There is more 'natural gas' there than anywhere else including our earth's resources. It would last for many hundreds of years and it would be probably even cheaper. And it may be the reason that Obama and other administration officials don't smoke too often in the White House- You know what could happen- BOOM! And I don't mean economic boom!!!

    129. MinnFinn says:

      This is "so special". P.B.O. can "help" his billionaire cronies/benefactors like Soros (natural gas) and Warren Buffet (trains hauling crude oil) to make billions more by 1 simple veto of this pipeline. This is Corporatism like Mussolini instituted, not free enterprise or Capitalism.

    130. @Piquerish says:

      Is Reardon Steel still on the market?

    131. Dan says:

      Diesel engines found in semi trailers? I suppose, their could be a load of them in the trailer, but most engines will be found in the tractor pulling the trailer….

    132. Pete Wagner says:

      NG is useful for power generation, but for cars it's too dangerous. There's no way I would allow my children to ride in a car powered by a tank of compressed NG. Out of the question.

      • WillyMac says:

        Pete, I seen CNG at work, I believe fully the type 2, 3 and 4 tanks are safer than our current gasoline engines. The safety is inconsequential. I admire your desire to protect your children, but I'd also say you've gotten some bad information from someone about how CNG is handled in vehicles in the US..

      • WillyMac says:

        Pete, I seen CNG at work, I believe fully the type 2, 3 and 4 tanks are safer than our current gasoline engines. The safety is inconsequential. I admire your desire to protect your children, but I'd also say you've gotten some bad information from someone about how CNG is handled in vehicles in the US..

    133. DanielShays says:

      Golly gee who could have possibly foreseen that ?

    134. ugh says:

      "Soros May Benefit From White House’s Natural Gas Proposal" and every other American. I'm as anti-Obama as you get but this is a good thing. Cheaper fuel = American economy will be more competive. Natural gas is a cheap as air right now. Oil is $100/bbl. So what, G. Soros becomes a bigger billionare. I'll have more $ left in my pocket too as the price of gasoline drops as demand drop.

    135. stev says:

      Just because Soros owns it doesn't make it bad. I have owned a stake in Westport for about 3 years. I purchased it at under $20/share and now it is approaching $40/share. Westport will suceed with or without Obamas support. He is just getting on the bandwagon because of his recent Solar failings. Large trucks are the perfect vehicle for this new technology. Waste/Refuse tucks, busses with a central fueling station. As infastructure is developed along major hwys over-the road drivers will benefit also. Natural gas cost about half the current price of diesel.

    136. Retired says:

      I retired from state government in Texas. Our motor pools were switched to natural gas by political edict in the 1990's, and finally switched back to gasoline a few years later. The idea did not work because the inefficiency of the fuel compared to gasoline, limited availability on the road, gas leaking from pressurized fuel connections that eventually vibrate lose on the road, and vehicle fires resulting from the leaks. Since natural gas is inherently less efficient (BTU's/Volume), vehicles get poor millage that requires the installation of large pressurized fuel tanks. In the event of an accident, this is otherwise known as a bomb! Instead of a fuel spill you have a vapor cloud engulfing the whole area. This is not what people want to be driving next to in traffic. Also, the performance of the vehicles was quite a bit less than their gasoline counterparts.

      I suspect that the small mom and pop truckers will not switch unless diesel becomes obscenely expensive. I'm sure the politicians have thought of that and so there will need to be a requirement to switch all trucks from diesel to natural gas. Since this will drive up costs for shipping via american trucks, it will become less expensive for Mexican and Canadian truckers with diesel trucks to operate in the US. Then the market will be allowed to efficiently drive the americans out of business. When will these politicians learn that we don't want them to try to "solve" all of our problems? We don't want them to regulate what kind of toilets we put in our homes, the kind of light bulbs we put our lamps, or the fuel we put in our vehicles. It is better for us if they just play golf all of the time.

    137. WillyMac says:

      I am all for all types of energy including natural gas, but when Obama says this what he said about energy, I have to say with serious scepticism, what is your motive? Barry has been been pushing the green crap down our throat since he entered office, and in 2 days he is now saying this. You can G*d-D*mned bet there is a butt to scratch in this picture.

      I'd love to see CNG filling stations acrossed the country and be paying $1.00 – 2.00 for gallon equivalent for a fuel that is a BTU rich as diesel, I'd convert to CNG if the infrastructure was a bit more prevalent.
      The fact is that most oil companies don't want CNG unless it is NG as a feedstock, It doesn't take a boat load of refining to make CNG, it takes capacity and a pumping system.

