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  • Under Obama, Oil and Gas Production on Federal Lands Is Down 40%

    UPDATE: The U.S. Energy Information Administration announced on Jan. 27 that data used for its study of oil and gas production on federal lands was “incomplete.” The EIA is currently reviewing information from the Department of Interior and will correct its report upon completion.

    In his announcement rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline today, President Obama boasted that under his administration, “domestic oil and natural gas production is up.” Obama, of course, failed to mention that his administration can’t actually take any credit for the increase.

    The vast majority of America’s new oil and gas production is happening on private lands in states like North Dakota, Alaska and Texas.

    It’s not that Obama is devoid of responsibility. His administration oversees oil and gas production on federal lands by issuing leases. But when measuring oil and gas production in areas under Obama’s jurisdiction, the numbers tell a different story.

    Citing publicly available federal data, the House Natural Resources Committee noted these figures:

    • Under the Obama administration, 2010 had the lowest number of onshore leases issued since 1984.

    Despite the Obama administration’s restrictive policies for oil and gas production on federal lands, overall production still increased thanks to the pro-energy policies in states like North Dakota.

    “North Dakota has been the poster child for what can happen when we unleash free enterprise and allow states to develop and commercialize their resources,” Heritage’s Nick Loris wrote recently on The Foundry. “North Dakota is drilling at record pace.”

    The result: North Dakota’s unemployment rate is 3.4 percent, the lowest in the country. According to a recent report from IHS Global Insight, North Dakota already returned to pre-recession employment along with energy-rich Alaska. Texas is expected to do so in the first quarter of 2012, followed by Nebraska and South Dakota next year.

    Those states all have something in common: energy production.

    That policy aligns with recommendations from Obama’s own Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which yesterday issued a report calling for more energy production that includes drilling and pipelines. Here’s the language from the Jobs Council report:

    As a nation, we need to take advantage of all our natural resources to spur economic growth, create jobs and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil. First, we should allow more access to oil, natural gas and coal opportunities on federal lands. Where sources of shale natural gas have been uncovered, federal, state and local authorities should encourage its safe and responsible extraction. While the administration has supported holding additional lease sales and evaluating new areas for drilling, further expanding and expediting the domestic production of fossil fuels both offshore and onshore (in conjunction with more electric and natural gas vehicles) will reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil and the huge outflow of U.S. dollars this reliance entails. In addition, policies that encourage rapid lease development while emphasizing the highest safety standards will ensure companies responsibly drill for natural gas or oil and mine for coal or other our minerals in federal areas in a timely manner.

    With the Keystone XL decision, Obama rejected that advice. “At a time when unemployment remains unacceptably high, Iran is threatening the Strait of Hormuz, and Canada is looking to take this oil elsewhere, it is difficult to understand how the President could say no to thousands of jobs and an increase in energy supply from our ally,” Loris wrote in reaction to the decision.

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    125 Responses to Under Obama, Oil and Gas Production on Federal Lands Is Down 40%

    1. Something you should know…

      • Sam Morris says:

        The Keystone XL pipeline project was attached to the bill H.R. 3630 which had cuts to Medicare, such as the cost paid for a doctor visit would have been cut from $100 down to $70 and you would have to pay the balance or $30. Additionally, if you are 70 years of age or older and you were on life support, under H.R. 3630 hospitals were to pull the plug at let you die.

        Also, the total number of jobs would not have been any greater than 6,000 jobs, not a million. Also, the jobs would only last for 1 year and end in 2013.

        The Keystone XL pipeline was added by the Republicans to sweeten the deal to sway the President into signing the bill H.R. 3630.

        Keystone XL pipeline can still be done, but it must be on a separate bill by itself.

      • wittke says:

        The US chamber of commerce receives lots of money from CHINA… Were do you think their loyalties lies???? And the republicans get lots of money from the chamber were does their loyalties lie????

        All the oil like the oil from Alaska will go to China… The pipe is make in China… the workers are to be Chinese!!!!!

