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  • NLRB to Host 'Meet and Greet' For Illegally Appointed Officials

    U.S. senators never got a chance to question or vote on President Obama’s illegal appointees to the National Labor Relations Board. Now that they’ve been installed at the board, however, senators and their staff will at least have the chance to meet the individuals they were prevented from properly vetting.

    The NLRB informed congressional staffers Wednesday that they would be holding an informal “meet and greet” with the three non-recess appointed board members on Thursday at 3 p.m., according to an email from the NLRB’s special counsel for congressional and intergovernmental affairs obtained by The Heritage Foundation.

    I am writing to invite two members of Senator [redacted] staff to join us this Thursday at 3 pm for a small “meet and greet” with the new board members.  The event will be attended by NLRB staff and a few folks from the Hill.  Please let me know if anyone on the staff is interested and if so, which two members will be joining us (I need to get the names over to security).  I apologize for the short notice – this is all coming together rather quickly.

    Indeed it is. As Scribe has noted, the two Democrats on their way to seats at the NLRB had been nominated for less than a month before the president decided he had waited long enough. His unconstitutional appointments prevented the Senate committee handling the nominations from conducting even the most basic vetting procedures, including background checks required of all nominees for federal office.

    In short, there should have been no need for a “meet and greet.” Senators could have become well-acquainted with the nominees had the president not usurped their constitutional advice-and-consent duties.

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    99 Responses to NLRB to Host 'Meet and Greet' For Illegally Appointed Officials

    1. It's time to get on with cases before them !!! I am sure they will serve the people and represent them well with their decisions. I am so sick of our Government blocking everything and the people having to suffer because of a few rich folk that could care less if we struggle with taxes , jobs, economy ……. They dont need a meet and greet, just get to work . You can do all that other stuff at lunch!!

      • Nick says:

        I agree, The sooner these guys make a ruling the sooner the losing party can file suit and challenge the legality of the board members appointment

      • Jack says:

        You missed the point utterly. These people were ILLEGALLY appointed.

      • yes, don't let the pesky little thing called the constitution get in the way.

      • paperpushermj says:

        You like being the Contrarian getting a rise out of people don't you?

      • Rann Xeroxx says:

        Yeah, why bother with that pesky Constitution. In fact why even have a congress, lord Obama has the grace of god (note the lowercase) and needs no check or balances. Who cares if the the labor board was suppose to be impartial to any group and is now packed with pro union members?

      • John Fox says:

        WOW! No vetting is OK with you? Why? Where's the due process we all grew up with? Just throw everything out the window because we are tired of waiting to appoint more socialists? NO!! Find out who these people are, let Congress/Senate do their jobs. We made one huge mistake when we didn't ask enough questions of BO and look where things are today. We need to come together and stop listening to the divided rhdoric being spewed out day after day by Mr. Hope and Change, what a joke…

      • keep it clean says:

        Dufus – that would be couldn't care less. Could care less isn't worth saying. We all could care less.

      • Lachlan Markay Lachlan says:

        Jonathan, no one was blocking these nominees. They never had a chance! The two Dem appointments were nominated on December 15 and non-recess-appointed less than a month later, before they even had a chance to file the paperwork required of every nominee to federal office.

        Of course the real issue here is the Constitution that the president is sworn to uphold and defend, but it's fairly clear that you're unconcerned with, you know, the law.

      • john says:

        I am so sick of people like you who don't understand the constitution or obviously detest it. Since you refer to the few rich folk,I presume you are one of the shiftless people who refuse to work and I doubt seriously if you have ever paid any taxes. I would give you some good advice but, I don't think you would understand.Have a nice day.

    2. West Texan says:

      The NLRB is a big government social progressive bureaucracy. It's no surprise it began with FDR's New Deal. Before anyone knew about the dangers of socialism to a free society. Consider Obama's board appointments as nothing more than Czars. The NLRB needs to be eliminated in its entirety. The individual states can handle their own labor disputes. Federal courts can address anything states might need help in resolving. As a military veteran, I find our country's continued shift to far left social progressivism absolutely sickening.

      • Virginian says:

        Then change the law. Don't backdoor it by sabotaging appointments. And here's a clue for the clueless: These labor laws were passed to tame labor unions, not empower them. Before these laws were passed there were impediments to commerce like quickie strikes and other tactics that employers did not like, so they passed these labor laws. I am pro-labor and like you I favor repealing these laws, which force unions to notify the government about their union, wait years for elections and contracts and generally limit their effectiveness. Repeal the law, West Texan! I'm with you! Within a decade you'll want them back.