      I find heritage's distain with CNG a bit problematic. As a conservative, we need to get off the hind teat of the Saudi's and truthfully in light of world conditions be a bit more self sufficient.
      I do believe we need oil, coal, gas, nuclear, and the so called alternatives to bring our country out of the dependency notions on the Saud family. We placate dictators, thugs, with tax dollars in foreign aid to protect the energy we use. My feeling is we need to take care of business at home, and make the energy they produce worthless as the sand it sits under. We could then end the idea of needing to protect our "overseas interests" and protect our own damned borders.

    138. Rowdy Boots says:

      Obama has never shown any understanding about business–except the payoff part when he is paying off his thug business cronies.


    139. Jim says:

      So cancelling the pipelin benifits his good buddy and tax cheater Warren Buffet, and now this natural gas plan benfits his illegal campign contributor Soros, add that to the political payoffs with our tax dollars to his bundlers for his campaign, the union payoff at GM/Chrysler, and we have maybe the most corrupt President ever, but hey at keast he's transparent right?

    140. kjatexas says:

      Has anyone noticed that Soros has benefitted on numerous occasions from Obama policies. Soros, is invested in the new Brazilian offshore oilfield also, that the US is lending money to help Brazil develop. Anyone who "invests" in Obama seems to benefit from governmental policy. Isn't the collaboration of government and corporations defined as fascism?

    141. @Garathorn says:

      We. Must. Defeat. Obama.
      Even with a 'good' President, this stuff happens too much. How long will we last under this walking disaster?

    142. The crane says:

      I deal with knuckle boom cranes in the market place. California now has laws that all utility companies now have to have there diesel trucks run on natural gas. Leave it to California!!! The update to convert a diesel to run on natural gas is $ 40,000.00 after the purchase of the truck. What a waste of money!!! Oh but California is doing so welllll!

      • WillyMac says:

        Over the life cycle of the truck in fuel cost savings along this $40k is recouped in one year, after that it is gravy. I've been on the CNG idea for a while, and truthfully it makes sense other than the cost of conversion.

        I'm an no fan of the econuts in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, but as a consumer, the notion of having energy from the us not contingent on appeasing some thug dictator to keep our supply chain open is something pretty appealing. Personally I'd love nothing more than the US to be 100% independent of all sources of energy, coal, and NG are abundant so long as we get get the regs out of the way to explore.
        CTL – Coal to Liquid,and GTL – Gas to Liquid can be used with a modest retrofit to refining and be used in the normal oil feedstock chain. Also, on the CNG thing, fleets do make sense when done in conjunctions with a filling facility. I've seen the pay back numbers as compared to $3.50 diesel, CNG out of the pipe varies, but it ranges in the 1.00-2.00 gallon equiv with similar BTU to diesel, it burns cleaner and it by far a better fuel.

    143. Ken K. says:

      Well Obama has to take care of his big rich finanical supporter and fellow socialist ( in name only ), wonder how Soros got the early information to invest in Westport Innovations ?? What an insane world we are living in !!!!

    144. topperj says:

      So, Buffet to benefit from Keystone decision, Soros benefits from the Brazilian oil deal and this deal. Who woulda thunk it? Crony capitalism from a Marxist.

    145. James Norton says:

      First of all. This country needs jobs. The natural gas act is a good idea, and a step in the wright direction. Any new jobs that are started will benefit someone with money. It's just part of the system. The oil pipe line, in my mind is very dangerous. too many miles of exposed pipe. We have too many nut cases in our country that could do allot of harm with this situation. That being said. why not shorten the pipe line and run it to the west coast. Creating more jobs for construction of a bigger sea port, more work for everyone. Then build a rail system from west to east with a combined Central located railroad spur north to south. More jobs etc.

    146. NoMarxist says:

      Soros most likely gave millions to Obama last election, using "anonymous" fifty dollar gift card donations submitted over the internet.. Typical tactics used by Democrats to skirt election laws. Where's Obama going to get his billion dollar election war chest this round? From the rich 1% who aren't paying their fair share of course. Wall street execs who've been repeatedly bailed out by the taxpayer, unions who have greatly prospered under his administration, Hollywood liberals with no clue and bleeding heart billionaires with more money than they could ever dream of spending. It sure ain't going to be from blue collar workers or the middle class who are dying under his leadership.