    2. idoeyes513 says:

      Obama WANTS us to be a weak dependant country…..I just have no freaking clue WHY

      • Coach T says:

        idoeyes,, that's his plan and HAS been All along,, Remember ,FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE America, Right, Look up Coward and Piven Stragery,,, Google it, That will TELL it all, There are just a lot of Morons/Idiots in America that could care less and are looking at skin color TO Vote, Yes TO VOTE. Open your eyes America,, this man is as bad as they come,,,, Oh the hell that America is going to pay if obama is given another 4yrs,, America as we know it WILL BE NO MORE,,,,,Wake up PEOPLE

        • Charles Webb says:

          Coach, you are right on the mark. America is BAD; the "chosen one" was taught a way of thinking, and HATE for America, EVERY SUNDAY for twenty years or so. I think I am Wright about that. Obama and all that would listen were trained to HATE in the spirit of God? The first thing Obama did, after being SWORN in as PRESIDENT, was to go on "The American Apology Tour". On this trip, paid for with our tax money, Obama told the world that America has been wrong in the past, BUT NOT ANYMORE! He also apologized to HIS BROTHERS in the Middle East. Obama has no use for Israel and we are no longer a Christian nation. This Country elected a neighborhood ORGANIZER that made no bones about it – HE WILL CHANGE AMERICA. Obama is a clear danger to our Country! Obama has only began to change America and needs more time. I Pray that his time of change is over. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

      • biginbtown says:

        because he and the real powers that be are selling us by the pound to the real powers that be…they are trying to weaken us so that when the new world order comes around they will have a seat at the table…watch the movie wall-e…that is what they want…the fat americans are just the consumers for the world economy

      • Rob Frick says:

        He wants the US dollar to crumble and for our whole system to collapse, then he can declare martial law and start reshaping America into a socialist regime. Every step he has taken since he was inaugurated has been designed with this in mind….

      • Charlie says:

        Please read the book "freedom to fascism" BY Naomi Wolf. this book will tell you why their agenda is to break us, make us totally dependant on the gov, house us, and then ultimately CULL us> in part of the whole picture, its called population DEPOP. they have all measures set up for millions to die already. This plan was iniatiated with BUSH SENIOR, and carrid on by Clinton, LITL BUSH< and the power hungry Obama. We are in a police state now. Please read the book and share it with your friends. Bring eveyone you know to this knowledg

      • James Lee says:

        Look at his name and your question is answered

      • Sam Morris says:

        Go read the bill H.R. 3630 and you will be glad he didn't sign the bill for Keystone XL.

      • Mark B Kentucky USA says:

        Hey Folk's ..Before you start blaming Obama..You need to realise that each State who is invilved in this Pipeline has the option to agree or disagree in it passing thru there State. Now To Totally Blame Obama for this is not truly correct. Building a pipeline across the United States has its pro's and its Faults.. I agree with you on making Jobs and keeping some Busy for many years. Obama is not to totally blame.. DO your research. It is Mind Blowing on what is needed to do this. have a nice day folks..Peace..

        • Bobbie says:

          there's no reason for the states to deny this opportunity to build job growth and energy independence when America is on the presuppose of collapse. Do nothing President when there is plenty we can get done without his irrational authority!

        • Our country is criss-crossed with interstates, power lines and railroad tracks. We built a pipeline from Alaska, it has not cause any problems. The 'Pros' are obvious. What 'Faults' are you talking about? "It is mind blowing on what is needed to do this." ???!!!! What are you talking about? It's a pipeline. What is mindblowing is The Great Wall Of China or the Egyptian Pyramids or the Panama Canal.

          You are nuts. If Obama can't get this thing going, he is not qualified to be President. I don't need to do any research it's a simple pipeline. We are a 21st century industrialized country. Get it built already.

      • walt says:

        ask the people in the middle east – THEY will give you an honest answer… they HATE us, and ANY weakness, to them is a good thing…

      • Bruce Porter Sr says:

        You must be dumber than a rock, or a democrat…..whoops, the same thing.
        The Kenyan's job is to destroy the US and put us under the hegemony of the UN with him as local dictator.
        And he is doing a far better job than anyone wants to give him credit for.
        And, with the exception of Ron Paul, both houses of congress and both political parties agree with him.

    3. Clarence F Neeley says:

      Bill Nelson our Senator needs to show that HE is informed on this matter, instead of the lies his team is putting out if i don't see a take it back statement from him he looses my vote!! Clarence Neeley S Central Florida!!

      • Red Baker says:

        Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) tries to sound reasonable, but when big government needs his support, he's right there. Florida needs another excellent conservative like Marco Rubio.

