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  • Morning Bell: On the Road for America's Future

    UPDATE: Many people have been asking about the schedule of the bus tour. The most current schedule can be found at  http://www.valuesbus.com/

    The United States is at a crossroads. Over the course of the next 10 months, Americans will watch as the future of our country is debated — state by state, county by county, and town by town. In the 2012 presidential election, voters will make a fundamental decision that will have vast implications for future generations and the very survival of the American dream.

    That’s why today The Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council (FRC) are proud to embark on a bus tour designed to tell Americans about practical, conservative solutions to the most critical issues confronting the nation. With a banner proclaiming “Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote,” our Values Bus will roll into Charleston, South Carolina, this morning for our first event outside TD Arena at the College of Charleston. And we’ll be joined by a very special guest — South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. From there, the bus tour will roll on until the November 6 presidential election.

    Along the way, Heritage will emphasize restoring fiscal responsibility through its Saving the American Dream plan, and FRC will stress critical values issues during our joint voter education and registration campaign.

    Right now, our nation is on the wrong path. If nothing is done, our children and grandchildren will experience not liberty and prosperity, but more crushing debt, higher taxes, and job-killing regulations. Meanwhile, the values that Americans hold so dear–that form the bedrock of our civil society–are under a dangerous assault.

    As a result, unlike any generation before us, we face the very real possibility that our grandchildren may be worse off than we are. This tour will set forth policies and ideas that turn America around on behalf of those future generations. And it will speak to the views held by millions of American voters who want to see a return to our country’s core values: restoring fiscal sanity, protecting marriage, safeguarding religious liberty and defending the rights of the unborn.

    In order to tackle America’s fiscal crisis, Heritage has proposed a plan that would balance the budget within 10 years without raising taxes, reform our entitlement programs so they can provide for those who need it without bankrupting the future, reform our tax code to make it fairer and flatter, and encourage savings, repeal Obamacare, and fully fund a strong national defense to ensure America’s security as the Constitution requires.

    FRC’s focus will be the importance of the family structure as well as protecting life and religious liberty. To make sure those who share in our values are also engaged in the political process, FRC will be concentrating on identifying grassroots activists and giving them the tools to register to vote their neighbors and friends.

    In the months ahead, Heritage and FRC plan to take our bus tour to states across the country including stops in Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. As our bus crosses thousands of miles, from east to west and north to south, we will bring our innovative ideas to an America in search of answers. But while some of our ideas might be new, the values we stand for are those already cherished by millions of Americans and that have been with us since the founding. And it is those values–and the American dream–that we must save for future generations.

    Co-authored by Edwin Feulner, president of The Heritage Foundation, and Tony Perkins, president of The Family Research Council.

    Click here to view the Values Bus Tour schedule.

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    76 Responses to Morning Bell: On the Road for America's Future

    1. Sheree says:

      come to Florida – I'm a Canadian & will volunteer my time.
      Ya'll need a President like Prime Minister Harper in Canada
      a born-again Christian, a Conservative- a man of integrity-
      honour & character!

    2. guila pollock says:

      Thank you for taking this much-needed initiative. This is why I support FRC and the HeritageFfoundation.

      Guila Pollock

    3. Larry Busch says:

      Will a schedule be posted? My money, my values, and my vote rest in my worldview which is based on the underpining of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" founded on Biblical principles reflected in moral values upon which this nation was built and which has maintained it until lately.

    4. Ray from Alabama says:

      Go for it… Good Luck!

    5. James Odom says:

      Bus tour won't be coming to Texas?? SHUCKS! Why not?

      • Bobbie says:

        you guys have strong leadership in areas these other states lack!? Nobody messes with Texas!? j/k.

      • Becky says:

        Don't dispair…we are just in the early stages of the tour. If you have a suggestion for an event occuring in Texas where the bus should be present, do let us know…we have a couple ideas we are working on right now.

      • Johnk says:

        Also New Mexico !

    6. ThomNJ says:

      Come on Heritage, you need to be hitting more Blue States, like mine – hitting Red states is preaching to the choir.

    7. CiaoGino says:

      MARVELOUS! This will provide a focal point for all of us and I see real potential for meaningful change. Conservatives and independents alike will have a forum and a road map which can mean only great things for our nation. I see this effort as a real game changer.