    3. joe says:

      must about pay must have confirmation,,like cfpa appt?

    4. Royce Boon says:

      Can not the Senate do something about these illegal and unconstitutional acts? How can we get these appointments nullified?

    5. mitch loyd says:

      It makes one wonder what else obama has in store for us with his executive orders. He basically is omitting congress on most of his decisions this year.

    6. Judy D says:

      When and what is going to be done by Congress, or whoever, to take President Obama to task for this illegal action, as well as so many others??!?!?! I keep seeing where he takes illegal actions, but never see anything being done about it!

      • rob says:

        The appointments cannot be challenged until the appointees act against a business or individual, at which time legal action with a challenge to their rulings will arise. Based on what has been seen from lawyers on both sides of the argument, the appointments will be considered illegal, against the constitution and the appointees will need to be replaced through the normal vetting processes of Congress. This defeat will not help Obama in his position as POTUS.

      • lwr says:

        I'm going to use they all knowing that there are a VERY few who aren't. but…. nobody is going to do anything. They're all playing a games. They don't care. It's made for our arguing pleasure. They all want the same things. They all want to get inside information, yet nail joe blow for it. They're all for a 'legal' ponzi scheme, yet nail Maddoff. They're all for free haircuts, limo's, etc… yet don't care what happens to you. Unfortunately, there are only a couple options left.

      • ghostsouls says:

        If this had been done by Bush, they would want to impeach him…. double standard!

        • @kaarbaak says:

          It WAS done by Bush…and Reagan, and Clinton, and Theo Roosevelt, and Harry Truman and…

          • msksan says:

            Not True! While all presidents have made recess appointments, Harry Reid (democrat) invented this exact maneuver to keep the senate in session, thereby preventing George Bush from making any more recess appointments.

    7. David A. Knoepp says:

      Can Congress….(the HOUSE) or any Govt unit stop funding the NLRB and the Cordray Department for these
      unconstitutional appointments???? Seems like there should be some controls in place to negate Obama's
      expansion of govt employees. Or, is it a question of no one willing to take a stand???

    8. Kelly Waldron says:

      My questios are: What are they doing about it or what can be done? Are not any of the so called unconstitutional things President Obama has done in the last three years impeachable? Did not the framers build punitive or restrictive measures into the constitution along with the separation of powers/checks and balances? In short, why is he getting away with this stuff? It seems his boldness increases with each and every victory. Folks, the camel's nose is in the tent!!

    9. Lloyd Scallan says:

      No one is doing anything to stop Obama. When will we, the people, stop this. Or we will we just sit on our rear-ends and let this pass without any fight. God help all of us if Obama is not stopped.

    10. eugene says:

      President Obama’s illegal activity concerning the National Labor Relations Board and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau demands a congressional response. Members of Congress – both senators and representatives – have a duty to answer President Obama’s anti-constitutional behavior. That response should begin in a serious tone, yet permit the President to backtrack from his unlawfulness.

      One response is for either house of Congress to cancel the State of the Union speech. This speech, customarily permitted at a joint session of Congress, is an honor that is inappropriate in light of the President’s behavior. If the speech is already schedule, senators and representatives should forgo attendance.

      When the President behaves outside the Constitution, Congress needs to treat him as a pariah. Such a public censure of the President’s unlawful behavior would help protect the dignity of the Republic, and may jolt the President back from his open despotism.

      • Alabama says:

        Finally a plan!! I love it!!! Our candatates are so busy fighting amongest themselfes that they aren't even seeing what is happening in Washington. We the people need to fight back. Make congress do what's right and stop Obama.

      • Charles Webb says:

        Outstanding Eugene! I will email all of my Reps. and advise each, that they should not attend this (SHAM) State of the Union speech. There is enough crap on TV as it is. No sense watching Obama.

    11. Joe_E_in_the_IE says:

      Sometimes you just gotta wonder if the toilet paper in the Oval Office bathroom is printed with the Constitution.

    12. Noother says:

      He is getting away with this because he still has too many supporters in Congress. His party will not go against them when they already have such a tentative hold on the senate and presidency.

    13. allen says:

      The Constitution is just a piece of paper, if there is no one in Congress who will get up and take Obama to task, After all YOU elected them and what did you get, LIES and more LIES. The Congress is just an" Old Boys Club" who does nothing for the masses, I have already started to down size my Families Company. to move to Costa Rico if my customers dont care why should I. After Barry is re-elected , we will be GONE.

