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  • Morning Bell: Obama's State of Omission

    Speaking last night from the U.S. Capitol, President Barack Obama described the state of the Union as he sees it — strong and getting stronger, with future growth fueled by his pursuit of progressive policies and an expansion of government, all architected to bring about his brand of “fairness.” The President essentially redelivered his 2011 State of the Union address — complete with the same empty rhetoric, class warfare cloaked in “fairness,” and proposals for massive tax and spending increases.

    The speech was notable for the items he did not mention, including many of the failed spending programs and policies he undertook over the past three years, the foreign policy and defense challenges he has exacerbated, and the economic actions he failed to take that would have created jobs and spurred economic growth.

    Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN), who delivered the response to the State of the Union address, shined a light on those titanic omissions — the state of America’s economic and fiscal crises, the President’s promise to fix them, and his failure to do anything but make matters worse, all amid a trillion dollars in stimulus spending and a rapidly expanding bureaucracy:

    The percentage of Americans with a job is at the lowest in decades. One in five men of prime working age, and nearly half of all persons under 30, did not go to work today.

    In three short years, an unprecedented explosion of spending, with borrowed money, has added trillions to an already unaffordable national debt. And yet, the President has put us on a course to make it radically worse in the years ahead. The federal government now spends one of every four dollars in the entire economy; it borrows one of every three dollars it spends.

    Apart from the truth about the depths of America’s unemployment crisis and the scope of government spending, the President barely mentioned his signature legislative item, Obamacare, which is facing a Supreme Court constitutional challenge; Social Security and the country’s entitlement crisis; his decision to say “no” to the Keystone XL pipeline and the jobs it would bring with it; the Solyndra scandal and the failures of his green energy initiatives; the illegality of his appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Board and the National Labor Relations Board; the Senate’s failure to pass a budget for 1,000 days under the leadership of his own party; the high costs that his additional regulations bring with them; his party’s opposition to free trade agreements; the fraudulent elections in Russia; the ongoing collapse of the Euro; warnings about his decision to slash defense spending; the remaining challenges in Afghanistan; and the violence that has erupted in Iraq after the departure of U.S. troops.

    It’s not surprising, of course, that the President would want to hide from his failures, but it’s troubling to see that he plans to continue on the progressive course he has set for the country. In the President’s words, “We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”

    This “fairness” argument, which the President cloaked in the most moderate of terms, lays the foundation for a wholesale deconstruction of America as we know it. Instead of a country where individuals are free to rise and fall on their own merits, the President seeks a system where an all-powerful federal government guarantees equal outcomes, regardless of one’s merit. The Heritage Foundation’s Matthew Spalding explains:

    In [Obama's] view, “fairness” flows not from opportunity and freedom of the individual, but from more government power, federal education programs, economic regulations, and infrastructure spending. And, of course, raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for these “investments” would only be fair.

    Such policy prescriptions lead to a governing class that insists on enforcing political and economic ‘fairness’ rather than letting us govern ourselves, choose our own vocations and earn our own success. The idea that the government can and should step in to guarantee economic fairness is contrary to the founding principles that make America so great-and that enable its citizens to achieve success. It is contrary to the very meaning of the American Dream.

    The United States faces significant challenges: a $15 trillion debt, 13.1 million unemployed Americans, exploding entitlement and health care costs, a broken education system, a military in disrepair, the continued threat of terrorism, a nuclear Iran, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan, among others. There is hope, but it does not emanate from a bigger, more powerful federal government that squelches entrepreneurship, ignores our fiscal crisis, and disregards the need for a strong national defense. The President says the state of the Union is getting stronger, but he is doing very little to ensure that happens.

    The Heritage Foundation’s analysts provided in-depth, issue-by-issue expert analysis of last night’s State of the Union address. You can find our 2012 Reaction Roundup on The Foundry blog.

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    84 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's State of Omission

    1. KC-NM says:

      I watched and listened last night to BO – he delivered a typical speech that was full of great ideas on things that America needs to do and things that Congress needs to do. But by the end of the speech, it was the SOS! Talk is cheap. We need a real leader who can express his vision and actually get things done. BO is ineffective as a leader and as the President. My fear is that the majority of Americans are too dumb or are expecting to receive more handouts from the government – therefore BO will get re-elected. The independents, middle America, and Republicans need to push the real issues if they want to succeed.