    147. Eyeontheball says:

      MAIN issue w/ Obama on NG is there HAS BEEN a bill in congress for 3 yrs that is virtually SAME as Obama's "new" bill and Obama/democrats have killed it for 3 yrs; essentially, delaying creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Now, Obama trying to take credit for NG. Its what he DOES, NOT what he SAYS!!! (Soros) Anyone paying attention has invested in NG related companies because it is the only LOGICAL fuel source to increase use of – abundant in US, cleanest fossil fuel, cheapest fuel for industry AND transportation. Soros isn't the issue.

      Westport is one of several companies providing technology for ng vehicles. Don't kill the idea of ng vehicles over Soros' small investment in the industry. The important aspects of this is that the tax breaks can/should be temporary (3-5 years) just to get the ball rolling FAST – Ball is already rolling, just not fast enough. As opposed to the subsidies for ethanol, wind, solar, which are never ending. Benefits: big increase in net taxes to the gov't, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, and cars will generate about 30% less pollution. If Bill not passed within 30 days, then Obama's blowing smoke, AGAIN.

    148. Wide says:

      If Obama is worried about jobs, he could have done this 3 years ago. He simply waited before the next election. As for natural gas in trucks, it won’t work, at least not yet. Natural gas has 6 times less bag than oil/diesel. It may work if trucks only drove down hill. It does work, just OK, in lightweight cars.

    149. allen says:

      Obama is the Head-Guy ,Some committee appointed the 12 Czars, To watch and tell this Mouth what to say and to do. You have to admit this fool can TALK . Just watch how much MONEY this fool comes away with after Four Years, plus how much is hidden. Do you think he will go to snowy,cold bleak Chicago,right,

    150. libwithiq says:

      Soros benefiting from an Obama proposal…..Color me surprised. NOT !!!!! The payoffs continue.

    151. don sibley says:

      So now Obama want so promote natural gas usage while his EPA is trying to stop shale gas production. What a bumbling fool.

    152. SpeaknUp says:

      No corruption here… really. Look the other way. It's all legal and above board. Obama and his cohorts would never do anything that wasn't completely transparent and good for the American people …and he told us he doesn't work with lobbyists so we know this must be just accidental. Lucky George!

    153. Gary in Colo says:

      Spooky dude Soros has given much more to Barry than just campaign donations.
      All his moveon.org, factcheck.org, the "Occupy" movement, and all his other left wing orgs
      have invisibly helped Barry.

    154. WillyMac says:

      I see the posts and it is very disheartening to see conservatives thinking status quo on energy is some how ok for the sake of ousting O'Barry. Look I agree he must go. I've been around longer than most. I remember the iranian embargo during the 70s and Carter's attempt to ration which lead to gas lines. If Obozo is willing to look at CNG, I'd say we call that bet. His econut base would leave in hoards.

      I amazed we are willing to keep relationships with dictators and thugs to the expense of our own debt burden. I love my truck, I will try it until the wheels fall off, but in terms of what fuel I put in, I'd love nothing more than to buy from US sources the cheaper the better. I've watched this bickering and I frankly see a bunch of so called conservatives thinking somehow our reliance on foreign entities whether it be for oil, or consumer goods is somehow important to our economy. the fact is we've outsources our industrial based to 3rd world countries.

      Maybe you people who think multi-national companies somehow improve the condition of our own people. I'd beg to differ. We farm out farm jobs to hispanics rather than our own farm youth who would jump at the chance for money, or perhaps the chance to farm themselves.

      Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Energy not the economy is the #1 issue in the US. so long as we remain dependent on scum like Mahmood, the Sauds, Chavez, we remain puppets of their whims.
      It is a national security issue. it is an economic security issue, it is a job security issue. If O'Barry does proceed with this notion of CNG, let the cards fall where they may. I'd be glad to convert my truck if i could fill it.

    155. lakelevel says:

      Do those people at Media Matters and MoveOn and all the other Soros political operations know that they are in the pocket of BIG OIL! And its not just natural gas. Soros has a major stake in Petrobas (which got 2 billion from Obama). Stop taking that Big Oil money you leftist hacks.

    156. otto hedrick says:

      There are city busses already running on natural gas, have been for years, A company in Oklahoma City sells a conversion kitt for pickup trucks so it will runn on N G. Vehicles have ran on Propane for years. You don't hear about explosion from traffic accidents from them. But George Soros is not our friend, he is full of socialism and that is why he backs Obama or pull his invisible strings

    157. TWD says:

      Everybody will benefit.

    158. Genius Species says:

      And….let's not forget how Soro's benefited from Obummers moratorium on off shore drilling here in the US while giving Brazil billions to develop their off shore drilling. Just so happens Soros owns huge shares in Brazils oil company. Imagine that! The hypocrisy from the leftinista's is sickening! They could care less about the people. To them the ultimate prize is total control. Its a shame that we have way too many idiots in this country that can't tell the difference between someone pissing on their back and the rain.