    14. MerlinMedic says:

      A) No Senator should go to this meeting. A simple way of saying 'We are not amused.' B) What goes 'rounfd comes 'round. This IS disastrous for our system of checks & balances. That the press is giving Obama a free ride on this shows that they have abdicated their responsibility. C) See above.

    15. Ace says:

      Something's gotta give. Showdown time is coming. Civil War II is brewing.

    16. micoza says:

      Obama acts as if he is in a game of stealth, stealing something from the Senate. That is not correct. He has stolen from the American PEOPLE their right to be involved in the confirmation process through their elected representatives. It is a serious abuse of power by a president who thinks he is entitled to be a king.

    17. Frank - a guest says:

      Sigh… so much for checks and balances. At least the Obama Administration offered a nice reception after its usurpation of power.

    18. RightUnite says:

      Yeah well, don't get too comfy….. You won't be around for long. Ya'll be swept to the curb in 2012.

      • GOP is confused says:

        And who will he be replaced with?? George Bush III or Ronald 250 recess appointments Regan. You folks make me laugh our current President is horrible, but the previous batch of GOP leaders has done better lol

        • bgolfguy says:

          Good posting, lets excuse bad behavior by pointing to other unsubstantiated bad behavior. What a tool and complete idiot you are. Please keep enjoying that Kool-aid.

          • Bobbie says:

            that's all they work on our mistakes of the past to capitalize on and point the finger at the past! rather have strength in intelligence, not ignorance! time to hold accountabilities!


    19. William Lopez says:

      This is not the first president in the history of this country who made recess appointments, the republican t party need to stop this non-sense. This is why president obama will be re-elected for another 4 years, because of the republican party non-sense. Only 27% of americans are republicans, if you guys keep going that way very soon you will drop to 20%. With the hispanic population continue to rise, also very soon the democrats will own texas just like the democrats now own New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, California. Very soon Florida, Arizona and Texas will turn blue and the repiblican party will have no choice to become a permanent minority party..

      • danrighty says:

        Lopez – The constitution says that anytime either side (house/senate) are considered to be in recess that the other side must approve the recess. The House did not approve the senate's recess. This is in fact a violation of the constitution. I don't care who is in controll of the white house, this is clearly a violation of the constitution.

      • JamesPainter says:

        Typical progressive dilution Not all african-Americans, Latinos, gays, women, Asians ect. run lock-step with the left. Most have their own personal views and opinions. As for Arizona we will never be tamed into your group-think mentality. (I am one of those minorities who have my own ideas )

      • dealscenario says:

        It sounds like you have some inside information on the Dem's plot to suffocate our states with illegals so they can secure their cancerous voting base.

      • liberalhater says:

        it was not during a recess. That is why it is unconstitutional.

      • TexanPatriot says:

        But he's the ONLY one who made recess appointments when CONGRESS was STILL IN SESSION. What I find horrifying is that the SENATE hasn't acted to oppose it. It was THEIR POWER USURPED. That man must be impeached and removed from office for high crimes.

        Obama won't be reelected. He's just deem the elections cancelled and the SENATE won't lift a finger to act against him. As long as he has enough votes he can rule like a dictator, this was the first of MANY tests this year to steal absolute power before the election which will throw him out of office.

      • Marbran says:

        Try again, Willie:

        The number of Republicans in the country increased by a percentage point in December, while the number of Democrats fell back two points to the lowest level ever recorded by Rasmussen Reports.

        During December, 35.4% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.3% in November and just below the high for the year of 35.6% reached in May.

        At the same time, just 32.7% of adults said they were Democrats, down from 34.9% in November. The previous low for Democrats was 33.0% in August of this year.

        - Rasmussen Jan. 2, 2012 http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/po

    20. scott says:

      We have the Best White House and Congress that Money can Buy!

    21. Bill Chapman says:

      The Republicans need to get some cajones and stop it. I believe they can do this, since the administration broke the rules for recess appointments. Unless the "rules" are mere conventions, they need simply to stop deferring to the rule-of-law destroyer in chief.

    22. Truth Detector says:

      The House liberals and RINO's will do nothing about this.

      The House conservatives will hold hearings to trot dogs and ponies.


    23. AWM says:

      Obama's fast & loose play with the Constitution- and OUR failure to immediately flood DC with a mass demand for his impeachment- just tells me we have willingly crossed over from being Citizens…..to Subjects.

    24. hueychief says:

      Why do we hear nothing form Congress?

      • Mark says:

        Can Congress stop the funding for these illegal appointments, let's see if these appointments like working for nothing.