    4. Grahawk says:

      It's politically motivated as he is reaching out to his tree huggers for votes come November…

    5. John says:

      Oboma should stop with all his BS and for once just tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth OMG I forgot thasthes a friggin politician and everyone knows politicians don't know how to tell the truth

    6. Keep buying oil from countrys that hate us. Can't wait till this administration is voted out.

      • Bob From District 9 says:

        Yeah, countries like Canada, our biggest source.

        And Saudi Arabia home of GW Bush's buddies, and GHW Bush's business friends.

    7. Robert Finlay says:

      You failed to mention in this accounting that the number of "leases" though down, remains unexplored and undrilled by the companies who go after the oil. This is therefor only telling HALF the story, not the truth. I do not allow logging in by Facebook because you want permission to post as me. THAT is not truth either.

    8. Craig says:

      This is all happening because Americans are letting it happen. It's time to take America back and let the Government know that they work for us.

    9. Glenn Marsh says:

      More of the same…

    10. Rob says:

      just proves how "out of touch" he is with the american public, to cut thru the chase, he is just full of "Crap", as normal

    11. John says:

      This export pipelines oil was destined to go out of the US. The threat to go to China is because China is a major investor in the Tar Sands. The benefit to the US was very small compared to the risk to our water and food supplies. I believe if you do some research that Agriculture is a major employer in the US and we help feed the world. If you think this is not important go on an Tar Sands only diet and see how long before you meet your maker.

      • butch gordon says:

        so you think that we do not need jobs created from the keystone pipeline. so if you think we do not need jobs then what will it take for us americans to get back to work and stand on our own 2 feet instead of asking the goverment to give us money. me personally i hope that someone gets in the white house that has since enough to see that america needs more jobs not less jobs and not more unemployment checks.

    12. waterdog6969 says:

      yeppers. just what the doctor ordered. glad the racially motovated party voted for this idiot. and to think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. for an excrament sandwich maybe. gotta love the dems on this one and the friggin EPA. guess they had more money to donate than the oil companies. or was it BUY OFF MONEY. my guess is the latter.

    13. .MJ says:

      This isn't politically motivated. Nebraska rejected the plan because the Nebraska Republican Governor did not want the pipeline in his back-yard messing with their environment. Trans-Canada has not released a replacement plan. Therefore, it is not currently known what path the pipeline would take through US territory. Obama absolutely should not approve a plan if we do not know what state(s) will be impacted by the pipeline construction.

      Furthermore, from a business perspective: it's an export pipeline… Trans-Canada wants to do nothing in the US, they want to sell oil to outside countries, primarily China.

      Additionally, the US State Department has released a study showing the pipeline will only create 20 permanent jobs. TWENTY.

      So, let's review: Trans-Canada want to bypass us, sell to foreign markets, without us knowing which state they will be going thru, and only create 20 or so permanent jobs. Obama would have to be an idiot to approve such a plan. And you people are a bunch of morons for criticizing him for this decision, which was most definitely the correct one.

    14. Boston Pilgrim says:

      An OPEN letter to all the Green Peace and stoked pseudo Environmentalist.

      WE MUST SURVIVE . . .I'm concerned about human survival . . . . .Not the fish . . .the animals . . .the trees . .the blue butterfles . . not the whales.

      Where in the world is your sense of priority. There isn't a single human in this world reading this that is going to convince me that "your own personal survival, or those of your great-grand kid's survival is dependent on the world's environment and adjusted by a single human being's action."

      Are you kidding me? Many of you lunatics have never seen this earth from above except on National Geographic Channel while you sip a Chi Tea.

      Do you really know how big this rock we call "Earth" really is? I don't think so. YOU . . .are but a grain of sand on the Gobi desert. Now pick up your grain of sand and go throw it at the White House. Get real . . .that is the degree of impact you'll have towards saving the environment.

      People may die, but you'll save the whales instead . .?

    15. he takes credit for everything the BUSH adminstration did and when something he DOES goes bad he blames them .. words cant really describe how much i dislike him and his liberal base.. they are totally clueless as are the people who believe them…

    16. John Monz says:

      There ia an agenda here folks. Wake up + smell the coffee. Obama + his ilk will not be happy until we collapse to our knees

    17. Dahvid ben Avraham says:

      don't stay home election day

    18. This is exactly what he wants. The focus of his term has been to weaken this country. He told one of his ultra liberal groups before his election that the best thing that could happen would be a world without the U.S. He felt that all the ills of the world was because of the U.S. Just look at Italy and Spain, and other European nations that are on the brink. He is after the same fiscal stupidity in this country. The result will be the same here. Then look out, a one world government is next.