    2. Christina Decker says:

      I'd like to know Heritage's comment on Obama's plan to change the executive branch and consolidate power in the govt. He is already ignoring Congress. Obama said he wanted to make govt. leaner and more responsive to the people. We know that isn't true, so are we heading for a dictatorship here?

      • Wayne says:

        Your comment is spot on. I think Heritage should maintain, and regularly post, a list of all Obama's illegal and unconstitutional programs, policies, appointments and Executive Orders. Thanks.

    3. LIGHTITUP says:

      The problem, the only people that can and want to stop this onslaught are the people that are working every day. When will we make the time?

    4. The One Trick Crony at it again: Tax, Spend, demonize those to be taxed, agitate the envy of those to receive the distributed wealth, ignore results, repeat. We've seen this movie before. It never ends well.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    5. Mary......WI says:

      Boring speech with a touch of drama. Same old dribble….. I give it a ZERO! Obama is a FAILURE as a leader because he's out of touch with his country and the American people. His goal is to destroy the country. He has divided the people. A vote for Romney, Gingrich or Santorum would suit me just fine because anyone of those three men will work extremely hard to BRING AMERICA BACK to a sustainable, productive, freedom loving country.

    6. Thomas McGowan III says:

      There are several comments about which ond could write. One of the central features and failures of the Obamare legislation is the treatment of religious institutions. It is now made manifest that there are other issues that one does not like when one takes time to read it. This especially relates to Catholic hospitals and care centers. We now learn that hospitals run by religious institutions mucst provide "morning after" and a large number of treatmenst which, to me, are a clear violation of the Constitution.
      The Constitution makes it quite clear that the government shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion or "the free practice thereof". Obama care clearly violates the second section in that it demands that Catholic hospitals are not free to practice our Faith (I am a Catholic). This too should be part of the lawsuit regarding Obamacare. I do not like Obamacare once I have seen what it does.

    7. TaterSalad says:

      When Captain BS gets on the T.V. to deliver another one of his speeches the T.V. goes into "off" mode for some reason. After many days of having TV repairmen looking into the problem it has been determined that it has a BS sensor from the factory and recognizes Barack Obama's lies and to the American people.

    8. Bill says:

      This is a great summary of Obama's continuing lies to Americans. Despite my flickering hope for a change in the Senate and the WH in 2012, I am getting increasingly depressed by Obama's continuing success in assaulting the Constitution and the freedoms we were guaranteed. He seems to run unchecked by the Republicans in the Senate and the House and by the GOP elite class who insist in not criticizing Obama directly,bluntly and repeatedly. The GOP elitists may call for yet another Candidate and seem to ignore the quality candidates still in the GOP, like Newt and Rick. If only Romney would take up Conservative principles!!!

    9. John Salo says:


      If you want to solve these problems then you must understand what caused them. As I see it the causes are still there. Nothing has changed. We then will repeat the mess at some time in the future. The republicans are just wasting all of their time.

      John Salo

    10. Carol,AZ says:

      The one resounding thought we had last night listening to the Prez's summary of {his} America:
      we won't have to listen to this delusional summary again because it's his last, State of the Union Address.

      One point to re.
      His boasting that in his America, this month, 30,000 jobs were created."
      But he also failed to tell the rest of you that 30,000 foreign work Visa's were approved by the State Dept. re. NUMBERSUSA.COM )
      His example of job growth is like attending a chilli cook-off where the portal bathrooms haven't been delivered. Everyone's frantic searching for a solution.
      He's also coming to AZ , on his way to NV, and CA to kiss Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's rings.
      You can bet the ranch America, he won't kissing any rings in AZ.
      However, the welfare crowd will be lined up with help od Acorn Federal funded programs with their amnesty banner flying , while the rest of us that do work, will be picking up the tab under Obama economics.
      Is this class warfare America or just facts?

    11. MJF in CT says:

      Mr. Obama did a pretty good job of putting the blame for jobless Americans and the destruction of the economy on the Bush Administration. He also did a good job of pushing the bad mortgages off on the banks when WE know it was the government that threatened the banks to give these loans. To the uninformed, Mr. Obama is the choice candidate and these are the very voters the Republican Party needs to win over.

    12. BNK says:

      I just read on Drudge where more and more Americans are renouncing their US citizenship and taking their millions to different countries which have more favorable tax policies. This has escalated since 2009 when the "One" was immaculated so there must be some kind of connection! I can guarantee you these people fleeing are not his 99% who want to soak the rich… it is the rich who are seeing the handwriting on the wall and getting out of Dodge before little Timmy Geithner comes knocking! We are in deep DoDo if this guy gets re-elected this fall… all I can say is God helps us if his is!

