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  • VIDEO: Charles Krauthammer Says Liberals Have No New Ideas

    Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer is one of America’s foremost political commentators. He is among the sharpest critics of the Obama administration and liberalism.

    The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas spoke to Krauthammer about the state of affairs in America, the social contract and the left’s domination of cultural institutions. In the video above, Krauthammer outlines why modern liberalism is lacking new ideas to solve the country’s myriad of problems.

    Two years ago this month Krauthammer spoke at Heritage about President Obama’s approach to foreign policy.

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    10 Responses to VIDEO: Charles Krauthammer Says Liberals Have No New Ideas

    1. @scootey says:

      "New" isn't the issue. Neither side has anything "new." The issue is what works. we already know what doesn't work: conservative economic policies that are currently in place such as the Bush tax cuts. let's give liberal policies a chance to work such as rasing the minimum wage and raising taxes on the wealthy to promote a more fair distribution of wealth creation. Krauthammer's issue is he doesn't want to find out he's been wrong on domsetic economics just like he was wrong about his neocon fantasies of nation building.

      • guest says:

        we already know that conservative economic policies don't work., you say. How do you know that? They worked under Coolidge, under JFK, and under Reagan. Liberal policies have failed under FDR, BHO and in Japan, twice. You say, let's give liberal policies a chance to work. You're had more than 40 years to make them work, and they don't.

      • Bobbie says:

        yeah, scootey, still no answer? How do you know that? If you know conservative economic policies then you know they do work, have worked and can work when government respects their purpose that avoids all reasons for all this mess comes to be the result of the abusive acts of unconstitutional government who holds no accountabilities! a government who has no new ideas without intent to correct mistakes of the past, they capitalize on them and point fingers at those from the past. My, you have such low standards of your elected officials to let them walk all over you without question…

      • ALLEN DUNN says:

        Raising the minimum wage? Good idea; let's make it $50 per hour! Then you can enjoy saving for years to get your house painted. Refurbishing or any other labor intensive job would break your bank. Of course you could get a mexican to do it on the sly.

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Charles Krauthammer has no new thoughts. He's a one trick pony looking for anything he can to find fault with the present administration. He's a FOX news plant paid well to pander to their ill-informed base.

      • Bobbie says:

        I guess the thumbs down people want to be or want to see other people to be subjects of the government though, right Jeff?

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      I've always had a great deal of respected Krauthammer and his conservative opinions. But lately he appears to have taken up the mantel of the established Republicans and their attacks on the Tea Party, conservatives, and in particular Newt. It is clear that the GOP has anointed Romney as their canidate. But their attempted distortion of Newt's record by pointing to only his faults, without mentioning his acomplishments, is the same tactic used by the left. In addition, Krauthammer is either faling to reconnize or admit "liberalism" has morphed into socialism, which is communism without the guns and uniforms.

    4. Lee Burns says:

      Always like what Charles has to say. He has a unique way of getting to the point without bad-mouthing anyone and with a touch of flavor that digests easily. Keep it up Mr. Krauthammer. Facts are facts and need to be spoken loudly and often when confronting those with seemingly deaf ears and/or narrow minds.

    5. Red Baker says:

      Another important aspect of liberalism's reactionary nature is the knee-jerk opposition to Republican policies. Obama's national defense policies were all petulant rejections of what Bush had done, but in the end he continued most Bush policies because they were just common sense and practical. The reactionary nature of liberalism is downright dangerous in the area of spending, borrowing and the national debt. Here liberals don't want to change a thing, just as Dr. K says. Unfortunately liberals get the iron-clad support of almost all the "news media" who allow Democrats to take virtually any irrational or even unconstitutional position. Liberals always seem to prevail politically because of the media support – the recent fight over the 2 month or 12 month extension of the budget, for example.

    6. Bobbie says:

      I agree with Mr. Krauthammer. His point is clear. there's too much government for no reason. One thing liberal democrats make new are the labeling of people for future government projects that provoke government dependency! It has to stop! people aren't subjects!

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