    19. Pete Moore says:

      He needs to borrow 1.7 trillion more, (debt ceiling rasing vote was today) from the Chinese, who just happens to take over that pipeline oil AFTER he said no. Coincidence?

    20. Laurie Curtis says:

      well in this time of great unemployment our one term wonder decided a pipe line to help heat our homes and give us jobs was not a good idea yeah he has a job and we pay his heating bill and feed him and his not for long everyone call the white house and email and facebook your president and let him know how you feel

    21. steve says:

      how much of the decline of production on federal lands vs private lands is due to natural depletion? without this understanding – and vs. reinvestment on a per boe (that's barrels of oil equivalent) – pre and during Obama – this article says nothing, other than Obama is inimical to domestic O&G production. but no one needs stats for that.

      • Bob From District 9 says:

        The drop in federal land oil production began in 2002, after it peaked in 2001. In case you forgot, Bush was in office then. Look up the numbers, it was under Bush that 40% happened. The headline is a lie.

    22. Jon Weiss says:

      Sadly, the polls show that 45% of respondents still like this clown for President. If he gets another term the nation is lost.

    23. what a leader….he weakens us all the time….

    24. cynthia goldarb says:

      Owe NO man! a Biblical quote. Not only do we owe our livelihood because of oil needs and head needs to another. We owe to a sworn enemy who Obama goes and apologizes too for our behavior. To them this makes us weak and a laughing stock. I am tired of being laughed at, are you?

    25. Jerry says:

      Why are so many surprised, this is what he always does. Talk good but do nothing like he always has done. If he gets votes or thinks he will, he will be in favor of whatever it is, and if he thinks someone will vote against his election bid, he will be against whatever it is that upsets them. He is just another backroom Chicago politican who cannot be trusted. period.

    26. Wendall says:

      Obama and all of the spineless politicans in DC do not care about the people of our own country. This would have created a lot of jobs and also make us less dependant on oil from the Middle East. So it is easy to see which side he cares about. We must remember this in November.

    27. DAVID says:

      owe-bama has already made a deal with the people who are very soon gonna own our (thats OUR.. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) federal land…….. when he gets us so broke our bills cant be paid they will come collect….. hhhhhmmmmmmmm WONDER WHO ???????????????

    28. Once again the president abandons America ~ ignores all the positive impact this pipeline would bring~ from creating jobs (at least 20,000 immediately~with much more to come)~ the revenue this would bring~ energy independence from those who hate us ~etc…. it is a "win~win" situation! It would even make him look like he has some common sense. His own council has even warned him but he has turned a deaf ear. Instead he has to bend over backwards to one of the most powerful organizations that has damaged our economy time & again~~ The EPA. And may I use a quote that he often accuses others of~~ "it is purely political" & he depends on this organization for votes. I pray that his time in office will soon be over for the good of our great nation.

    29. A responsible Congress would not approve a 1.2 trillion dollar debt increase like they promised if Obama shut down this vital pipeline. His plan to destroy our economy is in full swing. I am embarrassed to admit I voted for him. Never again, I am sure.

    30. russell gayneaux says:

      IT may be late I hope not But if the people in this country don,t wake up and throw these politicians out in the street starting from the TOP on down we are headed if not there already for some real bad times ~~~

    31. Edgar weakalnd says:

      Obama, is acting like a 2 year old child

    32. Mark says:

      This is the worst president in our history,,as a nation if this man is voted back in office he will put the nail in the coffin of a great country

    33. Butch Miller says:

      Yet another example of Obama, Pelosi and Reid holding any chance of Recovery down so that his big profiteers can grown filthy richer with tax payer money… and over half of the population of the United States live in poverty since he has taken over and real unemployment numbers are hovering around 18%.

    34. Mike says:

      Wow, since when dose Heritage advocate "government intervention?" You mean the private sector can't produce enough energy to meet US demand? Shocking……….

    35. Mark Staudte says:

      The very people that run this blog are the same ones who are benefitting from big oil, so their response does not surprise me.

    36. James Dickason says:

      What a DA–How in the heck did we elect this guy as President–

    37. Lou says:

      The Socilist that put him in office told him not to sign the bill. They want our goverment to collaspe!