    13. Leftshot says:

      There were a couple of clear examples of how Obama's view of "fairness" and "opportunity" is unAmerican and destroys our freedom and liberty. One is his proposal to offer training and jobs to returning veterans–for law enforcement jobs. If you want to pursue a career in any other field you are SOL. The government will now choose your career for you.

      The other is the retraining programs through community colleges Obama wants to set up. They will be required in order to get various unemployment benefits, but once again, the federal government will choose what training for what trades will be available.

      Doesn't sound like "the land of the free and the home of the brave" to me. Apparently, with the Obama Administration in power we have to declare our independence and fight again for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

    14. Judith Czuba says:

      I cannot comprehend why my democrat neighbors and friends do not see this man as the "Emperor Without Clothes" that he is. I can only deduce that they do not want to know, and avoid every occasion that might enlighten them. They are educated, very nice people but they seem to live in a different reality. Most were brought up as democrats and can't seem to even try to look at the ideology and make objective assessments. It's frightening.

      Judy in Connecticut

      • Mary......WI says:

        Perhaps your democrat friends and neighbors haven't yet realized that the last true democrats ended with John and Robert Kennedy. The democrat party has steadily gone down hill since then.

    15. Southern Girl says:

      God help us give faith to all Americans to vote Obama out and begin work to heal our broken country. I have faith – do you? It's as easy as going to the polls and placing your vote for America, for freedom – not for socialism.

    16. Ruth says:

      This man speaks out of both sides of his mouth….he stands there and says what a fine military we have all along knowing he is going to cut it to bare bones, just like another one of our great leaders did. At the time he was running his mouth about how good he is, we had our Great military on a mission….way to go, Obama….wonder what else he can mess up with his time remaining, Lord please don't let this guy get re-elected….

    17. James Covington says:

      A campaign speech eloquently presented with very little substance about the State of the Union, but much on how to divide it further.

      • mike swann says:

        JAMES, cab you believe some actually believe every word this liar uttered? My niece's husband is a doctor , has 4 practices around the altimore Metro area. He paid taxes, found he owes $90,000 more. People don't realize doctors have a lot of expense, incurance, insurance for their workers, overhead, malpractice insurance.

        Wall Street gave more to Obama's campaign than any predident in history. He pretends to be agaist them. Well, Sen Dodd lied under oath he knew nothing about the big bonuses wall street got before the bailout, than 3 days later, caufght lying, Dodd admitted he and Obama knew the bonuses were included. Their bonuses on Wall St were in the millions. We have to pay that back. People lost their 401, pension plans, never to see it again. Then Obam hired a lot of Goldman Sacks employees in his administration

    18. Frank says:

      If America listens to the empty promises & misguided rhetoric of this big government, Contitution-trashing, tax & spend budget-busting President… well all I can say is we are in for an even bigger disaster in the next 4 years. Wake up America! Time for a small government, Constitution-loving, sound money, balanced budget President.

    19. Normct says:

      Again we see BO is smart like a fox. He and his party stymied oil and coal, was responsible for all the new EPA regulations, Dodd-Frank etc for the last three years choking the faltering economy. Now he says lets remove some of the regulations, drill for oil, rewrite loans etc so he can get re-elected. * Choke the economy then recessitate it and become the hero * Then in Jan he can revert to his tax and spend destruction of this country.

    20. Leftshot says:

      Another lie is that unemployment is at 8.5%. The government reporting has taken out millions of people who lost their jobs declaring that they are no longer interested in a job. Where are these people? I know a LOT of working age people who have been laid off and unable to find work for more than a year. I don't know ONE that lost their job and is saying, 'That's okay. I don't need to work anyway. I'll just retire from the workforce.'

      The unemployment numbers are a farce and we need to call them out at every opportunity.

    21. Jeff Dover says:

      Heritage, please…don’t use the term “progressive” unless you’re going to tell us where the “progress” is being made. Otherwise, don’t use Leftist psychobabble to talk to your audience.

      “Progressive” stems from the Marxian idea that the end of history is known: the dictatorship of the proletariat. Every thing which happens before that day is “history” and anything which hastens that day, is called “progressive”, as in, “progressing” toward the ultimate goal.