    8. Mary......WI says:

      FANTASTIC!! I sure would love to see you here in Madison, WI! The liberals in this city and Dane County could learn what this country has alwyas been about from the message you will bring…..one can only hope. THANK YOU Heritage.

    9. John Cain says:

      There are many non-Romney conservatives who would be happy to see someone besides Governor Haley as your "special guest".

    10. Cheryl says:

      BRAVO! The word must get out to inform Americans what is really happening or will continue to happen. For example the Keystone situation…it has been reviewed and reviewed; its just a political excuse to say it needs more reviewing not to mention that there are already a number of pipelines across our country and they seem to be working just fine w/o impacting negatively the surrounding nature. The EPA has entirely too much power – more power than sense. Why would we not bend over backwards to accept the "deal" from Canada to get oil from them VS across the world? Why would we give any opportunity for this oil to be handed over to China? Where is our common sense? Whether it creates 20,000 or 6,000 jobs is not the urgent point…having access to oil with a neighboring country can only be a huge plus and whatever jobs it creates is that many more than we have at this moment.

      • sdfultz says:

        What about the spills that have occurred already and are too toxic to clean up?

        • Southern Girl says:

          Oil comes from the earth, thus can go back into the earth. On land is much less damaging than the oceans should there be a spill. We need oil from Canada not Iran!! Alaska's pipeline has had minimal problems in its 30+ years of operation.

        • Clearhead says:

          A little off the subject, perhaps, but maybe you would like to enumerate all these catastrophically "too toxic to clean up" spills that are impacting our country more than the way this administration is conducting our "oil business". You wouldn't? I didn't think so.

        • Bobbie says:

          What spills might those be? There's more death of birds from intermittent, inefficient, irrational, land wasting wind turbines than oil spills!!

        • Todd says:

          Do you have an example of an oil spill from pipeline in the US or Canada that is too toxic to clean up? I really doubt you can. Start doing research and confirm the so-called facts that you hear from liberal sources, especially the EPA.

    11. David Bergman says:

      Colorado is as far west as you're coming??

      • Ken McIntyre Ken McIntyre says:

        David, never fear, we've got plans for California and elsewhere in the West. Keep an eye on the tour at http://valuesbus.com/

      • Peter Kuckenberg says:

        My thought also. Colorado IS west, but only barely. I can understand wanting to stay East of the Cascades…..but there is a whole lot of America that's getting left out.
        Pete Kuckenerg Idaho

    12. Bob Willard says:

      I wish you would come to San Antonio.. do not tell Charlie Gonzalez you are coming.. he would thwart your evey effort…

    13. Bob Willard says:

      You should come to San Antonio.. be sure not to tell the current democratic representative as their office is not very open to supporting constitutionally correct policies…

    14. Paul D says:

      Please post a schedule so we can make sure we see the bus. Perhaps at least a month ahead of time. It is a great idea.

    15. Jim Baker says:

      The bus tour is an exciting project. I see you listed Minnesota as one of your stops. I would imagine you are thinking of a stop in the Twin Cities. I want to encourage you to consider an additional stop in Rochester, which is the largest city in MN outside the Twin Cities metro. The Rochester Tea Party Patriots may be able to assist.

    16. Bob Willard says:

      We wish you would come to San Antonio…. However do not expect much support from the liberal leaning congressional electorate here.. they have not supported any illegal immigrant bills, nor any that support the reinforcement of Constitutional issues…

    17. sdfultz says:

      Can you spell out some of these plans?
      Tell us about the plan to reduce the deficit, first.

    18. Bill O says:

      I'm extremely disappointed to see that you've invited Romney's biggest supporter to join you

      • Becky says:

        We hope every governor of every state where the bus goes will be eager to join us. Remember that they are endorsing our message.

    19. days theo says:

      I like the bus plan but I think we need more general coverage. Has Heritage given any thought to some hard hitting television ads? I think Heritage needs a greater "Presence" to the American public. Also I agree with John Cain (above comment) re:Governor Haley. Thank you.