    159. otto hedrick says:

      I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    160. htMac says:


    161. maxmillun says:

      Obama and Soros both give me gas on a regular basis, and I do not support to either! OOOOOPPPs EXCUSE ME!

    162. Denise says:

      And THIS is NEWS ???!!!

    163. James Carson says:

      I disagree that subsidies are required. Nevertheless, facilitating the conversion of transportation to natgas is good policy. We have LOTS of cheap gas, and will for decades. Natgas is also very clean wrt SO2 and NOX.

    164. edwardo says:

      Soros WAS a currency trader! now he is a energy expert?! go figure! what else do you expect from Obama the hypocrite and liar.

    165. paddylol says:

      Soros is Obama's puppet master. Among the many players-Obama supporters that profit from his policies, is Boone Pickens and Buffet. Obama presides over a criminal enterprise that is cost taxpayers trillions.

    166. richard40 says:

      In the case I dont mind the Obama cronyism that much, since the basic proposal actually makes some sense. And as others stated, the cronyism is not one sided but balanced, since the conservative big oil guy, T Boone Pickens, also supports this. This might be a case where Obama cronyism finally produced some good policy, since now that one of his cronies also benefits, he can afford to do the right thing.

    167. true democrat says:

      but making millions is bad, Obagger told us that, but if it benefits one of your super pac donors, it's ok. liberalism is truly a mental disease.

    168. ted409 says:

      the state of arizona did this YEARS AGO and almost went broke as people went out and bought multiple cars
      it was so bad they had to cancel the program

    169. schmuck281 says:

      Westport converts diesel engines (i.e. – those found in semi trailers) into ones that run on natural gas.

      It must be government operation. Most diesel engine I have seen are in the semi tractors. Though I suppose that Westport could convert diesel engines that are hauled to their plant in semi trailer, that are pulled by semi tractors with diesel engines.

    170. Joe says:

      I hear Pelosi has a big investment in Clean energy fuels. The Pickens company symbol CLNE. I thought he was going to sign legislation to abort insider trading by Congress.

    171. Alma George says:

      Paying back donors seems to be the way to go. Funding SOROS??

    172. mark putnam says:

      This is nothing to be concerned about because one outfit is ready to do the conversions.The fact that he is a Obama donator is just bussiness as usual.The part where they state that the technology is complex is not accurate as the procedure is fairly simple.Also the use of natural gas is long ovedue.The truth is no matter what comes out of the White House it is bound to benefit some BIG BUSSINESS interest. For example,who really benefits from a "Health Care" bill that stipulates "you must buy health insurance or be fined" if you are presumed to be able to afford it.Only the Insurance Companies benefit from such legislation not Joe Public.

    173. TCC says:

      The BLS does not support this growth either….I too, would be interested in how Heritage comes to that conclusion.

    174. Herman Johnson says:

      I would like to have one of these investigative reporters look into Moody & Shetley, Oak Hill, Fl. In the late 70's or early 80 came out with a car that got over 80 miles to a gallon of Desiel fuel and had a gas engine that got over 60 miles to a gallon. I think the Times magazine had a article about some senater driving it. I believe that the Government and EPA shut them down. Also during WW2 the Germans were using a sythetic oil and gas. What happened to that tecnology? Why are the oil company's saying they are spending billions trying to produce a synthic oil, when we already had the tecnology since 1945? Most people in this country are so gullable, you young people will not remember but in the early 70's, when we went from Leaded Gas to Non-Lead Gas Engines, the oil company's had to raise the gas prices because they had to take the lead out of the gas to make it un-leaded. The lead was an additive that was added to unleaded gas for anti-knocking in gas engines. So they just raised the price for some thing they didn't do in the first place. And well let them get away with it.

    175. Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

      I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m

      not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, wonderful blog!

    176. enerzea says:

      steam turbines can be found in fossil-fired, combined cycle, integrated gasification combined cycle, renewable, industrial, petrochemical, and nuclear plants around the globe the range of sizes and applications, our steam turbines provide high reliability, sustained high efficiency and ease of maintenance. steam turbines can be found in fossil-fired, combined cycle, integrated gasification combined cycle, renewable, industrial, petrochemical, and nuclear plants around the globe. A steam turbine is a mechanical device that converts thermal energy in pressurised steam into useful mechanical work. The original steam engine which largely powered the industrial revolution in the UK was based on reciprocating pistons.

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