      Though “progressive” as American Leftists use the term, no doubt stems from that theory (theory mostly unknown to those using the term), it also embodies the connotative impression of being somehow “good”, as opposed to blocking progress or not being “progressive”, which would usually connote “bad”. Applying the term “Progressive” to oneself no doubt gives many using the term the warm and fuzzy feeling of being “good”, though translated into politics as history has seen, it ranges anywhere from a complete, ineffective mess to total evil – all of which could very well visit our country if Leftist policies continue to roll.

      So please, Heritage, don’t lend legitimacy to the term. There is no notion of any sort of “progress” embodied in our constitution. It leaves any “progress” to the individual to decide as his or her life is played out. Up until several years ago, the progress we knew as a nation, resulting from all our individuals acting individually in their sovereign self-interest, was the envy of the world. No socialist demagogue will ever improve on that or make the world a better place for humanity.

      • H. R. Penn says:

        Why did you reject my earlier comment today referencing the Constitution's preamble and a Theodore Roosevelt quote? Don't you allow contrary viewpoints to appear?

      • mike swann says:

        progressive is a mild way of saying someone is a communist.. The new term the left use in disguise. Hillary Clinton claims to be one.

    22. William F Cavender says:

      I await your comments on BO's assault on the Catholic and other churches via Obamacare and Sebelius.

      • mike swann says:

        the bishop or archbishop of Kansas told Sebellius she could come to Mass but not receive the sacraments which means ex-communication. Due to her stand on abortion. Pelosi should get the same treatment. She claims to be a good Catholic. LOL

    23. Very well put, Mr. Brownfield, and it should be made available to every man, woman and teenager in this country.

      I take issue with only one segment, your unemployment data.

      The real unemployment in the United States today is 16.6% or almost 26 million Americans out of work. That is not propaganda thought up by conservatives but a statistic from Mr. Obama’s own Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      The statistic is known as U-6 and The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a unit of the Labor Department, began tracking this alternative measure to bring it more in line with the way Japan, Canada and Western Europe count their unemployed. However, by BLS own disclosure, it doesn't include self-employed workers whose incomes have shriveled. It doesn't count Americans who have taken part time jobs just to have something, part time jobs without benefits, and at a fraction of their former salaries.

      But Mr. Obama will never point this out because, that number, the real unemployed, is up from 9.7% in 2008 just before he took office.

    24. Rodric G. Hammond says:

      One item that has not been mentioned. He said he was taking care of the military men and women who are serving and have served. I am a retired Naval Officer with 30 years of service and all I can glean from him is to increase the cost of retiree's medical care – though I was guaranteed free for life medical if I stayed for 20 or more years. The administration trying to close commissaries, forcing us to pay for Medicare Part B to have Tricare for Life and then proposing an additional annual cost to have the program. Typical Democrat shafting of the Military.

    25. Monty B says:

      I disagree with Obama on almost everything. Being civil with him is very very difficult for me. However I have heard the the pipline from the oil fields in the western states is expected to go to a refinery that exports most of the finished product. If we are to become an exporter of oil products, do we not have to increase production by much more than this line would allow. Are we not sending oil from the same fields now by rail (slower and more expensive)

      Secondly why do we not send the crude oil to St. Louis where a refinery exists that is closer to the bulk of the us market place?
      Why do we not pump crude oil to ports near Deluth Minnisota to be loaded on Great Lakes tankers and unloaded at Great lakes ports at points south of lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie?

    26. SMSPirate says:

      empty rhetoric? Class warfare? You're kidding, right? Were you even listening??? Do you even live in the same country as the rest of us? You are citing Obama for failures of the Congress, and guess who, in the last two years, controls that? WHAT has Congress actually DONE since the change in 2010? NOTHING. Expanding government??? You mean by actually filling the spots written into passed legislation for actual enforcement and compliance? How did BUSH avoid the healthcare discussion??? By NOT APPOINTING A CHIEF, which Obama fixed in the first year of taking office. He is bringing on the discussion and the problems are finally coming into daylight, which is what the Republicans are really pissed at him for. These jokers HATE being called out from under their rocks and being exposed to the sunlight of inspection. I actually hope you conservative idiots GET what you're ASKING FOR with this kind of BS… In a land where no one cares for anyone – NO ONE gets cared for – and that, someday, will include you. If today were the last day on earth for you, I'm sure you would be proud to have this ridiculous tirade as your last piece of journalism work. Unfortunately, I'm now off to read something else because I do NOT want this to be the last piece of literature I've ever read. In fact, I'm sorry I read it at all. Next time, why not speak the truth in your headline? There's no 'fact-checking' here – just BASH CHECKING.