      • TexanPatriot says:

        Boehner can bring the House back into immediate session….they can take care of that man according to the Constitution he has ignored and force the Senate to act.

      • @kaarbaak says:

        You hear nothing from congress because THEY'RE IN RECESS.

    25. Steve says:

      Sadly there isn't really any measure within the Constitution for dealing with individuals, statutes or anything really that violates it, except in the case of treason. I guess the founders just presumed that the constitution wouldn't be so brazenly disregarded. I would be in favor of amending the Constitution to state that any elected federal public official who supports a measure found by a court to be unconstitutional shall be summarily guilty of treason and stripped of their office.

      • Hopeful says:

        Honduras has and used a good provision in their Constitution. We need to study it and see how we could ammend our Constitution to achieve the same results.

    26. Guest says:

      The background checks required of all nominees for federal office are performed by the FBI, not the Senate Committee handling the nomination – get your facts straight.

    27. NoParty2 says:

      It is time to remove the NLRB from the public trough. By doing this meet and greet they are signaling that they have no respect for the laws of the land, and therefore cannot be trusted. They need to be censured, and removed from office. They are redundant, unnecessary, and biased.

    28. Zues says:

      Since Congress was not allowed to vet the new members of the NLRB we can only hope they are here legally.

    29. Paolo says:

      The NLRB is nothing but a criminal organization greeting their new members.

    30. Aunt_Bee says:

      "If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner."
      ~ H. L. Mencken

      —————- http://911essentials.com —————————

    31. Salharmonic says:

      Eat up the slop while you can unions, your fat days are coming to an end very quickly.

    32. Richard says:

      First off what he did was not illegal, it was with in consititional law. Part of the story they don't say is that Obama had these people up for nomination before the recess which republicans knew they left for recess think that would further prevent the president from doing his job making him look even worse. he didn't as long as atleast 1 senator is in the house the vote can go thru. and there was a democrate of course. i don't support Obama nor do i suppoer Mit i support Ron Paul the only one with real idea's and the only one that says something and sticks with it! Mit is a flip flopper saying what ever he can to get elected. Obama is a dreamer and a socialist which isn't bad if your have the Political knowledge and skill to convince both sides your right which he does and isn't.

      to sum up OB didn't do anything illegal there fore nothing will happen to him, he is a dream and a socialist which is fine if you have idea everyone can agree on which he doesn't big bussiness which controls us Politics doesn't want what he wants.

      • Nick says:

        Richard, You have no idea what you are talking about. The House and Senate were never in recess they were in Pro Forma session. The Constitution says very specifically the President can only make recess appointments. The President argues that the Legislative branch can not conduct business while in a Pro Forma session, however the law extending unemployment benefits was passed in December in a Pro Forma session and Obama signed it into law. So either that bill is illegal, or the appointments are illegal. O'dumba can't it both ways

    33. Richard says:

      Mit Romney is a lair and talks all sorts of BS but has no real plans on how to fix anything i think in time we will find him to be less of a dreamer then OB but his record will remain pretty much the same as OB's

      Ron Paul is where the Vote should be… there is a reason why educated americans not in CEO positions 80% vote Ron Paul, the dumb masses will listen to what the TV has to say and will vote Mit romney. its a shame really….

      maybe one day the masses will grab a clue….. Free America Ron Paul is your Vote!!!!

      • Hopeful says:

        Newt is the very best. He is well rounded and a true Patriot. He is not extreme. I remember what he DID while he had the power. He did nothing unconstitutional. He did effect a fantastic reform of welfare. He made wellfare a way to get help which did not necessitate remaining on welfare. He helped people in an empowering way, not a debilitating way. He effected a balanced budget. He also warned America that in the out years, Clinton's tax increases would cause horrendous deficits. He was right. Hopeful

        • @kaarbaak says:

          Newt Gingrich? Isn't he the one that acts like a spoiled child and throws a tantrum when people don't agree with him? More sound leadership qualities.

      • @kaarbaak says:

        Ron Paul? Isn't he the one with the racist and anti-semitic newsletter? Oh…that's right, he's actually the one that got paid to let other people write things in his name that he didn't proof. Sounds like a sound leader, either way.

    34. Caligula says:

      unions thugs hanging out with thugs.

    35. Caligula says:

      tyrants. they're asking for it. boy are they ever asking for it.

      ( to be voted out of office)

    36. ray crutcher says:

      they better enjoy the job, it will be the shortest job they will have, only 11 months, then they will be fired. ENJOY!

