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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Magic Kingdom of Joblessness

    Yesterday in Walt Disney World, the land “where dreams come true,” President Barack Obama appeared before Cinderella’s Castle to announce his latest plan to boost jobs in America–an effort to increase tourism to the United States. His announcement came one day after he flat out said “NO” to another plan that would have directly created at least 20,000 truly shovel-ready jobs–and 179,000 American jobs by 2035–while bringing more than 700,000 barrels of oil to the United States each day. That plan was the Keystone XL pipeline.

    Had the President approved Keystone, a 1,700-mile pipeline would have been extended from Alberta, Canada, to Texas refineries — lifting up the U.S. economy with private-sector investment, putting people to work, and helping increase the supply of energy to lower prices when fuel costs are through the roof. Despite a finding by the State Department that the pipeline would pose minimal environmental risk, environmentalists were still up in arms and lobbied the President to say no to the plan.

    The President’s decision is so out of line with fact and reason that The Washington Post strongly condemned it in an op-ed yesterday, saying the “pipeline rejection is hard to accept” and “We almost hope this was a political call because, on the substance, there should be no question.” As the Post explained, even without the pipeline, Canada will still export its oil–but across the ocean to China, instead. Meanwhile, the United States will continue importing crude oil from the Middle East. In other words, the environmental lobby might have stanched the flow of oil from Canada, but it’s being diverted onto the seas, and fossil fuel consumption will necessarily continue.

    The environmental left’s “victory” is ultimately another loss for the American people — especially the 13.1 million unemployed workers. It’s a loss for small businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, in the towns along the proposed route. It’s a loss for state budgets that would have seen billions in tax revenue as a result. And it’s also a loss for those who are struggling with high energy costs.

    Gas prices are at a record high for January and are 28.5 cents per gallon higher than a year ago. And that’s expected to go even higher–some analysts predict that the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded could hit $4 to $4.25 per gallon by the spring.

    One might think that given the high cost of energy, the President would be seeking to increase domestic production, especially given Iran’s threats to block the Strait of Hormuz, thereby cutting off a quarter of the world’s energy supply. Think again. Under President Obama, oil and natural gas production on federal lands is down by more than 40 percent compared to 10 years ago, 2010 had the lowest number of leases issued for oil and gas production on federal lands since 1984, and the Administration held only one offshore lease sale in 2011.

    There is one bright spot in the nation for energy production: North Dakota. Overall energy production has increased thanks to the state’s pro-energy policies, and North Dakota has reaped the benefits, as have other like-minded states, as Heritage’s Rob Bluey reports:

    North Dakota’s unemployment rate is 3.4 percent, the lowest in the country. According to a recent report from IHS Global Insight, North Dakota already returned to pre-recession employment along with energy-rich Alaska. Texas is expected to do so in the first quarter of 2012, followed by Nebraska and South Dakota next year.

    There’s much more that could be done, though, to move America further toward safely developing energy resources here at home–and the Keystone XL pipeline would be one such step. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing to review legislation that would restart the project, focusing on a bill introduced by Representative Lee Terry (R-NE), which would allow construction on the pipeline to begin a month after passage. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris explains that “a simple, effective approach would be for Congress to authorize the pipeline application as submitted by TransCanada pursuant to its authority to regulate commerce with other nations.”

    Sadly, this action wouldn’t have been necessary if President Obama put the interests of the American people before his own political interests. He could have green-lighted the Keystone XL pipeline this week and helped create real jobs and increase the supply of affordable, reliable energy, without spending public dollars or advocating tax hikes. But instead he headed for the Magic Kingdom and continued to spin the fantasy that he has the answers for job creation in America. In the meantime, Americans can only dream of a stronger economy and a brighter future.

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    99 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Magic Kingdom of Joblessness

    1. Edwaed Ellis says:

      Where was the GOP on this? They gave the President a pass! Same thing on the debt cieling!

      • jack l says:

        Was this a Congressional decision or his only?

      • jweb says:

        Makes you question who they are working for. It's quite obvious. They're different sides of the same coin. Why do you think they hate Ron Paul so much? Because they hate the founding principles and We the People. We are in their (the elite's) way. When the American middle class is removed, then the globalist agenda can for forward in full scale.

