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  • Online Chat on the Keystone XL Pipeline

    On Wednesday, president Obama rejected the TransCanada’s permit application to construct a 1,700-mile pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to Texas refineries. Click here to Join us right now for our “Lunch with Heritage” chat. We are joined by Heritage’s energy expert Jack Spencer. He is taking your questions about why the decision was made, what the ramifications of his decision are and what should done in the future about energy.

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    14 Responses to Online Chat on the Keystone XL Pipeline

    1. Bobbie says:

      what kind of leader promotes world tourism over economic growth and energy independence using "time" as an excuse while wasting all kinds?

    2. irret says:

      why should jobs outweigh the environmen t. jobs are temporary. we know that the pipelines leak and leave giant messes which kill wildlife and pollute our rivers and lands. why should we even encourage that for jobs any jobs?

    3. irret says:

      i love how anyone who is against the pipeline is described as "radical" environmentalist. i am sick to death, of oil spills,leaks and toxic tailing ponds; coal companies blowing up mountains, dumping waste into streams, and fresh water sources and natural gas companies causing earthquakes and polluting groundwater. this does not make me radical, it shows that i have common sense.

      • Gary French says:

        I agree! Lets do away with the cars, trucks, anything with a combustion engine and polluting power plants. Lets go back to horses and candles for light, and grow our own food. In other words back to the 18th century. We can sit on our front porch and watch other countries pass us by while being cheered on by the President. Obama will have completed his mission to destroy our American way of life. I feel this has been his mission all along.

      • Real person says:

        And I, Irret, "love" how radical environmentalists like you "run around" yelling the sky is falling, the sky is falling and throwing your fire bomb-accusations like " oil spills,leaks and toxic tailing ponds; coal companies blowing up mountains, dumping waste into streams, and fresh water sources and natural gas companies causing earthquakes and polluting groundwater." WHERE'S YOUR PROOF/EVIDENCE of these horrific charges!!? You might earn an ounce of credibility if you attached some actual proof supporting your rediculous accusations. But, just like most of you green fruitcakes, not providing any substantiation for your radical claims is typical radical environmentalist modes operand. And, try running your "intellectual" argument about jobs " outweigh(ing) the environmet. jobs are temporary" past some of our country's genuine unemployed. You can't empathize with real, hard-working folks, since you've probably never had a real job! We real people out here can only pitty you.

      • Bobbie says:

        Well, only common to the ignorant sense. What you listed as hazards are far and few between. If they are significant to the point you're sickened to death, it's the incompetence of government to properly regulate more incompetence to overlook enforcement, a failure of government and their duty of their oversight commission. and you want them to be in charge of everything spending you're money? You must have low self esteem? I hope you will be able to think beyond the narrow minds of it all and know you are worth more then the government will ever see you for. The government who wants your problems to work on them for you…

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    5. Elliot says:

      When the Keystone project is approved, why aren't we building a refining plant somewhere along it's route?

    6. Alan says:

      Irret , this probably won't change your mind but pipelines are by far the safets mode of transportation for liquids and natural gas.I have many years in the industry and am responsible for many miles of pipelines across the midwest. Is there leaks yes at times but we do everything we can to prevent them from happening and if they do happen everything possible is done to protect life, property and the environment. If not you aren't in buisness. We don't pollute and we don't cause earthquakes.

      • Alan says:

        Have you considered what it would be like if there were no pipelines or coal . What are we as a society willing to give up. Transportation, (how do we get to work?)Heat (most of residential heating comes from natural gas or electricity) oh what about fuel oil and propane? That's right pipelines again. Plastics(oh yes petroleum based the keyboard and computor you used to blog with came from a pipeline) Gasoline and Diesel fuel I can't even guess what the cost would be without pipelines. You see there is no other way to transport it. We could not build enough trucks or trains for transportation nor have room for them on our roads.The Keystone line capacity is 700,000 barrells a day that would require 3,600 additional tractor trailers on the road each day, for this 1 pipeline. Food , I like to eat if farmers don't have a reliable cheap source of fuel we and the world are going hungry. We Americans have many blessing Natural resources, ingenuity and freedom have not only make this country great but have improved the world. Pipelines contibute a great deal to your lifes happiness enjoyments and freedoms! Good day.

    7. Energy demand and prices have led to development of Albertan tar sands. They will be transported to refineries by pipeline or ship. The Alaskan pipeline has had a spill of 260,00 gallons, spreading over two acres. reater experience and improved technology have cut pipeline leaks. It's estimated that the Exxon Valdez dumped 11 million to 32 millions gallons of crude into Price William Sound. GShipping entails far greater risks, especially to distant China. Energy production does need regulation. But eschewing it? Will wind, water, and the sun provide sufficient energy now? Do you want to live as people did in the 18th century?

    8. oldguy says:

      Yes there will be some bad situations with this pipeline, but there are some bad crashes with airlines, cars, buses, horseback riding. You name it, there are bad situations that exist in our everyday lives, but life goes on, and I feel we should be as self sufficient from other countries as possible. I truly feel the pipeline will be laid using the best technology available and will be monitored 24/7. Until there is a better affordable source of fuel this is the best we have at the time. We must understand Canada is going to sell this oil to the United States or they will build a pipeline to their west coast and sell it to the Chinese, this is a fact. Obama needs to get behind and promote the pipeline or America will be left behind.

    9. Chris H says:

      From his decision, Obama has effectively traded the risk of an underground leak (which for a viscous, heavy oil would likely not go very far) for the risk of oil spills from Chinese tanker ships on the Pacific Coast.

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