      • Leftshot says:

        You don't even know which party controls the Senate and you call us idiots??? All your post proves is that you don't know what you are talking about and until you face up to this fact there is no hope for you.

      • Bobbie says:

        What's wrong with you fact checking!? Find out where those problems coming to daylight stemmed? Then you'll find out how ignorant one party is to have ignored the ability to avoid them all together. You have quite some nerve when the GOP has to deal with juvenile adults derelict in their duty while the GOP has yet to be tardy in their work. The GOP does their job while some democrat derelicts suck their thumb as time goes by and others just crying for attention to get their unconstitutional way. Democrats haven't shown any productivity! Their minds are effected by an unwillingness to reason and narrowed on one solution.
        Why not take in all that's necessary and find the truth yourself instead of bashing?

    27. Harry Adams says:

      It seems to me that the Republician candidates should be bashing the many shortcoming of Obama rather than bashing each other. Again , I ask: Who are the many Czars, what are their titles and how much are they payed? Does anyone know except Obama?

    28. johninohio says:

      "architected"?? You mean constructed, designed or intended?

    29. In the clear daylight of Florida sunshine, I am for the first time, without words.
      We,my family, live in a State of Reality! …MAYBE LATER.
      When George Soros warns"…
      God Bless America

    30. Richard says:

      I like Thatcher's comment " The only problem with socialiesm is sooner or later you run out of every one elses money ".

    31. Alcon says:

      Obama has been campaigning for the last two years at the expense of American taxpayers and this is just another example of his campaign rhetoric. It appears his true motivation is to increase the division between classes and continue to promote taking from the families who worked hard, invested in our economy through savings and investments and appropriate those hard earned dollars to those who don't work, are not citizens, etc. He is probably more dangerous than Peron was to Argentina. He and Soros are working fast a furious to destroy the middle class and steal from the wealthy! Obviously he is trying to appeal to the OWC crowd as well as the "non working class".

    32. John Reynolds says:

      Last night I think I heard Mr. Obama say that by cutting the DOD budget by $1 trillion that the country could use one half of the budgetary savings to pay down on the debt and the other half to invest in America – but when I read the speach this morning I couldn't find this language.
      Was I mistaken?? or is there a rogue telepromter??

      • Leftshot says:

        Here is the quote you are looking for. "In the next few weeks, I will sign an Executive Order clearing away the red tape that slows down too many construction projects. But you need to fund these projects. Take the money we are no longer spending at war, use half of it to pay down our debt, and use the rest to do some nation-building right here at home."

        There are so many things wrong with this statement that I don't know where to begin. But this is the excerpt you were looking for.

      • Carol,AZ says:

        John your cracking me up and thanks for the sense of humor.!
        I believe we heard that the money from the military budget saved, will be put towards the spend down on the national debt
        However, earlier this week on my financial website I read that most of this excess is already earmarked for welfare. So your probably correct about the teleprompter that ran the story in Mandarin and you just missed it. But don't despair since ads are running concurrently on the three major networks for language tutorials in Chinese. Ya got love the timing!

    33. J. Kirklen says:

      His Abraham Lincoln quote espoused a policy of government doing less, but that was in direct contractiction with the overreaching policies and programs that he outlined in the very same speach. It is insulting to me that Mr Obama thinks that our attention spans are so short that we don't see the hypocrisy. This was no State of the Union, but a pie-in-the-sky campaign speech.

    34. allen says:

      The Factory that makes Apple Products,is made in Chine and has 230,000 people.

    35. PADDY O says:

      Obama wants to change the executive branch. If that happens it will be a 3000 page bill and we will "HAVE TO PASS IT TO FIND OUT WHAT'S IN IT " Probably there will be elimination of presidential term limits and a change of title from President to Czar!

      We have ten months to decide–Keep our Constitution, or re-elect Obama !

    36. Hilf says:

      We have to continue to spread the truth that the Obama Administration is incompetent, corrupt and dangerous. Obama is a failed leader who runs, hides and bullies others into taking the leadership that he should be taking.
      His corruption list is long and frightful: Fast and Furious, Solyndra, cronies first. He is dangerous because his drunken spending will expand the national debt to the bursting point. On top of everything, his buttery speeches hide the truth, and that is $5 trillion worth of failures.