      • msbetz says:

        Obama buys them ALL!

      • Teri Newman says:

        This decision shows how totally incompetent Obama is and what an incredibly poor POTUS he is. Between the scandals and corruption that are rampant in Obama's administration and the incredible incompetent he is, there's no doubt that he cannot be trusted with the job of POTUS nor can he be re-elected because he is simply too stupid for the job. Valerie Jarrett is the real POTUS, and every blunder Obama makes has her corrupt fingerprints all over it. We can't afford another Obama term.

    2. LIGHTITUP says:

      One would need to be living in a fantasy world to even hope that this guy would do anything helpful to America.

      • Pat says:

        Lightitup, you are ever so right. Obama, when given 2 choices, will always choose the one that is worst for our country and it's people, and I really am at the point of not understanding how this man can even smile on camera since he purely hate this country and everyone in it. Is it November yet? Or better still is it January 20th, 2013 when I pray he gets on a plane headed for Chicago after a new president is sworn in!

    3. Jeanne Stotler says:

      How appropriate, It goes to show, BHO lives in a dream world, only his world has dire consequences where the Magic Kingdom is just Make believe.

      • jweb says:

        Socialism is a false reality. We're losing our country folks. Wake up. Ron Paul for President or bust. A collapse affect us all.

    4. Alan Robbins says:

      This administration is looking more and more like Marie Antoinnette and Louis XVI, it is so completely out of touch with the will of the people and the needs of the citizenry. Depriving poor people, and seniors low cost energy in order to satisfy a voting block is cold and heartless.

      I would add that KeyStone already has a pipeline running through America, that has an excellent safety record, that has not damaged groundwater, and is going to carry the "evil" tar sands oil to our refineries already, just not enough of it….

    5. DMW says:

      So let me get this straight. Before more Americans can get jobs and perhaps afford a vacation, we must first get those who are prospering in other countries to come to America for their vacations. And when those Americans are prepared to travel as tourists, it will cost much more due to higher energy prices. What a plan!

      • Paul L. Thompson says:

        This President and his energy Department will never do what is right for America. The energy dept. should have jumped right on this. After all that is why they were created, to cut down or stop our depending on middle east oil.

      • ThomNJ says:

        Agreed – So I guess the president also wants Americans to get jobs in the tourist industry – you know, those really cutting-edge, high paying tourist jobs that will allow our peole to gather so much wealth they can travel the world! (He does live in fantasyland, doesn't he/)

        I have also read that the current adminstration has also quietly increased the number of "eminent domain" land grabs to further prevent drilling and exploration by taking the land away from private citizens. (Though I don't doubt they would go this route – I do have to check more about this – if anyone else can weigh in – please do so). The energy policy this administration has chosen is all about cutting off our very own supply – it seems to be all about "unicorns" rather than practical and proven methods of energy supply, which of course, are market driven.

      • jweb says:

        I have a plan. Put advocates of Liberty into office, weed out the criminals in our leadership, and end foolish spending. That's a reasonable starting place.

      • Ken Rice says:

        We presently obtain less than 10% of our oil from the middle east. 49% is from domestic production. The rest comes from North America i.e. Canada and Mexico. Is the problem really this serious?

      • Disappointed says:

        Yep. Love the logic in this. I really don't think they want us to grow as people.

      • BJBOB says:

        And who do you think will get the jobs that might be created from his brilliant idea on tourism? Us citizens or the illegal population?

    6. Paul says:

      Can'nt we the people have our Congressmen and Senators over ride Obama's veto?

    7. Turner says:

      Most business owners are wise to this evil president, but the mainstream is not: Contrived injustice and planned destruction and blame for others. The most obvious destruction of a nation that is too distracted by vanity and too ignorant to notice his technique. He is not incompetent, he is doing exactly what he planned, a demolition that is set to go off after he leaves office in 2017. A Hillary won't be able to manage the aftermath. (She will be his running mate) All those companies who have gotten healthcare waivers will be rescinded once they have the plan in place. They are giving out those waivers willy-nilly just to gain votes and to eliminate cries for repeal.

