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  • VIDEO: Seniors & Providers Dread Obamacare Changes

    Medicare patient Ann Lorenz has relied on the advice and recommendations of her neurologist, Dr. Jeffrey English, since she was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 13 years ago. So the dramatic changes coming to Medicare via the Affordable Care Act—and its potential to limit seniors’ access to care as doctors foresee dropping Medicare patients—already worry Lorenz.

    “One of the first things you ask a new doctor is if they accept Medicare,” Lorenz, who lives in Atlanta, says in a new Impact of Obamacare video. “And we have always seemed to have doctors that accepted it, which has worked out very nicely because I have had to go over the last few years…to many doctors…because of age and the various things that happen to you when you get older.”

    But that reliable acceptance of Medicare patients is in danger. In fact, Dr. English—who dropped his roster of Medicaid patients just six years ago—fears he’ll have to take the same action with his Medicare patients if reimbursement rates are too low.

    “The reimbursement was such that it was actually costing us more to see the [Medicaid] patients than if…we just saw them for free if we saw them in the hospital,” English says in the new Heritage video.

    It’s not just reimbursement rates that will impact seniors’ access to care. English says the heavy regulations and required protocols in Obamacare will impact his practice of medicine. “My reputation now is built on taking good care of patients. In the future, my reputation is going to be whether I stick to protocols.”

    Then there are Obamacare’s sharp cuts in Medicare Advantage, which nearly one-quarter of U.S. seniors rely on for their health benefits. Obamacare will result in the average senior facing a drop of $3,700 in services in Medicare Advantage by 2017.

    Finally, Obamacare is an innovation killer, piling on new taxes on drug companies ($20 billion) and medical device makers ($27 billion) that will make health care services more costly. “I’m all for reform that puts the patient in charge, gives patient access to all the doctors and reduces cost,” English notes. But “we got the opposite in Obamacare.”

    See the full video here along with Heritage’s full lineup of Impact of Obamacare videos—which also features the impact the health reform will have on doctors, states, families, and businesses.

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    7 Responses to VIDEO: Seniors & Providers Dread Obamacare Changes

    1. Bobbie says:

      So do the people who's costs have tripled for less service. This is an unfair change that wasn't truthful from the start which leads reasonable minds to conclude it's thievery, power, control and not in the best interest of health care. The cost doesn't make sense when you consider the fact those that weren't paying were getting it for free regardless, so why such a drastic increase? What obamacare also does is accommodate those who have certain requirements in reference to their religion which preferential treatment adds another unfair increase. This is what private service does and why those the president favors' are rightfully accountable to conduct their own business so their preference isn't infringing on anyone else. But people that follow the president don't believe in personal responsibility because their sensitivities would be severely effected when held accountable to their own choice of behavior. The people the president favors' are having this procedure change in the name of Obama's nationalized health care so everyone else is responsible to and for them at unreasonable costs because those the president favors' work in the field.

      please repeal. it's unconstitutional. costs are unreasonable and putting control of our health in government hands, is simply controlled danger. open the market!!

    2. Jeanne Stotler says:

      As a member of the medical society, I have from the onset been against Obama care and ANY interference for federal goverment it the practice of Medicine. Doctors go to school for 8 years, then Intern and resident programs, office cost are high BUT they KNOW how to best treat each patient. Patients are individuals and need to be treated as such, what works on John Doe might not work on Mike Smith. Limiting the ability to treat patients as they see fit is going to result in a lot of premature deaths and suffering. I feel BHO must have hated his grandparents so is using this to punish all of us who have lived, in his estimation, too long. Where did the reverence toward the elderly go?? Our bodies might be frail but our minds are not and we do VOTE .

    3. Doris says:

      Right now, I have an infusion of several medications every four weeks which keeps me from being completely in a wheelchair. Each of these infusions are between $11,000 to 13,000. Do you really think these will continue? — Not on your life!!!

      • Leslie says:

        Obamacare will probably say you can't have them because of cost. They'll say you shouldn't mind being in a wheelchair because at least you're still alive. This is what's going to happen to many, many, many of us if we don't get rid of this sheister and truly fix our medical system the RIGHT way. Doris, I sure hope you are able to continue your treatments.

    4. M Nguyen says:

      I'm in solo practice in cardiology and work hard to help my patients, may of them I can called friends for over 20 years. I'm considering closing since I'm at the breaking point, funding my practice with saving since the majority of my patients have Medicare. It is heartbreaking ..Americans, we can do better…

      • Leslie says:

        We need to hear more of this from more doctors and anyone in the healthcare field. Please get together and get your message out to the politicians, the people, the media, etc. I think it will help. The message has to get out about what WILL happen to doctors and patients if this travesty called Obamacare continues.

    5. Ron W. Smith says:

      Seniors and Providers aren't the only ones who should fear "Obamacare." Everyone should. When a coalition of those in health care and the pharmaceutical industry torpedoed both Single Payer and Public Option as against their interests, there really was nothing left for reformers to work with. The Democrats' ill-conceived "fix" for the problems besetting health care insurance and delivery in the U.S. is proof positive, as is the "fix" envisioned in Heritage Foundation's "Saving the American Dream."
      Americans pay very close to $8,000 per person for health care coverage, now more than twice what is paid per person wherever else health care coverage is offered. The results are not only not twice as good, all measures of effectiveness save one indicate worse results. That one is delays. We're faster in providing service without delays, as a rule but not always, than are those in government-provided health care programs.
      Shooting down "Obamacare," the pathetic remains of what could have been a marvelous, FAR less costly Single-Payer system, is child's play. The plan is flawed from stem to stern, particularly because costs are left uncontrolled in any significant way but also because coverage is tied to employment and is not portable. Yelling "socialism," as those on the Right did all through the health care reform debate has thrown any baby out with the bathwater. Now the burden is on the Right, for they will kill "Obamacare," to prove (1) costs can be reduced SIGNIFICANTLY, (2) the inflationary spiral in those costs ended, and (3) the health care system we're left with will match in every way results and percentage of population fully covered elsewhere. Lovers of free-market solutions have quite an obstacle before them in that our health care system has been in the free market all along and quite open for years and years to those solutions without government intervention.
      I'd say this will all be fun to watch were it not for those more than 40 million uninsured, insurance coverage costs still inflation-ridden at double digit annual rates, coverage subject to loss with the change or loss of jobs, and quick fixes to all of these far out of sight.
      Just think how nice things could be if we didn't even have to talk about health care reform with everyone being paid WELL for working hard and, therefore, able to take care of their own health care needs! Inadequate reward for effort is right at the center of many problems in America, health care coverage just one of them.

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