    37. toledofan says:

      Well, for me, the only thing enlighting or entertaining about yesterdays SOTUS, was watching Biden mimic a bobble head doll. His neck must have been really sore after all the downs and up. Anyway, it's sad that we actually have a man who thinks what he's doing is good for America and is making America a stronger and better place. The class warfare, redistribution, more taxes and growing government are so far out of touch with the Constitution it's pathetic. For him to even talk about ouir future is a travesty. We haven't had a budget for over 1000 days and he thinks he has the right to preach to us about fiscal responsibility; not!

    38. GRP1953 says:

      Did anyone notice this obscure paragraph towards the end of his campaign speech? "The executive branch also needs to change. Too often, it's inefficient, outdated and remote. That's why I've asked this Congress to grant me the authority to consolidate the federal bureaucracy so that our Government is leaner, quicker, and more responsive to the needs of the American people." Pretty scary thought! More power for the Executive Branch?

    39. John Salo says:


      I don't understand your hatred of Obama after all it was the republicans who caused all the problems.


    40. PADDY O says:

      Obama wants to change the executive branch of Government! If he is successful it will be a three thousand word bill and we will have to " Pass it to see what 's in it". Probably These two items would be in it. Elimination of presidential term limits and change of title from President to Czar.

      We have ten months to decide—Keep our constitution or re-elect Obama

    41. J Harman says:

      It's interesting how Washington does math. Yesterday on the eve of the State of the union, Fox news reported
      a "just" issued announcement that the stock market has grown 60% under this President. 100% -50% loss
      plus 60% gives you a gain of 10% . Not 60% Deceptive and not that astonishing, 10% is the will of the market , and has nothing to do with this regime. In addition, if your payroll was less and you paid less benefits for employees, so effective shrinking your working employees and you maintained your market, you could
      show more profit.

      This "fairness" message is a huge smoke screen for a Communist. Stalin was leading his followers into this
      fairness scenario . He said we will work for each other, we defend each other, no one will gain from the other. This sounds good, but if you were Stalin, Castro, and many others like him , you gained on the
      backs of those you preached this to. garbage. just like this. Choice is what makes America Great.
      People that believe in moving forward, in the effort to help themselves pursue happiness .

      He will rob this country, just like Stalin did to Russia.

    42. Frank says:

      We should all work and pray the country can be saved…this is not the country my grandparents imigrated to.nor the country that survived the great depression and WW2….Mitch did a great job in telling the real truth….unfortunately America will not face the truth….our congress is broken and the moral strength our nation once had is gone.

    43. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      All I heard was the first few minutes of BHO's speech. He sounded like he was campaigning Ronald Reagan style. That's probably all he can do – try to dupe as many voters as possible. Well, we know the truth. BHO has proven to be a bigger failure in 3 years than Jimmy Carter was in 4 years. Perhaps the funniest part of the speech was before Obama began to speak. A local talk radio host said that Obama is a great speech giver. LOL!! Shouldn't he have said 'teleprompter reader'?? LOL!! Likewise, Sean Hannity had a great suggestion. Maybe Obama should've just said America's in bad shape, and that he will resign effective noon the following day. Actually, it would be even better if the VP Joker Biden would also resign at the same time. Yeah, you say: "But Earl, if they both resign, then John Boehner will become POTUS, and he's a wimp!!" That's true, but Boehner is no worse. Again I must say – we all get frustrated with RINOs and moderate GOP wimps. But anyone who thinks demon-crats will correct the GOP’s errors probably believes in the tooth fairy!! VOTE WISELY!!

    44. Spyderman says:

      Face it: the guy is a liar by omission, and a pathetic one at that. Too bad that the average American voter will not be informed of what Obama failed to address, thus become yet another of his dupes in November.

    45. Whicket Williams says:

      The main crisis facing we the individual are the Patriot act, the NDAA and the deposit. DR RON PAUL is the ONLY person willing to help us, the greatest minority, the individual.

    46. Clearhead says:

      NEVER in most of our recollections has HOPE for a CHANGE been more intense!

    47. Glen says:

      Mitch Daniels laid it out so clearly that I am suprised there is no uproar against this administration. Hearing the truth after all the blathering made my day. Thank you, Mitch.

    48. Leftshot says:

      Another lie is that unemployment is at 8.5%. The government reporting has taken out millions of people who lost their jobs declaring that they are no longer interested in a job. Where are these people? I know a LOT of working age people who have been laid off and unable to find work for more than a year. I don't know ONE that lost their job and is saying, 'That's okay. I don't need to work anyway. I'll just retire from the workforce.'