    8. Brenda Choate says:

      Under the constitution, the sec of state and the president do not have the authority to stop the agreement. All treaties must be approved by the congress, not the president or the secretary of state.

    9. GBurton says:

      Fantastic article. This stance FOR the environmentalists is a big move AGAINST the Unions, which would have gotten a big shot in the arm by this project. The fact that Obama is resorting to tourism instead of basic industry shows us once again how his beliefs, ideology and incompetence are threatening the US.

      What Obama seems not to understand is that tourism has grown already over the past few years because the dollar has been hammered under his administration, and the only thing that is threatening tourism now is the weakness of the Euro, because of the problems those countries have encountered from their nanny-state policies, which are coincidentally the same ones Obama's administration is trying to install here in America.

      Obama's denial of the XL Pipeline permits should be a great way for the GOP candidate in the coming months to pry many union members of every state along the XL Pipeline's path away from Obama. All they would have to do would be to guarantee the approval of the Pipeline once elected, and to give the union members the approximate number of jobs the project will create in those states "Once I've approved the Pipeline". The faster and more strenuously the GOP candidate can get the message out there, the more pressure the individual members can put on their union leaders to split their support and dollars between the GOP and Obama. There should be pressure put on the members in those states to vote new pro-GOP local leaders into control. We know there are millions of GOP-voting union members, and this could finally be the wedge they need to get the Democratic union members into their camps.

    10. Nelson Whipple says:

      Among the negatives you did not mention is that Hussein's 'decision' is a slap in the face to Canada, another blow to our friends. Hussein continues on the path to destroy America. He must be stopped.

    11. Joseph McKennan says:

      I am not surprised at the actions of the man who would be president. I am surprised at the Washington Post.

      What really gets me when the question of fossil fuel production comes up is the fact that it is referred to as a carbon emission problem. Do not people realize that plastic … the backbone of modern industry… is derived from fossil fuels?

      Regardless of the popular culture hysteria about the environment, carbon footprints, etc. do people realize that without plastic their lives will become much less convenient, wasteful, and more work to stay alive oriented?
      Everything in life has consequences but freqently not all are immediate. I believe that the people who are most concerned are the very ones who will find it hardest to adapt to life without fossil fuel derivatives.

    12. John Salo says:

      Do you remember the Titanic the ship that hit an iceberg?
      Well what you might not know is that it was Obama's fault.
      We are silly humans.

      John Salo

    13. amosdad says:

      I heard this morning that one of the 10 largest oil refineries in the world in St Croix, Amercan Virgin Islands, has announce it is closing after multi-million dollar fines from the EPA and the prospect of having to invest hundreds of millions in upgrades. I am beginning to see a pattern with this administration.

    14. CJK says:

      This President needs to be retired to his home in Chicago!

    15. ceagan says:

      What sort of tourists will want to visit a country with the inevitable high energy costs (passed along to consumers), lodging costs (passed along to consumers), food prices (passed along) and eventually, brown outs, gas shortages and dispirited workforce that will be caused by his previous days' handiwork? Does this guy think past the end of his pen? What a dimwit! Genius indeed…. he's a moron!!

    16. Spiritof76 says:

      The Mickey Mouse president found his ideal home yesterday. Can we consign this anti-job, anti-progress and generally anti-American president to a permanent home in the Disney fantasyland?

    17. mar says:

      only 366 more days!!!

    18. Sarah S says:

      The pipeline would have been mined from tar sand in Alberta, which would have required a huge amount of energy to dig through, not to mention the tar sand is packed with carbon and would have caused much more carbon pollution than a conventional crude oil dig. And can you imagine what would happen if there was a leak or a spill? You'd be risking a huge negative impact on the heartland of America's food source. As a Midwesterner, I find that to be an extremely scary thought, not to mention it could potentially ruin what is arguably the largest economic sector for our part of the country. Think the BP spill, but in your food. I don't think that's something anyone wants. I don't disagree that it would have created a great bump in employment, but I believe there are other ways of achieving higher employment that wouldn't have such a potentially negative impact on the land.

    19. Carolyn R. says:

      Agree with all preceding comments about the Keystone pipeline but would like to know where we can find out what makes it 'legal' for millionaires and billionaires to 'channel' money to 'shell companies' of investments in 'off shore' entities and not pay taxes on that money. Given that it is 'legal' at present…how do we eliminate that 'loophole' for the very wealthy?