      • @kaarbaak says:

        Facts: get some. Since Congress was called into session on the 3d of January and these appointments were made on the 4th, they are considered intrasession appointments. As such, the appointments are valid until the adjournment of the NEXT congress, at the end of 2013.

    37. LAKESPED says:

      why is the GOP letting this stuff happen??? Wake Up Congress…………..

    38. Bobbie says:

      What neglects of the costly government in control over the people did the President have to step in unconstitutionally to make his illegal appointments? What was going on that he knew we didn't? Why did he do it to begin with? What in the name of America is this productive to all Americans as a whole without discrimination? The only recourse is reprimand. America deserves better!

    39. RennyG says:

      We have only one part of a democratic government and it is called "THE BIG O!!". I can't figure out why we are paying these other guys, they don't seem to be concerned about anything!!!. Is there anyone out there that can tell us little citizens how to counter this illegal procedures???????????

    40. Flyoverman says:

      Gansta government in action.

    41. Obamonkey says:

      Hey leftists, the rule is that if the Senate is in session, the President is forbidden to appoint these NLRB and other "officials" until 3 days passes while the Senate is out. Otherwise the President becomes a dictator, like Hugobama. If the Senate goes home to sleep then the President could appoint these officials? No, no no. I hope the house will fund the NLRB with $1.

    42. Mrmikej says:

      Obama really hates te rule of law. Doesn't he?

    43. Hopeful says:

      Something I remember from the sixties–you vote a communist in, but, you do not vote one out. Will we even have an election this year? I pray to God that we have time to nominate a genuine patriot-Newt- for President. He is not a progressive like Beck says. Beck means well, but he is wrong on this one. We are in extreme danger. God Bless us and save America one more time. Hopeful

    44. juan says:

      This is fantastic! I applaud Prez O for his commitment to equalizing the board!

    45. flyvie says:

      Where is my congress? I cannot even use a capitol c for my congress anymore as they have prostituted their duties. I have more respect for prostitues as they know what their job is and they do it.
      If my congress read the Constitution they would be bringing impeachment Legislation against this traitor.
      Barrack O is a loser and and a hater of this country, but he has more balls to acheive his goals than my congress does and that is both Democrat and Republican.With this sorry bunch of spineless people we desereve to lose our Country. And yes I said that Homeland Security.

    46. AZWarrior says:

      This government has degenerated into two political parties taking turns to loot the treasury.

      We are in deep trouble my fellow Americans. My guess is there will be blood if something doesn't change.

    47. I am sure that when a Republican President follows O's precedent in such appointments the Dems will support it as will the main stream media,…won't they?

    48. Pete Houston says:

      The election is not coming quickly enough and the president had the senate on his side, so why did he not have the senate approve of the nominations. The House is only on side of the three legged stool so why can't the president get the one leg to go along. Pretty piss poor politician. The guy had both the house and senate dominated by the dems and he still could not get anything done. The guy is worthless. He can only get something done when he is the only decision maker in the room. The guy is lacking the most basic skill sets of a politician. He is obviously good at taking vacations and takes plenty of them since that is a skill set that he can handle. If he actually worked in the private sector he would be working a bench doing the three card monty thing or some other kinda slight of hand con game.

    49. Ralph says:

      We the people need to work on taking some or a lot of the power away from all the branches of government at every level. They all act like we don't count at all any more.

    50. erboothe1 says:

      This is just a small example of the dictatorship that we may very well face after Nov 6, 2012. Please get out and vote for someone who does not want to be a dictator.

    51. @kaarbaak says:

      The republicans conduct so-called pro-forma sessions purely as a maneuver to prevent recess appointments. Nothing but paliamentary procedure trickery. The president calls them on it. The courts will decide who is correct. The legality of the pro-forma sessions vs the recess appointments are the question.

    52. kimdi01 says:

      When are they going to change their name to the Natonal Anti-Business Fair Union Controlled Board?

    53. End the Madness says:

      If George Bush did this, it would treated in the media as the greatest constitutional crisis of the times. The Anointed One does it and nary a peep from the MSM.

    54. djw663 says:

      A top-down system of appointing officials in bourgeois systems, where high-up officials appoint many or all lower officials.

      This is endnote 12 from The Communist Manifesto

      Obama is tearing apart this country faster than a speeding bullit.

    55. right2foot says:

      Congress needs to retrieve the authority agencies have to regulate (write law) or block commerce. Only Congress first, and then signed by the President shall pass law (regulate), not an unaccountable NLRB, EPA, etc. Agencies do not represent the people because they were not elected. We need to rid ourselves of the power grab via the vote, therefore Congress regulates.

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