    49. John Reynolds says:

      When I was listening to the President's comments last night I thought I heard him say something to the effect that by reducing the DOD budget a $1 trillion that 50% of the savings could be used to pay down the debt and the remainder could be used to rebuild America, but when I got a copy of the script I couldn't find where the statement was included.
      I either made it up or maybe there is a rogue teleprompter??
      Did I hear it or not?

      • Mary......WI says:

        I beleive he said that now that the wars in the mideast are ending we can use that money …50% to pay off the debt and 50% for rebuilding America or for schools ….something like that. He didn't come out and call it reduction in the DOD.

    50. Dave Carlson says:

      Waas Congressman Joe Wilson there last night?

    51. Bob Burcham says:

      Why do we keep hearing how the middle class is paying more in federal taxes than Mitt Romney? Really? If you are a middle class citezen and you are paying more than $3 million get a new tax company!
      I also do not buy that Warren Buffett's secratary pays more than 14%. I am sure her boss helps her find all kind of ways to keep that down.

    52. M Silva says:

      I, and many of my friends, did not expect anything different from this President in his address. He has no other ideas or idealogy. And what he does have is failing. If a person cannot see this truth, it is because he or she refuses to see.

    53. Mary Laforet says:

      Yep, all he did was more of the same…Can anyone else see the similarities between our situation and the problems with the German dictator in the video I attempted to share a few days ago 180 turnaround. We the people can be just like sheep!

    54. Al Reyes says:

      The word fair was not intended as a Machiavellian weapon…but then again his premier mentor stated that you can lie to the masses as long as your socialist agenda gets pushed forward. The only good thing was that was his last…he will be back in Chicago for the next one.

    55. Karen Neff says:

      What did Pres Obama mean when he said the Executive Branch need to change? ….grant executive branch to consuladate power? I feel this would be a GREAT mistake. He is making a farce of the Office, Constitution and America all at the same time. Stop him now.

      • Carol,AZ says:

        "The change to the Executive Branch is simple."
        We the people are kicking his butt to the curve in Nov., so 14 million unemployed Americans will finally find jobs. How's that sound to you?

      • ThomNJ says:

        At the risk of sounding kooky – I thought it interesting that hussein would bring that up again. He has a way of telling us what he is going to do, yet far too many people just ignore it. I am glad you caught that. Here is my kooky part. Recall that he said a few years ago that he wanted a "civilian police force" that rivaled the size of the US military? Ever notice that over the last several years a number of federal agencies have further develioped their own armed internal groups? The dept of Energy and Education, for example, have have bid requests out – I recall seeing them – for weapons (shotguns, etc). Maybe hussein sees this as a way to push these groups into BATFE for example and start another federal police force that he would control.

    56. Myron J. Poltroonian says:

      My Dear Governor Daniels, Until last evening, as a constitutional conservative, I was unsure what the effect would be of you jumping into the current GOP nomination process. The rampant rumors I've been hearing about the possibility of a "Brokered Republican Convention" with you being the proffered candidate have left me feeling as if the "Establishment Republicans", as Limbaugh calls them, were trying to make an end run around the deeply held principles of the republican, conservative – Tea Party base. Until last night, that is. If, dear sir, you would reconsider you decision to not seek the highest office in our land, I find myself supporting such a change of mind. If, of course, you are able to convince your wife that it is in the best interest of the country that she buck up and help you shoulder the burden. (Yes, I know, selling ice to Eskimos, or fireplaces to the Devil would be easier, but, whoever said something worthwhile would always be easy?)

      • Maggie,WayN.Calif says:

        After hearing Governor Daniels last evening, my thoughts exactly. I now truly feel that Governor Daniels would be the leader we need.

    57. Dannye Smith says:

      I am still puzzled by the fact that we are saying that what Obama did was unconstitutional and illegal (the appointment of people while Congress was Not in recess. If it was unconstitutional and illegal, why is some action being brought against him. I have written my Senator and all he says is he is concerned and will work with others over the next months to see that checks and balances are held. I thought we already had checks and balances in place. It seems to me my Senator is all talk and no ACTION. What actions could Congress take?

    58. Jerry B Goode says:

      Mitch Daniels response was not only tepid, boring and lacking any emotion, it did not address the issues of Obama's plans sufficiently and was frankly a lame reply. No wonder he is not Presidential material. Get some one with fire in their belly and who actually believes what they are saying and points out Obamas past broken promises. They are all out there for repeating and defeating. Somehow we always get guys who are afraid to be seen as "not nice". and they end up waffling.