    20. Clearhead says:

      How about a "straw vote" on this? It would seem that ANY true AMERICAN would consider this dictate by the illegal 'occupier' of the President's chair the absolute LAST STRAW !! Have we acceded so much of our liberty and common sense that we will continue to allow the Traitor In Chief to disintegrate at will this great country of OURS? Have we been so unmindful of the selection and placement of our employees in Congress that we don't have 51% of them with guts enough to stand up against the total destruction of our way of living? Have they been so brainwashed that they actually BELIEVE the "American UNexceptionalism" lies foisted by this so-called "MY ADMINISTRATION"? So, what shall we do? TAKE ACTION ? Or maybe just sit around, do what we're told, think what we're told, and see what happens?

    21. Robert A Hirschmann says:

      Another example of how our GREAT president is HELPING the American people get back on their feet!! And all this time you thought he didn't know what he was doing. For shame! For shame! Only HE, the imperial wizard, knows how to get this country back to prosperity! Let's all get behind this great leader of the people and put him in for another term. With his plan how can we lose?

    22. GBZ says:

      His presidency is defined by Fantasyland!

    23. MaggieMc says:

      Perfect! 'odrama' playing/vacationing in Dizzyland/world (yea, I know, he is there to give a 'lecture' on travel and jobs) while so many of the U.S. Citizens can't even find a job to support their families, much less, to even think about travel and vacations………….. This 'dude' is really running on 'empty' and speaking of 'empty', 'odrama' vetoed the pipeline and only for political reasons just to make the 'enviros' happy and to punish Congress. This guy is really having an ego trip……………..

    24. Charles Yahn says:

      Rejection of KeyStone – Unfortunately, bungling fools are at the helm of both countries and ships at times. What will our survival rate be after four nyears of destruction?

    25. Gary says:

      I am guessing that construction and production jobs pay considerably more than tourism jobs.

    26. PawkyPete says:

      Not only that, tourism jobs are typically LOW paying jobs, are parttime work, and seasonal. The pipeline jobs would conceivably be higher paying, full time, and year round. Then this may INCREASE our optimism and decrease our own fuel costs, lead to more purchase power, and — lo and behold – a better economy for OUR country —

    27. Lloyd Scallan says:

      To suggest the Obama is living in a "dream world" or is over his head, or just plain incompetent is not only foolish, but dangerious. It's hard to accept that any president of this nation is deliberately attempting to destroy it, or as Obama suggest, "transform" it. But the people had better wake up and realize Obama and his lackeys in the Democrat Party are deliberately driving us all into a European type socialist/communist nation. If we do not stop him now, we are all lost.

    28. Charles Yahn says:

      The GOP must take all necessary steps not to upset Obama on this KeyStone issue. They certainly would not want to do anything to upset his Mickey vacation.

    29. PADDY O says:

      The Keystone cops decide on the Keystone pipeline–Ironic.
      We all know ( or should know ) that Barack Obama wants us to model our society on that of Europe,
      where there is no middle class, only upper and lower class. This requires breaking down our present
      society in order to put the reformed one in place. All of this is to eliminate the middle class!

      Does anyone else think it is stupid to give a speech the goal of which is to increase tourism, while closing one of the major tourist attractions to the public. It was a Photo- op at taxpayer expense, pure and simple

    30. bassboat says:

      Just as obama becoming president was the best thing to happen for the conservative movement, this move by obama will be the best thing in order to get an energy policy that makes sense. We have the energy beneath our feet to power us for 500+ years and export it. What a difference that would make to our economy. This should galvanize Americans to overthrow the environmental nazis.

    31. Paul Maust says:

      Thanks Dan! Re posting this.

    32. There's that hope and change working for us while he lives in his fantasy land.

    33. Mike Kopp says:

      But Warren Buffet's investments in rail lines shipping oil from North Dakota and elsewhere is protected by Obama's decision.

    34. Robert says:

      Boosting tourism; why didn't I think of that? We could subsidize tours of the inner-cities of Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore. Europeans should love such places as they can compare them to their own Muslim enclaves. But, don't we have enough tourists streaming across our borders every day? It seems to me that about 25,000, 000 of them are here already. Maybe they just want to participate in the deterioration of the once great USA.