    38. When the states decide to tell Washington to get out of State business, then we can start to recover from all this Washington Reg. We have the energy to go a long long ways right under our noses. Lots of jobs, and lots of income for the People, State and yes even Washington. They don't get it. Lets buy what we have here from people that hate us.

    39. Patrick says:

      Is any intelligent person really surprised at his action? Obama wanted to wait until after the election to reject the pipeline. Now, it will be great fodder for the Republicans to help take Obummer down finally. He's done enough damage to this country in his actions and inactions. Now Canada wants to route the pipeline to the Port of Vancouver so the Chinese and others will have ready access to the oil. Thanks, Odummer – another pseudo-American working against America

    40. Reaaaally? He had an opportunity to create thousands of jobs as well as make the country less dependent on foreign oil. Instead, he said no to jobs, no to cheaper oil. Now, Canada will sell the oil to China making the price of oil soar. What a freaking TOOL!

    41. Rusty says:

      Maybe, just maybe, if Obama keeps sticking his foot in his ignorant mouth, the public which voted him into office will have the sense to vote him out of office.

    42. Tom Dorman says:

      Well Terry better get used to Holding oyur bearth because we have to many morons out there that think is is doing a perfect job
      But thank God for the Georgia judge that said he couldnt be on their ballet since He has yet to prove his citiszenship a proff of life certicate isnt a birth cerificate

    43. I would like to thank the Obama administration for giving Romney or Gingrich the opportunity to create these jobs next January 20th.

    44. This is what we call CHANGE in America with this wonderful President everyone seams to want to give another chance to. If he keeps up dependent on other countries, then we will become weak and Oboma can then get by with pushing thru Oboma care and all the other ignorant things he tries to do.

    45. Jim says:

      Ya, hard to figure with all the corporate money behind that project. Guess the loudest voices win: not enough oil huggers and internet petitions to sway him in an election yr. Too bad the same corporate money can't bring back the stifled elctric car technology boom from the 90's. I hate to see Hummers (and every frickin landscape blower and mower!) running on our soldier's blood!

    46. Fredi says:

      Maybe if we utilize our own energy, we could actually set standards for how it is produced and thus be better stewards of our part of the planet. Instead, it appears that we would rather buy from people who are not necessarily friendly to us or the environment while allowing less scrupulous entities to exploit the Gulf of Mexico…hmmm, I don't think they really care if there's an oil spill except as it affects production. It may be naive to think we can control or hold accountable energy corporations, but the energy is going to be needed, produced and sold. We should at least try to maintain some quality control on how it's done while helping our own economy, providing lots of jobs and cutting our reliance on foreign oil.

    47. Gnu-Shoes says:

      Remember when Pelosi said, "You are going to have to pass the bill to see whats in it."? (Talking about the health care reform) It seems pretty unfair when the "Elitists" get to "pick and choose" when they want to play by the same rules. I guess they don't have the time to figure out what is in the Keystone pipeline bill… They don't care to know… They are too intent on ruining our Country BEFORE the elections in November.

    48. Head od EPA was appointed by Obama, so no oil has long as he in the oval office!! It's time for him to go!!!

    49. Linda Rodgers says:

      Obama wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and kissed him on the mouth,he is full of himself and full of his own distortions of the truth!

    50. Jerry Mccall says:

      lets just tell the truth..

    51. darrell graf says:

      what is next? arent our states soverign? cant each state allow their chunk of the pipe to be laid…then "golden spike" at each border??

    52. Bruce says:

      Remember the 32.6% Rule. 1000 Registered Voters 65% Vote 51% of those who vote equals 32.6 is all the politition has to APPEASE!Go on look it up on FEDERAL ELECTIONS !

    53. Gray says:

      Of course it's down. The bum has spent his entire presidential career making sure America will be bankrupt when he leaves office and his plan is also to have us as the servants of whatever rogue country he is actually serving!!

    54. This President has to Go! He is killing America and American jobs!

    55. jim says:

      the foodstamp pres

    56. John Oliver says:

      All he has left is the extreme left an article today said the independents are leaving him! That is why the disapproval of the pipeline he can't afford to lose the far left radical environmental whack jobs! The unions will stick with him no matter what they have nowhere else to go! As for as taking credit for something he had nothing to do with remember: He will place the blame on somebody else for his failures and take somebody else success for his own!

    57. wittke says:

      Why do republicans lie??????