    20. Elaine Bandy says:

      American voters; we cannot repeat the 2004 and 2008 GOP Presidential Primary results.
      The candidate who stands for all my priorities is Rick Santorum. We must ALL do that the scriptures tells us, and listen to our consciences. All of my resources and all of my efforts over the remaining 8+ months will go to supporting Rick Santorum. Please prayerfully consider choosing Rick. II Cor 7:14

    21. don s. says:

      sure wish you could get west of the missisippi with your bus tour… california is in real bad shape fiscally and morally, and conservatives here are seldom heard… we desperately need outside help.

    22. Russell says:

      What path our nation takes is decided in the voting booth. Too many people think that only the rick are greedy. Greed is an inflection of all of us. We cover up our greed with “I deserve this or that, every on deserve a living wage and so forth. Socialism is based on greed. The promise of an equal share of the wealth produced whether they share in the equal production of that wealth. The population becomes complacent Why would anyone try to produce more when the rewards are the same? This generates laziness in the population. This results in a smaller pie. What do the promoters of socialism want. Certainly they haven’t learned from the past. Wherever it has been tried it has failed. Socialism requires a larger government and the larger the government the closer we get to tyranny.
      Capitalism on the other hand promotes greed. But unlike socialism, the competitive free enterprise system controls that greed. The latent effect of capitalism is that it provided more goods to more people. Socialism (welfare, subsidies and grants)removes the penalties that has keep the greed of capitalism in check. So why would any one wont to inject socialism into a good system? Socialism puts laziness into the system and reduces the size of the pie.

    23. Fred H. says:

      It appears tht the bus trip will only hit 4 states west of the Mississippi River, and 3 of the 4 border the river. Is there something wrong with the western states? Don't we count for anything?

      • Becky says:

        We are just beginning the tour and are right now working on the schedule. Let us know if there are any major conventions or statewide events that we should consider.

    24. Ed Barkley says:

      I see you refer to "flatter & fairer taxes". Please drop the "flat" and focus on "fair" as in the Far Tax. (www.FairTax.org). Immediate closing of one of our biggest government departments (the IRS) and all the tax firms eating at the trouth, plus immediate increase in paychecks. Bills moving through both houses now.

    25. Gerold says:

      Heritage's email doesn't work anymore so here goes — Bus tour is so under whelming.

      How about this–
      I recently read a book "The Key To Peace", written by Clarence Manion in 1950 by…The Heritage Foundation. Its truths are still very much alive.

      Here is the idea…

      Re-publish the book. On release day, have a National Release in every book store in America that will allow a pro-American stand. Volunteers can man tables to explain the crisis, and the need to return Godly principles as the foundation of our great country.

      Even Russia is on the verge of going Democratic….but what of the Individual Rights only we stand for? We are losing them daily.

      It is a BIG problem….only a BIG solution will have an impact. We might not survive 2012.

      Lawrenceville, GA

      • Melissa Fountain says:

        Thank you for this. The comments of the people above reflect how I feel with regard to the goodness in what you are doing and how important it is. If only we hadn't moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I would be thrilled to see you here!

    26. toledofan says:

      Good idea, I think another good idea would be to try and do a half hour or 15 minute segment on say Fox or another outlet to get the daily message out. I mean you guys are right on the moneuy and the more people can hear the real news, the more understanding there would be. Keep up the good work.

    27. Nancy says:

      What a great idea and undertaking! If you have the capacity to share pictures of the events, I think it would build momentum as you visit the US. Best wishes and much success to your team!!

    28. Tommy says:

      Please come to Miami, FL. You are so needed down here!

    29. Keith Ellenberger says:

      The bus tour is an excellent idea, it is a good start. the scope of the problem dwarfs only one bus but maybe it can start a chain reaction among other like minded people and institutiions that will eventually turn this nation around.

    30. Peter Kuckenberg says:

      I was disapointed to see you will not be coming to the West. I know my little town of St. Maries is too small to expect something like this, but you have forgotten a whole lot of people in the Inland West who are being left out.