    35. MSS says:

      @DMW as is the economies of developing countries. And there is more…basically, Obama was stating that he wants to make it easier for forigners to get B-2 visas. Currently, foreign nationals from developing countries who wish to obtain a B-2 visa cannot unless they are outside the range of 15-50 years old and single. You wont find this written but do the legwork and you will discover its true…why, who knows, but it is currently managed under his own administration.

    36. Jack W Estes says:

      The obama presidency seems to be paralleling lyrics from "Lucy in the sky with diamonds", or "Magical Mystery Tour" by the Beatles. Time to retire him and the "Walrus"

    37. steve says:

      Just think – if the government would just get the hell out of energy (and a million other things) how much better off we would be.

    38. Mary......WI says:

      Obama is getting BIG money from environmental groups to NOT approve Keystone Pipeline. He loves his campaign money and will always put accumulating it before the needs of the people in the USA. Pretty selfish guy. His plan is to keep the little guy down and then come to the rescue as the election gets closer.

      Newt had it right at last nights debate about Obama's speech at Disneyland…….Obama had Goofy on one side and Daffy on the other….what more needs to be said :o)

    39. Carol,AZ says:

      Adding to the precise words in this article, reported in 180 USA cities, all operational on Narco-economic and fully supported by our current, corrupt DOJ.that refuses to deport illegal criminals.
      Our Congress is weak and indifferent. A broken mortgage system, record debt and record spending . Record welfare. Existing homes prices devalued .The MX Pecos is now valued higher than the dollar. Record corruption throughout our legal system starting with the DOJ. War has been declared against individual States for States Rights across America. War against free markets, free enterprise, and small Buss. Junk science continues under the banner of environmental progress. Joblessness continues as proof of class warfare against all of America. The Democratic Party is fractured and splintered with the old guard thugs from unions , special interest, and CA and NV leadership supporting the destruction.
      Yes this demigod like all others before him, is a destroyer of all RIGHTS we know as our America.
      Certainly There's a place for him at Disney World. A Mickey & Minnie style mansion , with miniture golf, staffed by an illegal work force, and a recording played 24/7;
      " It's a small world after all and the people have spoken."

    40. Larry N Stouffer says:

      Obama's is an insidious plan; bit by bit, piece by piece, his and his cronies are tearing away at the fabric of our our America. Like cancer, it's difficult to detect until you look back on what has happened. And by then it's too late. Give this *&%$)#^&@ four more years and it will take decades to restore our America the Beautiful. And what bothers me most are the myopic: those who don't/won't see what is happening and who continue to support him. A vote for Obama is a vote against America. I have said.

    41. GWE says:

      Obama has done more damage to the American people than Stalin did in all the years of the cold war. Really like to see Obama removed from the White House in handcuffs.

    42. Earthangel says:

      WHEN & HOW will America be freed of the 'yoke' of Mid-Eastern oil, and when will our politicians start doing the right things for this countyry? Such as saying YES to the Keystone Pipeline! Now this inept leader wants tourism to get the 'big push' from the government – AND, of course, using taxpayers' money! It's well beyond time that these overpaid and arrogant reps of "We The People" do the jobs they've been elected to do…and they're not to interfere with free enterprise! USA, get a grip on this abused power play!

    43. Kenneth T. Tellis says:

      I guess that President Barack Obama is on a campaign trail to land a job at Walt Disney World on the off-chance that he loses the next Presidential Election. At least this way he will have a job and not be unemployed like millions of Americans are at present. .

    44. Rodger P. says:

      The Keystone XL Pipeline is not in the financial interest of George Soros. Remember, Obama wants to make the US Brazil's best customer, and George Soros is a major investor in the Brazilian oil company who will supply that oil.

    45. JWM says:

      This is right in line with Obama's agenda to destroy the domestic oil industry in order to get the people to clamor for his green energy iniatives. Naturally, economic reality does not enter into his calculations.

    46. GWS says:

      His actions are not only stupid but subversive. I never thought I'd see the day when one of our own presidents would deliberately try to hurt our country.