      • John says:

        Check the facts, it's your precious Obama that is the liar. He lies with every breath, takes credit for things he had nothing to do with and in some cases fought them, and lays the blame for every bad thing that happens in this nation, to this day, at the feet of President Bush. He want's to raise, yet again, the debt limit and claims that it will work this time. Ha, none of his spending has worked before, why would it now? Also, he not only voted against a debt ceiling increase when Pres Bush was trying to get one, but called it unconstitutional and a detriment to the state of the union. He (Obama) is trying to destroy this country from the inside out. I didn't always think that he was intentionally trying to destroy us, but, everyday he does something more to make me believe it's his mission in life. He's an idealogue of the worst kind. The only reason I can see for him to block the building of the XL Pipeline is to keep the Eco terrorists voting on his side. This guy is killing us, one day at a time! We have got to get him out of office. We won't make it through another 4 years of this man and his policies and ideologies!

    58. Kent Clark says:

      Jobs? What stinking jobs? "Look how many we saving"

    59. Obama is a master magician,he's always diverting your attention from what he's really doing,the problem is that sooner or later people are finding out that the hope and change that they voted for was the way he hoped to change this country into the nation he envisioned,not what all of America wanted,you've all been duped people,time to make a change for the better,throw the bum out!

    60. Bill Dempsey says:

      US Oil and Gas production is up, but not because of the Obama administration. Yet, if you had only listened to his speech without checking into the facts (like so many Americans do), you would think all the credit should go to Obama and his administraton for increases in production.

    61. EWCarter says:

      OK this is a Guy that is out there we need to vote hem out!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. EWCarter says:

      We need oil not games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. EWCarter says:

      Boy you can't say what you think of him so whay good is this. We need to vote hem out.

    64. EWCarter says:

      Are you guys for real,we need to tell the truth

    65. EWCarter says:

      Oboma is a sweet guy, he as a nice smile thats about all!!!!!!!!

    66. Marc says:

      There are a certain number of folks that run this country and control the purse strings. Most politicians with any aspirations to go anywhere will sell their soul to the "party" and then have to dance to the "party" tune. The Republicans and Democrats are controlled from the top down. He is just doing what he is told to do. How sad that one would sell their soul for riches and power and not do what is best for this nation and it's citizens. There are a number of folks that hate America and what we are about. They are bringing us down to third world status and destroying our nation. Wake up people!!!!!

    67. Marc says:

      The pipeline folks just need to get permits and approval from the states and go build the pipeline. Why do they need a "permit" from the President. Since when does he make all of the decisions. If that pipeline needs to cross a number of states let the states give approval and just build it. There is no way that one man should be able to stop a project like this. Wake Up America. Washington DC has no authority in the states. Just build it. How is the President going to stop them??? We need to stop eating from the crumbs that fall from the elite in Washington DC! We can take care of ourselves.

      • Bobbie says:

        totally agree! why let "government permits" hold America back?? are members being threatened or deranged somehow?

    68. Eric Church says:

      The State Department had the Keystone Pipeline application since 2008 but Barack Obama said yesterday that he was "rushed" by Congress. Hogwash! The only question for State was whether such a pipeline was in the "national interest". Hillary Clinton said "no". Another plain lie. Obama put his political friends above the country–again. We lose jobs that we need and even more importantly, oil that will now go to China–making us more dependent on the Middle East as gas prices are going up. ObamaCare, a flawed testament to his vanity, strangles job creation. Here is another. Our battered economy, our standing as a great nation and our children can't afford his ego. Humility is coming.

    69. Don/Carol says:

      This man thrives on BROKEN promises! I heard an excellent comment recently & it really touched my innermost being; "The USA must remove this man from the highest office or we are ONE GENERATION FROM LOSING OUR FREEDOM"…Wake up America before it's to late; our constitution is almost non-existent! We must remove federal elected POLITICIANS that adhere to "HIS" agenda! Stop the give away programs & work for a honest living; everyone eligible person must vote him out of office or I won't be able to express myself like this in one generation!!!!

    70. Carol Morgan says:

      The whole thing was deliberate. Pres O does not care about "the people" or America. His plans run in an altogether different direction than the advancement of this country and it's people. Makes me think of "Gulliver" who was bound by many little ropes. Pres O continues to tie the country down with his rules and regs. He needs to go!

