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  • "Modern Art" Memorial to Eisenhower a Slap in the Face to a Great Leader

    Eisenhower Memorial Commission Design Concept

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower lived a life full of public service for the country that he loved. His accomplishments rival that of some of the greatest American heroes. He was Supreme Commander of the troops invading France on D-Day, Supreme Commander of the NATO forces in 1951, and served two terms as president of the United States. Finally, President Eisenhower is getting his due with a memorial in Washington, DC. It should be a fitting tribute to a great man.

    There is only one problem. Several problems, actually. The memorial does not come close to memorializing what kind of person President Eisenhower was. The planned tribute features an avant-garde statue of a young Eisenhower looking at metal artwork portraying his childhood home with the backdrop of the Capitol. The boy is staring in awe of what was to be his life. This could not be more off-base. The president’s granddaughter, Susan Eisenhower, sent a complaint to the memorial committee saying:

    “Ike” is simply the wrong figure to memorialise with an avant-garde approach. He was a traditionalist, bewildered by modern art, she said.

    The problems go much deeper. The memorial is planned to be large and ornate, whereas Eisenhower was a simple man with simple tastes. The memorial for a man who devoted his to public service is being designed by Frank Gehry who turned down an opportunity to work on the Twin Towers after 9/11 because the pay was not high enough.

    They also brought in Charles Ray, who is famous for his obscene statues, to advise the sculpting of the statue of the young Eisenhower There will also be benches inside the memorial that spell out “IXXI”, the roman numerals for 9/11. President Eisenhower has no connection at all to 9/11.  Gehry may have included the benches as an obscure insult to Eisenhower, or as an inside allusion to the Twin Towers project. In any case, they, like most of the rest of the memorial, have nothing at all to do with President Eisenhower.

    The design concept also does not fit with the surrounding architecture of the National Mall and the Capitol building itself.  The National Capital Planning Commission exists to keep areas like the National Mall free of buildings and structures that do not fit with the architecture of the surrounding buildings. This is why tens of millions of tourists have enjoyed the same sights in Washington,DC for generations. This structure would be totally out of place.

    The President’s family has objected to this memorial and has resigned from the committee. Despite these objections, they are moving forward with their plans for a Dwight D. Eisenhower “memorial.” Sadly, this is less of a memorial and more of a slap in the face of a man who deserves so much more. Congress should reconsider funding such an atrocity.

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    17 Responses to "Modern Art" Memorial to Eisenhower a Slap in the Face to a Great Leader

    1. Zach Dowdle says:

      Eisenhower was a communist according to the John Birch Society. Maybe there should be a hammer and sickle, too.

      • Hilltop says:

        There probably is a hammer and sickle – they're just hidden away.
        The approach to the design mirrors former Speaker Pelosi's approach to legislation:
        "We will pass [build] it and then we will find out what's in it"

    2. Jim Cockrum says:

      Use the Washington monument as your starting point foolish architects! Simple, powerful, timeless, full of patriotic and Christian symbolism that represents the humility and greatness of the leader. What a stench of a committee they are left with making decisions on the Eisenhower memorial now that his family has dropped out in protest! How about including some of the "greatest generation" that served with distinction under him on the committee instead of "modern artists"? It's no surprise that liberals are confounded as how to memorialize a great military leader – who let them in the room on this one?

      On a personal note: I'm so sorry Grandpa. My children will know the truth of our great leaders in-spite of what garbage is said about them via "modern art" memorials.

    3. Bobbie says:

      what a bunch of disrespectful pigs! more waste of money promoting misleading perceptions. can they sue the minds of ignorance in civil court for falsely portraying?

    4. West Texan says:

      My observation of most artists is it's always about themselves and their self-proclaimed creativity. Never about the client.

      • Bobbie says:

        but this is an artist that isn't privately paid by someone's personal interest of the artist work. this artist gets tax subsidies and therefore only ike's true historic image that everyone knows or can research, should be displayed.

        Where's the respect to rules when it comes to taking public handouts! Rule #1: no personal perceptions allowed for public display when you're taking money from taxpayers whom ONE may oppose the cost of someone's personal perception and ALL have personal perceptions of their own.

        Taking money from government who's suppose to represent all equally, depletes the public funded artists individuality. His public art should reflect truth, so no one is influenced by his personal perception that distorts truth. It's what's fair!

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    7. Del Foster says:

      Every Veteran, Every Veteran should raise hell about this kind of insult to General Eisenhower.
      The Elite Left Liberal have never served in the Military. They really don't know the experience.

    8. dave says:

      I'm an artist – a musician – but I will never forget what I was taught…play for your audience not yourself. This so-called 'monument' to a great man is not playing for the audience, its playing for the sake of the artist. A great shame, and an even greater insult, to a great man. "more geese than swans now live, more fools than wise."
      GO GIANTS!

    9. Shawn Welch says:

      What a stupid mess. I hope some esse vatos graffiti the place.

    10. Spiritof76 says:

      Congress should pull the funds and require that the memrial must represent Eisenhower's accomplishments as a histirical narrative for future generations. Get rid of the garbage parading around as art.

    11. HandsomeCowboy says:

      Is that a bonzai tree ? What's all that about….?

    12. Helen Spingola says:

      America weeps –

    13. DTS says:

      Just read on government bid site that the costs are expected to be $65 to $75 million and probably thousands to maintain each year – politics aside, this is an absolutely ridiculous amount of money to spend in honor of anyone. How do we reign in a system that facilitates this kind of waste? Seriously, stop weeping and call your congressman and state senator and tell them to get to work!

    14. Let's just outsource the entire thing to China. They can do it cheaper and better anyway. Chinese granite sparkles just a little brighter than boring old American granite. So, who cares if Ike looks more like Chairman Mao and his quotes are incorrect?? What matters is Ike's family gets to cash in!

    15. Charles R. Mighton says:

      I am a veteran of World War II under the command of General Eisenhowe. What the hell has this country come too? The artist doing the work was not even born when this great man did his part in ending the war in Europe. Tell the artist to put the paint brush where the sun doesn't shine. We have to take our country back in November.

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