      • Ruth says:

        I am appalled at the distrust, invective and insults aimed at our President. You (collectively) may not have all the information the President has on which to base decisions–but even if they're the wrong decisions, his integrity and motivations should not be impugned. Read his books–the first written before he ever entertained the idea of entering politics. He is an honorable man and deserves respect.

      • Jag says:

        What about the do nothing RNC blocking the jobs bill. Turnaround is fair play.

    47. regsgridlock says:

      Which pays more: a job at a hotel/restaurant or those associated with pipeline construction?

    48. Shauna Dickerson says:

      Why not just build refineries in the norther part of the country, near the Canadian oil source. Would that take any longer? How about shipping the oil, instead of to China, to the refineries in Texas? Of course, Obama could obstruct any suggestion because he's committed to green energy, no matter how incomprehensible that is.

      • Linz says:

        Eco-freaks won't let that happen………my idea a looooooong time ago too…..but…..a good well-thought-out strategy……refineries pollute (according to them…..those who want America to fail)……it would kill all the snail darters that I have not stomped on yet.

      • Mike R. says:

        I completely agree – why would we – from a national security point of view – want our nation's 'refining' capacity concentrated in a few locations along the gulf coast that can be impacted by hurricanes, terrorist activities, etc. ?

        There should be refineries in the northern/central part of the country to send low cost fuel to the upper midwest / the Heartland / grain belt. If this was truly about 'what's best for America', we'd do exactly that. From a logistics standpoint – central/northern refineries near the source of the oil is the smarter option than building a pipeline.

        My guess is that the driver for all of this is that the 'Texas' route is the shortest route to export the oil and/or refined products…I don't believe the XL pipeline is about 'what's best for America' – I do think it is about what is 'most profitable' for the oil companies – and that is – exporting the oil/refined goods to Europe, etc. who are currently willing to pay a premium of 10-15% over the US market.

        Has anyone even heard of them exploring the option of building a refinery in the northern/central US?

        Crooks….all of them!

    49. Art Straub says:

      What college degree is required for someone to dress up as Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse?
      I quess Oboma prefers Mickey Mouse jobs over real Blue Collar jobs

    50. Suz says:

      I liked my first comment …it was so true and to the point. What's the problem?

    51. Usa says:

      More tourists, more money to the country…no pipeline, no harm to the environment and yes, maybe less jobs in this area, but how about you dang people start studying a bit more? There are tons jobs in this country, but there are not people qualified to work in a lot of these positions. Why? Oh well…you go ahead and figure that one out. The nation is never gonna be satisfied, no matter what President we have, there's always going to be complaints and insults. Instead of judging, fighting, quitting hope, how about people start working on themselves and taking care of their own business in order to achieve personal success? I'm sure that if people started doing that, we would have a lot less complaining and a lot more job positions would be filled.

      • Lloyd Scallan says:

        You're living in the same dream world as Obama. If their are "tons of jobs in this country" why is the real unemployment rate at about 16%. Or do you mean people qualified to flip burgers? Yes, maybe less jobs" How many "less jobs" would would you like?. Perhaps 130,000 plus that one pipeline would create? You problem lies in the fact that you "dang" fools in the radical left envoromental movement study too much, and that all you do is study whatever any socialist/communist writes without having the common sense to understand that this nation must have things such as pipelines and yes drilling for oil. How can we have "personal success" when we have a Marxist in the White House that can't wait to take that success away and give it to those that have no desire to take care of any business or succeed. I'll tell you when the "nation will be satified", when the present so called president, that is deliberately trying to drive this nation into socialism, is out in the street organizing for ACORN again.

    52. Leon Lundquist says:

      Does this not prove for the umpteenth time that Precident Obama (sic) is our Domestic Enemy? How many times does this man have to violate the Law, his Oath of Office and the Constitution before you bricks get the idea that he is not the Loyal Opposition! Single handed Obama has destroyed 100,000 jobs in America! By Fiat! Against the American Interest and in the Foreign Interest. He is primed to usurp the next Election with Lies, and we say "Oh that's just Political!" No. This is Long Standing Enmity. It is unlawful for any man to Fundamentally Transform America. Even a President does not have this much Power. I just want to scream!