    59. Prince of Peeps says:

      As stated in the article, Obama and his progressive cohorts are orchestrating the "deconstruction of America as we know it." They don't want a strong America, and are doing their best to tear it down. Obama's words are just fluff buying time while they carry out their nefarious plans. Good people tend to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, that his intentions are good, that he wants to do right, but it just isn't working out very well. The sooner America understands the evil intentions that are at the helm of this nation, the sooner we can turn this bus around.

    60. Sue says:

      Did anyone catch the subject of consolidating power into the Executive Branch? In his speech, he wants all power to make government "leaner, quicker and more responsive to solving problems" Sounds like he wants to be declared "King" or dictator. Out with the Constitution, just make the rest of us slaves. Dear God, please take over and straighten out the wonderful country founded by men of your inspiration. You have preserved us many times in our short history, but now is an even greater crisis.

    61. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The State of Denial is strong.

    62. Gary Sheldon says:

      Soetoro always says the same thing. Couldn't stomach the entire speech as it was the same as the last speech by this Buffet puppet . Wonder if Soetoro has even looked at House Bills and proposals. America has moved faster down the Commie tube in the last 3 years than the previous 50 years of slow frog boil.

    63. James Lovell says:

      The President's comments were pure socialism, and the most egregious class warfare commentary I've heard in my lifetime.

    64. W R Hewitt says:

      Decent score for style, failing score for substance…which is the story of his entire "career" of smoke 'n mirrors, lies an' deception, obfuscation and diversion. The man is a consumate liar…why tune in when nothing will be said in which We, The People can believe?
      'Hope the eligibility hearing in Atlanta exposes the ghost impersonating an American. "Fool me once, shame on you, Ozero" – - "Fool me TWICE, shame on ME!" We must have a CHANGE in leadership, that is, we must HAVE leadership, not the fumbling, bumbling incompetence laced with soaring oratory going nowhere that we have had for the last 3+ years.
      Fire Obozo in 2012!

    65. Tony Kardashinetz says:

      I can see nothing wrong in providing healthcare to the public as long as it is properly funded and managed. You don't sell your car because you got a flat tire. You replace the tire and continue using the car. (baby and bath water concept). Thirdly, in terms of defense and foreign policy, Obama early on did err in how he approached foreign entities and should have supported Israel more. However, he has also authorized frequent drone attacks that have decimated Al-Qaeda's leadership (see Newsweek issue on this) and has bravely given the go ahead on the Osama bin Laden killing as well as being proactive in his approach to Somali piracy and kidnapping. Fourthly, what's up with the "illegal" appointments? They're about as legal as the veiled continuance of congressional sessions by one or two individuals who bang the mallet and walk away!!! Let's be fair about this. Republican and Democratic presidents have made off-session appointments and to call Obama's appointments illegal because of the play-acting going on in Congress is to be totally partisan and disingenuous.

    66. Tony Kardashinetz says:

      When will the hype stop? Calling the military in "disrepair", the country in "deconstruction", attributing Europe's crisis to Obama is intellectually pejorative. There are still plenty of issues that we can ascribe to Obama but we don't need to contrive things or engage in scare tactics to win over supporters. For example, Solyndra, the "shovel-ready" jobs, his immaturity in dealing with other heads of state, his excessive "Czars", and his lack of unifying leadership are all fair game for criticism SO LET'S NOT MAKE UP STUFF. Address the real issues! Yes the military needs intelligent trimming down, yes we need some regulation to prevent the financial institutions from going crazy as they did a few years ago (if regulation is so bad why not wipe out the FDA, the NRC, the Central Bank, etc. How I long for more intelligent and less vitriolic conversation!!!

    67. James McGarrahan says:

      I totally agree with the President when he says,"We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well, while a growing number of Americans barely get by. Or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules."

      The only way to make that happen however, is to get this "statist" out of the White House and get someone in there who believes in the American dream as was laid out in the Declaration of Independence!

    68. Gigene says:

      I'll tell you why Mr. B is in office – I was watching Bonnie Hunt back about three years ago and she was asking school kids who they wanted elected as President. A little Afo-American boy andwered he wanted Obama – When asked why he declared without missing a beat "Because then we're going to get a lot of free money."
      The rest is history

    69. john in AR says:

      0 Bama is a disaster, an unmitigated lying disaster! (zero bama, not Oh bama) I really don't want this democratic republic to go socialist, but the current leaders are driving full speed ahead to get us there! My concern is that the GOP has lost its way also. They are not running to serve but to gain power

      Enough said.

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