      • Bobbie says:

        come on now, Peter. Nobody in America is being left out by Heritage! Appreciate the effort if you're on our side. This is paid through their budget by peoples' freedom to contribute, not by thieving (government) from you, leaving you less your money earned whom government takes to spend on government special interest proven non productive and without your given consent. Think about that…

        So the self reliant spends money earned efficiently and takes the responsible course of action to have practical limits! Don't feel left out. Make an effort to join in. No one's excluded when freedom of choice is applied!

    31. HNY says:

      What, if anything, is being done to repeal/revise the unconstitutional NDAA?

    32. Pamela says:

      GREAT Are you coming to Boise , Idaho? I just moved here and would love to be here when you come.
      How about Ne??? I'll be there in April for B.D'S
      I wish all the luck in the world We need people of ALL AGES AND BACK GROUNDS to hear what you say and come together for themselves……
      Career politicians need to go as well. Politicians in my opinion are NOT in DC for the people BUT TO LINE THEIR POCKETS WITH WEALTH AND KNOW WHO'S WHO THAT WILL BUY THEM OFF.

    33. PADDY O says:

      From what I can tell, when you get off the bus, you should have a musical conducter's lectern, because you will be preaching to choir as someone said in earlier comments.I agree with ' days theo" about the TV ads to get those who are asleep to become aware of what's happening and convince them to come hear what you have to say. However as I suggested to the RNC your ads should be placed on the liberal networks, in order to reach those who are mesmerized by, Jersey shores,American Idol, let's make a deal and other program's like that ! If you should talk with these people, in a social setting you will find that they don't have a clue as to what's happening to our country!

    34. Bobbie says:

      Sounds fun, exciting and motivational. We look forward to seeing you!!!!!!

    35. Mary says:

      Can't wait for you to come to Wisconsin……seems to me this state needs an education in real ethics, and hopefully you can teach these liberals a thing or two about what freedom is all about. They really are on the wrong trail, and are being mislead every day by the far left. They need to hear the truth.

    36. Dottie says:

      Go Heritage Go. I just hope you get up to NY State. We're drowning in Democrats. Have a great tour!

    37. Hauptman says:

      If yoour first "guest" to speek on your bus tour is any indication, (a Govounor who is sucking up to the RNC) I sugest that you rename your buss tour as a Mitt Romney campaign bus. Just park it and don't bother. You have lost me as a suporter.

    38. Sandy Castle says:

      Great Idea to get out and in front of people who might not otherwise hear the message. Is there a chance another bus could be sent to states west of the Mississippi?

    39. Whicket Williams says:

      I don't think anybody ever changed anybody's mind. Just makes folks mad if you say something different from what they think. I hear democrats saying the same things about republicans that republicans say about democrats. And they are all so busy yelling at the other side that they hear nothing anybody says. The old divide and conquer is working full speed. Any everybody hates RON Paul BECAUSE THEY ARE TOLD TO.

    40. Leafraker says:

      We have past the crossroads! The experiment that was the American Republic has failed. It's over folks, time to clean up the lab and wash out the petrie dishes and test tubes of history and turn out the lights. The political quagmire, a cesspool really, that exists from the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego now has a new Northern Frontier – the border with Canada! The Quebecois had better start raising hell now to protect the land under their feet before the Goo Dooders of English Canada allow their country to be stolen from beneath their feet. It has happened here – not about to happen, but has happened.

    41. Judy K. says:

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I will be praying for you and that your message will change the hearts of many Americans who do not understand where this country is headed if we don't change direction!

    42. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama has a problem: Obama.

    43. John Cain says:

      I must apologize. In my fit of pique over your association with the SC governor, I failed to congratulate you on your bus venture. Hopefully, some of your counterparts at other conservative organizations will join with you or mount similar efforts of their own.

      In this critical time for our nation, we must get out the word.

    44. Sleepergirl says:

      You drive out to Colorado, but don't cross into AZ? Arizona is desparately trying to ward off a blue state takeover like the Left did in Colorado, and yet Heritage turns its back on us. We've been in the forefront on illegal immigration enforcement and are up against the DOJ out of the gate. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under assault too from the DOJ. Please don't forget Arizona.