    53. Jayde says:

      Unfortunately for us Americans, Obama WANTS the price of gas to soar.

      He has said so, in service of his politically-motivated (not to mention unscientific, unrealistic and un-American) pandering to the "can't wait-for-more-federal-subsidies" green-energy industry.

      Only outrageous and untenable gas prices will make Obama's puppetmasters' "Green-Doggle" of the American people possible.

    54. John Kvastner says:

      *P*L*E*A*S*E* let the GOP candidates start picking up on this, espousing it during the debates, and whoever the candidate may turn out to be, continue with it and such related issues on employment, energy, the economy, "Fast & Furious," and right on down to the president living a privileged life of vacations at our expense, 90 rounds of golf, and the Obama hypocrisy. Please! GET. ON. ISSUE!!!

      • Earthangel says:

        Right on, John! Why we haven't already DEMANDED the removal from office of this usurper! Why hasn't any one of the overpaid members of Congress spoken out in favor of impeachment proceedings? This president is tyrannical in reaching success in 'fundamentally changing the country'….There was nothing drastically wrong with it,,,until he took over! Can't wait until November…we'll remove him through the ballot box!

    55. Nancy Vernon says:

      Why is it I read in The Bulletin, Bend OR newspaper that the USA is exporting oil? Why isn't this put out in front of the USA.

    56. msbetz says:

      Obama is making going along with his INSANITY profitable for all of those that do, hey, it's not his money! That is why ALL of the Senate agree with his policy and the Congress too! He just pays them and they lick his boots. Just like the occupy movement, it's the only job that most of them ever had, easy money living on the street. They want to do it for the rest of 2012, living on the street like animals. Too bad it all comes with the destruction of the nation. It's corruption at it's finest, and for Obama, so cheap to buy with tax-payer money.
      Republicans and Democrats are all traitors…..Thats why he needs another TRILLION!

    57. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama's administration is like the Magic Kingdom: It's a Mickey Mouse operation,it talks like Donald Duck, and its green jobs scams are are just plain Goofy.

    58. Doug Nicholson says:

      Quote from CNS News: " (Nancy) Pelosi said the oil to be carried by the Keystone pipeline “was always destined for overseas. It’s just a question of whether it leaves Canada by way of Canada or it leaves Canada by way of the United States. So… I don’t agree to the stipulation that this is oil that’s going to China now instead of the U.S. It was always going overseas,” she said."
      Maybe she should have read it to find out what's in it!

    59. James Lovell says:

      Unfortunately, we have a President who is only interested in preserving his job, and doesn't care about creating or preserving jobs for anyone else. He's the most "self-centered, me first" President in my lifetime.

    60. RennyG says:

      You know, we shouldn't be talking up all the bad things the big "O" is doing. We should just fire his "butt!"
      To this day I cannot understand why someone has not started impeachment proceedings two years ago!
      Just think, if he gets in for another four years, he will finish the job!!!! "Lord help us, no one else will!!!!"

    61. Ray from Alabama says:

      I thought Walt created Mickey Mouse as a cartoon character? Who woulda thunk it… we got a real one… and he's our Pres! And worse, in that photo of him at Disneyland, it looks like he's home?

      Thanks Walt… now just keep him there so he can't get into any more trouble!

    62. Pat from Texas says:

      It seems that Disney Land is the perfect place for obama as he lives in a fantasy land and operates as such.

    63. brassia says:

      I don't know if Obama lives in Disneyland, as far as I am concerned he is destroying our country deliberately as each and every "decision" he made defies Any common sense

    64. Glen says:

      He had to travel to Florida to make this announcement? Why couldn't he make it in Washington and save all that money that it cost to travel to Fantasy Land. This is a very expensive photo op. Thanks, Mr. Big Spender.

    65. Dave says:

      We're being led to believe that Obama nixed the pipeline to appease his environmental whacko support base, but I believe it really is based on his desire to punish this country for what he sees as our past exploitation of others. He wants the U.S. to pay more for fossil fuels and this fits nicely into his plan with the excuse that it's done for virtuous environmental reasons. This guy gets away with everything from violation of the Constitution, select enforcement of the nation's laws, abuse of presidential travel, and outright killing of jobs and the mainstream media and the Republican Party are absent.