    71. Ric Aldrich says:

      Nobama is an enemy to free enterprise Democrats want big government so they can get rich and feed us the crumbs it is time to take the country back both sides of the isle need to understand that We The People have had it with there CRAP spending must be put under control I have to control my budget they have to control their budget. The idea that this moron nobama would reject this pipeline and then try to turn it around and say the Republicans didn't give them enought time for environmental studies is an absolute lie 3 studies were done already. Meanwhile nobama is at Disney saying we need more tourism jobs…WTF!!!??? Those jobs would be great but why say no to 50 thousand and more jobs for a pipeline nobama wants to destroy america

    72. The majority of people who vote for Obama take his word that he can tell no lies. When they go into the voting booths they vote the way their told to vote with out even a clue as to why or who their voting for..The assurance that the government will always take care of them, at no cost to them, guarantees the vote the liberal/socialists want and that vote gets them another step closer to destroying this Great Nation..We true Americans must get Obama and all his liberal/socialists out of the White House and out of the News Media..

    73. Arone Bernacchi says:

      You could tell on year one when the President went around the world on his apology tour it was going to be a long four years. Hopefully his reign of terror & incompetence will come to a close in November, hopefully before the United States is repo'd by China!!

    74. Robert says:

      Hmmm , Piping in no mans' land…what's it going to hurt , lost of jobs or new jobs that's okay with America we are use to jobless ness , lets keep gas at $4.00 per gallon…that's okay America ,let's keep on depending for oil from the Middle East and South America our friends wake up USA

    75. Lloyd Scallan says:

      The people are just now starting to understand why the BP spill and coastal damage was so important to Obama overall plan to destroy our energy industry thus collapse our economy. Just study the facts to understand the reasons Obama deliberately made it possible for the damage to be as bad as it was.

    76. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Since Obama is so devoted to the enviro-statists, as shown by his rejection of the Keystone pipeline, why would he boast of something they thoroughly reject…higher domestic oil & gas production? That is unless that portion over which he has control really has decreased as you have observed.

    77. Is Obama really the president of OUR country, or is someone else running his show?

    78. Patti Lawhorn says:

      I repeat: If Obama is/was the answer, how stupid was the question?

    79. Oil & Gas Watcher says:

      Well, it disturbing to see how vocal the clueless can be. THINK people. Canadian oil IS foreign oil. And, as our primary source of foreign oil, they seem to like us.

      Does anyone really want our refining capacity concentrated along the disaster-prone Gulf Coast?? Why not encourage diversifying where this occurs? Let us expand refining capacity closer to our northern population centers. Shorter pipeline, less environmental concern, job creation, and strategic placement of resources away from "Hurricane Alley". And (REALLY important to most of the US) less concentration of our energy wealth in one really politically powerful region.

      You should all be frightened by this pipeline plan. Unless, of course, you are a wealthy powerful Texas politician. After 32 years in this energy business, I assure you this would be detrimental to most of the US.

      PS; No pipeline route was submitted, thus Obama could not legally approve it. And gas drilling on federal lands is way down due to low prices, overcapacity, and lack of transport from remote lease areas. Oil drilling remains robust due to favorable pricing.

    80. dave henry says:

      Can someone tell me why we don't just build a new processing plant in North Dakota?

    81. Paul Booth says:

      Thats right lets keep our dependence on foriegn oil…and further fund terrorism…because they need our money really bad!

    82. Pat says:

      Mr. Obama will do ANYTHING THAT he thinks will get him reelected.

    83. Rachel says:

      He’s a very successful President! If he doesn’t like what Congress (the citizens’ Representatives) say, he just ignores them. He SAID he wanted gas at $10/gal. And damned if he isn’t determined to make that happen!

    84. bownglo says:

      It really stuns me how surprised so many Americans are at Otrama's blunders and outright underhanded shenanigans. Otrama did nothing before being elected and he is batting 1000!!. I am tired of the liberal left using the "race" card as a reason for anything negative said about Otrama. . too bad Otrama is so lacking. . he really could have united us as a nation.

    85. Sharon shaw says:

      Obama is a liar, why would any one vote this Socilest scum back into office????????????????