    45. Joseph McKennan says:

      I feel a sense of relief that there is a voice of reason involved in this year's election process. I am proud to be a member supporting the Heritage Foundation

    46. Attila says:

      Excuse me, I thought this was a conservative site. Your "Saving the American Dream–" is more like killing it. A conservative approach would be to avoid all the talk about waste, fraud, duplication, etc in federal spending; we have heard that all before. These are the flaws of a government of men (subject to the usual flaws and corruption). We need to demand a government of law, with the existing Constitution. Your flat tax is still a tax on income with all the usual class warfare tyranny. After all, the income tax started with only a tax on the rich, which was of course simply the camel's nose under the tent flap. Speaking from the very bottom of the income range, I say the only moral and fair thing is to apply the principal if you pay for a benefit, you receive, whatever your race, gender, or personal (note the word) assets.
      The Fifth Amendment is there for good reason, and there is no way to implement benefits or privileges according to income that survives that protection, notwithstanding the fact that it is violated illegally in the extreme today. Yet it is precisely these kinds of reforms that are most needed if government is to become our servant rather than our master, as it is today. So, do not buy into this leftist idea.
      Another basic flaw in your plan is that spending is left to the good graces of the establishment, whatever you say about caps and limits the slicksters will find ways around them. Trust in the plain limitations in the Constitution, in which the federal government is limited to defense and diplomacy. There again, these limitations reduce temptation for corruption to a minimum, or 25% of the current level, and leaves all other authority to the states and to the people. You should focus your efforts on challenging the wrong interpretation of the commerce clause ( which in original intent meant only regulation of duties between states) and returning the federal government to its legal role, say over a five year period. Then we can talk about reform of military spending and the wisdom of our providing defense for the rich nations by borrowing from poor ones, or billions in aid to corrupt and dysfunctional countries who hate us, among other things.
      With these kinds of reforms, and without passing a single new law over the screams of the left, the need for an income tyranny would be removed, as well as the necessity of funding by debasement of the dollar. If more than customs duties is needed (questionable since the country got by just fine with that for over a hundred years), the Fair Tax, at a much lower level than proposed, would work without violating any basic freedoms defined in the Constitution.
      Now there is a plan that would be embraced by all conservatives and most independents.

    47. The Alamogeezer says:

      Congress needs to make an attempt to overide Obama's VETO. Lets find out who in the Congress wants to CUT OFF the thousands of jobs the bill would have created. Lets toss the ball back into the court of Congress,

    48. Tom says:

      I must admit being a bit disappointed that the Heritage Foundation is joining forces with the Family Research Council for this bus tour. I think the important Heritage Foundation messages that are so crucial to this election will be obfuscated by the connection to a "Christian organization promoting the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which it is built." Religious or not, these core principles that the Heritage Foundation is trying to get all Americans to understand during this election season are too important to be distracted by religious debates. Even though that may not be the intent in this joint bus tour, it will inevitably be viewed that way by all the people that are leery of intermixing religion with political issues. Some people view the seperation of powers, role of government, size of government, national debt, economic issues, national defense, etc, etc, etc, as issues completely independent of their personal religious beliefs.

    49. Tom says:

      One of the real strengths that I believe the Heritage Foundation offers on so many issues is the complete objectivity and basis of fact that establish the arguments for the various issues that are facing this country. While there is certainly a moral decline in this country and it is one of the urgent issues that also must be addressed, and admittedly there are few organizations that confront these issues more directly than the Family Research Council, I still believe that the optics of this joint effort will cloud the view of many independent minded people who need to hear a clear message from the Heritage Foundation.

    50. Roberts fam says:

      Come to Michigan! The sheeple (yes, the "sheeple") up here need to get a clue!

    51. As a relatively new American,(I took the oath and became a naturalized citizen two years ago), I will do everything in my power to promote liberty and individual freedom in this country.
      I grew up in a socialist state; I know what it's like on the other side.
      Many Americans are taking for granted the unique and free system that still remains here.

      Let's get Obama out of the White House!

    52. Heidi E. Parisi says:

      I would encourage you to take a trip east to the "blue states." Massachusetts' political map is very similar to the rest of the country–the big cities vote democratic, but the suburbs vote Republican. We sure could use your encouragement! HEP, Boxford, MA (Long time supporter of FRC and FOTF)

    53. bill gruble says:

      When is the bus tour coming to North Carolina & where?

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