    66. Jose Luis Lira says:

      Sincerely, I feel sorry for those who believed in the mantra of "hope & change" mantra …, for it was a perfectly timed and cleverly crafted deception (lip-service) to lure the ignorant into believing that, "business as usual" in Washington would different. A charlatan's masterpiece. Have we forgotten what the cry: "Taxation without representation is tyrany" implied? .. or, as Americans …are we so blind an stupid that we no longer care for the actions (that speak louder than words)of those who claim to represent what's best for our country .. our people, our children .. our future? So .., the Keystone Project gets the shaft … and the Bay Bridge Project in San Francisco, California .. worth billions of dollars and thousands of jobs goes to China …. and everything is ok? Americans .. we are in serious trouble!

    67. M. J. Castro says:

      Yes, denying the Keystone project had political overtones, but the truth is Obama hates fossil fuels and is intent on reducing the oil and gas industry in America to a level where his uneconomic green projects can be viable. He hopes to accomplish this by using regulatory agencies and environmental scare tactics.

    68. Michael Cook says:

      High taxation in the form of inflation, Higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher unemployment…what more do you need to know that this President has failed us and needs to GO!

    69. @gary_ivey says:

      Magic Kingdom is a good metaphor for the Obama Administration. However I think Wonderland is good too. http://garyivey.com/wp/2012/01/17/next-stop-wonde

    70. @John71151 says:

      I feel that Americans are under the "Obama Socialist Republic" and are all being held "Hostage" and being forced to comply with his secret political agenda. He is certainly the most UN-American President I can ever recall in over a half a century.

    71. jim says:

      Why not just build a refinery in Montana?

    72. Bob Godwin says:

      This is sickening! He gets to continue to destroy the country with no accountability. If the American people, even just the 53% that pay federal taxes, do not rise up this next election it is over for the USA.

    73. J. Garber says:

      This is what happens when we have an enemy of America in the White House!

    74. Wayne Peterkin says:

      The only thing I can add to this article is that shipping oil on huge tankers over the high seas is far, far, more environmentally hazardous than moving it through a pipeline. The environmentalists prove once again that they have no common sense whatsoever. We continue to jeopardize our national security with foolish decisions like this one.

    75. John811c says:

      Sure would be nice to have a job, just recently un-employed thanks Mr Obama I am sure happy you could take your family to Disney World when I am struggling to pay my utility bills and keep food on the table, never mind that the gas to run my car cost more for me to look for work, but why do I need a car anyway they will repo it soon and I will be living on the street.

    76. ckirkland says:

      This congress has been totally ineffective and we need a new leader in the White House and in the House of Representatives. Obama, is dangerous to this country and life as most of us have known who are seniors, that if people and especially young people and obama gets back in you will be hating life for sure. Your liberties are being taken away daily and decisions made by the President only. Get off of your Iphones, ipads and everything else and pay attention to this election. Get involved. ck

    77. carolyn kirkland says:

      any real doubts why we need a new President in 2012? This President is not vested in this country by any stretch of the imagination. A 7 million dollar vacation at our expense? Seriously? When we have millions of Americans out of jobs who cannot take a vacation it apprears that he doesn't want them to have jobs that's why he rejected the pipeline so they can make money and go on vacations. He is truly and unbelievable man in this office. Is it 2012 yet?

    78. landcomander says:

      This is by-far the worst president we ever had.He make s Carter look like a hero!Totally out of touch with the American people.Such a phony,How is that hope and change working for you now?When will the people wake up and vote him OUT!!

    79. Hemmingway says:

      Obama didn't do this to appease environmentalists. He did it to kiss the asses of big oil who make more money from the Saudis than they ever would from Keystone. Once again rightwing commentators distort the truth to play on people's prejudices and ignorance. If you think the left loves Obama you're crazy; he has capitulated repeatedly to the rightwing elements of the GOP (eg. extending the Bush tax cut, expanding the war in Afghanistan, etc.) He could have put people to work by funding infrastructure repair when Dems had both houses of Congress but instead he gave the money to the fat cat bankers (most of whom are Republicans) with no strings attached.

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