    86. Fredi says:

      Oil &Gas watcher… Of course, Canadian oil is foreign oi from a friendly ally. Perhaps I should have more appropriately put it, we should try to be less dependent on those who live in countries where many of their powerful people do not wish us well. The idea of building one or more refineries up North is interesting. It would limit the area of risk to us and provide huge numbers of jobs in a different area. But the refining capability is already on the Gulf and as you noted, there are big money interests heavily invested and ensconced there. the shipping routes are already established and it would take a very long time if ever to get through all the red and green tape required to even begin such a project…not to mention the turf wars over who controls it. It is a complex and very thorny problem involving huge sums of money. Unfortunately, whenever there is a lot of money involved, morals, scruples and even common sense are too often abandoned. We need to do better and be better.

    87. art wissing says:

      robert, you failed to mention that the co. pay hundreds of millions to the gov. then they hold up the permitting process for 4,5,6 years. make them spend sometimes billions before they ever get a permit. check shell trying to getr permits in alaska 5 years and 1.5 billion in expenses, finally get the permit , then the gov resinds it to do more study. trans-canada applied in 2008 and has spent 1.7 billion for all the years of study and court fees,and then gets rejected even though ALL the studies said it was ok to build. how many years and how much money should it take before we can drill a hole? would you rather drill and explore on private land? or deal with the idiots in DC? just a side note, the gov makes more money on every barrel of oil than does the oil company doing all the work,through royalties. plus the oil co spend there own money, no tax payer money is spent,but taxpayers get royalties, and cheap energy, secure energy. the profit margins for oil co. is about 8% apple and microsoft margins are 5 or 6 times more than that….

    88. Bob From District 9 says:

      You need to fire your headline writer, he's a liar.

      Oil production on federal lands peaked in 2001, and went down that 40% mostly under George W Bush, not Obama.

      You really don't need obvious lies heading your column. It compromises your credibility.

      Oh, and the low unemployment rate in North Dakota may be related to the fact that it is the most socialistic state in the country. The state owns it's own bank, and is not totally dependent on the private sector banks, aka gambling halls, for it's financial security.

    89. Pingback: FACT CHECK: 10 Dubious Claims from Obama’s State of the Union | PERSUASION IN INK

    90. LARRY NELSON says:


    91. @NOWSEOJames says:

      There are two ways to outsource: onshore outsourcing and offshore outsourcing. The difference between them is that onshore outsourcing is the obtaining of services from someone outside a company but within the same country. On the other hand, offshore outsourcing is the obtaining of services from people or companies outside the country.

    92. Truthfinderxxx says:

      O.K., I know that we as a country need to be energy independent, Natural gas is good, fracking is suicidal, they are using known carcinogens like Benzene in the fracking fluids, this contaminates our groundwater for decades, we could replace oil with cellulosic ethanol from biomass, thus ending farm subsidy, putting millions back to work, creating a new green fuel supply. they won'tdo it because too many of our politicians are beholding to the big oil companies.

    93. G_Dub says:

      This whole article is nothing but a reprint of the biased posting from:

      As Bob points out above, a large portion of the 40% production drop occurred during the Bush years.

      The drop in onshore lease sales is not significant by any statistical measure and is most likely due to the fact that the western states with the vast majority of the federal lands have all instituted their own stricter oil and gas regulations.

      And, the Obama administration has canceled a total of four offshore lease sales two of which were due to a lack of interest. As of November, the offshore lease sales are back on schedule.

      This piece is the laziest analysis I have ever seen printed on a supposedly respectable blog and I sure hope you don't get paid for this tripe. You would do your readers a larger service if you spent any time investigating claims made by a clearly partisan committee instead of reprinting them as fact. Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of other sites now citing your blog as some sort of authoritative information when it is actually either sloppy and lazy writing/analysis or just flat-out intentional lies.

    94. Linda says:

      thats simply not true, do your own research people. Oil production is about the same as it was before Obama took office.

    95. Bob says:

      I wonder what it's like to be a right-wing shill working for the Heritage Foundation? You know, pretending to be honest and objective while laundering lies for the conservative establishment. I guess you couldn't have much personal integrity, or a conscience to keep you up at night. But there are always good-paying jobs available for people who are willing to sell their souls.

    96. Buster says:

      Overall US oil production is UP under Obama. You are being lied to, wise up.

    97. derrick says:

      Me,my gas tank or the world oil markets for that matter,dont give a crap whether the oil comes from federal lands or private lands…..bottom line is that overall production is up…..period….end of story,so stop twisting and manipulating all of this. The vast majority of people here on Heritage.org don't have the intelligence to figure this out on there own so just stick with the facts and not your hopes and dreams.

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